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') .
This Ad
1 have previously told you in these ads
That Duroc Jersey hogs are the best.
That I have the best Duroc Jersey hogs.
That “The best is none too good” for
That Red Hogs keep your bank balance
That cull stuff is THE stuff as it converts
waste into salvage, Loss into real
That My Portable Hog Wire Fence
\> has solved the problem of the litttle
fellow, showing he can start on a small
scale and increase with the increased un
til he gets on the large scale with car lot
shipments. Now if you don’t be
lieve all of this
Come to the World’s Fair Brownsville
Jan. 8th to 17th and even if you are from
the interior of Missouri I will show you
(With apologies to the incubator)
The Royal Family from the Mouse of Duroc will be
Proud Buddy, the IV
Col. Jack
I Nagel Wonder
Supurb Chief
; Sugs I ac’y
Queen Ora
Princess Zenia
Lady Cliff
Lady Ana Belle
All in their private apartments, iu Castle De Marano
on the grounds.
SENOR CLYDE BELSHER who has been a
“Servant in the house” of Duroc for years, who has
practically raised this family, will lie one of the at
tendants. Senor Belsher speaks the language fluent
ly and any impertinent question you may wish to ask
regarding family tree, pedigrees or other private
family affairs, will be translated into Hog Latin
aud answered courteously.
Their lives are an open book, theHerd Register, and
■ they don’t mind being talked about, to or at. In fact
their family affairs have been made the subject of much
, favorable comment iu the social columns of all Swine
Journals, for
Although they have ascended from Royalty their
pasts are spotless. Spotted pigs don’t count’, See?
THE “CULL STUFF” will tie there in all its
; fiesh mss.
there in all its simplicity.
THE WHOLE DAM FAMILY will be there in
all its Spotless Purity
I The crowds will lie there in their best bib and tuck.
I w I
1 Let’s all be there,
1 For I declare §
1 I really care, ’
To make this Fair,
The talk elsewhere
and we are all more or less piggish.
w ^————I——I—-—|u
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Sorghum Seed
have a solid car of the choicest red top sor
ghum seed and can make lowest prices, also,
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See My Exhibit at the Fair i
F T. PHILLIPS, San Benito, Texas
W holesale and Retail Garden Seed* |
i'll m
(Continued from Page 1.)
States, and to fbe millions of labor
ers on both end* of the line.
The imports and export* of Mexico
grow yearly with new conditions.
The sentiment of the majority of the
Mexican people is to quit fighting
and go to work. Examining the re
port of Bureau Statistics from 0. P.
Austin, chief of the bureau, show*
that the exportations of agricultural
implements, corn, wheat, vehicles,
cars, passenger and freight, clocks,
chemicals, cotton and cotton manu
factures, electrical instruments.rails
for railroads, structural iron, sewing
machines, typewriting machines,
boots and shoes and B thousand oth
er article* from this country tq Mex
ico. for nine months in 1911. were
greater than the total exportation
for the year 1910. And it grows
With assured peace In Mexico,
there is no doubt that American im
ports and exports will double and
triple and the development of Mexi.
cos unexplored land, tlftiber and
mines aided by American push and
capital, will make our sister repub
lic a model Itt the arena of commerce
and investment, »n inviting land,
where energetic people may live and
As chairman of this Brfilos Santi
ago water port, 1 must remind the
people Interested that I don't over
look the interests of the railroad,
in my opinion a deep water port at
Hraxos Santiago will build the rail
road. with its spider ramifications
In connection, so as to become the
strongest system in controlling im
ports and exports in this gulf port.
Time will tell the tale.
When the Panama Can*l Opens
Favorable or unfavorable. Brazes
Santiago as a deep water port is a
fart, which will be realized. The
United States army engineers say
that the project ia feasible, and the
result is only handicapped by want
of sufficient appropriations for deep
water improvement. Brazos Santia
go port has got to go. We will make
it go. It will be constructed. It Is
only a question of time and money;
that is all. The merits are there—
and necessity demands the port.
When the Panama Canal is com
pleted, the canal will be open to the
ships of all nations, carrying ihe
products of every land to the »**a.
ports of the world. The United
States, which pays for the canai.
surely must have its share of th«*
benefits to result from this shorten
ing of the route of communication
between the east and the west. Th?
nation, congress, the senate, or the
president of the United States, with
all the ramifications of his able de
partment. under him. as a whole,
will be false to the people's Interests
if they do not prepare to the fullest
and most practical extent for the
use of all water facilities in the
United States.
The people must insist that this
proposed great and practical busi
ness undertaking shall be treated in
a business-like way and upon its
Strictly ? Business Proposition
Brazos Santiago is a business pro
Itosiiion. and it must not be discred
iled, or retarded ami possibly pre
vented by unfair treatment.
As chairman of this waterway
project, I never did ask for this great
enterprise as proposed that it Khali
be judged without presenting fac^s
and figures, strictly on its meric
In conclusion, f will say. dear
Herald, that the enthusiasm of the
people should endure until we shall
have accomplished our purpose for a
magnificent water port of 4.** feet a*
Brazos Santiago. The I'nlted States
army engineers say It is possible
Let us work and have It.
