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Richmond democrat. (Richmond, Ray County, Mo.) 1873-1906, February 16, 1888, Image 4

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-Bictaii Democrat
W. W. Morrbeal, formrrly mer
chant In Cmlluin nnl a eon-ln-lew of
Jiidfr J. K. Irtl. died Ul Friday M
Colorttlo hprinjr, I'olnradu, ether lit
had gout for hi health. I'arm1. He-
Uux, Morchour ha annoiuiml tifiti
vlf a candidate lor jfnTemot. J'tw
governor i net a ery elmng man be
fure tlia people. And we do not believe
ha will (treat a folluw ing large emnifh
to rivt hiw tba nomination. Hnldcn
An txi'hana Mr another trlieme
rift just brnr wilted iiy sliar,-r diiing
buin4 with the laraRvr. 'I In? now
make their note read "nat tnutfer
blc" In a urt time, htmrver. it i
found in the huud of another purl
with an "e" added to the "not" which
malei it rtad "note traufarable.'
The 'Anrkiiif: of the tuirli-liLt-ii lt
lent a oppoard to pnhitiiion on paper
are mmii in Nebraska, Hie I liii-agi'
Journal, (Hep. . ?: Omaha, with a
population nl .itu." ropli ha :(,"'
iiloonn, pn iiiji aliit?neuf .,'." each.
There l not a luw 1 it-en t rai or wt
of half that population but hai twice
that nunilter of naloon.
Wc hare for many rear ttndied th
art of Mlverliiiti. and "till it remain
ton a marvel that there i not ont
hundred lime more of it. We never
knew a man jet to adertif hit waret
liberaJJy and attmlilv that it did uoi
pay. Vet there are thousand of mau
ufactiirrrn and tent of thousand of
men having article that they declan
tuight to be in every hoiiMrhold is tlit
cimiitry, who advertise a gingerly ami
fltwly an though tliey had at heart no
faith in it at aU. How i-an they Ml peel
to got their tihh!s ewrwhtr ui.lt
some knowledge of the axticla got into
ilia family hrsi through the family f
per? If we waited till people learned
Irom ther uaif hbura, we might wait tr
run before the nwt wuudeiiul mad
taatful inreniltm bwi-awe kutrwn.- t w
Mj'a rtm.
-U U-Li -Li--jJ1
at heifer has no riii oa bev hurua
mil ihc m tvw ears of ape, and un
i added each ar tlteifmfier. Vou
van tharetore tell the ago of euw w uJi
telerabla accuracy by counting the
riwgi on bar horns aaui adding two ttj
Che iiuau'irr. i hc hull tut no rings,
rule?, until he it lire years old, ao to
tell hi agt after that iM-riud. add live
tu the uuiuber of riuj.. 1 he Uvtter wa
tu tell tha age it by the teath. What
al called the niith taath gradual. die
gpptar in front. At tat ead uf three
juars, tbt etvnd jiair uf peruiaiwnt
Caeih avti Well grown, tu. fuur veare the
thir4 fair, and at ana la fvwrtti aad
laet pair harv pjaraU, and at thi
tiftit the central pan- art of full sua.
At aen years, tlark line caused by
the ve luring of the teeth, appear on ail
of ibtm and ou thaoentral pair a circu
lar mark. At eight reara this circular
Biark appears on all of theta and at
aiaa yt-ars, the i-autral iair beu to
auriuk. At ten the cond pair begin
to shriak aa-l tht third at eleven. At
$er this pariutlt Uic ara can only be da
aarmineU by tLa 'leprae uf anrinkaga
gf-ntrally. At lift re a the Weta are
uttarh aii guua. Urmug CustaUt I ann-
ICaitam iv. Feb. 7. A)ecial aata
that T. L. UJ(I. a wtaltav f uraver uf
feltia cowuty. Mo., diad recently diaia
hcnliug twouf hi sunt and Urut&lh
iaj; hit oaouty to to other sona. 'J ht
will aconieiei and yaantrtiay alien
tfca will was produced in the circuit
uurt, it wu found that tha sower part
of the document had laeu torn of
The legatees claimed Utat luir-t had
BibbleU off the siguaiurv, ate, but tha
fudge ilecidtd that tha Will a void
fend an 4ual lUtiaiuai uf iht eklA'A Hiii
be maUr.
fihiloh'i Curt wilt niosadlaUly r!kwa
Croup. Whoopina Cou-h, and hroocat
S(tt Xaiivr and kwlu .
Hutiaa ffartraa.
Tha heart hiu ears.
In attill fool swarm Uevila.
lixjour ia better than waaJub.
iod waits long, but hit hard.
Pray to God, but row to Uie a Wore.
Modosty ia a njaideu'a uetklaot.
An old crow croaks fur uothiiif .
Povoriy U isot a iu but twiue ai
A bad ptate it belief tsao a g'xnl
An utiiitualy guast ia worat tit a a a
I'aluamy ia like a cj: if it doa ot
Uirn it will soil.
Tt ia not so anicu tlw 4eW of baaven
aw the sweat of man's brow which rca
dra ih soil fruitful.
Sat Faana Oet
A patrolman who was going up Wa
com b street the other night was joined
by resident of that street who was an
bis way borne. When the two reached
the lioufte it wtu uearly niduight, aud
tu citiicn jokingly iaid:
"I gues 1 can get la without the old
lady hearing me. htuiue wive ar nigh
ty particular, you know.'
He paed around to the aide door
with a key iu his hand but in about a
minute tha officer heard a terribhyell
followed by shout for help. A chain
ber window waa thrown up and a head
thrust out, and the officer atlted what
wa the matter.
Ob, nothing much, answered
wumau'a voiee, "i a anted to know just
wbul time he got home to-night, and u
I set a steel trap on the door step. 1
think it caught him. You cau go on a
lHMit your businebs aud I'll go down
aud let htm iu.
The oCicr olyeil the kujetioo aud
wm heard tuauy, a he promenaded his
It beats all how ujht pointers a fel
ler cau pick up after lOy clonk at night
Detroit Krec f're-.s.
