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Combining: Utility With Beauty Merit Willi Low Prices. Boar in Aliiul that Evory Article Sold Is Guaranteed to Give Satisfaction
or Your Money I3ack Without a Question.
" "JL-Vfe X
vyJ LX Ij-JLK. ii Jl JLL JLjky
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5I Z
May need some article
of wearing apparel for the
Have you ever visited our Children's
Pay as little or as much as you like.
Come for anything in staple or the
very latest of cute novelty conceits
and you'll find it here.
Come prepared to get nothing that we
can't guarantee, for every article in the
house MUST prove satislactory to the
The department is complete from the
lip of the toe to the crown of the head.
You can equip your boy at any price
with stylish, desirable wearables.
You can't do as we
prices anywhere else.
Come, see for yourself.
Look or buy welcome cither way,
enm r
coats and Ulster
in regard to
rrr rx r
Vu fT1 I
"Q?v & m
For . . . dDZ
You may read about the wonderful things some stores are
doing, but they seldom materialize on investigation. Here you
may always confidently rely upon finding everything we
advertise just as we advertise it Each Overcoat bears its old
price ticket, and that was its actual selling price,
Come and learn what a Special Sale really does mean at THE AlODEL.
Underwear, Neckwear,
Umbrellas, Children's
Jewelry, Caps,
Ladies' Leggings,
Silk Garters, Gloves,
JlLilC, ZiG
Kansas City's Foremost Clothiers, Shoers,
Hatters and Furnishers,
Southeast Cor Tenth and Main Sts
Kansas City's Foremost Clothiers, Shoers,
Hatters and Furnishers, 5
Southeast Cor Tenth and Main Sts. 1
arMJKStamniiit mm
Christmas Presents
And all sorts of first-class substantial
Jon dry. 1 Vices tho luwost for (food goods.
549 Minnesota Avenue.
The Journal office lias boon
removed irom the Chambor
of Commerce) to tho first floor
of tho Columbia Building at
Sixth street and Minnesota
Keeiey Institute,
1'0I1TM0I Til 111,1)11.
ltciuctiihci lli-iels nt iktiil, IiihI Itiiln In
linn)! I lt. Mm lit mire of i heap Imitators.
must anmi:u 'io tiii: t'liAitiii; or
ii;.i,i.m; in i;iti;i:N (.noiis,"
Minim; m:vii.i, in: iii;i) as a wii
ni:v AiiAi.Nir onn:its.
(intcs, of Itocilalc, I'mlcr Arrest for
l'uitfiii; u UaUrd Hill -'I Ins Count
In ii t'lcfcrrtil ('leditor ,Vi;nhil
tliu Ut-fuutl I'llUeiii,' llimlc,
William (lialiam, the young farmer who
mi uuistod u few il.os ago on liU ratli
n's faun near I'aola, Kus,, on tho charge
of il allnK In "uio-'h gooiU" was given u,
j -I II in liin j- heiirlng bofoio United Ktutes:
Commlb-douor I'erry jesterday. Ho wus
)(;in.l oyer to await trial In thu United
Ht.ids court In ball of JIO.UOO. llelnir iinubla
to furnish the leuulieil bond ho nas com
mitted to tho county Jail.
The evidence intioiluceil uualiibt (Jiahani
Has not conclusive, its it could not bo
1'iovei) that ho had eollclud tho con-tlb-uiueiit
of couuturfelt money which was
t-ii'iiud ut tho cxpuns olllco ut l'aola ud
urisfced to him. Tho principal wltncsies
for the bovenunt'iit woro inspector Mur.
j hy und JJeputy United Mai-ahal Kirk.
'iiey cu thL linn who urristed Ora
ham und teiured the bojjus blllu. They
te-Ulled to tho lircutiutances of tho ur
lest and tho iccovcry of the lareo umount
of counterfeit money which wan at tho Ox.
j.riaa uillco wultiue tho order of Uruhum,
tho coiibliiiiei'. ...
Tho uttorneys for tho defense made a
hard llsht. They ilalmed that whlk Iho
counterfeit money nun oeen fceni io uru
Mlin ."SuK. WW'
of the l)jm'iJ2a
ii- r It Is ii.it lnifiii1 that (linhiun .is
'lim'tlv iniii.cti'l with th" f.tnmii- Biinif
ot ciiiinti rii in r-, but win u-. d a- i t ml
In tin liainl- uf otlui memlii'is II' .
