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Kansas City daily journal. (Kansas City, Mo.) 1892-1897, September 30, 1895, Image 5

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Enterprising Business Men Always Advertise,
Keeleylnstltute i HINGH BR0S.'!
l'Oitsimratii liliii i ti to t)iii
, Restaurant
UK tllin4iil APAnll,,
Imnnter Hipre l
li.llln.. I MM" "rV'1' '
i ... ,. h"' lletnodil-d
i it), Mn. , throughout t-.rery-r
liii-up ihinif iirt-r.i,. Try
1 our IJ eni dinners
ro nrnrr
In Kntium
TRc Journal
1 I'l' hMt Mt- for th advertiser
ml the kubx r,b. r -ard onlr
10c a Weel;
GeOfge M.HUgliaS, M7 fourse
i !. . . t, ' hnmo
Justice (I (he I'cace,
S"-r Nut.iber vum
Mil ."Illllie'.iiU At.
' i lluines I'romiHly
Attcnicd To
John T. Sims
dti.tlro of Ilm
All titi'lni-n carefully
arid promptly ut
ten.ied to
, Olllt-o In tlir- Vplih I
jjlotk. fourth mill !
Imnsas Auntie. I
Portsmouth Investment Co.,
.Tin ruin snort 11 iii.ih,,
:fc. R. Callander i
I rltttlnc (niiiiinny,
..111 .Minn. Ai.
1 lie name of this ilrm
1 a uir.intp of tlrst-
r-lta, n..i-if -,,.. h ...
tinisisieni wiui "(linn l
Thn proof ot the jiu i
'.imrMu thj ratine ' ,
1 ry them
'.....JitJJi...Ji.JL..JUA. V
0 Tho Journal office has boen
q removed lrom tho Chamber
u of Commerce to tho first floor
Ij of tho Columbia Building at f
M Sixth btreet and Minnesota y
jj avenue.
Republican Ticket Wyandoite County.
DAVID aiAltl IN t'lilrf .IihIIcb of tlu
Sitiuriiit! I'.mrt.
II. I.. A1.IH.X .Iiiilso of llio District
t. ft. IIOI.T-.lmlKn of tho Coliiliiou
J'Iph t'niirt.
IIIAMAMIN M'HMIIItl.i: Treamrrr.
I. . LtMII'i:i.l.OH' -lipriir,
). AV. slli:i'lli:illl-lli'U'lHt,r of DpciI.
I,i:oNAItl) DAMl.l.s ( utility t'lrrk.
.1. V. HOW 1,1:1' r t Ink of tho Comiiioii
2M u (Niurl
WI1.I.IA.M lIAII('l,.VV-Siirryor.
V, l 1 ODD-Coron.-r.
.1. V. .lIDOlli: CoiiuuUsloiirr of Pron(l
Are notv located In the Now York Life
HulhllnR, Kunras City. Missouri
Jf o, im will jiln th ln'st rt' tilts h
sk .lour (.tint ! li fur II.
UNsinti: amtm
AVillard Meriunii
' , .. "Vfn
' ... . 'iinv v ! la
IM . I r 1- -i U . , ill, ,ii on . r-
1 . II 1 , 1 M ,'.li. , T It ff.
"i "M I I I . II! , ' I, 1.1,1 (i),
1 K' 1' .)
TISrt ') VHIOKOWkt'it -
1 ,
'.HE 'lJf- W9f AN HASYVICroSi
i.. r tiir wai ArHfr' rin.sriGE s h
TUB1T U 'S,t, iKAR
1 ,,r"-.i tJUtlou 'iluiljr rr Vi,
Mr I Ati-,..d flW, ur,t f .,p
wr frtwre v ju ttJ,
&, r Hubaili'-fl.
.. Kl "''" I" '((l.liul OtIITll
, I n U.r LjDrfllv.lj -. Ill
i. u , ".l. m ' u-'1,t mieiiiiK i. ip i.
ii r i!i w. k 'j thfy will b
it. ii " V ' ' tin, Kvpi.iU'an.
i i .1 'h ll '"u uppoxt'ltn t
. (Mi. i'K,)"'1 ''w .ii' in nalci
, iff ' -i (.nWiil anil bf mi a(tioi
lu.r.ti.u KlJf rf pi.-IJ ,un: n.l
piini ''f't'fflTr -' ijreiA, iiqjii uiu. ,i'
will tiv .t, dfeed -ti?t i l
l - -i .- c.iwB -ii (h' td t ' it
i ")-i.,j, lti a. ft irinsr on. i i,
i tvM i ,'U Mi tjl' ruiv a etion, uri
i . .,! 1 1 in-ttom ThMfi m no! a . tU
i'cii o u who tloin -ml dotusrvt: tf.
i i.v ji ihj elitl'C puny Thp o ,, -tlu.
:. . "ij divlff' i. T t.Tyti
points to u bin .-.,.-' Ii- i vi " 'I :.
chief aim of tho patty imiums this fall
will bo to wust fiom riliawnee county tho
honor of belnK tho banner lteptibllcan
intuit) III the state.
Ono week Horn next "atuulay mulling,
tho llrbt IiIk rally will bo held. It will tako
placo at Urn T.ibtinucle. Trom that tlmo
until tho Uubc of tho cimpaik'n u tally will
be held each Saturday niulit ut that place.
DIblliiKUlslie'l speakers hao nccepteil In
v nations to deliver addresfcts, and tho pio
plo will turn out in laixo mnuhers to hear
them. Hovel nl meetluss will ho held In tho
counliy precincts, and piomlnent itepub
llians thtoUBlioul tho Mato will speak, aa
well a-s Uiu lioinlm.es on the. county ticket,
l'rvp.iratliiiiK In I'liuu In .Viiiiilnallou ll I'.iu.
did llo for tlio htipii'iiif Item It at
vl M'iiliiilit)' tleultiiK.
