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Kansas City daily journal. (Kansas City, Mo.) 1892-1897, October 02, 1895, Image 7

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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--. afvIHmi ufittl1., llWIdM
- " It'1 b .it :gg
H -
I r
i -.
Enterprising Business
Koeley Institute I
.tint Ire of the fuce.
All l)H(liifrnrrfully
and promptly nt
trtlileil tn.
nfflee In" he WelMi
III x-k 1'ourth ami
Ivanns Avenue
t'nrtMiinnth Ul.tsr.
Krclry luMllntn hi
- in i ( It Tt Mo.
tit Murn nf rhr ip Im
1 lour, I oil. ( nil
Mini Mlv.el Mcirlnr.
I hm llnlr, Siiml.
t pttinht mtil prr
I'M" . '
All i hull Home tie
liilr v i , doue
I toi 1 1 It
N. I . ( ur 1 1 tt nnil
Mlllll. aillll Ills
George M, Hughes,
Jlbllff of lllf rc.ee
let . in
Neiv number Wott 7s
I M MltlllPMtli, Axe.
All IJtislneM Promptly
Attended to.
lrMrrlit Inn carr
'full? i tiiHpniintlrtl
from pum tlnuc
iUi Minnesota Am
AKI; Yourself
Home Purchased of Us.
Portsmouth Investment Co.,
333 1'Olt l.lltlt'lll III. HO.
Dealer ami Manu-
Dealer In
Willi 1't.p.T, I'nlnM,
lllli, (,ljt nil. I
1'nlulprs" Supplies.
Artistic P Untitle ami
Estnutlstiid i-n
No. .". l:i Minn. Air.,
Kiiii.ii. tt y, Kn.
ficturer of
lu martleitnl cran
lte All work
.t-7 sunn, ah:
3 The Journal oflico has been
M removed from tho Chamber
u ot Commorco to tho that floor
H of tho Columbia Building at
H Sixth street and Minnesota
w avenue-
Republican Ticket Wyandotte County.
I) Will MAKI l.N L'lil. t .IuiIIlb of, tlin
llprpltlo t'ntirt.
II. I.. AI.UI.N-.lutlgn ot tho DUtrli t
. t. HOI.T tTuilRo of tho Common
I'll an ( mirt.
III.S.IAMI V s(Mi:itt.i: Trpiaurrr.
.1. w. i.oMirm.i iiu -.in rirr.
i). a. siii.ciii'.un-itpeiti.'i r ripp.is.
1. 1 ON.XIil) IIAMI.IA Loimty ClPrk.
.1. . HOWI.l.t'l Cleric of the tommon
I'Ip i mirt.
II. MAM i:Ttrt.AV-Snrvejor.
. 1 'I ltil Ciironi r.
,1. W. .MtlOKi: L.iminliMlonor ot riopoiul
Jllntrl. t.
Aro now located In tho Now York T-ltc
llutlillns, Kansas City. MlbourI.
If n, jim vll iiln llm hunt results by
Ak T.mr .Itl( l.K for It.
isuki: WITH
Williird Meriam,
511 Jlinnusota Avo.
Alma Creamery Butter.
.1iium tin In4t. Ipii ji' ir. on this ninr
ktt I or miIh liv liailln? crmrris
MtlN(,IIA, 11(11 t Ollll Ml It. Co,
a.i. -i .;. Aemti,
1. M. C. A. AT Kl.KK's 1'AIIK,
w ii i. mmi: a camiiii i i: i (iK ciiii:r
.ji.biiti; oi i m: suriti:.Mi: cauitr,
llm 1'iiII.p Aio Nut Itp.oUliiR I noiiRh Prom
I Inn. Inipnseil Ujion tho .lolntUtft"
to l'.iy I Imlr s(iirli8 Will Upon
l l;ht i hool.
Notttithsttncllns the blpr attrnctlon In
Kansas City, JIo., ytatoidaj attrrnoon, tht
anruil bt.ito 1)Ilji.1o meet ot the Younir
Mon b Clu Itt.iii AHsocIatlon, ut Ktrr'H
1 irk aa I.iiKely nttcndcil. The fact that
trier il . tillable jnlp.s were oftortd foi
tin Miami:. In tho arioua oontPats mido
tin. luLing' eij liiti't.stinst Tli.re wcto
f i.nts on tin piOKra' mo and tho piUo
in t nit . .cut is mP otth tuiiiiliiK for.
Hie Mi t raio was om- mllo nolie, tho
vinmr to ietilo ,i sot of I'.iltmr rai Idk
tiros and wood ilm. Hurt y Urtuo, V I..
JlaMKId. l-'tod Fan-, li.iy Husttd, J ick
JJ.nlio and C. b Si hlppoy tre tho ton
tihtuntN tot tho prize, Hiuie won oaaiiy,
-with J'aiiH In M'cond placo and JIustcd
thttd Time. .' o-"i.
Tin. Mipnd win ttas a half mile, open,
1 ir a V diamond tine There wcto i IrIH
Minors. tleoiKO II. l)als, T. J. UiKle,
Harry Utucp, I'. 1.. M.iMicId, G. D. ll.ir
t 1. I'rcd runs, U.iy Hustid and Jaik
1'adlo Thoy tinluhtd, Pals, lirt, riartcl,
rerniKl, and Urnce Ihltd. Time, 1 VJ
Tho thltd lato was one mllo, for tho
state championship, and for a $30 Rod
medal Tho s..imo Hold of starlet s Mmtcil
Jn tliia i.ilo that utatted In tho half mllo
open, and, btrango to say, they tlnlshed
tho samo, Ilavls wlntilnff with oiibo, Uar
tcl fccond and Htnce ihltd Time, 2:SD.
The fourth lace was a two'inlle lap, for
a ?31 diamond stud D.il9 llnUlud In
front, Jlartel In f-eiond place and V. I.
Jlaxlhld third, Time. COO,
Tho liftli race was a JUe mile handicap,
for a JI5 Rld watch. Tho nt.itti'rs worn
the same as aloe, with tho exception nf
J)iil3, who wlihdiew, In older to Kim tho
otlieiH n ilianco tor a prUe. Ilattel won,
l..th second and III lice third. Time,
Tho last event m the ptopi.immo was a
one mile immolation rate for u pair of
ilm" tlte S. H lilppty carried away the
honois In tlila r,ue,
JIAII I (Ut Till'. l'llUCB.
liLtLiini. rrom lio ".loliitu" In ot Sur
Utloiit to l'y llnlr Mlarln.
rifteen "Jolntlstb" weio fined $'0 each In
tin polico touit jisterdaj moinluK. Thoy
all B le notli-e of appeal and will carrj tho
,,i"s to tho dUtiut (ourt. Durlm; tin
pint moiilli oiimt 100 "Jolntlut" liui been
lined In tho polite outt, but tho mijoilty
of tl.o c.ibea hae bten appealed and the
police lmo not retell cd cnoiish money
fiom tin llnij to Iaj their Balailis The
fitt that the "JolntUts" ennt to annul
the nu tent tippmik'sliop oidlnamo on the
sronnil thut It U luiallil. has taused tho
V .. ,1...... r ,nL ,.n,,oi,la la, llm nn.vPrt
ie. John Shepherd, SO North James
. 'James IlU-slns. 1000 North Third
John Kump. 1610 No"!' ,'llilnl
C.IW. ".:'".... ,..".' o XTrtr.l. Iiimu.
ilKSU awrwVrlifft. 200 NoVth JuineS
lUOgt III lilt... ." ..v "l'i",:- -' '
tiled In the police court. Thoso who were
lined icbttrdas were. Sam Uaton, 3 bouth
V'.. !.:?. ni I H. Lane. D.'l Jllnnesota
l I . I .4
Men Always Advertise.