Kimwli d-ri In Ini; ai iiiiiintii wlih I in ii,
Willi Is ll llilinl In hi' OTli' of till' Ii i 1. n
uf the k.iiik, but il.ilms that thu niqu.unt.
.im. i.is foiniid without nn kiniuli-HKa
nl tin. bufcliiibs. iii whlcli Dice wa in-
It was shown that whlln finihnm had
In di tiotllh'd that the p.H'kaK was theie
lur lilm lie dlil not have any desire to B
iioyhoxslon ot It. i I . .stated tliat li
what tho express paeka'ji' contained and
for Hint teason he wan afraid to h.ue
.inythillt,' Io do with II. It Is said thai he
will be taken to Atlanta, On., to be used
as a witness In the enso mjalust t:io
other moulders of the kiiiik who are now
under arrest there nwnltlni,' trial.
Theru are now nine men under nrre't In
Mitious jinrt.s of the country churned with
belnir connected with Hie Kant; of coun
tefelti rs whli h has become fiiiuoub ik
the Ilendrlek's bill counterfeiters. Tho
federal authorlies w lio lme been working
on the case claim that this iranir has iniin.
tifai lined und caused to be clreul.ied more
than Jlcil.WO of counterfeit money. Tho
only InterestliiK feutuin of llrithnm'a pre
llinlnniy lieurlmr yi-.-tt-rdav was the xhl
bltluii of the fPViiti uf counterfeit iminiy
which was intmduced in court as ovidenco
utMiiist Uriihani.
auai.nm' 'im: ni:oi:ii:it.
County Held lit lie it I'liirnrrril rroilllnr of
till' lleliiiict IHl'll-' ll.lllk.
Judtie II. It. Alden xestcnlny mornInK
n ndi led a decision in the district court
in which lie held Hint tho claim of the
luuid of countv iiiniinKsliineiH iiRulnst the
assets of the defunct CltUens' bank, now
In tho bunds of W. 11. HrlilBCllk, as le
celver, must be Klen prefeienee over all
other creditor or tho bank. The tim In
vohed is. 1i,ViSU.'i.
When Jl. C. .McLean was treasuter of
,iiidutte county, he deposited In the
I'lthscus' Innk money heloiiKlUK to the
i ounty wllhoui tin authoilty or knowledge
uf Hie i ounty lonunlsnluners. Jle after
wail iliew a cheik on the bank foi the
money. I'asmeut was lefused beeaiii-e ot
a l.uk of liiiids In thu bank. The bunk
afterward tuiipd ovi r Io Jlelaau notes
and neiiirllles .unountlnn to S.V.000. The
bank then beiiimi liiMilveiit .and W. II.
HildKins was nppulnlid tecelvir. After a
IcimHii lltlKutiuii the iei elver not pusses-,
siou of the lions, feci mltltfi and oilier as-.-ita
then In the hands of McLean, and the
i ounty couitnlssloneis illul an Jnteijilia
nskiiiK that the county be Klven a preiu
niice to other creditors. In case no uppeal
Is taken a Una I settlement of the aliar
of tho o.vtruusutu' may boon be made.
a itiMixTi.n i.m inr-i iiKvi:.Mi:.
CaiKid tho Arrest of Ills Tommr (ilrl for
AlleKi'd theft,
Mlb JIary Hauls was arrested yesterday
on a biato wair.int eharlnif her with
bUallin; a diamond ilnit and M In cah
fiom II. l.ucas. She wai anulyiied befoin
.lilkllcn of the l'eiue llnirhen, who llxed
her bond at 5i und sit tho prellinln.iiy
luarinK for January '! She secured the
leuulred bond and wus relenbed The de
ieiid.int neknowledKcs havlUB the rim; In
lur iiOiSiTtluu, but clulnis that I.ucai,
kuvii It to her for nn eiiKaiJi ment link',
laiciu lias been keepinir company with
her for several months, and some time atro
Ihey iiunirclcd. Hhe lefused to luner keep
tompaiiy with him, and he then dunanded
tho return of the diamond lint. Khu le
fused to glvo It back, and he causul her
arrost on tho charge of blcallnj,' It, She
bus ho will ke.p l ho rlnu und pioposes
to proe the ilnhtful owueiahlp when the
kabo comes up tor trial,
DuiiiiiKCtf Wnuli'l fur mi Asi.udt
Dennett Cohen Hied huit In tho district
eouit jesterday nalust J, 1J. llarki r for
$l,ouo. In the petition the plilutilf hIIckis
that the defendant nssaulU I him on ilc
cember 12, und thut ho liaa bliuo brill un-
aid" to labor J r Hurler I- n.iuud as
I lic den nd. int. but thl- Is a lib nth i mls
tuki. as It w.i- T J. Il.irku who had the
ttouble with Cohen.
