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l)H.l:, MAW MOHAN AMI HltltlOU
111. '(lit I IMI 10 IJI tlltlt.i.N
'W III I rj tu t'utitlncn iIihIrk WofToril Hilt
tln ItidlrttnrliH Ag.lllKt III in All' tit'
frrtlvi.ludi;ii Mime Mill Atir
t at I ti t lie Ciitintj's lnilMitiilni'.
Judgr Wofftr1 liiM R cmon of crlrn-1-
il . mirt i;it'li at ln'li"n.lfnri, with
f Intention of hearlnK nritumorit in lite
initiation to qiranh thn Indictment
.. i i t r. Ottxlpy, John May, John
i hi anil II. rt. Urlttnw. rhnrged Willi
i nth of the election tn'. Finl C,
l it ami I. II Kimbrel. nttoritryu for the
ii. i n luflt. wcro thf only leitnl lljrht thnt
1 i ii in niinrnrani . It wt elslfnM that
Mio.tn Cowherd mil Wnlh WW tin-
libiy iMiil arid could not t prr-si
I i mnkf tholt M!H'rtli' nrRtimrnt.
i y Karr outlined thn argument nlh
iitoMitK xicn t tu muk". oImI noktil
. nnuttxiiifitmitit mi tit tn.drtV. In order
i the ofh'r ntttrni-i tnlRht bi Rlvprt it
i to be heard. Th.' dewy bylnn tin-
utile, Jit'lRi? Woffun! Rrunttid itn r
n or limp until lo-nav.
n. tiHirniti nl li m luck, In Kanra
.Indue Wyffora will listen to the nr
r 'in in hnmlw, oti-l .it 2 o c ut"k
i will (to to ln'l'pinlt'n(M . whera hl
i-i m upon the niipllt Alton will lie rrn
. .mil made of rii or I
'.iini-y Fair, In outllnlnir the nrvuHii'llU
ntali, tHtrU Unit tin- ilerenm' nouni
l.iu wniih ivoiiltl itmto (oii.'lintlV'Iy
- mini that the inintments .irawn
df ritt.Ntv ln Mnriii jinit th nthfr
1 I
, tsinlu n.r. dinlfe 1m tmmirl Of this
ikl he -hiwii that thn Hlotiit- under
h the InHlctmenin were urawn ami
hlrh n trtio hill was found iiisnlnst
l-fendum. wn ninll,abl onl o
anil lerk ot the election, nnd not
'n? othfrn!"'' empleyod iwlr-,
i ritiw on-l John SIn could not.
I viitnt In- hrotiirht to trial when tin-ii-
was to explhit In spulfvlnB the of-
i. Mr Karr i-ontcnd d that th rtanO
i by the il'-fen-i- would In- !iipport-l
uprpnt" (ourtu all on r the land. Sit.
nllmad'l that thf sunt" nolntH of
isI In an effort to (juaih Ine ImllM-
1 i
'- lieforc .liume ityiaiKi. H Jji'xinmoii,
jl ' lit' iirai! hy the defence
nlil Jti'Uto Wofford follow the d"enion
' I ituwn bv JndKe ttyland. the mo-
i 'o qiiiKh lll he overruled, and then
llkelv that the defenxe will ak for
.int of senile In the hope of delnjlnc
i tilalu Hhoiild the dee!ioli of Jtldue
Ii oil be ademe t,i the tt fendant", it U
kelv that tin iillctrod vlolntorn of the
tioi la will be Toreetl to a tllnl bi-
!he litter nrtrt of .TllllllarX .
. f. Jpffre, who ivn len three
ii Ti" In Ihe enttnty jail tor Hanoi nox
ft f i nit, while aelltiR a Judife In the I Iftli
1 r it of the Second ward, put In an ap.
t , .me e.iterday In the criminal court
ti I. pendens, .letfre, an Hinted, hn de
t r Iniil to yor hln time, nnd It w.m e
I t I that .Indite Neville would he prcs
c ' i pronounce wentenre. Judge Woffoid
ii, .1 th it he had notified Judce Neille
t I mcpcnt on the Jflth Inst., Instead of
t i . 'I The Thornn 1 Tuck ease has
1 r .incketeil for trial on thnt dav and it
xpeiHed that Judge Nex'ille will prc-
U illace C. lliller, another election Jiidco
Co ii ted and given two years in the state
r n '.nflnr. In rtlll nn Inmate or thn eoun
t I i-illt? No effort wni made yesterday
ti nil his iitine,ii bond, not witntnntllnir
ii i i lenient af nourished abro.ul b his
. rrn yn that such im .iienl bond would
t r rihromlni;. .liiilRe woffonl ild ven
t rl.i that the i ommltment In the Miller
. was not made out. for the ieaon
t ! ft was his Intention to tr!ve Miller
i .rj ihance to perfei t an appeal bond.
iiiiioi: rn:M)' ri:r.s.
M.) Not Iteielm r.iyiueilt forherilres
In the ISnrr lloiiil Milt.
tuney It. It Kleld and roiinty Poun-
Waters aime.ired before the county
i isti n'liv afternoon, relative to Mi.
- fees for .iHslstinc in the prosecution
late I'.int.iln Montgomery S. Burr's
1 and hW bimdsnien. He has been en-
' ,n all of the .- ills brouirht by the
' ignltis: the liurr estate, and so
i- reicucd but one fee. He nlshed
.iirt to contract to pay him his fee,
1 I the rei ert fJM aKHlnst Ilurr'8
1 mfj i nppi'iil'd. It Is not quite cer-
nhether the Kurr estate i such that
. 'i aralnst Mri" Itun will be worth
' AJiout the only asset that seems to
' available Is the residnie. That, It
. Ifrstoo'l. nas nold under a mortcaff"
i 'amain Rurr'n death and liroupht
r t incipal named in the mortgage, and
t '
c ,
r a brief conference bflween the
Counselor Waters anil Attorney
.lii'lgc Stone said that the matter
have to be t.ik, n under advisement.
lur Wutirs will be lonsulted.
r.n.t.s aoainst thi: uou.n'iv,
J r,tlln:; .IuiIro toiie "lll Ascertain Their
At:i;retfute Amotiiit.