HircHm tlnj-eM
njfr v 1'iirir tlioi
IIodscj, Ms and Karen.
ami miv. am .
Tci, u. as.
NOI'lll Slile,
South Side, nil
n roil ml the ttmtt,
our uncoil travels
dally for l.nuudry
to lie ilottc.
WtMiK'N Ktoniu
ih.ht I.mnitlry.
Telephone ltp.1 (It,
succeiior t iKunai cut P anlng Mill '
M unit i tmer ot
nli, Hours, "M oiil.l lriic. I limine nnil Pinn
ing, "tmll unit II mil -.imIiiu. -.inir nulla
lug, It ink (outlier., (lllllr I Ittnio.
mill Hiirilttuod I lulxhlug, I sll
mntis prompt!., timil.lii il,
llnttltnil t' t tir. t It -t , linii.n. ( ItTi Itn.
at home In n
Justice of (lie Peace, .
I I fill mnl
Minn, stita Avenue.
Marring ceremony
ppr formed without
imlilltlty If reqiipilpil.
t ollcctloiis a iirclalty.
Mll I.N
Belle View!
Sl-5, StoO, S-UO.
mo iti.h. lull nip, s
per month.
S. N. Simpson Son,
Chamber ot lorn llhiij
ll juniltitto !' t''.
lltistpd Hldg.
ftreet, O tlr-'nerpn, S Kan'a aenito,
Went Winn, 40 Mlnni'Oti niPttiie; Sim
Johnson, 312 North .lamps street, John
I'otirHon, 312 North Jame troet, 1' J
O'Nell, 200 Kan? is avptitip Thomas Itpf
fprn, IS Knnnn aenue, and rfteo Ilajca,
511 .Minnesota nenitt.
l'cirwi.ist ii . .in i:i imi.
UIU omliiiit.. a ( iiuillilittp for Clilnf .III1!
tiro of thu siiirpnip (ourt.
TOo Indications are that tho romillt
stnti- m is mietliiK, to bo held In this i
ilty lo-daj, to nominate t cindltl.ttp for.
luef jiistho of the supivme court will lie
u luiK. fnilurp o far as uili'iidnn. o n1
concerned Not n ol!tnt l'opitllst from
out In the state put In his appcirinie
list iitnliiK. JudKo Iliulli) one of the
promoters of tin pint, who Is a cindldate
for the pi u o blmnilf, n-ild thnt the dele
(, itp-i would come In this momlnir. He
oildontlj do. s not eii.rt much of nn at
tPndnme He paid tint thon would lie
ot oimh th re to nominate a ciindlilite
hen asked how m no It would take, he
teplled thtt tlnei. Populist wulild be stif
IlUent. He is ure of Kottlnir at Inst i
ilo7ciu from this eounti to .ittend th" meet
ItiB, co that a candidate will bu nom
in tted
Tho mvetlmr Is mhcrtlscri to take place
at the Hotel Allmun It will coniene at 1
o'clock in tho afternoon A well known
Populist, who li not In umpathy with the
movement, Htatetl that ho would end.aior
to ron.il the dok Kates and inter thi m
in the ICiinlml parndo to-moirotv. He
thinks tint they would irrv 6ff the prize
He -ald that there would only be one ban
ner In the bilfride On it would be In
MTlbed thee words "Wo ire Knnsns
Toi ulKts, and are expeits in tlie rolvlmr of
whlbkers, li 1 and witds."
A Ml.ttl M( ll()()I
Will I!. Kin M.illllll) MkIU 111 the L.lltnil
lirlstl tn ( hurt It.
The CVnttil Hienini; neidomv will open
next Monday niKht in the upper leituie
loom of the Cintial ("hrl-Uin chinch, nt
eeentli .stu. t and ratiramee ivenui- It
will be condui ted by Km It Q Uenham
pastoi of tin chinch It is the int. niton of
tho piomoteis ti. teach any bi.inch a pu
pil wants to stiulj.
The prtpaiator) course will cotisl-t of
all tommon s. hool bianchts. the .Ka.bm
ii. cour-i will ln lude natural n b ii is,
Titin, (Tropic, hisrher matlumatii- iml
ltlhher Hni;llj.h bi-mihi'-, the liusluevs
course will consist of bookkeeping, lml
ness li, aittial business prtttlte, bu"l
no's ailthm. tic, piacticnl Hnprllsh and in li
mn nship
Utslilis this, a klndersnrten elioil will
be eslnlilMu.l It will open MoluIU) niorn
InK at tho lecture loom of the (miikIi
All of the teat herb halt been -e mi d to
cinj on the wotk, and a. peioti .an tike
a. toiire If he has no monts Tho-t who
(ire unable to pay a tuition will be ilion
tho same training as those who tan nitoril
to paj foi theit education
.Nlltllltt nf II ltd .it. is.
Stitisllcs showlns; tho mtlilty of tho
main oters of Kansas fit, Ka , hale
been couiplltd by thu iltttlon comnilsslon
.1 Tbete ate neistiied so far, 7,113 tniUs,
nnd of this uumbtr " GST ale Ames lean bom
Then are 153s lorelitn liom on the l.ais
ti.itlon book The it presentation ot the
foittKii toutittiis tolfotts It el mil , I,
Geiniani IJi Sin den -M Austila, In I i
Kluml, 111. I'arail i. 111. Denmaik 31 - oi
1 ind, 12 llussli. II hwltziilnnil II
l'tame IS, hlcll, 2, Notw.iJ, 1.', Afili I, 2.
India, 1
'lln llKiirts show that thero aro moie
Missuurlaus lot n ted In this tlty than mil
othoi st ite tililo tonics in t, Illinois
thltd ami Kansis fouith The i.ptoM illa
tion bi states Is as follows .Mls.soiiil S73,
Oliio "Oil Illinois, 3on, Kiinh.iw, Ml, Indian i.
I Id, l'i nnss Kanla, 111, Kentii(k), 4J3 N w
Yotk, .170, Tmnesspt. .ill Ntonsln. T
1-oulslann, M, Mlsihslppl, M MaijHnd, .
MlchlKan. 73, eimutit, i Massnchus. us
r,S Alnli una, 11 New Ieisi, t Voith
ratollna, 41, Goon-ia, s.1 Maine, So, Timim,
i.7: rontieeticut, .'I Ninth Paioliua 21, Nt
Ilnmpshlie, VJ. Aikiiiipas IS Distill t ot
('oliimbla. IS, Minnesot i 13 Nebt.ika, 1
Klio.In Island "i Caiiloiniii. S, I). 1 iw.ue i
I'lntlda, 3. Coluiado, .!, Oregon, 1 Nil
Mexlio, 1, South Uakola, 1. and Jfontana, l
llm l'lltber iut.irloiM,
A dispute between n fathei and datiKhtm
our the owueibhlp of a house In ltostdale
has etid.il In the imiits and the datlKhtei
was dittuted Whin Mts lliciinan, III.
plalntllf In the ensr was Jliss CathettiM
Clean, and llnd at homo with bet fathii
Dinitl ('bins, ho and bei mothei buo In i
one-half of it double lot At this time the
ilauBhtiiV miitilimmlill piospettst Milled
tho old folks, but when 8he declired she
would mans lliunnnn tioublo aioso but
bhe did as intended, nnd became .Mib Hreti
iniii When bhe wanted her lot. a dispute
aiosn as to which lot she tinned. Sho
wanted the one with the house on, but her
father objected.
Will s,nin .t it Coiitni.'t,
,t. .n, .1 lLninl rtf liiivlitrm nf tlm TvnnMls
liu ,,l.,i. ........ ... ..'..-" ........ ...........