Is a sure cure for Khtnmatism, Neu
ralgia, bore Chest, Old Sorts, Wounds,
ftpraiua. hruies. Restore eontratted
muaclea to natural elactieity, cures
worst croup, is foi eitemal use. Cures
Curns, Chapied Hands, bruises, etc.
Lad its. it is Terr effective for lame
back- Irie oi -(. Smith A Tat
ton. Agents. ja.
Twa -aewcrwrr'' aiprtnl at Ma Prwy
In the long records of human misery, I
disrate and death, Vonsumptloa hs. 1
for aires orcupied a prominent and
dreadful distinction aa tha "fell de
stroyer," and to this omnins promi
nence thi tenacions and deadly dieae
well entltlsd. l'lot upon its heels,
in the rhsratterlsti of deadllnrsa and
pain and the etteut to which It prevails,
comes Cancer the fruitful ton rca of
unspeakable distret. Ihe dreadful and
ever-present assailant of health, hope
and happiuess. Tht following cases,
given in the voluntary testimony of
the writers, show how cloaely tn the
brin K of death these diseases brought
two snflerer In the aarae family, and
how, under providence and by tha ue
uf a simple, well-known and wonder
fully eflicactoua remedy, they were
rescued from tht deadly paril and re
stored to health a hd rigor. Wt com
mend this experience to the reader. ,
and particularly to those who them
selve sutler from similar diseases, or ,
who have friends or relatives in who 1
restoration to healt h they are Interested
HafiHt'-uN, Washington Co., lis..
July 6, 1W7.
The Switl speotic la. Atlanta, ia : j
Itenilemen lu february, IoV, 1
commenced having hemorrhage uf j
the lung. Ther alarmed me verv i
inu. h, because i. ihi sumption had ear
ned off SMtb my parents. three brother !
and thive iMer. 1 felt very bad!,
and 1 had a rrry ev ere cough, and blel
muth fr.nj the lungs. Last June, a
rear ago, I took a cu4irse of two dozen
bottles of S. S. S. Abe me.lirine at
once hsd a tieneutial eflecL W hen 1
ceaed taking it I was in plendid
health, and 1 hava not been sick inct
then. I regard S. S. . a a wonder-
ful blood purifier and buildtr-up of
the sttem. It cvnainly cured nta.
and I do not now tear any further
truobhr froaa Conaumption.
four, etc . A W. It iv.
IUaaiii. WaaaMLigtoo C o.. 4ia. :
July ti.
Tha wia i'eihc t o.. Atlanta :
lienlVmrn t'ser nine yeara a
(iair 4ssU4 on my a oat. lis
course tan atvadily until tha eptum
waa entirt ly destroyed, aad thediaeaae
had nehrly eaten tkruugh tht upptr
lira. The 4 ancer bad a aurfaca oa mv
uW and lip of about Amr inchca. I
had taoducton aittwding Bfiil tha
tiane. but they were awabl to amu
iht progress of tha malady. My lung,
were s flee led, 1 had a ttrribia cough
aad a nam tar of awaaorrhagea. 1
inbritsd CeflsviBipsiua, that evil har.
ing carried off near I v all mv father's
people- My ffitthcr bad hemorrhages
and a fee led Lunga. aud be Waa cured
by tt- S. S. His cure sufgestod that
ww. be S. H. would dome aoaue
goud. Abuat a voar ago 1 beg a tak
ing the Swift tpeihc, and I have tak
en now only about thirty butts. Tha
effect of tat medicine waa to stop she
lougfeiug f tha Caucer and to rer
laueh improve the condition af my
lunga. The Caiiiwra gradually yield
ed to the S. w. S. nnul now the lip ie en
tirely IsHaUed raw noatriLa are filling
up ana the cartilage ia being renewed
rapidlr. I'eraona who saw ma a rear
ago a?a aurpried to art how grwatly I
hate improve, and how great that
inipruvruaiit is. 1 uu s!a lighted at
the n-rult. hly yaneral health ia good.
and 1 feci like a different woman to
what 1 was ana year ago.
Mm,4lt $. Crrxt.
Treatise on Ulssod and Saiu Dieaa
aaailtd free.
Tuc Swiit Srtiitic Co., Drawer 3,
Atlanta, C.
Vrtnaaa griaa.
'its-itied hricha art rapidly eoauittg
into pruaaiueace fur street paving
1 her are burned ai a tempt ratura ol
4,i.kj dsnrrees. awd art, thcrefora, aa
hard as granite and as alaeiic
f 1 Ma
ll reiuiree a pe uiiar kind ol clay tu
nrtiduut good ritrilied bricks, and
trv of the opinio that our domestic
produet ta sVUpted tu Ihrir luauufac
turv- As tis artacle ta now coming
intutHpuiar favur, it would be well
lor auiue uf uur enltrprUiug buina
men aud twicfc maAvra to gn a the mat-
btr careful cuasideratiuw. U thay can
pa made readily and chaply here, wt
are satisoed thai they will uusne into
prutaiuat aud paruaneat requisitioa
dolh ia Moberly and out of it. Let
uur anca auen khk inu ine amauer
aad aea d aurthiag oaa ba doua in
thai line. hiuoerlj Monitor.
wyewa erica-
Is Nature sowa true laaatirc. It it
ibe must easily Ukeo, and the anoat ea-
fee tive ramsviy known to cleanse tha
rtm whaa Billioua or Cuetive; to
diaiafl llaadache. Colds, and rawera
to cure habitual ooaatipation, Jndigea-s
tiow, Piles, ate. Maaufautnrcd only by
tha CaJUuraiai'igbyrupCotupaiiy, laau
franc aw, Cal. for bale by Smith
A bill ta prevent railroad trains
frosa waning an Sunday ia now pand
ing ia the Iowa legislature, lhat
body rfiea acta aw Uie theory that it
was elected to tahe can of the moral
intervals est the people, but this meas
ure will hardly past. Luwa ia a great
staua, tnd the prospectant enactment
would euriously in to fas re with tht week'
ly rocalions olmauy member of the leg
lslaturv who are willing to ri da on
cmndey aa long as It does out east any
thing. liepu blicau.
