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A oknlmn-i: fifnnTm.wi I'.utAimi;
VttrlllN ltllAC'll Ol' KANSAS HIV.
What (nil lln Pound on the t.lue of tin
Italians City, fnrt Scott A Mem-
phlt Itullroad In t tin T
lit tlntue t'rertti.
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i w l- rif inntly n savage, nnd no ms.1
idue.1 he beeumes he always has
for the cr ant fleh'a at eer
i nf the enr. it is a sort of
unci, Mich as birds ninl wild
VMII flnJ accommodations thnt are hard, to this tut
( lii. m vvli"re in th coiintr) nml If lloti M in'tj a
i-itmlng is still in thnrge when ton Ret until the i
tin re, you ma r,st assured thnt ion will la thin
the i nv - '' Ink' In IliU
1 oun 1 in u ki i ml irulm psh
"111- l UltlMl ' H . w II klliiW II
tlon or the loiitury tlmt the
get the lest hiintitiK nml fishing In the land i OMi kntw dunning and Tri'lllt g Club nn 1
nunc jini win do sure of fine A meal an tin? ixmih Pucaliia Chin, or 31- mii'ils,
can be scared up in the mountains hoth hitw roun l mil luh hniif fine.
.Here, within nn hours walk. ! to to n'' "irmiiinnii in. . pur- s. ivon me inin
found good deer nnd turkey grounds, while
t.rs of tin s i ml line ill the shooting
nil fishing they want liithn large lake
near Mali ttlfoon. dmk anil fish arc plen
tiful, and nil that Is neesnr for the
pofinnnn is to ft a permit fiom the sec
retary of either cluh. which Is freely given,
ntnl he tan have all the pnrt he mints
foi as long as he want It
If you are a devo-ee of Iaac Walton you
nel hut so to Hlg ( rrk and here )"U
Will fin 1 the best iiMi'ng In the enilie South
Western ountry limners find here b ar.
der, turkt't s squirrels, ducks and quail
In such number that the tales brought
from tills pari of Arkansas are mi n aa
iuatlfjr the aMrtlon that hunters and fish
rmen are the most notorious liars In the
universe. Hut here no hunter's yam could
beam to equal the truth, arid no fisherman
Could bjln to tell s'orles that would Me
wtth the wonderful catches to be hud In
this rer'en. There are tin hob 1s here, nnr
re there accommodations for the amateur
who oe tor a day's sport, with the expec
tation of having the am an J fish fall in
to his hands rendj lo lie enten. You must
entlck II in m'tfit-4 tfHia nf lllA vt np.t Hint
MTKT Xnr 1-11-J1I l.ll!M .!'. vminr I ..-.... .. ... .. ... -...t-r v. . .. -..
'is .i menttfiil "ist It Is s-lvely nrvesMnr . to the true sportsman there Is flo greater
I . .... ... . - .a. I ! mm M MA-M M . nWHU .. 1 . . h 1 M . I. M . 1k frtnt lhl KM
, 7.r inorv rcn a iniir iia.'h .. i . n . v iuih.iim tiinti iii- i-vi ...nh "-
pUel tnyner
..n II.. H.ll...h. ... ..... t. . k.-
vm .iitt .ijiw'iii iiKTumninn inn iw- iirmu.
mornltii; nhd cuiiinK, tint drumming m
mouiitnln inrtrldaes, while Hm quail are
w plentiful thnt they can foe scared up
rts-ht at tho door of the elub house in
the bottom land across the mrr, among
the tall syiamore, walnut and hickory
trees. ar huh.lre.is of n-d sji t gray squir
rels, whose harking In the eariy morning
hours s. nds thrills f pinimirc through the
heries of tht hunters. U )uu will follow
the winding stream down firm th club
house a few mib's ou will find an Ideal
tamping spot where deT an i turkeys can
oe seen any oav in ine surrouu'iina unnvr-
H..v.n ! KailAMrti- Af ltl-
I m the annual hou cleaning l- whlU ,he ""' ' "m w,,h
, moMiig. With the onllnary tiut a,, wt tmwame for a tnlnnts tlwU the
in however. Ibis ittstlnrt is. As r, .., it-. ....,. is it. nn1v tfm nn
iined to an Indefinable longing ! the ne of the Memphis R.miI wetv giune
tiiiiirv-iiitP niwtiiiv.
nty. sio , ror
mtml e-
fee.t over ao srea tv-it rortr miles Muare.
Iw With the longing ildT!l the Jn'tlr elcbrated JMsh wltUT-
..k- . .. ? ...... -. . . as. AMuhtia iititiiH mmn iiamt
I'fm mrm f -fvp " !'. "" 1L
.inc.! to tin intUtnnflbl otjjrlnt MHp !. nT tn imini -mih wnm-
" ",? n'al'" f " "" " "lUo'.S'WRVrrin tSStX Mo
w th nature. Instance Itee h.. Knotlrg grotin-l
r m cltlen mat often, perfore. tend over an area atvit forty miles m
i'i:ntt).vAt, Kxi'i:rtn:.Mt:s ttr co.nwav
1". IIOI.MI.S A.Mt .IKI) iiiuiki:i-
("t wnt ' nl.mg till after noon.' Ami
sur. i nniigh thnt a Just what hnppencil.
Thnt llifertllll tmlllnir kf. I1T nit tnnrtiln
and kept irpuint: more nnd moro distinct
nnl wo were ccttlng more nnd mora nerv
ous "
"Jel" Durkee leaned slightly
ii' nn peiiinp inieretcii
llis tlliliulilnc Kffect of the I'nnther's fry
-A HRht Mlth a 1'rtlrlo lire In
, Teta Itesr and Drer t.'nruan-
ter of llitllllnjc Interest.
About .1 ll'i lorls the inllde stnnneit nnd
snld' 'We'd better hack burn now.' Thnt s
r their lime for holM H
it even whrn they are prtvi-
r for a short Hm they M. ,, .nvwher within the territory to
h the Ideal spots where they.ftnl it Heer. turker. quail nd duek are
1 .-an I'omtmitu with nature j be tem4 everrwher here and the ee-
k i i or catch ttsh. To the peo- i sou dees net ! until th- end or FeocvMS-
ii -as nty thhi doe not apply, ! py lrotrty owhern welcome hunters,
,i bison, the wtft antel-K., r.1 suld-e ndtH icxd de can be ob-
i - -?ly bear and the prowling rjilite.1, whtle Ktd a."Comitiodatlort are
, t are net within ej- reach ejM-cia far tfvw who do not care to
- a land within ji day's rise, so-c-1 talr ft' t In tra hiin'era' stvle
. ,r-r aJid WIW ttfrgey tttit !6.n.'r ta tte ,n the tnaenifl-ent foresta.
,t while l black ber rju ; TrJ pest bs.t e set down a one of til
J (M WMI0 '-"' r&
"iaii s v- j S?&SSa X St Si's ,'i.ura'ir .rMrVi
'. iIrf5?,--TTs.:?-''2l,,r, iFW"ii'i5Rir
K y
oi'.ttino a Gin in mo,
"ironrh the brakes and brush
!' I I 1 '! fl'I'lH Bill the Efltllnel
i i the man who cjtrk'S the
I the lurser gntnu nitlceit the
' j rule.
i wheie this may be found?
