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i i i ii..,. i1,, i Bf.LTi7T!!!Sff!
mt ri:NTiAi that tiii: oovchnoii
Kansas liur Unentered Putter Ahleli
tlio Miprrtnn t hum or District Cnurlii
May Order l.vt rutlmn A Test
Cnn to lie I! run k lit.
Topeki, Jinn., Nov. II (Speelil ) The
petition which na tiled with Governor
(Morrill asking for the Issuance: of the war
Titnt which would laiitiidi murderer Arn
old rind llnrvry into eternity litis rtvnted
n great nmoutit of tileiisnti over the Knn
pas cipl'rtl puhlslltflerit law The general
opinion nppenrs to le Dint the legislature
sho ll 1 iither abolish capital punishment
entirely or else provide some reiuonnblo
tne.ms by which l "ip (cp-ntonce of a court
may be carried liilo effect.
In nil of ihl discussion one phne of
tho lnw has been entirely overlooked It
lias been itssiimcil that unless the governor
lrsucd his death wnrmtit, nt tho end of
n jTnr lifter sentence hn.t been Imposed,
thcro Is no other wny bv which the sen
tencrt limy bo fitit Into effect. Judeo Hunk,
of Itutr lilnpon. who Is one of the learned
Inwyors of Kniisns, isilnts ittt what hnd
lieen ovet looked before nnd that Is n section
of the law which put It within the power
of a district Judge to enforce the sentence
uf death after Jin has lmpod It Judge.
Vandlvert, wh(i sentenced Arnold nnd Har
vey to death, appeared pereonnlly before
Onvernor Morrill ntid nked for the lu
iinee of the death warrant, presumably be
vauso he Blncrely believed that the two
murderers idioiild suffer death. Judge Hoiilc
now points out lo Judge Vnndlvert that ho
may go on with hlH hanging bee without
cny further nppenl to tint governor. If ha
("'' ro uinpusen, ami in support ot llili
insertion quotes section 270 of artlole IS of
the Kansas statutes on cilme, which tends;
n follows:
"Vheneer, for anv reason, nny ronvlet
sentenced to the punishment of dentil shall
not hnvo been exeeuletl pursuant to stlrh
sentence, nnd tho fame shall stand In full
force, the supreme court, or tho district
court of the county In which the convic
tion ni had, on the nppllcnlion of th
vrosceutlng attorney, shall l5Uo a WTlt
of habeas corpus to bring such convict
Iicfore tho court; or, If lie be nt Inreo, a
iv arrant for his npprehenloti may bi Is
sued by such court, or nny judge thereof.
Von such com in being brought liefoio
the court, they shnll proceed to Inquire
Into tho facts, nnd If no legal reason ex
ists! ngnltit the execution of such sen
tence, such court shnll Issue a warrant to
Jim sheriff of the proper county. command
ing him 1o do execution of such sentence,
nt such tlmo ni shall lie appointed therein,
which shnll be obeyed by tho sheriff ac
cordingly" The section quoted nlwn-e Is part of tho
xcrv law which no-mmes to fix Hie re
sponsibility for Issuing the death warrant
upon tho novernor It would seem to wnr
rant tho statement that any one of the
forty-slv convicted muni "rem In the Knn
sns rieultentlnry under sentence of death
nilRht be taken out, nt the option of the
oountv attorney nnd district Judge, and
leicnllv hnnceil
JutlKe J. V. rieekman, of Arkansas City,
to-dny said to the Journal reporter that ho
wnsi convinced that thh? lnw was fully
operative nnd that nny county attornev
I'ould apply It nt his own motion. He
ndded that the people of Cow-lev county
were now seriously illscuslnp- the ques
tion of brlnnlnir a test ense in the mat
ter of the murder of Captain Slbert, who
was shot down In cold blood, whllo pei
formlnc his duties ns constable In the
city of Wlnflcld, by two dcsprndop who
ere now in the penitentiary under sen
tences nf death. Captain Pllwrl wns the
lwnm friend of Colonel Jill Hackney, nnd
a jenr or so lnce there wn.s a movement
on the pnrt of the people of Cowley county
10 elect colonel rilll governor, o that ho
mlulit put the sentence Into effect,
surely would hno done.
as ho
Jnjinncso Mill Ivnrmito tho lortreis by
rnlirnary III Not to lie Ceiled to
Anj Other Power.
Washington, Nov. 12. Tho purpose of Ja
pan Is to evacuate 1'ort Arthur nnd tho
l-lao Tunif peninsula by I'ebru.iry 10 next,
wlilch Is three months from the date of tho
p.ijment by China of tho 3n,"00,000 taels
nRreed upon for the ovacuntlon. Whllo
three months Is fixed ns the time within
which the evacuation may be made, It Is
probable the Jnpanese will not take the lim
it 01 time, nut win ot aiiout retlilnp from
Tort Arthur Immediately on tho payment of
the Sfl.OOOOflO on licet Tuesday. n the cost
of tho 1n.1lnten.1neo of nn army Is very
It Is understood that the evacuation of
Tort Arthur b .Inpnn will not be followed
bj a cession of the fortress to nny other
power An unolllelal statement to thN ef
fect linn been made, and Is credited here,
but tho Jnpaneao legation has received no
olllclnl ndVices.
Iato mall ndvlces to the legation sntlsfy
the odlclals that the rebellion In lormosu
Is over and that the rebel leader has sur
rendered. Ho ort'eied to make a condition il
surrender some time nco, but the .Jnpnneso
would not nlve conditions to rebels Since
then the olllclnls believe he Ins yielded un
condltionnllj, und the war, or rebellion, 3
at an end.
i'i:di:i:ai, coukt juhoies.
I.lBt Drawn for No ember Ii-rm to Ho Hold
at l'ort eott.
Tort Scott, Kas., Nov. 12. Tlie list of
Brand and petit Juiors drawn for the No-
ember term of tho third division of the
KnntMs federal court in this city Is as fol
lows. Grand Jurors IM r. Ilnlnir. of Colony; J.
C Mers, of Paoln; W. A. Trlci? and .1. C.
Wise, of Garnetl; Jtobrt C. Hell, of Grid
i, I.ymnn Tiffany, of l'ultnn; Thomas
Itweix, of Clay Center; Illinm Gillllth,
John lleclc and Bnmuel Hlmekelford, of h'oit
Kcott; J. It Mentzer, of Mound City; M. J,
Salter, of Pawnee; IM Mnher, of I.adore;
John Keating, of Pulton; V. Ij. Heck and
Hen P. Heeves, of Pontunn; .Ineob lllch
holtz, of Westphalia; o W. How land, of
3'aisons; II. C. Daliyniple. of Cis.iwntomle;
J I II. Cowan, of f.iino; oily Uleklnson, of
Chnuiile; J. H. II. Willis, of Haxter Splines,
nnd Solomon Kiilllman, of Coyvlllo,
Potlt Jurors II. V, Travis, of La Harpe;
nnoch Hstep, of Plonsanton; Thomas
Walsh, of Hiazllton; IJ. C, Shlolds, of Hlk
I'alls: William Uum, of La Cynno: A. Pence,
of Columbus; A. H. Corkrlll, of Weir City;
H. 11. Hedlleld, of Humboldt; IM Taj lor. of
,h'rrjnlo; J, K, Wluirert, of U.ilena; John
II. Howe, of La rontiilue; Walter Plillllp,
of Wllronton; A .11, Wilson, of Montnui:
J A. Uurlteu, of Port Scott; A. M. Houth,
of Hiattvllle; A, O. Crosby, of 1'uloiitown;
itruibt v-. .ti'iiuci, ui ucvun: j, i, iieil
Jllnif, of Harnett ; M. W. Rnuilley. of Cad
mil!,; J, It. Cntter, of Columbus; T, C.
Weaver, of IJaxter SnrlnKa; Jotd Cox, of
Goodrich; H. r. Powler, of Predonl.i; L.
Slooney, of Hronsnii; 11, J.'. Moore, of Uher
rjalo; Thonuu P. Hawkins, of tlrenola;
W J, Haben. of CUffcyillle; Captain II, C.
Iteppert, of Harris, J, V, IMwards, of La
Harpe, und J. II, Ilildgea, of Coireyvllle,
.MAIvl.Mi (IOOI) PH()(ll(i:S4.
I lie llrlccj l.lue Will llu CniuolldHteit by
ilniiiiiiry 1, 1KIKI.
Indianapolis, Hid , Nov, 13. Such progress
liaa been mado In a propott-d contolldutlon
of tho Ilrlco lined of railway tliat It U
understood hero that the consolidated com
jany will bo organized January 1. The
Jalso Erie tc 'v-tcm un u soparuto sys
tem and nanio will bo wiped out nnd 1U
lines muriseit In nit UBKrcBato of 1,&0 mlre
of rum! n followu; Lalco llrle & Western,
1-; uiiwuin 11, dui'KBon ,v 'JiicuiKaii, sitj;
i'lovelund, AUron it Columbus, 2w); Ohio
tioutuoiii, u; .-voi'iiiein uuio, jui.