-in county Is repri sented nt the re.
f hool it Jtootnllle by forty-three
1 i v The bill fir their care and
1 i tor the quartet, November 1, JS95, to
3 ly 1. HC'ii, wa submitted to the
ioiirt le.stenhiy afternoon, and or
0 i ilil. It Amounts to $1,470. The Mat.
. niiro that siuli bills be paid ill ud-
UeorRe," said Jiidpro Stone, as he
nl the bill, "the (ounty docs pay
inlKhty lot of money when 5011 come
' -ldi!i It Hue we jm out nearly
i r the im in tho reform school,
ni ik of tl c BirLs, If we put all
alb -, pitupi'ii, and reform hool
i 'he louiun s ipports bv themselves
ii iv" a small town of them. When
' Us for nil these people are audited
mjr lo sue what it all amounts to,
i Iocs to know just how much the
pays out annually in these dirtc-
OinVI'lT tjU'l! 800 DAYS.
A uiKolnrly l'crrse Character I'lnall)
Wen Out t'ollie I'atlenee.
i Pi witt stood up In paltce court yes-
and Judge Joiu sentenced him to
.s ,n the workhouiu as a agraut,
i has. been In Kansas City but a few
n but in that linn he has been tinder
in two i hurri s nf suspi i ted felony
had been ordered fiom the city by
liwin out he nfiiMil to go At the
. was Hreet. i to leave town Attor
I autiuis Mlflln Mllt lo Chief IrWln
lomh-id to si. to it that ln-witt left
tv, but nuked lor an Menslon of
i tthl'-h to Ki t ava. owln,; ty som
-s transni lions The ri quest w.ia
I, and Mi. Muniii biipposvd that
i had left town until h" read in yen
's Jofrnal that he was illl hire
Mr, M.istin went tn (he police court
ie in his testlniuny aunUist Dewltt.
MAIHinV.s IlllMISaiKS.
Tiie) M'lll lie Ashed I'li-dny in l'mduro
lltelr Mini r I'orf-lt -500,
J i Siolt, the W.st K.fth street faloon-
I and Cham s IJcnsli y, ttho aie the
i men of ! nine J. Jladden, the u.U'HfeJ
i 1 nlppeis. will be i.ilkl upon io-'lay
the Sj.itii to ilther pi wlin M i hit-n
hi-. IkjikI. Madden w.io airtiil fur
i,' the diamond .Mud uf J.iuili. Fin-
He was ariulwn'd and m.im bond, but
to appear when his tusu was ijlkd
i ' .al.
Willi t l.liii'llie liffnnill il.
case of C, C. PoUHltts aualnst the
ti.r money receive! was tiled In
I loli-on' couri ist r l,i uft moon
i kin under .i.iMs m. nt i,y h,m It
jb'i'it (!") in liitii-i. lo i imliHi
Whin ih, . it .Mini. 1 oi at.
I ll'll'l I ll- I in i il Itlu, ,
i in, I 'i In i ii pi i r., i n of
Highest Honors World's Fair,
A pure Irape Cream of Tartar I'owder. Free
(join Am n jiiu, Alum or any otrrr dulterain,'
r"il hniiis ben-nd Ihe ti rmlliil" of th'
I'lll'tnth Ktrei t nbb lln llefore the
evttn"lon was nniiulleil by the d llon of
the upreihe court, thi city compelled
prniKiti and hl n lrhbor to pav Mloon
llin'!i, on tnc around tint thi t
Ihlnit in the en j on l weri thirrfot..
iimetiihje In some nlin the pajlnrnt
wis .nfori-ed bv thrint nf irret Itoua
las, for himself ntnl the othera interrst. ,,
mw siti the lt to termer the amount
of the Ilcene
I'li'rtloii tui'S l'iilponeil.
The nrumehts lo nunh the indictments
in the cases of John .Mrt. John Moran, f".
S iiwulev, o. W Krneaer nhd llnrry 0.
nrlstow, who tire cnameii witn. election
fraudo, were mil hoard ,esterday by .Indue
olToM.owina to me ansence or me nt
tnrneya for the defense, They will be heard
four eitrs In tin) llefortn Mlmnl,
John Henrv Ktihert, a lad vtho hn been
In ihe couhlf Jail ufmn n clmree of ernnd
larceny, was taken before .Indue yltord
yesteMny, In the . limlnnl court, and sent
eheed to four ears In the state tefortti
school, ut HoonMll'".
Court Soles.
The6dpre ColPer will be tried .Intltinty 2
heroic Justice Kbeil on a chnte or steal
ln fifteen pairs of alotes from . .
Moses Cassitt wnt arrested yesterdav,
ehnlKid with maklltw a felonious nasatilt
upon Thomas rtoml list July, lie will
hin-e a hearing before Justice Case Thins
day. .1. A. Ilenshall and Krank Kfiblclkc are
held tn the ounty Jail to itnswir to a
eharne of passiiiB n bonus check upon Mr.
Tente. They will hinu a bcrtllnf? Thuis
dny. In police court 5'esterdnv I'eter MidrlBrtti
was llne.l ti't for dlsordctlv conduct i John
Hvan was nlveti J."t for enrrvlnir concealed
weapons and nctlnK suspiciously, John
Itlihlim, disorderly conduct. Jin. All of the
men went to the workhouse.