I mtir can ren-h the gume
irs nue in a siejiur.
best .in the line of the nd for flrsrt-clasn
ceiiiilnv i-port.
And bo It poes nil ilnn n thioush the
southwestern part of Mltsourl on the line
of the Memphis ronil. Eer Btntlnn Is u
huniliig point, nnd evpry man who Is to be
seen ran tell on where to iind deer and
other mime. Unci; from the road In i v
... ... . p.-. .., . j, it- .... - . . ... ..." -.-.-- - ' j
tuwet corner of Ninth nnd ml1 lla inoiiniiuna scrcicn In lilltnitu.
In the ofllees of thu Kan-! bl, oM'unnc, umi each mountain, with iu
h. ott & MemuhiB railroad trec-covi-ivd.ciest and alopliiK sides, la the
Mi J. E. Lockuood, the jton-' ","!K "t.wnii camp, wliilo encli strenm
wiLauius uuwii iuv ruviuea is iuu or me
g-amleBt fish that swim In uny Wateis.
CroHSlng the Btate lino nnd entering Ar
Kdiitan you llnd no clmnse In eilher scen
ery, topoBrajihy or game. As sou proceed
fuither In, however, you will notice u
change In everything. nd then as you get
ih MH- ruiii'iimnti I fKliJiis juu will UO old
nirent of the road. If he
iou In a very few minutes
in carry ou to a veritable
i-i dse In twelve hours, then
i. ss.
If southern portion of the
through Mlahourt and Ar-
tinie Is ljardly a station but
i.ood hjntfni- or ttshlni' , " . . "T8: Hiwic, unu your euiit will ne
an hour's ride fronf he r,'K,ale'1 wUh. V1 tnIos "c hunting ,i will
i reach the "inimlt of th ?mk'' ou 5v,sl, th,lt ,0,u Pul.'1 bvl "?uin
i you Vee Btndtchlntr In i S01"'. w '' ,Al Mnmm.jlh 8prlnu you will
.. Jr. .!'. "..I''."'" "i find good accommodations of nil kinds.
ii, Kiam rni i,iiii,i, iliiij, ,,, .. ,. , , .. , ., ., .
I wniie me uuitics Vll lie 11'
.und in the whale oonntrv
.' li the winding of the silver
h tho uver living green of
i. -I, bb you Inhale the hal-
' In re. Indeed, if ati where,
I pi if c where you can Ket
- Juart and let your very
unlkon with the RenerotiB
jur lunn-s and invigorates
ub, like "drawing the lonR
nit on ci Haiti portions of
i .iinun obtain all the wild
t for thi-lr horn.- v-onsump--
Into the thicks th.it i onio
to .scratih and walluvv in
ailv n fm nluti
trains nun iiiuiro iiuiuis ior exienueu trills,
prorninu hie bags of deer, turkeys, ciuall
and ducks, and it is to be said to their
credit tnut If the hunter is anything of u
shot llity laroly fall of a realisation of the
prouilsi ;- Thrse Btildes cost but M centii
a das, and board costs but .1 dollar for the
Baine b nsth of time Livery outfltB to
carry ..n to any part of tho hunting
groinifli- tost $i a day, and you need kHo
voursi If no uneasiness as to the mnniter
In wlili h j 011 will he eared for, or us to
whither ou will llnd aume or not. The
game will be there, und ll but remains for
you to In Inn- it down as it passes before
your gun. Tho people make no objections
-JT-'M!,..' -.
" r
-v j- r -W.. Wfcl f-t.
VL...rv.T'sil-4. " - -m v 1 . (
v 4tw.OC!fi
, i VfrrrA fin feVJ
.pi h V b j j k
must tie In i,nturi's nrm al night, as wit
s in her ci.mt'.inj during lite day Tents
are tteceesnry and bidding The country
Is so tarfly settbil that oti can't dipend
oh the inhabitants, but must take care of
yourselves all ihe time.
TJ? season hre Is from October 1 to JVb
ruary t, and during that time you enji kill
all the game you can care for if sou are
nn'hinit of a unncr. The best time to
visit this section Is in November nnd iJe.
cemKr Numbers of bear and di-er are
ahnuaJly shipped out of here, and they
seem rather to Increase than decrease.
Ducks were shipped from here bv the thou
sands last year, hut tile reports from there
now 'show tbm they linve come back In
multiplied ntimbers. Turkeys are also
abundant, while the mountain partridges,
thoe rare birds which glvu a hunt'-r k.en
delight in tho search and a toolhnme tnor
tri when killed, are to be found by Ihe
doxens If you are keen enough to get to
These are the grounds within easy re-ioli
? Kars.is City hunters You can leave
Cansas Clly nl 6:30 In the evening on a
splendid sleeper nnd reach hunting grounds
by morning, or ilde further fur half a day
mid get to the heart of the sportsman
paradise. You can get brenkfat at Ytmjer
or dinner at Hatchlcnon. and nil the w.iy
between the two places the woods and
mountains teem with name nwnltlng your
bullets. The road makes epei tit 1 provis
ion for hunters nnd takes care of tents and
nil camp equlp'iKo If it Is properly packed.
The olllclnls are polite and obliging nnd are
always ready nnd willing to cive nny ad
dition. il Infot tnntlnn eoneernlng the road,
while tho employes all nlong the line arc
sportsmen themselves nnd are glade to bo
if i-entce to those who seek recreation nnd
pleasure among the mountains.
Nor need you worn about bringing home
the game, for the road linn always ample
equipment to enrry nny n mount of freight
on Its trains for that purpose or baggage
and express room for those who arc in a
hurry to get the reults of their hunting to
thlr waiting friends If you ko to the
OKarlts you will be nire to echo the cry of
Kipling's Jutifrle friends, "Good Hunting."
At Home the Outlaws Are Highly l!t-
(uinicit and Difi 111I1 il.
From the San Frnnctsco Examiner.
It Is now nearly ten. jears since tho
Greek government determined to take
strenuous im-asurei. for the suppression of
brlRiindage, which has flourished for cen.
turies in the little realm. Yet it had not
bti n possible for the government, with a
cumpnnuhely larsre sized aimy and secret
anil lnunirlnal tmllce in nt.nnlienri I h
I daring robbers and outlaws. The reason
fur this failure is partly due to the sya-
j tern Cf espionage which the brigands them.
oh is maintain in. the army und police,
but, above all, to the native shrewdntsa
an 1 diplomacy w hlcft they exercise in
thilr dealings TMth the people among
whom they reside. Strange as It may
!( m. thise men are highly respect, d nnd
Knatl feared In their own towns, nnd
1 tiny an rely upon their townsmen, jea,
tM'n upon the municipal authorities, for
protection, notwithstanding that the latter,
who are expected to arrest and punish
1 rlminals, are wcil aware of the. r nefarious
v atlon. The brigand constitute the best
ru-ioRicrs 01 tne merchants, and IBey ure
literal to the poor. As regards the city
1 fa tliers, they ax-1 not overvirluous, and
bi'bi-ry la not such a heinous oCeuae in
ijr. e'e,
N.-ither force nor strategy could tvail
against the diplomatic highwaymen. Fi
nally the K'- eminent determined to
tnlopt dtfferent tactics airainst them. It
was learned that there often reigned great
Jealousy between the different bands aod
also internal fVuds btwetn the leaders
and the men. fclo tt was thought Wisest to
set a price on the heads of the so-calh d
captains of the bare-ls. This had tho d.
blred effect. Not that the extermination
was a rapid one, but gradually during the
decade one leader afir the other has been
caught and their bands dissolved, so that
but one or two remain to this da,v.