Tht Lima Northern will bo taken Into
tho combinutlon und completed to Toledo
next season. The Noitheni Ohio extenbion
to New Custle. I-a is to Lo coiiiiilLtrrt.
There a trufllo ngicement with tho Huf-
luio, jiocm'uier (v tu isudaj, 10 ue erieiideil
to New Castle, will uUu be made. 'Hio
)ieadiiiartei of the system will bo at In
dianapolis. Terminals will bo maintained
in Cincinnati, Toledo, Cleveland and rit.
1juls. The Cloei Lisif, by lOiifcolldatloa
or trallla aifieemuiit, is to afford the de
Find Kt luls and Toledo facilities. The
Keuerul olllcers of the Lako Hrle are cer
tain 10 retain chared of the system.
Aro uullba all other ollli.
pain, aci specially ou ibe iirer una bile Cir
lw' LUtle Liver P1IU. One pill a dom.
(port l.'uiU In Death. n
Osawatomie, Kas., Nov. 12. Freil Stute
ly and Tom Wall, colored youths, while
hunting mar here to-duy, began pointing
their sunn t each other lu sport. Sudden
ly Wall's gvt wan discliarb'ed und Btutely
was lnstmilh, killed.
Subscribe IJJ- the lllumlnatlou ua4 o(
Utt 4UMUlUSk1
-- VVhi-n complicated
prescriptions and
i rare a rugs are una-s-f
ble to do more than
$ D?Hobb's
j. 1.
m V nuAvai '
; (made from tliewcll
j known garden veg
J etablc) will nerman
J ently cure the worst
f cases of Bright's
Disease, Rheuma-
tism. doiif Nfiir.'il-
gia, Anaemia and f
T other Kidnev and r
V Blood Troubles.
A few dones will rellete. A
few botes will cure,
All (lrnKits, or by mull
prepsid, for We. j,er Ihi,
write far ramphltt.
CMeio Tin Frinelieo
oiu:.vri:it I'o.srmnMJK.
l'rlre .Showed t-tnflaln for tho Day Un-
faiornhln Crop Krporls .tded th
AdtniKo Corn nnd (Ints
Kneh tlalii 1-Rc.
Chlcnpo, Nov. 12. A very weak feellnrf In
wheat with which the tnnrkot started cavo
place lo one of Rreater coiindenco In tho
latter hnlf of the sttsion. It ilrst made Uc
break, but after Hint Hecomber worked up
nnd closed at EmM(5?'Sc, ns compared with
ST'ic yesterday. Corn was ilrrn tliroiiBhout
but there wn no life In tho businc.s. The
closing quotations show about 'ic K.'iln for
the day. May oats nlso lmpiovcd '4c.
Provlsllons dniqsed throiiRh a dreary ses
sion without chnnninpr enoURh to make any
The same old .stories caused the weak
openlne of wheat, and It stayed that way
until some of the shorts becan bus Ins heav
ily. August Hroscau wns by all odds the
heaviest individual buyer of wheat In the
forenoon. He boiiBht through several brok
ers and It was generally supposed that ho
must have taken nt least l.COo.OUO buhels.
GlfTord bought MO.000 buhels of Ma. Apart
from thoe transaction", nothing of Individ
ual prbmlnonee wns done In the pit, but In
a genei.il way It may bo snid that the local
operators had ben for the mot part short,
nnd were Inclined to covfr.
The excess of the receipts In the North
west compared with those of a year ago,
was as conspicuous as ever. Minneapolis
got Sl cars and Huluth 1,011. making to
gether l,r.'.', compared with SH on the enr
lespondlng day of last year. The receipts
at nil the primary markets togeiher
amounted to l,517,0w bushels, against only
r.SS.olS bushels n veor ago, and the latter
total looks smaller still when compiled
with receipts of l,if,,o) bushels to-day at
Minneapolis nnd Duluth alone The day's,
export clearances, from the four principal
Atlantic ports were f.ilily good. Tho
week's exports from all countrli", n cabled
to the board of trade, were o"0.oi bushels
smaller than a. private cablegram reported
them yesterday.
With tho hf.ivv purchnes and small il
In Ungllsh consols, the mnrkc t recovered
f 1 0111 tho early deprei-slon, the advance be
ing titueii ty rumors or ceitaln state crop
reports giving poor accounts of the condi
tion of tho plant. December touched Cii'iil
f7c for a moment, mid it was bringing
CTUOT'l-o ns the Tsson ended
Corn was slow and about ftntureless. with
price changes slight. There was hardly any
news of Iniiioi tnnee nnd but little specula
tive or casli business. May closed nt LWhC,
He over the opening.
Oals were dull and without material
ohango. The few sales of May were nmde
nt 201MJ2OV, split. The close was at 2u",e,
Uo higher than yesterday's close.
Piovlslons were ngnln very dull nnd
prices changed so little thit values may
bo considered as virtually unchanged. The
early tendency to a boom on account of tho
big decrease In hog receipts soon subsided.
At the close the change In values since jes
terday was iih follows. A rise of Cc In .Slav
tioik, with Juniniy .unchanged, 2'ic gain
in Miy lard, and no' adv 1111.0 on Januiirv.
and January libs 2'i.c lower, with .May at
yesteidaj's level.
Intimates for Wednesday- Wheat. KO
cms; coin, 2"Q cars; oals, XJ3 cars, hog,
40,00.1 head.
'1 ho Third Mcmlicr of the L'oiiiinlttno to
Akeerlnln the Cott of Ihn Muter
Wot its Selei ti ,.
Cpuncllmen I. N. llogera and W. A. Cun
ningham Iiavo selected tho third member
of the committee appointed to ascertain
tho cost of the Independence water woiks
In tho event tho city t-hould decide to pur
chase. Mr. W. C. Peiry, member of tho
council from tho Second wnrd, was named,
Mr. Cunnlnghnin stated that tho commit
tee had not started on their tour of Inspec
tion. Mr. Porry. tbo third member of tho
committee, was the councilman who stint
ed the movement for municipal ownership,
It Is very likely that the mombeis of tho
oommliteo will get togotherat nn early duto
and frnmo some kind of n 1 opart for tho
next meeting of tho council.
'I liniiUsglvliig Servlees.
Tha clergy of tho city met Monday after
noon at tho study of itcv. A. I. Madeira,
and arranged Tor services on Thanksgiv
ing day. Nearly all of the ininlstem of
tho city went present. Jt was decided tlmt
tho service should bo held nt the Tlrst
Hnptlst church. llov. Mitchell, of tho
Wi Ktmlnster Prcsbytorlsn church, la to
preach tho annual Herman.
,X11nc lltllleoil4.
Mm J, J. Owciib arrived' homo yesterday
from St, Mary's, Kas., where sho hns been
visiting: her children, who aro attending
Ituv. S. W. Pitta and Mis. Pitts, who
havo been tho guests of tho family of W.
T. Ileuine, h ivo loturnid to their homo at
Hunts Wile, Mo.
A now lloor Is. being placed in Mercer's
hall for ilaucliiK purposes.
The will of Ormsteiid Smith was tiled for
probatu jchtcnl.iy. J, V. Smith mm named
na exocuior uf ihn property, which la left
to Katie (uid David Smith, bon and daugh
ter of tho decensiHl.
Mru. Frank 11. Moss left Inst evonlng for
Denver, wheio she will spend tho winter.
The county court will bo In besslon at
Indepondeiicu to-day. Yesleiday was. spent
In Inspecting county roads,
Misses 11. M. Dickson and J, 1). Dickson
left estcrdny for W.avcilv, Mo where
tnoy win uucna mo lunerai oi u relative.
Dr. J, IJ. Wheeler vvus ablo lo be out on
tho Btreets yestirday, after a temporary
A JL!Ml'lDi:.M' Tlt.VIN.
Carrying Meuibois of tho Cleveland Cham
Ler uf t'oiiiuieri'o to Atlanta,
Cleveland, O., Nov, 13. Ono of tho most
magnificently equipped railway trains ever
hcen In tho Union station left thU city at
1:50 to-dny, over the Hlg tur road, having;
on board about 8) memberu of tho Cleve
land chamber of commtrce, bound for
the Atlanta exiosltlon. Tho tialn con
siiited of two iHuInu cars, u combination
bunet, un cmplojcV car and llvu sleen
crs. Although the train (3 a very heavy one,
lielng eijuul to ubout fouitecn ordinary
roaches, the Hlg l"our olllciuU conlldently
expect xo lower tho best tlniu tecord be
tween this city and Cincinnati by at least
one hour. Thu locomotive drawing tho
truln over the Cleveland division is one
of the most powerful und fastest eight
u heelers ever constructed ajid has made
some fast runs. It 4a expected that the
llyer will reach Atlanta by 1 o'clock to
morrow over tho Southern rallwuy. The
party will celebrate. Cleve'nnd day ut the
exposition oa Thursday. The excursion Is
mad lu th lntore.t of trade extvnuloa tu
S m Tm y i p
t itAUroitM moouk ltr.f.rAsr.u most
,IAlt. O.V A 8.1,000 IIO.NI),
Another ".VoTel" Etertlon llet lld-Nn
Trouble t the Home Onnl Mine in-
lenUy I'Unnliic for sri Aniiiiitt
Appln Cnrnlvill Nntro..