P. A. Cameron was nirnlKiie.j before Jus
tice Hawthorne eslerdny on n charge of
pnsslnit a bonus i heck upon It. I'. HrMRcs,
nn employe of tin stock ards. The i heck
ailed for Jl ntul IlrhlRes chnrttes that he
loaned Cntniion it like amount, lakinit the
check as security, uhlch, upon ptisenta
lion at the bank, was found to be bonus.
Saturday night the uroiery store and
butcher shop of V. J. Morley, nt wi Mul
berry street, wits btnken open and lobbed
of n hind quarter of beef nnd n quantity
of pork. Vest, rd.i William ltlnl, Treil
Wilson and Jm k Mahoticv weie iin.iiKlied
before .lustlee Jou c ihurRid with Ihe
i rime They pli ade.l not guilty an I were
commlttid to j.ill to appear for a he.irlnij
Friday .
.Mrs. HeI.i -. Mm. on, -ilil to He Dylni;,
hees Her Soil, Mr. s, (', Hiissnu, .It ir
rl il to .Miss '. i lllettleb.
There Is a mournful romance connected
with a quiet welding which was sol
emnized at the home of -Mrs. Kezl.i C. Hns
son, nt WH Washington street, yesterdny.
At the bedside of Mis. Hnsson, whose phy
sicians hne told her that her days are
iiutnbired, Samuel 1. C. Jl.tsson. her son,
a well known attorney of Kansas City, and
Miss I3n Pleirlch. were united in mar
riage by llev. Camel on Matin, 111 the pres
ence of only n few of the most intimate
friends and relatives. The sudden wedillng
was In compliance with the urgent request
of Mis. Hnsson. who wished to see her
son martlcil before she passed nw.iy.
Mrs. Hnsson. who Is widely known In
Kansas City, has been confined lo her bed
since i da or two before Thanksgiving.
She had been 111 for a long time before
then from the result of n bad fall down
stairs a year nco, but oeing a woman of
great vitality she refused to give up un
til she cjidd resist no longet, After tak
ing to her bed her condition grew dnllv
worse until on Sunday night Prs. pji ker
son nnd Stark made up their minds that
there was no longer an." hope for het re
coeiy and that death was only a ituestiun
of a shot t time
For some time Mr. Hasson has been en
gaged to be married to Miss Dietrich, with
the full knowledge nnd apptoy.il of his
mother. Miss Dietrich has been n fn
quent visitor nt the Huston home since
Mis. Hnsson has been con lined to her bed,
and bus helped lo nursi her. Yesterday
morning when Mis. Hnsson renll.ed her
critical condition, she expressed a great
desire that the marriage might take pl.n-e
at once. Her son and Mls Dietrich quickly
agreed to (omplv with her request nnd the
arrangements for the wedding were speed
ily made, and l.tti- In the afternoon, by
the bedside of lira. Hnsson, the ceremony
was performed.
A (illtl. .Mlssl.Nc.
Left Her lloiiio After Knelling n Nolo
from u Viiiutg M.tu.
iJIIi-s Alice Wllllntns 17 vrars old. Is miss
ing from her home. No 5 Host Twentieth
street. She has be, n keeping company with
ii younb' man in disregard or ner mothers
prottst. I.nnt Sunday ntternoun a messen
ger boy delivori.d her u note from him at
her home, and -hi die--ed and left the
house, saying she Would be back In an
hour. She did not return, and yesterday
Mrs. Williams went to the olllee of Hu
mane Agent finenmnn and enlisted his
aid in finding hi r. 1 p to u late hour ln-t
night no trine of the missing1 woman could
be discovered.
.lllttl CI HIS
Has Induced the Nickel Plate rond in 011
excursion tickets at yery low rates to all
points on us line netweun Chicago nnd
Ituffalo during the hollduys. Tickets at one
and one-thlnl fale for the round trip. Spe
cial excursion dati s Dioeniber yi. J. at nn.i
uauuary i, goon returning until January z,
I'or fui titer Informat
ma nun auuress J 1 Cap
uhan, general agent.
Hi Adams
Chicago, ill.
Wc are now selling the best gindes of
soft colli lit less than inferior trr.,Hs nrA
lielnc ofteied for In the market. Call and
"inuire rcny mug.
The Walinsh railroad is the only short
line (mm Kansas City to St. Louis, and tho
only line running the t.iHtest passi nger
train. The tra.i k is the b st. and no curves
assures you a pleasant night's rest The
Wuhath is the only lino that is strictly
In It.
Alexander Just, New York, is nt the
W. 8, Matthews, St, Louis, Is at tho
W, J. lioiters, Cincinnati, Is at the Coates.
It. D. Knapp, Portland. Ore., U at the
JI. Mi Choote, Chicago, is at the Coates.
D . Shapee, New York. Is at the Coates.
A F. Fowler. Columbus. O.. is nt the
R. C.
K. H.
Robertson, Boston, Is at the
IKIser. Osage City, is at the
Foster, Philadelphia, Is st the
L. M. Habn and wife. &liriflttnn ii nA
at the- Hotel VJ lorlit. -.......
,.C c iluhw, New York, is aj the Hotel
c . Wright. Uotivar. Mo., Is at the Hotel
Jucob Hunt. Oollvr. JIo is ot th. Hotol
Mi torla.
i': .:. ,D"nb'. Pecatur, Tc Is at the
Hotel tctorla.
lwl.8."',,ncn, Oecat"-'. To., is at the
Hotel Vli loria,
Ueore W Flanlgan, Pecatur. Tox Il at
the Hotel Victoria.