In each case It was found that the re
ward was paid to bithtr one of the, nub
oidlnate brigands belonging lo the band
whose leader was apprthnded or to one
or two members of a lival organization.
In no case did any of the (ownsmt-n of a
brigand captain betray him. Un the con
trary, his fellow citizens put all pubslbla
obstacles In the way of government of
ficers. Thi. Interference on the part of
the townsmen may be aserlbid to the 1 "o
verbl.il conviviality of the criminals,, who
made tln-mstlves exceedingly popular with
the people among whom ttiey IItJ. Thy
nuver robbed any of their own penpk,
but conducted their operations far fiom
home, and their victims wetc must t u
meroub among the many toiirlns who
either vUlt or pass through druce.
Thu moht lamous of the luU.iul I1I1 fs
who are cither now in prlsuii or win v -cuted
or were killed b thu oih -r w uu
they rcilsud, weie Kuutim, . Uoi, 1'ipi
klrltzopoulos, Taokutirde, TVonl - '1 1.. 1 1
mouB Tsunakas in still at liih'c Ku na-,
who neer pormlttnl ln photnginph u be
tnken, was appiclnnd. .1 by tho iiuse u.nr
general himself und thu tu lge ut intiiu -tlon,
who were tlitgtisci as foreign iur
lsta and solicited hc-pltalltv at the f ,1,-1
resort of the brigand. In the midst of tim
repast which he had g nemuil prej it :
for them he was seisjed nnd uonu 1 ban 1
und foot by a number of sciu 11 .: e,
who hud been In hiding nt a l.-i" il In
dlstunce, KoutiiM paid with bis n 1 1 t.,c
ImirudencB which he hud inmmltt. I
Vellos, the mokt f. arcd of them all w is a
compactly built athhtu uint win kiurtn
iiiuutig the fiaterulty lis tin oeplm ,,, that
Ih, I.c had no bun 1 and did all bU uik
.niKie handed, lint lie was a in .re n .
duubtnble fuc thuti any of the uiln, a
whule band all by hliiuadi. Ills dowiuall
and ilnal ntiprelienslon was cuiised by a
romantic, nffalr with a beautiful joting
woman who dwelt at tho foot of tho hls
toilo rainussuB. Vellus wan head or
heels in love with pretty Helena Martos,
but her puientB could lot be Induced to
iniiitni to thu match. The young trirl her
fi If ridiculed the ldta. In revenge ho way
laid thu Sirl on night on hir way ba k
Iroin the village nnd nit off her Ions and
biuutlful trcjiscs. The brother uf the cii.m;
-lrl discovered lh haunts uf hU phur'a
ussallant and omruyed him to thi uuthu 1
tln lie wan ejxecuted a year ugo Ills
piitiiro could only be piomrecj gtter til
is. cutlon.
I'apakirltcopoulOB waa known as tho bilc
und scntteinan, lie uruiiped aiuuiid hltn n
bund of the most intrtpld mountaineer" u(
the country. Thanks la his ex' elleut du
ration and suave breeding he exert If r4 un
inltlttati d control over his mm He was
nn Inexorable tyrant, who treated his ac
coinplbca like tluves. until finally one dog
birlvtd at the chastisement and debuted
him to be executed, together with hla cun
pan'ons, Karac Kuttas, Alanlil and Stra
vojtaloi. These mJU were u!l guilty of in
numerable tiiiiKa, .ml had lmn.lti.da uf
murdt-ta 011 their cqnsUences.
nil there wns lo 11. We simply set lire to
the gras hi hind us nnd followed It to the
tMtiadlan rlier only n short distance, and
then 1 roceeded n before over the burned
district Colonel M.re nnd N'im Pelers. bv
the way, nwc repnrnted from the party
a.t l.n.1 Ir. a.1, !. ,1 l.'.,i..l.l(, ,1.1.
ibcy were seated In Conwnr 1. Holmes' bad etnerletiee.1 Imrini. Thev went
private ollbo nt the tMfteenth Btreet tiow- through nil C). K. except that the torsos'
er house. There were pnscnt "Jed" Uur- VJ'.,,..n,ul l "v eoinevyhat Imrned Why
kee (leorro Drr ''pnn" tt..ii.i n-,,1 ..-...., IlIn t we do the same? Well, Jtiu see, It's
iT. v'.. '!, """i'" nnu M'o or 1 a u.rferent matter taking heavy loa-bd
two others, Nnturullv the conversation r waistamm ihMurh thnt. i mntiri n.u enn
turned on hunting trips. Con Holmes j horseimck."
seme.l lo think thnt when n psrty is "How about mmeT Y011 hnve been tell-
properl) equipped n hunting trip in Texus jng experlencf s thnt nre Interesting enough.
and Indian Territory Is probnblv product- i'"'.501,' ".I1"'1 wUd ,L ,u,rtl n,m"1 B"V
lie of more real etikiumi ni fnr tha i,n. uroKC in uiirgce.
man nflr big game tlmn nny like cxpetM- "pnme? Why bless oti, Jed, wo got ho
Hon within n rensotinble hunting radius of
KntisnB City. At least, he thought his
bi.ithir, Wiltoii, and Colonel f. !. Morse
would nitre with him. (Sue h a trip ns this
wns tak. n by theo thorough stwrismen,
togther with the late "lilllj'' IVIera ntni
his iiephew, N a. I'etcrs, Jr., In ISfti.
"It was in the last part of lr.ij," said
,ir iimines, leaning nnrK III his comfort
end or game. Ioo!c. here," snM lloltnes,
"here Is a picture or our enmn thnt I took
at the end of th second week out," pro
iliietiifj the plcluro that Is reproduced here.
"i if iiiiirw this doesn't n present nnj thing
like nil thnl we got, but tt will pie you
fnlr Iden of the business we were doli.g
"You all have probnblv formed onr Plena
oi cow noj b irotu renutng ncc-ounts 01
able ollbo clinlr nnd blowing clouds of certnln class that dcllpht In running rnm-
inuii aim ninr 11 six-sntioter wtin just the
same freedom ns a conductor would u n
transfer punch. This boy Joo thnt wo hud
with u w.m of the other tyi. Of course
Ills mnniii r were rom.-li. but he w.s nn
gentle ns a womnh nnd ns sjinpatlietlo ns
it" ikiu uvea in uint tountry nil
It's funny but he Rccmed to bo
smoke from t clpir that must hae cost
nt lenst four for a quarter. His face lmd
one or tno lar-awuv expressions that
told In an lntsnt that the narrator's
thoughts wete miles nnd miles nwny from
the hnrsli clanir of the cable enr bells nn.l
coinpUlnts nliout lronreis It was plum a child
to see that thero was nothing on Mr, , his life.
n .hi , 1 ,1 111 1 1 1 11
ul ms la - ?nHe
Holmes' face to Indicate that there was
such a thing as a brukm 1 atjle ttrand or
that there was a poh-ibi'It of any cars
except the Metroiwlltiit. running up and
down 'anaotte stre. t. .No. nothing of
tht'. kind was before him Inste-ul, he saw.
