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Kansas City daily journal. (Kansas City, Mo.) 1892-1897, October 18, 1895, Image 4

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I tin .tniirntl ( nmtunii PuiillsluSN,
.imiti ill lliiiltlutfr. irnihnnd Wnlutit st.
, . 11 ii
... .oc
i i iv .iu:ti nv c.vtmifcn
I n. isy, 10 tenl per wl 45
t. my. lo tenti
nu pf mom
J V M M'u ft ADVAtfCtt.
i f niiv, i rf '1
i - -.lay, month "?
(ir, 3 month ., 1W
m, l month . ........... jo
ynt ,., ....... 1 PJ
I U ami Agriculturist, 1
..... w
1 1
. Ml
i' i piety
i if PoslonVe at Kansas City,
i H ona t'lui Mail Matter.
I IV VM G ClilU 10. it HUS HIT.
s i i iii uri IT -rr Oklahoma and
1 1 1 it. ii Pair. slightly warmer
In in i ittlotis, variable Winds, be-
i r Hi il
i c i mill Kansas: Fair, wnrmet;
1 L no Win Ik.
Sir . rn e Ic making a bimetallic
t mru-n i Ohio That M to ij', he
talks k ' I i" 'I "irend salver.
D'irrntit - biwjer nlo have abundant
ii rv 'I Iipv profw to he iierfoctly eon
Hjci C t i. : client's Innocence
Th tf n million tfo xclth Miss Con
Mi 1 s hunl The duke doe not regard
t till t n no ulvvnvs nn unlucky mimbci.
If th California tlllhUBtors don't lt
th i pubd if Hawaii itlotio Chicago
-i 111 hav. to take them Into considera
tion. They are both tliesome, but as be
tween j.i ht lacing talk and pilie light
ing t ilk we prefer to be lwred b Hie
Kan.- is Cll v would much rather oll the
Duke of Marlborough white milieu than
bqu.indcr ono of Its wlnsomo daughters
on hi in.
It l" almost ob bad to charge a pro
fessional iiolitlelnn with prexnric.ition
ns to arc-use a Kentucky colonel of tak
ing a dunk
The shocklm? torture of a negro In
T rnc'm1 Ii almost as iIIbci editable to
Hiat 'trie ,is the Tttrnej theft of the
Mi Cot bolt expresses himself as
thoroughly disgusted The champion
has at Inst got mound to the public's
j olnt of lieu
John t, Sullivan could not hoiv frlend
ihlp f i Orbitt In anj moie practical
unv than bj his public declaration that
he ii. n A his i i lend.
hlli he was nbout It Cashier Colenn,
of I' rt Sfott, might bh well have taken
the tl. i tw tliousaml. It would hno
c jmc in handy ns lawyers' fees
Mi! ii h the concessloirnlics are no
Icm-er i it is .till dangeious to bo
i ii ih ilds fair grounds at Chicago
A man I st his life there jesterday.
1 i, rnnr McCreary says Cat lisle
w I be r initiated for the presidency,
nil h -li vvs how eat.) it la for a Ken
tu kirn i i ilk through his "night-cap."
It is l that nuiope will take mole
.ui . in this )ear than eer be-
f , l i is intilligence that Kansas
f i M ml are personally Inter-
i l i
n -i linn submits, but he does so
i j uniiy and very ungraciously.
n i i i ihij take- considerable prod-
ii r ii iuf hint squarely toe the
3'. ih
pr . I me off in population last ear
1, K I" i aslly aioeountecl for. The
itr t i il in mists attribute It to pro-
3 i i l the prohibitionists blame It
ol I I ll -
- hwab, the pardoned Chicago
i i . ported to be living oulet
'i la of South Dakota, ttong
I ' Schwab quietly In the
in Dakota
Mi Uoosevelt calmly considers
ii U si see the unreasonable-
i it-liig a political boss with
i i 1 make the amende hon-
M Oorman
i has hern found In Canada
ualed b the discoverer to
1 ii nest In the world. I,ieu-
in Kht oigantse an expedl-
i i. anada
t r
"' i lit la correspondent that
1 i i esunie the practice of law
li 'i ? If Mr Thurber Intends
iv i ii ii leal prephecy 111 head is
t i i marblt- slab.
1 1 nibers of the Loyal Legion
t n Mi CieMlmid yesterday and
t u M r ilug Through Oeorgia" to
jui i , pitsldent Is not the picnic
lh ' ii i pie tmatfiiw.
it i
ii.d Williams, the Dsnto
n lute fur governor of Jlassa
i i ited as a weeper, n the
ngn he would better RV
i ii i ho ei urns come.
i i w said to be slowly sink-
1 ti t uthern end of It Hut Its
c hi, i M.adily rising. 1'or Uu Hrst
t ir ii ii any uars loulalanu state
1 i a i iiuw -elUnu ut par.
II i l i.i Mowbraj are dfllng no
f,. t i i in this country. Forelguers
v ti mi t to win fuvor with Aiiiorl
, i . 1 1 eslatlmf the stars ntvd
. ir i.. n kill up the wrong tree.
'ih' r i ;ri that &t Joseph laa jaied
fir hi i-, a bid lor the Corbett-Plusslro-jr
'4 n -1 r i-, authurttuthtill denied. Ut.
3 ; i l i-s ail the light I liar it wants lu
tii rui..r wtkl hca.1 smashing
sun' -ij IniiMtva of U J-H
'h Ch'iago Tribune llnda that Sell
t .r It rails (s beginning to veer around.
In il " direction at frtf sihw " As Air.
I i '!! (us liim an outBpuken atloeat
c' "- fII ti for tai, the veering
jr 4 will not be a iry aiduous of
ex , i
, 1.11 illMinu.. I II
It s ii'1 that l'reyjent Cleveland will
tr t maki amends for the lack of
l - r his f r ign fKjllt b making hi
f rt . . tj m, n,, faliK lrlit! with
Elulvtl'l Am it iiilni Put i 111 n't
be nf fit nfi I ntl n i n tt 's
sort ' t r il 1 1 1
fiir-rC!iKlsi r((Hj,
mu' h aii'l t iijU'i'iiu l i' the Vkun
gas courfs d ddu that 1h prize light Is
t tlkpil It "111 bo humiliating to him
In clltnh flown off hi hlh hor, hil
dlmh rlowfi he must 11 will be nit Ni"
hiattff to lie hi hand and Ihoe of Ills
brigadier with nn Injunrtlnti
M II 1IIO I, Mil
Atmnllnc to the tendon Time. th
elolm to Vemuelftn tetrltory iet
whtilly npoh the Hriilrh rutnivieit with
Hi ill n nil, by whhh nil the rlghl of 1I1
lfthd' popl,in(i in kiutlt Ainwlca fell
lu thi cvfH)tiernr It affiles that II I
too late to mine a question of Mich
ownership tinder the Monroe doctrine,
ami thnt it ma won be loo late to qiirp
tloh the right of rlrenl Hrl'aln to nn ex
tcndlon of Hie iirlffitml elaliti It Is thi
"pinion of ver tnitnv on this side the
water that n npirit of Americanism I
KNiwlmt up ani.itig nil ilnsse ocr hire
that will. In llw not distant future. In
sist upon Minighlenlmrout n g.iod mn
tlnngB wlilcli ac been allowed lo drift
along Into h regular channels In the past.