City MctliodlHt I'lotestont unlit rhlty ex-
Ill ( IS lO llU'll" llliii "i"ili. n"" ,11"
hlKltu ollleeis of that church In a few Wjh
tii let tho tontiuct for tin loiiKtruotlon of
tbo foundation of tho uulieihlty When
besun, tho work wilt bo pushed as fnst as
1 lrt.iu.eil to MiirrT.
Tho follow Inw muriiBo licenses were Is
sued In tho piobato coutt eterday:
Nunc. , ,. Abp
G 11 Mntney, ArRenHtio IT
Jliutnah Ileale, Aigetitluo 0
Hoy C. Williamson, IMwnrdsilllo 27
ailnnlo Kuhn, Ildnardbilllo 23
Mlsa I'l-ances JlotTman, of liurllnston,
Ii4is. Is islllliB tho .Mlsea Hufnor on
North riffli etieet.
Miss May ItoBVis. of Kidder. Mo, and
AmiH Klnes, uf Cum run, .Mo aro tho
Buests of Dr. and Mrw, Watte.
Mlws I'.nillno Jenkins i cntettalnlnB MUs
Kim I'ryor, of Klnssilllo, Mo,
M1m -Mlnnlo Grlllln. of Valley rills, is
the ijuest of the family ot Joseph lllshop,
on franklin aiemie.
Mr and Mrs, Itobort Rli innoii have re
tained Jrom HxceUlor Springs.
Miss I-auia. Oslrander, of (latnett. Kits,
la in Uio city llm BUekt of C. C, Walbuin
and family, at WJ Tenney annue.
Mm. 11. II. Noland and diumhttr. I.enore,
of Omaha, .urliid In tho clti jesterday to
lslt friends dutltib KaruUal week
Slato Accountant Challinor enmo from
Topcka 0terliy to lslt his family.
judgo S. S Kins '"111 leturn from Chl
cuku til's eienliiB.
Attorney Holt and Justice Kltns will bo
to Topeka to-morroiv to uibuo the applica
tion for u wilt of liabe.is toipus In the
bupreiuo lourt to sicurc the release of
Charles I'abcall from tho pcnllentlny,
Mr. and Mrs Daio Jones, of I.ebo. ICas .
aro bpendliiB Karnlial week with Mr. und
Mrv. J. A. Clotfttter, No. 013 Oakland a
Ml'.ritdPOMb Jl.ISCKI.I.ANV.
I'. O. Miller, the well known South side
Bioctr, made un assignment eateiduy for
the benefit of Uls credltoi-s. ills store Is
The Free Distribution of
this Great
World Office, Until 9
O'clock To-Night.
la the only positive cure for
Catarrh known. It eradicates
the disease from tli system and
makes life a plcaiure instead o!
a burden to Catarrh sufferers.
Avail yourself of this gener
ous offer and tost this wonder-
l (til cure.
f Jf you have joe to spare ot
your health, a si jour ihuggist
J0 rinu-unc.
PlOprtt tots
Eric Medical Co., Phila., Pa.
Evans-Gallagher Drug Go,
Wholeiale Distributing Aceufi tor
Mo, Kan. aud Colo
licated nt tho corner of Third strut and
i.ui,-as aienue, and the stock is tstlinited
to bo wortli 2,r,o The llnbllltles, so Mi
Miller states, are about 51,11") Justice of
the Polite J T Sims was named as as
slBtiee. Poor collections Is the c.iuso ot the
I.nt night Atnsor Twlss and all ot the
delegates appointed by him went to To
peka to attin.l the detp water conn ntion.
Thu people of this city are Kreatlj Inter. t
nl In titer tuot"nient I lie deli Bites ap
potntotl by tho inner who will attend the
me. tins aro II I. AMen, ex-.M ivor
IHrnes, C W, Tibkett Kepresentatlie
Cubblvon. C W Itackus i: S .Merrill, e
Snntor ltiieh in. J T Sims, T I" Ander
son, O W Shepherd. Sllnh Porter, H .S W
Drought nnd J W. Aldermin
The A P A excursion to I.eaienwnrth
will Hko place Sittudii Instead of rrlda
I or Itent.
Delrnble oftlce rooms: e.Io store room
In Chamber of Commirce bitlldlng, Kan
sas Cll Kts AIlpl Alex T'lndliy. agent.
5 liunkr buildlnB. Kinsis City, Mo
AifMin itn i.i:.
The night ind iliy patrolmen on the po
lite foi io (hanged bents w-ttrliy, the
day niHti polng on nights and the night
men on daja
.Mrs H I. Meseraul Is entertaining h.r
mother, Mrs. (,'. 1 I.lmbotkei, of I.imnr,
I H. Smoot Is entertaining his brother,
A. Smoot. of Helton, Mo
The jnung daughter of Mr. and .Mrs
George Hennett is siilousy ill
"Miss Veil i McMIIlin and her mother re
tiirntd jesttilaj fiom a ilslt at Tort
smith, Ailt
Mrs John Ctroll of Delphos. Kas , Is tho
guest of Mrs 1 I! Itobluson
.Mrs Dai id How den Is nleiPilnlng .Miss
Delia Smith of Centralln, Kas.
Mr and Mrs (Vmnois h tie reUirnrnl from
a Kit at Delphos Kas
C A Appel is entertaining l'trd Deities
and (J. C Pol tor, of Ottutnwa, la.
'1 Ills CM)" Villi lleKppriHeiit.il by a I Inat
nnd tho ( (inn I llauil hi thu Karnlial
lirpu.i Par id p.
Hi ei thing Is now In readiness fur Ar
gentlm s r. pi. sentatlon In tin B'eit Kar
nlial Krewe pit uli to-morrow ifiernoon
Tho bu.ttd of trade lias prepired one llo.it,
whit h n pros, ute in eldstjlo i .lrnerib
This ,illl be aeiumpinled bj mntiMipio llg
uioh rtiirtsentlng lurnl lif. The Aigmtlne
Comet band will piitldpite In llio pande.
and the boatd has ulo nrianged to bun
a "pumpkin and goutd" bind In Its dlils
lon. This will nlso bo on the tomb.il or
der, nnd from the name the eliiraoter of
It can i islly be Imagined lStsldett thtso
three ft itures tliero will be nuito a long
procession of chicles det orated to fcuit
the Occasion
rrfe. t of the ('.inn. IPs Artlnn.
Yesterdaj Aigentlne's police force In full
conMsted of two men, the chief, Henry
ltlch irdson, and one pitroiimn.John I'dhe
I'dlie patiols the i Ity during the night, nnd
(ho chief is on duty dining the day, Tho
lite department Is ibsiited, sno when
Street Commissioner Charles Horn goes
th. io to feed tho horses.
Ml, t IbtiipiiiiN.
Chniles Simmons will leaie to-day for
Mini line, Mo, to spent! a few dajs with
1 1 1. nds
'I be funeral of J T Hondes took place
tistird.tj morning Ilurlil wab In tho
Mgentlne comet, is
Mi and Mrs (1 Tai lor aro tntertaln
Imr Mies Wllllo Ah)1. j, of Lawrence.
Mi md Mis Joseph C.ossard aro enter
talulng A. 15. Uossatd, of Oswego, Kas.
The Kansas City Journal Is delivered In
Itosedaln by Cagene Miller, who will also
collect for the samo at the reduced rate of
u cents a week uud make his collections
Tho Journal.
Ten cents n week.
I1AIIUS 111' 'I Ml! .VIAN VIKI5.
