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Kansas City daily journal. [volume] (Kansas City, Mo.) 1892-1897, January 22, 1896, Image 1

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jCmtga 1 p ailg JfimmaL '
tool or tiii: hash aaii.ts wal
i.aci: millpu in ,i.it-
a nni.ri.r.i'i:io.i:it atthi: mliicv
or a hiunkln mtiTii
Matin; Miller lllttorly for III Confession,
tlic Desperate Jvnrlh Pml llleetlon
lhtcirs irend lonli Into
,1.1 It In tin III111 Up.
W.-illftfe O. Mlllr was subjected to a
cruel and unprovoked assault nt the Hands
cf Hill Adler In the corridor of the seoond
floor cf the county Jail yesterday, shortly
aft- r the noon hour. Miller was hit a
terrific blow oh the left Jaw by the burly
ruiUnn, Adlr, nmt tmt for hi nullity In
empm down the corridor unit the maud
lln rendition of Adler, who was too it rank
to follow him successfully, he might have
shared the fate of Potollo Inspector
Jesse T. McCtiire, who was killed In cotd
l)lool by Adlor. In n tlko manner In v.hlrli
tic attacked Sillier yesterday, on the nlftht
of Ortouer $. 1S0I.
Adler. who has 3nt finished, a len
nonths' sentence In the ronnly Jill, Im
pose 1 upon him by Judge Wofford for the
tillllns of MeCIure, culled nt the Jail yes-t-r-1a.i,
as li has been dolnic every tiny
Flni "hi-v release, ami was admitted under
tlu pretense of visiting with tho other
I rlsoncrs. In the building, lie was nr
(ompinlcit by Charley Moran, n North rnl
Mush and bulldozer and hanger-on nt John
Mnv's saloon on fifth street, ahd the, two
mill spent considerable tlmn In Iho Jail.
They hail been drinking freely ami Aitter,
who Is a larie, powerful man, with no
semblance of civility or lium.ine feeling
In his In-art, whatever, was In a particu
larly bait mood. Moran was not iniieh
tuttir. and though he lacks the courage
of Aitlrr, he Is a dangerous man tin lei
the Influence of liquor. Their rnnilltlon
should have been siilllelent reason for Mar
shal Kerhlear to luivu rcfuseil them ad-mlttaiK-e
to tho Jail.
After tatklm; to their frlenils some little
time. Adler anil Moran passed from tho
ttilnl to Iho seconil floor, where Miller, who
li a smalt man ami entirely unobtrusive
In til nature, was leaillm; a book. It Is
his a 1 itstomeil hnblt to sit near the grat
ing on the seeoinl floor and road white he
waits for the supremo court to pass on
his sentenee of two years In the peniten
tiary for election frauds, received nt tho
hnn-'s of nn Independence Jury last No
venber. As Adler atnl Moran pattsoil at
th head of thn stnlrs.the former turned
towards Miller and sald'liello to him. Mill
cr returned tho salutntion and went on
with his rending. ,
Then Adlfr, whoso Jirute nature seemed
to swell within him its he thought of the
damitKO Miller's confiesslnn hail worked In
thiTynjjofhls.ftl8nd, the ballot box
fCMUxa of urn North end. begun to use
vioUnt language towards Miller. Tin- lat
ter trbd to pacify him, but it was or no
ue, and Adler, becoming more bold with
ca'-h venomous cplthtt, started In where
.vim-r was sitiiiu. .no run was at in duck
an I mulling upproval.
Miller half way utoso and closing bis
book timidly dr.-w back fim tin- Humm
ing thug, lie was not ipilek enough, how
en r, as Aider. seeing him alKiut to es
rape, drew back bis iovvci-ful right arm,
d milled Ills IlKt. "old Hcto." mm he calls It,
mid Mlit tt with all the iour he toiild
jnuKlir attalnm Miller's 1,-ft jaw. Inataiilly
theu was a thud and Miller was on the
lrcn floor at the iin-rcy of the ilruukeit
. tin- .Moran stood by and lent Ids aiiiuo
ballon, llcfnre .dler emild npeiit the blow.
Miller was on his feet and w-as runnliiii.
lalf ilixed, down the corridor. Adler fol
1'jWi I 1,1m. i-urMliiK at enry step, but Kave
VK tic chant whin alHiut half wuy ilunn
t)i (Oriiilor. Ik Intf In no coiiillllou to
Kjilnt. Miller kept quiet until lie heanl
the tlRiial Ktiiinded for Jailer Wilson and
the l.ill .loom cici' as Adler and Moi-hii
p.tssi I mil. then ho sent word to Maihal
) lib .ir of the assault. The lallcr want
ed to I,m p It nulet. but it leaked nut and
watt vi riled later hi a reporter lor the
Mllhr's fice U swollen from the forte
of Vlb-i's villous blow and ho feels cer
tun that tile uhs.iult was premeiliiattd and
a i.iiicmI with u hojie of rtsullliiK" serl
iiuily fur lilm htH-use he bus turntd state's
eii'HUK iiKUliikt the ili'illiill Uisses and
ballot bov siuffers of the North end. of
wiiim Adler is a nol. There are those
wl will belleic Unit the uvsault uikiu
Mill- r v.is made with a view of killiiiK idm
at I ih. 11 Adler was ilioen to io It N
ivue f his terrlllc bittiiw wit. lie
w is In prime condition to commit felouioui,
ac.i'ilt Iniinnll.iteij aft' r Ix-arliiK of thn
at .iiilt on Miller. Marshal Kehle.r UhiliI
cr.irs that AUler inuet hereafter be denied
thi fn-elom of the Jail corridors under
oil (Ircumstantes
The k-ihk l very sore nt Miller for turn-In;--
stall's eiden-e in the elettlon c.ieii
an 1 would do almost anything to have
J-:m foully deult with In or ler that h may
11 u trstlty acalnsi them In tlielr fortheoin.
Ins trial I'ioecmlnK Attorney JainiMin
ban taken thn inatur up and will piohe.
nit- Adler to the full extent of the l.nv
f r tin assault on Miller. He U verv in-liij-pmt
oier it. as Is every cliiaen of Kan
t ,- i'lt not in sjmtiaihy with thu kuub
and its dupes.
j. i.
Knlrton Ilus .Vucrieilcil lllm
l'rcilileiit of the liiteritato
:ttinii:il Hunt:.
The Jnt rstate National bank, loeated nt
p'o st... k arl.elecii.d lu lurJ of diretora
f-r ill- comli'a ir eterda. As wa nu
ll Ij'.iti't lu the Journal abuut live weekM
ego. Mr. J. J. SouWr retired from tbi-pr-
Id. ui y. Here U tl new board uf
inn us- J. V. Andrews. S. It. Armour,
1,. IMrk. I'. ilcoJ. U V. Mclvet, U. V.
31 M.1-.I11 K. X. Morrill. l K. lion.
J li. Muhaue. J. l. ItolitrWou J. J. sutor,
(J. oru V. WUUams. W. II. Uiaaau. 1.
A Vil-ntiue. C'llutou Aueiluc, li b. V',
Uriu.ht. I- 1:. Jaiuen- .
t,. r thv tVcllou the board net awl
el- ti-1 tie mt ullUtrs: J. I). IluWrtMHi
,r -I Knt l.e- C'Urk Ue pre.idenl aud V.
