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I'lIK KAXSVS CITY .10rKXAI..rSrxr)AY. DKCK.HI'.KH 2?, 10,1
if t,
lSittST tnMl'l.l.tl t M MIKI.S AN
I.MI Itl StMI MltlUlMl.
Mirny Important ('.Mrs Mill (onto lit I rial
l.lrrtlon PrntoU, Murder, I, lube ttn'
inrnt unci Othrr I rimes (.burned
-Ihr I)rfiiiilnnt.
The docket of r.ir !nt for trial at th
January l-'rni of Iho criminal court of
Jii-kon county vvn completed ywleriliiy,
nn l Is iiuiv In the hand of Proseeutlni:
Attorney JnmlKon for ltipctIoti. tt con
tnlin about 150 ciuin carried over from tho
September term nml appfill from the
jwiic f niul JiioMte court of tlie city, nmoti-r
vvhi l lire man) ast" of more than ordl
imr imiHirtnhci- In th e)e of Justice, tt
is nn (kii llncly Unfit docket, but Will bo
none tin fs important.
limit will ojH-ti on .Monday. .Innunry 8,
nti I will tvmtltme In (Wanton tuitll nil of tho
i a"- s ate Ither ihlsscd Of b' trial or not
fornnrl until a Inline term fur thu want
of t me to trj,
( rlininnl business In tho Jtmtlees court
during tho iinut three months ha been
oi I'iliiitilj IlKlit and verj few enws hnvo
boon Ji 1 1 to the aitlon of the Brand Jury
A a result, that Uxlv will have very lit tin
before It for iiivestk-atlon when it meets)
on January 6, nl"i outnldo ciiw which
nro broiiKht dlroctlv be-fore It by outwlilo
parties nre numerous, but It l not thulium
now that thev will bo In all. thero hnvo
brMi onlv twentv-flve row rarrh d up to
tin urnnd Jury from the juittlcc and polka
riic first cnes sot for trial In tho crim
inal i oiirt lire those' for election fraud,
which have bn continued ftom tlmo In
time Among these nre the ensis of A. J.
I ivvtnn V It Clark nn 1 V I' Older, for
lolntioii of the. election lav. Law ton will
In 1 1 1 on three chances and the other"
on one inili. John It Martin haa n chiirirc
pondlnir nnulnst him for IlloKnlly iibstrnct
Ine ballots. Tho r ivs of I II Hrcidburv,
V It mil A. I). Clark, A ,1. Uivvlon, W.
P Mink nnd W P Crider for UIokiiI vert
ing In the Sieoml vvnnl of the city, are nlo
pet for hmrlliK on the opining dn of tho
court It is more tlmn probible that, as
llradhui), Law ton and .Mink have nliUiJ
the state In bringing th" i lection thieves
to Justice and eei urlng rouv lotions In ov ery
instance, nave that of l)r ) V Kruiser,
their trials will be continued. In that ivmt
Mnrtln, one of tho Clnrks, or Cildor will
hiii' to ko to trial. The eni-e of I'hailirt
A Mlllnian. who Is chamod with admlnls.
terlnir poison, to an election Judge, la also
fet for the tlrst day , , ,,
There are two onc3 of murder in tnn
first dPtrreo nnd one of neconil dosroo on
the dotkot The most prominent 1 the
ohnru-e apaln't A. U CoUcrt, the Itnclt
island bnkoman, who, on June (., klllid
3:mest Ilillcj, n p timer. In hlttlnc him
with a billiard cue John Heckle li the
other man who must stand trial for mur
der In tho tlrst detcree. and Samuel V uv
will answer to ft charge of murder in the
second decree.
John McFnrlnnd who mnde a deadly as
sault upon his wife nnd her mothir. John
Ledw IdKe. William llutler and J V. Jlor
can lme chnrKCs of assault with Intent to
Kill nirnlnst them 1'iarl llnrera, who li
now- orliiir il sentence of three j c.iis In
tho lefoim school for hlghwny robbery
committed In 01 1 countv, and John Ad.
nms ,ar' Jointly docketed to appear and
answer to ep irate clmrses of folonlous
assault and robber
There nre a number of cares of embc7
rleim'nt lleiman 1. Muollei, the et-ocil
mnnnwer of the loseph Si hilts: Hiewlns
Coinpain, of Alllwnukie, who l.allid of In
dictment bs tin- Sfptrmber Jur, but who
linn liter indicted at Independence by Hin
November bodv on nine chnrses of em
belement, will be tried .laniino 7 on th..
lli-st cliarBC Jluelbr's .tllPRtd defaleatloiM
nKRreu.ite S H) 11 If C'rosswlilte, tho
commission man: f i: lira, C D Martin,
1' ,T Schick ami Herman Konrid all hao
cases of embivzlPmcnt hot for trial
The prlncpil chaise of Brand 1 irccnv U
ntf.ilnst t W Morton, who Is sild to lne
stolen n batthol contnlnlnjr JJ On) from the
olllee of "Ntanaser Cunninirham nt the
IJpoltlon inco track on Jul 1 He Wat
later onptuied III Chlcniro and Is now out
on bonl John J MeGocrn and Janus
1'ijor will answer alio to a Joint hamu
of prrand larceio The Hints of Thnni is
N'ninn tlm Indietpil Di not Transfer Coin-
i in s mannKei . j i n c inuuui, .ninu
fterirestrnsspr nnd Dan and Cliailes T.ocin
for Ktnnil mrcen ire set lor ine unii
J Ar. Hulse. the Buokner, Mo, dalimnn,
nnd J W Morris will be tilid for obtain
ing money bv fal'e pretenses Mulsf Is
lion out on bond oi J2 00 to Insure bis ip-
if nance, but has men .iiicteii on a snn
lar chnicre and taken to Towell countv,
Kits, for trial It Is doubtful whethii lie
an rcoor rrom tne jvimnni complaint in
time to appear for trial here In Januir
The cans against Dn I.ucns the Main
sheet barber, and Ills men, home of whom
lno lonir alnee fiult his tmplov for 'bir
lioiInK" on Siindnt In loIatlon of the htute
law. will come up January 7 There are
also cases n,'n.lnHt A O l'irks mid Knn
uel SptnRua for attempted cilmlnnl assault.