Probably no oot thing has caused
iucb a geuerel revival of trade at lay
lor A ie ing's Drug Store aa their glr.
iug away to their customers of ao mauv
free trial bottles of Dr. King New
Discover for consumption. Their
trade is simply enormous ia this very
valuable article from the fact that it
always cures and nerer disappoint.
Coughs. Cold, Asthma, Bronchitis,
Croup, and all throat and lung dis
eases quickly cured. Vou cua tet It
belore buying be grtiiug a trial bolUe
tret, large aize a 1. I. very bottle war
It ia exceedingly uniortuiita lhat
the first druggist ia Clintoo counts; to
be charged with a violation uf the La
col Option law is out is one who ha
always ranked as a temjtraut man.
and that iht pnmeeuting wknoss is a
niiuister of the gujel aud an ouUpokeu
lemKrauet loelurer aud writer. Nu
matter w hat extenuating circumstances
may be brought forward, the fact ru-
mains that this occurence puts into tht
bauds of the enemies of the chun h und
aud temperance cans-, a club with
which they eaa strike hard blows, that
nu nianoau dodge. Lalhrop Monitor.
Salvation Oil should be the compan
ion of every trnreling man. It extin
guishes pain, whether reuniting from
cut, a burn, a bruise, or a sprain.
Chaucer savs: "For gold in phWike
acordl.nl." For all that sulTrr from
hoareneg, cold In the rliot, Imir
trnitble, or brntnhiti-. Dr. ItitH
ough Syrup Is goKUti phiik"
rrice 2o cents.
It 1 annouuerd that the tin-nun
chemists have siuvooded in making
tirt-ratt brandy out of sawdut. W hut
chance will the prohibition movement
uow have, when a nnin i-hii pel a rip
saw and go out and g-t drunk with n
fence rail ? What i thr m of n pro
hibitory litpmr law if a man cm inakr
brandy snmshe out of tlif hin:lt of
his roof, or if he citn l dclii inni t re
men by drinking the lc of hi kin h
en chairs? You m.iy hut an inrhriati
out uf a gin shop aud kc him a;n
from a tavern, but if htM .in Ii .-oun' up
roarouson boiled vaviu.( and de-it at-
dwindow sills, anv alii nipt nt r fornv
mut niccsarilv be n f ni lure
Rleplesa nights mte mlt r.vtl witti
terrible ooujfh. nhiloh's l ur-1 l te
remedy for you. Taylor A hwtn:.
A Naeal itiy e:or free with each battle
ol ahlloh't Catarrh kU lumly. Pikx-
tula. Tavbirand Kwinjf.
Jame (f. Itouv. a h idt'l kitMun.uiI
X)pular eitien of Ht dfotil. I.iv iii-d.n
vuutv . eumiuitUtl mih ide M"intu :t -
temiKm. Ite hail :ne Iroiu tu Iioiim j
at his wife's reiiei. tu ft sonw kind !
tili)( wuin) for thr cuk loe. Willi
the ha'v!iet ui-d for splitting tin- ktn.l
liug still in his hand, he wnit to an
0K-n well, struck hi him-If iu tlte tiinpit :
with tht intniment nnd fell head fore-
mo! into the Well, their w a but lit ,
tie water iu tha eMeru, but siillieieiit j
to ct'iaplat" What tht hntvUet had
gun. He found aonif little turn
atterwsrda by hi nieee. wti.te erie:
summuned aiaiance and he w;i taken
oui dead. 1 ijiain. ial ivvtrw-t are sup-!
loawl to have unbalanced his mind.
TaaVtraict Uaaii9ui.
W. I. Suit, Druggist, Itifpua. Ind.,
teat idea, "I tan recommend bliiu
Biltera as tha rer best remedy. i;rery
bo Uie aold baa girao relief iu every
b. Una man Wok ait butties, arid
was cured ul IihruiKaiiaua of 10 years'
standing" Abraham ilare, diuggiM,
BeilrlLe, Ubto, atlirma : Tha uest
aaUiag medidaa I have ever handled
In my SO ye cipenecor, u hlactrlt
fiinerr. Theuaanda of otbera hart ad
ded their taatimone, ao tLat abe ver
diet La uoantusoua Uiat iectnc BiUers
do core ail diseases af Uie Lifer, K.d
orya or ti.otrd. Only ta.f 4Jliar a bot-
ilM lay lor A taicg Drag ste.
JM ww M ataa eat eria.
In a rect-ni af-r-dinaT -;-ech
( htaa-j M. Depw told "f an old fel
auss named J:nimy. af l'e-kkiii. au
aauploye 4 the rai.iXKiJ c uipany . w h-
got drunk end was killed bv a tm.n.
Uis widow came to nu- r ome won
ey. Miaouiy. U aanJ, nau ien tht
aole support of the family.' I pointed
out thai hi death wa? canned by hi
own bad habile and reckleHjue.". tint
1 added that a Jimmy had been with
the roavl agootl while i would let her
have I beymonev wus count
ed out to her. 'And ia that ul! mine?
be asked increduoush. 1 answered
thai it WW. 'And cau you not tako it
back from me? 1 said 1 did not .-are
tu. 'Did you know .Jimmy.' I dm.J
i my reply. lou't you think tin
old mau brought a pretty higti price?'
slw rejoined. ' Chicago llerahl.
Bract ua.
luu are feeling depressed, your np
petite u poor, you arc aothen il v ith
H ecu) ache, you ure hdp-ty , iicrvuin
and generally out of hurt, and want
to brace up. brace up. but not with
stimulants, spring medicines, or bi'.ter,
Which have for their ba-is very cheap
bad whsthy, and which stimulate you
for au hour, and then leave you in a
wore condition than before. hat
you want i an alteratie lhat will pu
rife your blood, start healthy action o
L,ivar and hiidueys, rwh'ore your vitality
and give renewed tieallh and struith
such a medicine vou Hill hnd in Aicc
irai Hi Uen, and oiilv .Ou Cfiiia a bottle
at ialor tk r,wiug s ir ' More, reu
Cenaf iWtag tha Caltndf .
Wk learn from jood authority lhat
iftedalia will, without a doubt, jul Ihe
Colorwlo road, aud that it will run on
au air Una from that point to Lexiug
ion, thence to M. Joseph. 11 this be a
certainty, the road will run parallel
wiib the Lexington branch of the Mis
ayuri Pacilis." Lamuuie Kecord.