A Ilariiileni Milliliter 'I lint luedn Under
Muter on (Iraiii.m,
rrom St. Nicholas
Tho manatie bclunss to n mammalian or.
tier called hl-iv-ul-a, or ea cows, which
lontalns only three species: our m matee.
that of Wc'ht Africa, and tho dngong, of
Allsttallii. Ab ith limns) foim biiggests, it
Is an aulmil of (inlet and eieii sluggish
habits, entluly hailiilvtu, and easlls taken
when once Its Intuitu ate knuiin Winn at
home Its food tonslsts of tender uipiatlc
plants., and Us presold is gtnerallj r-
tailed by the bits of bloken stems and
grass which ebeape and lloat to the sutfaio
ulQie wheie It Is fiedllig
111 captivity It feeds on calibaue, letluce,
the Uaves of the canna, itltty tops, uat.p
ciess, spttmih and also c.italii kinds of
ocean biawecd In the St. I.ueia rlvtr, its
favorite food Is a luxuil.int, tialllng anuat
ie grass, tailed manatee glass. In which the
man itee llnds not only good food, but good
hiding places tiom its human enemies.
Thu bones of this animal uro ninnslve,
solid and unite heavy (some hunters will
tell von Its bones uio "solid Ivory"), and Its
skin Is us thick nnd tough as that of n
hlppopotutmu. I huvu seen ver good canes
made of strips of manatee skin, twlMed like
a. lightning lod, and dried. Its tlesh Is veiy
good, and to mo It tastes quite like lean
polk, Cutlouslj enough, this uringc creat
uie actually sheds its outer skin every jear,
as does a bcipent. Tho living speilmens
that from time to tlnio Imvo been capttntd
and kept for exhibition In Deincraru, Phil
adelphtu, Now York nnd London, have In
all eases been ot small or medium .size, va
rslng In length from four to seien feet
The one which was shown In the Central
park menagerie, in 1S7J, was fcW feet nlnu
und a half inches In length, and weighed
430 pounds,
Baking !VwcIr
Jbol-ntbr- P-r
in Mini ni tn m.i ns i tci: in nn
f.1.1, MsIIIIHl It Nss H,
.lee .Miirrl.nn iiileiitrd In tine enrln
lull fur Mioiitlni; at liieph tlbieimi-
Inl '( I Ire Alarm limed
Jesse MnrtlKoii, who IiihI luiintry flreil
tt pistol chat at Jtis.iplt tin. "ittllil, of the
Natlonnl lintel, mid ulintlier nt I'hntto
1'arlslt, yttrilnirtstvr foi the .Mlsnitiil
I'nillle titllrtKiili plendeil kiiIHj to tts
snltlt lit tlie I'arlili cne und was eeii
letu ei! t.i one je-u's eiitilltu ment lit the
ulllit Jail It In ptobitble Hint lie will
never be (tied for Ittlt Itlptilli; to kilt
Ml. Oliic'Ulllltil
I Ire Alarm n'liil I'.dlip limps
Tlie new lelephotie ciiiiimii will to
morrow erei l tight public lelepliutte
lmen, tir (tttttltilis, for the i vrllislie tine
of the pullce futoe, ami (lie i utile police
(U u tment will lie Htlppllid with Id'Jfl
to three public telephone stations. ''h,,
duelling or litlsliie-s hoilS( ntni.st theoe
Hlutlons will nlni be glwn it key. fm
the purpose of turning In a lire uhiitii
when oi'citslou cllotild il itiiiin) sildi
net I ut.
'I he boxtn, or ntntloliH will be nt the
folb.ivltig n lined places I'll it waid,
coitier of Tlilnl ii nil Ottawa, Seeottd
wtnl, conn t of I'nurlli mid 1 21 in , Thlitl
iv dial, etit tier of Htiiiulwui nnil Olive,
Tomtit vvnitl, ooinet ur sVientli nml
Ottnwii; l'lflli Html, cottier nf Tenth
uud OllVe, Sixth ward, ttitmr nf (iruiul
iiventic ami Itandolpli: Seientli waul,
tot nor of l'lflli nvetitte and Middle
ThW ki stein will be of gtent belietll
ttslde fiom lire sen lee, ns the police
force will be ti'ittlteil to tepott to heail
(Itinrlers bv teleplione at st iteil Intel mis
thtMiighoiil the tlnj und night, tlitm
enabling1 the oilier In clmtge at hend
(Itmrtirs to know tile ox.ut location of
everj patrol nut tt,
It.nl rtiitp 1 rjiiisf. r.
The following ttansfers of real estate
are reported bj C. orge II lldp. nb
Mtrnctoi, loom 2S, Iljnit building Tele
phone 2iJ
John M M Larimer to Tohnnml Sarah
i:nglish. lllncits In nottlieist (ituterof
seetliui 21 township 'J, ntnge 22 $200.
'I'hotnas Ciiiinlnghum tu Hlljah N
Adams, south half of section 2, township
J l.ltige 20, exe.pt one and one-half
acres In the northwest corner, J I "00
John fJnlllgher to Mitttln ilalllgher:
notthwest quill tor of septlon 17, tuvvtiMhlp
1, i.inge 21, 5(1,100
William llevneii to Itnttle Hntv; north
hair lot 10, block 33, IMIIroutl addition
to Tongnnoxle, HO.
H S Hdminster to Hetbert L nd
nilnstei ; north half of northenst (tinrter
of .section 21 township 11, r ttige 22. $1 200
K S IMinlnster to Charles It 1M
inlnstet south hnlf of northeast iiuarter
of section 21, township II, taitgu 22,
? 1 200
George McCnttllv to 'rhnnns I" Mo
rmtlly, lot 2, block 1, Scheer'.s addition,
Miehnid Ponvvnv to John Klnnev . lots
20 21 22. 2T block 2, Hiving It & Co 'h
nddlllon. Jrno
AVIIIIntn H Owslev to Oliver M Wln
fiei, lot I. blook .'tl. l.enie. TOO
Mm tlin Willi mis In James t Weethee,
lot hi, block 117. Western, $1 200
I (i Olllt ll.lslii. hi..
Tlie wholes-ale. hard w a re house of
Ciancei .t Co will wind up lis nffalis
and go out of business The Hun com
lit 1st s I W CiaiiciT mid Ills son, V.
W Cnneer, and the change lui'i been
decided upon In view of the fut that
Mi i: W. dancer will go Hist to en
gage In other business and his father
does not tale to remain In business
The house Is one of the oldest and best
know n In Kins is, Mr John I' Itlch
nids, of Itlchards, Conoitr ,. Co, of
IC.nibas C'lt. nt one time bdng the head
of It Mr J W Plane, r luis accumu
lated a competencv and II Is not piobalile
that ho will In ftttute .Migage In nnj
active put stilt.
Against 1. itinirorth Hunter.
The citizens of I'latle county. Mo, (11
leclly aetoss the riiei fiom tills citv
have become tired of the eiictom linietit
of l.envtnwotth litiuti rs uud luiv. bttul
nl togetliei. It is "aid to keep them
out of that tenitnri Hietv pprintr und
fall the small ltk.s .moss th. llier
futnlsh tine duck hunting, and Lenven
vv tilth siortsnu u haie not been slow to
mail themselves of this eonionlent
ground It Is said that nn obsolete
statute has been brought into sen Ice
nnd thnt lieteafbr pins otitlons will bo
Instituted upon tiesp.is-.orh of this foi-
lildden giouiid
(MT for iSiiiihiih I'ltj.
Hundred" of Iav enwoitli people went
down to Kan-ms Cltv sestet tiny to wit
ness the gnat Honor ptiude and take
imt in tho festivities ami ns main mote
will lie on h md to-das
Hlevon coachloads departed via the
Unilinglon road nnd ns many b the
Missouri Pacific;
An live ursttiii Partr.