Tho stale mats iuectln(; of l'npulisu,
called by Judgo Iladley, of this city, and
Judb'o Webb, of Topck.i, to iiomiuato u
J'opulist for thu btipiemo bench, will bo
held at tho Hotel Allmon in thlb city
Weilnebday. .IuiIko Iladley eays theio will
bo a iai-Ko nttendanco fiom vmlotis parts,
of tho stute, and that u eaiidldato will
biirely bo nomlnateil. Jlo llltlimitis that
llieldeiitbal and that ciowd of Populists
hao sold out tho patty this yiar, but sajs
that their deal cunnot lie cirtled out. ry
ins Cornlii' und seveial other lpult3ts of
ur, ' ' n
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U.S. Gov't Report
lit It ATS lti rion
U rune why'
lle.llet Willi ft Mall,
I 'iluu mtn I' ou tinner
I ll1M
I IK lr1 er. He
its Ids '.undry ilone
up II.
ilm crnt III In t Ml
rr Itnnkof thn il n,
llrK. K hIN'u, Kan-
mis City l'.ins..
Aluoltitrly fr"? from
partlsin politic Jsrhl
pmtpiid lor an Onu.
Mrarn l,iut.t.r)
1 tt'.hnnJ rt OtV
I bin iesor to Kntsrily i'l.n.ltii Mill.
I Mali, tlnni, Mendelim-. I limine mill t'lnn.
I Inc. "mill nml Itiiiul suulng, stnlr llnllil
Iiir. limit Cniiiilpra. Illllut I I til ret
nml lliirditnitd I InMilui. I "tl-
unites promptly ftiriilslir.il
Oakland Air,, Lnr. till M Knii.in I It t. It r.
a Ao?;c .; a
Pitrr.itmnr nf Us.
Justice (I Hie I'cace,
A Mouth. Sto)) I'nylnu;
i nth
Mlnurnot l
Marrlaco ceremony
rrrtorturd wlthiiiil
piitillcliy If reiiuntrd.
U ilpcilnns a Kieclally
S(oe for
Sllc. lrn. wn
D' mull, luiliincu 5
e c. , -
& MtTpSOa 4 tOl
rliaml rr r.t, in.,..
nr M.uiibii.
Wynmtiitln lu('"..
HlKtPil Illilc.
' i e ... kill IIJUU Vk lUU, '
I Cliaml rr of C.vn. llMit
?f"".e .no,e ''1 Knnif? politics hnvo written
that thin will he h. io.
.IllilRe Ilndley thinks that the nchetno of
the Democrats lo nominate Clinrlle Holll
ilny, or lopekn, for the supiriiio bench, Is
to shut out tin, iiiuoinriit wlileli ho nlul
.IinlRe Uobh Inniitruiatoil. "They are afraid
or our movement," hhM lie, "anil want io
put up 1 lolllclay now no an to kpi p the
Uemperntle nte fiom tut. l!olllttn may
not he a railroad attorney, hut ho Is the
son or a railroad maRiuite, ami the partner
of n man whose fallmr Is a railroad attor
ney, go ho may lm dunned alone; with
them. What wo want to do Is to nomi
nate n man for tho supremo bench who Is
not now or never wns an attorney of a
uillioail corporation. That will ho our
pnity platform."
The jutlfip iaH that llmldontlnl ami hla
crowd cannot pi event the mime or tho
nominee lit the miiHs meetlnc not Wednes
day from belnw placed on the olllclal bal
lot aa the Populist nominee.
A .llnvrr ltoporln 'Unit Inn 3lin Cairlril
HIT UN rrnpert).
II. Ij. Hounds, a moxer, who has 5-pnnt
the summer trnellni; nbout the count i In
a covered vwikoii, called at polli . hi.ul
tiuarter.s yesteiday inornlnir and told n vail
ntor llo said that he went Into c.uup
near JIuncle about a week hk' and se
cured employment fiom a luinier. Ho
claims that last Saturday nltiinouii. whllo
he w is at work In a llelil dlKltiK potatoes,
he taw two men enter his (.amp. which was
a mile fiom whcie he was at woik. lie at
once started on a inn tor the scene, but
cip he Rot hair way theie, the two men
appealed on the outside or the lent with
hlH two shotguns mid two valises. They
noticed his approach, and Immediately
M.iri. d In an opposite dliectlon Mr
Hounds lepoits the folluwlnt; loss Two
nliolKtins, two valises, one tilled with cloth.
tiiK and tho other with papeis; one oier
coat, and peveial shlits In the .ill.e
which contained the papus were two deeds
lo piopeilv. One wis ihe deed to home
valuable Kansas City piopeity, and tho
other was a deed to a HiO acie larm in
Kansas. A inward of J.M has been otTereil
for the appiehenslon of the thieves and tho
letuin of tho stokn Roods.
'io cii.vnoi: us i:M'it.Nt'i:.
Plans of tlic MUourl I'm llle to ICetiih tho
llnliin Depot.
The Missouri 1'aclllc Company. It Is s,ald,
will moll run Its p.T-M'nijei tiains between
this city and Hi. I nlon depot ovei a new
imite. At the piesent time the trains lull
alonj the west bank of the Raw fiom Mln-Ilet-ot.i
.ivelllle til (Vlltl.ll avenue OVtr tile
1'nion l'acllic tracks, and then ko throiiRh
the milii' of Cspie!-s anl. The new
loute will he over the Xoilhwestetn brldee,
thioiiRh tho l'lisi waul The brlilue is now
helm; lepalrtd and the Hacks Impioved
A tonnei tlon will have lo be made with
the Missouri l'acllic tracks near St. I.ouls
avenue. This will Rive tho company a.
mine dlicct lino to the depot, ami will
obvlato tho nmiilnir of pasM-iiKcr trains
tlnoiiKli the blK f'jpiess fielRht jarils.