Wny wiii you couh when tiuiioh's
Cure will give you lmuicoiate ntitel
rYioa cauu, atf deuui aud fl.W. 'lay-
if and aw iug.
a or Dyspepsia and Llvut tuwplaiut.
you hare a printed guar&ut! oa every
botlie af avulub a vtieitMr. it neter
laua ta care. Taylor and itwu-g.
If the water that fall ujiun the aoii
aouat pass away either by ruuuiugovci
the surface, or by ciapotatioa and per
eolation, there ia a great le to the
toil's fertility by urtace washhug."
or to uaramilderlefiu, "surface drain
age,', by which it carrit uway lulu
the streams tha tiuest and f icbt par
ticles aad the fertiliacrs of the soil.
If the water ia removed by evaporation,
thch the soil it cold as luujj a the ex
otsa of water, and unfavorable foi
plant growth. It is lar better, to put
ia tUt drains and pa out tht surplua
water through them and sat the waste
and prater s the needed hvat.
tauth aw i can Mtmt.
Th frewt conrjutror of Indignation
Dyspepsia, all .Nervous Dueae and
falling beaJtb. 1 la thegrhateet health
builder beyond cunpartson everdis
onrered and the moat certain and ul
oluba preventative aud euue for cou
umptlon, when used lu time, ever of
fered to the tffUcted. it performs
theae marvelut cures by tilling the
blood with richnesa and vital plAama
which rapidly heitla all dntctaed and
broken tiasu and caota oil all dtase
from Uie ayale-ui. A tri-l botth will
conrtuce you. Trice 15 eta. hold by
W. W. Motbv A Nm. Uruuti .Bla.hru.
pans, luuumouu, iu.
A keg of beer fell ou a Unnnitial niun
the other day causing very ever inju
ries. It is not ofu-n U er maken an at
tack upon a Mjasouri man from the
Are you made niiwirable by Iodides
Uoo, Consumption, Dizziness, Kohs ol
Appetlltf Yellow nkinr hhiloh's VlutU
Ixer la a positive cure. Tavlor A Kwbijf.
Hhlloh'a C'atari b Ueiuedy t, poltive
eura fort'aUrrh, liiplheris ana Canker
atouth. Tvylorand KwIlit.
jatildrtnCf for Pttchsrs Cwtoria.
f :-"i,J.uit'
P!if nmatlsm, Nrorslflla. Sciatica,
Li'mOago, 8ackache, Headache, Tooth
arfie, Sort Throat, Swrllingi, Frost
bia, Sprains. BruUfs, Rurna, Scalds.
aw writ, nut ihi ri-i fiti:.
I t. ultl !!. 1 1.
Ilir I li til.
Mr. Mjtiiairt Sedwirk. uf Lexington,
ridi.w of W scdwii k a mrtvhant
i l.iUr; iu iH-ilom ha
ruiijilit suit in "'r c;n nit court to
rvet.x i r iiowt-r in Minary i.irni ami
tow "i in l.iltTH nnd I l.iv eouny.
m rv t- ban ii li v'"abinj; of leelh in
m-r ti in t"it it t'fiu the lady ha
i- bu'.-f mi the pr prty b'ldT-. anil
lir w.I! hue t. p.'iu up "Miery
c-nif.vtiv," and tiirre are rtiouch
nt. ret. i to make the toil aw prove
rio. '"it nt tUo -;iiie time the widow
will kn.K-k a hie h"lc in the improvement.-
l.itTty Advance.
An Elefant Ssbstitutc
t; .!., I'itU, and ail k ;lnU of
nittt-r. nsueoi! l.iver Mtlirme au!
Cathrtrtir i the very np-ceab!e liui-l
fruit re mad v, s rup of Ki. lt ad-
rantai'B ure evident it is nioreea-ily
aken. more aeceptalnc to the inmach.
more pleaantly t t(t-. tive, and mor"
truly U'lif liciul to tho system than any
olhT ri-nn-th . liectmnionded by lrad-
phyaiciaus. feb
la- miiin.jt'p'i-t ofourvi-it to trance
toi;ut wio to examine tiie work done
th' W.-!tii Farm and (iarden
t lub at dvIi'Tiiin caf.le. I hi Ciub
ctunp 'f ..nie ol the i"t pro
gressive fanner in th county. They
are a.1 milk farmer, depending uon
.he milch ciw f.r a living- It may
thervfore le verv slow to recommend
anv o;eriion that would prove inju
rious to aaileh cow. At the club
meetinc a g'Kl-sized table eorer-
n i with honi uf various sizes and
-hai-e. The following rport wsa
anaiiimoi.-jy uuopiea auer coni-
Tiif numerous virions and fatal
aerntcni mat are (.umuitiani iiveur
ni 'hmujrhuut the country, and iu
our mid-t, by lem to.- .1 on horn
and gored by angry bull have become
a matter tf serious import and alarm.
Bulls that were supposed to be trusty
and gentle, so that no precautions
were taken, have suddenly, aud with
out a moment, s warning, turned upon
their m asters or some, member of the
family und very seriou-lv maimed
them or sent them to untimely graves.
The Club having learned that di-horn-tii
rr hv ipiite extensively pra-lieed iu
the west, and lhat it isn humane way of
depriving an animal of hi formidable
weapoii hent to 1'rofe-svir 11. II. Ilaatt
the original" uf d horning, for the
uectry ijji unuiu. .
Walter Manning invited the 1'Jub to
dehorn a vicious cow. The horns
were ijuirkly ri'ino.vd, ami she betray
I'd no pain whatever after the opera
tion. I he mood niieu uiu uoi e-
ceetl one-half gill. She wa at once
put in a bov stall, and all present were
aina.ed to see her feed as though noth
ing had happened. This cow was in
milk 'and doing well. J- U. HaUey
shortly afterward ha I a vicious cow
dehorned with the s.une result. ixe
is now the gentic-t cow iu the dairy.