The Mtwime dwtilne l not a fad In
nnv ("etine tt 1s not a newly mnoeUetl
prlhvlpie foi tli. protection of free gov
ernment In the WesUrn hmnl'phele It
has tU the test of trepulur opinion
through Keticrntinns of ntfttesmnti'lilp,
nml though It has n n nil. wed to re
main mwi'lj a-nn uinviitten law nf the
land, Its principle hae become almost
as precious to the heart of iiati-lotlc
Americans as the constitution of the
countrj Itself We nro fast outgrowing
the Angkimnnlnc period which followed
the burial of ieolutlonai nnlmosillts,
nivil the time is near when the people
with one accord, will demand that
America stall look out for its own lntcr
etts regnrdlM of setitlmeiitalll or the
jiower of Urltlsli gflld
The future of nil Amaiicnn tuitions or
coutitrii-s lestrt in thelt allegiance to
each other In tionle, in fice government
and In everything elw The United
States has nothing to expect from the
Old Wotld that Is woith the "aciHlco of
Its plopped with tho Fouth Ainuilcan
tepubtics It will never be too late to
aid one of those lepuMlcs in "i-cuilng
undisputed ioss.'sIoii of nn thing
wrongfully ctivronched upon lij any
monarchical power whatevet
That Is tlie kind of Americanism that
Is mpldlj taking the place of the throne
woishiplng sentlmentnllsm anil tlie
Anglomania which has too long lun wild
even at the head of the government
HIT WAV 1(1 si ,, IKIMH,
The city of Philadelphia had occasion
to Iionow the sum of jl 200,000 and Issue
" per cent bonds to cover the amount,
olteilng the same lor populni subscrip
tion. On the il 15 that the subset iptlon
vvas opened ueuilj one-third of them
woie sold, and without the liitenentlim
of any agent or the pivmont of unv
commission whatever. Assiinince's wen
lecelved tint the entire amount would
be taken by the end of the wei k
The Qunkei cltv may not be ns rapid
as some oLher communities In the coun
tii, but its people- have nlv.is. been ac-ctedlte-d
with the possession of a veij
good irieasuio of common sense and gooel
business Judgment. Its ptomlsis to pav
sue univcis.illy known to be good, but
no better than those of the national
government It was only necemry that
It should be known that it lmdl some of
Its good secuiities to sell, and people
who had money which they wanted to
put In some sufe pi ice went to the of
fice of the cltj treasuier without any
Intel veiling aseney
No foielgir syndicate wn given a
clmnce to inker in a big sum foi the
mere foimallty of handing over the
bonds to the Investors. The bonds weie
offeted for their face value niul the in
terest named In them was 1 per cent less
than that named in the bonds of the
national tie.isurv which were issuenl on
the order of Mr Cleveland, but that was
a good enough thing for those who
oovvded the treasurer's otllce to get
The tesult of the salo will be an ob
ject lesson In finance for tho considera
tion of all vv ho hav o to raise money for
public usea in tho future, whether for
the national trcasuiy or for state or
municipal uses anywhere espeelnllj It
there Is good credit to dp business upon
Tltl. WIl.l. t'OMIMT.
The Priests of Palms Association will
continue and It will give another splen
did poiado next year and iach s'ifis til
ing seat, as lung as the buslm s men of
Kansas City lemnln alive to thelt ovv n
lnterefatit Hut the matter rests with
them The must support the PrltstH of
Pallus In their laudable, and slgnallv
suteebsful, efforts in behalf of the clt.
The ikiiade-s are expensive and they
cannot be given on mere exuberance and
patriotism. The business men ate for
tunate in the fact that there are men
Who will undertake and carry out the
work of giving thumi paiadis, whkh
attract miuiv thousands of people to the
city evorj ear These men deserve tho
highest praise and they deserve nlso the
most enthusiastic support of the mer
chants of the city. They vve.rk faithfully
mid without compensation The) woik
Bueeohsfully, too, and all that the busi
ness men have to do is to furnish the
means of advancing their own inter
ests and thosi of the cit os n whole.
Instead of being discouraged by the
Indlfforence of business men In the past,
the Priests of Pallas have vvoiked all
the harder and have tofused to allow the
merchants to suffer fiom. their own
aputlij . Now the value of the i rfoi is
of the association is realised bj nil and
the parades are leeognlzed as ubao.
lutely indispensable. To discontinue
them even for one year would be sui
cidal. Thoro Is no necessit) fur am
liiti'i-rii'iUini, so long ns the buslm.
inefi do their duty ami support the ns
ioelatli'li with the liheiallty It deserves
The association tt, out of debt and has
already entered upon the Work of pre
paring for the iut pntade It Hlmuld
teeelve the hesiny i-ojwiatlon oi" mrj
mail who ha.i tile Intelests of tlu elty
at heart.
(H.-li-i AM) mi: (), K. hllVM it,
Vfaiicious partisan attacks made upon
Couneiltnau Olson, of the rtfth ward,
wilt not jnjute him with hi cuiisiltu
eii'v and still Hb will the) detn lilm
fiom coutlnuluv his elfoits to snu iu
lief ut tlie jople of tho ymtliwefftMii
part f the eltj In the mallei of the O
K. cieek svuoi Mr Olson due's not
need an defuise fiom chiuges of u
blruierit) lie does not pou as a sewei
expert ami for that leason he adopted
it sensible eoui-se and luok the .idvlee of
exerts An charges of "absurdit)"
and 'foil)' piifened ayiilust his plans
foi the w.ai; on the fcewer must be
ui4de ugulnst sueh umateuis an Hobert
Olllhnm and Clt) nngliiitr Fille), who
have Indorsed his seheme, In 'addition to
otli r leading engineers f the city.
Vlt Ol- n ndu ted the clt) eam
I u n '"'ejt spilng to a successful Issue
an I thertif-il' he is utteil) unlltteil to
un ' lUkeiui) inteiprlst ef an engineer
ii nature Anj pl-ns he may have
f nn"! for giving lehef to the jwople of
hH immediate section of the city are, of
course 'absurd ' and "foolish" In the
e)ea of political VpiMuenta. Ilobert
rlllltinm I one of the fntcmost wiglnerr
Ing expfit In Kansas Cltv. Mi I'lllej
1 ill the head of the elt) engineering ile
pnrltiwnt Thev have both )mlored Mr,
01tm' plntrs and the people will hrtVe
no trouble In decldiiig bclueen these
two gentlemen nm! the pnrtl'nn "e
iert" who tlmHilo the ft heme
Mr Ol-oti 1m slmptj done the bet
he could wllh the funds that weie nMill
able six! he had a heitd time getting any
fund at all. The amount appropri
ated I Hot HUtllclent to give complete
leHef and fht plan iroiol bv Mr,
Olson and Indorsed bv (he best engineers
In the city, I one which will give tht
uttmvst relief possible under the ilrcum
stances inisn moiuii i.
Thte I without doubt a problem In
the ptoiiei adjustment of the lPlnttoits
between the publli and the oillce of
cottiner In lorge cities I'or the coroner
I to all intints and pin poses a munici
pal ollliei Whether the establishment
of a inuigue Is the correct and bet
solution of the prfrblptn is a question to
b" deici mined bv facts rnthei thin b
the piesentntlon of theorle The tindci
takets of KaniWB Cltv have liifttmursted
a tiiovrtiiciit which has foi Its obcit the
establishment of siah a nioigue ns other
huge eitlrs of the country malti'iilti
and the) have manifested a decltledl)
public stilted llbernllty In th"ll cITer
If the moigtie s)stcm would put a ston
to mnnv iirncllce In vogue In this clt j.
then It should bv nil means b- rstab
llshdl, for occtiriences have taken placo
In Kniisni! City which weie tut onlv dlt
ciedltabli., but ncttmlly sham ftil
The onlv hgltimatt puiioe of the In
vestigation of a sudden or unexplained
death In the community Is to ascorta'n
whether a. crime has been committed.