I Hiini. i iahir. Mr. ltobertson come
fr-im J-will rity and ilr. Ciark trom th
-ir-t Nj-.i-mal bank at I'arkunti, Ivan. Mr.
II nri- tui. ini htmt.lf.
Will Meet I'rlday Mj;Ut and Ortfaulze tho
Ii.ius.is 1'ltf Colored Jtepub-
llruu I.eaKUC.
TbroiKh tUe tlifort of the Central Re
pi bin at Club, colonsd. club of colored
vt r have bifcu oriu!ztsd In the Kirt.
S -. on i. iiixtft aiid Seventh, ward, and
inettins are to b nW to-nlsht to organize-
the Klshth and Ninth, wards. The work
is b.-ln done ttuu a. complete oraulia
tion niy I; effected, and a. full oto of
lb- vlured IttiubUcan he pjlled at thu
- mini; eUilion , rt
I riday cwuinjr. at No. 559 Oraml avenue,
the ii,tiuiii culiiroitteenurn from the ward
iluba wdl meet to orsanlxtf tU Kana
t'.tj C olor.Vl itjpubHi.au League,
JJojrU of l'ubllc Works Is Flsurins ou tbo
Hook uad Laddtr House at
Tuclftli aud lodlsua.
Tho board of public -works had before
it yesterday two proportions to build a
li jk and Udder nous to be ui--d la coa-
Juaaion with No. 12 how. wason at Twelfth.
uii IsuUiid aunur Taei-ompany haj now
si how at the cortluast corner ot uji
e-rtet owneo oy
Walter J Dales. Mr
Kit snule J- propcioltion tJ tne ooara to I
oiaie as a4ditfOA W Ujw suutture lirge
rnoiiRh t- .I'commo-late tie hook nn-t l-t-der
Ills i hanre to be .--' amonth Thebnlli
in nonM not confn-n t- th- ptin nn-l
spe-111. atlon f tho hwrd, howeier S
II lt-ile on the other hand td that he
wotiM ro,-t a bull line on th" northwet
orner lo r-tnform to the plan and spei l
fVitnn and eharire thn same rent. Tho
matter was laid over.
J K Strone. .v Walrond aveniw. enterr-l
a. complaint that P. 1,. nvlatt. who Hies
ofpolte hl residence, had torn np the
street In order to rmt In a sewer and had
not replieed the nsphalt pavement.
'M-dlnnne ip- reeommend'-d to twvo
Harrison ttert from Tenth to Twelfth,
and Walnut from fWond to Thlid, both
with brick
Ullllim Do I'orest Kennedy fatally
Wontiiled liy.tnlin llnberK, Alia "Spire
ltlt. llnrlni; a tjnarrl.
W'lHUm lw-rorrt Kenne-lr b itylnc at
the city hoHtal from a. bullet vvotind III
tho ahttamvn. and thfl police nre svnrelt
in the town for John Itoberts, nlltw Sptc
Then lm berh I tad blooxl lsMwn t!ol
trts snd Kennedy for nrm tlmo. list
nlRht, nt nNnit T o'eloek, they met on the
sidewalk in front of No. Ill Main street,
and tK-itnn ntMrretlncr. Suddenly Itoberts
vrhlpiml out a revolver and fired a bullet
into Kennedy's body Kennedy fell and
Itolwrts ran to Thlrt.enth street and turn
eil vT-st. Ho ha not been seen rtnrc.
Kenne-ly was taken Immediately to the
city boipital. whero It w announced at
iniiinicnt mat n, wouhl ille tirolmblv lw-
fore mortilmt. All effort to ilnd Huberts
. Itolierts l fnld to le nn Inveternto snenk
tiller, rniil nm nou, from the county
JJilI a week ago. Where he had len eon-
lln,l for stiallnir railroad brne. Ken-
nwiy uois not uenr a Rood iioliie record.
I.owls t.nrlKteltt Arretted After Ainltlnj;
ii Miminii nnd llidiii; Severely
llenlen by Her fon.
White stirrerlmt from demenlla or IntOT
Icntlnn Lewis l.rvksteln butted Ills limit
through the windows of n hack at Third
and llro.nlwny lielnnRlmc to "I'res" Ityan
at It o'cloi Is lat tilnlit. I.nler lie went to
the home of "Aunt" Mary Wnshlncton, In
Iho rear of Nn. ll llroadvrav, broke In tho
doors, wru-ked all the furniture mid tried
to choke her to death. Her son ran into
the room and the men grappled and foucht
like liter.". Policeman Klepper was railed
and ln arreted Ivoeksteln. At tho station
lOi kleln had to be handcuffed to be
treated by the surgeon. There was it lone
lit In hi nie. hl fare was torn and
bleed nir and all hl frmt teeth were mls
Imr l.oi-ksteln used to keep the City res
taurant on West Hlxth strict.
Chief I'enalnii r.tnmhicr Auderanii Iiteut I.
lies a Vnliiable llliim I round lu
the Prisoner's l'ii.-esli)ii.
Yesterday forenoon Chief Pension Kxam
liter C It. Anderson went to polleo head
iiuarters nnd identllled th vnlttabln dia
mond that was found In the possslon of
Carl Iohrmau, who has been under nrrest
for four days, as the one- that was stolen
from hl salrt front while rlditnr on n
caldo train nt Ninth street nnd Orand
avenue, ctrly lust Deo-nilwr, Tho diamond
cot JITo anl Mr. Anderson d scrllieil It so
accurately to Chief Irwin that there was
no doubt of the ovvn rshlp. It now looks as
IhctlKh the police hnd li slronK ease
airalnst Uihrmati for illnmond nipping. A
Kil-l vv itch, that was found In l-olirmaiiV
lioeseu'lon, has tho nank.- of "Klrby" tn
r.ivtu lu the ense,
(ilvrn by l.rndlni; A. P. A.'s tn .1, If. II.
Mciein, of t hli;it;ii. Chiilriiiaii of
the .Nalloniil Ailvlmiry Itonrit.
About lCn of tho lenillmr members of the
A. I. A. of the cltj Kiithered lu parlor S
of the Midland hotel ,st eveiilmc to tender
nn informal rertption to Mr. .1. II. D. Stev
ens, of Chli-niro, chairman of the national
ii. n inny omir.i. pever.il a-liiresses wre
made and the evening sent III ple.lMint
council over maturi jm rtainlm; to the
liiten-st of thai ur-l. r. .Mr. Stevens h.is
Ihcii here alKiut ten l.iy In the luteli-st
of tho older.
Colonel .1, II. .Smith Niiy m l.iirset Ves
sels Can lliitcr the ll.irbor at
I.nir Tlilr,
Colonil J. n. Smith, formerly of tho
Midland hotel, hah returned from n llt
to i;,ilvtlon. whtre he went tn InVestln.Ui)
the deep water at that port. He is dellKlit.
e. with Iho results of tile Jetties put III
there and sajs there Is mure than tmnty
thiee ftet of w.ilir at low tide. enoiiKh to
dual Hie In, ui-t u.i that touches tit
that Kjit, He thinks dt et water there will
be a tjreat thlim for tho Wist.
John Aleximlrr, I.lnioln ,lohiinu anil (Ira
try .liiliimm Mint Answer to tho Cliarcu
or Itllling (li.rlrs I'm.