1 he Club tli"ii in-'t at M. 11. C. Gard
ner's and wiineed the ib-horuing ol
a valuable HoMeiu bull, and an ugjy
row. which was especially so when
chililreu were near h-r. They bled
nothing to speak of, ate feed im medi
ately, and showed no pain whatcer
afterward. Those present were jubi
lant at this nucce-s. (iideuu C. Lain
then had his line HoUlein bull dehorn
ed aud the bull ate feed at once. The
jame day K. V. 1L tiarduer had hi
Belled bull dehorned, with the same
result as the others. Mi.rs. Lain
and Gardner report, after a lapse of
two weeks, that their bull-, are doing
splendidly, and they would not have
their horns back for any reasonable,
amount of money, and sueh also is the
report of all the owners of the dehorn
ed cattle. And now your committee
in view of the above investigations,
will cheerfully acrt that dehorning is
safe and humane: that horns muat go
particularly thusc on bulls aud vicious
wraWaasii kjrawp.
A bintflo buttle of liallanl' Hore
hound hy rup kept about a your huus
ftr immediate u-e will prevent serious
sic knews a lacker doctor bill, and per
haps death, by the Uio of d or 1 dosos.
i'or curing Consumption its success
has been simply wonderful, and for or
dinary Coughs, Colds, &jro Throat,
Croup, 1Vhojping C'ouh, bore Chest
end HcuiorihaKes its ellucls ure sur
prising and wonderful. Every bottle
guaranteed- fcruith A-Patton, Als. ja,
Hiue experienced edui-ator think
that a !, at many teachers tn the pub
lic school make a mistake iu not urg
ing the hcholarn to talk more the la
conic reply of "yes" or "uo" on the
part ol the seholar noi being conducive
to the proces of thinking, yuestioua
should je put in such a manner br the
teacher that the pupil will be bound
to u.m one or more seuienoe., ilnu ex
ereioiii the mind more and acquire.
ing a better knowledge of the construc
tion of the LnliMi laiitfiiiigv.
ladiipaniablt It tha Toilsl.
by. I'tophy lactic 1 luid i ure cha
ftii. eriiptionb and iiitlamatioii of all
fcilul-; i 1 1 1 a inilaiue'l or .ore eves: re
lieves pain from him or itiu of in
Mjetn ami oie fei i; oettroyn all taint
of peipiri'tiou or olb-iiMve smell from
(he feel or any part of the od : cleans
e and VihiteiiN the hkiu. L hi d as a
d.-iitrifiei; it purities thu br.-atli, pre-Herv-
the tei-t h and cures Ujothaehe
lore uiii and cankers. li b.
K or lame back, aide or chest, use Shi-
ioh'a 1'orocu Punier. I'm oeuu.
Taylor A Kwlug.
Tht CurcwUt.
I'MT hv M. I. Htnhim, f'lltitnn, H'o . iviv!
!-(., rr mr jntti ttnntial ntf -IMiic lh" Mmjum
Hurt icut lurai Hicltt), ai Hiirllle, M
It Is an old practice and nn ing thr-t
tying roltun or wchiI arouixl the tree
that the cureiillo iiilrit. w ill krrj
them off: but the nlxvr Is an ixplMlnl
idea, as thn cumillo would hnrdly takr
tha troutdo to climb a tree when it h.i-
perfcet wing and can fly with ea e .
then again, some say that pig- or eh: h
cna penned tinder the tree, hiv sui"
prcventntlvos: they doubtb Iihp :n
influence so far a destroy ing t he fruit
containing thr larvea of thr in-i rt go.
but it Is doubtful with me whether the
cuTiilio know Ihe dirlerenet? in a tire
with pig or fhit ken undi r it. r om
without llM'iu. although it i an estab
lished fact that all the lowi r i l- li r i t
incethae a marked in-tiin t in t fit
inereaM! ami preM rvatimi of tln iv pi ¬
ne, tinr tntanv I will ttiMili'in t
how how utv their imtiin t niih -them.
I ha e nftcn tak-'ti a "l- e nmth' '
that wa ready todepoit it ef- (h
will only deposit thfin in n rr i e t
cut ort it head, held it liulitlv b the
InnIv on imiHith kiirface: it umild t -te:td
it abdomen in every dir-i 'm f -i
a tiilahlr pia-e to di po-il h e'
i iiu taking liie junui t a Mine em :
tlit.and n o'ii a? it (imu h it.it w :1I
di-pit it ej;g in perb-et . or l. r in it
with il he.vl tifl'.
tlx what mean !' t',c i ft -m''.
know the plum or th.M rli i .ft nn i
fntm othtr fruit' I'v ii;ht or ' ul .
lr i It by soma other mean'' I
tend thM it" i ttc . i'Ht, and if
h. e the key to Ucee-i; licit i-. eli.lM: :
the natural i ent of liie tree I burn
ing Some olteHMVe material Uii.hT t'.r
tni. Or, whst letier and inn- p- r
maiietit. by spraying e-ry t w i;i
mhile the fruit is yotin::. nith "ii'
trong ami ortrnie odor, e-p"ti:il!y
aft.-r a rain. 1 hair ued vn-ak -oVi-tiou
of ial oil. earliolic aeid, t i i n
tine and w hale oil oa.
I think any uf the abo.e wi:t uw-v: ;
the purpose, I have tried f-r IK;.'
years, a 1 lieheved it t- U- tin- in;
principb'.aihl have If -en rewarh I u
heavy crop of Kombard. Kngiih pound
dlini; and I am sou jiluni-.
rrotccting tree frnm bon-r- and ivtb
bits :
The bet and mot ei-in.-nnii-.u pi:i;!
f.ir proteeting fruit lrn . t-y euti ! s
the apple from the ravage of the l ri t
and rabbit, also from the heat i a -u,-ject
that mut interet all that plant
an orchard. The plan 1 propo-e i- nt
a theory only, but it ha.- been tiioro.igii
ly tesleil here by inv-elf and othtT
with perfect success, the protestor i
simple, economical and ea-ily ohtahi 'd
and consists of nothing more titan cini-
mon 'screen wire, siteh h you u-e in
your dtMirs and window to ki-ep out
ties and other insects. et w ire "f tli -width
you want (-'' to iiu-hr) cut
off of the end a strip from uto 1.' in h -for
young tree, roll tightly mi au old
broom handle and 0ii mv r. ady to
pla e around your tree-, l ubdd.juaee
around the tree, fold bek and settle a
little in Ihe earth, then draw the top
moderately cloe to the tree, tie it at
top only with a small win; or -triug
and your work is done for wars it- the
wire will usually last until the tree out
ffrows tt Thftre is no patent on this
and 1 don't think it can be beaten.