That unknown dead -should bo cartd
away without tlie adoption of eveiy rea
sonable measure for their Identification
Is cntliely wiong. Hut still inor le-
pugnnnt to the Instinct" of hunnnity Is
the sinctaele of tho lelathes and friends
of a poison whose death Is a legitimate
subject of olllolnl Investigation being
compelled to accept the fet vices of
undeitiikeis whom thev do not wish to
perfoim the last sad otllces for the dead.
Them Is no reaon vvhv the ends of
Juitlce should lnt( rfero seilouIy with
the "ensiblllties of individuals Not
should the fie-edom and thorouglinra of
such Investigation be hampered bj
purely lirlvate considiTatloiirf It n)ut
be lemcmbered that the pnjment of io
Utlciil debts Is not one of the functions
oi perquisites of the coronei s oillce The
wishes of i dative's and file nils should
bo consulted nt all timet, and it will
inicly be found that they conflict with
the necessities of an adequate ofllclil
The derision of the Republican nation
al committee to keep its headquarters at
Chicago Is well considered. Chicago
ntmospheic is binclng, and those who
bi enthe it icgutarl) are hustlers Up
sides, the managers of an organization
which extends nil over the countrv
should be located centt-illy and not on
one edge of the continent.
vIlin cordial vvcUomt which is nlwivs ac
(onled Ulwin Milton Hoj IP's pla) of
"t'llnnds' on Its recurrent procntitioiis
In this elt) should bo 'ticoitraglng to tint
)0Utig dramatist. The Inge ttiniicnce tint
Cithi red at the Coatcs last nlhiit was no
exception to' the gtneral iule It vsas
much Interested and oicaslonullj cnthtml.
astlc. Tlie pla) possesses a verj strong
ixipular appeal and is exceedingly well
given b) the loading metnbeis of this com.
pinv Mr ttovle Alt Henderson and Mis
Itole nil of rourse, viij futnlliar ilguree
In the robs nhleh full to their lot There
ore several ni w members In the compiii)
nn.l a word about their work Is appropii
atp Mr, William Iluninhrejs, who made
tilinnelf so cotispliiuous In the perform
ance of "Mcxieo ' through his admirable
portrayal of black Jim, suceeeds to the
role of Hans Otto, the character cieated
and sustained for several seasons b) Mr
I. T). L)Oiis now a member of Mr Mans
field's company Mr Ilumphrejs is a
ior) elevir aetor and plays the op um
fiend with rpaltstlt lllellty anil jet with
excellent tinte Jllss elr.tchPn I,)ons. who
glvts Kiuh i ehaimlng purtrnal of Jinny
m. rn n.. nihil is liv iIih vsav a Oauthti r
of the origin il Hans Utto Mr. AnJerton
Ik the Iluoll Hunting and Mr Mien r. -tains
the put of Pub n Sr Tins' will
be the bill the icmiilmler of the w.ek
An Intiiri itlnc (MiJ.it l"n lirn nt tlm
I'hil.uli lihln ( It) 'Iresmrer!, OIHn.
tho Other Hay.
Trom the Phll.ub.lrhl i Puss of Tuesdaj
The populailtj ot nt) loans, at so low a
rate of Interest as 3 per eint, was attest
ed again jesterduy, wh. n subscriptions
wuro opened by the cltv treasurer for tlie
new loan of J1,2(W QUO, to take the place of
the temporal-) loan of like amount, iwsu. J
it, few months ngo The fondest expecta
tion of Ma)or Warwick and Cit Titas
urer OelUrs were more than realized In
tho result of the da), which showed that
J3TO.W3 of the loan had been taken at the
eloso of business hours
Tho subscriptions weie ruoelved in
amounts ranging fiom 100 to J10,eX, and
of thu total ii mount those subscribing foi
JW3.UO (Kiltl that much cash Into the treas
ury, whilo the balance representing lt,T -Cut),
was secured by a lament of 3 pur cent
of the, sum Tlie new boials bear the date
of Jul) 1, P-95 Those who paid their sub
scriptions In full aluo paid thu accrue-d in
terest, so that the) will huve six months
interest coming to them at tlie end uf the
ear Those who onl) paid ti per eent
of their subscriptions will pa) the accrued
interest whin they make theli settlements
in full i our series of tbe nun bonds,
A. P U and T, wn. sold outright, whilo
onl) $1 "M of st lies fei were left lo be dis
jiose.1 of.
Thu people ivho were lepiesentid In tin
suUbi rlptions jesteula) Win- ver) l.ii(,il
of the saving and thrift) working ilas,
of which Philadelphia boasts so iiuiid.
No sutttii rlptions weie r'-eelvid from out
sldo except a few for small amounts A
numbvl ol exiierieme 1 investors were also
represented among Iha snbxilhers (n. Imt
imr soim rlnuueiul iiiul bciirililul Itui un
ions. Man) of the subset ibers were women,
Widows being lurvel) lepi-iselited in thU
'iiiu nuincs of the subeorlbeis vieie not
made publli, except In a few eases ulnu.
then, W.i.s no ubjeetion to tlie tact bung
know u
The ConunoiiWiulh Title and Trust Coiu
pan t.Mik 4W,c'. the poller pension fund
subsetll'id foi K", the tirtuitul duplet,
lUijul ViPti Jlu.-.His took 1I,(M, thu
bluing (i-al'leii Institute, iJu.Oii), and Mel
cantll" lij-lae, ,So JJ7 I O o P, $3 aw
One famll) uf tour slsleis ami one hiotli
er took (TOou of tin loan, thu sisters tak
ing J16OJ0 each and th-- brothel JIiiioi
They ium lo the (it..iururs mil e togtiln r
mil paid 0 ier oeiit of the amount ol their
subtfiilpt'ous Liter ihe letiirued and
iiieiil the full amount of fioow
The stilkilig luildenls of the da) were
the liuwlnis.-. 111. ii eliarui-t r of the sub
siilbeis and lh iiuinljir ot gol I i.i Dil
utes of large denoinliiailous oliered in
a)llieiit for the bonds Many of Hie sub
scribe! s appeared to Iw puioii vvheue
savliios v.ri lull ! them at home, an I
not deposited 111 bunk the) eame arounl
with the inoiie), and lln chaiucter of the
notes gave the inpreeiou that the) had
not beiu taken out of bank for the pui
pose of investing in tlie bonds.
In one casu u woman who subscribed
for (Mel wurtli of boi U paid for them
with Hire iriP $1 lw gold eeitllliatn.
Kotea of Jl ) and .' u wire more plentiful
thruughoi t the day than those of smaller
31r VVurreit Vluy Iteiover
At 1 o'clock this ninrnlng Mrs. John War
ren, who was severe!) burned ut hir lum,
at JUI Woo Haul avenue Tuesduj morning
by gasoline was slightly imui-oved Or
bingleton said she hud revived and there
was a HttU hope foi her recovery.
nr.sAVH uiriti: i rnn.v i-itonri ct
or irriiN.im.NAt. iiimi.tam.iim,
TIip Ms-ik Mm Hern Dirown Off f the
Moiipt 1'onrrmiil Hip I Ight II Nun- In the
Opin lllinrtiilll'lii, I rpp ( nlnsgo
slid Olhpr Term I vpliiliii-d.