Crawford Moore, Jr the wontiMw mur
derer of Major J. M t.nlne. wns released
from the county Jail yesterday, his father
hatinir Rone on his bond for f0
The condition of Major l,alii(f Is not so
fftornblo ns It hn been, nml li order of
his ntteiullnc ilolihn no one Is allowed
to s- ( him. tils pulse remains ver low.
nlthoogh his temperature la 102, nnd he Is
ery much depressed,
Vflfli llr s llnnrkles.
Tssterdny nftfrnoon J. C. Lilly went lo
the restaurant of Owen Nugent, In the
llnrrls block, adjoining Hie Maple Leaf
rallrond station, to collect the sum of II.
alleged (0 be due him. Ah alien ntlon en
sued, when It Is alleged by Lilly that
Nugent struck him a blow, and that Nil
gent's son nlo denlt him n blow on the
cheek with brass knucks,
Lilly swore out a state complaint against
Nugent nnd he was arrslgnfd In Justice
Uond's court, whre Nugent gave bond In
the sum of 1M for his appearance nt a
preliminary hearing to-morrow.
1'illd nil Itlertlotl Het.
Considerable merriment was oecaslond
jeterday In the cnrrylng out of an rlee.
tlon bet, whereby William Storm pushed
City Councilman Martin Khart In a wheel,
barrow from "ctooselown," the Second pre
cinct of the Plflh ward, to police head
quarters. A large procession wns In line,
and a live goose, cnrrled In a bnket, on a
pole, the goose gaily decorated with rib
bons, was a feature of the parade.
After nrrlvlng nt police headquarters
the participants had their pictures taken.
Tliere U'ns No Trnnlile.
No trotlblo resulted nt the Home con!
mine yesterday morning nnd nbnut thirty
miners went down In the shaft, that num
ber having concluded to work for 70 cents
per ton.
About Sno strikers were nn hand to en
diavor to dliunde men from going down
In the shaft, but by the presence of Cap
tain Murphv with eight policemen, any nt
tempt at violence was kept down. Captain
Mutphy nnd his detail of policemen did not
witness nny attempt at violence nnd the
miners maintain Hint none wer thought
of; they sny they simply Intended, by nrru
mont, to Induce nil miners not to work for
less than Wi cents per ton.
Another detail of policemen will be at the
Homo mine this morning.
Mutt Not I'e Itemorell.
Tn the police court yesterday morning
Mrs. MePherson, residing nt !XJ North Sec
ond street, was lined 13) by Judge Aller
for removing a diphtheria caul Hint had
been posted on her premises by order of
the city board of health.
A week atro symntoins of dlnhtheria were
discovered nt the house, and after due In
vestigation, the place was ordered to bo
placarded and Airs Mcpherson took the
matter in her own lunula nnd icinoved the
Permanent t'nrnlriil Day.
A meeting of nthuslnstlo citizens was
held In the. city hall chnmber lsst night to
nrrang" for an minimi npple cnrnlvnl day
for Linveiiworth. Judge S'. II. llotid pre
sided, nnd the very best of feeling pre
willed. The great success of the icieiit
cnrnlval In Leaveinvorth has caused the
public to demand the annunl recurnnce of
the day.
List night n committee was appointed to
solicit subscriptions, and If a favorable re
sponse is made to this committee, the cnr
nlvnl will be repented next jear and a per
manent organisation will be lormed.
Ml-, eltriilnoii.
Diphtheria placards were yesterday
placed nt JMO Miami streot and nt the res
idence of A. Calvin, near tho linseed oil
William J. Kemper, president of the
Kemper Clinln Compnny, of Kunsna City,
Is negotiating for the purchase of the ele
vator of the old rIuco'o works, and will
enlarge snme and convert it into a Hrge
grain elevator In case of purchase.
Governor E. N. .Morrill wn- a visitor In
Leavenworth vesterdnv. He wits more
than pleased with the 2,129 majority Lmv
enwoith countv tolled up for Judge Mnrlln.
Oovcrnor Morrill will return to Topekathls
morning. He was here on business con
nected with the Plrst National bank, of
which he is mesldent
Superintendent itnthhtirn
of the Missouri
P icitlc rond, wns In
Leavenwortli jester-
Miss Hlhi Johnson and Mr. Albert Selling
were married Inbt ovenlnir nt 1 o'clock at
the home, of the bride, f.2l Wnlliut street,
llev. K. M. ll.inflnll. of the Piist M. H.
church, nsslsted by llev. A. K. Ilinlirev, of
Topeka, otiltlallng. At lO-ll p. m the
xoung eouple left for Chlcnirn nnd the Hist
They will lie nt home In this city In about
two weeks.
Mnliv persons keep Curler's Little I.lveir
Pillton hntid to prevent Mllotii attacks sick
lionuaclie, at?tlues :md find them lull what
thy iieeit.
It Weighs "i.in.l Ounces und I X'nltied at
New York, Nov. 12. Tho Ilnnk of Mon
tieal, of Ibis city, has received fiom Koote
nai, HiltMi Columbln, the second largest
block of gold tlmt has ever passed through
the Now York assay olllce. It Is In the form
of n sugar loaf, weighs 2,42 ounces and Is
v Mined at S 1 1 ,Sj7. The gold comes from the
Catlbou mine.
The bank hns nlso received from the
Horsefly mine. In the same section, a gold
liiiuU weighing l.r.ll ounces valued at IX
l!il. The metal Is virgin gold of a irr.enlsh
tint, similar to Australian gold.
Children Cryfor
Pitcher's Castoria.
lllttllell ( ItCI-.K COAL.
ItlCIf, oily and clean to handle; burni to
a whllo nsli nnd won't slack by exposure;
a homo Indii'try. Now Is thu time lo buy
our coal. Tnl. 21U1 or 10'J.
L. T. HHUNDON, Agt. for Comtmny,
Amcilcnn Hank bldg.
MUS. L. JAMHH, the well known clilr
xnvant and nance niedluiii, ma) be con
biilteel nt 12uD Clraiul ave., imrlors 39 and 40,
ItllAli I3STAT11 TltANSrilllS.
NOHMAN t IlOIlllltTHON. proprietors
of absttacls unl exumliiers ut lund titles.
No. Hi Kast Sixth street, furnish dully tha
transfers of real estate Hied lu the record
tr's ullUe ut Kansas City, MO.
Notice All transfers uppeurlng in our
duby icporla contain covmunts of general
vvairatily unless otberwUe stated.
November IS.
Q. t' Winter and wfo to II. L.
Huiiidon; lots' lit, IT and 18, block
11, Heltz' addition t 1.K0
John P. WltheiH and wife to P. M.
cidllns; lot S nnd pan of lot ,
WthriV nddltlon , 2,0
A. H. Custlo und wife to Tholn.iH A.
Imlnh: lot 15. block 1. rosiuvey
block 1. P. 8. nixvwn's aeldltloii.,.,
J.'W. DeAlty and wife to J A. Hlllott!
.... .. l.-.ta II nn.1 el I.(nrt.lni,
part uf lots It and O, Kalrplny,,,
Kate Delaney und husband to Chas.
Knhelio, lot 31, block 2, Mulkey's
J. W. Htasmnn and wife te J, II,
Ohnndler, pnrt of lot B, I,ognn's
llret addition ,
Thomas I. Darrough nnd wife to
jiK.-pii uuriougii. lotH oi, ri, W, C7
and 03, block 2. Highland park 6.000
Jihn O. Williams to J. 11. Choudlcr,
lot S3. Helmont ,.,.,' 1,000
Thomas Hurk and wife to James Ly
ons, lot 3. block 2, turnover ex; Fos
ter's nddltlon ,,, 100
nual meeting uf tho shareholders of "The
New Kngluud Bufe Deposit and Trust Com.
pany of Missouri," fur the election of di
rector of said corporation and for tho
transaction of auch other business as may
cumu before the meeting, will bo held ut
the ofllee of the company, room A, New
UngUnd Life building-, Kansas City, Mis
souri, on Wednesday, the 13th day of No
vember, lESo, commencing at the hour of
9 o'clock a. m. und continuing for three
hour thereafter. J. ", DOWNING,
,. SS....-C . PreiWent,
. jsi. .aiiiataiaww.
The Orcnt nnil Only Puro Urei'ii
Kola Piopiiralioii.