In fancj, deer and anulope jumping about.
He looked upon the f. stive wild turkey
swlftlj running throuKh the brush. Once
nsaln he heard the hi Jeous cry of the
panther and thought, as he (.aid, on a
tormcr occasion, "You can stay right
where you are. You're not my kind of
During these contemplations Mr. Holmes'
cigar had gone. out. He did not relight it.
"Where was I?" he suddenly asked, "uh,
yes: I think It was Jn December. 'DJ. that
Colonel Morse, my brother 'Billy' ivtira.
.vim l'ett-rs ana meir
taKe 3. nig nunt. we had
a. stranger to tho shotgun, but a Win
cIiht was hi- friend. I made up my
mind that a 'tenderfoot' had better stay
away from either Texas or the territory. If
lie Wh. s big shootintr unless he has ar
ranged for a KootX nutde to show him about,
"lixnctly thiee wiiks to the day after
we had left Canadian v,-c pulbd up at
Woodland, I. T. Our 1 ar was there. We
piled our game In the baggage car and
took stock. Here'x what we came home
with, after living three weeks on game:
Fifteen deer, nine antolope, seventy tur
keys, t went -two toons, five dead wild cats
and a live one that Joe had roped. It was
the grandest hunting trip I eer experi
enced and I expect to go again next
There -was quite a little silence as Mr.
COnClUvl'U tO Holmes finished Tho cl.'sie l.n.1 nil !...
l sfiecl.il car i ...... .i.i i.a t..-i ,..?, y. "", .. ;
and went to Canadian. Tc x As we stepped i iwk a f'reh one from th. hov Afte? ., f.'w
frr.f th train we wrrt m&t hi Mr vVni i VJs iresn one rrom the hox. Arter a few
&SE, lhenlLn ri?chW rlreLb,K;IrU,1" Puf Il.n Ul . ed betv. een his teeth
XJTiT: ...r.... Y-I....i ';.'j ..'... ul s"cn and angle that the smoke had not
the slight, st chance to get In his eyes. Uu
sftid: "Had a little hunt myself in ':. Got
big game, too. Want to hear it?"
"Sure," said Con, ringing the cuspldoie
bell ten feet awn George Orr, the silent,
simply nodded his head and the others
nettled back 10 hear Jed tell a few things
about Colorado.
"There were three In our party," began
Dlirltee, "my uncle, a guide and myself.
This uncle of mine, who lives nt Oral;-.
Col., met me at nifi" Col., n small town
on the Colorado Midland not rnr from
Glennwood, It was August, nil. We
Started in a sptlng wagon for Craig. Of
course we had u liberal supply of provis
ions, some wet, and mostly diy. The Mm
night out we put up ut a big lo- furm
housc. There v as plont of room in tho
building, besides an old Coloiado hunter.
his wife ami five children. When we weio
fitlily Btarted the next morning X found
tnut biiiup one nun -wined
1 of the country. Kver. ihlmr had been nre.
parea. -mere bioou a oik- tour-norse
chuck' wngon and axiother to carry tho
camp outfit, a horRe all saddled nnd
equipped for each of tho party, dnd run
ning about were twen-y-seven fox hounds
and Bevn beautiful JrUh stag hounds.
The plan adopted was to make a three
weeks' trip in a. semi-circle, covering SCO
mlleg, and to corno out at Woodward. I. T.
Th oar in the meantime was to bo trans
ferred to that point.
"There Is no tved to give the details of
those three weeks. They were full of thrill
ing', intt-restlnfr and In many cases amus
ing Incidents.
"I shall never furget the sensation that
crept over me tht- tlrst time I hi ard the
cry of a panther. It was simply apalling
It ha been described hundreds of times as
resembling the nvciriiful cry of a woman.
Alt attempts to tell now It really sounds fado
into insignificant e whn one has really lis
ten u to 11. it w.i-s nearly mi'inignt wnen
the '"ti
t t b
w j 1
v 1
t H Jl I
pr I
1 q '
1 t
r k l '
t 1
T 1
c ml;, but such li an actual fact
ruled at any time uy tnoau
-k. ptlcu.1. IJetweon Hofii ra-
Irm re, a dlstali t- of Uu luilen.
rjiil ure o pUiillful that their
Urgt. Huuibfis near the trains
1. muro than pan lug Interem.
11 Untltul U Igrge game in that
I r Hi's jiait week or two there
in KaniMii City an avuragu of
1 i.y with unlimited numbers
. ! quail, whlh the duiks and
,iu simply been count less.
walliy-t pike and trupple
'in' In thu streams which tiow
in ri.ntair.B that the fishermen
j 1 I. into tht water and draw
with their hand But If he
to hunleia. and willingly bhow all the good
g UllU fU
BbOU for utiiiiiuir
fbrein kinds of uaiun
i ou go utiun 10 tug nay
or hunting the dlf.
In Craighead
county, uu will llnd hunting round that
exttnil oer a rdltik of ten inTle In oveiy
dlrtttlon. Here uie deer i.n plentiful that
their lameiieBs nmkeg it ultnout a blmtne to
kill them. Hut httu U wht-ie the bear
hunter Is at home. The hunter should be
pioidd with a good large uullkr Wln
ehuster rllle, and undeimuiiil well how to
us It, fur he will find oppoitunlty in plenty
to tiy his rime on this noble game. Tui
ky und duck an plentiful, aim their fcta.
son ruiw until May, while the deer eat,oii
doe pot expire until 1'Mnuur. Hnulinl
aie veil plentiful, and hunter ure never
..'fa',' .V;,,.erfi..rt,hB0fa?eUCIno.rtyT, 'Vl h.. un , and
H I I 13 t J lll4ft tout u utu call utr
I - iu Jjing at the bottom, fifteen
for a stone. Some genius who knew buth
reached a nart of Arkansas when, mil,, Mn,i
dnriileku uvni tiletillf 111. u ml iiaoiil .. ...
ib li illtful time can be snent If ilnn of the kinun 1'iiv i.,r, t;.-.,,,, 1.
i I in the main Htm at Wijlow MmnplilB load Oak .orulck And that It is
1 -.a qwn rue lurrent Jtlver well nurntd is selt- ildent to anyone who
', me njb iiouse i ou wapt to vlfclls the plan .1 oaks and di.rnitks
jiJ t jour trip that i.i nofible(alKjund with 10 s'ftit J.ut 'aka nn i ior
'1 ' w r i ahead an i halt boats nlik. ru. 1 i il lo rtalti kin s nf
i ai I nu .un anq rnie down game 1 1 if is a. pi " w m-
i I.n 11,11.0 ciitiiir,' for bakaitho bin 1 i i 1 1 1 t ikey . I irt
n new h 1 1, It f 1 1
tint. l.n 1 1....1 l...... !.... ...1.1. .. . .
