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m I Wednesday, Thursday, Day and Night
January 24th, 25th.'
The management of the Grand have secured this
Wonderful Production
Costing over a hundred thousand dollars and two years hard
i work by the best and most famous actors,
painters and sculptors of the world,
The most Wonderful Moving Pidurc ever produced in Five Keels
■ Accompanied by a well known Speaker*
Who will give an Explanatory Lecture
marvelously realistic!
/ Sec through the poet’s eyes hell as it is, with sub-division for each crime as follows:
■! Before Reaching the Lake of Styx The Propagators of False Doc- Faithless Custodian# of Money
I FIRST CIRCLE trine Hypocrites
The ITnbaptized SEVENTH CIRCLE Robbers f "
1 The Lustful Against Themselves Sowers of Discord
THIRD CIRCLE Against Theiy Neighbors Falsifiers
I The (Hutton# Against God NINTH C4RCLB
3 Evil Spenders, Bpeudthrifts or (MA’LKBOUCUE) (Consisting of Four Pits)
I Misers. % (Consisting of Ten Pits) Traitors to Kindred
I STYX THE FRAUDULENT Traitors to Country
I FIFTH CIRCLE Seducers and Procurers Traitors to Friends
I OITY OF DU» Flatterers Traitor# to Benefactors
I One tginnot describe it, it is too deep for that; if you miss seeing this, the greatest of its
I kind hi the world today, you throw away a great opportunity. See it then you will know.
I ,j Adults 25cts Children lOcts.
\ n
* flMBM
aMP)'*** *
We have a snappy line of tine muslin and cambric underwear that we want to <
place before you as real bargains for they are real bargains wheu quality and price is !
considered. Too much talk about bargains won’t do; but you must see the goods '
on our counters and judge for yourself if they are not those you have been wantiag <
and the prices will appeal to you |
A little description of these goods will only give a faint idea of their real nice ]
, neat appearance, while the texture of material, fine quality of goods and their services
able quality will appeal to you when you see them. Hence, call to see the line. 1
> corset covers drawers '
d . Good Cambric. Drawers with full
1 Made of fine nainsook finished roff|e trlfnni(M, wlth iut.ki and em.
, muslin; front handsomely trimmed broidery edge. <
\ with rows of lace insert’on. Neck PRICK 25c <
l and .rmholM trimmed with Ur. to r.mhrlr Drawer, ot aool qaalltr. <
■ match. IThr. a. ordtott to ttrada uf Trimmed with narr... tuck. „„d n.f
. fie of beautiful embroidery of good <
material and trimmings, range as width.
| 83c ~Ah and 73c PRICE SOc and 73c <
i I
combination huith.
1 Made of fine white nainsook. Corset cover Is made with embroid
ery trimmings and ft dainty patter n of lace. Ribbon draw-string at !
• waist. PRICK *1. (
25 and $1.50 <
, Xlade of nainsook finished muslin. I Whl.lo Cambric Underskirts of
> with beautiful yoke of clusters of *ood ouality. flounce is very deep |
. . . .. „ and full width, trimmed with tucks.
.u. k. .,.<1 .•n.krold.r, lawnion. ,ac. lnwrll„„. „ce r„((l„.
Neck and sleeves also front, trim. PRICK DMA $1.25 '
nied with dainty embroidery. White Cambric Underskirts of nice '
PRICK 50r 73c and $1.00 quality, very deep flounce with em- 1
Splendid gown made of excellent broidery beading, ribbon Inserting (
I quality of long cloth. Yoke of fine trimmed with tucks snd full ruffle
V embroider insertion, fine plaits and of beautiful embroidery. RufPed <
* hemstitching; embroidery trim- underlay. * <
ft mings. PRICK $1.30, $2.30 and *2.7* -
ft PRICK *1.30. *2.30 and *2-75 HKTTKK QUALITY UP TO *1,00
I The Department Store
I D. Benavides Sons
Wonderful Production to l(e Shown
Here This Week' !