Prellj NuMm,
AU women look attractive when
their colur and complex ion Is clear. 1 1
your akin ia sallow, eyes dull, you are
bilious, oeenre a bo of Williams Aus
tralian Herb pills, take as directed.
and tbe feliuf of languor will leave
yon, your eye brighten, and you are
another woman. Try them. Price 25
cent. Bald by Smith A pAtfbn. 37-1 v
They tell in 1 lover, Me., ihal two
strong lemiierance woman one d..
came upon a man lwug drunk by th.
road ule, while hit wife sat bv his
knitting. Mie bad bfen walking hoiix
with him when he coll.iped. Om-o
the laities asked the faithful wife:-
hat would become of Mm if ho -h'.uld
die in thi condition? "1 devLr
said the knitter. T don't know wliut
his deatinr would be in the future, but
but ho seems to have a pood time now.'
Wbtn Hah; m alrk. s fiT hr (u-A.
Wam sh wm a Child, shs enwl for ('a tofts,
Wasa shs bscaoa Miss, sbs clone to Cssturia,
Whaa sae asd Calidrsa, sbs (as then Csstoris,
It was a HiK-hanan eoinity f;.rni t'
who convinced the slate board of ag
riculture that he pulled r'7 bushels ol
corn from one acre of land, thereby
winning the priae of oticred for the
largest yield iu the slate
A atotiosi Pspfr-HsBgcr i Trouble aud
Us Alt (X Outoi li-l'ltu Wurtla
A'roia lbs feusutf buutn.
(tVi'tieo we arelu trouble cry lor Uip. VA ui.
v relieved we olleo Iun;t to in) iliiiiltlLj.
But oot always, Mr. W. w. oniuu, ot in-ut
Cr-cJt, Bt. CUir Co., Xia.. wrttvs: "1 b4 a t
attaca ol vbilts aud fever, ay ij tieia tail oi
luaUrla. Kor two yean I vrArcely atttf to
urK m all. Home times uiy livart wuutil iiiUt
Ui luf iwo Uours i a tiu.c i it Mjuli
get cull IuIDk kueei, suJ 1 luJlyciiwi icJ to utc.
lu BcpwmLr, ll, 1 UuuliL a uuil. m ?i,nKih
hiirai-'l ul HuoU, ur ftiii-'l's uilivt nji;y, i,i
uur mtiit, Mr. U. M. hn., aua bn.,tx 1 ii m
laktoi uie url tiulUe t Itii oet,cr, ana m a iiioi i
tune fcbie Ut go tu wurk. OoU biuu juu
hm Uie guou you uavc Uoue,"
Mr. Vim. J. McCann, w llaintttll ht., it.ion
WTUeS. "Sli UuuUi 1 otgnii tu (lin.u !
my tuud aiireuiitf. 1 itootjui 1 i;ui,J:4 lu
coUSUIUUUUU. 1 SOUU l;sU to llV- Jj-uia Ul
ttl tUl, liUi4Cb SHU tl .fa. Ih'A "Uiu n,, i,
sud wotOJ h Urml uul, t one l3l live u Mtj.,,1,
in luurd. i tau usioa iu'ht-r .u-i ,)
Kouts,oroirfl s rtl. wiwu I li.ul n.iisUr.i
liie sikUi tottt I ixiu.u vml mitre si.e
dav aud i"u " WBe lUe injuule i so u k hnt
I u. a Uiiser b tri. Mid ut vtorkt-ri
U) .ui. ' e4jud hou.K. i(ld cho.iI
eirftneau (i'Hiuus. 1 ouul (o bt Uiuiihim j
"r'Dls rrad opeos all tbe aniural i.,. oi
tbe U.jdy,sl'"l " poi.Ju nuiu iu- t,lf.t,i
eusuins uat rviiond huu diMai bi un-
nakr Extract ol HMti, or tttfigWi jvruji, K
tola U )1 Or'ian1' or lu "in ix-'vrii.lui,
A. J. Halts, 4 varrmiiMi, uwr
The Original Wins.
. I. Simmon, bl. I.', mi, 1'f 'r
M A.S,(.m-nl.ncrMiJi1,t.--.l. i'4
i'o, in Ihe L'. S Court rtriAia J.
11 iilm.rrop'r A.tj.Si(Tur.i.i. l.i-
r ItTguUlor, I- ii t) i .lifi
M. A. L. M. Iim l-r 47
C'ifcd I-OiU.SkTJOM, Ulll'l ti'-m,
m rt riA,!iu s ii!)ifii.,i.u;r
Arrsi k, st !i o m m ii, I i .
V ltv. i if. Kc-inia, l'C .ii. I-.
Al'hurrh, Adm; l i nn., m m, a !
ltlnk 1 tliuulij liavt t n U .id h ,t
tur yuiir itcniiine , A. .V ju
nior I. vti MHi itif. I I,.im)
ni-tliTie hn-1 to lM.iiim
LiUn's luil" f'ir )u-jr M 11
r, but il diiii't fomwir t).o
lr. I. R. rimvM. Filitr 7
AtOW, Mi in )n, I 'run. k.iw:
I ru . iil I-ui "'K "i ji.ur i.n - r
StnlLinf, ih inM ..) Imlt. t il.
II wurkklikr S i:rm. I i' 1 ri
1 11. r i-ivrr llru .,1 i(ur j-. i
jily au uiure "I -c--oi n.niuis.
l oainftr thtx with tonr parrlitM i
Of--'., TN
GSS6CS, 6 A.
Prirr. ONE Dtlbr
Ai v health. prhi. 1 . - . ,-..
,iv.,f i It- -.rt ) " m iiif CetintUt-.
it i ii c t tf:.--i... - ....
i.'i fi.uit VVrHipt-i. n !! -i lr
('. k liiiil ilgtutiurr if ,1. 11. i-fitn A
4 ... T.r .. I. r. . KeiVf i. rr f , r.