ilii'V' 7.W rW " ctSP ? beArTie'tecond' nfe.u fotmd"i.s
thryhe Mt-Wt- a for-me ,he fas , ro,VgheKwr;icha,he0,'vV ilte.ve'rns "o'n
a creeping, chilly ftmsation down my spinal I the afternoon of the third day we drove into
thord. No one fcpiAe for a rootnent, then Cinlg, eighty-live miles from Itlfle. At
'Ju.-.' our gu de. with, a coolness almost this point we wvio met by our camn outlp
exasperating lmplv said, 'panther.' The which had come meiland bv stage. fi
dugs in the meantime had gone. We found 1 two wagons-, n cook .the doctor, a triend of
.v I
RUis T itttisSiJga Ha slMi itouaa isalfcimtipif 19 im bvwt'a coauaw, tiss aix I lhra u s ras?n
riitm K11.MNU ri.i:.vs,
'JIim Willi r I'leii Is 11 Pent In Tlimi) nim
Have 1'iog i'liinl on 'I heir latins.
From the New Orleans Picayune.
The trouble which uuw bloods upon Colo.
nel Hen Casoq, the well known supet intend
nt of the l"nclflc Kxpiess Company, and
which Is swiftly bringing hU raim lucka
to the louipUxion of lOtton, is all brought
abuut by what Is known as the water lieu,
Thu aui lira has suddenly appealed In
Cub nel Cuiou'g frog pond, and the jioor Ut
ile and Urge flog4, for the colonel sdys he
has some as lai.-e as a small itUc.il dog, ure
being graduall killed off The water tlea
Is 11 very peculiar kind of animal. Colonel
Cusou nays, and he is at koine loss how to
deal with lt. He iays th watei ilea has u
long, bill sort of mouth, rlmllur to that of
a, vampire, and that It sinks IU bill deep
Into the top of his frogs' backs, and there
suiks their veiy life blood. He caught 0110
of his bt and fatten t frogs ekterdjy and
found on It over 100 water lb on,
Colonel Canon has a ery Uige frog pond
now, and this tiuuble comes very near 10
his heart, for hu Is devoted to the culture of
the ammal, so mueh so that he has built,
a largi pui d and supplied It with all th it a
frog WcL'l rfd in his bi 'n. i-- Hi saia
1 1 I 1 1 nt pc. ,f e in g Jrv, . n
h d 1 g an i wh h us ) 1 ) r iiy
e e tfi 1 f in p 1 i' (."ii ii y be
I I Im i t- n to t ailt b tuu iniur; Ilia, and
'M "'
I, llll flli
WW $
11 1 I ' 1 W'i
111. t 41
1 ll' . w
i .,1'
1 ili.
! r-m&iMB
"-" ' f ir-- liT5
" nx
i' vrv' cvfiifl
'JT'i ji
,: X
ii:l .
lW'Vrvt) '
T. .."
r jrz
KZJ K-l"osrt
KL'i3vtiirJ." W
'Ki?iir- -v
itt'.yrf'sv U e A
m.'-';'L J
' le-,4 -.T 'MCa1 ' , I JIV..W "
o'V...ii4,frn , 1 1'i.iV . s
i- tv 1 . ji - 1 n.iir-.Sif,7Ar ,., 1 ts.'.iv rt 1 '.
.1 "! mmspv uxmi
l " - - k T I'.lil da ...-'." U.lrliUi'l - ( ni 111 I 1.
- c.
w "z-j 'lliSSa, rr?
.t :vm
'it IK I
1CiSr5 feK V'W' V :
Tin: camp in thi: TnniUTnjw
the-m about a mllo from camp beneath a
big tieo, while abiAe shilling down uhiii
Un through tlm darkness wer. two ijwu
that looked llko bulls of lire. We ills, ueel
th situation tor a moment und then con
fludti) that Mr. 1'aiittwr was doing veiy
Well wheie he was Wo went b.u k to camn
Of tutirsv If It had been dnlight we would
havo tried for hi in at least, but wtnii it
wus pitch dark mutter wcru ontlrel) dif
ferent." At this point Mr. Holmes picked 1111 hla
half burned cigar, looked at ll critically
fur a moment, K.iok hU head und ca.i it
Into the walt paper Uifcket,
"Wire you evir In a pruirle fire?" ho sud
denly akml. "No? Well that's another ex
pcrieiiie wo hud during tho tecuml wte-k
out. Wo had just broken camp uiu! were
starting on to seek- pew- fields. Jt was of
cuuim! kuil mori lug. About 9 o'clot k wo
heard a dUtuiit 1 oat lug wniii'l. At lint 110
uncle's, and our guldo, wo started for tho
hunting e.unp, uhout eighty miles up 111
the mouutaliu. on the ihird day out we
camped on the licnr river near ileurhead
mountain. In a beai.uful valley vailed Cull,
fui nla paik. Wo fou 11 1 a one-room vat ant
huue, nnd iiltc lied oui tents In front of It,
'ihe hut had un old-fat,hloned llrepiuce. and
a lot of deer und elk hldeu on tho Hour,
I'p to U1I4 time we had seen nu game. Wo
lointtil for flesh tneul for supper. Two of
us mounted our hoit-es nnd took n shoit
rldo Into the tlmbei in un hour vvu ciinu
back with two deer. The other members
of tho party went to a mull mountain
btreuin, and toon came In with twenty-four
trout. Hoys, do ou think that we hud a
good suppei thnt plght? Well, 1 reckon.
"Tho fun commenced the next day. We
started on hoisehaik tor the mountain
tops. Wo Jutnpid twenty-four deer that
duy, and brought home two nice bucka.
instant iciaiiuir Mjiiiiu. ,it nrst nu -..- .... , .v, ., .1..1 ...... .---.:'.
uiie tnuk alii iiarticular notice of it Our1 Jl,u f1' ,"". '"" ""jnnig out iuck. wo
one looa an parneuiar noiiee 01 u. yur ,,... hundreds of antilone. but Hue wnntii
guiues exiwrciue c. ne into piuy "BU Ilut vlklt With u. More tliun oiice. In cilTiTb.