1 AU who have read Dante's Divine
D'omedjr, "Inferno," are looking for-;
I ward eagerly t-» the presentation of
this famous production in moving
I pictures, which is advertised bv th>
Grand Theatre for Wednesday ani
Thursday, Jan. 24th and 2.1th.
The filming of Dance's "Inferno'*
i marks a new epoch in moving pic.
tures In more respects than one, Fn
til now the moving picture has been
housed Hi bumble quarters compar
ed to the legitimate stage, and its en
vironments have been of a correspon
ding character, indeed the legitimate
j stage kept the moving picture at a
distance as an undesirable relative
AH this has nov’ been changed, and
the picture has mad? a Iflniuphant
entry Into the bwt show houses c?
the country. U Is .tot, of course, *he
ordinary moving picture to which
the doors of the great »U«aii *s have
been opened, but the feature flim,
j dealing with a subject rich and in
teresting enough to constitute an ev
enings entertainment. Of these
J feature films easily the first In Dan
ite's “Inferno." Only those who are
I at least in a fair degree familiar
I with the poem can appreciate the
j seemingly insurmountable obstacles
which met the maker ambitious
| enough to render this great creation
i it|;o moving pictures.’ There was
j but one wgy to solve the problem,
(and this was the most difficult way
.of all—to follow with HteFai fidelity
! ail the conceptions and fancies of
the poet. This is the way that the
makers of the film have chosen, and
it has led them to success
From the first canto to Che last
one Is struck by the startling real.
Ism of each foot, of flint. Take, for
j Instance, the first canto: The wan
dering of the poet through the dark
! and gloomy forest: his adventure!
with wild beasts; his repealed st
tempts to ascAnd the hill of selva
, Ition; the flight from the famished
wolf; the descent of Rcatrlee from
i the realm of the blessed in‘o the
liinbo of Virgil; the pious poet «*f
r|)ia«an astiquity, are rendered with
ijsuch a fascinating power that one
; loses sight of the fact that he la
watching a picture and not realities
The wonder grows as the picture
j progresses. ’ *
The arrangement of the guilty
souls before the infernal judge, it."
heat stirring scene on the banks ol
j the River Acheron are rendered with
la dramati? j ower and intensity ol
I'which words can give but a felni
H Idea. The height uf moving picture
realism, however, is reached when
i the two poets on their Journey
through hell arrive at the gray and
withered cliffs of tne Stygian
Swamps, where the violent are con
fined. The tystern of signals by
which the infernal powers send news
of the coming and parsing of guilty
souls through the various regions,
so graphically describe I by Dante, I*
shown with a thrllPnjr and over
whelming realism In toe pc'ure.
The great dramatic moment in
j Dante's poem come* wlf!» the arrival
j of the poet at the gi.es of the City
of Dig. The scenes here filliw each
otKtr In rapid succession, reaching a
in «» powerful climax when Virgil
Uc.>m» filled wi H d?-p»ir and inclin
ed to retrace his stip*. The makers
of the film have done full Justice ro
*.his most muettufc port.'on of the
poem, and the *pejt%t'v finds him
j seif thrtlled and awed In turn* Nor
Is there any abat *n.er.» in rrtf* ic
| power and ref* i?m~nt as the poem
approaches Its end. The last circle
in the Inferno, lepicting 'he punish,
i ment of traitors, Is among the most
impressive. Every s op increases
our admiration fOT the film makers
, aud renews and enhances our un
j demanding and enjoyment of the
noem Numerous instances could be
! cited showing how, even in the mi
nutest detail, the picture seized the
conceptions of Dante and worked
them cut with patient and artistic
endeavor. A few may suffice. We
mention tHe flight of tHe evil spir
its like frogs before the serpent, at
the approach of the angel aefore the
gates of the (Tty of Dis; the filiating
of Francesca da Rimini and her lov
er through the air. "at* light before
the wind;" the changing of the
robbers into hideous shapes, assum
ing a color like that of paper which
has been singed by flame, the pour
ing forth upon the earth of the mis
I erable spirit in the circle of tHe mis.
erable spirit in the elrele of the em
, bexzlers. Instances like this couRJ
i be mlutiplted by the doien.