75 r, Ti?rt7 1
N rTin
; I I . r .
A SPEClr0 IV it
"mm Vvstwi
- - L- HA
tofn fwnoily unit Jim
If tsV-Ti "tnrtTig tl.c f'HANCR Op TTTT. --.I
I .II ( H-.V.till'l. II
fv.d . in nml Urcnglh n
in.rina ori-rvn-i, mr.J
t i'i - . , i - ! i hie -( '.i j. i m nepifi
Fit Uf ".I, !.'. I.. A I-S. ' ilNC'irlniriir
F'ifct'v r, lltu h't , n.H,i'r.M-t'iei Ii.jcI ivn'l
tifimjii - itiitnly r-r-'verv. It nature to
iif"ly r.ihii tl"; r-iflesl l.aTiifO fro-ii r'nirwifl
.nuisni J. li lu:,f'" i-i n.f rimy h
laikbU At all ! v Mi' lf rf, ft e.iM v. I'rlct, 9s,
l'nil'.IK HT I. I'M ..n"T. .
a.B.MKKhJuJ-L UivL J t:u. JswiU'iup. .aT.LCCJsV
ll'iVIMI I.AIIICN for mir Kji'I hihI
V v liruoiiflH 1 nut. lo t;Ui Ilk lit. ilrni:in
v-Tk ri tlifir had ti'mc4. Si to S-i ht il.iy imi
i.-.-i.v n k -rK sni v run iinv i i-
it. I'Jirtii'ii! tn !rrt' No run v.kiinu
nT ( IlKt'KN'f Altl UTMilk
j:.st.i.t, ;- tl-i V ,0.
i.vri:Minu Ann: rtiws.kn nh-uid ad-
l Ur.- I.KO S HOW I.I.I. A 4 O ,
la Nirafmrfl,Niw Yttrl 4 HT,
..rMK(,i;( t LIST OK t.nno NEW I'Al'KHH wt 1 1
f 1, 'iti r h v. i. mi aitlieHtinn.
109 & tit W. Uinth St., KANSAS CITf, MO.
Th r.t'.'j .S';i'i.'isf fn i City who if a tt-ijular
htitduut l M"hriht (her JO ynirf Jactut,
12 ijtart IN (hicnytt.
AnitiorlMH) tiv tljf Hiitu- tn In-ul
fm 1 " -iilc.N.-rvi.ini.J sl...-.al li,.
,' " ht'mlrihl UViki nuht
j ..-.Tur: li4 i.uo i ....'.-.....,(
A J " NTV.iuh h-l'l!lv. I'.wiiifU
- A; ni"...l.l'!rvraBi..lw.!:iiKl...ti-ri'
t,' '1- kimt. I '.limry 1K- a-i-, fcn.l .u fn. t.
T V t-ir B'l If ul.l.- ... dt.. n.f iti fto. r
" mr mUm It-mslr. I 'mw .i.ui
it ' rfii','ii-il. ( tir,:i low. 1 'liuuwutU nf
t .. n:n-.. 1 x ( -ri-Ti' In hn f irtsnt All n. fill
r I,- &n- uuurmitti il to It" inrf ntol ifrt''Ki'iiiiH,
ti- -,a mii( .-'Knit d in m 't-r(Tiiy i.-luti"l
In) - iai-'i . n'l arr rurutstit-il n tulv f'-r i.ne. N-
i'h lo lisvf uiici'ftniii prf-
i: ii-
Ifiiticiii friiiii hiiiin. I'uMf
di h '. unr" tri-nli-il hy Ii tO'r aii-l fxpri""n, ui-rti-
uriM'M i-i rrj w lii-ri' fri-rr fn.tu hum- ft ljr.sk
b. . -ijl- it m,. I wnd fi.r li rni. run
h ,i!Un (i.-c una ctmlldciUlnl, :T3uiitny or hy
book .r,""'1;. ..r,"
f, r i -;.ipp,- Krry malf, Inun lliv ul
I'i !. Li. '(, i.-l rvuil UiN iHHik.
. f .-il Fk ' J- I -O
I" ' , . M 1 .1. '. ! I -T.,
Dr.HENDE.RSON.IOaW.9ts Bt KnuC,lT.Mo
'mn ft OUT' Q'THiO';mtjOHir Ocm
ITT fl'a'hMEa
.? Plt)NIQ
i i i;f. hx KIO i mhim BJW
A Practically Perfect Preparation for Children's Complaint3.
ey dh. Hmipnnsva' nacir
,W'?XA Cloth 4 Cold Bindini
lit I'tfrt, alt klvel lafrailaf,
tiiif mn.
1 U.Ira... r (). li 1 111. l. T-
1,1 i or mini ihai. M'a. niu rn
IVttra. 1 '.i,t;.-s(inn lurUnimsHona .. .'24
I ollf, i.r 1,'iLina "I li'lanUt.
liiHrrln a. ! 1 lni,lf-n "t A lui'
flj .dUt-ii , l,ri(.in lliixiii Lulto ..
I (loli 11 Sim lim. nli iliuf ,
I ..ii.li. ' uiil H' i.1jiI, . .
. 11- -
-hi, iin a. i.r i-aiiiriii rrn-aa .z,i
V t.tira, l-j-' I'ii'I'im l'f.rT.J Jt-J
ri. hut).
. (-.. II li !--I"
I (t.l,i'iu.,ali.iri. Kl'-';'
;-. Uulana Mt
it . AO
In ti. Hi-ai .nil
, )K,li,t ..
V hi.Ml.HIJ 'llllutl. Vn.l"
1.. hi nil iT-lillti t.Vhsi
kt.-u .At!
I (Ml
,i..:.-. :.'.-:.'.l
kiii(lKiiNll-Mjr OJ? ALL
kiiuU at thin office,
A 'Vno.'
Groceries ai Hardware,
Keen ronstantiv'on hand a liirtrn nd wpll'unlcctotl StocV
of these Goods, und the can
tlmt cannot bo obtained elsewhere in lnj mu y iallnci
they will convinco you, by giving their
liLow Prices.