The latter serd on tin Jury thit con
Ict 1 II A (' Jotfre last week at In
dependence mid sentenced lilm to thn o
monthH in tho countv Jnll for Rtulllnc the
ballot boc Homy D nb also his a
chmro ol the same chntuctcr pendini?
nK'il'it him. Thomas J Hop in, the e-
otiHtable t ex-Justlie of the 1'enee Itiilph
I.itsliaw's cnuit, will nnsnor to a clnirpe of
perjuiy and John nnd T.Ule Wlthera. tnilu i
and daughtei, will be it lid on a clnro
of Incest A. Cohen and Julius Haum
hne lndlitmenls nL'alnst them lmrj:lnj,
the icieptlon of stolen piopeitv and will
be tiled duiltii' the that week of court, a
will John V. Mitchell the tiroprictor of tho
Aetna house ami Tudire I'hlllip J llcnn the
Gi mil ainue uraiii, wtio weie iirnstul
reiently on chaises prelerred bv tho state,
of ilolatlnc the obomattrailne law
John T Iritis, All in P Heed and P D
Toble, the ulleKtil I utd Hwlndlers, will bo
trlid on a (liarfie of forserj' In the tlrst
deifne Tho Knuildlnc jsos are llcfht,
thoucb the cilme s n heavy one W. J.
Van Horn and i: 1 MoOuIre, who were ni
lestnl reientl) t Constable H lar, of Jus.
tlce iihrow court, on wurrnnts chaiplntr
them with tondurtlnir poliev hhops on I'lf
toenth meet, me the defend ints in the
piliu Ipal i.aml)Ilils caais. Joe Pouts I, ster
V Ut. William Abr.ims mid 'lorn KIiik all
of I.oe'n Summit, must answer to ihnises
of shootlllif craps Their casei worn up it
the at term of tho iilmlual court, but
worn continued lor lack of time.
Anotber PfTort to Uulay diutlie liy Appeal
iil to the Court ot JuiIko Iiruif;er
Other I ll.e ( ae.
John J. JIcC!ocrn has been onfrafred for
some tlrno In Kradlui; mid p.ilnk" poitlous
of tho houtliwfst buuliard In tho Intet
est. of ,i imins lonitMiii. On September
1 Inst lio waf, mn-stcd on n. warrant fmm
Justbo Case a mint for opwratlnK ft bit;
,stam tollir on Sunday In dliett violation
of tho laws of thu i-i.nu of MIhsoiiiI nml
besldo dlatuiblntr the peno and ipilet of n.
iunila school wbbh was in holdlnff la
the Southweut tabeinale MiOowiu Kiivo
bond for his appearance l fore Jiutice
Cnse, but for fiamo mi sou Hip oildence in
the cat.u waa never hi m d After lepeatod
continuances McOoieril naked that tlm
cami bo hent to Jimtlie Iliwthorno on it
clmnKo of eiiue Thl petition tta sti.int
d, but tho eiit-n Iut--ki 1 thcto and was
tlnullj dropped out of tlmht.
Soma two weeks titjo the cane was re
lved mid a neu wjrrmt morn
out ncnlust McGovein, makliur hlmllar
chalKcS to thoue In tho oiltlnal w irr.mt.
Ho wan auuited and entered bin peront
lecomiitance for liU nppiaiauce for a
lieatliit' in one week At tho ml of tho
week, which was Dneember II, lie ap
pealed lit court and demanded u Jury it
waa lite In the afternoon and a Juiy could
not bo obtained that day mil tho case was
nh'ttu continued until jesterdij estit
il iy Mitiovein nnd Jim l'rjor, who lias
bun the defendant' uuldliitr st.u kIik-.i
his tioublo s-et in, went lafoie Jiistkn
llawthorno and nuked for a ehmiKe of
enuo iiK-iln, maklni; nllUiit that them
could not be a filr trial in the caso ii.
cept btttore Justbo KrucKer, Now Jie.
ficiwm mid Poor Iwith know that tho
talo does jwt prosetito any criminal ne
tlona whithomer before Justice ICimver,
becausii of hla belnir under ludli tment for
elei tlon fiauilH, and Assistant I'rokec utlnu
Attorney Hllictt, who was pieeent to rip
resent tho htutu jeatenluy, lelteritcd this
htntus of nffalra for the benelit of the de
fend int and Ills pattner, Prjot They were
obdurate, however, and demanded in fcuih
a manner that the ease miut e.o befoio
Justice KmcKir that Jiutlco Jluwthoinu
saw no way out but to cnuit their pi tltlon.
ImmeHllately Attoruev Hlllott illsmlksed the
ehari.o ntnlnst Millovtru, but lufoimid
him that tin .Monday (ho same e hurtie would
be again broui.lit In the criminal court
'Die state'4 nttornejs have been bothered
considerably of lato by people who have
been arraltfmd ami made atlidavlt that
they cannot receive Just trials save befoio
Justice Kruei.il Por this kind of peo
ple, who teem to know of Piusec utinir .t
torney JumUoii's leaolvo th it ho will not
try cases before Kruc .er so low; as he is
under indictment, and ask that their cases
be sent there for tilal, the prosecutor uu I
bis ntslalants have hit upon the plan of
dismissing all tsur'h and brlnc-lii- the u lion
dliect In tho criminal court There aro
freveial such casei on the Jinuary doi kel
which waa llnlshed eaterda and uhl'h is
bpoketi of elsewhere In tho Journal.
Tiro Women IVuut Divorces.
Jlrd. Ixiu V. SLirtln has filed suit for
divorce la the circuit court u train t John
Mnriln, Atr Mnrlltt nnd rhn were mar
ried In St Jooph In I'M She claims that
om tlmo ko ln wn ruiltv of Intldpllty
and that he promised in r he would re
form for her nk" nnd that of hl clill
ilron. Later, iho nlleitps ho nRiiln vio
lated his vows She etitlnn the court
to rrnnt tier a divorce nn 1 the custody of
their tm children, a Imv and a alrl
Mf Carrie Ihtrlwr nn tiled milt mraltisd
her htwbnn 1. Andrew J. Harbor, lieiause
of alli'ircd amine
iIiiiIkp ilinrf tlranls the Pro I'orini Hi crrn
111 the Mnrtl ( itlllp.tpil I'nvr.