After lietenlnif to the testimony of wit.
twae to tha iillliiiu of Charlen Pox, who
v, .is khot down by hlKhwaynu-n on Wi-.t
Ninth Mreet Iat Saturday nlxht, a toro
ner's Jury yeterday recommended that
John Alexander be held "s the prinelp.it
and I.iru-oln Johnson and (.entry Johnson
l,.. luld as areeSi,orien to tlio murder, fu
ller th statutes, all threo men are equally
liable for the death of Pox.
Kul mil Hill Itefusi-il In Hold Pp Ills Il.iniH
autl Was lino. he-.l lluun ami itoltheti.
At I o'clock this morning- two hlxhway
rotib, n n-et lloland Hill at the cornir of
Tliirt-. ntli and Wakhington streets and
tuld lilm to hold up IiU lian-U. o refu.-.-.l
anl tbey jmuii.W-d him over the head with
reioivtid until he fell to th. ground. Th.-u
be U4J robbed of Hi and u KMld ualili.
The r. bfa. r made KO.nl tlutr f.uh-. Hill
u aa ili.-iioiere.l In u 1-kjI of btooil and taken
to Central tatiun, wli.re bi injuries vmtc
ilrtMsMl. lie is a uoit.r in 31aey' Pulon
iveuue rti.iuraut aiul live at TO) West
lileveiah ktn-i I. He bell, vis he kuovv tile
identity of one of the liUhuav men.
I'ire aud I'antc Ciute the I.ovs of at Least
Vorly-oloo Lives.
St I'etersburi,-, Jan. SI. A dispatch from
BkateriaohUv, capital of the government
of that luiii, ill South P.usIa, give de.
talk of a Ur that occurred in j. tU.-ater
thtre, iauiu- Knit Ios of life. The tire
vva, dlscoverid while a performance wa
1,-04 1 w en. The nwcutor betaine panic
itriikt a and made ix wild rush for till,
Fort) -ulu bo-lie3 have already been taken
out A uuniBer of perrons known to have
bvn In. the theater are t-tili mucins'.
Another Aati-Mlsitouary Proclamation Has
Jlrvii Prumult;ated.
San Francisco, Jan. M. The steamer Cop
Ue. from China. Jauuary 5, Lrina the
followinr Another pioclamatlon of the
vileot nature iu been posted throughout
the iiroviuce of Yunnan Inclllnj; the tieople
to murder all mis.-Iouartes, uKalul whom
Jliuuu; ami dUruceful clurue are re
iterated. The matter U of the gravest
imnorsanee and the whole of the lowers
ouisht lo iuit upon the punltlimint of
the olflclaU or the province.
Trouble Paid to Ue luiuitoeat OitIus to
ISrazU's Tardiness lo Paylue Claim.
Itlo IJe Janeiro. Jan. 21. It la stated that
a rupture between llrazll and Italy is Im
minent ovvlns to Brazil's tardiness in tat
Ufins Italian claims arbdns out of tue
civil war In llrazll. It Is reported the
warship llenjainln Constant has started to
oitupy the Island of Trinidad. The Con
stant is a protected. Brazilian cruiser, 2,70
staot la a protect!
toi tUicyger;,
ka.vs.w i tnsT ciiii:p .it-ortci: a xr.w
I'AMi: Wf.ST IN I8,lt AM) WAS PltOMI-
m.ni- i. iiii:Piti:i:Mitt,MitL'titii,i
.Member of the Leavenworth Cnnvtltul on.it
Convention, nnd for Inn enrs(hlrt
Instil e-t.ed the l.leventli llnnsis
Urchin lit tn the U'ur lilt
"Order Nn. 1 1,"
New Yotk, Jan. 21 -tlrnerat T!iniii M.
llulnir. Jr., rx-member of ermjtrrs from
Ohio, and the tlrst chief Jtmtlce of Kan
sas. Is Ure.l,
(lenrmt tin Inn's ibflth was the result of
Injuries r.eelved nrcldentnlly -estenlny.
He had left his home Intending to ko
dewntonn ly the Ulevatnt roml. As ln
rnrhe Third nwnue, a cable ear isisseit
nnl he stepjied directly behind It, not no
ticing Mmt one from the opisxlte iHrecthm
was rlhl iiion him. The corner of the
far struck him and threw him Istck sev.
iral anls. He landed on hl head.
llrnfral liultm, who wns n memlwr of
the law llrm of Hwuis, 'hltmnn ft l'.wltisr,
of this city, was born In Uinuistcr, (J., lu
Ci .")
r ' i
Tin: i.ati: thomau hwino. jh.
153. He was ndtntttrd to the liar In Clnctn.
nntl In ISV, and went to Knnsus during the
free soil strueKle. When the state of Kan
sas was admitted to the Pnlon he wns ap
points chief Justice, but refluned to enter
the Pnlon army In the civil war. as ml.inel
of the nievenlli reKlment of Kausts. He
rose to the rank of brigadier Keneral and
iifterwards was breveted major Keneral
npd had command of the department of
th .MHsourl.
He went to Wnsl.lniitoti In 15; as thu
nrslstnnt of ex-Secretary of the Interior
ISrnwnliiK. He went had; to Ohio In ISTi)
and entered politics. He was a member of
congress rrom 177 to 1M ami In ls7i rnn
for Kov-eiuor on thu licmocratlc tlck.t. but
was defmied. In 11 he came to New
York to practice law. For manv years he
was president of the Ohio Soeltty 1, re.
wan nt cue time counsel to lln build.
Iiik' dei,irtmint, whl'h iwsltten he reelKitc I
on January 1 last.
ileiieriil Hwlmr has live children, all
h-roi.n up, .Mrs. Hum Is f t III Uvlmr.
Took an Artltx Part lu the t'rei Mate
tru.-;i;le stud I e,l u KitiMu Itesl
incut t.. thn Yur.
Toneka, Kas , Jan. 21 (Spe. :.il ) Oener-
al Thomas Hvvliu; arrived in Leivenuorth,
Kas., In N'ov.mlH-r, is.sj, brluitlnr with him
from her Ohio homo a fair ounx bride, i-
1t or.ee hutiK oat IiU shlnule as all ntlor-
tuy al law and then planned In hot hat.
Into th- free tale .onlllct, then hat row-
iiikf the Hastern Kaiuis liord-r. He was
Joineil shortly afl-.T by his brallur, who en
tered hi law cilice as a partner.
Ilw vva a delegate lo (he Lawrence eon.
vt-ntUn, whbh ui.t In Dec. tuber, IKVf, and
was oii of the thirteen bolter who nom
inated Ueoije W, Smith for governor.
In illustration of the frti t!ate enthusi
asm of jnutiK Hvvlnw, it may le said that
by Imrr-iw lnr he malum-.1 to ral- (l.m',
every i-nt uf which he ient tn th- lKie
It.s t.i.k of trllliK to elect bU ll--k--l. The
nlKht liefore the eUctlon Hwlntt urti.inU-.
a. e niiuuy of thirty men to e fnlr play
at Ktfkaiioo. Ail deserud htm Iwt Ihrte,
when it was dineovered that a bloo-ly mind,
.il mob was In ,-h.irKe of the vonnK pbic-,
but ilv.lr.rf and his .-ominnloiis ytool their
ground. In tplte of threats of death. Tb-y
told the molt to kill them if they wish-1,
but that If they did. all of I. avvnwurtli
would lk down illion KUkatxiai like a whill-
wlnd. After the polls ilo.td Hvvlm; are! IiU
comiunlons rmle ba k to Leavenworth
amidst a shower of rotten cks and pUtoi
shots. Later, KuinK wax ai.olnt-d coiu
nilssioner to Investigate the ele Hon friiul
In PAs, Oener.il Kwlus was a niemlier of
the Leavenworth constitiilionnl eonven.
tlon anil u.is active lu its deUit-s, This
was thu only territorial oille- U- i-ver held.