.kJ' 1 1- .ci W.' ?m! tt"e' l'e"''. Mo-. Are at
the Jlotal Vicloita.
.NVi, ,r,-tFT-?IV1' ,Nbw letojrt, Mass,, U
nt the Hotel Victoria.
.uf. Uay niond. New IHrtUord. Jtass., s at
the Hotel Vli toti. '
Hd Thurap.un, Topeka, U at the Hotel
P. II ltitwson anil ulfe iPnru,tr.i u. .
Iln,..l 1, ...-! " --I"-. "l
,,W.V . II lUMU
Homer Httwlins. lr.bl, 3Io.. Is at the
lluti I Vli torU.
iii,.af''i'i! fhVki- eUrl)all, ,Ao., is at tho
H Jtel Victuila
John and Hdwurd Illase, liluulnsMlli,
Mo, .no ut the Niw Albany.
puiicun Campbell, Snoii City. K.u., Is
ut the .Sew Albuuy.
I'euy Hutihltisun. .MarysMlle,
nt the Nm Albany.
i. W. .Melville, Maplo Hill,
Kas ,
mi nw .- -iiuuuy.
,.J'.."v-l'a"?nay- Sdlt Sl'w. Mo., is
ttt the .New Albdiiy
!' H. Houlehan, dlvnion superintendent
or tho HarinilMl .V St Joseph lullroad at
Hrooktleld, was at the Midland Ust evui-
Major Calyln Hood and Chailie Cross,
b-nkers. Luiioila, Ki., wer lu Hu tity
Mr and Mis. H. I'reston Clay ion. ot
Taionu, Wash, ate reist.ril at the Mid
laud MUs M H Cnlton, Mi.s C W. Colton and
Miss K V Colton. ot Niw Jeriy wlio
hae b n at the Co.iti llikise tnr -, i,r.,i
days, nil J. a this morr.lng for Ni w
.miv o. inj will spend the unter gn the
A 111:1111 I' AMI I'ltl: Dll'ltlll.x TOOK
TIII.M TO .H:ll l.ltMKN ll.
Hiey AMII Spend fhrlstliin In the 1'enl
tentlsrj One nf 'I hi in I 'it I front,
I iituoiis lit ietmlii Ilin Seine
nt the llrpol.
Sheriff Joe Andrlnno and tl c drp'ilies
from St. Joseph wrnt Ihtough Hie ill) last
etenlns; on the Missouri I'm Itlc fast train
for JetTerson City with sixteen prisoners
lor the iiiititintlnrs. In the lot waa I'nt
Crove, on of the most notorious crim
inal of the Wet, who has made tnoro
tumble nt St. Joseph than liny tnnit t ver
there befiiie blm. He Boea to the peniten
tial)" for three years for Jail breaking,
although he rhaiged with participating:
in the lluiliiitton train tobbery, thnt was
done thrte two years since.
Crow looks like a Sunday s. hool lioy.
Last evening he wore n soft, round hat. n
white shlil with a high Chappie lollar
and a silk rrnnt liently knott, d,
and has as Utile the apix-arnnce of the
desperado as any man on the train. The
prisoners were handcuffed in ptlis, and
thru n long-, stout chnln was passed down
the side of the ctr between the men, and
each one was fastened securely to the
chnln so thnt ecnie wn quite out of the
question. The live deputies who were with
the sheriff wele gtent liltf lusty fellows,
so that the prisoners weie ptetty well
"Crowe has made plenty of trouble for
us," suld Sheriff Andrlnno last evening.
when he Was asked mtnernliig the
man. "He escaped fiom Sin riff Curson
Inst January, and wns gone several months,
but we found him thlee months ago In
Cincinnati, and brought him back, nnd he
pleaded guilty- lo breaking Jail, and got
three yen is for that. He was furnished
wnn pistols aim saws nun every tning ei-.
needed to notk his Wnv out of Jnll, and
we were nble lo Ke p him ntily by seiiii h-Ing-
the cell and his clothing iverv day
tine morning we found two revolvers a.
S' t of line saws mid a big motikev vvnnili
lying lu the window where thev had bun
left for his use by soun outsider. Anotlnr
time we found him with a. line pistol, and
still agnln since that time In- was
found lu possession of u set of saws m I
would have bien out with n few hours
work. We are glad to get rid of him nnd
will feel muih easier when we land him at
Ji ITerson City, and are relieved fiom lit
tesponslbllily of gllUliliUg him. He hilH
nlentv of friends on the outside who nr.
willing to Jeopardize their liberty to h-lp
hltn at any tlnn and thev gave us a pr. ttv
lively e)ine. The Jnlls nf this countiy ar.
not safe. A sheriff Is oblige,) to have ,, p i
tles and Jailers in charge, and cannot p i -sonallv
Inspict the people who come to
see the prlsonets Or Inspect the pro-, nt
thnt are brought In. The recent law i- Im I
In that II mukes us take great herds of
prisoners like this bunch, and we uie . otn
pelled to wait s0 long thnt we get l.ug
ciowds. In that gang are live hlghwavimn
who have long sentences to serve, and we
hud to chain them together, or else we
could never have taken them. As they nie
now, one cannot get away, nor can they
mike a tight against us."
While waiting at the depot for the train
to leave, the prisoners were lolly ninl ate
a lunch with great relish. Thev enjnvnl
their ride, and were having a great tfin.