Jndire Slover aaiinlel Hie supreme lodee
of the llerrt-volent t r ler of Phlpplnit Clerks
a pro forma d-c n o of ln oriwratlOTt -torday
mnrnltiit This was in aieonlnihp
with a report of J M Pox, who was n
jlnleil referpc b the court. Mr l)t
stateil thai he had carefully exnmltifd
the petlUon presentisl ome wweka n(n
l J P llllwve W V. llancrott, C. S
Oray. Bilwanl Halle nnd J I. Snsrr. and
I he protest prcsentPd bv Thomns Shorl
dan ami John Thompson He al bad
hiard both sides. Ills conclusion' vvtirt that
the court would be dolnR no harm If it
Isducl the decrp.'. which It did. This puts
nn end to the lomr llhl wlilph baa tipen
irnlnit on Iwliveen the subordinate lodiro
of the order and the supreme lodge. 'Hie
former somratod from tho latter.
st!lti;ill.s .stii.ti.
A l'otiuattorS ttnitdsuipu Are Asked to
Mnke etttement torn Hi lb It.
.Suit was Hied In Hip federal court ptor
rlav by Hlstrlct Attortuy John It Walker
aimlhst II ) HIake V A WstfnII and
SI T Itowlnnd, In which the Pnlted Ktatis
seeks to recover from those men the sum
of i) on a bond, nnd the sum of tWTi of
Koiprnmpht cish tlliRnlly withheld in
Mnrch, 1V2, HIake was appointed po"tmns.
ter of Hiitte, Neb. nnd qualltled In this
iltv, mnkliiK thp bond here with the sute
tles The petition uIIprps that nt the end
of that iir he wn In possession of M7S
of tin srovi rmnont cash and whin It was
demanded he refused to pnv It over, and
that he and ids sureties have since that
time n fused to make restitution to tho
Kovernmeiit. nnd the suit Is brought to
loileot the full iimount of the bond, unci
also the amount of thu nllei;od uhurtaKo In
the otllce cash.
the 1 hoilip"oll-tilbl Contest
IV trial of the Thompson-!) ihl election
contest on Its nn rlln has bien set for Inn
Uarv -' by Jiulne Slover Tills one of the
elei tlon i ases Is selected, In cause It was
the tlrst In which there was a tocoiint of
the baltotH Mho two were candldati s for
tho oillco of clerk of the criminal court.
An Alt;i e Appoint d
13 II lonos was appointed assignee of
tho Metropolis Loan anil Sivlncs Company
1)5 Judt'e Scaitltt M'sierdny morning. Ills
bond was placivl at s,ee
niirt Noli s.
lustlce Wlthrovv vpsterdnv entpnccd 13d
Ilalladav to sixty dajs in tho county Jail
for petit Inrcenv.
Hcorire Hindley was sontPnc;pd to tWPnty
dns In the county Jail jesterday by Jus
tice Wiill.s for petit farcen
Hany Lewis and Hiiikcss Clemonds, the
two liojs who weie iimstid, Willi kciI with
steallnif ehoes from the Jones dry kooiIh
store nt s,Nth and Slain "HuS, wero
nirilirned before Jurtlco Case esterday
and their Inailnir "et for Monday
Ch irles Willi inm pleuled Biillty beforo
Justice Walls xc'stenlny to a iiinrri' of
stenllmr hiuness from l.eo I!iwets, (if 115
13ast Pnmth siieet Ills alleged nccom
plke, M'llllum Pane, pleaded not enlltv ami
his heirlnir was continued until Tuisdav.
John P.iaddock, another inetiiber of the
KaiiK of brass "loiunal" thieves vv htrh has
liotlured the rnllioad eompinles irrntly of
late, was sentenced to fatty davs In the
county Jail b Justlen lovee visterdav He
wis ch irced with hteiillnir brass Jouimils
from tlm Sllssourl l'acitlc railway.
DlttlllClsl' lirilltlCIil'S '1 ltOUIH.f.s.
A lteport That tin Hail a Vacant I li rlcHblp
Kept Him Itili lire ell hiK Applli nits
Diupsrlst C L V. Ilcdrltk, whooplaie
of business Is at HprliiKlleld nvinue and
Holmes street, emphatically announce h
that he is need of no more clerks thin ho
alreadv has l'or live di.vs pist ho has
bum sulTpilntr fioin a plethora of appll
e itlons for a vne.fni til it hid no exist
ence ive In the ImaKln.itlon of two scoio
oi mote would-be pliariuielsts llj list
nlKlit Sii Iledrlik was irettv weatv ot
I e i1 Inji- In pel sou and bj ti leidiono that
he dl 1 not w int anlod to woik tor him
In any cinicit, at pns, nt
Tills Is how the tiouble camo about: On
Decemlier 11 a porter in his store, one 13
(i Allen, shot .i woman thoiiKh the arm
and shouldi i Last ulni mIiiv night he
waa arrested and vctv n itur.ally Mr lied,
lick had to irtit a new jioi te r So far, so
pood Hut in some wu j, to Sit Ilcdihkuu
known a lepoit that Allen was a link in
tho store mil a xacancj xlsted was start
isl It must have spread fast, for live d iv h
it-o the applicants bet; in to make thilr
inline nee felt
There have been fullv tlftv of them."
sild SIi Hi di lek list nlKlit "Tint! lines
have ranged finm Pi to go, and I i;uess
everj nailonallty has been n pn sentcd Did
.1115 of them sei in to know tinvthlnir about
pliurmac) Well some of 'em dliln't, that's
sine Some of thi in came here and no mo
ot them called up "
kann.sj it siii.i.rniet).
Itltiults of Oun Shipper's I xporilllPllts A ttll
A iriotis itlcs.
?.lr. Tlm l'oliy. of t.oad Cite, S
p. who hns beili at tin. New Alb my
hotel tor two wrikt), lift )itcil,i for
honn SIi l'olfy is owner of a. bltr nold
mine at Lead City and was In tho c ity
with a shipment of ore wlilih lie had re
duced nnd handled at the Aiitemlno smel
ter He Ills been havlmr his woik done
heretotoie at Umaha and Deadvvood, Imc
will hinaflur send It all lure, ouln' to
the Mipeilui results attulueil lis" tho mctll
ods In vnsue heic
Sir Po1h5 was able to reclle JJiO per
car moie from his mlnei tl hnudlid heie
than ho could ei t from tho same handled
ut Deadvvood oi Omaha,
A llli; Ural in W 111. I.j.