Pon the adinUtlon of Kansas to the
Pnioti, tleueral Kwintr wus elected chief
justice of the slate, a the n .miun of th
Itenubllcan party. In thi oilUv h rvid
with marked distiiicii.a for nearly two
y-.irs. wli'-n, on the Ulli diy at .SeinmiU-r,
lva, havlnic tHiuitil and ora.mUcd the
UI -ver.th p-tfiroejit, and li.ivlnu leen UFUini
mously ltiiiltt 1 by the line olllcers to
cciumand it. be led the realm nt to the
C iur.il Itlouut was turn awaitluv re
cruits at l'-'l Ul-!:e. aud Cut n. 1 i:vvnr
burib-l his renluieut to hint, a. dulau. e of
?i m.les. at a speed of mole ilian tueiuy
one mil., a da). He took I art with his ie.
im ut lu tb battle, of Fort Wayne, Can
Hill, Prairie t.rcve aud Van llucu. and
was made brluadUr seaeral oa tb- 13tb of
Mar-'b, y3, for kuIUim coadu.-t at Piairie
Oiove. Later. It- was assigned to the
co.-umaDil of the district at ih.- border.
With iW exc-ptioa of QuautrvlIV tackiiHf
Of l.aMivuec. he stood twivveeii Kansas and
all s-rlom raids Polioulni; tjuautreH's
rail b- issued the famous order No. 11.
which n-arly depipulatel the three border
counties-uf Missouri.
In consequence of tierce assaults nul
ujion him by iwlitical en'-tttlts In Kansas,
a neral Kwlng asked for en. ollk-ial Invest!
nation of bis administration, but this Pres
ident Lincoln refused to order, and at the
same time enbiTed his territory by (be ad
dition of all of Kansas north of the tfairtv-
tdrfluh parallel. In lsCI. b was transferred
to the Satheast Missouii dUtrkt, with
bcadiqiiarters at St. Louis, anl thus ceased
his dlstlimive Kansas connection.
Hut General Kvvltu; never lost iotersrst In
Kani-us and her leople. lit- pursued the
friendships be bad made and uft.n con
tributed Interesting Wier upon the early
da al Iople, He was all activ- mem
Ur of the Kansas Stute Historical Society,
and only la-t Sunday morniiiic Secretary
Adaia? rc-IveI a lett-T from him eipress.
Inte regret at bis Inability to atteud the an
nual mectmtf to-uay.
Colonel 'flicoiloro S. Case Cilvcs a Kerlcvr
of Korder War bceue nui Tells of
the famous Order Nu. II.
Coton-rl Theodore S. Case, who was a
member of the staff of Gen ral Thomas
Kwlnff. durln? the ilvll war, save a re
porter for the Journal some inters stius da
ta, resardlns his military life in and about
Kansas City, last evening. He sold:
-When I first ka?w General Kulns he
was pra Ucins law in Leaven-worth, Kas..
ia 1K9, with fcis brotbr-lo-taw, the lite
General William T, Sherman. The men.
l .U
l.SYTA -P.vUfc -ii.
w-ro r- ate.i toRf-UiT l-i Ijin-aster. O..
H li nas the blrthpl.tr of Gen -rll !'.
lne. en 1 lifr G-"ienl Sh ti."i mnrri" I bi-
iter He was n m Of Pi. famous Oh.o
s-n.il-r, Tbomns Kwlnfr, and wns nam -1
for his fath-nr. WTtii Knns w admtt
t 1, ho was eleelfil ehtef lustlre ns n. It- -publir
an, Imt retgiwd -r to reentli nn I
ootnmnr 1 th Uvrtlh Knas cavfllry n
lis rilon.l The Intn S-nitor Plmnb, of
Kiiwk, wa a ma?- tlr Cobvwl Itwinit
and wes promoted td th-- rink of colon-1
whsn Mr Tin lne wns male brigadier en
er.ll In cMrmnKMrd Of th bor ler dl trlrt, tn
March. I.
' This jMv-o lilm rvjmmin I erf . m n.
mostlj Ksnss.s 1 1 Wilis, with headpmtters
at Knnsas City. TRi Iwnler district in-.-ln-l-il
th ronntle of .lnck-n. Hnte, l'as
arsl V'rnon, in MIonri, and a tlko mtm
ber of conn tie In Knni. tVmln? lo
Kansj t It y. wr ertnbllshivl he.tdii nailers
In th- old Prt.-ltlo house, nt fourth nnd D-l-aware
sttv-e-t. oeettpylnt. nil of the lirt
nn-1 second llore et tlrtt fsmoui oil ht I.
I rc-all now orrty Cwtwiel It. n. Hunt wvl
Cnlonel ,Ioeph 1.. NoTtnnr. wlx are j.t lt
KnnM City, who were .-t that time. Ilk
mjseif, memiier! of ilen-tat nn-rnsTs stnrr.
"Imrinir thosm ilflys th border district
was Infoste-i ith bnshwno-ken. of untold
nnmrr. Kspeelally m-r thi y Ist-I In
Jackson cotinlv. They w,u 1h,M nnd f-ar-bs,
nr.d robbed, 1mm 1 pliinlert nnd
klHo-1 with a freedom t-"rr, of asurine-si
of safety. Pr.tpisnttv m.-1 would lie l
tekl Ktur-oti KitnsAs ry np lmle.
p-ndeh o md snlijieteil b mmy lndlm-tb-.
while marv of ihm w r- put to ttcnth.
At Hint Hid- tf bushwha.kers were com
ma n led by (jiMintpslj. ft lriwrence tal-1
fame, an I H-otire To-1-1 Major L. K.
Th.iet-.--r an 1 M ijor W. ' It.mison, nln
wero th- favorite oillcers undr General
KwlliK, were slntloitwl at Weslport, and
w.r-' with their force. hpl In n constant
state or action, tivnun; ana pursitius tne
bushwha-kln- Mtsnourlnns, who would as
semble on a day, sttlke a bbiw at Mime un-
pro!erte, sot and dlnppear ns mystpr
lonsly nml site essfttlly .-. th thid as.
s-mbll. I! was ilmost u-.-lesis to try to
cop,, with them or tninl'h them, for thlr
depreiHtlons, as Ihey w-re farmers; and
landholders on this sld of th- llm nn-l
wrre nlw.ivs at work and p-ife.-tly Innocent
Whin-m-cwlnl liy the t'nl-m troops.