Con O' I In re depot detective, passed along
the platform and Crowe spbd him and
gieeted him with a cheery, "Hello Con"
l nen tie said to turn, wnn n cynnai -mm
"Con, If vou'll get these braocbts off mv
wrists I'll touch that fat policeman lor
his ticker," and he pointed to Ollleet .too
Havdin, who was rtnnding near by. II it
u'llarc did not rrant the favor he asked
and Crowe did not pet the tick, r s
the tialn left the depot Clowe looked oi't
the window and i ailed out "flood-by. .'Ul
cer. I'll lie bail; nnd - e vou by and bv."
According to the sinteme as record, d in
St. Jos, ph. the 'by and by" will be about
Christmas, lvis
Irritation ot the 'I tiro it null llnnrscni s
immediately relieved bv llrown't Ilronchial
TrocKH." l'llce-io cts. Sohl only m lioxtt.
i:.vt mtsioNs
Via Mt.soiirl r.uiflo Hallway.
Holiday tickets, round trip, will be on
salo December 21, 23, 31, and January 1. to
nil points within 2C0 miles of Kdnsas City,
Mo., ut n rate of one and one-third fare.
Return limit Jenuary 2. 1SD0. The applica
tion of holiday rates will be extendi d to
students of all colleges in Kansas City or
adjacent thereto, on letter or ceillfliMto of
identification by the president of same.
Students' tickets on sale December 20 to
January 1, good for return January 2. Tick
ets on sate at
Sim Main street.
1032 Union avenue,
Grand Avenue depot,
Union depot.
G. S jnwirrT.
Passenger and Ticket Agent.
The Rurllnston Route from Kanaa City
ofters advantages excellnl by none, with
now compartment sleepers and parlor cars
to St. Louis, unC'Ciialcd service on fast
train to Chicago, Im lading Cafo Dining
Car service, solid train fiom Kansas City
to Denver with Cafe Dining Cur for every
meal, making it 'he most desiiable for
Colorado and the Pacific coast points, it is
the only direct lino to Hillings, Spokane and
1'uget Sound points, the best line to Oma
ha St. Paul and Minneapolis,
For full Information apply nt any ticket
ollice or address H. C. Orr, Kansjs City,
riilini racilie I hinge 'I line.
Commenting Sunday. December 1, the
California and Oregon Limltod. On the
Union Pacific, which at present leaves nt
9-30 a. m., will change to li'iive ut 10 10 a.
m. This "Overland Flyer" connects at
Cheyenne with the "Fast Mail," and posi
tively makes the fattest tlmo by hours
frcm Kansas City to San Fiumlsco uml
Poiilund. airlvlne In San Fi.uk is. o tho
third morning at 9 13; Portland at 7 i tho
third morning, lrain Is heated most com
fortably with steam, lighted biilllantly with
the celebrated Plntsch light. A fliat-ilusj
Pullman palace sleeping car through with
out eh.inge, Kansas City to San Francis, o.
All imnls In Pullman mignllkent , lining
cars. Denver and Paelll.- coast fast line
loaves as at present, at 7-30 p ni . arriving
nt Denver ut 2 10 p m. next day noon
No other line eloeu, it. This train makes di
rect connections at Cheyenne with No l,
the Overland Limited, for Sun Fran. is. o
nnd Los Angeles. Rest time. Hist sirv.i.e.
Tfilepliono 1109. J. iJ FRAWLUY,
General Aberit.
Union 1'nrlflc Holiday Rales,
The Union I'm i lie will sell excursion
tickets December J4, 23. .11, und Junuaiv I,
good to iciurn January 2, to points within
200 mllis of Kansas city at a latu of cm
und one-third fate. This low rut will , li
able all lo pay holiday visits, Students'
rnlH vvent Into clfeel December 2n, Th k. t
oillees, P) Main sinei, 103$ I'nkin avenue
and Union station. Teh phone hum.
J. II. FRAWlinV, Cien'j Agent.
Descried ll t lilbln in
A middle aged man with two small boy
culled al the to lining house of Mis H
HmalllU'ld. No. 911 M. Gee street, last I'lld.iv
und said lu- wauled to rent a room li,
described hlinst If as William Itioun, or
Topeka, Kb-.., an employe of Ge-oige M, -Illtyie,
a storage house keeper then- Tin
lieiys Were his sons, Allle and Muwin
Ill-own, nged T and b ye.ns, respn llvily
Mr. Hrown said Mrs. Stnulllleld ask, ,1 i,,,,
much for her ioom, and a-Unl hi r If sh.
would keep his two boys for u tew hours.
She said she would, and he went uwnv
Yt'Slirdu) -Mrs Smalltleld si nt tin buy- t.j
Humane Agent (!i ihiihii Willi a not. -,i).
lug thul iheir father had lallid to tall Mi
them and she i ould not .ut.nd in k. . i
them. Agent lire'cnm.iu plain! them in the
Children's hoim , and Is luuking Inr lln ir
father whom he Inn mis to arrest for aban
donment Uuccham's pills are for bilious
ness, bilious headache, dyspep
sia, heartburn, torpid liver, diz
ziness, sick headache, bad taste
in the mouth, coated tongue,
loss of appetite, sallow skin.etc,
when caused by constipation j
and constipation is the most
frequent cause of all of them.
Go by the book. Pills io and
251; a box, Hool: free at your
iruggist's or write B F. Allen Co.,
3G5 Canal Street, New York.
Just the thing for a
Christmas Present
Any lady will appreciate such a useful and l-eautlful gilt as our
'"Sgov-1's fSS Qoldy
and a
Complexion Powder
(, Po7zoni's is the ideal comple.xion
; ncaiiniiii atui tbinniess.
( IJctli at your druu-qists or fancy t;inds dealers -50c. or mailed on receipt
i of price. Address J. A. I'OZZONI I'HAUMACAL CO., St. Louis, Mo.
Clem B. A
IVill save you al east
On everything tn the ezvery
line. You knoxv we
arc responsible.