lug tint iiiuuntalns, I tald goodby to all
eaithly eaitb as my liorsu und myself
lolbd down a clllf,
"The fourth day out 1 thought my cup of
happiness wu to be lllled. for there, within
easy tango, I wus sum 1 saw a hear. I let
lilm huve it, und lo and lichold, there was u
dirty little puicuplue before me dead. On
the fifth day wo went higher up than any
day beforo. looking for elk, Finding noth-
fur he ald with that same annureiit in
dlffeiunce That's a prairie llru and it b
coming Uil iwny,' Jitatuntly tho stories,
espei iall of my boyhood, icgurdliig the
tenor of a ptulilt fire came before me, J
kaw the pkturts of thu curb keltle-rs with
thsdr eovered wan-ous lleelug for tlulr life
before the lite (lend. You've boeii thuae
pluluies. Hoars, snakes, panthers, deer and
In fai t every kind of giuno In one common
herd ttio miming alongside the settler ana ng but elk signs we Bepaiate-d. and ugieed
at th'lr vi o h e tongues of llama are to dose In at the first thot In about llf
pl i,n hi) ui-j scc't 1 Jcjoked ut J ii tcr.i ininutes I saw w lint I supposed vvak a
lie 1. nii'i -I 1 uquy Biiui u iiuuyii nuipn'u tin tiii icejing ucrosa u ueep
ar I 1 , 1 1 tt'- "4 thu same and got the taujoii
sjHic umt nt of . tisfactlon I 'I thought here was my chance. I went
. "U'011 ucedii't tvt sksJXxU'j i.cnlurc4 JqJ around aki.ul klU A mil iiUji W1W Vk 10
Ihe lop of n rldse, not more Ihnn twenty
Hi" nids from the latgi st wild nhltn.tl I
ner raw. I waited until tny pulfc wns
normal nnd then let him havo It As he
nroppeil. tin lutntx-d nnolher eaunllv ns
largi My blood wns tip and I blnxcil nwny
nt the eieond one nl nbout ltO yards nnd
broke his neck. The other boys then tame
up nnd oh exnmltmtlun we found thnt I
had killed, Insli-nd of two elk, it pair of
marn'deent blacktnll deer.
"As our enmp wns now supplied wllh nil
the deer meal thnt we could possibly use
we determined to kill nothing lull elk, nn
telope nnd bear. The next morning early
1 found mjelf on Ihe top or n smnll hill.
Theie Immediately bctunth me I enw nt
lenl too antelope feeding, t hnd n beau
tiful thnnce, nml nt the first shot n big
fellow diopped. As the held ran pnt me
1 pii'tincd my Winchester und btought
down live more,"
t'p lo this time nobody had Interrupted
Ihe rpeaker, Con Hollnc.it had found the
cuspidor at lenst a dozen times, George
Orr moved uneasily In his chnlr.
"Hlendy, Jed," snld Cnti. "You'd belter
lake ofr n few from thoo five."
"All true," nlllrmeil Durkee; "but wnlt
n minute nnd I'll knock you silly. I enn
fwenr to every wonl 1 nny. After brenk
fnnt we stnrted out for elk. Hy 1 o'cloclt
we hnd located 11 herd nnd I thought It had
nl least 1,000 In it. My uncle mild l.vi, I
wanted lo shoot, but uncle said no. Wo
tried to get nenr, but It was no lis' : they
fcelited us nnd nwny they Weill, It was 11
grand sight. Hocks mvl bush fell beneath
ihelr awful rush. I wandered awuy by
myself. When I hnd gone nlsiut it qunrter
uf n mile 1 saw stnndlmr aluittt IH) vnrds
nwny n blc bull nnd cow. They saw me,
loo, nnd sinrted. Hid I shoot? You bet.
They were both my meat."
Con opened his eyes u little wider nnd
George Orr dimply set niched his head.
Neither spoke,
"As I nppronchetl, the cow rnlscd up on
her front feet nnd my gun went Hying
down tho nic-iuntnln ulde. Then emtio a bat
tle roynl. I hnd the ndvnntnge, Her back
was broken. My uncle came up, nnd with
his nsslstnnce we hilled tho cow. In tho
meantime our hor.cs ran nwny. The doc
tor then rnmo up. Hero we were In a
nice fix. Twelve miles from camp, three
in din nariv. iwn elk nnd onlv one horse.
Wo londed tito qua! tor of one elk ami tho
two heads on the horse nnd hoofed lt to
camp. It wns 2 o'cloclt In the morning
when wc Arrived there. When we finally
broke enmp nnd took stock wo cottntctl up
sixteen deer, eleven nntclope, und two elk,
not lo spenlt jt hundreds of trout."
The fpenker had finished. At last Con
said, ns ho turned In his chnlr to blgn a
few vouchers: , , ,
"The only mistake I made was tolling
my story Ural."
1'!.i:nty or r.Aittii: ash mi am. iamk
Kansas Cltrnn" Mho " rhft ,:,"T
Autumn lo Kill eer nnd Oiinlt
Inlerellng Hetrrlplloiu and
(nod Slorles.
MAN'S Tlllltl) IAE.
What Ii
r.eft of It it I'unnil
of the llrnln.
In tho Center
Tram Popular Science.
Man tend nil higher nnlmnls have two
eyes nnd two on. All mammals, birds,
reptile, nmphlbla nnd fishes have this
number of eves. Cvcn there animals which
from time immemorial have lived In ab
solutely dark much have two eyes. In
many of such animals, however, tho eyes
have been overgiown by the skin, so that
these eyes now would be usele-s for vision,
even if the ntilm.il should come from Its
subtetranenn home to the light of day. The
Mime Is true of several snecles of burrow
ing nnlmnls of the mole and mouse tribes.
Indeed, nil tho vertebrate animals have two
ecs. whether they use them or not.
Not all animals have these two eyes sym
metrically placed In the head, one on each
side. Certain ilshes which apparentl swim
on the side, such as the turbot, have both
eves on one, the dark Eido of their heads.
That this Is not due to a simple twist of
the held has been demonstrated by Profes
sor Steenthrup moro than twenty years
At times, by what Is termed arrested de
velopment, animals and even human be
ings, appear as cyclop", or having one ee
only. Hut who ever heard of a third eye
In man or beast? And et recent research
es prove thnt man and all vertebintcs seem
to posses the rudiments of a third eye.
This dl-eovery Is not only veiy interest
ing, but nlso remarktibly Instructive, since
the rudimentary third eye of man hub.
by one of the most noted philosophers of
modern days, been looked upon as being
the seat of the soul
As oigans by proper use develop in
strength and perfection, so they become
weak by lack of use. If for many genera
tions un organ should remain without
u-e, Its Mructure In time becomes Kimpler
and more Imperfect. If such a process
continues throughout ages, nn organ, by
constant disuse, will become reduced to n
nieie rudiment of what It was In the spe
cies using the same. Thus, species of
birds that only wnlk and run, but never
fly, hnve only rudimentnry wings, as the
ostrich; while In the eagle and the alba
tros tho wings are teen in a state of per
fection. Now, In cloely examining the fktills of
certain lizards, it wus found thnt near the
top of the head, under the dark, opaque
skin, and oftc.n in tho very bone, an almost
perfect eye exists, though no ray of light
ever could reach lt.
This eve shows a crystalline lens, a
retina of very complex Mructure, nnd an
optic nerve: in fact, nil the essential pints
of a perfect eye. Hut being covered by
tho opaque skin of the animal, It Is abso
lutely useless.
If this optic nerve Is traced to the brain.
It Is found to connect the eo with the so
called pineal gland of the btaln. This pin
eal gland 1, of course, but a definite por
tion of the nervous tlsue of the lire In,
Invariably located Just back and pai tiy
over tho cerebrum, and in front of tho
rounded brain mass which gcnctnllv la con
sidered to corre-pond to tho corpora quad
ricemlnn in man.
