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Kansas City daily journal. (Kansas City, Mo.) 1892-1897, November 20, 1895, Image 1

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g t. nut. j.nE3s &; so3srs,s
Slxtli bt., Doluwaro unci -Multi Kin. 3
In Days Long Ago
That sole of plino mlplit have an
swered, hut It won't do nowiida).
Tho tones nf such itn old-fashioned In
strument would prate haishly upon
our i' 11s.. which h-uc become nutis
tmried to thn 11101 o ngioeublo hnr-
B monluus tones or the host piano-, or
a tn-dav, hiic h 11s we show In our wmo
B looms. Wo have. 110 time to waste
H oer seiond diss Instiuinents. our
nhn is to supply lovois 01 music wmi
the best plnnns now mnnufiictutod.
This Is picclsoly vvlnl we do Our
pianos speak their own merit Musl-
ill quality Is their own claim to luvni.
Our 'erms ami pi Ices ery,ieasonahlc.
& WANOS'fl
11M 1 mi tii
I-1011 Walnut HI
Checkering Hall
T -.l. I.-..
Kansas City,:
pvO You need a pair of
- Spectacles or Eye
Glasses? If so, call on Dr.
Blake and tret vour Eves
examined and your Glasses at Half
Price till December 1. 18 East nth
Street, at Harsch Jewelry Store.
Miotlior Ilo Will Anept Ills l.lliorty un
tonilltlon That Ilo Wnltn All
Claim for Indemnity.
Washington, Nov. 19 It Is not true, as
lias been stated In dispatches sent from
fiflliltiKtoti, that the Lulled States ko
cinment has lndli.ated a purpose or ask
I11K the release, as an in t of Kiace, of ex
Consul Waller On the uontiaij, the Htato
depaitment lias relralntd this tat fiom aii
inn on 11 n Intimation Hum I'lame tint
the. prisenn r .s ukast. maj Im obt ilneil as
an act ot comlt, piolded Wullei .sui ren
der all claim for Indtmnitj for talse Im
pilsonini nt. This pioposiilon has In en
Mibmittcd by the statu depaitment to the
fanills and uttornejs of Mi Wallet, and
tln aio conslderluir the adlsatilllij ot
Milimlttinir It to Waller hluiseir l'i d
I11K tlii.' matter as one int'ielj iieisonal 10
Waller, and taklnir tho precai lolls coiull
tion of his health into coiihlileiatlon, tlui
nitornejs OKreo that lie should hae nn
opportunlt to decide win tin r to anept
li'le.ifi." upon such conditions. Mi.s. Wal
ler has aillsQd aualiiKt the couise.
It Is undeistood that the lerms jiiKBested
bear no 1 elation to Wallet's Aladarfascar
1 mil claim It is "No understood that
1'ianco peisists In wlihholdlm; the matei
I il p.ut of tint lecord in the Waller coi,rt
in.il Hal, which has been demanded by tlui
ko eminent. Tlio 1'reneli Boeiniunit tclte'.s
the position that the United htatis has no
jlBhi to make the demand for tint docu
ment, but has Intimated that, necithe
less. It would bo furnished upon a 1'ilenJly
request for it.
kkiju 'uiuKiniiA .MiNisrun.
Itei. ltohoi Seyiuore, Wnntefl nt 1-ort
Scott, li Icr Arrest In Kmituck).
Topuka, Kus , Nov. 19 (Speclul ) Gov
ernor Moirlll to-day Issued 11 ii'iruUltioii
for He. Kolu-it Keymoie, of Toil Scott,
who has been located In Jelfeison county,
Ky. Jlr. Hemoio is accused of committing
1111 assault upon 1,1zlo Hancock, and 17
Hheilif T J. .Mini, of Hourbon 1 omits,
stuited to-da for I'lankloit, Ky., wheie
Kemmo has lieiii taken Into custody. The
lomplaint Is signed by Jlrs. Agnes lCnlght,
inother of Miss Hautoek. blieiltr Allen
sa3 the feeling In l'oit Scott is eiy blttei
ngnlnst Sejnoie, and that tho evidence
against him Is cont-Uiihe,
iiici bi:vi:.Mir' j.dhoks.
Semi-annual .Meiit lug of 'I heir AHlnrlntloii
nt lluteblmion llucembur 10 and 17.
Topek-i, Kas , Nov, 19, (Special.) The
ccutle conimltteo of the Jlepuhlicaii
Udltorlal Association for the Seventh con
gressional tllntrlct met In Hutchinson jts.
.11 day and decided o hold the semi-annual
nu-etlDK of the arsocluilon at the same
place on Peccinher Hi and 17.
T. II. Lobdell, of the Ulshton Heiald: U
C l.aiistriim, of the 1'iutl Itepubllcan, and
Heit Mcrldlth, of the Hutchinson Inteilor
Ileiuld, weio elected delegates to the na
tional ussoclatlon.
(iuiititu: aonMi:M' uuimhno.
lo lie Vnt Up by l.ucul Capital around
Itioktin Veaterdaj,
nuthrle, O. T., Nov, 19. (Special ) Ground
was broken to-duy for a handsome two
story brick anil siona postofllce building on
the go eminent acie. The bulldiiiB- Is be
ing put up li local capitalists, under con
tract with tho gocriimeiit. for a stipulated
uinount pet car foi Ihe jcars, at tho end
of which time the eoverninent la to own
the atiuctuie.
AtchUon llullroail Man Iad.
Atchison, Kas., Nov. 19. (Special )
Oharles Ullls. who for a number of jears
lias been night jardnmster ut the AtchUon
I nlon depot, died suddenly while on duty
last evening', as a result of hemorrhage
of the lungs. He -no a well known, rail
road man and leavc-s a -ulto and one child.
Aged Sedalla Ite.ldent Dead.
Sedalia. Mo., Nov. 19. (Special ) Henry
W Gillett. one ot the early settlers of Cen
tral Missouri, and for upwards of fifty
ears a resiueni ui iuuik.u vuuntjr, uicu aw
is home in this city last night, aged il
1 Tl a? I nPi I
kWfc t
Brass Lamps!
Complete trlth beautiful thmtc. S
iiaihrtlir lttirncr-lUegtuit of' 3
fnlrn t.mti fifit k 11 in In 5
iortc hi ituriililtltu fin tied im Z5
ttlih I itmvi tliut sell tUi totrn ZZZ
over tit S4. AX. 3
A $1-95 Each
4.SO ....
a sloth of well selected Z
Banquet and E;
Piano Lamps. ... 3
.ct or eic catih their )irltrv unit ZS
joii tdlt dc eimi-fiimf fiit fic' urc ;2
Mirfdlim. ;
It Appear Unit ( liurl.-t llincl, iiIIim I.eirK
I'liilor Arrest 11 1 Arkansas I'lly,
Has Victimized Mini).