A large and cnihti'hiMlP audlonr greet
ed the Hon W. J Hr)n, of Nebratkn, nt
the Tnbi-rrmdp, In Kansas City, Kn , Inst
evfhlng, the oecskin being an address on
the n!l-inipnrtht question of flnaii'e, from
A frc sllvr stniidliolnt Mr, llrvnn, whrw
repulntlon ss nn ornlor nnd loelcsel llnan
dnl nppsker I national mid of the bluh
em rhnrn-ter, lipid Ih" immense audience
strictly attentive for two hours. Hursts
of rtpplatti-" were frequent and voclfet
ou Mr lit-) nti msde a few brief remarks of
Introduction, Including a forcible ti Unite
to (he Journal, pralltig Its standing nnd
foarle dealing on the limine lal quetlon
He md that the rendei of the Journal
wi re tut innate la being able to secure Mich
a profli imiI and able advocate of bimetal
lism, wlilr-h ItitelltKentlv, fenrleil mid
uheoiiiproinlslnBly was fighting for the
right ot the people of the eoiintr). Mr.
Ilr)an siidi
"I ok votir attention to a dl'ctusloti of
three quetlan Klrst, what Is bimetallism?
econd, v lij- do we desire It? and third,
lion can we secure If The name bimet
allism indicate Hie meaning of the word
so cleflily that mlsiuxh rxlnndliift reems nl
mont impossible, nnd vet we know that
man) have, or at leni seem lo havi , a
wrong lieu of what bimetallism Is. One
man sail that he wns in favor of bimetal
lism That Is, that he thought the sovirn-me-nt
oucht to bti) whatever metal it
needed The postm ister at Chicago, in a
letter i ecently publlshid In a Chleaso pa
pr, sa d 1 am not a moiiometalllst, 1 be
lieve In bimetallism on a golJ basis ' One
ot the lei ling siakcis at the binkei'
eonnrns in s slou ut Atlanla. the present
week made use of a nimllnr e"cpie3lon
lilinetal.lsiu means tno-in"lilllsm, the ue
of sold and sllvot na Bi m lard tnoiiev, with
equal privlbis.s at the in nt ind equal leer il
tender qualities. Under tuttalllsm a "li
ver dollui lu not reciecuialile In gold, not a
t,old Inllar red eniabli In llvei Ulnvtal
Usui do.se not mean tint tlie silver shall nst.
upon the told, but that -Iher sh ill stand
b the side ot gold, and wllh gold support
i ho comum ev of the world Ue do nut
want -diver as a credit moil"), a mere
promise to pa ome oilier kind of mone) ,
we w ent It as real mone) with which to
'll-lnie,e contracts ii)iible in tnonev
IJv-n the ratio of lfi to 1 Is not nlwajs un
derjjtood One person understood b it that
tlie goveriimeiu would c-.ln sixteen silver
dollars for ev.ry gold dollnr coined Mx
te n to one slrupl) imans that the t liver
dollir weighs sistecn tin s us much the
gold dolnr That I, In it In pacing power
one oune-e of gold is equ il to -lxteen ounces
Of Eilvei I'lee eolnas,c does not mean, .is
one g title ni in Imagined that everv one
shall be p rmltted to own n mint and coin
his own mone) but that 'he holder ot -qi-ver
bullion shall be permitted to present hli
silvir to the mint and have It convci'cd
into dollatn vcithout charge. Just ns the
holdei ol gold bullion Is pomilltcd to do
now t nllmited coinni-i' m am that there
shall be no lejal leitrietlon ti to the
amount of ullvet to be .oiled, Jun as there
Is now no !gal restiletlon as to the amount
of gold bullion to b coined The free co n
age ot the American product is not a uf
llclent iimtd). It might be of advantage
to the mine owner but the question la
larger th in ih. milling states
Tin reason for coining llor w that we
need it, not that we proline it In this
gnat , nntt st between a single gold stand
ard and blmet illlsm we must take our
"tun I on oup side or the other wc must
favor t,old as a standard, with silver onlv
us lokin mone, or we must fuvor blmo.nl
lism with ill that that in. ins 'I hue Is
no half wa ground, silvir must be place 1
uion i qu tl terms with u ,1 1, or il must
be reb sulci to tho position of credit
mone) Inlcpendcnt bimetallism means
bimetallism secured bv tho ac
tion of this countr) vcithout vc ailing
fot the aid o- consent of nn) othor nation
liitein.uUn il bimetallism means bimetal
lism si cured bv an agreement with other
nations. 'Uie mint uitnainos of Hnlfour
show that theie is no prospect ot Interna
tional bimetallism nnd those echo have
uvocatisl Intern itlon il blmilalll-m will
huve to act either with ai'vo'atis of tin
gol I staiularl or with the frli nda of inlc
pindent bimetallism i ho v.ho honestl)
prefei intern itlonul hlinttnlllsin Ilndlng
that imiiosslble will tie t with us, Uio-e who
have oul pielndd a deslie for lutein i
tlouil bimetallism as a ixier undei whi h
to tlfcht fur a gold standard, will now throw
oft th. musk and 'b,ht op, nlc
Ue uie in favor of bimetallism for two
n aaons Plrst, ln'cause It is thion tlrallv
besl, and second, lit cause it Is a p! ictiiul
iiKesslty it i ihcorpticnll) best bis ausi
tl e use of two mi tills as siandaid mone)
gives a more unit rm volume of eunencv
and a more stable' dollar. Just as a river
fed from two sir. tins Is more uniform in
volume than a river nhluh, being fed from
one stream, must rlsp or fall with evir)
tlnod or drouth along that one feeder lu
bimetallism the debt.it- has tlie choice or
metals If one of the motals begins to
fall below the li,al ratio, o. new Ji nun I Is
at once ere itcd for -taint imtnl and this
demand sustains the price, while the les
sened di inund for thu dearer metal stops
Its tlse If the creditor lind the option the
reverse would lie trui and the dearer nu tal
would be mud. dealer still b all evet in
i r, ising iliinand
"We have a pia.ticnl Illustration of the
Importance of Mvtng the option to tlu debt
or In our mint treasui) transaction
Greenbacks end treisurv notes uie tedoi in
able In gold oi silver at the option ot the
hovernment, unJ the secular) could stop
tho dri'n upon tin gold n serve at nil)
time by exPicising Hint option Hut i uhir
than do that In his .allowed the note hold
ers to i house thi cuiii of nd' niptlon, mil
has issued 1uhhmi m bonds lo bu) gold
for the purpose ihoso who de-in bonds
Issued win druw out gold, rnisi .i elamoi
for more bonds, in I then draw out the
Bold to pu) for the bunds Th u is no end
to the pro. ess, and ono is reminded of the
bo) who rcieived live cents for iiuh dost
of inedkine Ink. n and turned the mon.y,
over to his ninth, r to bu) more medicine
with. The Uoths hill oontrut was mule
in order to mure gold fiom abioicl and
this wus di fn I'd on tho gtound that when
tin govermnint soil the bonds at home It
In I to furnish th. mone) to pi) lot the
bonds Th. Itmh-i hild coiurul wu llu
nioM Infamous aguenuiit over imide b our
inasiii) deiiaiinn u1 not onl) because it
burdened th. pioiil with bond, but be
muse it omplojcl i foreign s)ndlcatu to
luW i ue 1 our ti usyiv
"Theie mn be no i lief fiom our ttniimial
dllliiuliv until Wi l.tiliil to the pilm lile
of binieialllsm W. huve been having i
taste of Ikisteiu Imaiieloiing If vc. nil
Judge ttotn thill iiiilliliiil londiiet the onl)
isiiilon or tlm Hible whiih tin i.isiein
luuiicleis huvi fad Is that lioitUui which
tiUt.s that some ilgliteen hundiid )euis
ago nitulii wise mn. came Hum the Last
'liu) seem to tlink thu the wise nun have
been coming Hum the Hast ever since If
a W. stern man nn bu Delimited to ex
piess an opinion upon a Ilnnii' lul iiueslion
1 dealie to siu-Bcst ibol out lonultlon will
not !- Impiovid until the leeietuiv of the
tieastin lesimus tlu right to hi) down thu
aw to tin uiHgniies of Wall siren in
slend of allow liu, ilium to tell him whut
lie must do , ..