"This stnto of thliiKB mil lit. sncklnc by
(Jtittitrell of laiwrence, Kis, August
lU. Where tienrlv S") men and wntnetl
Were mtlrdetod In cold blnoil, intiseil Gen
eral Hwlmr to issue the famous Rcnetnl
order No II, which pffpf tmill) put nn end
to Kitettllla wnrrnre lu thi- two states. The
order was In three sections, the tlrst or
which lead: 'All persons Ihlriic In Jackson,
Cass and Hates lomill-- nn-1 that part
of Vernon couiiiy Inelud. d In this ulsfrii-t
except those llvlnif within one mile of
Iho limits of Ittdepotidoni-o, tllrkmnn's
Mill, l'l-n.s.itit Hill utid ll.irrlsniivllle, nnd
except those Uv line In Kn lownshlp. Jack
son eminiv porth of thi-, itn-k and west
of the lllir nine embracltut Kansas City
and Wcstp'irt. are hereb) iird.-r.-d to leave
th-lr pines or resldenii- within llfteen
davs bi-rnif.' The other provisions staled
this would not apply to t-i rsnns taUlm; tho
mill of allettlame to the Pnll'-d Slates and
i-atl-!flnn the commntidlnK ulllcers that
Ihev would live up In It and that nil liny
nnd k nil u must bo tumid over to tho of
llcrs or the n.arest posts.
"Tho effects of the ord, r been me npinr
elit Imm. illntely. Genei-.l Scholletd, if
paMinent comtnander, with whose sstirtlon
th" older was Iseu.-'l. earn- up a few dais
liter from St. Louis and In lomixmy vvltti
G. neral Hwlns;, Major Hunt and mvsclf
made a detour of the eiiiinundlmc couiitiy
In nolo Us effects, Kviri where people
were on the move niul tie- roads were lined
with people. They nil i?nve t.stlmony of the
benefits! resultliiB from the order.
Once we net the iveople out of tho mulct
brush we wire nnblcil in sift them Uu-k
nnlv nfier thev had sworn to support tho
eaueo of the I'nlnti. It it a stot. to the
bushw-bni-klmr business, .is there was very
little or II lifter that.'
Colonel Case has n rt"-l etmravlmc (if
flenrice C lllnhnm'n fain a picture Imscit
nn this older and tbe n. s It inured.
It Is a wniiderfullv I.K eiiHravlme nnd
ortiays G.nei-ul Kit In,- nslrido a war
horso, elvltiK orders, t'uionet ciiss says
tho lssuiiticn of nnlsr No 11 defeutid Gen
eral Kwlnir In bis rnr. far Kovemor of
oldo In after veHrs, t.s . was u.l ns earn-li-ilKti
material nu.iinst him. Ho descrllH-s
the iicnernl as iielmr . hiiiidniiio man of
i; fe.-t nnd 1 In--In . mMIi llowliiK black
hair and brunl
A llrporl Tint Wsi Mill Give War to .Indue
I'rkluo .11. I.'os., of Ci.l-
Ifnrnl i,
ChleaRo, Jan St. -pclal to the Pally
Neiv-t fioiu W.ishl n-tiin savs: Associate
Justice rield has i. I.I- -1 to the lou stand
Inn desire of I'r-i-ibiit Cleveland and
agreed to retire, lie will 'jo upon the re.
tired list at the .Im--- of this term of the
supreme court. If h- k-eps the promise be
in ide recently lo the president and S'i:utor
While, of California.
The senator i authority for the above
statement and for il- iiif jrmatinn that
the name or Justin- Pieht'm successor tin
b.-en pnicllcnlly 8Ki- I upon in tlw per
son of Jmle Krskln- M lls, whom Pr.
blent Clei.lan-I, In h - tlrst term, usVnt.
e.l lo the Pnlteil Slat- circuit bench ill
the state of Callfor.iii
WusltinuM Ian. 21 When Justice Field
was nked to-day re- n llnir the reirt that
be will lellre. Iih s.ii i "No sueh. slate,
nieiit lias Is en Hillli -i i.:ed by 111--. If my
health should nut p i r.it IH to attend t
li. duties easily, 1 s.i uld not hesitate to
have tle b-iiehl but - Inn ns I can at
t.nd to the dulks with ease, I have no ,i.
teniiou of lelirllllt."
It is Kemrallv uml rtond that Justic
Plebi is ambitious I - , xcee, ihe term of
ervlc- of Chltf Ju-.il Mi.tsball, whose
thirty-four niiu r.-i in jers on ine so.
pieliw lierch oiiktitui- the biiiicest lenn
of sirvlee 111 the hislerv of Ihe court. Jilt
lice Field was app "trsl by i'resident
Lincoln in March, l".:
Persons Goln to M. I.ouls Will Have to
Ilepeud Ppon Iho l)elei;al-8
From 1 In Ir Districts.
St. I.ouls. Jan. !' 1 'in national Itepith-
Ik-an ttiwmtttee sub- niuinlttee on lonv.n-
tlon, ufP-r a two das .-ess'ou here. Iiuall
completed Its laisiu- s- slsned the contr.i'-t
with the Hu.lncss M-n's League fur thi
care of the Itepubli- m nallou.il conventual
tn be held June U, an 1 adjourned sim.- die
lit.. ..I ninr.
The- citizens of St I uis are to bear the
cutire rii use atitn-lns the uwiventiou.
As t te tuattei m tickets, it was de
cUied that vUitlnj: lb puUUmiw vouU h.ivv
to bwl; to the ,1, b.ies from their re
spective districts for i IihUjsIbu lo thi- ioii
v.utlou. This was li' -i!lt best by the
committee, fur the m i.iU-rs liau r... iv.-l
s many requests f- i isersan ii aduussuiu
thu they launut l-jok after them. Tbr-
thousand tU-kets ar- till to lime beeu ,
sisned to St lawi.-.
TUe SIM admission n kets set apart for
the Grand Army "f the ltejaiblir are to
be turmd M.r to tn- in- mbers of the ,ouu
cil of admiaistratiuii t that orKanisatKiu.
for distribution ou th- lusis of iiumU-rshi.
of the oitfauuattou i tacu statu ana i-r-ritory.
Overtook and Itau luto a I'at.ciiccr
train I'll ;liicor aid Two Tramps
Killed No !'at,iu;rr Injured.
GeorKotown, Tea, , Jan. 21. A north
bound International i Great Norlberu
sunk train. runulUK ou a special siliedul
overtook the regular St Luuls pass, la,;, r
train which was a l- w minutes b. bind
schedule lime just as it was U-uvim; llutio
Station. The engine of the Hisk train
ploughed Its way uu-I. r th rear Pulluiau
sleeper and stupiied. 1. avln the Pullman
ou the top of Ihe ensiu.. KajMurer lleuty
Mauuis was killed, al-o two trampiv, who
werw rtJlttj; in a ur m xt to the tilsiu.
Tue Ureman estap. d by Jumplut. Tte
liassetuiers sufferid only a seuerul shak
Juif up ami a few bruise. The vviatber
was very fw?y aud tl sucldVut vvu uot
flora any fault of iu. railway employes.
ijuliide ut M. .buepb.
St. Joseph. Ma.. Jaa , l. (Special) Uob
ert Morrison, an. expeit brWKe builder, of
CVii. ai0. was found iu a dymjf conaitUui
to-lay at bin hotel. A Kas Jet was fwuad
oiko iu the loom. Morrison was hi the
employ of tbf Cblcigo Great Western rail
way. He lias a wife and four .bJblr-a
fcomevvhere In Canala. It is thought to be
a .ase of suk ide.
Kama Wcslyau's Orator.
Sallna. Ka.. Jan. 21 -(Special.) The an
nual oratorical contest of the Kansas vv cs
Jeyan university was hell Iat nluht. There
were three contestants, li. B. Illolr, C. M.