('iiuresiniiii llllli r lilies Attoriie llnri; r
ii I i nt fur iniiiliiiii nturj I tlrtanci s.
TIip case of Dive lltu klnml aRalnst the
Itiversiile lion Works Comnanv to recover
knew ' S-O.oml for Injurbs receied while at work
m me niniiiaii) s plant In ittvervleiv mis
tried In the district loitrt yislerda. It
was given to the Jmy Inst mvtiiini, and
no verdict has et bei n rtuehed. Hucklnti.l
was lepreseiited be Moore ,4 Ilerui I . while
CouBrfssnuin .Miller tried the case for the
company. Umlnir the argument Attorney
Homer ftiloKlzed OunKressman Miller very
hlk'hlv us an attorney and a eltUeti. When
he had finished his eilliiirv the ronuressman
,btepied fotwnrd and lild a cent on tin table
in ironi ur iieruu. as nament for ttio
nice things said about him. Helper took
tho coin, and the Jars men laughed heartily.
lie Is Chiirsed Willi liming I'll-led u
KiiUi'd ( lllll.
If. fJiites was arrested nt Itoscdnlo yes
terday charKed with passing a i.iised $10
bill lie was taki n In Ion t'nlti.l Stales
C'onimlssluner lviry who ilMd his bund
nt Jim. lie furiilsli''d the reipilnd amount
and was ielea-nl to appear for prelimin
ary hearhiK. The arrebt of (bite so soon
after the tapliiie of I lice and CJnibani, the
two aliened luunterfeiters. In whose nos-
M'fslon was lound nearly JlO.uuO of the
couuteifeit flu bills, created considerable
cM'liuneiit. dates lb a. well known butch
ir at llosedale and his jiruiulncnco added
to tho bcub.ition.
und at one time tbreat'-ni d to kill the
pluluilft with a bie knit' tl I- id-"
i hulked that the li l ndant ictu-'d to 1 a
the IioIim nut .mil Hint it wii- i ill lix
the fat In i of Hie plaintiff. Sin- ,i-l - ror
the iiistu'h uf in 1 ouiik d.iUKhtii, i.iln.i.
I nr Itent
lKslrable olllco rooms, sinele or en Riiile,
with or wit hunt vault in i ommudiitioiis, in
Chamber of Conimern biilMiinr. Kiln-as
City, Kas,; centrally luuiteii at lllvirwew;
eleiator. sleatn heat, elietrlc llk'ht, low
in lies. Fine Inrise hnll for lodk'e nui noses.
Vi hae two locant nlirhts per wei k. Also
hiriro hull on mound floor, suitable for
dancinB parties. i'or puriicniarij, call on
Janitor nt buildln. or
AMX. FI.N'DrAV, Ak'ent,
Hunker bldff., Knnsus City, JIo.
Telephone 12S2.
A Iti-stnil rtii I 'I ill I lipped.
Shortly nfter tho cvenlnjr rush nt the
Cable restaurant, at Tenth street and
.Minnesota avenue last nlnht borne sneak
thief entered tho place and tapped the
money till. seeurlnK a small amount ui
i llilllce. Two boxes of clours und M-veral
pounds ot cliHivlnir tobacco were also cui
lied away. Tlie robburs was committed
during the absence of the pioprbtor, who
had stepped into the kitchen to tails to the
!,l eiutt d to Marry.
I'lobalo JiuIkc J. 1". Annie did a flourish
Inn Imsinis in the inauiune license di
partmeut jcstenlny i:iduitly thvie will
be many Chilstmas man nines, Tim roi
louliiK weiu the lleensis Ismic I tHUrday:
I'utilik J. White, Jiuksan count, JIo.;
Ida llni rott, Wyandotte county. Kits.