!c-ldes this, the Mlssouil l'acllic Company
vlll K.t out of pavini; lent fui tho track
nlons tlio west Mile ol the liver.
Di.ltll of IIW'i Minnie lliilan.
Miss Mntnle Malan. nsed 3'! years, died
jestiid.i) moinliiR at the lamlly home,
near Shawneetowii. of ( onsuniptlon. She
was the tlaiuhtei of Michael Mai in, one of
thn oldest and best known i itl?. lis of the
n. Ii'hlini ImniL He was loimillv L tltoillt-
.lietit contiactor of tills cits, lint a few
veins iiiro moved to a lann n. ar that town,
wheio he has been veiy pio-'peious. The
i funeral will take pl.it i- Tuesday mornlni;
lit 10 o'clock Horn the Shawnei town
' 'liurcli, and Daniels Ilros., tho undci takers
st this city, will have chaise.
' Ivnriiiial of 'lr ulp.
I The tiades cm nival to be Rivon bj Die
ladles' aulllarv to Ihe V. M. C. A. nn I -obur
10, 11 anil 1- piomlses lo be a i-iuit
I iiiccess. Tho joung ladles who are in ,u
Iclpnto In thocai nival will In Kin this unit
o tit 111 It is the Intention to have h Ii
, 2 the leadlnir buMiichh houses nf lhi ltv
! iuesented by u youiiK lady iliir-iil In a
i uiilinio lObtuine. Thn iariilv.il 7lll Ilk. I
bo held at tho old Union Ulub hall on Min
nesota avenue.
i .
Uerr'H 1'irk I vile "ilci'tluij.
Tho Kanms City, Kus., Cyi lo Club will
Hold Its lltst annual lace nieetlUK at Ken's
Mil; this afieinoon. An (.-.client iu Ingr
i irOKiamme has In en aiiaHKed, and Milne
.eautiful prizes will be kcii away. The
lull has airauf-eil to liaiullu a laifio ciowd
if Miti'tiitois. The pioHiamiun Includes
uily Wjandutle lounty bbycle ildeis.
rlowover, seveial fast ilders nam Kansas
, Mtv, Mo., h.ivo nntllled the club that they
1 .vlll ho present and slvo an eliiliitlou be-
I twecn the lcgulat ratts on tho caul.
Chun Ii I'enpln ami the ".liibits."
I Thoro will bo n mccllni; this week of thn
'lunch people Inteit'sted in thn movement
l 'o close the joints The ineettns was an-
iiounctHl to lake place in an Ailuouiunio
chinch, but 1'iesldeiit IJ I., llirnes. of thn
.lull stated to a l eioi ter that tho uitcttm
would no doubt lm postponed loi n well
Hi bald that tho fehilvltlis over the lino
would no doubt iliaw a Kieal many peo
ple who would llko to ntttnd tho meeting,
and fur that icis-ou ll would not probably
be held tills week;
Injured In a Hun may.
A. 1.. Ilunn. an emplajo of the state at
the llllnd Institution, was heilously injiiied
In a iiinawio lato Katuiday ovenlni-. Ho
vvus tlrlvlim thn state's team down Minne
sota avenue, when the houes became
nluhtoned and ran away. Ilium was thiovvu
out. and iccelvtd a bioken .aim und smuo
snvero biulses about tho body, Jlo was
lemovi'd to the iiistilutloii, w licit, his In
llltles weiu ilii'Sced by 111. llum&ey. Tho
U uiu was cantuiod before any uther .lain,
aee was done.
Tim A, O. I'. W Won,
A baseball Kaipo was played yesterday
afternoon at Chelsea paik by two nines'
selected from A. O, U, V. and Macc.ibeo
IqiIkcs. Tho A. O, U. W, ntno won by a
BCOItt of l to 1J.
I'or Item.
Desirable office rooms: also ctare room
In Chamber of Commerce bulldlnK, Kan
tas City K.-is. Appl Alex, Klndlay, oi;ent,
l Hunker bulldlni;. Kansas City, Mo.
Jllll'lUU'DI.IS S.lisCIJI.I.ANV,
Lubt two das of Ii. J, DunniiiK's sale,
Mr. ltobeit Mitohell and brldo arrived
in 1I10 city last ivenlnir and aio tho tnieiti
ef lolmun Clareiuo litdikk und wife.
Mr. Ml' 'h II nn ii ii-rl ,M -I r'i in im
Ini to Mli I nn. t..uiis ,i -i i i or Mi
Hwlrlck, n'nl ih. y nn It, i, p, mlltiK tin lr
liotte) tnonn The V oulitf i-ouplr Imth live
ut tM ITntn, Mn, wh. r" Mr. Mlteftcll Is a
Irndllis clothlnpr merchant.
I'r.itsos.M. .vi:'s,
Mis." Nel Ip ('rnl'". of T1ion,t'on rtwnue,
l emrrtni-lns .Ml Jonphln ltlrknMn,
of InOcpcmlt lire. Mo,
Hnrr MVnire, of SwUilln, Mo., I In th"
clt. MitlnK Itolw-rt Jlridp-hilotjiK, of .Vorth
Mnth trp,'t
W, l'. While hn rlnrnirt from Utcel"
flor Hprliuri'. where he hwi lin ftor thr
turn-fit i-f hi- hmlth.
Mm. J W. llartmnn linn rrtnrtlfd from ft
pi-nnht Mn with fUemta und relntlvfw
nt .Mtrtliw, Kns
I'rppuratlniis In ll.inille the t'rimiU on the
Mi Iropnlll ut l.liu I ntllets
Will lie tspd.