Arkansas City, Kas., Nov 10 (KpocHI )
Charles ltael, alias Lewis, who was in
rested In tills ilty last Saturday for at
tempting to cish forged checks lit the,
r.mnciH' National IjinK, was taken to
Wlnileld to-day and lodged In Jill ill.-!
auest was n luck) strike for the nl'Iucis,
for It lias been usee 1 tnlin d tliat he bus
been going about the couhliv and svsletn
titli.illy ringing checks and getting money.
ills method was to go Into a town, Idle
a rig and go iinuing the funnels and coiin
tiy vtoiekeepets, topiescntlng liliniielf its 11
cattle liujpi He would get tin in to wilto
their names In his notebook, nnd tell them
that he wished to wilte to them concerning
the pinch isp of cnttlo He al-o louiid out
wheio his victims kept their bulk ac
counts. He would then till out chielis pay
able to himself, unit copy the "Igniituies
as neail as possible Jlr Iteetns, of the
llrm of Iteetns fo. Dalton Kns , was
here lo-ilnv and Identltled Lewis as 11 man
who had loiRed the linn's name to a cheek
ot $iC!. and Kot It cashed at the Tanners'
National bank at Wellington u Is nlo
stated that 11 llrm In Caldwell, Kas., .miI
lcia at his bands to the etent of $IJ.
'Hip Colored Si hnnl Timber AMni Split
l'our Heads Opin at llmiliip, Km.,
Under Arrest.
Kmporla, Kas, No. l'l (ripednl) Dae
Hendeison, the coloied sihool teteher who
last night hewed his waj with 11 h itrhet
throiiKh a. Rchoolioom full of people, spllt
tlnir the heads of two niPn and two women,
was tills morning uaptmeil In Hmpoili, and
was t iken hick to lliiiilip, in Jlonls conn
t, wheie ho now lies in Jail He claims
he was st.iiounded by 11 ciowd of infuriated
men who weni shoutliiK "Kill him' Kill
him," and that ho had to do what he did
In sel (-duff-use.
None of the Injmed persons has hs yet
died, nltliuiiKli Mih, Hn Hid Tom Sharkey
are not espci'ted to suile, and tha other
two are neatlj as hmllj Injured
The schoolroom aitn the fracas wis like
a slaughter pen, chairs, desks and walls
being bespatteied with blood
i:eijtliiiig this eienlng Is tpiiet and thn
ollii ers sn the aie confident no attempt
at Im- hin will be made llciweer, should
nn of tin- injuicd die t lit ro Is a feeling
tliat theie will bo ttouble
codm'v m:at rii.111 itiiMnvr.n.
lloiitgonH ry City's lutist KfTort to Tntco
the I'rln .Vwiiy rroiu I)inllli.
Mexico. JIo , Nov 19 -(Special ) The
county seat war In "Iongomerj 1 ountv has
hi en renewed. A few months ago, h a de
cision of the .stipume ouit, Slontgoniciv
Clt w is ilefiated and the counu seit still
rem ilns at Dunllle Now 111 indamiis pio
ciedings ha" b-en instituted to lompcl
the lotinu clerk ot Moutgomeiy county to
nitlf to tin- lit ilcitlon li-tuius, Inlug
out the Wi llsIIe piednc ts In which ilalms
of lrtngiilaill an iniide If this Is suc
cessful, Moutgomei Cii will bei ome tho
countv eat and this strife, whh h has been
in progress for tin ti 1st twent-tlo or thir
ty ears, will be lon-wr setthd.
roini.M. 101: a .Yfissoi'ici cii'.i-
3Inry Ilarl Itunil, uf Sprlnglleld, to lteitlle
u Mi in-of u I n lie h 1'ritiito.
I PprlngiUld, Mo, Noi. 19 -(Special) John
O'Day and Thomas W. Kersij, attomoys
for little .Mary Karl Iiuncl, iiituriud to-day
fiom riance, wheio the apiit,ued uofoio
a 1'ieneli notaiy and sitlsiled him th it
.Mai j Hunel, until recently a ponulltss rill,
was entitled to one-fnm th of the e-statu of
Napoleon Hunel, her i,rai!dfiitlier. It Is
woith $M),tHm and will at once be com cried
Into cash. Three cus ago this gltl, hy n
decision of the supienie couit of New
York, ieceled a fouith Inteiist in lu-r
Ki.indtatheTs i state In No a Yoik city,
hoi share In that ptopeit) beliiR $s0,(m).
Tine Kxhlblt jliido by Ceiitrul MUourl I'.in-cier-i
lliruo Hundred rxhlliltois
Sedalia, Mo Nov. 19 -(Special ) Tho
second annual poultiy show of Cupti.il .Mis.
foml fancleiu, under tlui miinngement of
tlui Sedalia I'ntiltiy ("lull, opened to-day
with a lingo iiumbei of birds on exhibition,
Theio ate 0C1) exhibitors In attendanco fiom
different pans of the state, and tho display
ot bleeding pens Is tho laigest and best
user seen In this city M 1. Ainliews,
president of the .Missouri Stute i'oulliy As
sociation, Is superintending the show C.
A, ninety, of Ciutliagi 11s judgu, will com
mence scoiiug to-morrow.
Ill Hi; HIllHUATI.n I'ltlDAY.
The New I'll) sirs unit I.lectrlc-iil laigtneer
lug llullilliig of Kuusii. I'niii r.lt).
Lawrence, Kas,, Nov, 19. (Special ) Tho
handsome new riijslcs and Hleetilca) Hu
glneeilng building will be formally dedi
cated next Filday afteinoon, No ember
2!, at 3 o'clock. The iledlcatoiy exeiclses
.will taKo pi.iee 111 e.'niHi.siiy iiuii, -111(1
principal addiiss will be tlelUuieil by
1'iofessor Albert A. Jllehelsou. professor
of phslcs In the imlwislty of Chlingo
I At the close of Hie e-eiemonles tho I'hss
ilcs and other buildings will bo open lor
PUUIIO inspection MUIU o iu 1 u cioc-h.
KICH AltH 111! ItAltUOWM l.NJUKl.H.
He Is the Man Who Mlint 1'areiiinn ltns,
.Neil 1 Itoiiville, l,iit .Smiimiir,
Topeka, Kas , Nov, 19. (Special ) Rlchaid
He llauuws, a section hand woiklng on the
Union IMclllc In this county, was struck by
ie iiassenuer tialu esterdav unit it is be
jlleeil fatally Injured. Do Harrows Is the
1 man who recently shot and killed Foreman
itoss on the- Jtunano raueii near uusswiie
At the earlier part of the present term of
court he w-as 111 quitted of the killing on
tho ground of self-defense.
Ateliisou's 'telephone W'nr.
Atchison, Kaa, Nov. 19. (Special.) Tred
Ollck, son of ex-Governor u, W. Gllck,
is In Atchisoiv for the purpose of woiklng
up Inteiest in the new Hairlsou telephone
sjstcin. The loimcll will take foimal ac
tion on a franchise asked tor bj lliu 10111
any at Its next luee-ting. The .Missouri
and Kansaa companj Is taking steps to
keep out opposition, and a lively contest
Is looked for.
Suits and Overcoats
Arc in the extreme of style and highest grade of tailoring.
There is no difference between them and the most fashionable
so-called custom work, except in price.
Ours at $15.00.
Ours at $20.00.
Ours at $25.00.
Ours at $30.00.