Deardorff and J. U. Tuthill. Tuthlll was
awarded flrs' plat anl lilalr seioad. Toe
winnieri oration was v-ttUtled "Liberty the
TrtiQ Law."
chap.mlv m. i)i:Pi:iv s.wi n is io
Tin: rivn.i7.i:i mi:.n roit m:ttmmi
iippii. iii:twi:i:n nation.
Iliet'iiltrd Slates, m the .llost Powerful
Nation In the Mor'.d, fan AfTnrd to
laltn the ItilO tllve Puwrlinuic
Poolhllltles .if Mn n roe Hoc-
trine t'liforrement.
Albany. N. V.. Jan. 21.-Tbe annual se.
slon of the Slnto Itnr AssiH-lntlon opene-l
to-nlnht n Odd IVllnns ball. In Ihe pros,
em-e of a lirye numlxr of aiidllors. The
nitilrr! of the evenlnB was delivered by
Hon. Chnitneev M. Dertcw. on "lMlrlotlsm
nd Jlnproim: the Iiwjer's Imty,"
Never dtirins; Iho sevent.en ells of our
existence has our meetlu been held nt
isiflod so IhtercsllhsT and at the Mine
tlmn so frnusht with lnner. ours Is rv
lawyers' government. It was the aallalioit
by the patriotic meniliers of the profession
which brought mi the revolutionary war.
It was the .oiiserviltlvo wisdom of the
Iiwyers which frnmiil Ihe constitution of
the Pulled Slate. Twenty of our twenty,
four presidents haie been l.iwv.rs, as were
twenty. four of the llfiy.fntir signer or the
declination of Independence ami thltty ot
the ilfty-llve member nf the tonventloii
which framed Ihe tonstltiilloii of the I nit-
ed States.
a i , uuLd-iiv r iiu nwmixni f hAih
bouses of collar. s uml both bouses of tho
legislatures of the several lutes have al
ways been and still are members ot th
The clucks ami safeguards against revo
lutionary actum whb-lt distinguish tho In
el tutlotis cf the I'nttcd States from those
of other demoeru. Ie uro the fruits of tho
wli'-lom and foresight ot great min-ls
trained to the law.
tih ttes-t ovklence of healthy public i-n.
Ilm.nt, or rather of Christian civilization
and . nlljhfenineiit in the law, is that to.
day the man who loses taste In the duel
is not be wha refuses, but ho who ofeal-
Iuir.ildiii.ls lu Advance .if Nitlonv,
While this healthful a-lvail'-e In elv!.
laatlon, ami this tiinloubte.l pnhli,- senti
ment supiMrtlng ll, mirk the ti-w reli
tlous tatwecu iuilivlduaU, there has been
Utile, if any, progress In the peaceful ami
lawful and ordtrly settlement of luterua-tl.-nal
disputes, luvolvllKC lommuuities. The
lkirluirous, murderous and umertaiu mt-ili
o,U of the niuieiit ami medieval is-riod- )!rHB, jirMjl, uii n,e Pulled States, out
still prevail. The alarms of war agitate ..f this present -HlU-uliy to evolve u, irlbu
tbe world. The lolumns of our dally i. nalof Inurnatlocal liw and jusiln- whi. h
,-r. are ii.1.,1 with cables and telegram,
antvoiiBcIng the rage of nations and the im-
min.ni-e ot ineir iiying ai ea.u oilier s
throats. The Uittb- blu.il whl.-h Is ike in.
herit.ince of (he ages is all line for light.
Only one sivver keeiis tlte nations of
Huioiie from instantly de. l.irlng war. Tho
banktrs and business men nuw bevoaio
the arbiters lietwcen uatlons. The ouly
two nations which may be s.ud I le fret?
from thw thrallom, Iwc.iuse of tU.ir
wealth, their lomiuer,'.- all 1 ieit, are tie.
l'nlte.1 .Stales and HnKbiud, uu.1 the events
ot the "Hist lew weeks nave -li-uionstrate.l
abostb-s and preachers of n.-a e.
TiiL-r.' art o. lasious w hi n war is liolb
right and neet-ssarv, ami a natUui must em
bark upuu it without countiuu the touse
nu. tsc , bi't the iisue of battle is never
i.rtalu, nor does the urbitramitu of war
always end in rbjbt or justice.
Au Opportunity fur l-auyrr.
Now is the time for the profession to
urfotin a great work upon the lines of
he law vers of the century iu promoilu;
International arbitration. The pilnijpa:
dispute belweeu IaiKlish Slieaklng racert
which Is agitatinir the world colls for
iMith pruuical wisdom ami legal acutaeii
for Its solution. Tbeie is no dls-nt lu
Ibis louutry from the Monroe doctrlnv as
tiromulj;uti-d bv 1'reslduit Munrov anil In
terpreted by Ji-ffeisou. Madison. Wbst-r
ami Calhoun. Vet uuone who studlts the
Monroe dw-tilne will see bow lu lucb in
dividual case, exctpt where there l a. IIi
graut violation. UWs- tin- I-'remb iuva.-Ion
of Mexico, the applicable iuteruietatioji of
ll should bi- the subje, t of Judicial dt-ttr-
ml nation.
The president's message to congress: pre
sents a iHivel view of ihe priucUde If
th- re Is a dispute us to boundary Hue be-
Un-u a Soulli American repuuilc ami en
r.urupeuu liovvt-r. uo matter how iutlgtiiti
iant the teriitory involved or how dis
tantly H ant-is me lunepemience oi tm
country or how remotely It may luieust
iia in. rfiiiBl ,lhm:inil tliat Ibf. lun itovmiii.
m ,iv np Ima- nTmieslv it iiuv lrii...i..r
fTivPnmst dimamiliat ttewo Lovii.i i
us, i- mill uemanu iiut in iwo hoveiu-
at. u-- evei our ovV.i wmT V g. atr.Uiu ' Kt the Uvv .ww i "the ,H Zt great, uwni.il. - uf wai. r ou the ru ,
ilalome m" the s.2"e slu tb clill 1 b' r-lH. Cbristlou tea. hmgs aud , At 1.3 Wedn. -d. ' lir.uuus.
wlr vvb uiT.irer for uiitle ' vulntiou of Z.eott ears. and tb. sfiv. U- ". s. uiug Ithimhait M.lUr i
The great. t MLli-rsjil lea.Urs ut brlous .levWpuient of th, pr.u. ipies ei I tak-eu lu t J.diu s h.-l-lial. Ills ,- .
lJa.rf.om 1 luilTl-Ter uu"! w.re th-gelt. Jull.e and the m-IgUM-ol b prouf ,K-maml , ? " ', a," ii:' . h"'J t''ifc V
lswhotatlSlTlUHuoVbLaudwa ' & J&w "i'S of TS'i.i
vl. tutb-s were la our civil strlfe-Hraut atvl tulk7nTt iisst't' l "at aid KT 't K2UIVY oft-Vi g, ...iir Si. ih.
ot?S,Sit"r1:w1.rUrrA-,w'er"'i """'U "' b "
nuuts arbitrate the Hue. and If they te- ' Hf' 'om?i?litee vi
tuse. we must tiud out as best wv aui!K"ita
which line is correct and enforce It by , f'1 V'lnThj
v.ar. If. however, peudiw; our Inuulrv. tu " "JU-
the two turtles agree, we have no fuither
itbls or duties. This seems to surrender
the doctrine, if Venesuclu or llrazll chooses
tr, r. II a norlion of iti, lands.