707 MAIN ST.
At eight o'clock from (nuu
Central Depot, Second and
Wyandotte Ms., via the
Chicago d'l'eitt Western IJy.
(The ilaple Jieaf Jfoute.)
Fastest train evor run to Dea
3IoIncs. bt. I'aiil, Miiiueaiio
1U Joa and Minnesota
lioiiit-i. Thi'oiiiflt slt'epintr
mid (Iliifiicr cars. Steam heat
nnd I'intsch gas. Free libra
ries ami newspapers.
V. B CLii'.hr. lre. J W Haiisit, Sec
A. A 'Iomlinson, .I'rcs. C It ltuu.uu.L, TrtaJ.
CAPITAL $200,000.
of Kansas ciy, ho.
Mill TlllIK Liri! 1.1'Il.lllMI
AccoidiIn, htilijcct lo check nt
.sijlil, roi'fiM'il lVoni iinlividiials,
linns tuitl cHrpin'titioiis on Iho
most litvoralilo li'i'ins.
I.t'ii'.il rti'iiository l'or Court und
Triihi Fn nils
Act as lixocutor, Ciiiurtlian,
Adinmistraior and Hceeivcr,
also as Kefjistrar and Transfer
ji; ui tur Stocks nml linmls.
MIIy a lii'tru kuoItHlo of (t.u ifururat Itwa
which .iw in tiiuMialicnfC tUfteMittnumliMtri
tipu, ninl by m.4ri 'ulaj iIuotii nntiuiiaupnir
1t.ut MH I'lt'iKWdi, Sir V.w ha pnni'lf I
f,.r vnv t okUs-t -tit) kiipwr adelii -trl iUumitii
lvvtraiiu mIuU nnj mo iu many bAy Ufittur
1 till, Itii I) in jutiliiitiii uttif ucli triiilia-f
iliut tUflt u i.u iiutiu lua) hu KMilutillk iimic up
tiutil Htn f uh tu nl1t iivrj lumt'iiay t
1! j on nl, t u( ubil nminui' ' it -liitrf
r'uul iii 1 tv 1 lUt:k wlurui 1 nit i-iau wvik
I tin Sa h) fiapu iiuiu o fatal fctiaft ty
lei-lUir olM i ell ( ir(itl(J Wlttt (t'lto lflo
ami a piuturly iumrib-b4 tramu." CmU nui
AUditt Mmply with bollins water or milV.. fioM only
in tm'i-1,' :i ut iiqj, I, j iinnrn, UUI.atnu-.
MMtb Ppb CO., I.td tlliniuu(iMbi4l tu-mioU,
G0L0 MEDAL, Paris exposition, 1880,
S1IOK UAl.l'i-Ol.lUNl,, betstoek li r (ln
auU wurkinauitilii auU inciu hie (In I I V
IIEkT llUell -1 , ,,, IVWIU
Ycu VilT tQ BIUCU vlwuviv.
bo of
powder beautifylnij;, refreslilnt:, cleanly,
CCZ).rX1jrE3 .iiidjbL-.
atiitlmcH lirllliui mill
A, 1. ruliiicr'4 Ciiiuii.in.i.
nit m i i.i:i it i'.i i m, ni mi:
The OnlJ His Mnu in Ton
1 II . tl M.I .
(,nri;eiMli pictnclc,
liltliA I Kit
Next eok -ritri'.MAX S
ri n.m Mvi.ns.
'tO-MC.I! I,
( lirlitin.li
1 iirnul ly
TH ST. o
UilJl. ul HOUSE
All This Wcelv anil Ucgniar JIatlnecs,
The Hustler!
N"el WceK -C avma'i s Vaudevlll,) Co
Thrcu NlKhii and feai Mat., C ommcnciui;
'cray CLEMENT tA
NEW 3D01vI3Sri03ST
beats now on salo at llov Ofllco anil L iiion I"a
cltii TIcUi Hill)' v, 1000 M im street
Mo ) ula if NiifJit, Dec. 30
Annual thrlstiim- 'lour InUcrMty
Of II'Ollll
Ilolliclttnc rollegu Simps
How Wo lllaclitil IUb JaybnwU's Uyc "
Tunctiil Ditties.
Seats unn on sjlo at 1000 Main iircct aud tiox
Mr. John lichr, Conductor.
SEASON 1895-96.
Friday, Dec. 27th,
. p. m.
wOATES 0,iio
Admission 50 Cents.
SuliseiibiT's can mcuiu so.its on Mon
day, Dec. S.lrcl, at Curl lloll'in.in's 1'iano
rooms, lolJ Walnut.
(ioner.il salo o ROiitscominonccs Tues
day, Doc. 2 (III.
2l S W
JIAIIIi. 3- J "HI Vli
Safe, Certain, Reliable,
Tir belter tlian T.insy or 1'onnyroyal
I'lllb nmi Jll Bltnil.ir incilli'liie'u.
Sl'lVlJSSl-'I'l.l.V usi'il In tliousimla
of iaa. s. it i a SUlti." ana NUVI.'lt
I'AII.INU remi-ily (K'AitANTjnjU.