With us it is a certainty.
Which do you prefer?
101 and 1103 Main
nit: iMtrsmr.M' si:niis a kas,,s
en van to swiiy,i:iti,.M.
bclrded tnriMr(-rd -Tunic U. Itrnidliend,
of t Louis A lle.erird It.-i ogultloll
Smni'lbliig About thn .cht
ltcpres. ntiiiHp'n Care, r.
Washington, Nov. 11 The appointment
of James I, l'e ik, the Kansas Clt law.er,
to succeed Janus u. liroudhead, of St.
I.ouls, ns minister to SwItJ-eilnnd, was
mado by the piesldent to-da. The ap
pointment was largely due to the Inllucnco
of nepresentatho T,usne abled b otheis
of the Mlssouil delegation When hero
threo weeks ago, Ml. Tursnej put In a
special plea for l'e ik's appointment and
he left Washington feeling assiiied that
It would be m idi. It is cvpected that Mr.
1'eak will rpi illtfy at once. As this Is n
recess appointment, his ninio must be
sent lo the senate when II meets and
where, It Is epecttd, he will be conllrmed
without opposition.
It lias been known for some time that
Mr. Teak s appointment w is almost a
eertnlnt, and he li.nl been dally CNpi cling
news fiom Washington He was found
in his ollice, COl New Yoik Life building,
by n Journal reporter jesteiday afternoon
He said tint he hid teeeHcd no olllclnl
notice ot his appointment, but took It tor
glinted that tile lipnit was true, lis the
Associated Press hud announced It He
said that ho had little 01 no leal of eon
tlrin itlon bj the sen Hi , as both Senators
Vest and Coekiell were not at all unfriend
ly toward him
"As to Hie time ot taking possession of
the ollice," said .Mr. 1'eak, ''tint will be
controlled MitiicK b the will of the pres
ident. I hope, howcier, that he will not
wish me to go befoie Januarj 1, as I would
i quit a .over 11 month In getting my nffnlrs
In (Oiliilflon for a piolonged absence. I
shall take my fnnillj with me"
Mr. 1'eak was ki pt busv all day an
swering congiutulitor telephone messages
as well us fhaklng hinds with almost
eerj nttoun 111 the New Yoik l.lfo
building Karly In the afteinoon this t le
gt im was iiicKeil 110111 e-(!oeruor
1) i Id 1! 1'r un Is
"Washington -llspati lies Htate 5011 hue
been appointed Swiss minister Heart) 1011
gi -Halations "
H lilt nth Mr l'eik consldeied thnt a
hunch of whlsken on his diln would not
be exactly "the thing" In Switzerland for
ho his icccntl) tilmmed his 101 m illy
lengthy chin .ippcndage lo h lit Its normal
length. He has also allowed Ills b. ard to
glow upon the sides of IiIh fa e so tint
the John I.. 1'eak of 10-day looks little like
that personage of a few months ago.
Mi l'enk was I10111 In hcott count), Ky ,
iu 1S19 Ho iittdideel the lieoigetown, K ,
uiiheislty, where Im was giiiiluand In 1
Hi- then cuteied the J.oulsUlle I iw school,
and was graduated In lkul While a stu
dent there, uiitl a member of the junior
1 lass, ho wns elet-ted bj thn si hool to tle
lier what was known as the Twe-nt..sec-
llllll (lllltloll. Tills WHS 1 Ullnldl It'll tho
gieatest houoi that the students could ennui-
upon one of their uiunhei, and espe
cially us it had bciu iiistomai) lo iiaiuu
a Keillor to delHor Hit- ointtou
Tht jeai afteii his graduation 3Ir. Teak
was mm 1 led to Miss .Manila II. l),iless,
the daughter of a prominent law)er In
Georgetown. Mr. 1'eak hung out his shln
glo itnd piaellcefl his piofesslou until HcS.
when U came 10 Kansas City Ho has
leslded hcte e-er since- lie Hist formed
a copal tnershlp with Caldwell Yeainau.
After 11 lew )iai Mr. Yeiiman moed lo
Coloindo, wheie he became .1 dlstllct Judgu
of considerable distinction.
Almost fiom tho beginning ot Mr. Peak's
residence in Western .Missouri hn made a
it nutation that established him as one of
the leading iilmlnal Jnwjers of the state.
In thu eaily 70s H, O, iloggess became his
'.Mr. 1'eak's lepiitntlpu as a cilmlnal law
er was In the meantime gulnlng ,eveiy
day, and led 10 his lecihliig the nomina
tion of pioseeutlng altorne) for Jackson
counU In ISTii. Ho was elected, iinil sercd
until 1S76. wlien he was le-elected for a
teim of four yeais. In those ilas the
pioseeutlng attorney was allowed no 11s
slslauis Itesldes attending to thu olumn
of other oillcial business he was county
As piosicutor he made the first conlc
tlons for nuirder In tho (list degree that
had been uchteed In Jackson county In
nearl) llfty t-ars. Tho conlitloiiB weio
thoso of Miller ami (lieen. wlio killed a
deputy mnishal. C.reeu was bunged In the
leur of the old i-ounty jail, Second and
Main, and Miller's sentence was commuted
to ten siars In the stato's prison.
Sir. 1'eak also assisted In the- pinsrcutlon
of Andeison and Hough. In Cariull county,
for the killing of a man named itliru.
They were- both sentenced to be hanged,
but weie afteiwaids sent to the peniten
tial y lor lite,
In 1STO Ml. It. J'- Yeager ami Mr. Teak
founed a partnership, which continued un
til two )ean ago, when Mr. Ycager re
tired. In 1SS7 Mr. 11. H Hall was taken
Into the firm, and on Mr. Yeager's out
going the flim name became 1'eak H Hall,
as It now stands.
Mr. I'e-ak will muke his headquarters In
Ocucu The salary of the position is
J7.K10 a ) ear.
(runlied to IX nth I'nder a Hone.
Independence, Kas., Nov. 19 (Special )
Willlum Modest, the 15-) car-old son of J.
S. Modest, of Cherri'.ule. was killed es
lerday by a horse. Young Modest, together
with another boy, was lacing, when the
horse he was cm stumbled and fell. The
boy fell underneath and was crushed to
death. He lhed a few hours, but never re
gained consciousness after ho was picked
' A
11." .'-w
AV '!'W
His at $25.00.
His at $30.00.
His at $40.00.
His-at $50.00.
At the tailor's it is guess work.
and II Eleventh St.
Ippenr 1 ro in the l'llciti lint lll Mis.
trc and Hi r llimhutd mid -vm
Uere All luipllinti il.
V1ehlta, Kas,, Nov. 19-fSpr bit At the
Inquest to-tlay over the lm-h of Hiniy II.
I.eoiiiitd, muiihrcd In this ni Mind. 15.
supposedly b) his mistress, Juna William
son, pomo startling cvldiii-e was Intro
duced Implicating Mnrlnn Williamson, her
dlvorcdl husb-ind, In tin- ttline-. ti II
Stales, a Rtcamllttcr. saw- both lllliiinnn
and his dlvoiced wife In a -equistend spot
In thu coiinti) live hours herot.- the ( rime
was committed, looking ovi 1 tin- Insuiaine
policy on the life of l.eomud To-da) Mr"
Williamson confessed Ihls Anoilui wit-ne-M
tinned ii who f.iw illl iinson mu
lling cxiltnlh out of the alii) white the
body was found.