A spot lal Missouri Pacific train of
tight coaches Horn Mnissvlllo nnd Hia
watha reached hero at 12 40 p m vesier
dny tilled with exciit.slnnlsts, tuostlv
Titriuis Thty punched in a bods' 1
Tinner hull, headed by a brnss baud,
nnd woro afterii.anlH rojnlly ontertnintd
by the local Tut nets
Mim ell IHPIHM.
The leal estnte transfeis (luting the
month of .Sipletiibt r uggreguted J1S2,
7i:i3 The inuilgigf s ill.d for the b.imo
pel lod footed up to $70,17"., of w lib It sum
JS.IOO weie b) building and loan awnr-l i
tiotiH, and the niortgageH toleastd
amounted to $21,412 t ,
The elty fount II will meet to-night In
tegulai .sosbluii.
(ilHll tl. Sill llllll.
A politician, commenting on the f.o t that
wo nlwass txpul a man to get up and
ha Minn thing on a public oicaHlon, adds
"Hut the silent men win." Thai Is not
nlwass the ca"-e. but It Is a fact that mans
a nun ot worth and mettle hat.s to be
"tv.i more talking." ,
It is nid that Count ion Moltlie was
"bib nt la seien languages." Ilefore the
opening of a striking campaign In- w is
walking the slu'ets with Iie.ul deprebstd,
when some busybody approached him, dt
tei mined to extort from him a word In
regard to current evuits
"How urn matters going on, General?"
lie asktd.
"Well," said the gentral, "my cabbages
ure turning on very well, but my potatoes
want ruin "
It H a populir mistake that funous
men llkn no ionic of t oinersatton mi well
as Ih it of their own renown. Not long
ahi) a ci It Mated noullst was the guest of
honor at a biilllaut leceptlon He had
he ltd the pialbts uf Ids own work until
anvone but a cone. Iteil man would him
bteii faint and vnais, but he had borne
imi biavels tliiougli It all Tin ills' a timid
man was pusented to him, who aild, with
an apologetic air
"I am ush lined to confess It, but I have
not lead one of sour books"
Thu novelist bent forwatd, a look ot
iWlef und Joy Itridlitlng his face llo
placed both hands on the newcomer'
"My dc ir fcllowr," he said, with a warmth
hn had not shown before, even to thoso
of high degree. "Pin glad to see you!''
.Making Mire,
A somng woman, wlm-o attlie and de
iltaiior betokened wealth and rellm ment,
intruded tome intuition In a fashion tblo
confectioner's the other day by her pei
bibtcnt inquiries about tho purity of tho
bluets offered for tnlo.
"Aro sou Mire theso sweets are quite
pure?" sho asked,
"Vm, Miss," answered tho bhop girl; "iva
belt nothing but the purest."
"Well, I want somo that are not
"Will this bult ou?" asked tho girl,
producing a bottle of plain whlto sugar
"Aro theso tho purest thut you have?'
questioned the would-bo puii;li.iscr, as the
lcKktsl them ov er busplcloubly.
"iV. Miss."
"And are they perfectly frch?"
"illidio to-day," was tho answer.
"Well, I hopo ou uio not deceiving me."
said tha joung woman, "for I am, particu
lar about tho kind of sweets that 1 bus.
I want them for my little dog, and sou
may give me a pennyworth."
Sltciurlli nml llimltli. tho Nntunil
Itlcrlits of lliiniiiiilt), Hoblictl by
I'tnir I'limls, Aro Itcslnrril liy
tills IVifuct lleullli I'imliiPt.
A Trial Proves llsSavinjr unlit los
True linpplries", to the mind of huttiin
lti un.loublPilli lies In Hint slate of vigorous
health tint will prodii e Io nil the mine
of tuiinnn en luiattip and phvsbal stretmlh
With heiillh of body lontpf, n more ig
orom bruin to the man ot woman of ai.r
nice Intplllnenc.. and edileatlon nn I lbl
Hilton of the Iuo-vIkih of bods and vlgol
of mind utll luid.nibtedl) produce a su
peflor and Blfteil rate.
A food which benrs a natural relttloti
ship Io good health bi mf It contains
the natural elnirnts desired b the hit
man mj stem, Is It listen Health I'lour it
i the puiist hiHVllh food made. Its
MtteiiKth glilnB jiropprtlps are nlnetv (h r
tent mole tluiu Is cuntnllied In ordluirs
while Hour. It will luespiie ami Increase
the bodv's sir. tiKlh. tnnke bone and bi.iwn
nnd give to Hip bods the erentest of all
Illdetiotir-llaker Giocr Co, whobsale
nsmls, Kansas Clti Mo
( (M'1,11 Mil lit X O II I It.
Ailieiiture .if ii Mulne I mi) ir IV till n (Isiib
tit st Inill. r.
I'rom the Pottlati.l Atlitttlser.
"Uiugli7 Laugh' Whs, I haven't laiigh.d
so mtith In a week of Sandals," said the
g.nlil lleiijamln I". Ilaiulltoa. the notxl
(iltnlnal luw.i, as he sal in a io?v to k
Ing ilmii at Mietts hold last night "The
tn xt thltiK that will happ.ii to me will
be all i Unit to llnline llio to pilttluise a
gold In irk
Mr II million came luto Portland lisa
vvenliiK fiom his faith In Dastoti and wis
on his was m a ikiwnlonn stable to pur
tha.! linrHis Io In tiH.d on his fat in
He t rospd Moimmtnt sipi.lie ami wis
walkliur down I'.sleial stte. t, and win n
neails oiipoite th. ,-.iit luiidiiotun. a
Soung man toil. In him on the slioiilib r
nnd "aid I In it nun pnnloii, ins tilt ml.
but sou hn. Jui lost soui glove, Inun't
Sou' 1 Just ph kisl Hits one up olT the
sHI. w ilk nml 1 stipioK.il sou diopp. .1 It"
Mr II imll'oii f. It m his poelu l and tlnd
Itig that none of his nut's furnishing goods
w is litlssing turned upon the two voting
mtn who wne i ml. iv.irlng to trip him
and sail 'I tha ik vou foi sour tliouglitful
uess. but that gloie tint sou hue Just
pit lied up Is not my pinp-its "
' Hut lll(ti Jut a niiiini nt," said one of
the voting men lure Is a ling In one of
the llngtts of tin glovi Its i diamond
ami must lit wottli a cool handled at .tin
late '
'I he well known laii)er then became In
tfi.sti.il, and Just foi iimtisi incut lhoti(,ht
tint lie would ee the Iiilfe tlunugli
"This slime Ik a tit intv and It viiu didn't
drop It some wi.tlthi iiiison Old It's
wot Hi at 1, int fin) uiivwns "
"'lli.it s so ' said the cuppir, who tain.
iilom,slib Siv. mlsti r. jou (an ui t a
guod b u gain on that stoni Some bull ot
g. lit piobiblj dtoppid It. an' me frb ml
was lueky enough t' llnd 11. Vou'd l tl.
bus It '
'Well how nun Ii do sou want for It?"