C M. I'i arson. W nudum uniiit), Kas. i
Nellie Hone, Wyunilutic i ounty, Kas.
i: I ward llait, Wiitidotn county. Kits.;
Anna l't arson. W undone couniy. Kas.
I'. Jl Collier. Wjainlolte coiiul), Kus.;
IjiIIh Illy, Wyandolle coumy, Kas
W. 1 iMiulap, Jnhiisou county, Knb. ;
i:ifcu Jl. Tiowbrldk-e, Wyuiidotio county,
Sidney Key, W.indotto county, K.u.;
ramilo Iloyd, Wnndotte county, Kas.
Will I return mi lllretrlell v,
I'tofessof I.iicleii I. lllake, of Lawri'iu ,
will Blvo a iiits ol lectin n on electrhlty
and its model n applications nt Aiinoiy
hall, IukIiiuIuk 1'ildu, .la unary 10, This
is the tit r I time the nrofissor has ' vi r
lectiilid lu this city. iiltliiiiiKli he has Kien
no less ihaii ibree erle' of Uctures In
Kansas Clly. JIo.
ills lectures will cmbince all of the nuw
est tihases of this wonderful loiie, und will
he llliibtruted b the use of the uio.t mod
ern appuiutus.
Tho courbO tickets nie mil M eaih, whlci
Is Jl lest! than "a churk'nl for Hie mini
number of lectuiea In Kunsiib City, JIo.
Tickets can Im Kcuitd at Hie Wvitndotta
.Vutlonul bank, 01 of any ouo of the com
mittee. Derision for llcleiulaul.
A decision for the defendant was ren
dered In the dlstiii t mull Jtfetenliiy In thu
suit of William l'lei. her aitalnst l O.
Ilussoii. Fletcher sued to lecover 1175, ul.
legeii to be due him un commission for selling-
liul Cbiale.
Wear of Jlulrliiiuii,
Ilatllo Jl. Illshop Hied suit for dlvoico In
the ilibtrut court ytteiday imaliist her
husband, htcplieii 1! Illshop. The idulntllT
charKCs the difendaut with iiueli and
non-support, und ulso ullek-es that lur
molhei-ln-law lived with them continually.
Needed III aslibl!;tiili.
Cnni?ret.sm.'iti Miller, who caran from
Wasliliik'ton lust week to spend the holi
days with his family and nt the same
lime try n number ot Important law suits
In the local courts, renlvwd n. telegram
esteiday ftom Speaker Iteed urulm? him
to return Io the national capital Immedi
ately, lie will b-.tve this inoinlnu and
will arrive tneio cnribiuias uikui.
An Ibi tiitliiirii'd -olli llur,
Ilr. Ilancroft Is lookltiK for nn unknown
woman who has in en mlleltlni? for tho
Tabernacle, ll uppiais that the woman
has securtil ipilte an amount of money
by this win me. 1'r. ilancioft says no per
son Is aiitliorli'd to suu It itiuui) tor the
Tabeinnele unliSH iiniylim: eiedenlluls
bluncil by him,
Arri'sied for Itriul.lni: dill,
IMwaid WilKht was iinesteil jesterd.iy
bv nilicers Scalei, and YounKer on a chaise
nt Iii...iLIiic iiiii uf the kill at Ton kit time
iiioiiihh iic.o. lie wns takui to Tupiku last'
An Auibiil'iiiin Wanted.
Whlln lu Chlcuk'o last week. Chief or Io
lice Ktrvlss- spent suine tllint I'Vimlnlntf
police nmblilniices. At tho ne.t met Hum of
Hie lioanl of comtnlssloni is ho will iciom
meiul the puiihiise of a iiivuied ltmbulaiuu
lor the police, department.
,iii.tuoi'oi.i jiiin:i.r.A.vv.
Buy your holiday uoodi of n, J. Dun
nlnrf. The c.iso of Uiuiiia I'Vssler asalnst the
London Heights Jlethndlst Protestant
cliutih was cuntinii'il lu the common pleas
i inn i yesterday until Junuaiy K,
The renubir animal cut' rtulnnient of the
Sunday si hool of tin Central Chilstlun
chuiili. Sevt nth sunt nui T.iuroune .vi -uue,
will be i.lv i n io-iilKlit ut s p. in. A
veiy lino proiiramui' has been nrruiiKed,
cunslstiiii; of lalibauN. recitations, titiu
boil line drill and sptcial iiiiinbtts of music
by thu ihildicii and ihurih choir.