"lilnn tttlllsm iv neictsaiy because tin re
Is not enough gold lo lorm a lsasis pf our
lurrmc) Tlie aigum, nt in favor of blmet
ulllsui l not onl) i.iieliisive, but 11 Is so
plain and iastl in liisloisl Hint no one
llied misundi island II We know that to
Usseii tin sill id, of an aitlcli 11 the i e
inand remains the suiiih will Ineiwise 1 s
tun e, and we know lllilt that liilmlplu
'applies to money -, well as to other forms
of niopell) Wfe huve about four bill oils
of silver In the wmld If silver is wiped
nut of existence as stalidaid iimiicj wi
know thai the tiui.hislng powir ul eaih ;e
inalliing dollui will be luneiised if n dollar
il.os In value the man who owns Uie dollar
oi who holds a eontiict pa) able In dulliis
will ptoflt bj the rise in the valuu ot the
dollir, just as tin owner ,of land pi ollts
lu ihe rite In the value nt land ibis Is an
aigiiment bised mion the principles and
exiieiientes of ,vei) d.a) lift'
Ml llijiin tin n quutcl fiom Henntor
Khiunuii Mi lltainu ami Secielai) I'm.
lisle to show that tlm capitalistic- ellssib
protlt b dee i ease In the volume of mouev
while the masses il the pioplu sunn fioiu
the same II' insisted that tl" capitalistic
elussts fuvor the gol 1 standard In cause It
Is of tieeunlui nivuntuc.e lo Hum and
not be. ails of all uns. lllsh Intel est in
the list of tin, pioiiU lli- txplained the
efieet of i hanging the latlo ainl suld that
a change In tlie tatlo, teemed tluough an
Internatonal agreement una an luciease In
the bUe of the silver dollir to correspond
with a hluher ratio would icqulre the le
colulng of the sliver of the world Into
luiger dollars aul. theiefore, reduce the
number of dollars This would Incieaso
the value of the dollar, decicase the value
of propert) and In rease the burden of
Uebl He said a change In the ratio wus
uiieeeessary. because fiiendl) legislation
woull restore a dim-lid foi .sliver
width hostile lecislatlon had,, de
siroed He thought that the t'nlted
Stales, with 70.00 ) or peoide, ami a
country only partally developed, could iui
nlsh a use for all thu silver that would
come to the mint. He InsisWd that ths
I....-., ...... ..,....!., M4 Hnh. ,l.-l I.A.
e iili'-ei milieu siicniiu lie c ii.vn, , ...'., '-
cnus' 11 wns able lo net atom, and second,
iiecuile ll is lompeiieu hi iie-i iiumi-, nu.cu
othrr iintloiis are not willing to Join.
He ssld Hint the people had tried the
gold slmi'lnr.t fot twenl) venrs nnd that
the Hch who hnd b en tnml richer by II.
vcerc plefl'ed with It nnd the poor, who hnd
ue I'll uiii'ie iiuui.'i .' n i-,.- ui'ipu-.n v
It Up had no doubt of Hip rcftorntlon of
iilinPinuisni nicniifP It is iieneuriiii in uie
Kieat mnjorltv of the American people
and will sooin r or later protect their own
"Ulil.lti V 111. veil ltl.l.l'Ai:i.
"lho t l.ilriiitnnl'. Si ntPiiiF of 1 cirty Hsjn
Klplrnl Vi-linlsv.
Hnrr) Wnlle, alias Liberty Itluck, the
once famous clalnovant, who lias been
ftrvlng a sentence of forty da.vs In the
count) Jail for the alleged obtaining of
monev under fI"c ptetense", vvns reluised
from the loutit) Jull )es!erdny, his term
having ex ired Wnlte was pntencisl Au.
rust S from .In-tlee Spits' out t At the
time he urn retitemed he was ulo flticd
J100, nn 1 th "Upisielllon Is he pnld the line,
although It could not be niblatitliitul
Isst merit He was tried on two charge",
a third one. that of having (otisplrid to
obtain U2U from Mrs llmbira oihutrer
liv melius of his elnlrvojaiicv. having b en
iwstponed at the llm until his prcsitit
rentenc was terminated. Whether or not
he will to n arrested and tried on the
charge teinnlns to be sicn. At the time
W'alte wns brought buck rrotn SI Louis
he lind considerable tnonev and lewelry
upon hl person, whleh wns n moved at
(he Central tiollee station It was uriir
waids iittuche-d bj Mis oehntzer, which
prr eluded nil chance of Wults Uving
bond nnd he was compelled to lav In Jnll
for neVeral weeks irlor to Ills be Ins sin
tenced, avialtlng ttlal The attachment
suit Is still pchdlni,.
.tu.tlre WllliruiT Derl.irea Hint the Tripers
, (iilllnlliid H t tiiiipbillll.
In the cae of Chnrles A Mllltnan, ex
legislator, who was tried In the criminal
coutt lit Wedtielay for an nnult madu
upon l.ucj Johnson. Judce Woffonl or
dered a verdict of not guilt j because the
transcript from Justice Wlthrow's court,
where the case wns originally tried, did
not contain a complaint Arlstnnt Pros
ecutor Iaithc) did not deem It his place to
make a new complaint and the defendant
was nrcordlnhlv discharged
In "peaking of the mntter .vesterdny Jus
tice Wlthrow state I poItlvil) that when
the papers In the cne left hi- couil there
was a complaint with them He added, ns
he resumed the evidence In n civil ease,
And vou cm bet that eom-bodv knows
where that complaint Is, too '
Wnltrr It Dielnreil lllnr
A criminal court Jury in the cne of Wal
ter L. Hav, Indicted for grand larcenv,
whlih charge consist" I or stealing two
mandolin from Mm tin SMiv.hr A. Co s
mush house mid clears from t. M Jolev.
retunud tli following vcidicl atte being
out enlv a few minutes
"We, tho Jur), lind the di fendnnt, W al
ter 1, lUv, not guilt), on the ground that
ho w is Insane nt the time he committed
tho crime and we further lind Hint tlie
said defendant, Walter I. Ha), has not re
covered from such insanltv
Hue is still locked up In cell nt the
count) J.Ul wnltlng an investigation b.v the
proline eourt as to his snnit)
Hard In s. i nn. it .lure.
In the criminal court caso ot Klournoy
Berrv and John Heckle), charged with
killing I' W Thompson In cold blood on
August u, the court oideted u sev.mnce'
In mswer to the plea of the defendants
The state ilecKd to trv Derr) llrst, and
iiftci exhausting n panel of fort)-seven
Jur) men In an attempt to secure- a jury, a
continuance' was taken until Monda)
1 lertliill ues Postponed.
Judge Woffonl Mstfiela) postponed the
cisp of John H Martin, .ndictcd for ille
gill) (ibstractlng billots ji the last elcc
titn, untn lanu ir) 7. The other cases
against W 1" Cildcr, W". 1'. .Mink and W.
It nnd A O Clink, all for viol itlon of tho
elic-ilon laws it the last election were
continued for the want of tuna to tr)
f mirt Nnti's
William Holcort and Hnrrv Oram were
nrinlgned jestetdii) before Justice Joyce
chniged with having biolten Into the .Nov
elty theater on W'idnetila) nitht Thoy
ure not charge 1 with stealing unvthlng,
but Flmtils with burglarv The defendants
are held in ! bail lo apjicar for a hear,
ing to-da. The) claim the) were locked
In the the iter nnd finding such a condi
tion upon tl em, laid dovin to sleep
I.dlteir It it-t-rmiiti-. Ciiai. I)l-inl.eieil.