It wns ii!m pi-oven that the Wlllliinison
wonii4 was Ftcreth and lllegnlh mini led
to laoniitd at .Mai Ion, Kas about three
wceks ago I loth Williamson and his funn
el wife, ill thelt Igtiorauie, cut t looked the
fact In the policy thnt it exet pled muidii,
and hence thnrc is no ln-netlr lui i
The colonel's fury held M.irllmi Wllt
llimson, his foimer wife, ami lur bin,
Noivllle, guilt) ot tlui 1111111U1, and
their examination will mine up 1111
Aitunln). It Is lntlinat--1 that the
bin- bus iniule a confession 1 lunging bin
father and mother with the nun ler and
alleging that they had formed a innsplim v
for her lo get a divorce mil miiirv I.eon
atd and when sho got her liisiirm-e mone)
on hW death they would marry agilu.
"Kid" lluhlirll Arretted Churned Willi
lEotihlng Irs. .Mieck on 11 WnbiiMh
I'llllliuill III Sept. lull. r.
Chicago, Nov. 19. The Iollre have nr
resti d "Kid" Huhbell,vnllns Muifulo K.d,"
elmgetl with .iHsaulting and inbhlng Mis
13. I" Mack, of Detroit, Sfptemlici .1. The
robbery was one of, the most tlarlng on
lecord. Jlr, unit .Mrt."vMiick were on their
-y 'S bt-ttVuV .ViicrTiJiti taken the state
loom In a sliepei on 'the W'thisli tiiilu
lieie. .Mri. Mink was alone In tin stale
100111, hei husband having gone 10 Iho
sinoklng inmp irtitu nt Surl'linl) e mm
inteied ami after warning Mis Mack to
he quiet If she valued her Jif. p otct-lul
to lake ever) tiling of value whlih w is 111
sight Mis Ma. k was so fi lj.ht-11. d hv
tho sudden nppp iinim of the th'ef thu
she was iinabli to sptak, iinlll he i.risptd
a small suti hel lontalnlng $ll"i Iu moiu y
and jewelrv Then sin- giaiiplt-l with him
The- man pulled hei 110m the s ittioom to
the plat fin m of tin 1 11, m-ntlng l.r In ,1
brutal mainiei Mis Mmk hung onto
him but on the plattorm the rellow 111 in
nged to beat her ilnwn and lneak iwi).
The tialn l.v this tlun was in the suhiirhs
ot tho clt), an. I In si .ipoil easilj Mis.
Mack has lilt milled lluhliell-s photogi iph
as that of the man who robbed hei and
the polhe .110 s.ttlslled that tin) have the
light pei son.
Well Sturted ifsh-nlii) hy n riltlml llit
tln In W hi. li In.. Win. Killed ami
Out. I iitiill) Injured
St. Louis, all), Nov. 19 A special to the
Itcpuhlli tioiii i'lmlngh.iin, Ala., sa)s As
the result of a It ml among the Jlmidli),
Jones and Kilgoie famlllis, Joe Kllgoit
and John Jones aie dt nl, and .luhn Hand
h) is latall) Injuitil Some time-ago tones
ni c usi 1 ilandltv 01 st.-aiing vvnti inn Ion-,
whh li tin lilt t. r tltnliil The stui), whnh
n-itivt I 111111 t In illation, (iiusi.i nun h
talk .nil lesultttl Iu haul ft cling lieiwitii
tlie laiuillts of the nu 11 who an all ptuiiii
ni'iit )oung farmi rs ntul eloseh nlatcd
To-da) Handlev, in 1 ompnnlt il by 1'iank
Kilgoie, a relative, went to Oak lluu to
transai t somo business lioth men laiilnl
theli lilies Joins and Jim Kllunn a
cousin of rinnk. follow id umi oinrtook
infill lien .viiintitia joiu-h told iiaiuiiiv
that If he viould submit to a cow hiding
hat would sdtltt mutters Handlev n-
jected the proposition 11 ml Jones ami his
irieuu oiiuneii un . piii-iii-ti naiiie 101
lowid I:. it'll man Hi oil until his ammuni
tion was ixhuusted nilly iwo dozen shots
beting 1-Mhanged I rink Kllgore, who was
unliutt, has lb d. Inttnso feeling Is Hhown
by thn tlllTeient families, and It Is tt-nred
that t .it'll taction will t ike up arms against
thu ntliei.
Judge Iliireu kef iiki 1 to Ortlor the Inane nf
u l.lie-ni-o I., the cw Kim. is
1'opiillit I olicern.
Topekn, Kns., Nov. 13. (Special ) Somo
witks ago a number of the piomlnent I'op
iillsts of Kansas organized an Insiir nn 0
company, which they called the Co-Oper-atlvo
Alliance Insuraiieo Company. Supei
Inteiitlcnt of Insurance, Ueorto T. An
thon) retuseil thu eomp my 11 llienso to do
business, on the ground that It had nut
tomplled with thn laws of Kansas In Iho
mutter of making a deposit with thn siato
tieasuier and otherwise. The compaii)
went into the distilct court with a suit to
compel the Issuance of Iho license, and
)isierday argued a motion for judgment
against the commissioner on the plea Hugs
In the ease The motion was denied by
Judge iluzen, thus giving first blood to
the rommlsslonei The case must now be
heard on Its ineills
Choctmvn uud Chit kiiw 1'roteit Agnlntt
Uavves CoiiiiuUsluu rrupuslllon,
Hufala, I, T, Nov. 19. The committee
appointed hy tho Choctaw anil Chickasaw
councils to consider Iho propositions of
tho Diiiu'8 commission, report against ac
cepting land In sectultyi This has been
adopted by both houses of tho Choc-taw
council and has been approved by the chief.
Tho council appcaU lo the Christian nation
to bo permitted to retain possession ot
what is theirs In accordance with jcltuattd
treaiy provisions.
A Lionet, and Two leopard. I'lcape I'rom
A Clrcui In Ohio.
Delawnre, O., Nov. 19. Citizens of
Thompson township, this county, uro being
terrorized hy a lioness and two leopards
which escaped from a circus some time
ago, and tiuveled from Matlou count).
Many sheep and calves have been killed.
Farmers go lo their field woik heavily
armed. Tiuvel after night has been en
tirely stopped. A neighborhood hunting
party will be organized to slay the beasts,
Westerner. In Waitilnstou.
Washington, Nov. 19 (Special ) Amone
hotel arrivals are- J. 1. Tuppan, Kansas
Olty; Dr. P. B. rite. .Muscogee, I. T.; U. It.
I Chi idle, South ejauftdiiio, uuocuw lu-twu.
si'iiki: ,r tiii: m;w vouk ciiamiii:ii
01 10MMI.1111: it..soti;i.
rt'MiAMiis ri, iii. in tiii: svsinjr,
iii:sA-,s, is 1 111: (iui;r,.MiAfK.