Jl J. uimnliiK, laret block In tho city.
Tim members of the Seventh Stmt Jl.
i:. chinch will have a i.'hiiatinas tue at
the ihurch this cv cuius.
I'lUtsDNAI- M.W!.
Chief fiovernment Inkpietor W. T'. Hazeu,
of Wubhliik'ton, w. J, nurns nnu jonn i
pon i. lv i-
th' n a in.i I
Th. t uin i il m
S itill lav uluiit. t
Hit I .t in l tuiiii' No JM
sti. . t l'.urlal In Dak iJlov
wlu I. lie his bom alt. Ii lllll, tllbllte pit -.
.liv si H... ll
i'l,.i Mill.,. m1,,. a ,, I .nun ii iiiii
..I, .,!',. .. . . .... . I . I..T. I
l PII''" I'Cl'I '.'. ''"".I,
,tl III I I 'lllll I .'
t I till ti 1
- In Tl,
111 istln
. hll'll.'ll of III' Mll- b lb v.
d.tv , noiii lit.
JlldK .1 V
n .ii av. me
Tin fuii'ial ol Jli-s JtS'U lialulu, who
di. .1 Sun lay iiiuht, will hi lull to-lav at
the fntnih home No 1'i I'i nn-.v lvaiila
av niie. lliirlal in link Cnovc nuntiry.
Jlrs. c t. Simpson, or Ulliolt, Kas.. Is
In the city, the xucut of hei sister, Jlrs.
J. C. UIIss. of No iii I'yle street,
Jlls.s 1.1111" Dials' Is entertalniiiK her
cousin, Udwiird Sheehan, of llai'rlsunvllle,
The St. Thomas Catholic church will hnve
snicl.il services Christmas day as follows:
Jlass til .' a. in.; also ut H a. in., und high
mass at 1" a. ill.
Frank Douglas will return from Denver
At I.lonlnrc-r'a bookstore you will Und u
line assortment ot Christinas goods, toys
for the lllllf ones und line goods for others
ul reasonable prices. EiXJ Kansas ave.
Thieves stole about $J0 worth of clothes
from h line tit the home of J. Jlalhem),
No. 0J7 South I'yle street. Sunday nlitlit.
Miss illr.lle Nash and her two brothers,
lluwurd und Allen, have gone to f'latte
City, JIo.
liilney JIcKniitht, who has been here nt
ttii'llnif Hit fun. nil of his uncle, Hubert
McKnlttui, has returned to his home In
Mi Cuii, Ark.
There will be Christmas, trees nt the
.Methodist and Haptlst i hutches to-ulicht.
Jlrs. Patrick JLuan luis returned from
tl.irnott, lv'a.s.
The Y. 1', S (" K at Oakland station
will five a Chrlijmus tiiteitalntnent to
lllullt in Hie Si hool house
The South slik lu. i iii h oflkc of tho Jour
nal Is loc.it, d ut Lb nliiKer't. bookstore, Mi
Kansas avtniie, win re all in ws Items, sub
scriptions, lulvoi tlM'in. ins und loinplaluu
of fiii'Kular tervice will be pfumptly ut
tindid tv).
llhe'io in ut i il ithi , wn- in
ul) vi -t id iv lb will uin ii a 1 iv ul-
IU o in thl- liv -tun ilv
The Sulnlti si hool til t lit Conuti miHiilutl
ibuiili will kIvi a t iiiii.il i Christmas evt,
cntltlid. "WaltlnK Im Simla Chins"
J. II KiiiK. ol' Abll. n. . Tin, Is In the
city, the Kin 'I of triends.
Mr. William Drew and Fred Miller lift
for Denvi r. Col., yesterday to spend tin
Tin llaptlst church will Blve a Chrtstmni
eutertaliiment at their thill eh to-night. All
are Invited to intend.