Tho Mi'lroiiolltan Street Ilallwny Com
imny has Hindi- completo nrrainroliwntii
to handle the Immenne crowds thnt will
Mlt Kanims Oil) this week, tin the Ar
motirxlslo bran, h extra, preparation aro
Iipi pnrv, as ilvcre Is nnl one line be
tween .rnioiir.lnln and Aritentiiio nnd
Kan-nl Citv, Mo The eleven now cam
belli built 111 Ih" Twelfth street shops itle
tnsirly tompletnl and nvay be put Into
two to a. cnniimi ' it" the Knintviil wetk
crowdn I'vcrv truln will have two ton
rtin'tors on the ilft when tho bin crowd
Will be hire, and 111 ordet to BlVc the UPst
.rvtcc tho eprleneed trolniwn will he
in duty from nomi until tho tiavel stops
at night. htle the new men will handl"
thv bulnpH n th rnrlv part of the ilnv
On trailer will be n( dulled to evtry train
and on th" "rtiort line," or Aimouitlule
linn, two mny be used. Dnrlntr such oocn
slons when tho ram nrv overloud'sl It l
rustomnry for nm people to elevate
thmi'lv e tt'inTorarily b cllmblnt; on th"
top- ','f tho i-r, but the iminaitfrs havo
iivnch'i nri'anitt'menlH with the twillce torce
to proilblt thl innnner of travel and per
foiih v-lokttllKf the rule will bo taken to the
police station. The reason for this rule
is thnt tin- ilunuer is too Krent nml ncol
dnts too frequentl) remill from such enre
lewnvsH. MNi , Ibiitctul.
Mli Allies .lones, of Kmporln, Kns,, Is
the iniest of friends and relative, here.
S. C .Miifon has gonu to 1'ort Scott, Ka.,
to visit fritiids,
1 n-iiiurrnw Is thn Hi) s(. bv the f'nuiitll
fur the Aliotliloii of thu l'liu
If piesent Indlcntlons are to he relied
upon this city will hive a lively time soon.
To-moirow Is the day on which, by reso
lution, the council declared It neccssnry to
abolNh the Hie department and reduce the
pullee force to one man, besides the chief.
To-tl.ij will likely brim; the matter to a
ileal Uhdcrt-tundln' before the public. S
lar the entile affair has been consider! d In
a ralhet uncertain condition, many believ.
Inn that Ihe council Intended to reconsider
and change Its former action, but now the
time has neaily in rived, with the same con
ditions In existence.
Theie nie now four police ollieers on the
fotce and three men must so In order to
comply with the resolution. The lire de
pnitment has two members, but as It was
created by ordinance, and the council de
clared Its abolishment Oi tober 1 by resolu
tion, there seems to be somethliiK Inv illd
nbout this matter. The Hie chief lecentl)
epressed an opinion that the resolution
was lnsullli lent lo abolish the depirtment,
baslnt; his opinion. It Is said, on nn opin
ion emanatlni' fiom City Attoine) Unlley,
and he aIo mado the Mntement that unless
he received otllilal notice, oi the council
took further action, be would not vacate
the position on the 1st. Partner develop
ments In tho matter .lie expected to-day.
The whole matter Is the lesult of an ol
der fiom Attorney General Dawes to dope
the Joints. The count II claims that this
reduces the elt.v levenue to such an extent
that the lire d p.titment ami full police
force could not be sustained.
The Second M. P. church (coloied) laid
the cornerstone lor Its new church, one
block West of tho Catholic church, ) ester
day at 1 o'clock. Them wcie about .,flO
people present and mnily the entire col
ored population turned nut. hesltb s three
or lour tlllierent lodKes from Kansas City.
Mo. Among those Horn Kansas City, Mo .
were lodges Nos. 1 I and.n of the buns
nml Piughters of Jeius.ilein, The flntes
sj.ir No. ;, of Hosedale. was also present.
Thine were good, old-fashioned songs sung
and everybody took pirt in tho singing. A
collection wns taken up for tho benellt of
the church, and theie was a very large
iimnunt leall'ed.
Mrs. Ilaulson and child! on, of the West
end, who hnvo been visiting relatives In
Ml-comi, it'turned homo Saturday night.
P.very boy und gill of the lloodale
schools wants two or three holidays this
Wtek, so they can see the p.uades.
Dick Snyder and Oscar Hasner are both
Milfeilng with bone felons on their lln-
The Junior ". II. A. SI will meet to
luol row night in McOeorge's hall.
The Voting Men's Hepubllcan Club of
Hosedale. Kas . nml nearly all the I.opub
llcans of Itui-edale, iism mhled nt iie
Hcorge's hall to hear Congressman O. I..
Miller. Hon J. K. Cubblon and lion. Mr
TilekJtt speak. The) were disappointed
because Mr. Mlllci and Mr. Cubbl-on did
not come, but Mr. Trlckett and others ad
dressed the audience.
The Kansas City Journal Is delivered In
Hosedale by IV.igene Miller, who will also
collect tor Ihe name at the reduced rate of
10 cents a wtek und make his collections
.Meeting of fourth Ward Cltlen to Itii
Held to niicuss thn !ewpr,lgi
There will be n meeting of the citizens
of tho Pouith ward to-night at S o'clock
In the store of I,ouls Holtz, for the purpose
of dlscu'.dng the ipiestlon of voting bonds
to build a f-ewerngo bjstem. This Is the
llrst of a seiies or meetings that will be
held In the viuloiw w.uds thioughout tho
ilty to discuss the ndvl-abllity of munici
pal owncishlp of the seweingo system.
Tlrsl of tbti JlUilim llii'tliiR.
The llrst nf the mission meetings that
are to bo held dally and nlghtl) this week
ut St. Slaiv's chnn h took place yestenluy
morning, 'itev. P.itlui Haw man. of -New
York, pieslded. There was u good attend
ance. The hours loi thtse meetings aro 5
and S o'clmk a. m ! p. in. and ..30 p. in.