This third eye of the spotted lizard 1s
called thu pineal eye, on account of the
nerve connection of Its retina with tho
plnenl gl ind.
Now, -while In certain lizards this hlchly
developed cyo Is uceleba because it Is cov
ered by nn opaque skin, nnd In others oven
deeply bedd. d in bone. It would seem prob
able that In nn earlier stage of develop
ment this pineal e0 was not rudlmentiuv,
but In toni-taiit life. A very flight molli
fication would nceomptMi this: nutni ly, the
trans-patency of tho skin coveting the eye,
TI1I1. is exactly the condition of tho normal
i'S" In reptiles to-dny; tho !:ln covers
them but it Is transparent whero It cov
eis the eye.
In the skulls of some of the gigantic rep
tiles of the curlier ngo of this globe, pale
ontologists have long ngo found a large,
round perforation, I'lobably this wns the
socket nf the third, or pineal eve, of tho
lehthyo'nurus, the pienlo-nurus, and the lab
iinthodon. Hut 11. much moro importnnt conclusion
muKt be drawn from this discovery, name
ly, thnt In nil vertebrates, even including
man, tho tiaces of this third eye re main
to-dny. Tho p'neal eje of Hzntds being
c inuei ted with the largo pineal gland of
tho ram, it would reetn that the plnenl
glnnd Itself Is but tlm nerve center or op
tV thalmus for this third evo In nil rep
tiles and iimpblbla, tho pineal gland Is
large; fo It ts al"o In fishes.
In hlfther nnlmnls, the rerebrnm divelopt
very mueh, overgrowing the more posterior
portlon-i of the brain, Hy this preponder
ance of tho nervo mass tho pineal glnnd
becomes covered bv tho cerebrum, nnd
tessiimes moro nnd more rudlmentniy
forms But It remains with obstinate per
tlnnclty. It Is even nlwas pn-tent In man
though hero only the sko of a pea and
rudely risemhHng it pine cone In shape,
It seems nlso degenerated In structure,
having hnrdly any nervous tlssuo Tiiesn
facts of form and structuro have given rise
to Its name, that of plnenl gland.
The position of tho pineal gland In man
l almost In the very cuiter of the brain.
The pca-llke, roiindtsl mabs nttractH at
tention when the third ventrh lo of the
brain la opened, It Is nlmoEt free, being
held In plai e by two llhht, stalk-llko hands
or peduncles, which connect It to the eeie.
bruin lnteiloily. The I'lnnd, so-called, Is
rather vlusculur, and contains nlsn crys
talline mineral matter, the so-called ncer
vulus cerubri, consisting tmilnly of phos
phates. A most singular error has been Intro
din ed In an otherwise reapcctabli) body of
philosophy, by this position of Ihe pineal
gland, the Zirbcl druese of the (Jermans.
The great philosopher, Hestartis, spent
most of hts time during tho winter of ICO.
3t) in anatomical studies nt Amsterdam.
Here lie probably made cloko examinations
of the human brain, and was struck with
this peculiarity of tho jilin al gland. In
Ills philosophical systtm, he loc-atisl the
boul In this little oigan Ho snjs In his
"l'asslons de I'Ame;" "I recoguUu eleaily
and distinctly that the poison of the hu
man body in which the goul exerts Its func.
tlons Is neither the heart nor the entlie
bruin, but only the Innermost part of the
same, namely, a certain minute acorn, blt
unted exactly In the center of the liralu,"
Hi refers to the pineal gland.
What a striking error of the groat philos
opher! This degenerated little rudiment
of what "wns once tho nerve center of a
third eye of certain prlmodlal mammals,
dignliled by assigning to It the seat of the
very koul of manl
The central point of our brain, which so
Jong has remained a mystery to the student
of human und comparative anatomy, now
appears as the rudiment of a third eye
overgrown and depressed by the Immense
development of the brain What u splendid
development for man to beoure the grtut
brain, tho organ of reason, ut the expense
of a third eye.
Ilcforc the Cherokee Gullet wns thrown
open to settlement, In the ilnys when
blanket Inllnn.s roamed Its tindul.it'nff
plains ns they ll-tcil, game nbounded from
the Kansas lionler lo the Texns line All
nlong the ."nil Fork of the Arkansas rlVif,
thnt treacherous. pnhd5-oot"i"'l "ream,
which flows from the northwest corner of
tho "Strip" toward Ihe southeast corner,
nntelope cutiM bo found In herds nml oc
etisloimlly deer left ihelr haunts In tho
western imrt of Ihe Outlet and grnzt on
the luxuriant grasses that grow nlong
lis banks. In those days the Outlet w "
paradise for Fjior.tsmcn nnd many hunt
ing parties from Knnsns nml nouri nnd
elsewhere went down there to enjoy tneir
favorUe sport.
As recently ns September 1C. 1S3J, nt
the tlmo the Outlet wan opened for Fct
tlcmetit, there was still plenty of game In
that tcglon. It Is telnteel thnt when tho
nn'.iiioroble rush of prospective Bottler"
tc-ok place, September 10, 11M, nnd tho
liurrlt.itic riders, closing in from tho I.ist,
the We-st, the North nml the South, grad
ually nnrrowed tho spncu yet to lie prc
cmpttsl, -the t,5ime' fled befote them In
terror. Antelupe rnn until they fell ex
hausted or found temporary hiding plnees
In the entions isi.nt of tho blackjack timber.
Jnckmbblts pnntcd In the sun or were run
down nnd destroyed by the dogs that rol-)owe-d
the wagons of the men nnd women
who took their chnnccs ot llndlng homes
bj slower methods than on horseback.
"t made tho r.icc Into tho Snip from
Caldwell, lCns.," said n resident of Kunsna
City to a reporter for the Jotirnnl, "and
I hnd for an objective point the townslte
ot l'ond Crock, sometimes culled Hound
Iiiid, Jurt south ot the S-iIt I'oik of the
Arknnsn.s river. 1 went In on tho Fpesclal
train that the lbck Islund ran Into the
teirltory nnd wns on the townslte shortly
after the llrst of tho hurricane ildcrs
reached lt. One of the llrst men to get
to the townslto wns r, tall, rnw-bonctl Mls
soui Inn, who enrrled a pint ot whisky and
a broechlonding shotgun, chnrged with
buckshot. He rode n magnificent black
horso nnd the first thing ho did upon his
nrrlvnl upon tho townslte wns to lenp
from hli horse nnd stake nut his lot. Then
ho threw his tlllo to his shoulder nnd shot
nn nntelope that wns skurrylng across tlm
evstern part or tho prospective town, on
the spot where' the court house of Grant
county now sinjuls. That afternoon 11
hustling rcstatimnteur set up a tent nnd
announced "snndwlches lend bltick coffee
for "3 cents.' The Mlssottrlan, with nn cyo
to business, sold the nntelope to the res
taurant keeper for a goodly sum. That
afternoon n sign, was posted on tho out
sido of the restaurant tent thnt read:
suppnrt is now headi-.
"Ion may be sure thnt restaurant did ft,
thriving buslncs. It was afterward named
the Antelope restaurant nnd occupied a
modest brick building, with a gl.iM front.