The Jl. 13. church will Blvo a Christmas
entertainment at their church to-night. As
to what kind of u programme they have
that Is a becret to all till they eoiuo und
Addison Ilnllovvell, of the West end, has
(fonu to Jlullne, 111., to spend Iho holidays
with friend.
lii-rthn Kimball, the tlaiiBhter of Mr, ami
Mrs. William Kimball, died from an unei-ii.
lion perfoiuied foi a tumor ut the hospital.
ine luncrui win likc
Highest of all in Leavening Power, Latest U.S. Gov't Report
m e
. .vu, una i is uo I." cr.4 i inaae up ot wiey in lutHoy, mm iiiey jgme befor
rts or me country. rfrt3wvfLJ irilii-" wnBy ''-'.mKl'r" u -
William D.ilbh. divUlon ollieer ut the blate
penitentiary at I.uiibinif, was in tho city
yesterday on biibiiuss.
State Accountant J. U. Chullinor will
siii-nd the Iiollda with friends und ula
lives in this city
Jlrs. N. J. Abbott and il (tighter. Jli.-s
Pearl Abbott, have gom to upend, the holi
days, with relatives ut Hayinore, JIo.
ut meeting
II, BBIiiOPt--Cgt . A
The body of Michael Carroll, the youim
man who vvua accidentally bhot by one of
his companions while out huntlm.-, wus
tuken to Pleuamit iilll. Kas., )tstirday fo(
.Mrs. Iicoik" illbert' Arm and Hand Se-
tircl lluriied t lillti I'rep ii lui; llbi.
uer on a HaHiillun -.tut,,
Jlrs, (JfoiKc Cilbtrt, who Ilv is on Stioug
avenue, had licr aim and hand neveiely
bullied V i Jlil 'lay While liletiul uu i lllllli r.
Shi was vvoikinif ovir u cusolliie stovt.
When her dltss sleeve lllllclll lllf. lid'
luielianil, si Ling Im ilant;er, Biuothured tin
IkiiiHN with a blank, t. In-. J, K. l.ovvU
was called, and uttiudtd hit'.
Mlstt 11 iaeoii
Newton i'lmlp was taken to the Santn Fe
huspitul ut Ottawa, Sunday, whole he will
was HI eurs old.
pint e to-duy at 'i p. m. at the coloied M.
!:. i hur.h. Inteirinent will ho In Wyan
dotte. Calvin Nicer, the icritnurnut keets-r, re
ports Hie arrival of a Hue baby gill Sun
da night.
The Kansas City Journal In delivered In
Uoseil.ile by Uuiit in .Miller, who will also
collect tor the same ut the reduced rate of
Jo cents u wnk and umhu his collections
have an opeiatiou ptiioimu! un his mm.
lie llliuted Ills aim annul IWu euis ago
while winking In the Santa Fe yuitls heie.
Cud ai" nut uiiii'i'iii.liig Hie maiil.iKu
ot N. I.. Iiiiulap. of Wll'ltl. Kas., to Miss,
lllsle Tiowbrtdgu, .laiifchii r of Justm J.
F. TluWbildge, of this city, oil Chlistluas
llenry Jtalney hut, gono to Vlnltn, I, T.,
on ,i liiikluisb' trip.
13. II. Jliddlekuiiif, of Conway Springs,
Kus., is the guubt of his lu phew, Uillaiu
llldillekuilft. , , ,. . .
Jlrs. J. 1. Hoy bus iclurued to St. I.ouls
utler ii pkaiMiit visit with lur paiunlb. lu
lalwuii'l Nokes and family, of Holt. JIo,
ore In tho cil, tho guett of 11. W. Slmmous
lloii'i. to Mr. and Jli. Jf. II. Ilrown, of
Tin net, u sun. ,,,,., ,
.Mia. i'i in. -on in M'llously HI at her homo
on Hub avenue.
O. Jllfkr und fiimlly liave returned fiom
un extmdid nip to l'enulvuula.
Tin1 Key. W. II. Shaw bus i etui nod from
Arkuiibus Clt to spend the holidays with
' 1.. lie mi wus lined lu the police court
iibtirday ful dlstuiblng the peace. He
was kivtn u Ha on pioiiilsi of good be
huvlor. Hail Iaieas has leturueil fiom Jlaiyvlllc,
JIo., wb'ie lie b is bein atti n ling bchool.