J'roiupt relief la lil peail irlie, illzzlnen,
n.iuiea. consllpatlon. p.Ua la the' nlde. guai ll .
lecil to thoau using -' liter's t.lttle t.lv er I'llls.
Washington, Kepi. :0.-Tho following pen
sions havo been Issued-
Original Joshua Scott, Ualesburg. Jas.
per; John A. Krabach. St. l.ouib.bt. I.ouls.
Heucwal and I nci ease-James 1'. Hurlon,
Sujmour, Webster,
.'.."- l . .. r... 1. T,....... ,. I'll Inn I 'l. 1-
lllc lease uus-ji ,mii.i.., ,,,, ..-
aHt"lbsn.' Henry Hrocknieltr, St. l.nuls, St.
Louis; Dr ll. Punish, Coisg, Lincoln;
PieiU-lliK Iloppe, Lexington, l.afayutto;
James tl. Cliimtlmin. Ah, tlrove, Uitenej
William Peniod, Howes .Mill, Dent.
He Issue Peter Spaiks, Urayvllle, I'ut-
"o'riBliial widows, cte.-Sarah P. I.oone-y,
IUdlldge. I.acledfli Dellla Claik, Jopllu,
Jabiieri Slaty Henshaw, Kestus, Jefteuon,
Supplemental IMward Wateis, Dodgo
Hu'iwal a'nd Increase Martin J, JI, Sebs
ler. Kllenwood. Hirlou.
Heissue Jatob Heam, Parbons, I.abettej
J.itub Hood, Cheney, Sedgwick; Albert P,
Schaeber, Dak Hill. Clay; Uioigu O, Iluf
tela i, Xatlqnal Soldlerb' Home, Leaven.
Orlginul widow Pllzabeth Peach. Pin
porla. Lyon: minor of William JI. 1'uthey,
Pittsburg, Crawfend
Original widows etc. Minor of Joseph
IJueke, Tahleiiuuh, Cheiokeo nation; minor
of John Htarpaw, Wauhlllau, Cheiokee
Itelssue Slinpaun Shnip, Urlundu, Logan.
I'riji-irtil for Him.
Washington Star: ''Henry." said tho
woman who wonies about domestic de
tails, "aro you sure you had the ben ants
buy ait ulr-tlght metal ran for tho guib
uguY" "Of courbe," replied her husband.
"And put It whero it la easily uccesblble?"
"And hua the number of tho hoube been
painted oil llio alley gater
"lng ago; lu gilt letters."
"Well, I guess you'd better havo our
footman stutloued on the back porch for
the next month or two., teudy to take tho
garbage, collvctor'ti curd when bo calb."
iii:ai i mux I-veil it t iii in i mis ask
I'llll A CO.MMtO I'OOU
Hit) Uniit Hie I'lillrn ltulnr Ailnilnlt-
trreit On In Ihn I tdeiil t uurl, tu-
nilriii irji nf Pre eat Mnn.lgr-
iiii lit I inph iMrril.
Bun Kmncliu'o, f'nl , 51"! flu btoti
lch ). Tlic mom ler i -a n i I .w l
over trlevl in Cnllfornli. mil oi.e wl i a w.,i
Atlmct "voil.imde it LU ii 1 1 m ti mi I t ,
nomJc nl coramer l.il Iiuii'i. I" oil Hie
lclKl, of the Pulled Siul ir tut mm
Of npicAls for the prewciil "! i. It I
the itriiggle of the heiiv.v . i ur of Hu
Union lmlfV Hallway Cont.uv an I its
ttortyiwo bhniclroii to Iiim 1. 1 itnlr
WwIiipfw of tlm ureal trunk i, . thrown
Into a common pool and a u.l.nal icl ti
si a tmt fitlut by the fed ra. loilrt . The
pompkiliianl are In part t . l.Ui rs u' 1
credltoro of Ihe roniisin.v Ih a.I gatuii
tf Ih" volunilnoits complnliit nr.i ti t tho
re-ceivern of tho coinbliu 1 tomi antes I
full oi startling niinouni emu.t mid vital
MateniPNti! ns to the fillnr of unre- I
ntrnlncl private control i'li ui.i . ana y
of the present tnalinii melit t- emphii . I
nttd Its Inevitable trend i w ir i Kink ,
rirpt'') lortrnspd. The llgli' i r nl'v be
tween ih" I'aniwm' Loan m 1 Tin t Com- '
imny nml Hie othets niriinsi the I nlon !
i'aelllc rnllw-ny and Us lit in lit Su 'Ii '
iilllnjrulshed men ns cx-.l i i.c J lm V
Dillon mid Attonuv Krinu- 11 t,wiutcrt
nie InvolviHl as , lefi n lm '
The uit lnvolMti th.nv-tw i.raii h. s of,
thn I'nion P.ictHc, as wtl. i n. mam j
line mid I' city and depot I rnpertv an I
tho phtlnltrfs appeal a a nuniitii fur
the in.noiity ntwkholdi rs oi m Oregon
Itallnnv nnd Navlgntlnn Oon i i v, us we i
ns for th,' Pnnners' Loan ir I TiikI iW I
puny nl the Alnerlenn I ,n and Tru t
Oomimuy. The rights of pla ntiiT,, origin
ally accrueil by leason of l'it,leri,k L
Ames' ownership of about . Art chart of
fttxk lu mllronds In iplt i i togellnr
with his ownership of ronsl I i iMr atnoiin'
of collnteral tract i! per cei t bonds of Hi.