Statue Unveiled*
\ Associated Fret,#
Washington, Jan. 11.—The bronie
statue of the mo#* Rev. John Carroll
of Baltimore, first Catholic bishop
and archbishop In United States will
be unveiled April 17 in the ground#
of Georgetown College founded by
the bishop. 1' J
*************** *************** ********** *’* * * J »
* * ’
| Star Land Company ;
W « " t J
“ - t i M
* Kansas City, Mo. Dcs Moines, Iowa »
* *
* *
f ♦
* The Largest Operators in Rio * •§
* Grande Valley Lands in the | |9E
* United States -
* i •»1
The conditions that make the Rio Grande Valley the peer of all
other land projects are its richness of soil, its irrigation canals, its «
j jgj
cheap hired labor and last, but not least, its unmatchabJe climate. m
* Land that can be irrigated is limited and that in the Rio Grande *
* Valley is only a little strip, about fifteen miles wide and seventy long. *
* Basing the valuation of this land upon its production, its gcograph- *
ical position and its climatic conditions, we predict it will be the J
* highest priced of any land in the United States. J
We make strong statements about this Valley, but we can show *
* - *
* you.
We run excursions on the first and third Tuesdays of each month
* ft om leading points all over the North, which take prospectors right £
j * to see what the Valley offers. J
* Write for our Catalogue «
* I
* ________ *
* *
* * *
i Star,Land Company I
l Kansas City, Mo. Dcs Moines, Iowa \
* n *
* > \ m
*************** ********* ***************** *_ _
Our ^Customers Are
Our Friends
We are publishing the following testimonial because we are
naturally proud of the regard in which our friends hold us and because
we are looking for new customer’s to become our friends—for that is
what it means—our customers for our Irrigated Farms, at Pharr, on the
Rio Grande, are our friends. It’ll do no harm to talk it over with us
• s
11 th Floor, McCormick Bldg. Chicago. /
Western Farm Land Company
Chicago Illinois and Pharr Wxas
During the trip of Deccmbe 5th to Pharr Tcxas from Chicago there wi e some 40 voyagers on
board- In the handling of this number the unfailing and exceptional courtesy extended by your Mr Kroh
and Mr. Low has prompted ns to thus address onnelves to you. On the entire trip their kindness and solici
tude during every minute of every day: the banquet given us by them at the Hotel at Pharr was a most
enjoyable and instructive function at which all facts pertaiuing to points of land and gen^r*! mton*-t to a*
fully and freely discussed- The courtesies shown us from Chicago to Chicago were aa before stated very gen
uine and numerous and we desire to express you our thanks and appreciation ot each member of yout com
pany as a gentlemen and » square business man desirous of going the *imit to establish those to whom you
lu-ve sold land in their new homes with as little inconvenience as posssible.
With best wishes for future suc-cess and that we may all he gathered together for many years to come
at onr chosen beautiful summery home we remain.
Very binceely.
| £. L Prather H. i) Hull T E Schneider
C C Churchhill J- H Stoll H. E Parsons
K P Christianson E- J- Lucas E- M Stearman
K A- Week Mrs R. Wilse Mrs. Ida 0. Week
John Hamm Lit R L Willsio W. A- Brown
H. W- Fryer M. B- Pike C. A- Hardy
C S. Thomprtn C. E- Kimmcll ® ® Ritt r
! lee Febles U. S Pfaff E McCUsh
Q. II- Garland B- F. Duncan J- 0- Gifford
Louis Fournier P- A. Parsons Norman Manke
S* Hurst. * Chas- Fournier * Loui^X Montei
G. Dcwhirsl B Oehrke Joe O. Wehiur
John T- Baffin

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