J, O Torn us and W. O. Wilcox, of Indc
peiidince. Jio, ai lu tho city, the guibts
of 1 C. Watnky
The loiul lodge Forester of America will
eld t otllcers Wtdiiesday nlglit
Tho I'i'iSbltilan Sunday mIioo! will dlb-
Ilvdmlli ii (iiorgti 1'iircull hiilinr far fstltlil
fur Injuries -utiiiliii'd by 1 ailing
Into a Hull.
Ux-Justlee of the 1'iacu CliorBO I'urcell
Instituted suit tsieida in Jinlgo .Mill, rs
cuuit, In which ho becks to rt novel JfflW
for Injuries rueived fiom falling into u
will. The petition bets out that the piu(n
liff in the month of Nov einb.. r. Is'i.t, had
uu ulilee in the set ond stoiv of the Hob.
I erts building on tin. nuith side ot the
Hii,irc. Thi tenant of the building us. d
a back btiilrway und ut the foot of the
1 blillivvuy the i x-Jusiieo ulleges theio was
an old well partially covered oer with
boards, which uer. badlv pluitil. Jle look
a lleuder. lie allcg. ttiul lis a. result of
i the fall he was obliged to use iirllll' tal
biipports, ull or w i'i. n caused mm gieut
menial pain find utii.uUh,
Hidldi I ii!i naliMneiilt
Tho liollday weik win fully intiugurattd
yisieruay py ine initriaiuuii'iiis nui'ieiii
ll) Hie mueiilVS Ii'bltvlllrk
It I Villi , p.l.sttM ol ll
-IIIMM-il lb, Uii-rill Inn
ui'litlon of John '
it. i 1 i-t n (.hi ha villi; - ii
11 " I ilil m I , j, i ,i.it. i
-nil- Th, op, l. illiin w i
in 'I th. pnlieut's ki
The i
miii h b
Upl 1 III!
f)lllg II
tlmi w.i- unit li Ii, ui i alt. r tl
man in tin. The atu ndlin, ph.
lit in that xhoiild his gineiitl mi. i
tillllf lltb I llll't I I,'
glial up. rutii.li, I i pa i
mi huuil.
Ills. . II III, o I.
Huy Chrktm i ijob
stole. Tie I n . . Ig i
Jll-s F.inul .- t , vi 1 in i
lending m h. .1 it i ill
to b lid Hit hub i
A mail I'i!.' li . tt e I v
Io Hill W. i, -, I
New tt
Mis. i S . II I
BU, -( n j- p u '
1' liiit-
t'll ill, h I ,. .11 ' li I 1 !
Ktlitiii ky, win i I '
several vvt l.s.
Jlibk .Mai.,;!' J I i
urn r u two wt ,. li n
l.t is Snmuiit
Hi v. Fi ink Mil i . t-i i
Ills home at I nit in. : h
to -I" nd tin 1 1 n i
Jt tome I'tlll' u i- ii i -t. i
euit'iliiu lulu ih t. II
glxi n u trial t"-'' i
(Tin el t'tl lilt l ' i il-
heavy , stiidit in i 4ol 1
lleki ts.
The Men hint Ii
(Irdt.r of Hi im- i I - i un
mum in nun i i ii . an
N.itiiutd, I Jn l. "ii vt I I" n
Ills bi llOiil (It lb' i ill ' l.-i!
Hume tierii.iv iii i t.ion,
Tnoma- Floiuiii . who ilouil-l
Mllver In Jllke l(lild's Blllotill .-
night, wuw m rented yestoid.it
wlih earning u conueuied wai"
C, lieny, the nip, rvleltig i
the nubile schools, is tillllo ill nt 1
on Noith Liberty utreet.
llurllnglon A llliln bnulliiveiteni I .tin i
Jliilulalns tho faslutl and h n t
ttpilpptd jiusM'iiger trains fiom .- ' j
to tin- Kusi. Time dully i
loulx to Louisville, Ivy.; thi i-e i i i '
St, I.ouls to elm iunuti, ti.; i
1 1, ilns St. Louis to Culiiu I o
und I'ltisburg. lu,i two du It '
Wt liiiis in Washington, Hntnin. i. '
udelphiu und Nt w Vmk. I'or iii' i tv
its Und other infiirmutloli, iiniiur. oi
tkket aginl or udditM. J. Jl. t'h. -i . it
gi uiral pubitingi-r ugmt. St, I." i b .m
I'Jiliugo Mo lor C'.i A, , bi, in.