Judffe S 1'. Laucister, of Hirdstown
Nelson counts. K , has been tho tfiicst of
thn Sloirln-Povveis Mere mtllo Compiny
duiIiiK tho past week Juilse I. incnster
has a flno fntm of -' (xj acres, dotted with
spilnKs of water, sinh as am known 011I5
lo tho Hluetiass statu. The judife Is .1
bleeder of lino Iioims and a distiller
Amonir the famous hoi sea he has d v eloped
was the peerless .Marlon c eomiuiror of
Viiro d'Or and Hwjei's Kitihaton in a
ftoow stake lace ill Chic iao soiuo jear.s
I Is understood that the Slonln-Povvers
Mercantile Coinrany itavo JuIko Lincaster
an oidei for 1,1100 biriels of his celebiated
S. P. Lancaster whisk, which Is one of
the very lluest briuds produced This l.s
certnlul the Inis'isi sale mado in this
luaiki t this season,
JuUko Lancister s a. man of very 01 Ik
inal 1 hai ictei. He came to Jackson coun
ty in isai Intendlntf to om,Mqo In the stock
und distllllnt; busiuese He Ioeated mar
Indepuidi nn) but the bonier troubles
foice:d him to relinquish his project, nnd he
unuined 10 Keutuik, and .Missouri thus
lost an opportunity as havln,? as 0110 of her
eltUftis the ieadtUh dlstillut and piodiiier
of race hoists In the eoiiiitr. .Mi. I, ni
acin i is a lineal descendant of tho huiise
of Lancaster, and his aueestois came to
America with Lmd Hiltlmoie und loi nteel
in Mai) land at the tlmo of tho lust nettlu
uic'iu of that colony.
IlieU for Until t hriiiT,
Yesterday bids wero received by tho pub
llo Improvements committee of Westport
fur tho eonstruction of the extension of tho
outlet s.vver for dlstlicts 1, ' 3, i, !), ID H,
U and U as follows Itobert l)oil, j7,lW!;i),
Heorue J Hair, 5ii,73S, Charles b", Hustnl,
j'l.Sil M M'lio work 10 bo completed wlthlii
sixty das,
In Curing;
Skin Diseases
Works Wonders
Bold ibiouiboul th voili. Bridlh 4Itl F Vtw
II t So.-.. 1, Klnt Ldsl !, Loieluo. Fottis
Uavu Ii Cssswai. i,or, beil ttogi, Italen, u, V. A
wit.t. inmim tnr mm its stamp
till. M. Hill is 01 l.tl v 1 s,
Many Mltlnc; I tub r Urlulil and nt lull
I'rlre While I Iimr Is I hi i or 1 ball
I. tor Inn lie Hi inedlod With
an tlrillniini r,
One week njro tho Jotirttal ciillei! rtllen
II011 in the fuel Hint itmtiy lmkern oC
this tltv nre selllnr (hort-vplprlit hread,
even iIioiikIi Hour la notoriously ihi.
tit oon?iuenci of that ptlWlcitllem, ron
stitiRTH aro taklntf tc lo eompt I
iHtkei-fl to itMiUe full WelRlit leva vert of
uniform size. liven tho bakers admit
Hint with thu price of Hour na low an It
In mw, iitnl with the niMttiratlce Hint It
otui bo no hlher for it Ionic tlmo to
come, tlie conautner should iret for R
coiitrt a lonf of breml welRlilnff a full
IMUiitl it tul a I111IC liirttend of KettliiR,
n lie iloiH imvvv loitVi'rt vnllliT 1 Wi'luht
fioin tut ounces to 11 pound.
It In not tlllllcult to undersUttiil why
tnnc bnkem nto putting out thes llirht
welglit loaves, when tho Hltuatlott 1 ex
plained, tit the closo eH)iitKtltlon for
thu litiMtieKM of the irrocer, u baker will
nBree to furiilh su four or sW more
loavea for it dollar t hut) a. cotuietltor Is
rui iilsliltnr Of e otire the bilker iloe a not
lose nii)tl)liiK lij thla openitlon Hi'
almply tukea the sntne nmotiiit of Hour
ntwl tiiukes 11 Kliviter number of loaves
by lisluelllir their vveiKllt. These Hie
irrni'er Fella for the full retail 111 lie of
loaeH WcIkIiIuk siveiul ouneiH mote,
atlil the isitiautner pins the fnlfrhl A
lenilliiK linker stateil cstenliiv that
vvlillu twonl-dlve lotivm for it (bdlnr was
whilt wais Htipposed to be furnished the
uroe-er bv the linker, he knew of lu
Htttnuw where ns tunny us fotty loaves
who belnir furnished for 11 dollar.
Theto la u lirovlsion In the clt cbnrtc r
tliut loeives of bread must wolith one ami
twi piitinds, but a llht nrose' on thl
point seveiul i'itrs iifjo "ml the clly was
benteti on It, tlie com Is ileohlimr that If
a linker was wlllimr to Htitiup on a loaf
wli it It wolnlieel, so il1) not to deceive tlm
consumer us lo the amount of btc id
he was Kettlmr for III monev, the cltv
could not compel him to make loaves of
a. certain weight Tint idveisp dtclslon.
however, wiih based on the picsiimptlem
Hint the welRht of every slioi t-wi Isht
loaf must be- stiitnpid on It. and this Is
Jti.st whit the bnkois nre not dolus now.
It is believed tint they can be mm
polled to do it, or to make full weight
loaves of one and two pounds
With the present low pi lee of Hour n
IKimul lonf is not lirtre enoURh tor fi
cents A lonf wolRhlnir a ikhiiuI and n.
half can be fmnlslied to the grocer bv
the Inker nt twonU-llve loavea for a
dollar, niul leave him n. fair mniRlti of
prollt M'he 1,'rocer would sell this loaf
at 5 centi and nuke 'M per cent on Ills
money, n very neat piollt on such a
staple ns bread, nnd eel tnlnl all the re
tallet could expect, especially us he tutus
his bi cad money over over' il.i Some
Kioccts me now milking neailv 100 pi r
cent profit on their dnllv bie.nl s,ics, by
handllni,' Mint t-woljrht loaves, tor wlilih
the- ch'Hste the consumer the full n tnll
in ice Thus; It will be scon that It is
neither the- baki r nor the tetniler who
sudors fiom Miort weight loaves, but tho
M'he leineelv now sURKestisl bv some In
terested cnnsuiiurs is to eoinpct till
bnkets bv oidinnnce, lo stamp on evetv
loaf of liie.nl Its weight This would
mike the business regulate its. If very
speedily, for It would give the e-onsunior
1 ch nice to mo how much he Is getting
for hia monev win 11 he bought a lint' of
biead If one baker stiinpod his loives
ns weighing 11 full ound and n hnlf, the
amount which can with reasonable pio
llt be obl for 4 cents, to -the gioccr. oth
eis would not tr to hold their li.ule In
putting out loives weighing less M'he
consiliums would soup notice the dif-fireiu-e
in weights nml would buy onlv
tlie full weight loaves, thus foiling all
tho bnkois to come to tlie Mandate! or
lose their ti ide
1,1 I' I HIS TASI s lO-WOKltOW.