Nuirr liitriidnl I lint the llotrriiinriil
sliuiilil linn II ink of Is.iir llre-rii-
Im lii should He Itttlrnl nt Ouen
I'll 1 tin for II11 ii.tlilgiiniis lire.
biriitlnii on si r 1)111 Minn.
New York. Nov 19 The 117th annual Inn
quel of Hie ehiiinbt r of tonitneice of the
state of New oik was held at Deltnonlio's
this evening The )citl) dlimei of this 01
guiilatlon Is uiining the most Important
even Is of the metlrtpolls, and that of tout-,
lit was no exception. The ch imbi t- nl
waH musters notable rpcakers and dis
tinguished men around Its boird. I'tti r
aiiies that have movid the policy of the
govt rtiinent have hem Hindi on these oc
( iton-, nnd It was nt one- uf the 1 hum
In 1 s illtnii'iH that Secretary of the 'In as
tir) Wliitloin was stricken with sudden
death n few veiirs ago. Coveis weio sot
tor 17.'. to-night.
At the tabic of honor Willi tho president
wire n 1 ted Secictnry CinlWle, Sennlor
llurrow", Hon. Jiitlsnn Hatmoii, Ma)or
Stiong, (leneral Thomas 11 linger, Ucv.
l)r M W Sti)ker, Hon. Charles Kniory
Smith, Hear Admli.il Heniy Hrbin, Com
modore MontKOinet) Slcattl, Jaini s M. Con
stable, Carl Stliiirz, Horace White, Murat
Ilalsteid, St. Clair McKclwny and Chailes
The other tables were presided over re.
spec-lively by Lowell. Lincoln, Henry W.
Cannon, llni.iie l'orter, J 17. Simmons,
(ieorgn Itutlcdge- Olbson and Alfred 11.
W hltney.
The dicoratlons were stiiklng. Hack ot
I'leshleut Oir'n chair was the seal ot the
chamber silt mounted by a silk and gold
In aided (oat of arms of the I nlted States,
draped In Amciltnu Hags and (linked hy
thc seiils ot the slate and clt) of Niw
It was somewhat after 9 o'clock when
l'n sld-'iit on, wielding the gavel of the
ihnmh'i, taliped for onhi, ami In a brief
speei li, 111 which he rt ferrcd to the Ai
mi ntan atrocities, lultniliiccd Secretin"
Carlisle, vi ho spoke on ' (Jut Cuiieiic) bs-
s,irelur Curllsle'rt Atldres.
'Mr Cirllsle s.ihl.
Mr l'lesldent and (ientlemen I have
but little In s.ij this evening, and will take
but little time to sa) it
'Two veais ago at )oui nnniial hinqiiet,
I said that the disposition and ahlllt) or
the- gnu luineiit to 111 lint. till Its own ircdit
at the highest stamiaid, anil to pit-serve the
Integiit) of all loiins 01 cum nt) iu ilr
1 illation among the people could not be
l n-in ililv dniihtid, ami oilehl not lo he the
siihleit of fin ilu 1 1 turnovers) Hut tin
task Is both dltlli ult and expin-.iv!. Slnro
that dci lai itlon was made Inn, Interesl
bcnliig bomls to the uinount of $H '..tiri. I )
have bet n Issued 10 proline gold for the.
redemplloii of tho United Mutes note. The
, nutcs still remain the same as at the be
ginning. The nott s aie ledeeiued, but they
an- iinpild Out legal standard ot value is
as sound as anv count!) iu tin- wot Id, and
If we luul sin h a 1 ill rem v cMi m, to gu ir
autie Its peimain nt iiinliitenaiu t , no goi
tinment would (oiumand 11 h 1 1 c 1 1 1 1 ill t
01 n-alle gliatei In llellts fiom It tllllll
oiii-., but the gieit Investots ut tin- woild
appit elite the illllh llllles llllih I Willi II we
an- I tinning, and, until tlue dlllleultlt s ale
reiuovetl we tiinnot le.isonahlv hope to
t- piitect confidence resloiiel at lionie or
"The fun-1 imental vice In our currency
K)slem Is the I. Kill tender note, icile finable
Iu toln h) the govt 1 .line nt ami lelssutihlc
under thn law I'luie aie other delis ts,
but this tine it. n-, tin- stablllt) of the whole
volume of 0111 1 urn in), ho loiigj! as th o
not aie outstanding, the slightest illiuln
lltlou Of the 1 Dili le-MlVe -It 0111 e evtltes I
feillng of iippi-lu nsion and dlsliust, nf
ItttH 4 he valuis of all Siiuiltles, ,-uttill.s
iuvt stiiit-nts, and moie 01 h ss seiiousl)
emb-innsres all the buslm-s altalts of thu
(.iii.-i 111111 nl lii.edliig Its Hut,.
"In iitl-'inptlng to piovlle a cinulitlng
nu tlliim of its own not-s, n d 1 111 ilile Iu
coin on presi nt itlon and 11I--11.1I1I1 aftei
It-1, million, the government nt the I'niKd
States Is .'imaged In u buslnt ss for wlikh
It Is whull) iiuiltttil nnd whlih wis u-ver
lor a momiiit loinempl Hid by Us fouiul
(is. It has a light to bonow mone) and
Issue i'V Menu's ot the debt, but It was
uevir t mm miilattd that It should louvert
itself Into a liink of ls-ue nnd furnish a
bgil teiulei pnptr iiinency for the ue of
the pi oplf. 'Iho tlfisiiiy depaitnieut ought
to lit. and v as Inteinlnl to be, slinpl) a
public iijeiie) foi the iiianagi-nu nt of the
list il 11 11 a I is of the govt iiinieiit as a gov
ernment not as a bank
"No i limine math iu our curiency svs
tem will aftoid relief unless It provides for
tin- n tlremciil of the Ugil tm-liis The
(lit illation of legal lendiis his i tendeiu
to dilve out of use and out of the toiintiy
tho veiy coin In which the government In
inllipelleil to led'. Ill themj mi.I It has ex
pelleil inllliuus of dollaii. fiom our bor-tl-is
Although iho government and our
own people an compelled to rttelve tlnm,
tlu-y will not dlsehnge Internatlon il obll
Kitlons, uud gold must go out to settle all
Una! b il inces against us. No othei gov
ernment In the xx 01 Id Is lequlieil to suppl)
gold from Its ireasiii) to dlsehaigo tho pil
Vate obligations of its citizens.
"While the pecunliiy loss to which the
people have been subjected hj the Istpiio
and continued tlieulatlon of legal tind-r
pipei has beep alllloit Imali ulalile, this
h.w not been 111" chief injur) I11III1 ti d upon
the countr) The theoiles tii it the govein
mtut can en Ue money h) plaelnif its
stamp upon papir or otln 1 iiiiiteil.il, thai
a legislative tuautmeut run make fo (cuts
equal In value to Inu e-enis, th it artlllcl'illy
Inilated prhes paid In a depiicliittd current-)
are better for the people than n-itiir-nl
pilces p lid in sound cuiiem), ami va
rious other vagatles now floating like bub
bles In tho iilltkal atmosphire aie all at
llibutable to the long continued use of
h-i-al It titler piper. Thn proposition thnt
a promise of the government to pay money
Is mono Is Just as absurd as is the prop,
osltlon that a promise to deliver a horse Is
a hone, and )et there nre eminent men,
high In public councils, who believe that
to run FRONT.