askiil Mr Hamilton
"Will, it s unit Hlxts' cases 'cause we're
plus In" oloe i th' bo ird "
"I'll gin i ou tlie," Mild the prospective
victim as h( stutid to walk anas
"Hold on, sou tan hivo it," ipplled the
crooks but the famous lawsir, instead
of i ailing an otllcei, mi rtlj said "Vou
joiiugst. is are pool Judges of hum in V.i
tuie lou'd betttr tverilst. sour pedal ex
ti. initios '
Vml tin v ot. reised
rhe affair suggested to the tcponei H
mind sevonil fimuiia eiluilmtl , as, s in
which this teleliittid lawyer adiiend Uls
tlmtlon and gain.il for himself ihe ie
sp ot of both the I ork and Climber) iml
lounts birs, but seirs ago this well
known tiiuiuil law set Ii id t cise in
whli Ii a m in wis airesp,i nnd an ligue 1
foi lolililm, u Jewelrs More and stealing
.1 lot of w ittlns The coutt usslgiied lilni
to defi nd the prison, r
"I didn't do II the latter told the 1 til
ler I wouldn't do such u thing as tint
on my life itenlli, Mi Himlltou, 1 dldn t
do It. Ion can take ins word Just as sou
hear me toll $on, but I suppose thej II
rollro ul me"
The trlil took place b, fore tho lato fudge
Virgin The prison, r was luqulltid and
when ho mot the law i ei In the anteroom
of the court loom the accused man said
to the law s or
"Whit Is the amount of sour bill"'
"Well, about $lnO ' teplled tlie laws or
"Would sou tuke J23.'' asked thi Tieo
Wdl, lhat'H bitter than nothing,"
thought tho linsir, and ho said 'Twents
liie It is "
Thtv; stepped outside and the dlschaiged
man bald to the lawier 'suj, if sou II
wait until 1 g.t to Huston so I o m tell
those witches I'll ml inu the 23"
A week littr Mr Hamilton rcttlied his
(.KM.ItVI. lOlt lll'IIPV VtlNUII.S,
111 C'.iuimiinil of the Almv nf the I'nt.iiniK
M hlli. (.rant (oil i. Mint .lull p
The cobbler who mot tit J inv shoes vnis
named Higls. and h. was alwais tallnl
"lii nor tl," w tilth somehow did nut quite
comport with mi lib a of tlie tnbbl.r Tim
he had 1 een a solilitr dm lug tin whole of
the, n billion but Just what kind of a t-ol-.ller
I did nut knuw True, nbo, he had
lost his log at Gi tti sburg, but it was a
dozen s'r after the w ir in thu lul
ibntil tiiiset of i Miction tnglno .nag
ging a threshing m o lilne Into the 11. 1 1
htlll he was ' Gem t ii lllgli" in the tom
mon ir ui nice, and one day I asked him
about It.
"W'( reit't sou In the nimv?" I Inquired
"Y. s, eli.' ho a nsii. red piomptls and
"See much lighting''"
"Pioiii April, 'ul, Io S. ptember, Vi"
"I notice that evelsbmls nils sou 'Gen
eril' What was sour rink Were jou
a general.' '
"I was In command of the Arms f tho
Potion ie, t-Ir" he ild, as, triitlifull) lu
toim ui mi) mm 1 tin h.atd Hpt.ik
uli, come," I litiuhid, "I mier hoard
of a Gcinral Hlgls In tommand of that
units'. Vou ate giving mo gnu, as .lie
boss s.13."
'Mt'H us ttliens Gut-pd," hn lnslstd
' Poll me about it, It It's all the sail' "
"W. II, sou fee, It was this was," in. f ud
pigging awas at the shoo in .lis lap in 1
not looking Mpiai.ly at nu- "I was m
tho Army of tlie Potomac when lb mnl
(rant took chuige, and I was a sere mi
I und to know the teueral out In li in
wben lie wasn't so nun h and lu ..
mighty friendly with me and mule me II
orderly. 1 ued to go evirj pi in with
lilm, rlil In" our the II. Id and tint kind ot
thing, ana: t-oni. tin es them wasn't nobods
but tun and tho general rldlu' nrnimd foi
mile-t togvlht r Wdl, one das wo had lode
out along llm ronl and we come, to a little
place where a man llvtd that could mik
the ilnist mint Jubp In the whole Mine of
Vilglmis- I Known! about Ihe plioe an 1
so did the gt pel il, und when we till ink ll
I could kindi i Me Ills mouth w.iterlu for
mint Juleps didn't guns on tries in tin in
diiSH In Virglnns When im got oppotte
tin. gate Hi" guiiral mrt.r stopp. d lili.
hosa and looked our at me, and I dint
tlottti tiiio ese m'O and t ass
"'Hill,' sass lie In. alwas.s called ino
J1III In private- MUM, will jou do ine a fa
voi" "'Anslhliig on top of earth, gt nernl,'
Bass I 'Whit i. It?"
"'Will sou Im kind moiigh to take com
mand; of ihe arms while 1 go in hero uud
Mt a mint Julep"
"Of courM1 1 will, general,' says I
etralghtmlng my bat k ns if 1 had a rum
rod stuck down It, null toiniii' to a salute
"Thanks,' tsiss be. 'and please hold my
boss nt tho isitno time.'
"Then ho milt In, and for about llfteen
mlnutea I sat there on my boss like Na
poleon crossln' the Hublton, and was In
command of tho Arms' of the Potomac,
aml ever since tint lime the boss have
called mo '(iPiier.il,' unit I didn't see any
uso of sajing they shouldn't " Washing
ton Star,
ITllI ipt t tt d.
Jia had been trslng to Impress upon the
children In the school, in tho capaclls of a
tempera me kctuier, that though It was
right and propel to relieve buffering and
poverty, It nun much better to 11ml out
tho cause, of it all tit Ink, for instance
und remove that: and so with everj thing.
"Now," uld lie, "suppose jour father
one morning came down btairs ami on go
ing to the . liar fount. It Hooded; what
would he do lirot? Would ha begin bull
ing the water out!"
"No! of course not."
"Now. wliat would bo the first thing
ho woutd dof"
After a short silence, a shrill, piping
voice crlid out;
"W'by. be'd carry an somethlnk an full"
: r Jtff fr 'ev; y
rv-fA'-. vitir - . 'fi - trr.v.
,S? . 1j3-l'-& otl.t that UmU so hlKh
c51 &' ?rfr In the oplnloti of thought.
" 'mKmfLrtnn&mMrOlr'r-rmtrri- "i. ,
" . i
cqunllctl. Trj' It. SoM evet whete. Made only by
Tho N. K. Falrbank Company, - St. Louli.
i Ixxxioocooao-cmajw-oocacoc
i m: siouv i,i' a (ot.Miiv iNvr.Mint
A He, I lint llblu'l ( limp (HT ll Iml .let li-
rn's It Ite 'IboilKht of the (Inllllll
1 utiire mnl ll hy the Holdt n
I iiltiro l irr t iiiup
The tlron un of nn August afternoon
shone upon hill and valh'S. tinging the
long swnths of civulb d oits on the bill
Hide with a bilMiltt selloii. gltsimlng
btlghtlv from the hlend. r Lives oi the
m mil lug turn mid testing on the long,
lust v toad vvltli it soui. what dieims glow
tint sieiiud to llillte to lepose ill the
(in the porah of the cotinirs store at
the "Cantt. s.u i tin old and guii-h, arda d
nit It Altiund a beml In the road boson.
ti third old anil gias-beirded man had
Just t tune into sight.
"Ila s ii-euiulii , ' said Daac
"s.o he Is, ' snid I'll ill. . , ,
The two old ill. n turned In their chairs
to lint, li the others appruatli As he
tliiit mar thai could sa ,. that he carried
lome louiid and shining objett In his hand
mnl that his fn.- and clotlus were
stn lktd with bl ick
"lit s sot It.' b ild Isaac.
"s.o he has' assintnl I'll ill
The milium. I staipp.al b. fine them, his
face In anting with smiles, mid with an
all of tons, ions pride held out foi their
inspection what proicd to bu a hlKhls
pollsli.d stoit Ild.