Arguments lo Ouisli Will He Heard by
lllilge WofTori! lit lllili pi lldplii c .
Judge Woffoid will to-moriow liPar tho
arguments In the motions to quash the in
dictments In the c is, s of John Sliif-John
Sloran, e V Kruehu, C H Owsley and
Hail O Hiistow, which weie returned
list month l5 the gimul Jury at Independ
ence It Is assured bevonil all doubt that
the motions will not be'siistaim '1 as Judge
W'offord refused to sustain like motions
when the aliened election thieves were In-dlete-l
iirlKlnnll) 13.-Slaor V S Cowherd
nid 1 H Klmbi, 1, as attoi 1105 s for tlie
ibfenilints will aigue the nmilons lor the
ikfuiM, wlilli Pi..s,cutlng Attoinc) Jam
ison and Ills issis 1111 (ieorge V. Neal.will
apt ik fiom the standiiolut of the btato and
AifliM Si.Mler luri it of t'tiroiiln III 11 rlno 1.
Pining the war, John L. II.isp. or SII11
Crik, III. contraiteel chronic dlairhoea,
wlilih Inconve nlence d him ei nun II, and
at times gientb" impiireij. hlu sue ngth
Ho tavs' "Din- dose of Cliambi rlalu's
folic, choloia ami Dlanhoea He m, . baa
alwavs relieved me and two elnsi s ease-el
ine so that I 1 oitkl at onm go about m
business. I alw.iss ktnp tho ltunedy at
hand " ,
The IluillnL'ton Iloute from Kansas City
otters advantages eXLi-lled 115 none with
new compartment sleepers und p irlor cars
to Ht Louts, Ulle qualed seivlce on fast
train to Chicago tin hiding Cafe Dining
Car servlio. solid tialn from Kinsas City
to Denver with Care Dining Cir for every
meal, making It the most desirable for
Ccdcii ido und the Pacille to 1st iiolnts, it is
tile 011I5 direct 1 ne to Hillings, Spokane nnd
Pug, t Sound points, the lust line to Oma.
nn st Paul ami Sllnne ipolls.
Pot full Information nppl nt any ticket
oillco or uddiess 11. C. Urr, Ivans is City,
.Mo. .
Thn Wabish nilioad is tlie only shott
line from Kansas i'lt to ht Louis, und tho
only line running the taste st p usengu
ttaln M'he track Is the lst, and no curves
assiues ou 1 pie isaut night's rest. M'he
Wabish Is the oul lino that Is strictly
In it.
I, W. Prior, CMovol mil, Is at the Co.itos,
P. 'Sr Shaw, Delivei, Is at the C'oatus,
J W. I'loaser, Davenpoit, Is at tho
W. S StiOee Plttsbniif, Is at tho Coat us.
,1. U M'enlig, Neodesha, Is nt the Coatos.
P L. Kimball, Duranao, Col, is at the
Coat is.
3dMin nregg, Huillnnton, Ia Is nt tho
Co ites.
V W. Powers, St. T.onls-, Is nt tho Co ites,
W J Ililekle', Chicaner. Is at tho Co lies.
J, A. JtlchaicLon, l:o. ton, Is at tho Coates.
II P Valllei, Paola, Kas , Is at thu Hotel
II W Walker, Atchison, Is at tho Hotel
A'letorl i.
It. W Hull, St. Louis, U at tho Hotel
J I! Luch, St. Louis, is ut tho Hotel
Climbs Sllmson, Denver, is ut tho Hotel
Victor! 1.
Denver, is at tnu Hotel
Pullciton, Mo., Is at tho
, Louis, Is at thu Hotel
Homer, Midi , is at the
Louis, is at tho
I) A. Caisou,
i: C (iorden,
Hotel viotoiii.
SI Seidell, St
Victor! 1,
(J W Hauls,
Hotel Ytcionu.
II W. Wintervvorth, St,
Hotel yiciona
A. Austin, tot, Louis, Is ut tho Now AI
b my.
W. A. Lowe, Wichita, Kas., is at tho Now
1). ", Goodman and family, Tort Worth,
aio at th New Albaii,
It S, Jliowii, Adilnu, lilo , Is ut tho New
Cr. 1. Ijjng, Paikvllle, SIo, Is at tlio New
"Sllko" Mlehaelson, a well known travi
cling salesman, leturncd e'sterday fiom
u hunt down iu the Indian M'eriitoi) He
biought b.ek th!rt-lwo wild tuikes
llft-e.lht ted squiriels. a. dcci, a tox and
a wolf. Ilu distributed u lot of tlie game
umong his friends lust evening, and to
night ho will onUi'tuIn a number ot his
frlauda at a gauiu dinner at tho fauvoy.
Npntl) All Hip tlnirlliii Will OITnr iprrlal
Pfiigraiiititee IbU toriilng nml
I VPIlllltl.
Among the peplal innl il proKrimni's
nnnouiii.d for Hie I'hrislinas serving tt
hi held al the Various 1 hurt his to-dii), aie
tho following
At the I'lllliMlMll.