Tliesp TnbleU have bn spehtly pr"
pared ns s TONIC fftr fiose who suffer
from Ritieml debility, dyep-pH, enrly In-
nlsrllon, Pteeinslvo ovi r indulgence In
married life and excessive use of nloohol
and lobcco.
OV TAPI ETC nre mnnufflelured from
1 li IMOULIOthe pure (lren Kola
Nut whose strengthening and Invlg
Drilling power on old nnd young ieo
pl is the marvel of modern medical
sclem e
Otf I API CTC -emove thntl vrenry fe.
rv; IHDLC I o ng, devlo)i the mus
cies an i stould be us-d by evfry in-
ejilist in tho entintry
fl k 1 A Rl P I .' net in once on the nerve
Ul I" IHDLC 10 centers, giving new life
nnd v it.dii
fl K TAR! f-TQ '' Indlspensabl to
ui ii 1 hull 1 o nervous men nnd wom
en They will be found to lilt a long
felt v nil. in fact, Hk urn Just what
the) nr.. mlleil, O K f r nil nervous
troubles, tired feeling, stomach trou
bles nnd in llsrretion
0, K, TADLLT6",rndawlmn.n '" '"'"
Price. Jl ("1 per bottle Ask vour Druggist
for O K T.ibl ts Sole picprletors, llrle
Medical Company, Phllaib Iphla, l'a.
WholcsnloDlBtrlbutlnB Agonts
lor Missouri, Kansas
and Colorado.
, IK mid r,.-, Miiln St,
0. K. Tablets, 85 Cents.
wam i:n-MAi.r nn p.
vVANTHIi A tltst-clns tin, elgnr and
spico salesman, who has an (stabllshed
trade In this line In Centra! Kansas, must
have gooil i,.e0rd II, C. P1HHHK, Chlengo
VANTlHi Voting mini to tike Interest
und miinni,,. l.t t.or and ml I road tie ket of
llco. L.SIll.lt'i'h, Sth nnd Main, upstairs.
U AN n:i Partner with JIih) fur Inside,
prollmlile, legitimate; establl-htd linsiness.
Addiess P ;,i,. Journal olll. e
.,J"''Tl"T,vvo joung ine-n; light work;
110 weekl) ! V. 6th st room fl
WANTmi-Young man:
Main st., upstairs.
llglit work. EJI
i;iii'i,ovmi;nt aii:m'ik.
and furnished rooms, pip ;.tst 12th tor.
Walnut Ti 1 1173 The best place In K. C,
Mo, to find help or situation male or fe
male II j.nis' cpciUm It. f. uniiiha
Njitbink Omaha, Cltlzeiib' bunk, K. C.
MAM I'll Aorvts.
WANTCD .Aireiiis A sn.sr, fnp ion- lei", ra
weekly, f,,Oi) j early. No exneilence re-
(iiilreel faliuii- linirjssii.ic
Our scheme
new one, p.irtlcul irs free.
Hex KtOi, Hoston. Mass.
Address P. O.
Vi ANT LI i Agents Mon nlrendy travel
ing to carrv our liibrlcntlng oils a.s a side
lino APSTIN A M'OKH. Cbveland O
!Y JOSCPIt Pl.l Ml'
ltent.il Agent situ e 1S?0
.,,, -'"t New Hnglnnil builillng.
2111 Kansas ave, il-room house IS
3U Morrell ave., 3-ionin house 8
'J2J2 Moutgall ave., o-rooin house 'i
",J4 Moutgall ave, D-rmim house j
'Hid Moutgall ave, C-ioom house t
Ml Prae ive., fi-ruom cottage pi
Sd3 JefTerson st , s-ioom hoiihe -,
JO I,hMlet bottoms xviiirhiiune. Six.
110 fee; t, four stoiiis and basement, well
lighted, i levator, steam hat for oilKe.
southwest corner lOtli nnd IHikory.
C. J. IlUilHAHU, Pfi West nth stret.
'id itr.N r-itooxfi.
TO HUNT ntllce looms A'YevvTery
nice looms In the Hunket building, Oth and
Wall, adjoining the New Yoik Life hMg
tiiltiiblo for hv Hi Inns, luweis or leiil
estnle.. Will iniilc iitlinctlvo iiku and tl
looms In nil e sbupi' fm ile-slrnble nnd pn
maneiit tenants, steam heat; elevator and
Janitor seiivcc. ALL'X PINDLAY, Agt.
ltoom .'.
TO HUNT Nice sp.ii Inns sloro room for
lease, Main neit 'iih street; also
uoithwest eorner Xih nnd Main; oilier busi
ness houses, reside-in es nnd Hats. hOP'HI
COMPANY. New Vol k Life building
come li e m etui' speculation by mall
through a lespoiislbb llrm of largo expen
oiKii and gnat su .ess. vlll send ou
parlleuiais tree, -Ii nvlng how a small
amount of money euu be easily multiplied
by successful sptculail in In grain. Illi.li-i-st
bank lefeiriues oiiportuultlcs excel
lent. PATTIHoN .. Co .bankera and biok
civ, IS Oinalia bull.lliig, Chicago.
ploy special dipiillts, the most nttinctlve
plan or lusiiinn e lu tho woild; tho eislest
worked, the lu-st iay. Address HieAmerl
enn llenevoleiu Ilon, Sin Pianclsco, Cal.
MONI1Y TO LOAN oil if.il estate secutl
ty nt low rates. II v. Ml'SHoN
037 Now Yoik Lite bldg.
K00 TO LON on city Improved property
for 3 or S years. 11. IL P1IKLP8 A en,
00 Am. HI: bblg.
MONHY TO LOIN Quick: low ritis
It. L. JOIINSo.N .V. Co, N. V. Life bldg
TO LOAN Jl M) il & nnd J.VV). JA-ML'S
W. PHllKINri. piom 5, Heals building.
i oit sai.h-misi i:i,r..Ni:iuiK.
?CdT7lTLdi"'iv.ui TlmnilTnitairHalTereV
tho Woods," Jet black puny team; broken
tn saddle, sliinle, doubl. and tandem har
ness; at slock )nielH stables to-day.
HOHOItAKHIIIPS lur tule, nt liberal ills,
count. In the leading business colleges; and
ScliiKil of Onitor)- of Kiiusiih City. 1IUD-SON-KI.Min:itLY
POIl SAI.I1 Cigar and tobacco store:
doing good business Addrcbs J, 11., K, tl.,
K branch olllce Journal,
HAl'HS onenrd nnd iennlreel. hoiurht and
SMld, Combination locks cleaned and
changed. 11. HAHKIUAN, Kxpert,
Telephone 12SI. 100 Hist Tenth St.
iiOAUDiNti uooii boaril with rooms, or
four new iuoiiu without board; stovu hent.
ajr, Uibnsh.
IKIItSPS AM) CAIlltl.VOi:-,.
'HndiHldn?fTn m HV-TTpTTniomhisent
for nnd letiirneel Calves raltoil.
M.AIIK S. 3AL1SHI HY. Independencc.Mo.
WATx:TdOD-Hoartl uniGoolnVWesTMde!
by a )Oung lady; lefcrtuces. 1' 3M, Jouiuul.
T1II1 Kan tan City Metal Itooflnc & Car.
rugutlng Co., 410 Delawuio. Tel. IMJ.
niliirevrieiivl,Lit. . T , 1 t . ,- - - -
CHHOiOMnTKH. watch and cluckmak-
St' i J- Vi s?u,nm.,r s"" -"s St., bet.
Wfllrii m4 .Walnut.-
m- L-taiMA-MI "Hii i
t.r.OAL Mlllt KS.
IN Till: 1 NIT I'll nTlfiW r"itir't't
court for the , stern division of the
etetn ,l.tii,t of the stain of Missouri.
Iienjamlti M IVulir and J. (I J,.u hry.
ruinidnliiithts v. .Inrv Is.Couklln MuttgiiK"
'liul I oinpntiy. dtfi mlnltt, the New Kti-
snd "inf. pep,.it nnd Trust Cumfmny. of
.Mis oiill, Int. iienot I'Mcr 1H11I In "ir
Sii.nxe of 11 .le lee of Hip Bbovo etitliled
""I ' entered of teiord Ifl Saltl cause 011
Hie Ith dnv of Novelntur, in, the under
signed leielver mil, on Thursday, the 5th
day of ii"rin!nr, l!t"i, nt 1 o'clock p. m ,
lit the wisl rrnt door of tlir Postoltl, e
biilldlntt. sltilll'd nt the -ml! Iiensl eornnr
01 .Mintn nnd nniui street, n (hkshs
ciii vii. ...... ,.. i.... V. iV- .1: '
bidder, the fulloniiig d, si tibial securities,
now In the possissliin of Ihn undersigned,
fttid nrlaltinlly deposited with the Ni'w Kit
gland flnfe Hems nnd Trust Cotnpntiy, of
MiMmirl, to secute (lerles X, V nnd 7., re.