1 Silver Umbrelli Clasps ".:
1 Silver Tie Clasps .. a
sillvci Violet Holders
nuver ill cusps . , . cue
blhet Hlotisu Sel . . 73o
blher Letter Sells, wllh
Monogram il.io 10 J.'.M
Silver Handkerchief
lloldei , ..$l,"j
Silver Top Salt Ilottlo.Sl.so
Silver Letter Tile ... ,$1 73
Silver Link IJiti-
tons GOo toSIW
blher Tape Measure ,f.W
Silver Caso for Tooth
llrusb . , . ., tilft
Silver Stlssois JI.30 to JJ.Oi)
Silver Hattle Sl.'.j
hlher Calendais.,J2 to tJ DO
Silver llouiiel
Ilrushes S.' (1) to SI CO
Silver Mounted Kns.
lenders M .'3 to S3 Sn
Silver Hair niushes.,..Si00
(liver l.a Self, Mlver Spoon and l'ork Iu
bi-tB and Coutitli-11. Other Atlrutltu Ar
ticle. 1'rlce. Are -Vlagiullci ami Virjr
1. Ull.ng.
Knaraitd Fiiltdia Card, from vlat, onlu 300
nyrai4 Yiil'.im C-anU, witA plott, 0 nly lie I
fu I nlli 1 Still.. prmlsorv ti-ile l n
11I 111 in v 111 I thill lite iatiite Whi h m
I l ill the .i nplt 10 r.ielve II lit" 1 mil
moil v u i-iisiitiiiiouat nnd ought to i
c -a intii J In fort e.
Ibe I nt- Mltrr AkIIiiIIiiiii
. "The nt-ltallnii for Ihr free colnnge of
legal tetidei vrt Is pu-tlh tiled upon th
same villous pilnciple thnl lniileiM's t it
Irglslallon mnklllK puper pliJItlls.-K 11 legal
I-lulu, bul Hide Is a ptattlinl elirt. n 11-
hit ween the two sAstPim. The I nitf'l
Stalls note was 11 forced loan Iroln tin
pt ople lo the government, which the i;;v
eriiuidil promised lo tipn) III ilollnm but
the fin- tolniiRe of li Kill temlei sllvir at
the liillo or Hi ti) I would be 11 foie-id limn
from Iho p.ople to Un uwiiem of silver
.... .. . ... . ....in in...... .. iminiljn
Ullllf s uii-1 Sliver nullum tiitii-'iit te i"-"-
of lepiivtiicill bv iitivliody. , ,
"The iiimpilKii iiKiilnst the inoposltlnn In
ilebipc out stiin-latil or value should not Im
abiilidiiiied or siiM'emb d If the friemls of
11 Round anil stable meiisnie of value uro
vigilant uud iu the, this .-unit ciinimt "
slhlv succeed, and the question will soon
lei. -de fiom the liublli view Hut tin
fulled Sillies lignl lxli-.lt r notes will le
inaln In compllialt tin- nirreiuy t)steiii
nnd Ftiiliiitriixn Ilu Koveniinenl In ni
opinion I. glslatlon In this dltectlon at the
earllist possible da) Is Impe-iatlvel) tte
iniiudtit bv 1 veiv nilisliiiilliil lull n-sl In the
eountrv, ntul Its postponement upon it 11
pielexl of polllleal exp.-dli lit ) 01 upon the
assumption 111 nilviitiii Hint no Kiiiisfni tniv
lesnll .an b- acciililpllsliid would be a vet)
grne mistake
"No nation can leasniihlv hope lo ion
trol the undo or till) 1 onsldi tnlile part of
the world unless Its cxcluiligi s nn- lni'l
upon n stmiilnid of vuliie Ktognlzetl as
sound, as In all the centers of 0011111111..
The pound sidling has mado London not
only the prliu Ipal niaiket. but the elearlng
house of the Whole woiiil l.ng ind not
onlv Kiill7is , grout 111 mil from hei own
tunic, but Hikes toll out of tho lnt'i"
tlonaf Undo of nil otln r counules With
un Infirlor cum ni) we (null uevir sin
cissfiillv eonlest lur siipremae), ami the
heller that we can punish hi r, 01 li"''"
ourselves by destioMug the viilue of mr
own money. Is nno of the most 1 clii.il liable
delusions of the age.
riiitloriiis Should lie llulspoki 11.
"Much of our financial irouble has been
ciusid bv doiiht nnd spei-ulation. hue mui
nlitoid. toiui ruing tin views mid piiiposc-H
of our people at lingo md the poll. Its of
the pollll.nl pattlts tt which the are ut
ta, heil This Is a govtriimeiit In whlih
n 11 ties and Inv 1 stors w -it- li w Itli the gi t at
ist inteiest an-I solitltudc ovr) miinlfis
tiillou or popular opinion, espr-dull) when
ihmiKcs 1110 to ho ni.ili In the 1 hler i x
e. utlve ullUc It Is of vast Impoi Inllt
that Uicst tlouhts and specul itlons should
be set at rest In onlu that the woild mil)
ceitulnlv know what Is to be om peiina
nent nionitiii) polk) ague inid I ndell
tillo ilu lar itlons b) the great polltli il or
gaiilzntlons of tin toiiiitr) not only lu
e'loase doiiht and dlstinnt abroad, but en
(tiuinge Inn infill agitation at home, and
1 hold, then foie, that It Is the duty of all
who aie or max bet nine iu 1111) degree 10-spon-dlile
foi the welfare of the loiintrv
to Insist that theto shall ho no fiittlnr
euiilvocatlon 01 evasion ill our treiitimnt
of this great suhjort. Let us hive no mole
umblguous iihiases, no mom lnioiislsl.nl
and liietoiullible oliusis In pirt) plat
forms 01 In public utt. rallies, but let us
in iko 0111 meaning so cleii and out put
poe so pliin tint tln-v can be neither
nlsunileistood nor sin 1 1 ssfull) inlsiepie
s, nted. If a maporlt) of the- ieode of the
fnllid StiiteH an- In ravor of the m iln
ttinuie of the pnseiit stiind.ini of value,
the) ought to hive an oppoi tunny to sav
so (Hi the othir hand If a in ijorlty of
our people an- In favot of lib nidnnlug he
pn sent staiidaid of value nnd est ibllshlng
sllvd moiioinelalllsin, the) should have- an
oppoitiinllv to sin that.
"When this Issue Is dlioilh picsentod.
we it.-, il not fen- the nsult Sue h 1111 up
peil to the loininon st 11s,., tin 1 oininei
'lil Intt grit) Hid the n itlon il pilde of our
people will not In In vain, ami when the
1 oiliest Is ovr the iitnslloii will be Un illy
and eoiulnxlvih . ttlnl In at-, oul nice with
tlie gnu ill Judgment of the most a 1
vnnietl intlnns and thu real inteiests of
our own countr) "
Se. rot.irv Catllsle's speech wns frequenl
ly uppl iitdqil, esptilnlly tint mil wheio
he inniniltteil himself to hound money Ilo
was followed bs Senator ,1.C. Huiiows,
of -Mltlilgin who spoke- on "Our Domes
tic Comimrte."