Jntnes Hagermun Jr, aFonate tdltor
of the Concordli (Kas 1 Diode was in the
city last evening He had run down from
Ivnv. nwoith where hi falliei Juni.slla
cerman the editor of the Hlade, had been
airalgne'd in the I'nlte-1 Suit.s court undei
an Imllctment lor sendinir obscene matter
through the malls The Indictment was the
result or u pontic ji ngn' in lioui count)
and was caused b) an editorial in the Uladc
that w is somewhat, heated and emitted
blue Hashes of light. When the case
against l.dltor Hagcrman was ailed )es
tcrdn) It was dismUsed without preju
dice Vll.i;pil llor-p IIiIiivph liiliiu to Inn a.
John Klncill and John Swift, ainstcd b)
Marshal Iveslil. ar and Lit put) Jou Slew
art Monda) nlj,ht near l.lberl), on thi !n
tormutlon of U C Hamilton, marshal of
Davis Cit, li , Hint the) weie wanted for
Iioi'e' siealing, wcic r. lea-cil fiom the
county Jill ji-stcrdi.) Mi llamlltun ai
ilved in the clt) )csterda) moinlng and as
the two men signllied a willingmsn to 10
back to Iowa without watrants or r'quls -Hon
paper-, the) were given their llbert)
at the tnstigntion of Mr Hamilton, who
will teturn villi the men to Davis Clt) to
da). Mr. Uurrikou Ou iiaiulneil.
Saratoga, JC Y, Oct 17 Master Henjri
mln .McKei', who Ins scarlet fever Is doing
as w. 11 as could be exiieeted. He is still
quarantined, as are Mrs J. it McKi-c mid
ex-1'reaident Harrison
Jefursou Clt), Mo, Oct, 17 (Special )
Covtinoi fitono to-day appointed Lou P
Jones Inspector ot oils for Piedmont, lor
two )i its fiom date.
I'xccblor Spilngs, Mo, Oct. 17. (Special )
Burglars were aetlvi here liu-t night, htenk
lug Into a book store, a blacksmith shop
and three saloons. No anests hive vet
bun in ide and It is estimated lhat the
thieves only tot about 10
Indipeudenci, Ivns Oct 17 (Hpevial)
Petitions are being elreulatnl in Hits city
asking eonpiess n, luvistigali the ease of
Juhn 1, Wallet, the .x-lvmism. who wus
linpilsuued Id Preneli uuthoritliH Tlie
petitions ate being signed bj everbod.
Hldorado, Kiii , Oct, 17 (Special ) Hon,
J, It Uunon addressed a ltepublicati meet
ing nt tho opera house here to-da) and
was greeted b) a larhe audleuc. He abl)
dlseiissed the questions at lue, and spoke
at the opeia lious In Doutl is tu-nlgtit,
Topsku Kas , Oct. 17 (hpeelal ) Purte'l
and Johnson, the two pi lie lighters, who
vi.'ie seutencesl to one jear In tlie pinlini
tlur) uiion louvlctlon In Cherokee count),
to-day tiled nn nppeal In the supi-enie iourt
Pending Its hiailug, the convictid men ask
for a sin) of sentincc,
&t Jose'lili, Mo , Oct, 17, (Special ) Major
W illlnm Shenperd admits that ho U a iun.
dldaiu for election lo n fourth term Ho
has ahead) been ekcud thue times In
succession and sa)s he expects to easily
ovtirionie at.) opposition during the coin
ing mtiuictpul campaign,
Paris, Oct, 17, A dispatch lo the Journal
from ,McU, published lo-dn), ta)s that
while tho emperor and impress of (Itr
uilill) vvere on their wu) to the cathedral
there, some persons shouted from a win
dow "Vive la Piante!" It Is added that
several nucsts weie made u cousequeiico
of this demonstration,
Jelferson Clt). Mo, Oct. 17 -(ripc-clal.)
feie-retui) Lesueiir to-da) Incorporated the
tullQWlug Parmers' Stuck bunk, Illack
wati I, iaplt.il Jlo.oo, Odd Pillows' Temple
Association, Kuusus Clt); National I.tv e
Stock Commission Companj, Kansas City,
capital J.'.O), tietidinln Clrooer Comiiaii),
Columbia. caplHl t-'.COO; Tuxedo Park
Comiiaii), Incieaso ot cupltal stock from
JlO.tM) to J7o,000
Lawience, Kas.. Oct, 17. (Special ) The
yearly meeting ot the boclet) of Priends,
which has been in session beie for the last
ten du)8, concluded this morning. There
has been a large attendance and man)
prominent Quakeis from othci states have
been piesent. State Superintendent of
imbllo Instruction K Sunlei prealdtii.
There was much Important routine business
transacted, and It was voted to continue
the )iail) meetings in Laurence.
bed-ltd. Mo , Oct. 17. (Special.) The trt
state logrolling of the Woodmen of the
World held ill tills city to-day was attended
b) neatly l.Ouo Woodmen of Mlssouii, Kan
sas onl Nebraska. A tine street parade
was nude 'I bo uddrc!-3 of weli-ome was
made b) Ma) or Ha tain, nd Hon. L. C,
lio)le, of Fort S"olt. iespondd Other ad
elresses were made by Hon J I: Pitztei
ultl. of Kansas lit J, louls HoiTmau and
Judge Gc-orge t Limgati 'ihe meeting
concluded with a choppers ball and u
M'ltAY Al ltl.IATi:i ItlStl.ltOAV.
she Wesr the frnnteM snd fsj-s She Cnn
Chop Woud or ltn Anjrthlng I ln
lint n Mnn ( mi Hn-toleil Inks,
llelng ''abl I nth I line.
Mr?, fleorgla Mr nay does not blcn to
that sped, of the new woman that affecis
tnltor tnde clothes nn.l fin de slscle vva)
She does not wear a red bloue n-r tide a
Htlll, she Is n new woman. - she will
not be popular wllh her ex
In her time she lias plajed csn) part"
In th thentir of dstlh). no of them
brilliant, perhapt, but nil fraught with hu
man Intel et, snd fhowltig the ends to
which a wotnnn mn) go when she hs the
Inclination, fortldnl b) a strong nerve, to
carry out her deigns
Mrs Mcltaj llrst npppared In Kann-
City In HSi, i,arled in trousers and cot
and vet. Her fa'c wns bronzesl by the
wind nnd she walked like n man The tro
lice toon her, but she promised to leave
the town and she wn Riven hei fieedom
When she was here In 1W ehe toll Mr
Paltl Mooie, who wns pollcp matron thin,
ns he Is now, that she had Junl coin" from
the lumber region of Arknnsns, wsaere she
had swung an nx and lal 1 low Hip mlghtv
giants of Hip foi est with the ease of nn onl
backswoodsmnn. And he looked It She
Is as strong as an athlete and ns health)
ti nn ox.