SPeithely, of the dfbchtiires of the Jan la
t 'on kiln Morlgago Tiiisl company!
flhiltll'.H ".N."
.. . (Piles vnltie )
M bonds. The Wnukeshn tlvgela
Mineral flpilngs Cutnpati) (Clil
cngo ( M,H.(0
. . (Pace value.)
2 bonds, Kansas City (Mo) hie-
vnled ttnlhvii Company I 2,f""000
"I bonds, The Aiigiisln (ill ) Kiev-
trie Light and Motor Compitiy . ;i,00OCO
7 bonds, The 1'nscolt ,v. Arlrtm.l
Central Itnllwny Compiinv 7,f.eo
1R bondr, Town nf ."ort Morgnti
Until- Honda (Colorado) J.BeO.fO
I hnnilft, 'I be K01 1 Morgan Ltnd
nnd Iteservolr Company (Col) ,. 1,000(0
10 bonds, The Augusta (On ) Slim t
ltailwn.v Company lO.O'XIW
M bond, The Northeast Street
Hitlwny Coinpnny, Kansas City
2'l bonds, The Kansas P.leclrle
Llglit Cninpnn) (otlnvv 1, ICif.) SO.OeOtO
3 bond. The City of linker Water
nnd Sewer bonds fOtvgnn) 37,O"0 CO
.10 bonds, Hear Itlvcr Irrigation
nnd ligdcn Water Works Co.
(I'tnh) ,0,ivcO
2 shnres stO( k, Hear Hlvir Irri
gation Mini Ogden Water Works
Co. (I'lah) !',HfO
(II bonds, SI. Joseldi (Mo.) Stm k
iirds nnd Tennlniil Companv.. CI,IX)i
111 bonds.ogden City (Utah) Stieel
It.illwny Companv 1II,().00
r,l!i bonds, The U'nuUesha Ilvgtla
.Mineral Springs Co. (Chlcugo).. XW.IVVHO
iiM,i. ,.' i '(,... . "1 . "..i'-V '..''! '.,.
Total ?7;,K.).C0
S7S shares stock. Hear Itlvcr Irri
(Pace value.)
gation nnil Ogden Water Woiks
Co (Pull) JS7..W0)
CI Ponds.lieiir Itlvcr Irrigation and
ogden Water Works Co (Cliih) fd.OHM
-o minus, i ne Aimiista ii iit.j liiie-
trli Light and Motor coiupnii)
f,l bonds, St. Joseph (Mo.) Stock
Yards and Teiinlnal Coinpiny..
K") bonds. The Port Morgan tCol.)
Land and lteervolr Coinpiny.
10 lionds, III Paso Cltv fl'esns)
Pundeil Inb bteduesK jlond .. . .
15 bonds. Ill Paso City (Texas)
Publli School Hon ii
Ill lionds. Nnrthensi Street Itnil-
111,1.0 ii
- rfc-l rj
wnj t'omiiniij, Kniisas Cltv, Mo ln.O'Oix)
2 bonds. I'lie Prese ott .t Arizona
Central Ilnllvvn Conipiti
11 bonds, Poid county (Kansas).. .
13 bonds. Augusta (On.) Stteet
Hullwav Company
"ci bond", Ogden City (Utah)
Street Itnllwny Company
Ii") bonds, Washington Park Land
Co. (ICinsas Cltv, Mo)
I'll Ponds, The Wnukesh Hvge-la
Mini ral Spilngs Co (Chicago) .
4 Ponds, Oneonta School lUstrlet,
San Die-go county, ("nllf
2 bonds. Hlchland School District,
San Diego count, Calif
1 bond, Dnnerl Si hoed District,
San Diego county, Calif
2 bonds, Ocennslde School Dlstilot,
Sin Diego county, Calif
"y,iio oo
4,000 00
Total tOSOCOiV")
The sale of the seciitltb's pledged for
each series will be made "cpirntelv, c
ceit that bonds of the sanio Lsuo, pledged
In different series, may be sold In bulk.
Aftel receiving bids separately for the dif
ferent cl isses of securities pledged lor
each series, nil of the sei'iiiltles plidgeil
feu i ,n h pnitlculnr Serb" will then be of
fered In bulk. All s.iles nre (xpiessly sub
ject to the npprovnl of the eourt. Ten
per cent (10 per ecnt) of all bids mut be
deposited In cash with the receiver befnie
the close of snle, but a deposit of Ten
Tliousnnd Dollars (flO.OnO) In e nli previous
lo the commencement of the sale will enti
tle the depositor to bid on all seem Hits.
JOHN P. DOWNINC, Hei elver.
WIIIlItLWS, John M. Parker, a single
innn, b bis ceitaln deed of trust, dnti-d
tho 301 It ebiy of April, p'm. tiled for record
In the olllee of the i pi order of deeds for
,lni kxm eoiinty, Missouri, at Kunii.s City,
on the. 3rd duy of .May, IS'.'O, and recorded In
the ollli " of said recorder of deeds nt Kan
sns City, in hook It, luiinber lie, nt page 3,
i onve) ed to me, Oliver 11 Denn, tho un
derslgneel trustee, the follow Imr described
lands nnd piemises situate In the county
of Jackson and stnto of Missouri, tit-wit:
All of lot numbered twenty (Jin, In bleu k
numbered one (ll. In S. c. Moo I) 's sub
ellvlslon, ICnnsns City. Missouri, ns said lot
Is matked ami designated un thu recotded
pi it of snld ri. c. Mooily's subdivision, on
Hie and of record In tho ofllcu of the le
eoieKr of deeels for Jackson county, Mis
souri, at Kansas City, lu trust, however,
to seeuro tbo pit) ment of the rcrtaln pi in
e Ipnl piomlssoi) nolo nnd Intel est coupons
in said dee'd of trust iim rlhed, nnd, where
ns, nil of snld Inteiest coupons linvc been
inn, but default bus bean mado lu the pa)
inent of Fiild principal promissory note,
and tlm same, with Interest thereon fiom
tho Sfith day nf April, 1S'j reninlna ovir
due nnd unpaid; now, (here fine, public
notice Is hereby given that I, tbo snld tin.
lei signed trustee., at tho request of tin)
legal holder nnd owner of said principal
note, nnd by viitiie of the power and au
lliorlt) In me teste el by sild deed of tru-t,
xvlll, In aecoidanco with tho terms nnd iuo-
visions or said ilred or trust, pioree.il to
ell and sell the property in snld deed of
trust nnil herelnbforn deserllied, and tiny
and every p.ut thetcof, at public vendue, to
ihn highest bidder, for cash, at the front
door of the building now used by tlm stato
i lie ult court of ,taikon county, Missouri,
ns a court house in Kansas City, Missouri,
in the county of Jn. ksuu nfoiosnld, snld
building being the court house situated oil
the north side of Missouri avenue between
Oak and l.ooiist stieets, in s.iid Knnsis
city, nnd snld tiom door being tho south
dnyr of said e'oiirt house, on Prldny, tho
l.lh day or Deceinliei, Js?',, between the
hours uf nine oeloek In the forenoon and
live o'oloek In the nfieiuouu of that da),
for tho puipose of pa) lug on.' snlel prlnci
pal note ami the Interest due thereon, mid
tin costs and expensea of oxecutlng tills
tiuat. OLIVIWI II DHAN. Trustee.
Kansas City, Mo, November 11, 1XS1,
COMPANY, ft al , Lompl.iliiH.iits, v. Till!
al., Defendants,
Notice is heieby given that Iho under
signed Master in Chuncny, inirsunnt to tha
Until dee. leu of thu Pull. I Slates Circuit
Comt for the Westeuii Division of tho
West, in Dlstilct of Miss, unl, In the iihuvn
i iititled niusf, liereb) olftis for sale', nud
lur staled bl Is thereon, the cutlto gent-iul
nsi ts in liitlk of i in Ii of thu Insolvent de
teiidiints In the above entitled cause, to.
wit Of tho Lombard Invi stimuli Company
of Knnsas; of the Lombard Investment
Company of MN-oml, of the Valley Loan
& Trust ('ouipiui)i of the Allium e Trust
Company, nnd of tho City Heal llstate Com.
pany. Such bids must be stubd ainl do
IK red or forwardeel to the Master at his
olllce In Kansas City, Mlourl; nnd such
bids inny bo maile, and will by the .Master
be reLclvcl, up to tho Gth day of January,
lM.fi, mi which date they will he opened by
tho Muster, mid subject to the Inspection
of all peisous Inteiest d, unites an cxtcnU.m
of thu tlmo wlihin which said bids lira to
be iccclvc'l shall have betu iii.ulo as pro
vide I by suld tleciee,
As a giintaiitie (hut nil bids made arc In
good fiillh, a deposit with the Hecelver of
Tvvt nt -live lliuiisand dollars as a forfeit
or other equivalent jecmliy to be approved
by tho Muster, will bo ieiUlted.