'I'h. if she s he cri(vl. "The prettiest
and thoipi.st stoit polish eier luitnted
1 know tl the minnlt 1 put tint tnil. r
and iln-k'ii In the '.'st buch tint Id got
"Thunder'' esdnluud Uriah, In admiring
wondet . . , ,, , ,
"It does look nice " ald Isaac, blinking
from one to tin othoi
"Nlte" etlioctl .Idhro, tho inventor,
sporiirullv ' Why it boats nns thing of tin
Mi. I I our sea Just sou trs Hu-o stove
poll-in s vou git out of the 'lor'"' '''
and v ou'll see the dlffiiime. Whs this
one shims brighter .ill-.li.-w ensler, thole
tuiln I no dust about It nnd It wont wear
oil for si months Mte" I mph
.Now Jot" sail I'llnh taking an txtr.i
oliew of lliinut and Lanlng bin k In Ills.
. hilr is vou io tin one thai has got this
1I1I11"; ntr whuts jour Iiba'ot getting
out How lias it got to be ill
f"'wi II ' said Jet squaring himself back
"ins Idea Is to lust make some of the siutf
ami go out an 1 s, U It " .....t,
'Whs jes, of eoiitse," returned I rial)
Blowlj ns If that Ide i bad not occurred
to lilm before. "11111 what Is It going to
i ost " , .. ,
Jet sat down on the port li and "got down
to business" in a was Io delight the ad
miration of his listeners
I ie llggernl the whole thing out and
It lust amounts to this It will cost us
Just I cut a iako to make the stove pol
ish W. sill It for lu ctnls That i;lm
us a piollt or $12'.i a gross Now, t nt li
of us ought to sell u gruss tiny dm.
mobile more, but in 'II put it at one gross
to bo on the wife side Now sin our ex
penses an J.1 a d ij That Lints J10 a
dm in of it. all but 1 tents, and that beats
funning nil hulluw "
Jit, old boj, in re with jou'" erlPd
Vrlih, shipping tin otlnr on tho back
"What's the 111 st thing to lit done'"
"Will, the Hist thing is to older some
stulf to m ika up Into polish I'm going
to town to.niorum an 1 I thought I'd or
der about trU wottli Then e must Inve
some in lining dune."
"W. ll I in going to the Porks to-tnor-roii
and I 11 b. t io that," snid I'll ill.
"'linn we must vt some plate to make
it ' on (linn l Jet
' It mi vv igon shed was cleaned out It
would do llrst rate," said Isaac. "I'll at
ttiiil to that "
'lints tlm tick, t" cilod Jet enthuslts
tlcallv. "I toll vou, g. ntleiiien, we're
bound to make soma thing out of this
Just to think. pi a das Is n. ills J3W i
mouth more uiotiej than wo (an tako in
now In a soar '
"I'll it's so " said. Is i ic ilslng slonlj- to
il- f. et, "Wei It's B.illng along, I'll
line to Ret In. . and do diores,"
I li.. ollit r two wal. htd lilm out of "debt.
' I'lne fellow, Ik.." said I rloh
1 list i He " nnsii, it , jet
llttla blow. tllOlleil. soltnolitiae?'
tlnuiil lii ill
"Well jes, pretty slow nt times"
"llapllj the man for this kiad of husl-
"Veii, i don't know, Ike's a good fol-
ibiod follow? Why of courso ho Is
lro.lv thinks moie of Ik., than I do
Villi 1,1 ! ctlllln 1,.. .l.n,.l.l .,., .!.'.. 1'"
.inniiiiij If In didn't do a Btroke. Hut
then be Is dun don't citdi on tn people
qui.li enough Villi If nnsbodj should
bhut ,i door In his lino it would toko the
heart out of him. Now wiih ino ii's dif
fut ill. Pm used to it Ivo boon oil the I
riaid before, iibed to iioddle In town at.al !
onai iiiniiT i wits oiar uio it note coun
try sdlln pill- Thes can't fool mo I
know a man the minnlt I s.i out- Just how
voii'ie got io takaa him and nil Hut ike'a
aliffcient Now, I toll jou, Jut," toiiiln
lied t'riah, bitching hlx thilf up to tho
o her, 1 1 tti (am wu nrd n- and I'm lum
ber wagon Iko Is tlm wrung man for this
business Vim want a man that tun git
up and git aid ain't nfrtld to hustle, and
Ike will i.evar lilt the bill, jou in.iik nij
words "
"Well" said Jot, slowlj, "I ri ikon I
neiir glvo It thought whtlher he would
or not So jou think he won't do"'
"IW uf coins.- he won't do, I tall sou,
Tot, Just what'b common since fir jou'ii
ma we'll umbo up the polish and start
out toga Hit r and L t Ike ball vvltiw he can
aioiiiiil here, that'll let him down kind o'
a.csy, but we'll take tho big bll-lness, fur
tin to ain't anshods but us cm haudh It "
.lit ion. to his f I'll think tho thing
our," hn bald 'Of coins., if Iko Hunt
do We'll h.ue to drop llllll"
"Of coins-,, we iv Ul," is-cnted ru.ih, as
they p tried
Jit walked slowlj honioward, rubbing hn
flng. r t.ndesals over the wove Ild und
blmklug his head In aciimiianlnitnt to hi
thoughts As he lurinsl ihe bend In tho
lutil ho dlsaaiverod Ini.it. bitting ou the
li ink ahead ot him.
1 knew vou'd be altim nruttt snon "
! nild Inn, ilslng awkwaidls, "and I
thiiut-ht I'd wait tor vou No thai ee to
talk busln.ss when Uriah is nrun 1 l
good ftlloii, too, llrst tale; onlj ho blows
too nun h "
"Wows quite a bit, that's a fact," as.
sented Jot
"Well, jou know whit ho is and whit
his folks were In fore lilm as well as I do,
and jou know Just as well tint he's no
m in lor this business You sie, whit
j.iu want is a miii that has some dignity
about him an I knows how to appro ich
ptoplo In the rlhht sort of vv ij Now,
I'll ih don't know what dignity Is; why
lieM go Into a m m's parlor Just tie same
a If he wus going into a ton slul!" W 11
sir, tint muv do aioutid here, but It won't
do tu the big towns, and that's w litre
j ou'll make jour uioties, Mlghlj goo 1
thing jou've got Jet; might j- goud, but be
cartful and not throw it unaj uu a man
like I'llab. I don't protend to be no great
slunk ms self, but If 1 can't sell moie In a
iliy than ho can in a whole wtok I'll eat
the samples. Hut then, If jou think I
won't do Just say so, nnd I'll drop out at
ome "
"Oh, I ain't afraid but what you'll do
all light." ansiveied Jet, anxious tn con
dilate. "Hut I allow I hev got my doubts
of I'riah."
"Of course you have; jou're a man of
sense, and couldn't help but have doubts.
n mcEawLXJoaxxraxffi
S"0 iui vruuicil ni
I'or wniltlttR clnlhrs or iloiiit housework, It rntt't he
Ill hav." to tut across here but think tlm
Inlleroiei J. r tin ik It olrr "
I II do I 'in t ' nti-iweted Jot emphatlcal.
ll. as hi stiirliil nn ilium ngaln
lit italkid tn ru'ildlj mull lie came tn
no oil I irn alum ?li r. ad Tho roof nt
hi I' un had bo. n pnitlj blniu off ami
iieur repbu .l and the whole filing looked
verj dlhipld ited but vetv familiar to Jet,
for It was hts barn He noticed the hole
In tlie loof and ininlp a tm ntal vow that
some of hts pioltts should go to repairing
It Hoi uud th. hum was a Utile tumble
down hoii"e, and the jard belli phi wan
lllhd with remnants nf lumber wagons,
hav rake, tiaper, lilitkboard and several
odds mid .mis of old buildings.