Smt iiromptlj (-ealnl). lataee iiulil,
on rue-lin cf SIO-i AVOID TAII.I Itli
fiDiu tin liiiimU ot tna Dr. Delt,
ot I'.ir s, I'lann, (-pcrlallst In feinulo
romilainlb. Si) Ions cars' practice,
Olll' ' Illl'l 1 1 e j -1 1 1 1 a 1 .
run aAi.u ijy
1107 Jlain Street, Kansas City, Jlo.
thi: on. that i.t!iiiti(j.ii;s .Miiariu
bin. 1. ji.v.m i.vci i'iti:i iiv
But to buy t ami you will g"l it in its
original package-;, go to
apgWgtT-l(V .! f T-". VF3E
Till toMtiorrow niqht. if they'll last that Ions, wq will offer another
big bunch of sample Handkerchiefs for men. These are all in fancy
borders, some plain, colors, some polka dots, some wide, some narrow,
some hemstiched, some sewed, some linen, some union, some cambric,
some lawn, some cotton. They arc worth from 10c to 25c each. To
save time, trouble and patience for all concerned, wc shall tic them up
in bunches of six and sell them nt
50c A
These arc not our regular stock goods, but are samples from two
large commission houses who represent manufacturers. They're good
enough to "blow" about, but we won't "blow," we'll let you do that
after you "blow in" your 50c. Wo think we will have enough of tho
25c limbroidered Satin and Fancy bilk Suspenders at 25c, and tho 50c
Embroidered Satin Suspenders, tn glass boxes, at 50c to last until to
morrow noon. Besides the bunch
for 50c, wc have handsome bordered or plain white ones at 5c, 10c,
15c, 25c and 35c each. Japanese Silk Handkerchiefs at 25c, 45c, 75c
and 95c; fancy bordered Japanese Silk Handkerchiefs at 45c and 50c
each. Wo also display lull size bilk iniilllcrs at 50c, 75c, ?i.oo, Si. 25
aud $1,50. We have plenty of cru.tm and black Mufllers, the hardest
to find. We're raising cane with our Umbrellas $2.50 for tho um
brella and cane. Open till you stop coming to-night. You've for
gotten to buy something for somebody. Think over your list.
SldWfta SXoUma S
Doctor' Henderson y
ioi West ptfi Street, Kansas City, Mo.
Tho Ohl llrllnliln Doctor. Oldest In Aco, LnnccRt I.orntril. A Ilosrnlar
(irinluato lu -Mi'illilne. Oier XI Years hpi'clill l'ractlco.
Authorized hv tho Stntn to treat CHROHIC. NERVOUS oni SPECIAL DISEASES. Cures
ptiarimtic'l or money refunded.
tt.M, fn'm lo'Binr.a I'lHnt nt.
tcnii'i trvwhero. free Irutu rjaro or In ciknce.
rtpericuro aroiniponani, ouio your uou uuu uuuu iui- ivimo. u.,uki.. , v -tlruiial,
rlthcr pcrvonally or by letter. ... A
Seminal Weakness and Sexual DebiSity, (fSST-XS-')
producing looi. plmplcl nnd blotche-? on thn face, rushes otlilcod to head, palui in back, con
fused Ideas and forpclfulnesa, bniUfulncsi, aversion to fcocicty. Ion ot i-cxual power, loss of
manhood, &c . cured for life. I can htop ull night losses restore lost sexual porer, restore nervo
and brain poucr, cuUr ge and strengthen w cali parts and make j ou lit lor m.urlagc.
CTrl-iiTJc that terrible dlsense, In all its I Cf t-Irfltfr' permanently cured without
oyjHllilb, forms and .staRcs cured forl4-L1 " v caustic, ruttlnc. bouglos ot
life. DloodPolEonlnp. SMn Discuses, Ulcers, jFounds. No pain, no exposure. Patient caa
Sn cllliu?. Sores, iioiiorrhu'a and Gleet, andall 1 u-o the treatment, at home,
lormsof l'rivato Uiscascs poiltively cured or inl,ni,m-if; cm Tho Great Turkish
noney refundpil.
Rnnl- lor both rcici, SO paces'. 27 pictures,
uuul truoto life, with lull ilescriiitlon of
aboodl'CJ'es, tlio ('fleets nnil cure, t-cni Deal
oil in plain ttruppirforSo.ltibtamr''. ItcaelUiia
urns uooi: uuu uustvcrusio; ciucsuoos.
r-- hit i! J J.
rrec museum or anatomy thousands otcuriositici. Tho I s a. n.to sp.n.
lifo-llUo models aud wax figures deeply impress tiia mind; a school of iu-l Sundays 10 to 12.
Btructlonn sermon without words.
M H.t hnniXnOQ iiKBotlted In the bank. iMch i iM forfttt for abcia district that I cannot tun.
The Mercantile Is equal to any that aro Imported. Sen that the word MHHCAN
TII.l. is htamped on each cltfar. V. It. nice Mercantile (.'lu.ir Co, St. I..011I3.
Oh as Lamb, Western Aet , Sil Catt riftcvnth st. Kansas City, Mo.
lD V. ltruoEtt lrcBUnt
1 IIkniiv C. Ivuui't, vice l'rea't
Forpis;!! Drafts Issued on
Uk Ash Hum- C'lu'rn Viuliuit
J. ii. TSGftUDy
V AIIIIN Milt K- l'lll'I.AIt Mil HllltV
1! Y. MOU1JH Altll.
1206 and 120S Union Avo. (Noar Union Depot). Kansas City, Mo.
This Olilrit Mllllnry Srlinnl In the West Tho present is thn rnostsuc
ctssiul year In lis hlitory and there mv very foiv rooms not occupied or
encaKid I'ci -ims iuturesti'd nllluo well to apply at ouco for admlasloa
tor the Kccoud tcirn bend for cauliiguo,
i,i;."in(.ton, .no.
i 'V '
KANaAl tll'V, MIiourl. hi. 1.1)1
Corner Nineteenth and Wyoming Sts., Kansas City, Mo.
ui tiiu.n orrii)i:-in:ii' intiMiiMi.
iu West 9th St., Kansas City, Alo.
Leadlnc and Most Successful Specialist in
Illood, KmoiM und Urinary Discaics.