Two month ngo Mrs Mellav appwired
at th Centr.il station nnd niked for a
night's lodging She was not recognized
and spent the night In the police million's
room Iinnll) It Is nld, the police gave
her Instructions to move on to the next
town, not that nhe was suspected of nnj
crime, or was n menace to the public, snfe
tv but because the blue-coated represent
atives of the municipal phjslcal fore de
sired her absence It Is beet to l on th
nfe side when these new tangled women
loom up on the horizon At least the police
think so
Two da) aro Mis MeRay returned to
the city from Topoki, Kas, and jestenlav
hc went to the Central stntlon and asked
Humane Agent Sherlock to help her lind a
place to work There wns nothing nbout
her to nttr.aot even a second look fiom one
who did not know her hl'lor), as die sat
In the Humane Society otllces at noon ve
terd.a) hho was dresred much the aJltio as
an) other woman )ou would meet In the
street in the ordlnarv walk or life She ap
peared to be about U )ear of age, but she
solemnly ulllrmed to a report! r foi the
Journal thnt die hnd )et to see her S3id
birthday Her skin has the appearance of
parchment, but that Is caused b) the wind
She has a bluish grav e)o and dark hail
Her hands are her strongest characteris
tics They are rather long and sinew)
She has a grip like a vise
In response to questions she said that she
was born in Center county. Pa. Her father
was a farmer and she sas that when she
was a girl she did a mill's woik In the
Held Earl) In life she manifested a de'ire
to travel, and as she did not have the
monev to gratlf) her wishes, she started
out to mnkc her way around th" countr)
without It In her time he sas she hus
been from Pennsvlvanla to -Montana nnd
from the foiests of Wisconsin to Oolagah,
She had a little exvrence down In Ar
kansis that she cherishes against the stnte
at lirte and the town of Coal lull In pnr
tlculir She was stealing her wnv Into
Missouri on a frelcht train The car die
was In wns laid out nt Coal Hill and the
vigilant town marshal promntlv arrested
hci foi m isqueradlng In male nttlre nnd
for being a tramp When 'he was ar
lalnned for trial the entire town was out to
see the Arkan'is specimen of the newest
iv woman. It was a sort of a holldnv
In the town for the occasion. She was sen
to jail, an old rlcketv affair, with a v ooden
cell. At midnight shp broke out of Jail mid
went to the water tank where she caught
a tialn toward Missouri
"Whv did vou start out as a tramp'' the
reporter asked her
"I wanted to go here and there when I
was a glil, and I had more nerve than
motipj-, s0 I started out. I have slept In
the woids and been awakened In the morn
ing b) thp birds to stait me on mv wn)
again, ond 1 have slept In less pleasant
places There is no such word js 'can't.'
When pe-ople tell mo there Is, I tell them
thpv are mistaken "
' What do )Ou think of the new woman
and her blocle'"
I wlh I had a bicycle. I would wear
bloomers, not red, mind jou, but black
That" the onl) respectable color"
"Did )OU ever cast a ballot while vou
vvere masquerading as a man'"
"Yes, 1 voted twice"
"Which did )ou tavor, protection or fieo
"I don t know The llrst time I voted I
got 13 and tlie second time I got $3 "
"Why did vou cut the price?"
"Well, It was all he would give"
"Do )ou know whom )0U voted for?"
"No. the man give me a ticket mid told
me to put it in the box What did it matter
to me who 1 voted for''"
Humane Agent Sherlock was nn Interest
ed listenei lo Mrs McP.a) s talk, ind ho
asked her how she had lost three of her
front teeth, whldi are missinir She s-aid
that a man Insulted her In Chicago and
the) had a llcnc. He lilt her in Hie face
with a pilr of bras knucks and knocked
out the teeth Then she mopped up the
earth with him,
"Do )ou expect to alwajs travel around
like this, a sort of n 'Wandetlng Jewess,'
ns it were"" she was asked
"Wh) not" I like the life I get around
the countrv You see, I bave told ou a
part of my history," she added, with a
I iugh, "but not neir all of It I nm a
sheep In wolf's clothing I do not reveal
all that I nm to any one "
Mrs Melt.i) sa).s she will May In Kansas
Clt) this winter nnd wear the elothis thnt
belong to her sex If she can get n job She
su)s she will do any work that Is hon
est. Till! WKAIHIHU
The orllel.il forecast for
Missouri and Kinsus Pair,
erli winds
Pollowlng are last night'
to-day Is. Por
warmer, south-
's observation
11 ir Temp
JOU 7s
-.'J!, 84
.. .. WH II
301S 10
J001 71
30 Uv I J
"A I; W
0 01 71
JUJ 51
,,,,., Villi to
"001 si)
JO n li,
-1I7S SO
JU13 i
WHO 71
... . UiMl) si
10W 70
30 li 71
JO'i) I.i
.. .. I1S id
.9M l.v
, , iJ fi m,
JOiei 70
. . MM ti
hllene Tex.
lllsmarc 1 N.
Cairo, III
(In. Innall. o
frit ttnfil i tl IvTil
Divinport, la
Dps Moines, la
Dodno Clt) Kas
I mill t li. Minn
Ill Paso Tex
iliheston, Tex ...
Huvre. -Mont
Helena, Mont
Huron, S I)
Kansas Cit), .Mo
I.lttle Itock, Ark
New Orleans
North Piute, Neb
Oin ilia, Neb ,.
Oklahoma CilJ, O. T
Ou Appdle, N. W. T
Hnpld I'll) S Ji
St J.ouU, Mo
SI Paul. Minn
St Vincent Minn
Salt laike Clt), U T
rtprineticld, Mo
A nrrovi Psiapo,
O V. billion and a friend, who were
driving the ambuluuce of J P, Sutton
Co, the undertaken, were run Into by a
cable cur at Ninth and Main sticets last
night at IO.Ij o'clock. The wagon was near,
ly tipped over, but escaped with the loss
of a shaft onl) Sutton jumped just in time
to catch the horses, which started lu run
awoiy. Neither he nor his friend wns hurt,
W. It. aillesple, of Minneapolis, Minn.,
went hack riding )estenluy with a strange
oung woman, Sho robbed him of lloi.
Ofilcer Keenan arrested Thomas llrandon
)istrrda) on complaint of Heniy Freeman,
who accuses lilm ot dealing a revolver,
George Perry, of Itosedale, JCo-s.,
Jumped from a moving cable train at Pifth
and Main stiects at 7 o'clock last evening.
He lost his balance and fell under the
train. Ills right foot was crushed.
Two roonllu. ago Mrs. Maggie Krltty
wus u prlsomr in the iiollce court. She
asked permission to go to the telephone
and left the court loom. She jiasseel
through the police lobb) to the street and
disappeared, i ester da) afternoon OMccr
lioyle saw her walking down Qrand ave
nue and arrested her. She will be ar
raigned in police court to-day on a churt,e
of two month.' standing disturbing the
I,. W, Smith, a ralhoad car porter, was
ejected from a Main street cable train at
the Junction )esterday afternoon for dis
orderly conduct. Pollcemun T. J. Murphy
arrested lilm on complaint of lev era! of
the passengere, nnd he was taken to Cen
tral police station. At the station Smith
trevv abusive and narrow 1 escaped a
clubbing. He wus released on his owu
hnntt be Police. Judize, Jones, who hun.
j pened to know lilm.
en ."' u i i -.x-.
The Hwrieiest ft i i n Hint ever
Mv raplur, ', us have heard
1 know Hint n i iv npvpr
Cnn loi i 1 1 wnri
Wns on n 1 nlti vc mg
Ihnlirnet d i 'iiininpr dnv,
When Km i oi i the old guitar
And sang in) h' ut avva)
The happ siarllphl bramlng
t'pon her 111, throat
Set wistful fancy 1 reaming
With crery haunting note.
It wus tin Idle ballad, ,
No senselpss modern 1 lyl .
With "lioiinle Annie liurle," te,
Shu snug my heart awn).
And whpn the song wns over
And Kntb' breathed a sigh.
She. ten roiilcl bo ist a lover
Would lay him down nnd die.
'Twss then t toll mv secret,
And SHU t bless the d i)
W hpn Kntle tuned the old guitar
And sung mv henrt nwav.