A slight .extension of the principle com-
pets us to assume a proiei LojtiLe over an
.UUSV .WUUUS. ,J,. u.,..,M.a ni ,4,
troled and caTrTd on byvmVricans. E5- U J Jungle will result in niaklnK uwas thrce'hours before tne are wa? uu
clisb Germans. French and Itullans. Their tb nutuUon ihe b. ! tiiulpped la thv der lontrob When the building could be
covefements are in utmost perpetual revo- wcrl-i in the Unes of mammala which, aa-c entered the search for the dead began, with
lmion, sad the enl'l'ffrj dictator al Its roUIe' bto.enxji; ts-Ocvt. i tee result eX flmllng Uutts tsilse
hour oonfl'it properlv rlithl iln-t left
eiuept thnt nf fitinis ir h- lonld
r, ll uj-i n the I nit. .1 St. tfs to protpi t
lilm. bo would treat th- lives and properly
of the Germans, Hnsjllsh, Itnlbins and
French tilth the same Impartial approptii
tlon ns he does trios.- nf hl ittnnlrjmen
These nation wouM .cmin-1 reparation
and tedress. This would Invotte the c.d
lei Hon of Kntistnntlat ilnmnsjes, and -
would lie in a m.-siire l.onn-I In imn
the ituat-tel. We rnlnh'. at th.- whim or n -ce'sltrM
nf the uri esrn mllltnrv di-tn-
tor ot v ettetneia or ArRintine or iirani
or 1 toll vis: of Pftraminy or p. ru. of Tim
Inn nr Honduras, of ("bill or Holivls, lie
Involved In frennent wars wiih the pomrrs
nf i:nrore Thlt woul.l reouire nn immeps,.
navy and lars stsiidlns- atmj.
iipreiiitiey nf Iho t'nlled vfales.
The Pnlled Slates Is the only hntlnn so
"Ittmled that It mn !th honor and surety
move upon the palhwai of pe.i-e lot an In
lertisjtlotml i ourt of nrbltraiton Wo haio
no fenr of the rountibs to the South nr
North of its, ami It I S.wsi miles sjrross
the nres.ii to tire m-nrrst senport of any
Knropertn mver. So (rtiat has b. n mir
prosperity, Isrtause nf lej yenrs of pose.
and only rive of nnr: so rree have e twn
from the strifes wbl.h have exhausted
Ihe resoutie or Itiitopo. that the tnxfnir
prtver of Ihe s;ovrtiment has not yet
toucheil fat- any purpose the real and per
sonal prnpertv reprrsente.1 in this JTu.W!,
Wf of Hccumntnteil wealth.
Aecordln to the . nsus or Isso, we bnve
9.3W," flTltlnt mn. The experience of tho
civil war hits slmwn that from them could
be drafted, mobilised ntid Instructed In
three months. 8.fiin.nxj oldlers All the
trnnsimrts ntnt nnvies nf the world could
tmt land tipnti our shores an nrmy which
cimtd nmrcli ion miles from Ihe seaeniist,
or ever return to their ships. With nil tho
world In nrnm smalnst u. the vast In
terior of our continent, i.xirpt lti lis In-
lustital and economic phtiscs, wouM know
nothluK ot the troutdi'. anl ih-w-i- me a
forelKii uniform, ixpl on a prison, r of
Secure In our Isolation, supr. mo In our
lesourees, II T.,. mi t,- I In our reset ves, and
fr-e from damternus tiiirliliiirs, v,e .Ki-upy
uuioiiK ihe nations of Ihe globe a i.islton
so esalled ami safe that to .ompnr,- us
with other countries would absurd.
The statesman or the politician who
really fuirs for the s.ifity or his -ountrv is
a fool. The statesman or tuditli-l.tn who
lies not rear inecnuse knows ueiiert
and who y.-t preuclu of our weiikn-. and
our vulnerublbtj . Is a demuifuKii -, and In-
twill the IntelliKeme, uf th American
! IMlllile,
I nis gr-ai res. rvoir or r-irco ior an pur-i--stn
Anierlcnu repuldi this might
est engine of war, this most l-n'liceni
p-.w-.r f-ir pence on the fa-e f Ihe glolie,
can ext. nd Hie right band of fellowship
t warring lu.tlir.u n-ross the Atlantic
and promule.Ho with honor an. I dignity a
scheme lor an international tribunal and
b-ad in the movement.
Iiiterinll'in il Court of Arbitration,
Had there been an tnu rnallonal court of
arbitration In Hi, V- neauel.in mallei-, l.ir.l
Salisbury euul I not have ub-a.1, I thai there
.i a (Hiun-lurj line itibru.-inK t rrttory
so long and un.iuetiioiiabi held lx the
Hritlsli that th - mil I i.ot iu honor sub.
mil the ipirsllon of (heir title to the court.
Hoth the Kualish and the Am rleans have
U n .-..u.ap.) to lulb ve that though ali -hi.
ty may m. ke a .-Uini upn any prop-
rty, the i ourt isn be r.H.il upon lo dis
miss Hie lomplalnt if it Is uuworlhi of
le-Mlg entertain, d, or dis.ivvW Jurlsll. tlun
Should there be any doubt, or. if it can
sldtrs the tuatier, in adjust it upon the
eternal pnn 'it-us or justm- un-i rmnt.
'die lira ot .--unng,
r un earlv date.
an international court. r presriitiug ami
embracing a'l the nations of Kurou- and
of Nor Hi and South Anuria, is pr.tbubli.
&& ,, Jct." i 3Rr&'i
i nianlty shall re.-.ive such r-oi
v.,m, ," ." " .,-.w... ..., .,..., ,.-
a i srs.wDuss
igulty snail reesitw suen re.oulilun aii.j
ubusi iitHitalioii shall Is- so great that
acb naiUwi . un subuaii to It an.v ipisliitu
In dispute and bow to its decree with safe
ty and honor.
We. Ihe UwyefS of the t'lllUl Stal.-S.
anl uur brethren, th- a,rs of llr.at
lliltulu. talthful to the iiajJulous ot our
proftssiuu au-1 th high culling of our or
.. r. -an agitate and i-lmjlv fur the crej.
tiuii of tWs gr-at ,ourt We ruall that
rVfU iu Ike davs of almost UBiv.-rsai as.
suit t the diviue authoritj of kino. Jus.
tUe Coke oull bolily ihalb-ug uud 'che.-k
kisull Slid guide for the ;!.,. lb of its bu-
uianiiis-s. so i lus prestrvaiiou gnu. ln.r
petUlty of livlUxatioti.
ii'iimcv) ci. i ip -io i mii:,
llccblc.l Vcster.lay ut M. Louis to 1'urui a
Mato I'eder.itlou.
St. Louis. Jau. SI At a couveuttaB of
pfomiiK ut vvouku from different itki tl
the stati-, who asM-mbled U-ie to-.la, it
was voted to form a federalism et women's
clues at MUsourl
Mrs. William L. Ilure, of St. Louis; Mrs.
Jehu H-ur Hopkuis. ut St. Jwiik, Mrs.
i:tteu M. llenrollu. UfesJ.U Ut of III.. O.-iurr.
al b.i-rallou of Wuiueu's Clubs of ausr
na: airs
laiura e.. biauuuiai. or K .,n. .