MMi rhrlatlflrtH Mrvlees at the Cathedral
will lie an fevHows' Tlrst 1111IM nt r o' lv-k
It will In' eelWirateil bv his lord'htp Itlubt
Iter. J. J. Hojmn. The their will slim nt
this rtliis". StnMoft Will Is iPbdiratid at 7,
and ii o 1 lo. h TMe solemn hlKh m is will
tip nt in mo. lot k 11. m . bv the nv It-
leitr Hi in nil rattier . I. l Oleiinon High'
Itev Illsbop ll.igan will ti. prci nl t tt tin
santuais A lahrttmrv ehmr id fotiv
ntlnr lm)a will slhir the 'Adi-n 1 I b b s '
Previous to the ft and in 1" o 1 bn h s, ivl m
the Wilmis will rlnpr. The music will In
of a vpi hlKh order an I fullv up to tin
standard presented ot) sn di fuist Pans
of Clmarosis ami Prln e Poullonskls
masses will lie lenilereil b the clmli At
the olTertoiy Sirs, Kale I'nnuuv will slug
"Hixlle ITirlstil Xniut lt," by 1 II
Or mil An line M. I . I bun Ii
Special music will be r 11 li e 1 bv a
choir of twelve volroa 1 imiiost I of tin
following l 11 m rs:
Sopiatnw-lr S Asre's Mrs. P.thol Ill
Rails, Allss Pattle Hohniinoii
Altos Miss KbIp Plerc, Stlsa iiiotl l
Hall, Slls leenevlevo Cliaffpe
IVnow .Mr. O W, Phlltirook, Mr. Will
lam Ornish), Mr. .Newton
llassos tr P II Clarke, Mr. O Pen
dleton Cain, Mr. Stltowsky.
Mr TMnaril P. Kelser, orjranlst nnd
The following Id tho progranune fot the
"jloll.N'IMI fHItVlCIl, AT It O'CLOCK.
organ, "Phe Hob Nlghi ' tltiii k)
llvmn No lx.1 "Joy lo the World"
Anthem, ' I nto lis a Child is Horn" (Por
civnl) '
Plrst Scripture leseou,
(ilorli Purl
Sin mid Hi rlpture lesson
OlTertorv, TMot tills, Awake!" (Shelli),
SIis A) us nnd thn i hoir.
Si rniein Di. Mltehell
organ, Ciironitloii Slar'h tSvendsoli)
ijvhninc. sintvtci:. r 7-n o clock.
Organ, "I'htlstmas Pnstniiile' (Ashlu ill!
llvmn '.'II
nthi 111 "Shout tlie Olad Tidings" (till.
c !u 1st ) Mrs Iimnlls ami tin 1 lion
oirertnrv Chrlstmns" (Shi lb v 1 Mls llo
hiitinoti. SIlss Hall and thu choir.
M'tinon Dr Mitchell
illorla in Hxcelcls (from .Mass in 11 Hat)
(Piirmi ri
Uigm, Cornnatioii Mntxh (Krclsehmcr).
t Irsi l'ri kIi ti riiiii,
M'he choir of tho Plrst Prebs torl.in
chuieh, consisting of Mts Nanuli It.mds
Kronberg, Aopinuo; Ml" Hi rtru le ."f
singer alto. All Dudbv W Paton teior,
Mr IMgu M Smllh, hiss, and Mi Albiit
Iltishtii II organist and dli-ctor, will renicr
tlio following line Chil'tinus selections.
Oiwnlng voluntaiv (W'ilv)
Chilstnns anthem (IturtletO
Offertoltc "Watohful Shipheids" (Tate).
Vocal voluntarv (Alornrt).
Opening veilimtar) (Lp)IkicIi)
"An I Theie Weie Shrphi rds ' (Wllllamsl
Orfe itoire-"Tlu Illrthduy ot a King'
Closing voluntary (Clmk)
II sniiU' I him h.
The following Chrlstm is prognmme will
b glv.n at All Souls' ehiirih, Ti nth mil
Itiondwii), tlila morning at 11 o'cloi k
Organ xoluntarj Offet-torv (OtiUmant).
Anthi m "Arise-. &lilne" (I.IV15)
H) inn "Hark the Herald Angels Slug"
Christmas uuthein tdng, (j lleuvciis'
1 'hunt "The Lord's Prasor "
Solo ami choius "O. Slug Pnto Clod'
II v mn "It Camo Upon the .Midnight
Si 1 mon
oiTeitor' Organ.
Olfortor) solo "Chrlstm is" (Shelic)),
Sirs A S Van Vnlkenbiiigh
The icgulni choli of the chun h will be
assisted by a select quartette tot the occ 1
slon. Ulle I ittigie gallon il.
Organ prelude.
' SI 111. (i' Heavens" (Tours)
No IMI Shill Ilot.ill M'hie' (St Casta)
L ulle eiu irti ttp "Calm on the Listening
Hu of Night ' (Willis).
"I l'ccl Thy Holy Spit It" (arabcn-llolt-maiiu).
Dm t Soprano aucj Jetpir
Whll. Sin pherls Wiikhed" (Handel).
' lit thb him' iLi.iitb tt).
hiistm is ' (sh Ilex )
Hols Night (Hii)iln)
urgin I'ostiuoi
Sirs. Cvius Ciane. Sliss IMIth Ttowli).
Hijson Jones 11 lebe Imossi r. Sirs
Hmiiiiu, Miss Muttlo Ctockctt, Alex
11 ilium I' 13 Ti itte r.
Alts. Plank Smith, organist.
Weil inlnti r t hull Ii.
"Angels fmm the Keuluw of Glor)"
Tin re Weie Shcpbeids,' eoIo for so
piano.niil bass (Linslng).
' Hethlelioni (tioiinod)
"Calm on tho Listening I3nr of Night"
(Aim stem)
Alembiis of the eholi Miss Wlttbh, so
piauo.SIis 001l11es. alto, Mi lloliiinuiu
tenor, Sir, .Mills, bass, and music il dine 101
A111111111 1 ulna Cliurih.
High mass will lie celebritel at tin
Annunciation 1 Inn ill at f, and loin a in
lespectlvel) Low s'lvlcc-Will In at 1 111
ueloek At the high masses th, , h in
will ii nib r Ad le adaiiti 's mass In I, nun u,
with Wells' Heiii til. ins, sung In Mi
James ituil.e'. Mhi choir will mus-i ot Hi.
Allsr.es Ni Hie Daltot Aiatgant Lulu n
mi ilaiie-, 1311a Cints. soprano-. Mi
lolllc- L'lrb) and lt- I'll en id nto Mi
J P Almpiiv and All. J. Hall. 1. n u
Sir I A Iturlte mil Mr. It. hnsder. b.i- o
oiganlst, Sllss K. Klib).
I roust veune VI. I', Church.
MoitNiMi st:i:vici3
Organ Pugui In L malol (umlel)
Ant hi m "Theto W'eio shepherds"
(1'l'lui gl I)
t-cipiano solo "Tho Watchful Shepherd-,"
Sllss Lillian Kieisei
13ll.il I'estlvalT. Deiun (Itiick)
Oigmi ' Alan Ii of tlio Alagl Kings."