The right to rejee t bids Is rt served.
A minted list of tho nssct ,,f e,.teh nt
said insolvent elefciiilanls will bo forwarded
to any person or persons desiring tho sumo
upon application therefor to the Master,
Muster In Chaucery,
Knnsas City, Mo Oct. si. IS'ij.
PHOPOSAI Notice to Conductors The
lindt'l signed will, on tho 21) ill day of No.
xeiubci, WJ'i, ut thu cast limit door uf the
county comt house, corner Missouri avo.
and Oak st., nt thu hour of 2 o'clock p. m
of that day, let, by public uuti ry. to the
lowest leupoublblu bidder, the building of
one wooden bib'go In sec, 31, twp. 47, ig. 31,
near IK lev. in. A cash deposit or ceitlflcel
cluck tor tvvu bundled (fJ0 iloll.iiu to uo
coinpaii) cuch bid, to be fot felted to coun
ty oil lulluio lo uiuko satisfaclury bond.
P. J. O'FLAllUltTY,
Co. Surveyor und HilJge Com.
Dated Nov. 9. '93.
to tiii: MriiciiAMs.
WHO handles your dixiyugtf Do you ret
?uiek, reliable service f Docs your traus
er comiuny look out 'or )our IntcrcstsT
ll )ou havo good reasons for a change, we
would be plcused to hear fiom you. 1'ur
nlluru packed und' bhipis:d. (ieuerul trana-
I ...t.w '-vnvv use .,.,v.. ..vi.viui ttatia
fer business.
A, VBbauijaii JLaAMAXlX$iiiiUMMit
- - i sin lainiii urn
I.HOAI, .MlTK'llsj.
VHRflKAB, (twrg W. ntptr!ek and
(Btherltie ritrpntHi R, hl nufe. irnntors,
by their died of IMidt, dutetl tl.e fifth diir
or Hepiemlier, A. I eighteen hundred and
ninety-one. ntid teconled nn tl
III Mm rtnte
It) the tecohlers ofllee nf Jmltlon eq'
MtHK.iiirl. nt Knhsns! (fv In bonk I'
(es 2IS In till linth Inelnalliv pritivn
Kaon count;
nl to
Jeffeion Mrumbnck the followinU de
rrrllHd bmd in the eo.irity of ,1m hoti. in
Hie state of Missouri to-wft All of lot on
lllihdriil "111(1 tiltirt)-lp (!!), IM .Min
dditlon to the City nf Knnsns trow cull"1!
Knnsfts (Mty). In Jnekson county. Mis
sourl, being n imrrrl fronting forty'
nine nnd ope half Htm feet on tho
: 1 ". . "? 01 ivmniii sirwit.wnwn
1 outtif "Hi street mid I'lfterfith street
lltiel ftiutilriv Imii-1; u'sul thai wl.llh
one hiihrlred and llfteert and rne-half nr',l
feet to a'l nlle. and ell rihl under im
and all pnrty nail commas, and any aid
all leaes nffietlng said prupeiiv, or any
pari thei.of. Ing bv said deed aaslBiod
an I IMinfiired r snbl Hriimlmek, nnl-h
said ele.el was made In trust tn secure inl
ine til nf eleven promissory t.ies in said
deed of trust deserllir.l, and whereas, de.
fault wns made In the inytnent, when due,
of the tvvo of said notes pnnbls ieir"r
lively rortv-two nnd fejrl .eight months
Rfler the. dnte Ihereof, ntid eftrh of sn'd
last mentioned two notes Is due nil I whfdty
unpaid, the six of said notes maturing I e
fore raid forty-two months' note having
been i.nlil; nnd whereas, said grantors
n Bleed, by snld ded of trust, to hcp the
linprovemeiits on snld land constantly In.
suted ngnlnst tos l,y fire tn the satisfac
tion of the pn(e of snld notes un'll snld
notes she old lie pnld, In the sum nf at baft
six tliousnnd dollars and the policy e,r ul
Irles thereof constantly Hsslgned nnl ab
vvavs promptlv pl-ilrid nnd dellv.rd M
said trustre or snl 1 pnvee of snld notes for
further si'iirln the' pnvnienl of snld notes,
nnd vvhetens, siild crnntors in said deed of
trust did not perform snld agreement as to
keeping up liinmince-, in whole or In part'
and for flint renson the pnvee of snld
notes, ncmrdlng to the terms of nld dee.l
of trust, effected Inaiitnhee on Octe l.er !3,
P'i'i on snld Iniprovemettts ncrnlnst less by
lire to the nuiount of li'V), explttng Peli
tnnry 1, A D t"K and to the amount of
M. expiring March R, A l xii. and
pnld the cost therceif '. "0, nnil for the re.
pnmrut thereof, with Interest, according
to the tonus of said deed of trust, tin)
pnvco of sfild notes under snld deed ol
trust, has a lien on snld hind nnd where
lis, no nrt of the rost of snld Insurance so
effected has been repaid but tho whole)
thereof Is due; now, theiefore, nt Ilia r.
tpirst of the pnvee, owner and holder of
mid pint due Uiiimld miles and the other
notes mntiiilug thercnfl. r, secured by snl I
deed of ttiist, snld Itniinhiick. ns such
trustee, will, pursuant to snld deed of mist,
tiroe ceil lo sill the la nil nnil tiroiutlv 1V
snld deed of trust, convened and above de
scribed, nnd any and every part then of, at
public vendue, to the hlehest bidder, nt th
court house iloeu. In Kansas city. In tlm
county of .lin kson aforesaid, for ensh. on
Prldav, the twentv-nliith dnv of Novom-
ber, A. D eighteen hiindri'd nnd ninety-
ove. neiween i in- uours oi nine ociuik in
lllp rotennon nnd live o clock 111 tne nrter.
noon, lo piy the costs nnd expenses of ex.
"'Utlng the tiiisl, Inrludlng iompen.illon
I , 111, lnin,nn fn 1,1a u.irclii.iu n.iit ,l,ft
I proper proportion of the said nuiount paid
1 for qJlI ,1Hliriimp nni nn ,1,,,, otl n), (.,,
. n.t.,.1.1 ...... .1 ,.,-.. ..., ....... i. ..-,..
I ."i"nu F.,, iliir- hi,-.'-, twin ,l-l, l,i,' )il ,11
rlrml of Ibe lirlnelli.sl note, fepcoreil b mid
deed Of trust, togetlier with Interest there
011 not Jncludeel In past due Interest notes.
Hie (onrt bouse deieir, nt whbh such sne
will be mile, being the south fi out eloorof
Ibe court bouse building on the block of
ground hounded by Plflh street, Oak street,
Missouri avenue nnd Leicust street. In
which biilldlui; tho circuit remit of Jackson
eoiintv, Missouri nt Knri'ns Cltv, Is held,
or might lawfullv be held nt the dnv of
snle, und nt wlilch door the sheriff usunllv
sells land nn execution Issued from biild
circuit 1 nurt
jnPi-'PltgnN imi'MHACIC. Trustee.
TllPH'lllll'rt SALH Wherens. John W.
llurnea and Nannie ll. Panics, his wife, by
their ceiitnlii elced of Oust elated the lOtli
dnv of October, 1XVI. Hied for ree ord In
Hie eitllce eif Ihn ice'nr.tcr of ,lci lis for
i Jaeksou county. Missouri, at Knnsis City.
on mo ibtn nay of October, iwi, nnil re
eoidid In the- olllce of Ftilel rccoider of
deeds at Kensis Cl'y, In book "II." num
ber 3l, at page IDS, ionVe)ed to tne, Oliver
II. Dean, the undersigned trustee, the fol
lowing deserlbeel lands ni'd picmlies. sit
uate in the count) of Jiuksou nnd state
of Missouri, to-wlt All of lots numbered
ten (10) nnd eleven (II), In bloik num
bered ten (10), I'eery plaee, an nddltlon
to the City of Knnsas (now Kms.is City).