City, and ilrv K. C Cushajau made ad-
dress. at lu-da.v s metlag. The .ouveu-
tlun U1 mmt io-mortu. wlua the re-
trts on cousaituUou aud uouiluaium W I
li-rl(.HriJ. t
- hvarJ
Third IJlslrlcr Coiinulll-e -Me3ln.
Hxci Islor Spriuj;. Mo.. Jau. SI (Speilul )
Tb-re prooibx-s to be a full atuudaiu
Im. to-uuuiovv of the w. uilsrs of tSr
Third eutigj-rssloual district KeajbJUan
eouuuitlee. lloil. K. S. (luruey. of KUkltr,
ll ' '- ' i"er. w nusMuii. seirelary
" COIlUgitU e. are already here. It &
.,., t,.i ,,,, .h- i,k i.n.ina if.,
i ui im ioai oj aeciuiug vvneii
oogresstomtl convention is
Museum KxpeUltlou to Central Africa.
Chltago. Jan. 21 1'rofefi-or Daniel a.
KlUott. lu .ompan wuh C. K. Akrley,
ta.xiderniist.wiil hortly sail for C-atral Af.
rl- a to hunt wilil tieats tor tne i t-li Col-
-n " i,fkm I
V... .,.1... eill. i .-I ullb el... .......... ' thi if itlirii-il i (Jlliriul A. J.llti UI t
., uy S,V1UB lo ,a,, IkVnil,... .hi;, r, k UWU.
un u.in musculo. 11 l nont.il inai v ,h ,0.nri-M u-n i-.-iiie,i in md soono nni
nis.STitois in:-pi.r tip A i tin-
il. I.Ol 1- LAM MOllT.
Plllli Irtltn .'ulToc-.tted nnd I'nt P-illy lo
tho lire, Mhleh Mas nt lift llroul-
iny Prnj ert Loss omenbere
Near lll.i)mi .ximiy I Iro
Conip.mlis Culled Out.
St. Louis. Jm SI -As the rr l'l ct A
Are In Ihe bulldinK nt II Hroi-Iw.o t
nteht five lin-men ate borlo-i In H r .rt
nnd one Is dead nt Mere) hosplt.n 1- .
of the men In the ruins are thoimhl li Li
dend, ns nothlnst run lie seen or h ir 1 c '
them, while the fifth, Ithlnetmrt Mill r, cf
snlrns-o corps No. 1, ran lie benr-t anl
Is hoped to re no him alive. Owin II it.,
foreman of trmk No. (, who w.i tak n
from the bumlmr Imlldltig soon nfi
tire start, d, badly sutfucated and -
while Ixlng taken to Mercy hosp.
an nmbulaiice.
The dead are:
(iweti nines, foreman truck N
I'nplalu llUnvllle, salvage corps N
James KIuhI.Ii, salvage mrps N-
MIHuii Curly, salvage corps N '
Captain Staunton, chemical comp.u.
The total loss caus.d by fire anl w
li estimated at tam.un fully iimui' i
,V Co. place their loss at about i
ami It Is IhouHhl tin- lues on lh- I
will amount lo 5,ii, Sevirat H
dollars' damage was done to th, m i
Jordan a Co., a cutlery tlrm ut P7 l
The ftre, wbb-li was one of H '
stubliorii I hat the &, lotuls tin
ilit-nt tuts bad to tuntend with (-
tlm', broke out at lo.ai o'ebx-k l n -1
the basement uf Ihe four-story bmi
Hi Oroadway, o.-iupbd by Alio, .v.
balers In uplbal, surglml unl el
siruiuei.ts. ll-foi,- ih,- arrival i u
nipurini in. I no lire ii.nl worK'u
up to the lisif. hreaking Ibroi
ilir-i.teuliig adjoining lull lings.
All thu lire cumpatins in th.- I
u.rtlou of luvtu Were sik-ii IUii
lames and by str. mens trToris s
III conttnillg lllein to Albii's bull-In
immense untiuuit of water was tin.
the Un. whl'h sl.is !m ill gutti i
control and tirttall miIi-jii.I. v
t. P lluur i.iiu In und 1,11 lliroui
lirst IbHjr. pinning duwn live tin in
rfr at wolk there All Ih- tilm i
able were put la the work f ri
s.v.ral stn aius r-- turn, a un I
Inu iu-ap, from svhblt could Is- b
cries for help, finally, all the v
ou.- wre stlllid. Wbethvr the rlni:
ivucbeil the other lour ami enl
agoutis is not t certainly ,u
ilailv tliirinif the i-rogttss ut n
IMsnr) J I lues, of truck Xn. 6. wn- i
from the sccowi Mtior, bully cut i
glass and suffocated b smoke. II
lukfu la ihv iltv hosi'ttul. dl li.a -
The lire 1-ll worked liu-.-s..ull '
ue their entomb"! comi -les. bit
uual'le to reach them up to 1 o'cb k
It wv thought foui of the meu . I
d.s-1. as natbiug coull U.- .-e,u ..
of It-cm. Tb. liftb. Ithliuhart M
uouibir of salvage .-orps No .' v
pinu.'d ilomi on t-p of a sh. It. i iu I
b his llMMJll-1 but lll'-.V . 41111-1
him yet. is- ur men are ui.isn
"or to k.ep the liau). - trom
Oue -lllii Itlovrii to .Ituin. and Two Others
lluruvd lo Heath in the lira
Which t'ollous.
New Haven, Conu . Jau. SI A tr to i
ilous rxidosiou of a el line gas o. - urr I '
.bay ha the factory of Frank Pllegar A. i ,
lu ate. 1 iu the buikliiig of Kughsh & M -
rt' k. on 1'r.juu strett at the foot Of " '
str't. aud uear the .-orntr of LittK- nr
street. Oile HIS II WOs killed b th- I - J -
. sau. two uiners tost lueir uves in in- u
1 U-.. ,1. f.iM.iii 1 Tbw lilLlllb. .in 1 , -
........ ., ..... .... .11,. .l..lr..i,.l u.i.l . I......2 rt t
rhe di are 'Joseph C. Ilausir. ma M".
u. s killed hi the explosion. In i ly
frigitiiunaiugftHl TtouMToof a,., i ...
tfJjTO W deitT. IlarboaTstev..; Si. bo y
. t . i
auriui.i wus
TU- ,-xulosiuu occurred without vvamlrs
and was felt throughout the city Tr
ihuder of a gas regulator, lOStainln j,
gaseous tluld, with wlu.b vxprrlui-ui v
Ulutt male, blew out. with u report tin;..
lur to that of a teu-pouader. Th. r- t '.
tore tlirougb the roof. J. IIamr i -eblulst.
atteuditus the regulator, wa- bl ,
to atoms. , ,
At the time of the explosion th. re w v
in the buildbu: forty persons. A- -in
the reiiort was b-ard. the workni.u n -r 1
for tb-lr Uvis. Iu sxx instant the tu-l-l
was tilled with smok--. steam and du-t i- t
the tlauies burst out with great violer
In a trice the liauics communicated tj tli
whole buibllns. At that lime it was thousht
the loss of lite must bi apiialling. No v
.nulil enter the building, ovvlug to the n- at.
The entire tire department, together with

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