-(lur II. 11111 site loium.rce."
Senitor llui rows si Id In subsume tint
the niitstlon of tiado Is chisel) Inteiwovtn
with out whole national lilt It wis the
1 inse ot tin lovoll of tin 1 nlonli s and 1
noli nt f.n tor 111 the establishment l our
'.iiistltiitl.in The . nnllli ling 1. (.ulatl .lis
01 ilu sevtial stilts of tin 1 onli.lt 1 itlon
oilpplol loinineiit . and iiulousv was .11
gelnlilt-il lb It blilllgllt tin- stltts to the
veige of (Ull w 11 In the light of hlstoij
It 1. mid In asstitt.l that our national gov
iiinmtnl spiang from 1 iiiunn n I il net i-ssl-tv
mure than 1 10111 anv othei single 1 inse
01 all ntliei t.iusis tomhliud It was not
sin prising, 11ft. 1 Ipht oiia expi lit ueo
with tin 1 out. dilation to lllld tin finntls
of the .onstltiitlon snipping the stall s of
all niitlitiiliv on the siihjei t 01 . unimert o
and ixpitssh eonfi rriug on the nation il
gov. i mucin the powtl to tigulite 1 am
men o with fonlni nations and milling tho
hiveial st ites The I-gill itlon of our foi
t Ign and domestic undo has In en stoidlly
piiisiud shite tin 11 In appropiluto I. gtsla
llon Tint limit ot the nwii thus 1 onioned
had probiblv nuv. 1 bt 1 n it.nhid or di tl
nlti Iv doltimlnril. That It wis siipiemo
vv ttliln the limits 01 tho etiiislliiitioii and
i oiiimi nsuixuo Willi tho n iiulrciiunts of
Undo Is hi) ond doubt or i.introv. is) It
was a powei sulllei. nil) oomprt hinslvo to
einlirit' not onlv the ohjet is an 1 Instill
meiiiullll. s of loinineiii. but to cunstruit.
oveis.e- anil m.ike salt the hlgliwajs ovtr
which that tominoiee niiiv-is. He con-llnuetl-
"In taking fiom the slates ul 0011
Unl over tiimiiniio ami lodrlng It oxolus
Iveh In tin- n illmial giivorninent state
lines won- swept 11 un) and a national hlgh
wav across tin iiintliiint was op. md.
With tiado absolute!) tiushai klotl, Is It
an) wondei mil domestic eomnnteo has
attaint. I propoitlnus which arc tho urine 1
of tho age' '
He qiiotttl figures showing tho giowth of
Atntrlciin husluiss, and coiuludeil "If
this suppl) of our iloiiKstb piodttititin
sh ill exiitd ilemiinds ol tloiuesttc ( 011
sumpllon, let us ilivl a wav iitidt r letlpiot
lt) to soeuri toielgn marki is without hu
ll ill im- 01 surifinli ling our own. tinning
out attention to the .".Hdnimi people on this
hemlsphem to tin- south of us, untiiilini;
out Hag In rv-ery pan 01 Central and South
Ainerlt 1, pltrelng the haulers lutween tho
two oce ins with a mw hlghwa) of coin
m. no open to iho s 1 nnd peiietiatlng the
toiit.-is of South Ani'iltan Hide with un
lliiiicontlnent.il rallw iv "
Charles 1:11101 j r-mllli, of l'lillndelphi 1,
was tb tlilnl speikii Lttttrs of ttgiit
w.io then tool from 1'resl lent Clevtlmd
and (iivcrnor Jloiton "lUhles In I'olltlts'
.. t.u .In. I.u.l 1. en.n I. .1 ... Iii. I'ui C ...,li
ll.ivo Peon loin i) snm. pceiiie mat I am
not a veiy good polltlclin I reillze tint
tho slitiuient Is 11 nut out-, but i shall gu
on to ilu- did of ni) it nn a. ting as I think
best for the peoplo of this inuMiItlceni inu
II I to llegln ut st, .lum-pli To-day If
( oiivli toil of I lulu zIt int. nt llther
ChugrH Will Ilo llnipp.il.
St. Joseph, Jlo Nov. 19 (Special ) IZx
1'riest Domiuli k W igiu r mmouiucd to-diy
that ho was ria.l) for trial He will be
placed on trlul to-morrow. Sinn- gelling
nossissioli of tho 1I1111 th books he has
H Diked lncessiintl) on Ills It ft list
Aceoldlug In the piosoi iitlou. should
Wagmr be found guilt, ot oiubczzli uient,
Iho elunges of assault, Miluiplug ami
loiiiiibluago will be tllsmisst.,1, ,ut in Iho
uvoiit ho Is found not guilt) of stealing
lliu. Is from st .Mail's congregation, hi;
will lie tried on the other ihurgos at onie.
l'li.vMi 1 o ii:is nun 1: its.
.Mcliihir nt th. Cut Crone (! nig of Train
llobher heillellei il.
St. Joseph, Mo., Nov. 19,-(Spetlil ) frank
fox, alias "Sly Hick," was sentenced to the
nn.illn.ilCrl. ..A-ilni 111. I tt ,1 .... .... ..
.VIIIVIIII'. J .V-H...I ..". ..... ,M,0 (II, II
chaige of highway robbei). Ho was a
member of the I'at Crowe gang of imln
lnl.li, ru 111... In III .1.1 IVCO tllirlllll-.mi Iruln.
iieur here a )ear ago. Ilu is wanted in
nlili...n s.. I .miln nn.l lc-.i.is.iu (-1... ..h
robberies committed.
liuiitu r-nu. uf Herninn.
Wichita, Kas , Nov. 19. (Special.) Tho
grand lodge of the s-ons of liftman of Kan
sas assembled here to-day. Tho attendance
Is large, evei) lodge iu the state being iep
lesented. To-night the Hermans of this city
aro teudeiing them an elaborate banquet,
at which many prominent Hermans of thin
state are piese-nt.
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i . The Model. g d ea ff i.
ItANsti ClTr, Mo, Nor. SO, 'i
T -d.it tf ImKir the UMlir toMiilr
JrmtvrjUue ittltnUu .Ulnlmum, M, .UJtl
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covciihg!. Ivuop nllvo to our
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tici in this cllinata so aro navingi.
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pcrioni'i of our Iilankct man jivca
you many special oiTorings to-il.iy,
ami liu'Il continue to look after your
intorests in tho future.
hlanki:ts-;.v. kc. iim, jim, si so,
J.'i-i J.' Mi, S.li'1. SI "A Sl"i. S4JA ISii S.3 9".
S'. ST 30, Sl"ii S13iO, S11.I0 mui 13 iA
('MfnltrS il-ie, T'it. Sl.KI. $123. SI 3-1, s: oO,
$.''.o $l-', Sll-s, Sii.M, $7. 'A JS.30, J10.W,
(1.30, lc. w, $1SW nnd up to JI3.W.