Anthem' Mi thb In in" (llnrilHO
Me nor solo Star of Iiutlilehcin," Air.
"Te- Dc tun" (Itiu k).
Duet-"In tho Ctoss of Clltlst," Sllss
Kreisei and All Stulibs
Organ "Toichllght .Mai oh" (CM irk).
SI, liturge' t at hi drill.
The vested i liolr of pi, Oooige's citho
dial. Troost and Llnwood, will nndu the
following tuusle at the It o'clock seivlce
on Cbiislinas d 15 , ,.
I'loeisHlonal "Clnistinns Awake."
' i ulti " 1 1 Itolilusoll).
"Me Deiun" (Kr. tsc limet).
".lulillite" (Si hilling).
Introlt "Hark, Watchers, Hark'
';lv5liB" (H) ie)
lis mu "It Camo Upon tho Slldnlght
"Sim tils" (Amies)
Offeitor) "hlmr. (l Jloavpns" (Tours).
Iten ssionai "iiariv. mu ueiaiu .vuguis
s,. , nml I'M livnl hill Ii ll n 1 1
Anthem "While Shephetds W itched"
Invocation , ,,
Hymn .'Jv-'Mo) to the World "
Soptano solo "Niuiieth" (Hounod), Mr
C W. 13olf. with hirpohllgnto
lljiiin .JI "lltiik! What AUan Those
Heavenly Vobis."
Oln-itois Calm on Iho Listening 13 u of
Night" (Hivtiis). alio solo, Sllss M iv AI -Pailden,
with hai'i "ml vl'Jiln ohliwat)
Address-H the pistor,
Anthem nan to me iving itiiiiuii),
tile ehott,
llMim JI3 "Httrkl tho Ifetnld Angils
lit)' l'oiulnr In Miiiiiibiitu,
W'o li i X ei a good Ii ule on Ch.imbeil lin'a
Cough Itemed), In tact, sell as min li of It
ai of ull nihil' coiish medliinos cotublnid
mid we liainllu more than it do.en dilluciit
kli.ds Itie .V Petersen, dtugglsts, Pcle-eau
llipldii, AllniK
Mills reniid) is popunr lieeaiiso It cm
alwa)s bo dejieiided upon. Its promptness
in lining bal i olds, oioup, and wliooplng
loiidh, makes It a fivuitto ovei) wlieie,
Jim I win ( It) hpeciiil.
Commencing December 13. the Chicago
Oreat Western (Al iplo Leaf iuutt) will
place In seivlce a new train to Dos Aiolues,
St Paul and Allnniainlls. ami ull Interiue.
ilintu Iowa and Allmu:sota points, having
tliantl Ctnttal station ut becond and Wy
andotte streets, every night ut s (JO. Has
lighted, bteum heated compartment sleep
ing ears to Dew Moines una drawing loom
Blecpets to the Twin Cities Onl) olio
meal en route neccssuiy. Cafe dining car
on train. Two hours tho fastest truln ever
run to tho Northwest fiom Kunsas City,
Tho Wabash railroad Is tho only short
lino from Kansas Clt) to St. Louis, and the
only line running the fastest passmgei
truln. The track is the best and no curves
assuies )ou a pb asunt night's lest Tin
Wabash is the onl) lino that is strictly
lu It.
Open Day and Mglil.
The Coates House Turkish buths are uu-eurpasaud.
kjjwh nxmrxxvavrmKwmm
W. 7- vi-V
"V", - " s. V WVsWjLv v wJiXWiV&-'fc'ti J-- -' 5Sv
i -
ei- "s.
,tl2'Srest!OnS from Santa.
sJ1 C-
He drops a few hints about what to buy your friends
for Christmas and when to do your buying. Selec
tions from this list you'll find satisfying to yourself,
your friend and your pockctbook.
Silk Mufflers.
Men's Gloves.
Lnil'e s ze, with btojd Items, In
plain Ida It or wh!t or fun col
era mi 1 plaids, nt
Pile Kid In ull the popul ir
sbuli Also k!d llnej C,-ivk nnd
the (.cnuliie I'lvmoutli bin i at
50c 75c-SI.OO
Silk Umbrellas.
j nuv
Mill" with snel rods bun lies of
We xsi II ( onco l'ngllsh 1 rbo
nnd Wb mso tlio liitst uovelt),
i ov ers i f ihe line st silks, it
SI.50 S2.50-S4.OO-S5.O0
Monarch Shirts.
The best shut ma b Philn wbl'o
oi with fancv imsutus an 1 ruffs,
sizes to Ut nil) shaped man
Silk Handkerchiefs. Jersey Gloves.
Of gwiie rous sle with br uii hems
atid iindsome, cmbiotcleiiel ini
tials in urneie ttino ciadis at
three vet) low prii
25c-35c 55o
Win in uid comfoiUble two cood
Vullle-s.lt two 111 tit pri is
25 Cents-35 Cents
Boys5 Suits.
immd Fine Neckwear.
I If I ! Made up of be.iutltllll llrurd,
II I f plain nnd brocadei I slllis in Te cits.
UllUlUlLUhy 1 lowing Pud Pour in-Itauds and
Ue Jolnvillcs, each In neat box at
In f.nu oi nlilii Iirivv slllts nnd
sitins ind th-eero note d novenitj,
pu up In liatidsume linllvldual
boxes lead) for mulling rare bur
al is al
(, oil ill wool double-brenstcd
Suits In fani v ciKsimrres unci
lilm and Win k Chi v lots SI values,
tliat bauta Clans endj foi
SI. 08
Boys' Reefers.
lb u i iible-bii.istoii Cblnchir.i
Itt e ti ts, with Ifirijp sauin culiais
.to 1 luiilii tt mmliii. a dandy
e hrl.tmis pierstid foi )our boy,
Linen Handkerchiefs For,You.rHlisbaild
ot so I u si i Ii dbowlttrt M
U in-in ji I Urn n t nml i i
IKn.llt- m hi l ut Lk ui tt Ut Tltio
It hIi I-uit n at
25 Cenis35 Cents
I ttli r ni br U tiT get 01 uT our
tti!t. it v f r tialn CiuruItT al-
u- wm iii r ull roil n TCana
i t ati 1 ur (ir "s n 11 liatou
th in i i oilu t r -' tt k
S5.O0-S7.50 -S9.5Q
1, -
Kl ' ' 1 H
s ' '
M4 lW 40 J
I' ! I I '-li
Ivm litntirt Niirili of
Ii il T ll Stiei t
927-929 KIA5K1 STRSSET.
nT w3r3.Tn":
You Are LooSdn
(Oi ifc)
hf tetsffii ea &
Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry,
Sterling and Silver Plated Ware, Pine Umbrellas, . . .