Chicago, Dec. 3-TIiuh ni
t ..UI. 11,11 V 1111.
teniuon a lecepllun wus held ut the first ""'.' '','"' 'yw '",' ,r.- ,' , ;
Fleshy let Ian i bur. Ii. given to members j he JK "j l- '"?'l.V,bt ,.
of Hie Sunday school and lungrvwutuw. , ' ' ' . ','' , '' ' ' w 'll m,.' i .
ilifie.hmentb were ktrvid and there wus , ,'u"'vu l iii ' .on ,1 ul io. j )' ,
iiillle a larg attenduine. Jl, tubers of the .' .J,,', 1K1-'. '...'onum'.;. i.'.lV ." , .'l
hililduy m boot In ought gills V huh will uV,,1,l appuiatus, and a toinl.iii..i."i. u vf
bo idneid In the bunds of the Mum. J j ',uki,',7g. r ear i i-ikln I av. i Hi. I i i.
Duuhnr for disiilbmion . .. , .' ..,llli ,,wn io the ttiul, ivvt mv i i
was the only i .- i n r
Excuse Me, Madam. '
You aro losing your hair.
Wish you could avoid it?
Then, try Ayer's Ilulr Vigor.
Jt stops hair from lulling out.
Last nluht ut Hie IK law are stnet Jl. i... . i,,ii. ,
12 churih a Chrlsim.is cantata eiit. rtalnod Jtlmaid
ine ouug iiuti oi i. .i sivsi tiuitu ti.
Piobciu. The cautaiti wus a musical Im- ! '
provision entltltd the "Vislun of Santa
I'laus." The paitlcipants aiiiulitui thuii
M'lves ndmliulil and Hie t veiling was
thoroughly mjiubk- lu evtr itspe. t.
Yebteiduy uttunuoii Hie Sunday eel .ul
bcholar of the Chiistluu chunli bioiikht
gilts which will be dull United among iho
worthy poor of the illy. To-night a. Chri.u
mas tltu will be Hie uttiuctton uud a live
Snutu Claus will b. uu puiude. i
Thu King's Duughuik, a benevolent or-
gunizatlon, will be prest nt by their coin- ,
mlllees this afn moon at their looms u i
JIUe'b ding store. Tin will jetilve u h
glfls, In tho way of provisions or artlclis .
of ilothliig. as ma be donated uud on
Christmas du the distribution will take
place The nieiiiliirb of tbU kociet hav
Iiib had long ixiieneiiee atnung the poor I
of the ell, are more lupublo of distribut
ing donations than Individual societies and
the gifts dlbtiibuti'd will bo placid whsro
they aro tho most neidid.
KulgbU lenipl.ir In ("I'lobritte.
Tho eminent command r of I'alcstlne
comniundeiy No 17. Kniahts Tcmplat, has
issued un order for eu h membir of tho
I'nniniilniUrt 1.1 llUt ill UU UlltllUrdl' t
Christinas moinlng utlO 0'ilpik In full
dri'tb regullu. The Knights will usscmble
nt their asylum, und will murch to tho
Trinity KpUcopal ihuiih. whcio they will
mm id
Instnntly Uellevcd
Anil Speedily Cured by
In N i
attend dlviiiu berylcc.
'. 3 lllll .
Tu ceubA u we. , . j?r, . ,t ;,:. -. , Ji5ii.'s-iS:i'lusdS r;"'. Mistj . --c?."' :!
A w arm lutli wilh CUIICURA SOAP
artilawigleapplicauoii of CUTICUUA,
(iintmi'iO.wiH aifoni in taut ithei, cr
nut rest and sleep, and p 'Hit to a spcidy,
rernuiieiit cureof tlieiiio.st distressing of
itcliinsr a"1' buriiin skin and scalp J is eases,
alter ill other methods tan.
InUt lin-
" ' '. iA,."tha ifnfcL -- "i-"
.Cy, 1 cutloTrom.ai
ItlSh, ltovt I
alter ill otner meinods lau.
j3a bjlit Ittroutiout tht vrorll. jij "V
f UlUl llltl I" Niwmui A IWV 1

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