Pnlon parlllc eiinvuii)'s TI.. Ann rlctii
Ixim and Trust Companv I 1 Is flll.nm
of lhPe bonds, and several tin. Hon of tin
Hat IkHhU are held In otlnr plair'ilT
ThwiK'h the capital stuck of the I tuon
Pacific company Is alleged to be mor linn
J6n,i,f, plnlntUTs nver thnt 'Is ttm l,ted
ni'ss Is j grtut and Its mismanagement o
appfiient that Its nrtalrs mn ht lo be ad
ministered by the fedeial ourt. It U
aIN'getl that the government debts iilnne
lire Milllelcnt to canst thn forfi'iturv of the
franchise. The fact Is reiterated with i in
Ifhujils that tiie railing on t.f the road s
lovenuo Is nlannlng, reaching as much ns
$1,100,000 Iiv two mouths.
The complaint lecltes thnt the Union
Pntlllc Itallioad Compauy is not able to
earn updating expenses, either upon lis
main line or blanches, thnt the compaii)
will not ut any tlmo have sutll, lent funds
or asseta with which to pa Its Interest
and sinking fund cb.nges maturing fiom
month to mouth, and that, as a nsult. In
numerable creditors will have a right to
begin a multitude of actions ngnlust the
company, which, It Is nllegid, will result
In the dlsmembeunelit of the Union Pacific
svstem, so that "Us nroptrtli s mid assets
will bo dissipated to the manifest and Irre
paiable Inluiy of the people, the govern
ment of tho United States and the com
pany." iti:oi:t;..M..i lu.s com mi ii i:i:.
All but Abimt I lVr I'llll or the '-imtn lo
Itiillils In Its IIiiiiiN.
Topekn, Kas , Sept. K. ("Special ) Mr
Chaile.s S. filled, member of the Santa 1'e
board of dlrecteus, icturnid to Topekn
this mottling from a long sta In New
Voik, whcie he has been bus) upon the
alfalrs of his company. Winn uppmncbid
by n Join mil n potter, SI." lileed sale! In
knew of no special news concerning the
Santa Pe He claimed, however, that all
of the stock and bonds oi the compinv
had come Into the hands or the reoiganlra
tlon committee', i x-ccpt about S.CvHionn or
$I.IH.IM (.!.flL0.t4D HI tl.non.Uni) out of J.ll.0,
OKHtiej, or about 1 per tent.
The leoig.inliitlon enninilttei. has been
scatteied lately on uccount of absences In
Uurtipe ami elsewheie. Tins commit tec, so
far as .Mr. flleed knows, his given no sign
ns to the future otllceis of the compan
When asked about tin Atlantic .X l'a
cllic, Coloi.ulo Midland and the St Louis ,x
San Iianclseo loads, air (lit, il said th. i . i
hud been no tliange in the status of aveai '
oi moio past Tto tiaile l'.i In tu in il. 1 1 el
between the' reoiganlsitlnn lommlltee mill
the bondholders of the roads mum d
"Tho people In the UaM tonne" ted with
the Snnia le," said Ml C.leed, "nie viiv
much Intiiesiiil In the dtipnatei rniven
tlon to be held In Topekn. The Past Is
ilnlly lenewlng Its fount i good opinion of
Kansas and tho West genurall."
lint .lap in Ibis Deille.
Chlrago News Look al what Japan has
done. Prom 1511 to 1US the Jesuits llv.,1
and taught there with ueh sinriss foi
nigh onto no vears mat netorc tinv vv.ie
banished some fiii.iWO souls were put to
dentil for professing ChiNtlauitv Tlu n
for a while no recognition of a visitor w i .
lieimlttctl unless he i onsented to tt.unpli
on the crucifix. This wns to piovi thai
he was not a convert of those who wne
chat get! with professing alieglam to a
foreign power. Pntll W", there w is thus
a period of national eclipse nnd utt' r l-o-latlon,
the Japanese living like fine- In a
well. Artel a pi no I of stubborn still, n ,
ness, lasting ill, y.n , .lap in again npeneil
Its gates to llio world. What tollnwul'
Why, that after Ibis period of In. ub.i hu I
nnd after the fonlgners Insisted In In. il.- I
Ipg their Hindis, the Japanese clibl'tiis Is
sued foith In the tot m of g.uneiuiks, put i
ting fiiith spurs anil i lowing illictl) th y ,
tere nut nf their she Is Then tame ihe i
short and bloody war wlili China, an I now
these former frogs in a well are impanel
not only lo trade on cipial terms with thn
rest of the world but to tlchl nil comers.
If nei'd lie, anil as proving lhat they are to
be reckoned with us al tune as fonnld.ible
lu war aa the) an canning In cumin, at,
Don't mill until ) irn sli k 1 clore trvlng
Carters l.liiln Llvei I'llls, Hit gel a vl il ai
oace. You tau't lukn them vvltltoui tirnoilt.
Mexico, Sto., Sept SI. (Special I Vest, r
day W. I'. Qulsenberiy ohialned a Mr II t
against tho tlly of .Mexico for Jlun for
Injuiles leceived In a lull c'.illeii by ll de
fective sidewalk.
Sedalia, Mo., St pt. :. (Special.) J West
Goodwin, the vote ran editor of the H.ino,
Is going on tho l.tturo platform. He will
make his bow to the pnbllo October 17.
when he will leetiiie under the uuspleis
of the woman's guild of Clival) Episcopal
Wt hb City, Sla., Kept. L'9. (Spet l.il ) Thn
plant of the Vletoi Mining Compiny was
destioyed this morning by lire. The origin
Is unknown. The id int was the must ex
tensive one In the Southwest, and Inlong.d
to Eastern capitalists, The loss Is fciiiwi
with (S,0vu Insuiuiice. It will bo icbullt at
Sed.illn, Mo., Stpt. 59,-ISncclal.) I'rovl
denco II iptl-t church, ut Clifton City, tho
oiliest t hiiti h in Central Sllssourl, celo
hniteel Its .'.id iiunlvi rsary to-day. Tho
bervlci'S Wtiv eondlieteil by the pastor,
Hev C. N White. At noon nn assem
blage estimated it I.e.") peibons piriook of
a picnic diunei.