A tall, Ihln nnd tn. Iineholy looking wom
an wus betiding me! a wanhtttb at the
pump She straight, no I up and stopped
lu r wotk us jot i nnil iii.
' What did th.J sav about It'" she nskisl.
"Siiv about It,' retorted Jet pettlliintlj,
"what would any sane man say about It
but tint theia's a fortune In It?"
He wont on Into the lioue and put tho
tote lid ho had boon cat rs lug on the slot.'.
I'lu il lie came out mid sat down near lili
This snv theio's $10 a diy In for a sure
thing, that's what thej say
'Will, I in glad If there Is." said thn
woman sighing softly "Ihe Lord know i
lii" mod It Is I'llnh and Ike goln' to t.iko
hold of It with oif"
' Mobile thei are r a! mebbe thpy nln't.
I know them feller- tiettor thnn to trust
a Ither of.lhem I know what theiM llka
Ihav 11 siiiimi up i,,,. ,) ,,t on to hnie
i' nil other like plsln till thej llnd out how
to make tin- polish, mil then you'd son
them together again title ker'n hops und I'd
he L ft Not If 1 know It I can make S2,0CO
a i am out of It and go It alone"
VV hen are 3 uu gnln' to start""
"Itlght aw it to-morrow."
"('an t 1 011 get me tint wrapper to-night,
then IP", mill 70 n nts"
"Onlt 70 (ants' Confound It, don't jou
know Ihiil it will take eietv cent 1 can
tnka- mid -crip.' to g t the thing started.'
Pd 1 nth. r get 1011 a dozen silk diesses two
wiiks fiom now than to siKire n cent to
night." "I os. but it's such a little bit nnd jou
could make It all up agnln I luiicu'l a de
ra nt alros to mt nulla" "
' Onlj 11 little bit' That's nil the flamed
( ni" 11 woman has nnvwav IPs a blamed
links- thing that jou don't have to make
the living for the family, or we'd nil
stntv a "
The woman sight d wearily and wondered
win to tin living 1 11110 from anj was
"I don t mi ' -lu began, when tin re was
a nil ft urn llm kilt hen, followed by tho
Urn 1 v.ili 1 of a man
"Plow' Judas' iihnt the del IPs up here,
mil win ' Are jou tijlng to bum the house
down ' '
Ii t made a Jump to the door nml stopped
righast The stove lid io highly pollshM
but a moment before, was now 11 dull,
diltl rial while above It curled a thick,
dingy smnke healing with it an odor
strong 1 iiough to knotk down n hoiso
"Is tbit the vm sour polish uoikr
Jit" nsk'd n jnuiig man coining mound
the housi holding lii- nose
Jot gai, a surii ot aiisgust MJ suppose
vou'll hate to lilnb il .ill over town, ho
growled nn I turning niiuv sulkllj sunt off
to tbo bai 11
"What do vou think nhoul it?" asked
the joiinrt ni in of tlie woman
"I think It's a gnnd thing that I saved
eggs enough Io g t till, 1 Wllipper," rp
luimd the woman, ns sin trleal to blow
tho smoke out of tin holme with her apron
Phlladi Iphla Tlnus
Ihe ruinous Hrool.ljii siriitture Pre, nta
soma. 1: itlu r "-turning a ttmt n.
riom llitper's Hound Table
roriuutlj tlvi stats I haie boon SoIllK
om the liiniiklin biltlKi night nntl dnj ,
and it seems to me that ev.iy few tlnys
I see soiiu-iliiiig in the ni laiigi'inent of
the dt tails of the btiuctuie that I never
s uv before It wiih a ((instant fleilsrht
to witch the biiilift und r the varjlng
conditleriis that attiHt It fit.ni day lo
tlaj". uno can see, lor cinmple, how
eaioftilly the vvlies for the electib llsrhtH
nro strung Thej tiro almost within
1. licit of ntiv person unliving across tho
btiueture, ami yet then Is absolutely 110
danger fiom them It Is Inteiestlng to
watch the bint lug of the strnctute, lioiv
tho big uud little sinjtt slope now thin
way mid thnt. and to note Just vvltcje
tin v change in thtlr Klanilnu direction
It Is also inter, sting at tho dead of
night to see the wot km. 11 splice one of
the car cables, taking out somo broken
HiijiiU nml weaving In another
I iviiH talking with one of tho guatdit
lecontlj, who had been on llio bridge
bIik e the day It wis opened Ho s.ilil
that ouily ame moniing, in tho llrst.
high wind thut enme after the opening,
ha loiikeal over to the New Yoik hide
iiml uppaii nllv saw one of tbo lilggi st
thlmiuvs lu ion 11 bt tiding this vvaj .md
that and ho stood t licit. trnnhfle( waiting-
fur it to fall It didn't fall iiltliousrli
It bent far over, nnd he thought it uiii,st
t.. wonderful inortnr that could hold s,
many brh ks together Suddenly ho
nuthul that the ihimnej was exactly
in a Hue with one of the vertienJ strand
fiom the cable s and ho saw at once thnt
It vv is the budge ami not the t hlinney
that w is sw iv lug The guard ti.m tin
pta'paitil fut such 1 situ itlon. Of com so
the biblge was onlj moving a few itiuheit
iiotn sltli to side, but when this man
iinnsuiad bv 11 chimney tta much ns n
mile aw is it neinnl to move ns much
ns the thlmuej bad .apparently been
Are unlike nil other plll, Nnpureln or
pain vcniiealallv on Hi" liver ana bile Car
tel Little I.lvei I'lll Uno pill ailoi-
.liiilgn sprliojer llobHiig (ourt.
Viiiita, I T, O t 1 tSpc-lnl) Judgft
Splint,. 1 open. (1 til't llrst session of court
In re t r- lav VVltll ll fllll lliKktt
I mil quite I 11'lj 1 it.irrh has been
oohddiiid un In. urtblt It-ease, nutwltli.
stall ling the pit toii-l ns of u lot of t itarrh
sptduli-i fakirs, who hue prttemlid ami
do Jet pit tend, to Hire it bs working at
thi noire with bilius suult-, In jo Hon,
bprajtib. luhab rs uud lot- of otlu r tiUlu
Uljiis and liiinsttibli ul milliQils Yes, c'il
t.illh lius nlwass bten 1 utisldered illtill
able b all lioiust, lomptliut authority,
until the alisioveiy of the lied C'iomj Con
fciltutloinl .Medltlne Almo-t evtry person,
both juiing and old, his uiirrh and It Is
Ju-t as will that ihej should umlei stand
that tin 1 e Is no other cute for it but this
llli-illi uu.
Catai ih Is a sjstenuitli' disease and eau
onls bo cured bj sjstemitlo treatment. No
total titatnient of am kind has eier s-it
euied a case of tulatrh It Is liupuabihle,
bee lime the whole sSbtem U full of Ihe
poisonous catarrh matter The Ited Cross
Constitutional takes (he catirih matter
from thu hiad, dust, -turn. uli and blood,
not onls lining the cataiih, but also legu
litlng ihe whole sjstem at the same time
iiemember, jou have no choice in the
muttei, Vou must use It, If jou ever get
lined of catarrh. We throw out 110 spe
cial Induct menlb of nnj kind for people
to Use this medicine. Thej- loufer Ihe
greitest favor on themselves whtn they
do use it. One or two bottlts will iure ca
tarrh ot any kind, oralis other sjstemutic
disease Immediate relief In uli tases,
from the llrst dose of medtclnc I'rloe re
dite'td from 43 to per bottle Kvcrj dose
counts toward a iure Call or address
Ited Cross Constitutional Mctlldne Com
pany, 423 l.'aat 12th street, Kansas City, Mo,
v-v-iH- - 'J

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