Corner of Cntnden Avenuo and Main Street,
Would resnecfullv .iv thnt I
nbovclines of good, i will
wishing to buy to cull nnd
Thanking my uiany friends
continuance of tko same.
Sttll $!..', Vrrllitrrel. Itaib II 7 it 1 I -'2 and SI" t
rt'fo on a paoltme of COi'FEIi is a
guiu-untoe of tiot-Jltii(;a-
COFFEE is k'pt i H flrsr-olana
atorua Irom the Atlantic to the Paoifio.
Is n-rer Rood when Mposid to the Mr.
Always bu v this hmncl in hermetif-ally
10 CaioplCB for trwl, post.patd, io CcqU
7B ana 700 irranwiy, ntrw inrl
The Great Specialists,
Mtnbra af TTalvsnltf Vilgr RrwplUl, Lob-11-...,
Krmlr..l. M. !., N-w Yurk tid til own, (irr
1 nil nr. b ft Infm-m t hair pltiHita nd ulhantbAl
lb 1-7 urn t oniiuttd bf iiirMaiKtn it anc In alt
ou of Hrntiritir. Lrt Muobol n4 nil
dlMWMM rMuiUiis Irani Salr Abnaa tut kladrad
rim- of OnnnrrhrM atiA arphtllla, fr1n,rf,
pMidnUrr und Tart ibi-j traImt te naiud tufnlll
t. niMhod. by whirh patiaaM ara Mra4 anwJi
tro'iM id-I grunt iinaa.
)- modfiral. 1'nuBuha.ttoa Turn, tyi4lM
Bi-rroMpnlcl lamination f urina. S ').
t'nuUrn) ndwrtitlonoB Narvoua IMblliW anS
Ph)lo) KttiaiM-tloi. aant on raealpt of obV-4i.(
1 iP'iv at. Coui. mo.
aATOillLAI. MUHtUM. Jtaalioa laUa
Fall Millinery.
Miss Lou ITorri
An iisiiiiI li-ails in ttm rewlnt of Nhw
Kail Millinery, Notions, 'X'ritnmiiiK,
H'm'Ty, &.a, A lull mock ot tht, ctl-
.lu 4 rMceiVfHl. Tlirjie ur the bent iua,o
I'.atl hnA km MISS KURD'S ioo.t. (
Dl I in rir?0
UoataJ Irw
BuyLyour Drugs and Notions
m G.
Iho. Leading Druggist in the City.
Stock sil ways full. Drugs uIivu.yk Fresh,
l'rices always the Low est.
Come in and See for Yourself..
Tlic Olilfst ffagon Factorjiu (lie City.
Succcssur to H. C. UL ROKSS.
KI'KCIAI. ATTENTION' paid to raintiug llugijin, Wagons, io.
Oiveii to HO ItS fJ.V HO ll IA U, in hex rvfy tiling Jono in the
UiBt lWiililu lii.i.iHT, by Sober kill KiiicrieuceJ W.irkmeii.
Ive uh a Call and Examine Our Stock aud Prices
before purchasing elaewhere.
c& SONS,
ofHT JiAHtJAlNS, in that line
? Groceries,
keep a L'enoral Mock in the
not oainnorate, but nsk those
for past pntronngo, I ask a
One Dollar
The Weekly Missouri
Ten Pages, Bevoi.' Columns.
Mora news than er7 Weakly
in tbe country.
In beginning its 80th year
tbe Republican point to ita
long record aa a sound Demo
cratic paper, as tbe best prom-
ise for tbe future. It means to
surpass all previous records.
It will contain:
The Latest Tclecrami from all puts ol
the tvurld.
EditorlRl. on all the Important lsiuef
01 lue ujy.
Reliable Market and Financial Quota-
a p.-v 1 " jmri luviifc i'r rannrr..
cullMl from the Kt-st Arricultural
i - JonrnaU of the (1st; news from the
dlnorvnt RUtes where 11 circulate.
Choice Mlw-rlluicous Mutter for Fam
ily Ht&Ullig.
Aa Inquiry l)ep.rtment with a wide
ranireoi qutsuoba e&eu ana a
A iMTlee of Bhort Sioriw, from the bet
tt,faurs; In Imi, ev r,.,iHC tlt.
BafPend for Sample Copy and
read our Premium and Club Lilt
on 4th pure.
DaTThe D.iily nenablloan Kill
be Hent, l09tHge prepaid, lur ODS
year, for Twelve liollars.
f BafPostmastcrs ft Naw Atrenta
I Kill receivo and forward youxsub-
I icriptiou. Address ..
ul Mni K K h V tn aii a Un nt. i tV ll
BKsTliAKuh, V K 1!. .nd KLOW H
lnrillra in Kl T 4HI.K
the pajaaX sannl.ie I .,u t.it.
I "
Whitmcr Livery
-a' '
' '" L ' " . 1,
Art prrfMUvd at W)f itirt aM t itiiM to afcomixjat
Ua )uil KiUi
hll, hlii E:i:(i, Els.
tVll! wo-dT pawner- tn uny plnl ilfxtiW ft
momenta ii.jIu-, ll-irf t"-Milid bt ila
MK or month, on rranotmlil u-iik.
l'iihUm-ra maV rely ot iinmniinfo, rood turn.
tuu, attia btfnM ftwl uiouorMla cbaxKua.
(1 A. l'Mirsnn. Nntjirv tiililin. 11. A. '
I. Junction. wlllslK'iid to all Imnlnesa
aeas. Clic(s reaaouabls. 47-lt
Wasson House
GEO. IIWASSON, Propriotor.
Located convenlMit to III branchei
of liiaiuss southeast of court house.
Kootna larse sod sir suit well-fur-
ulilml. atteutioo glveu to travel
ing public. Uood auuipls room for
Commercial men. 'l'Ablea aupplieU
with lbs best ths market allurds,
(lack to and from all trains. Cbarvea
I want to buy all tbe marketable Ki t
In Kay oounlr, anil will pay the vi-rj
oilnnt market price In cash lor ti g
mt. llricx In four Fun and ut tlit
cub for it.
JoeErn UAKitia.
Offlee tt the Wauon House. Rich
mond Mo.
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