Sislalli, Mo. Sept 2J.-(Kiiih l.il ) Corou
er Ciieslinin and Jmv. this morning, viewed
the tnmalns of Thomson Walktr, who w,im
inuiiUied last nlsht by William Dyir, and
will hold an lnipi.-l io-moiiin. The poll 'o
hav seiaiied evidence showing that D)ei'H
mlstifss, Lm y ih lluwtis, handed ilm mui
ileier the etui with which Walker was
bliot nnd prompli d him to do the deed.
She Is held as an accessory, Thu funeral
of Walker will tako placo ut Itughesvlllu
Highest Honors World's Fair,
s pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder. Free
loin Amnionia, Alum or any other adulttrant,
SU it's a
fa ff T&3
miW y
os. S2G9
Goods sold on installmants to
Tuesday, Oct. 1
Great Parade of
i j'l VDt
k! f.;- fix w mtk 3 x & M 13 iiw ji3 lift i3 t (51
mJrd m NHIelUEf ti lr ifKiTl3' 'at fill"! it x aW VTjf
IS " h WW I II lnlrft T
EaiBa WW W 1 111 ifej
20 Gorgeous Floats!
Unsurpassed Grandeur and Magnificence:
npHE Ninth Annual Parade of the PRIESTS OF
PALLAS will occur
Tuesday Evening, Oct 1
and the management announce that this will in ,
many respects eclipse all previous efforts. Great
care has been taken in the selection of subjects,
with a view of making this the grandest of all
the grand displays made by Kansas City's famous '
A MIT CROC DfiTC lists beon mndo by all rnilrouda
U lL"irflflL fm I t r?ood September .'50th to October
Glh, iiif hisive. Don't Tail to conio to Kansas City, Tuesday,
October l-sl, and witness the most elaborate, instructive and
entertaining parade ever given under the auspices of the
Priests of .Pallas
Doctor Henderson
"S r ien West pt!i Street, Kansas Cltj, i!Io.
"5 ti. eitil liPiuibln Doctor, ellde.t In Agp, Luii'-cl l.oiiile !. A I'.pgnlor
T, fl) i.ruiltiate in .lliiiliilnc.
irnf-rli ncn iiriiiinni
Seminal Weakness and
producing losses, pimples and blotchesoa tho
and brum power, cnUigo anil strtub'theu vtcait
' Csnxliilic tliatterribloillse'ise. in milts
I OypiUi'tS, torras und H.igci cured fur
Bncltin-'S, Sores, e. morrlia'aniiiUilcct, amlail
lormsof Privaio Diseases poiitivcly cured or
money refunded. , ,
I-innU- tor both Peies. ?0 pages. 27 ntcturc-.
UOUIv trim to ll.'o. with lull description of
ntiovo diseases, ihoeftectsniidcmo. Bent i- en I
od lu plain wripperfnr or. in stamps. HoidtUis
IiUie uuou nnu uusicriiavoi iuva,iuj,
Free, Museum of Anatomy
llfn-lllto modcli and wax hgures ekeply lrupresa
tl'TlrAZTZuTTAnk. ,M:H I
tS'KM'- Authorl -cd by tho .Stntn to treat CHROUIC. NCHVOUSari srcriALvwiti. iTirco
I n,itl i ii. I !im. 1 1
jits nf dl.t liurKi'.
. iritffltl.K fl . I rnn i Hi I. nn nil r.lnri.H Mill 111
'llio ri-ison KUilin-rs uru not ciitnl by li's'lnrs Is beeiiimi ninety percent re trniiWeil with
ProMalltl. CUl'lIlliNLlstliemilyknunnremeely lm urnnliliouliiaopi r nlon. teen, mlm ml I
nK A v rllli'ii ffUJniiiti n given und menu y relumed If elx Ihiti siloes not, ciKU u ciiiiji.lvjI tuto.
l.lOalioi,BlT;fiir(V01,hyin.ill. t-eml for rilKKclrculur uiu) tcstlmonlaU.
Addtiss ll A Veil. JinDICINr. '01' o, Uox"7tl,PanrraiicI.sco.Cal.
Kor iale by II. C. Arnold, ttn and Main at., Kansas City, Mo.
RDeatherage Lumber Company, f
, --. r Allf nillP I
wniita",ycLLuw ririG. i
iiistbiihjti.no imroT.i w.i UAlAMA RIRASR SUA& B UAa'-
Uti4t.,liuuaClty,Mo, TullTlOl llflVflnfl UlUflflO. I Mker, iopln
llli: IIM.Y bKI.HCr
ForTatalocua uud terms ndilrtu Col. V,
KAMiAS CITY, MlMourU BT. LOUIS. MlMourt. tUlllf., lUuiuk
urnTrnii ninn inn nnnn nniininifi
Corner Nincter il Wyomiiur Sts. Kansas City, Mo.
I''' , Uli-lVli-UrUt Ul'lLDl.Mi
ntllv fliiinr'r hut ll will ta.qtc belter, or
i .i.. r.. ....... i. ...I .,....
il J'll'tlS.lll'.iy Jtll II IClllCtl IUUIIIi
lin'iiiL'h limn. , hiiinrr rnniti cnuin
,cil inilimii join t..i....j, .vw,.. v..,,.r.w.w . ,-., - .....,,
and we'll wail for that, l'ay us a little bit every week and enjoy
your meals.
We'll furnish any other room on the same term-;.
and 1211 Mmn Street
all pails ol Kansas and Missouri.
Over 7 Yeaib Speilal liieti-e.