Nervous Debility
Lost Vitality-
arn dlscour.
UKed tiy iho
f ui lur o of
curo.ulls, und unskilled
lhyilclaiis iMiim "It
l)r. 11, J. Whittier und
riceltu tho candid
Syphilis for life
without inoruury
opinion o a ph)Mctun
Urinary Diseases
Varicocele, Piles &
Rupture, uopaUx or
nen i;non rorcAptri.
euco, 1,1,111 and inti'L'.
No promises made that
cuttlri,'. liook free).
cannot be fulfilled,
lluiiiuire'inni'iit furnltlicil attmall coit.Mhcn'le
clre'd, uml ''nt unywlicru tn uru iroui obtinatlun.
HIHIUIIIK iienr.i nie' II ii.
Con.uliitlon, l.lank. anil Tflnary Analyl Free.
Ca l"EW ul liitrrmt lo men milj, hy
J ( A CTS "u" "'a,Mj c t-lDU '"""l1'. free
taIlorailiiri's n i-onlMi'ii'-i',
10 Wit Miitli ht. KANSAS CUV, BIO.
l.'yi'S Trti'l Free.
b,itlt(4ctluu Uuarautttd.
liiao .11AIN bl'..
Iiiuii!j VlIYi Ho
iN,.? t VV ji!: Am.
All mcdlclnci furnished ready for use. No dctcn
ii iiUtunrn lrati'd liv mall and e?xnrcsi. Alcdlclnei
CliarRei low. Orcr an,tX) ciim cured. Aco and
i v'-''-,' Ithcumatlo Cure.
SUItn CUlil'. Tho createst elNcoicry In tho
annals ot medicine. Ono eloso Kivea relief; 3
fqwdosciremova fever und pain iu joints; ft
cure in a few days. Send btutcmcnl of caso,
with stamp for circular. i
Pnr Mn Onlv. Ttenletnw thi orricj.nui.aM
New York Life Building,
It. 1) CovtNe.TuN
Cashier I). A MctvIliliEH.
!' II kump
H.J Iiucicn, S fa. SUKAtt
All Parts of tho Old World.
Quurtei sutfd K-tl uul hlu OsU.
in Tin; 1,1 m; cir
utin uinl OIlUu
l..ir,;u Murk.,
11 io-li (jriitlpN,
lVompt hrrvlco
III" I I I.HM I ltl.ll I i:i.lt It IMI W (11,11
1 ,.(.
J. U ItUltlON.
lililerv Academy!
IS .'MU.iniri.
H1CI11TA, Huns.ti.
Hfil !
rhotocraphed from lift;.
Ifllllll'HU Vllnltl,.
f,.,i a?:-"' '"""ij.
;. nnt
L'j if. JCVDJ
i r . k f i .m
Wth day.ra
TIIK i'OWIlitl in,
COtli duy.
I'ltiiMjii ju:Mi:iiy,
Di, Delap's New Tonic Pills,"
Profiiippa Ihe alinvn mciiit in a t -,
-NO I.ONUUKI It acw poweruii?
you . ouriu men. wjll u't-aln their lost
ii-, -.-..-.. ji -. wtuti j. uiii I'nrit i
tn i,iinn,l nmi uhl ..... .. nt - i
'.'. '".r;,,r. ."'.""''. . recoiur
,"V. f-r -" o imn-hiy unci
iio-ltlvvly cure. NiMt vnnsvp
i iiiiktwl tmm ivf hiij tit,.. .,
or other bluntilLiitv. Heslorea J.DST
i-iii.iN.'n mi'miiiiv k. i iSwi!?.".'.:??.
PiirJ-,, V'vvr"i. ""i'i i ins.
.......... .. .. , ..-.., a ut neil-aUUiO
or fxitss and liidlncieilon, which un
study. It not only vuri'4 by btrlkini
ut the felt of thei dlieuae, but itli a
t-'reut .Kiiiivw . iii.Nlf and Ul.onri !
l'l'llib-iKH. ri wings buk the pink a t 1
GLOW TO I'AI.i: f'illHIKS ana ,:
btorcs tho riltU OK VOUTII. Insin ll
on your druKslst ftlvliiu you dk f U
LAP'S no other Is, r.i, .1 ' ... . ?" li
t.:..:. ,;, i,nn .;- .."'t .-. i.
ic-,..,.. ...... ...v I'lcei-iiinion OI llil
llE LAP. the ureal French nhy,'.
ii.,, ...... ..4 .,. tiitiiy years
nraetlce. hosnltal und olllr,. i 1,
on Ne;rous Ulseuscs. Can bo carried
In vest pocket. Sent by mall (seuM)
post a ira paid, Jl.Oc) package, or SIV
tACKA(li:S FOH 13.00. WITH A
JOHNSON BROS., Druggists,
1107 Mula Street, Kansas City, Mo.
it M use IU IUU l V JO' iii-vvi buivi
Milt? DMTC1
i itLth i min nnn u Ik'.lii miitur ttv tmm .. .
nif Id vyia nim . n vnn n'n rial Ii..n.l I.a .nr. rf iii m . .
, hih jui wn vuv -jj ;$ZZfrWii w"Wfv
-j- - t - .--, & jf, a hw' ;" i'
Kansas ,ny, uu.
. 8'4ss!SCTaw
llton eieij
.. . WuUHI-,A.ftML l
HKHrWPiMwaw ' '--'-"
r-s - ti 4 uvtu wiMif ti4icin vei UUU9, uui tu ui uuuuiauu
Si - y.a-v t,!"; IBW
n.iiM- ---- -.-.
jttmmK7 wmww ZiMM
. . .. A --"- ' I II lllHI I III -- - a

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