Men's Underwear.
This eoncorns a lot of Men'
Woolen Klccco Litiuil Underwear
heavy gray, t'mlorvvcar which hut
for some manufacturers' imperfec
tions, ho slight as not to ho notice
alilo, should hcII for $1.50; all sizes.
To-day they'll he 980
Cork Sole Shoes.
There's many an il. D.'i bill to
he saved by wearing thoso ivarm
Cork Solo hhoci Men's and La
dies'. Protect you from tho colds
and dampness, aro easy on tho foot,
light ami lloublo and tho cost no
more than for tho ordinary kinds.
"Phyllis" Underwear.
Did you ever hear of any under
wear tho equal of tho "Phyllis" for
Gloves 69 Cents.
Tho l (-button Glaco Kid
filoves, with Inigo pearl buttons,
whilo iu every new wintor shade, aro
now soiling for. 69c
No more .liter these aio gone.
'1111: SOItllOWS Of SVTAN."
Mntngt exponent es of one lieoffrey
It nipt st, millionaire, b) Mnrle Co
nlli . .. a
"A fiHN n.f.MAN VAilAHn.ND"
1 llnpkliison Smith, author of "A
hlte fuibri lln In Mexico" .... $l,M
"A Il liiltlVN A.N'I HOI.OCV. '
i: liniind Cliiienee Steiidinnii $2 01
I I II Ollie Conk . . J. 09
"Till: ItHAl. CHINAMAN. '
('hostei Holc-ombe Ilfii
"CfiVST VNTlNOl'l,i:,"
M it Ion Ciawford $1 -1
'j;utieu. iecA.iu. ejacoaiic.. 1. x-.viv.ii. ..i.
i:ngeno ami llnswell M. field,, -. t M KX
A niii.ieitt't ii.xi, .it - .i.v.sc 1,,
Annul. la M fouglas SIM
nt i.i.i'.m:. iumi hi, r.vir.icv .t-1 .
Soon riu.r tin- Hare, Willi llurtnn
nnd lugi.lls, fur V. . I'elTii's
se It In the -. lin.tr.
Topek-i, K is , Nov 11 -(Special I State
Tri.isuiti Atbeiloii, who ntuinet to lav
from his home Iu Ituss. II 1 ountv Inform. 1
tho (onespondi nt Hint Judge W II Mition
would shnitl) lit aiiiiounceil us n .1111 Itdn'n
foi I nlted htati s scnutoi to su 1 ee 1
A. ivffir
JiiiIki Sutton mndo Ills Hist nipriiin o
III Kansas polltli s us a nu 11 I 1 'f Hie
housi from Iluss. II t ountv lust w mt r Ho
vins a 1 undltlate fur spt akor, 1111. 1 hid -on
slilerable slitnglh troin the Sixth disiri 1
Iu tin brt ik-up, ho fell to the I'll 1 cf
t hnlrniiin of tin lommliteo on agii iMure
Dining the senatorial contest win. b re
sultid In Ibe tb'ttlou ot I. in I- 11 IHkei,
Judgi Sutton was .11 . aslnunll) nuniltiieil
as 1 daik hoi so At piefeni ho Is hair,
mull of the sliito II ligation hoaid.
I rll 111 l.oto Willi 11 I olored Woman, but
Ills VVn) or Winning llir s,.nt
1 1 1 in tn tin. I'l-olii-ntlm r
Sherniun, Tin , Nov II mp. Inl ) V. U
Nixon, of this tits, was Infaiuiiel w tb .1
lolort-d womiill at Houston, T. x II- urom
her lettois spilukled with bin id in I im n '
.nod to kill lllmsi If should she not e .in- m
Slieimiiii, but she lofiiful to euiiio Nixon
went beforu the gi 1 ml Jury h- re, swore sh.
hud stolen two gold rings Irom bun (in 1
had her 11 rested and brought iter. she
wns tiled mul -u.iulttoil M 11 ngiin
i.r.-ssetl his suit and was 1 f.m I lie
thiifitfiied suicide Th' e.il.i. I womin
mvoi out 11 w in mt thuigliig him wiin
pitjui) In his lostiniou) l.ofoi 1 is. ginnl
juiy. lie vmis trle-l. iniivlit-.1 m-i to I ly
wis sontiiic.il to live ).urs in the 1 nt-
telltllll). ,
II 111I1I1 Mlllerit lliil.i- a lieipiett Dial It nf
Int. lost Iu tho I illicit Mitten
Washington, Nov. 19 Tho Ilanlsli
luillt'i.s hive pt tltloiiod tho g iveiiiineiit
ti) iinpiisei 1111 .-xpe-iiiuontal dutv on lin
Iiorted Hour, .ind a commission which
wns chiUK"! ') tho iIrmiIiik Willi 11 ie
Msl.'ii of tariff hits tho ii-.iiost iiiitlot
o.lisiileidtloii fnlietl Stute.s C msul
Klik, ut CoponhiiKt n. who icporis the
fact to tho state- dc-pai tmont wjs ho
cannot foree-ust tho icstilts The inove
inont Is oslcii.silily illioetod ugilnst
Hei iii.iii ioiupetltioii, hut ua much uf tho
11oi.ii uuuruiK lietinmik is from tlu
f nliod State's iinpiiitotl througii i;n
glunil or C.eini.iny. the Ainencun inllle-is
will ho dlrecly inteiested
'llllll'I.IM HMHl.N CASK.
Srciind 'I rial of tho llidtiin "Murderer lo
Hi glu nt law renin .iron. my.
Lawrence, Kas,. Nov W (Special 1 A
spot lal venire of forty jurors was orderci
druwu 10. da) In district court for tho
trial of the Clint Osbou case, which wll
commence in lliu court hero next Mond.i).
it is likely thui this will not bo enough
and thai oilier Jurors will have to be
added to the list before a satisfactory Jury
Is seeiiu-d for the trial This Id tha note I
Holton minder case which was brought
hero on a change of venue. It has ulnaJy
been tried hero once, the Jury dis-ureelng,
Stale Orutiirliul Conlrtt Judge.
Topeka, Kas., Nov. 19. (Special.) The
following named gentlemen have been se
leeted as Judges for the intertolleglato ora
torical eonlest to be held in February next:
On thought ami composition Chancellor
Mc How ell, of Denver university: !'rofesor
(I 11. Ulln. State agricultural college. Man
hattan uud Lieutenant Hoveruor Trout
mini. Topeka. On delivery llev. Charles
11. -Mitchell. Kansas Clt), e.. State Supei
lntcudint (!. W. Wlnans. Hutchinson, c.
Chlcf Justice A. II. Horton, Topeka.
Married women or mlnois can deposit
money at interest with the United States
Trust Coiimany. which can bo withdrawn
onl) by themselves, thereby keeping their )
funds undei their personal control. The )l
entire capital ot the compaji) $J30.0Q0.tA , ,4 11
InvaCAa in cnamt..nl luinril a. ra . I. 3
M..S-s m. ws.Y.eVM vvm tMVS . .I4 )

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