Sexual Debility, (S1-;STm:.rtrr,n"
faie, lushes of blot,.! to lieail palus lu luen. iua.
w-;r.n-r pennnutntly cured vclthjut
OLllLLlllC t.iU3iic, t iiilu;, hnuglei o'
tounils. No pain, no exposure. I'atii'ui, can
iiso llietrciiluie nt at home. .....
iDliitiiiii'itieni llia '""" Tiirkisn
jKneumatism KhrnuMin cure, c
SI ItH CUHL'. Tlio frpntesl Uisi..ery lu Ilia
iinnals cf medicine. Ouj doso gin s ii-llcf; J
few doses retuovo lover nnd p iln In julius.--li
euro la a fovr dava t-oud si icinent, ut ca",
withatauipforiirculir. t ' ' '
nSJa' Rriottei 'ih?! . m.to o...
. , .. .. i iitri. it iini r.s:
tho mludi-a tchool of Jn-1 ,, 0 to 13.
t fcrf.lt fir fltoM tft.M that I cneC c-
1 his eri'iit V uotattlo
uaiizi-r.imtpHhi rip-
ktnn till lnssp lit iliv nr tilirlit 1'ii.ti ii4 iinl. lr
w lut ll if nut t lieekpil W.ls to Hneriniitiirrliii.it iiml
nil llio horror-eel Impute-iii')-. ' II I'l !:. Ilclcniita ttiulivtr, Ilm
l.lil niV!i anil itietlrlntirv nririinbcl all luiliurllles.
1 tv P it nr .'tills.
Vi.rit nml fltlli . T.Jrt..t.....
--.;; t. i 22,i.
I --'
f M
W. III.KI'S, buptrlnleudent, Macon, Bl
seem to taste better, if it is M
nip lnr ii"w lift ( mniWH' HI
Wrile for Illustrated Catalogue.
WfW tfW iif PTITl
a I'tininsritiliel 1 roui I.IfA 11
Kustonw Vitality.
('.-.Vle'l (XT
r '"1 1
'ttf jr Ve,
n l C ' f i -
it.., .i) Hr(Fy r E
Will da
I III I DM I til ft.
lltl.MIt KMILDY.
"Dr. DeLap's liow Tonic Pills."
I'roducps the nbove result In 20 DAYS
-NO LOM.l.lt' I. aits powerfully
and eiuitkly t'lired others, will cure
oti louni. men will rtgain their lost
manhood und old men will recover
tin. li youthful vigor. It iiul. kl and
positive!) tores NLIlX OCS.N'PSS.
c nis.d rrom excess, use of tobacco
or otner stimulants lb stores LOST
l'OULR and Vll'ALir. I.MPU-rt:.Ne-"i
LAhl.S jnl ALL I'tTci is of self-abuse
r t ess ind Indiscretion, which un
Ills nt for marriage, business or
stud) It not onlj i urts li striking
in the -ent nf Ci. disi-use, but It is a
gre.it MltI TONIC and I1I.OOI)
PI lliril.lt ll brttiKs b.uk Ihe PINK
lil.OVV To PALL (.IIPP.KS and re
stores the KILi: OP YoPTII Insist
nn vmir iliugglst giving vou "DE
LAPS' nn fthir Its touil, ns It Is
prepnie I lrom tho pieserlptlun of UK
PK LAI', the great Prem Ii phjsl
I'luii, who his had thirty years'
pmetl ', hospital and ollbe. In l'arla,
nn Nervous D'se.ises. Can he carried
In v.st po l.-t Sent b) mall (sealed!
postage p.il I, JI 00 p ukage, or SIX
1'MKMII.m Pol: l..im. WITH A
1HM.. i I HP OH HLPCND Till;
Pol sale by
iCHNSON BROS., Cruggisls.
I 11)7 Mlilti Mlcct.
K him. 1 ll), llo
i;di c'i mix vt,.
t.x"vi- r---150--(
T. . ,ir ,J ' Tin. 1K.I. VlNHAHnlTV. M0.
1! k-rftii'ri;, Bhi rt'iaml, Typp-vTitln?, Telcg
rapli), f.iii'litli llnnihis, Wi Jem I, uit-u ifi, etc., t
lowiitriU. Cvintii mo Ti'loitiiiH)1171.
J, 1 . Ul'ALDIM-, A. ii., FretWost.
Night M IiimiI Heme- 111 loll. 1 1st
in i.ins iK nun i: isi.
Villlliie I iiroll ini'i.l Hi gins llellliUy,
llMurpuriit.il, Inn. WIiii; N I ITo
IH.irt, U in i(ni 1i.
Estimates unearf ully Furnished.
Urn a in n tion poinnotn
r ii 'y f r Ik lieifTl'ii-u,
i t nrm .tojri hi'-,
W hit u nn i. i u rul ilw-
- ir, r uiiv itifl, mm I'
ll iUU ii 'i uKiiit
t 1 t I i ii r ii ii i t iik in
iH 1 lr Ujl
4it,fcrlll 1
d tt irijiurv
rr vein mui.
FHltiMjC.lM"! P-- tr N'M iwirlugirn
k. .... "i ., , il ( I I . u r,l ni r
V S A jTJI T i " I " ""ll't
sil by nrnt. iirrail, tu
9KwU f 1 ei r i I. ,tll t iJ.T).
Jv le (lircuUr m ,.i ii'jin.t
i:jtn ii-ieit I'lei'. nun m mx si..
h iti4f.ii linn l.tiarauteeil. Iiiiim.i Clt),.lu.
bill. I, JIAMI'.ll IIULII ItV
Hut io buy U-uua )ou wlllget It Inlti
crlclual pjclugei goto
Ttlepbono 1'Jl I,
Dealer in Slo.e lUpalra of Every Deseriplioii
jui uiu ai nuuii- Liiyf aio
The Journal deliv
ered at your door for
10 cents jer weeti.
r tw
0 u
i"! weui i hi "-.

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