Missouri ns the raid lots are marked
and designated on the recordeel id.it of
snld addition, on hie and of ree ord In the
olllce of the recorder of deeds for Jackson
county. Missouri, nt Kniisns City. Mis
souri, In trust, however, to secure tho
p.i)ment of I he certain principal promls
soi i note nnd Interest coupons In said
deed or trust described; nnd, whereas, all
of snlel Inle-rest coupons have been pnld.
but default has becn innde In the payment
of said principal promissory note, and the
same, with Interest thereon from the l.lth
dnv of April. Hi I, (except th sum of JIOi 'S
Ii lid on ne count of inteiest on the 13rd ebiy
of Pcbruary, USUI), remains overdue and
unpaid now, tlierefoie, public notice is
hen by given that I, the snld underslirned
trustee at the request of the legal bolder
and owner of snld principal note, nnil by
virtue, of the power and authority In me
vestil by snld deed of trust, will. In ac
cordance. Willi the terms anel provisleius of
snld di'ed of trust, proceed to sell, and
sell the property In mid dceel of trust,
nnd hereinbefore doscrlheii nnd anv anel
ever) pnrt ele not, nt public vendue, to
the highest b'd.lcr, for cash, nt the front
door of the building now usi'd by the state
die ult court of Jackson county, Missouri,
as a court house. In Kunsna Cltv, Mis
souri, In the county of Jackson aforesaid.
said building being tho court house sit
uated on tho I.nrth side of Missouri ave
nue between Oak nnd Locust streets, n
snld Knnsas Cltv, nnil said front door be
ing the routh door of raid court houso, on
Wtdneselny, tho 20th day of November, 1RJ,
between the hours of fl o'i lock In the fore
noon and K o'i lock In the nf lei noon of
thnt day, for the purpose of paying oir
snld prliielf.nl promissory note nnd the) In-
leo-esc one inereon. nnil trie costs nnu ox
pensea of executing this trust.
OI.IVKU II DPAN. Trustee).
Kansas CIt). Mo.. Oct. 2fith. 1SK
TIH'HTHK'S SALK-Whereas, Ilmmi
Kiull nnd John II Krull did, by their cer
tain eb e.i of mist, dated tho 3rd dny of
August, PHM, and reconhd on the 23rd d ly
or August, 1SD3. ill book H. No 542, at page
413, In the olllce of the ree order of d. t is
for Jnckse.n county, .Missouri, at Kunsis
City, convey to the underalgneil trusti'e the
following ibseribed real t-stntn la Jackson
eounl), Missouil, to-wlt: All of lots foir
(ll, llvo t.1), six (fi), seven (7), nine (i, i. n
(10), eleven (11), twilvo (Ui, twent) -four
(Jl), tweiit)-IIVfi (2'), twcni)-slx (2D), live II.
ty-seveu (ill, tiventy-elirht (.N), tweniy
nine (J'i), thlrty-threo CM), thlrn-four C4H,
thirty-live (861 tlilr(y-ax p,), thlitv-sev n
(17), thirty-eight t.li), thirl) -nine ( 11. and
the south stvent)-llvo ni. 1 ihlrii 1 n-oua
hundredths (73 J3-I0O) feet of lot elglit (M,
nil of said Iota being In Ii-eelier heigh is,
nil addition to the City of Kansas, now
Kansas City, iih the iamn nie mirked niul
dealgnnted un the plat of eald ndlltlon on
llle and of lecord In the oillso of tho r
cordt'i of deeds of said JaiKsun conmy, ut
said Kansas City, to secure the Indebted
iitsa nnd sums of unmet or balances in s.itd
deed of tiust (leai rlbe,; and, wht-ioaa, tie.
I.lllll pas 01111 uiiiiie in me payment of said
IllUelueuietss UUU neilllH U IllOUt )' or b.ll-
nnei h nnd Inleust thereuu. 11ml, wliems.
di fault baa been made In the payment of
city tuxes for the, ears 1591 and )vc,, jia,k
taxes JKB, spci Ul t.i.e and stut.i and
county taxis fur tho vear lvll. on i,ad
pioiierty, all of vvhieh have been paid by
thi owner and holder of suld Indebtedness
and sums of money or balances; and.
whurois. mine than nix months liuve insn d
since the t iiulnutlon of business lelnllons
In twain said John II. Krnll nnd Llppin
1 ott, Johnson ,v Compuri), the third pui-ilm
in said duel of trust; now, theiefarf, I, tiu
uiHlcisinied trustee bv virtu, of the iioiv
tih In 1110 vested in and by said dee I of trust
and at the reiUcstof the b gal holder of sal,!
Indelitcdii'SH and sums of muney or bal.
nines belt by give nolle.- that f xvlll, mj
Saturday, the 30th day of November, Is'jG,
bet Willi the bonis of 0 o'clock in tho fuie
noon nnd 5 o'clock In Hie afternoon, nt tho
south Hunt door of ihe tenuity court house
on Mia-uiiil uveiiin b. iwieii u.ik and Lo.
cost llret Im, In slid K ma is CIt). Jack
son count), MIsmiiiiI, ix.osb said reul es
tate for sale ut publla vniduev foi cash, to
the highest bl'ldei. to pay off sild liielebt.
idurss und sums of money 01 lulau-cfc uiul
tuxea and Intn.st mil tha expense of ex
ecutlni: this trust.
ClIAItLI.'fl H. SMALL. Trustee.
Page, Ladd ,V Suuill Aitorneys
THIJSTI-lll'S SALK-IIy reason of default
lu the payment of the piumlssory note or
bond described tn a deed of trust executed
by Mary A. Kelly, 11 widow, dated tho 13th
day of Dei 1 tuber, .UJsfi, and lllc-el for lecord
and recorded 111 the olll 'O of tho recurder
01 UC'trus tut .u.neuii .Mioetj, Alissuliri
lSs. Iii book H JW, at page CS, 1 will, pursii. L'? ),aCe . beginning, llxceiitlng from
unt to the terms of suld deed of trust nii.t I ,'t! ' ,'''!," a, nlit of wa over the rear
ut the request uf the legal holder of ss ,i twenty-live et (;3 feet) heretofore grunt
note or bond, bclween tho hours of tilna eJ ! r,trry To'c. said conve)ance being
'. l.Lt I tl... for, noon rtti.l tit... .,,, ,,- ,. I II1UUO 111 trust lo KfcltrA th., onlllient of
iviltltf.is eill. eot ttiu .'ill uty uc iihpmik hup
the afternoon, on Batiii lay, the iird dnv ' lf '' notes described theitiu, and where
of Novtmlicr, 1SJ3. ut the front door of ihi I "? '." PrincJiiul of one of suld notes and
United Stutcs custom houso building. In thu tho Interest thereon Is pust due und un
city of Kunsas City, Jai kson county, ufore. ',alJ: ";v- "'erefore. I, the undersigned
suld, sell ull of lot nuinbeied twenty-four I Iriiiitwe. ut the request of the legal owner
(21) nnd thu Hiuth half uf lot numbere 1
twent) -three 12.1). uu In block numbered nr.
teen (IS), lu Perry place, an addition to tha
City of Kunsus (now Kunsas City), as tho
tumu are murke i and designated on thu
plat of sulel u lditton now on 1II4 und of
record In the olllce of tho recorder of deeds
for sold county, ut ptibllo vendue, to tho
highest bidder, for cash, to satisfy u,i
note or bond and Interest, and the cost of
oxecutlng this trust. A. A. TOML1NBON,
Oct 19. 1583 Truitee.
The Journal.
,W.iMajyf-M'' s v . ' Ai-
Inut ruction
AH tmin'
diillr linie'i
murfcsil "s,' eveopl
r: ' s" H ti nr
' ," etcrit atur,y, " x et
V: "I ' fnturdov onlv first 1 I u, ..
eve; second column, nrrive.
Hitiiiilliiil A m,.lie It, ll.-lliirlltigtnn Itoill
tTrlns, ,
K c tlrookftetd
AlL.HlU khA
Leave Arri
I ! Mil x' 1 ,1
sj I III III IV rx'H ris j ,
1 Miniio fnat mall, "KM"
St Lout express
II. .V VI. II. It. In .Vihrii'k 1
.7 i mn 1
. is tn
. S Ij 1 111
s 1 III
7 m .tin
-llilrllngloit lluutc
Denver A It C etnreps,
Lin-0I11, lillllnit .xi l'ugel
Soiin 1 ..10 40 1m 7 pm
K. C, i, .too A I'omiilt ItiufT. It.illr ml
oiivihn ft. ? fast mall 10 "Plant M (i pn
(own e.p!cK si pm mm
oiinlii e xprss ' u t.nt u
lt .lor a Iom mall 7 iiHtn
I' live r express . ,. ... Ifl Willi 1
Li nv Xt'h A sit. .Ie,e . . S 3d i,m 1 I
All triiina mKe IHVenworlh ixcud
iv. si a. in.
I bleiieo, ltork tbitul A Purine,
Trains Hast of Missouri lllver
Chlengo mull nxwiim .x7 V pm,
Chkngp limited . . . r. 4". t tn n intn
Tnilns Wcl or Missouri Hlvcr
lltitph. Wichita, rt V... lvmniii ftripmi
Den., Col. Mp. A I'uetiiii ...lurionm ti - i tn
Den., Col Hu. Pueblo . x in pm X -xje m
Wichita, I T, A Pt .... S.IOpm X jinni
Toiekm Hiitrhlnson kX tOpm S Wnm
.lllasuurl 1'neille Ititllroad.
Train VmH.