Samuel Mlnturn Peek.
"W'hnt does fashion dlciate about writing
papef' asks a jouiig Klrl nbout to Invest
in Hint tus.ssnr) nrtlcle ,
Ileav) whlip or ireum unruled paper,
octavo fI"p with n squnre onvploiie to
mnlch tho pui'ir Is the choice of st itloli
ery bevonit criticism Hilled imjier should
never be tipd of course.
Shawl costumes tire ipvlved for traveling.
Thiv are made of Inld-li) shawls nnd verv
tastpfullv show spninlrss Jacket backs mil
half-loose fio-its A vetVPt vpst fustPtied
with knob buttons IIUs In tho open span
"Yes," said little Jim to his Juvenllo
frlniel, "I'm gnliupi run awa from home
"And light Indians'" . ...
' I don't know nbout Hint Hut I'm goln
to get awn) from w hut's comln" 1 vo had
paw's tiousers cut down lu lit me, nn
never found fault Uut since maw got a
wheel nnd Is wenrln' bloomets, I'm tnkln
no moie chances " Wiishltigton Htm.
A dainty bonbon dish Is of Doulton china
In the form of an oiehld The dish reclines
in nn oiehld lenr, while the stnlk forms a
most giacpful handle' This beiutlful trifle
is exquisitely decotnted with several known
species of tho orchid.
nroended silk Is much emploved for long
overall coats mndp with velvi't sections in
between the) nre called dotillletlis nnd fin
ished with a IUIT and a, thickly plaited cape
of silk oiipon
He "W nit n while, dear, and I'll buy
vou a wheel "
She "W lun"'
Up "Next )car The)il be much chenp
ci then "
She "Well, I don't want one then:
the) Ml bo so Common everybody will have
one "Detroit Prcc Press.
"Whv do jou look so solemn, nthel"
asked Ann
t,,,r..1 .... .mil, tr rnn n Ithn l.MC l.non
,.,., It... I "i'li ,,ii w ..... ww..
calling for several vceeks hn proposid,
..., , ... n ..I.A 1.1... n ., ,ie..n, In.mm.
lllltl I Hill IU Hi'" .1.,.. ... ""i-. - ....
low night " ,
"I see' And the answer is not decided
upon vet? ' ...
"Th it's it I fepl that I don't know
enough nbout him to n )ps"
"V hv don't jou consult Uradstreet?
"Uraclstieot" I don't know nnv one of
lint name, I'm sine "Pittsburg Oluoiikle
lelegr.aph A part of one's costurre -which Is bv no
means unimportant Is the veil There i a
something nbout it whleh piovldes ,e vers
lib as-Ing llnishlrg touch to the toilette The
handsomest new vdls nre of rather Hi. lit
net with a real lnee design covering the
entile surface Ihey are very prettv In
the hnnd verv costl) and my unbecom
ing which will render them unpopulai as
their damaging effect upon the e)es is in
conceivable Velvet will ngiiln be a favorite as a trim
ming mixed with pearl emhroiiierv and for
bodices in the most exquisite tints
rtev(rs .are a clim.acterlstlo of the very
newest models and the-e me roveted wllh
lice, imbtolder) and braided designs These
list, b) the !p, me partlculiuh In vogue
for till tailor eosstuinis, nnd In order to
give the tillor effect to a plain diess of
an) description
Come to think of it," said Hie observ
ant bonnier, I have never seen anvone
sn'i'e on a blc)cle '
"Hut we all smile on the blc)cle gill,
said the Cheerful Idiot, and tlie observant
iw,,i..p wus sorry he spoke Indianapolis
Lieutenant Pcatv reports thnt the Hskimo
women nev r wash their faces, but then
he ivei heard of one of them quiirellug
or scolding The) have worn bloomers
from pn historic times, ind on the whol.
the explorer pronounces their chess pre
possessing It Is a pit) none of the Aictl.
girls came back with him lo show what can
be done in the wav of plctmesqiie ellng
ill midwinter St Louis Globe-Doir.oer.it
Many of the new dies-es me made with
vdvet sleeves In the same color as the
material others having sleeves to match
the upper pirt of Hie bodice which Is oft
en of a different coloi ftotn Ihe gown Itself
Tho decorative possibilities of old blue
ware ate man) Tin icckli-sl) cxttivn
gant woman longs for complete s. is o It
and desires to make her dlnlngioom benu
tlful with It She of mote modest purse
knows tint a slngb plate ot deep coloi
makes u dimming spot for Hie nrellcht
to play upon If it is burg In hei clravvlni,
room oi Ilbi iry The cot of a goo'.' spe I
meu will nut he e'nall In N vv Yoik inni
pared with the ion lu smnlki places
neiier the original home of the antiques
Some times one muv 'pick up' one n
was "pieks UJi" antiques a real!) valua
ble specimen for i. or S Hut the color
Is not less alluring in the . and St bits
which do not illsphi) some historical de
sign. With van ing fashions in hendgear (he
airaivement of the bail generally under
goes certain inodlllcntlons Curls In pro
fusion seem to ho ri 1'ordro du Jour for the
nonce The hnit Is worn in a cluster of
curls In tho center ot the head nn 1 the
fairest hair Is the fivoilt.i color whkh
ot c-oui-se, necessitates tho tridltioiiul
complexion know n as de 1) s Uv de rote
One of the millionaires of lhiffulo live
In a castle on a resplendent avenue, nut
he und his m,cd wlfo retain many of the
tainplo chaiaciiTistlcs ot theii hard
wrotiMit youth,
Yesieuluy morning the family carriage
dashed up to the mansion, in all lis lu.iv
cry of high rubbed vainlsh. the coichman
being as well groomed as the hoix-s The
vehicle was driven Into the masslvo isiite
cochero, and the loichman hastened to
open tho can luge eloor
Then Mrs Millionaire alighted, hearing
In one hum! a head of cabbage and earn
ing In the other a tin pall containing
The c,ood lady have evidently just tlulsheil
her da)'s shopping ut the Chlppowa mar
ket. lluffalo r.xpiets.
Jones i'Jrt nlBht of the new burlesque)
"Why in thunder don't that fat slrl sto
dnnclng' Here It Is 11 o'clock und H
snow mu i mm over.
Smith "Ouess she must be training to
rerlticp hpr weicrht."
Jones "Well she'll have
wait, oi I'll leave," Tckub
in rpiliien nn.
B SlftlllgS
"1i MJl
w9 j!1
A stjle so convenient us the skirted coat
will be long in djing The skirts of this
garment will fall to a little above the Join,
of the hips and will lie cut full quite like
the cout In the iegltuent.il uniform that
Washington designed, except that (t js
shorter. The coat is worn over either a
shirt waist or a soft silk waist 'Hip for
mer Is most '"smart," the latter th most
pretty, and hence Ihe most sensible
Iluttons are to be a feoture of the pres
ent season's trimmings. They aie used for
bona fide fastenings, und in ad lltion. for
ornamental purposes. 'J hey me) of all
sizes, shapes and materials.
A petrified human heart has just been
discovered In Arizona This looks as If
a summer girl had taken a shy at Ari
zona. Yonkers Statesman.
Stewardess "How do you feel, Bridget? '
Urldget "I fale all lolght whin la) In'
on me back; but avhln I get on me fate,
sure It's sick a-bed I nm "Puck.
Golf capes promise to be the most pop
uhir wraps until ver) cold weather sets
In with Its demand for tiiai) outer gar
ments. These capes uie inado quite long
below the hips, and are of heav) material
double-faced, plain on one side an 1 plan
or striped on the other, the hood belnrr
made of the conlratlng eld' ' tat ai
terUA I

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