. . . Opera Glasses, Gold and Silver Novelties.
Remember it will save you at least 20 per cent by walKlntj a few blocks, to our old .stand,
5 '
AAAAAAAAAAeAAiVAM MiV AA.AAAAVA W rfVvAA.'c V AWiMMiVreM'i'v ,.l.-v a-siv A a AA WWAi"
.11 1. Milt .-MI.MIIIS,
A pnllie man )isti'idiy aiii-stid IiltneH
Cla)tuu, vvhii It, wauled In Hlm,iUHVllle,
alu, lur aliened pe tit lticiii)
lieu O'Neill, 11 variant. Wilis tluud 10 lu
imllin coin t Ji'Ste nliu, ami Mill In thu
wuiklniUM-, as he could nut pa) thu Unci,
Juinesi Daltiui, while! ill link, ledl IIiiiiukIi
nun en thu wludciwa of tho nutate talnou
Iit Pi id iv uiKlii. JiiiIkii lunu biui lilm
to tho vvoiMioiiiici lor leu ila)u
Tliiiiiins .Mollis. nlKlit diivcr nf tho lia
Hid vvaKon, iiii t a put Illicit with bulling
lOltlU UVll Ills liKH lllili fc'lt )eMelda), llllll
It. e untitled to bin hoiim, -J 11 ).itdotte
Mti. Km ina Ilnulion.s. of 1.7 Oinud uvv.
line', utile d hor liutliauil csti nl.iy for fl
ruitK 'llila mado lilm mid, und lie- knocked
liiT duuu llei ix. u .uii!, uttinctid a polko
inuu, who took Huutiiiga to CVuti.il station,
Cciuit waa in hibblun, und lio waa taken
bolaiii thu judc;i, who lined lilm $.j.
heve-ial men sevriol) beat u woman In
Uu- .Ninth end I lit Thmsil.ii nlulll. ail I all
of tlio mill except Pled Chapman wciu alii-
ted and lined lu jmlku eoiiit. The police
lupturvd Chapman, Pildi), und )eitiiday
Judko lime s beuteuecil lilm m tlio woik
house tor lift) davs.
Hobeit JrKKlln. a tdcurapli opcritor out
of a jolt, vvaij tlm 1 $., lu i jlUe conn )e
ter la) inornliiK' iei vvhippliu, his wife. Ho
camo here) uee-ntly fiom bedalla, Mo,
wltcrc hu is bald lo bo onu of several heir
to a minor estate. Ho Ulemaphed to Se
dulla for utouvy with which, le cay the
lilt VV Ull VMIIIII.K .11 V,
Wifiiut III ( biiiltiin, ii Will Iviiiiuii
renin Vuilni.- vim, l, ,iu llini,
I.lWrillee, Kll- , I ce Jl (SH i I ll I 1.1
Cliatluiti, ulle f tin lust known )miiii,
Heipilblli itik of l.iwun i, ant t tin p
neiliitid sli waul uf tin di it an 1 dumb a-)
linn at lilathe his bun deseited l.j Ins
Will', VV llOM lireilloil. he tlllllli-s lllVI
lieell alb uated bv H it lib li, l pa pi l linn,
l r Of tilth ell) Ml Chullluu's wifi ll.lslneli
uwa) tw wks, and lu i db. ipiu.it. in i
was hlinult nn mis with thu of Itkli, wlm.-.i
W It'll died ib'iUl two llluulllB UKO
Ml Cli ull. 111 will ti) to kit lusiifsklon of
his ibililicu Ilu bis been IinuiU-d about,
ten )i us 'lb. tilUlol tiinf h.i i.iiiscil a
crenu dc il nf t ilk ill this city oltieu it baa
booomc kuuw 11.
Is tlio new, modern, pcrmi
iv 'Hie eouiiiaiD's iieclvlmr
Hooks (new and ol 1) bought, sold and ex.
chantij. Ullek's new location, ,lt) iialu.
l'orest hill
nun ccmcui ine- eouinaii) s ii.civim,'
Viiuie 1113 eihiil3 c imluiiius unit 14 espe
clilly Intended tot use in tlio stormy and
cold winter months Poust hill covers J-v
ueics and his M ibH-slml a umd foi is.i
petuul maliit num e Por free tiuuswit.i
tiou and all liitoiiuutlou bcu Ocorijo livv,
secictar), X. .. l.lfc bleltf. Telephone ini.
Try a C o'clock dinner on tho Santa Fe
route's Chicago limited. Train leaven Kau
sub City ut i.H d. uu
Vie villi in ill mi n li 4.
tlMi.fr tiiuf irniatlmliow
in erjn hair iirmi a I ilj
lie ii I, i p fjlliui; lull
uu 1 1 lu iiuke4lpiile4e
A I Uci.4, I
lltfuhtlin Slrei. Piiptutirf,
127 1 nt Ililrl struct.
tin luiutl, l).
M.l.l.i;. Jcilin 1 w, Killey, ubo t7 )eurs,
Di enibci .'I, Ub, Oak sued. '
Puili'ial tiutbo latei.
11..V1IM. is n.visn latfiv.
(Ineo I'riiiiilnoiit niul l'rospernuH Now tlm
llvilptimt of (liirltyut t liiitun, 31n.
Clinton. Mo., Hoc. 2l.-(Specla!,) A. I).
Thuiston, who orttanUed und was for sev
en )c.iis jsrand chief of tho Order of Hall.
tin Oidei of Hallwii) Tele'craphers Mui;
.1 lie, Is now uuaitvivel nt thw city calu
booM with his wli,. und helplets chlldryn.
on the ehurlt) ot tho tit) They wero oil
their road from lowu to Sptlntftleld In a
uukoii and got luuttht In tho storm of a,
few davs ago Thuiston Is u I moot help,
lefs, btlnp iitllictisl with rlieuuiatlsm IU
has seen helper duva. At oui UUus lUa la
e90jS.vj-W.UW a, jrvitf,
raatio up or niey iti iars-vy, urtu tuey
come beforv
(Tr.it meeting.
or i no narriF irea of me? niiinirr.
V IMlliri IMAm ki kit t fl J ' f.e 1'. i'
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