"Speaking nbout gnmo down In tln
Strip nnd tho Indian Territory," continued
tho speaker, "I had n little experience
over In the blackjack wood, twenty miles
west of Enid, that I will not soon forget.
A party of hunteis was made Up in Grant
county and we started ror the timber in
two lumber wagons. We went over to
Indian creek, where It emerges from the
oaks, and pitched our tents, determining
to make hunting expeditions on horeback,
returning to tho camp at nlglitlnll. 1
started out the next morning while tho
stars were still lu the bkv and the sun
was within tlireo hours of Hooding tho
pl.Uns with light. I made a detour of tho
wootiH for ten miles and entered through
a narrow gully skirted with timber. The
underbrush grew rank on the sides of
tho gully. 1 plunged deeper nnd deeper
Into the- oakR until they grow so close to
gether that I could get my horso no fur
ther. "I hitched him to a tret! ontl continued
on foot. I was pbklng my May cautious
ly nlong nnd hud stopped to untnngle my
foot from some unelerbrush when a hllght
rustling sound) struck my ear and I
glanced up In time to sco 11 magnificent
deer sktirry past un opening In the timber
in a moment my rlllo wns at my shoulder.
I glanced along the ban el nnd pulled tho
trigger. There was a flash and a iv;iort
and the deer fell iu its, tracks At tho
same moment I felt a stinging sensation
in my left shoulder and blood began to
00211 through my coat.
"The- brashest parted on the other side
of tho clearing eond tho elver nnd ono
of the ine'mbei3 of the parly 1 wus wltli
ran to whero the deer was ling nnd
proudly waved his gun ut me. 1 saw that
I was only slightly wYiuinled nnd claimed
thnt a bullet trom my rlflo had ended tho
animal's career. At first my friend d's
puted my claim. Put when he s.uv the 110
fltlnn I xviiB In, nnel the ranee In which
ho had fired he acknowledged that It ia
my shot that had laid tho animal low.
It wan a narrow call for me."
In the fall time Prank J. Smith's fancy
sirlously turns to -thoughts of a hunting
expedition to the Indian Territory. During
tho pa.st five years ho Ihh not failed to
gratify his fancy and each yeflr ho has
come hack to his business hero In the city
with handsome trophies of tho hunt
whero Indiana tyi.hu T,,ot .... ,-
Smith is planning a two weeks' trip
through tho Choctaw country after deer
wild turkeys, timber wolves nnd quail
Ho expects to leavo Kansis City about
tho tlrst of Ivccciuho-, to be nbtent two
.Mh' i?.mn1' 'c";s nol KO on hunting trips
wllh la go parties of wportsmen. He usti
nlly takes, one friend with him to thu
territory, where a party of nbout five Is
mndo up. A guldo is Included in the party
and oil various occasions he has been nt
";' ndJ,u.nrt. ,," Mr. Smith Is jire
parcel to testifv. There Is ono particular
raneb in the Choctaw country whero .Mr.
bmlth goes each year to gintlfy his lovo
for sport Ho does does not desire the lo
cation of this ranch to bi known, for the
reason that the owner Is a w.um friendi of
bis and to publish It would bo equal to nu
invitation to nil the Interlopers who carry
guns nnd take advantage of the knowl
edge of the piesonco of gome in a certain
locality to overstep hospitality or the law
sVi! J'K'J'? f!,f "her nnd go there to mint
..... ....,., ,,,.j VIIUUIIC',
mine, anountl
w licro
nds on this rnnoh. it is snm..
near tho he-art of the t'iininn
SLmi!A7 n,Va..lcf,or,0 ' Pwe Into tho pos.
bCbblori of "pileface" ownership it vni
one of the favorite resorts of the wearer:
- - 1 ,;;: ....,, m ui um i
in .11 ieij ana eagle rent hers. It Is
in a hilly locality and tho blackjack tim
ber ts us thick ns it enn convenlei ny
stick to the hillsides. A stream of vnter
Inrersectt. it, and there nre la" s.crnple
abundvtl1j1ecre.BPeC4,;a C ,Uh in XU trclim'm
"It Is one of the best hunting and fish.
"s J'1?" ."." I k"0 ." "aid All" Smith
1 1 ..r,,.w. Ul Jonnml. "I hiivo
V . tA
dter. plenty or wild turkeAs anil nil tlm
,qlM ' J. "anted, J)o yo, Vee thow dee?
- aiuci 11 is b.
on Main isttiet
iny. i.ist mint In
Thev are tr,mhiA ,.?
the ('hocfaw countrv.
I lulled a -finiber w if ,nY Tas t t m. I iS
town there and I hava hnn ,S uV,."e.i..?
for a rug which l novv havo tit omi- 1
't's0 ThirS e,a,an'ni on ono of my u.
, ,'i fi'l.er, 11 " Pocl many of tbose am.
uiala dow n thero and they bometlmes, 1. 1 J
tip a mean lKj,t, although th" o ne 1 Lot
Tclfc -Sffltt gj ViSoey1?;1-
W d,,ir hounds are permitted on tha
to hunt on our own rcsixjiisibility - nent
Theie are several tlilngt, t hit hunters m
tho territory havo to contemt with .S
i',nV".l"e rao?t ?Tlous is the amiiortnes
It U.nlmost absolutelr noee..,5. .!i0D.,'s;
111 with the olIlcerB of thd law to 2i2S
Immunity from olllcial tnio-i.... J "ioy.
fcoiuetlmeu arrest und conviction xviihin
..K"' T new rall!-eiednha llle?
,W"...V." '"'.er'1'.''' nee nml
ex-temled aci-oss the Choctaw rn.i5?.8l,ee,r
this has had some tendency tr.d""r Lan11
game supply. It u tn,. M...?..u. ..r.' J.S8 .
'territory as well. as eUew er ,.'",' ,af
is gradually encroaching ir.n'Vi'.
zauon is gradually encroaching upon Vn.
ganio supply and that It 1, only a mini?
2!..y'?.5I!.K5en Ai ? .iilhaave"t,Veenr
exttruuiiated. or c,,,i,t
a gooej muij ye'ats, but ll Is
l.iU .7;.. VF"
.. e 111 take
now there Is an abundance of S 1 '.nt
territory. . Advice, rS-Tved ktT,Z ln, i?
From the statement In bankruptcy of
Oscar Wilde-'s atialrs, lt appears thut Bince
Jul. U'1, ho has 1 tee I veil about MO.uut) In
lovultles for bis nlub V rv Hill., nf ehi
went to his vvifo and cl.llr.reii. whu weie hU friends shot at the ail", .a" cn oC
turned into the street by their landlord a bullet from his friend ' rltlo ViniL ?'"JI. e1'
ay "that hunting baa ,,ot becTCtte'i
years than now. fetter la
C.OUiilB oj Uiailth ate,
An . Ai4MSi Mk 02 SVLwSt ,
" "yaBiwAtitk'
,.,.1l?'lThi8i&i,i.i 1 JMaJHW--'-'
'w? c. i .Ife-H-i"
i-A 4ei Mfi'-Mt-
e ji && g4Lteigtes-vj

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