Mali and express Ttvt.im (i V) pm
lt Iriuils dnv express:. ...I" mnlii I "' put
New )ork fast mall ISlplil T i nut
St Louis night i xpresa... i pin In to am
Lexington A St L, ex " mptn Iiifiotn
Ltxlngton A Hedalla puss. I, 3D am 7 10 pm
Trains West.
CoftVyvllte A C,de.iielo....10 lOnm II Ci pm
ColTejvllIn A- WI, hll.i ...DXIpiii 7JJ.U1
Trains Mouth.
tap, Pt. Heott A M-h ... t-nftiimll "Jim
Joplltl A Tntfl express ...in isi an
Joplln A Texns exptess ... 7.10 pin
Ti ilns North
Omaha, Lln. A N. Cltv ex ! P. pm
omnhn A V ll einv ex.... 7 mi un
K. C A A ae'.'oni ex S i') pin
K. C. A St. Joe ex 10 30 mil
K. ('., A. ,fc SI. Jtfe ex.... 7.00 pill
1 1 nut
T l.'r.ltl
r. to mn
I pill
l jr. pm
t. . pm
P j0 am
Lillians ( ll Nottlllieste-ro Illlllroilel,
Henecn A He.itrlce ex 7 Wpm 4,30pm
lubiie.i Itnllrieiil Coiup.inj.
St LOllls ,X: Chic igo ex ... 1 () .till 7 10 pm
.-(. i , n i, inn. e .xiuieonm
xl ro p"iu
St L D M A St P. ex.. S3.-, pm
e I'iniit
iv. u. ,v i ineiigo ex
( lib i go .v;
Chicago , SI. Louis ex.
Clibagii limited
St. L A Chicago ex
Kiiiinms ( II v, I urt e
Plorl'l.i fast mall
C 20 pm
. . 0 i i m
.. I! i) pm
.. S.lj pm
fl'M pm
S Want
lit A MeluphU
.in so nm fi no pm
H.irrlsonvllle A Clinton. .xin no un
r 00 pm
jo r ant
"! HUH
7 i ant
7 la am
Iieepwnter accom ;, 2.1 pm
Cheiokro accom Ii 2" I.tn
Suburban tns.nKi.r f, r inn
Joplln .. New Orleans .... 5 JO pm
xilsouirlt Kims i4 .V
Texns mill ,
I exiM ttnllu i).
.10 I'tiim 5 "", pm
lexas express ti.ivi pm "aauv
l iiloii I'ae Hie
P.icltlc const Ilmlli'd ..
Denver A Cal. eXprets
Itnllw IV.
. ... o 30 nm
.... 7..V) pm
fi on pm
ii 0 .un
.te llisiui, lope.1,1, ,V -until I'e llullu.i).
Hnst of Missouri lllver
Chicago ex B W j.iu ROinm
Chlengo limited fi 30 pm (i (.) mil
Chliiigo fast .lav light ex. 7 TO am 1 . pm
Port Madison lor ill . .. . S lii.im x.2.iiim
West of MIhsoiiH Itlver.
Oklahoma ,t Texas Ideal., s ir, am
4 If. pm
r .0 pm,
i. ji pm
S Kas uav ex
Col , I'tnh A Texas ex...
California limited
Me-xi o ,X ('ill e-X . ..
' ' -I I I . Si (S. K ) .
Topeka express
: r, am
V 2-". n til
'. lo n in
i tint
i- urn
1 s, pm
.x4 20 i.in xlt .nam
.. 4 30 pm It 40 urn
I, .llllllt i X (."-I. )
ti id pm i Hi ant
Kns , Uk. A Tex, u'ht ex. &.20 pm t fJ tun
ciiianii avi:. iir.i'oi, ssi sTiti:i:i.
Dili ten, XllliTitllliee A -.I. I'lilil.
Chicago pnsseng-r x!)."0nin 7 '.' pnx
Chillicotlie e.xpiesri jiS.W ira 10 M .un
Kniisns ( Itj nnil lotle pt neleoire. I'lertrle It It.
A. M Leave Kniisns City f.,10. 3 30 I ;.
fi Pi. All trains from fi.ll a. in. to 6 l.. p ni.
run every 1.1 minutes. P M. .vli, i, 0 10,
fi 20, fi 30, (1.11. (, V, 7 10, 7 20. 7.?). 7 15 S "0,
S jr.. s I.,, Din ! H.I, ion), 10 'lo.Ml OJ. l'irsl
train on Sunday leaves at 7 10.
Tue.Kel.i)s, Thuikdu)S and Siturdayst
Kitusits I Ity .L hub teioi.tt.iit
Depots s. -one' mil S ) ami
lr I ..e
i a' t bec-
onu anil walnut.
Chicago Great Western Ry
" Ihe Mnple Lent' Houte."
TELiBlPilOlcTEl 2393
Le-ave. Arrive,
Clile igo. Dubuque, St. Paul,
MlniiinjHills. M'lltuwn.
liett Moines and St. Ju-
seph riuil vestlbuled 11m-
tteel 10:15 nm
Cllll .Igvt, DllbUQUee, St l'lllll,
MliiiKupoIlM, Wnterloo.
M llieiwn. D-s Mulne-i ami
Sr .liistpli Km al t-xp ....xiliO) pm
Chl ige, Duhuiiie nnd 1'H
Moines fust express
I "J pnt
)1 W ins
1 1 i pm
1 n t Limited bstvinr dnllv, 10 15 te. 10 ,a
ft soli I, stenni heated, gii.s lighted trvn oc
pew tone lies, elegant Pullman sb'l -rs nn tj
Cafe Pining Citr. Fustcst train to tiiej
N01 th west.
P.1-1 Kxprens, leaving 0 00 p. ni. ela !, ex
ret 1 Siiiiuliiy, has iMllmun comi trt nent
sb 1 er to lied Molni s. All tr.i s s'traui
licit,. 1.
LllllSils Cltr. Oireeilll A wollllierii
Clinton and Lceol.i ex ... f 0) pm
H111.su tit), riituhurg .v 1 uir
Plt'sbmv ,I. tx Ntodioll ft) un I
I A. .iuumoiI.iiIi 11 " tun
I V. . on. nictation 7 1" 111. 1
! Dull) ( xc. pt siuu.lay
WooJIidJ A
Tho Depot Carriage and Baggage
Plonipt ami Hell ililtt
no rt m v 11 tin 1 1 1 1 nit niiiiit yyouic
I.llliAL .NOTILUb.
THl.VlLl.n faALU - Whereas, B. A.
Phillips, b) bis deed of trim, dated Alls
gusi lot. 1st.', aim reiord.d In the oltlea
of the 1 eeoider uf dieda of Jueksuil vouu
t), lisuiiii, at Kuu-as c'lt), un Aui, itt
31st, lss7, in book -D.I at p mi lv . id
11. th. iiinli islKiicl, it iri-iif. tilt fuliws
illg discribeel real OSIIlte III Jlltk-iill eoun-
I), Missouri, c olilliieiK li.g at souiliweit
'( u 1 ..Mil mn. I) l.ve fit, Hunks sub
djvislon of (liilniittH blulf, in the city ut
Kunsaj (now Kansas Cit)), Missouri,
lluiii, running iieuih uloiig the West Una
of suld lot Uo. tivo buiutrtd and tight),
iilno leet (.'6J feet), Hume east und paral
. .. .m il.t . nt i. lint, ui suld lot, tifty feet
1 i ftteti. tin in u south und puiallel wttli
Pie west line- afoitsaid two t and red and
eight) nliiti fvi't M feet), to tho foutll lui.t
of suld lot; thuiiu west on tooth line of
sul I lot iiftv luit (TO fett) to place! uf be
ginning. Also, eumiueucllig at thu (OUth
east cornn of said lot nlnel) live Cm),
ruiiiiing iheuice west, on the nuilh bouiuiu.
n line uf Independence' avuiiue one hun
dretl feet (inj feet), tluiico north ancj
paiullel willi the cast Hue of suld lot
Mi -n -tin nil thit'tt hundred nnd four
teen feet CIt feet), thence cast und pural.
Ii-l with the not til line uf Independent a
avenue one bundled feet (100 feet), thencu
south on tho tust lino of sulel lot threa
hundied und fourteen feet 1314 feet) to
und holder of said note, hereby give publlo
i.otlcu that 1 will, tn uccordance with tho
lerius aim provisions of sal J deed cf trust,
und by vlnue of the power in me e 'd
thereby, sell at public vendue, to the
est bidder, ut tbo flout duor of tbo 9
court bouse. In Knnsas City, J
county, Missouri, being the souU
door tnertsjf, thu real estate hereto
In ialj deed of trust described,
the hours of nln o'clock In tbf . .
aud rive o'clock tn tbo nfternoe H
day. tho 5th dey or Novemb
cash In hand, to aatlify said
riBt of ToiiiiHni tltlu Irocr
r,-,x v.to.wrb..- VSXvAs
m "Plione !
Or I322,
1 1
m . ji 1,
- : - '- " - - --. . . -s

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