1 enrlose you a letter from our
congressman, Hon. John N. Garner,
a faithful servant. The heart of ev.
ery man In Brownsville and the
Ix»wer Rio Grande Valley should
throb in sympathy with and in ear
nest support of his proposition for
furthering the interests of :hia most
needed waterway. Patriotic pride
in the advancement of our nation
should cause even the most sordid
soul to rejoice in some degree*—the
love of home, interest In the devel
opment of the state, Brow nsr ill.\the
Lower Rio Grande Valiey, should
stir the soul jo a greater degree.- of
any true American citizen, until it
kindles into a flame of oure toy—
here at home and in th:* Valley, at
this opportunity to aid oc- deep wa
ter project, and one and all should
comply with the instruction* con
tained in Mr. Garner's letter.
If the business men of Browns
ville and the Lower Rio Grande
Valley want business an«: prosperity
let them remember what The Her
ald said on January '3:
“A Great City Ii Foreshadowed.”
*‘W*»at ot the Future?*
‘ Transportation *
The patriotic love of the people
"f Brownsville and the lot* r Rk>|
Grande Valley would Indeed be at
low ebb tide, did they not feel hon
ored to participate In *hl# great!
work which it of such great inter,
eat to the United State?. Texas.
Brownaville and the ‘.ower Rio
Grande Valley.
Citixens M*y Assist Deep Water
The correspondence from Mr.Oar
r.er referred to by Mr. Cobnlinl is
printed below. The first, a letter
in which Mr. Garner suggests that
our leading citixens may be of great
assistance in pushing our deep wa
ter project, follows:
Washington, Jan. IS, 11*1^.
Hon. L Cnbolini,
Brownsville. Texas
Dear Mr. CoblUni:
The River and Harbor Com
mittee of tne House is making
up Its bill, and it is quite evi
dent that the report of the
Board of Engineers on the
Braxot Santiago project will not i
be made in time to be consider
ed by the House, even if it
should be favorable and within
the rule that would permit
consideration: therefore. I want
to suggest that you and your
leading citixens busy your
selves with letters to Senators
Culberson and Bailey, urging
them to offer and secure pas
sage of an amendment to the
Senate River and Harbor bill
providing for the commence,
ment of improvements at Bra
zos Santiago
Of course, this will be upon
the theory that by the time the
hill reaches the senate the Board
will have made a favorable re
I am constantly Calling upon
the Senators to assist me —
thorqforei strong let tors from
your leading citizens to each of
the Senators will pave the way
for my interview with them re
questing their assistance.
If the Hoard s report should
be unfavorable, then I shall
want them put in an amend
ment for a survey such as I
suggested to you when here
lasL «
I hop*- that you will get a
number of citixens Interested
In writing these letters—peti
tions are given but little con
sideration. but letters from
leading citixens show more
clearly their Interest.
Of course, your Waterways
Association and your Chamber
of Commerce will each officially
notify the Senators of your
, You .thoroughly underf and j
the modus operand! of securing
appropriations for water im
provements. and I hope you will
let your people understand the
exact situation—that it is im
possible for me to secure" ap
propriations until the Board
has reported, and that report I*
favorable: moreover, that I can
not control the action of the
Hoard as to when they shall
make their reports.
Please make this clear, that
my position may be thoroughly
Very truly yours,
No Need to Further Impress Engi
The second Is a wire to Dr. 3. K
Italian!, chairman of the Browns
ville Waterways Asaoe'.ation In re
ply to a message sent by him. in
quiring whether we •h‘Mtl«* rend a
delegation to Washington now:
Washington. Jnn lh
8. K. Hallam.
Brownsville. Texas.
Your wire reeeivsl Don't
believe you could further ‘re
press hoard of engineers with
merits of Bravos sCit»*iaK«i pro
ject, since Messrs CoboHol,
t'reaper and others nate alrea
dy submitted exhaustive data
and arguments. Am impatiently
awaiting engineers' report. It
favorable and in time tor ac
tion by House. I hope to ecu re
appropriation to begin work. If
unfavorable will maneuver for
another cnance. Suggest lead
ing citizens write both our sen
ators and Congressman Bur.
gess JNO. X. GARNER.
Hotel Hoyt
Philip Morni, Erlevan. Canada;
L# L. Black. Miaeouri; J. F. Watson
and wife, M. J. I tester, Ewing Tay
lor, L. F. Andrews. New York; J. B
Lippincott, Philadelphia; Gus Pank
ney. Asherton, Texas; H. K. Donaho
of Kansas City; Jas K*ng»burv,.San
Antonio; C. H. Houston. Ft. Worth;
F. Kersten, Tresea R.v. Co.; D. 8.
Sewell, San Antonio; VC. W# Ander
aon. Kingsville; <?. Stauffer, Abbe
ville. La.; J. C. Crewa, Houston: C:
A. Fickle, El Reno. Oklahoma: Dr.
8. W Beechman. Conroe; C. T.
«***** + ************** + ****** **4* **************
********** ***** ****** v ******* f ******* * *M * ** * * *
:: Come! Come! Come! :
* m ' *
* - To The ===== *
Hi tTVLid- Winter Fair j
* § * * £
i*g5 and while you are here call on us
pi W H.Putegnat Company * •
♦ I * For Quality' and Reliability ♦ * j
I K * A •>
^ C ...111. .
* §# . . * *
*“* We want to get acquainted with you. We want
#** to show you our lines. We want to convince you that
^ jzl
*£* we can handle your wants satisfactorly We want to j *
show you some of our installations. We want you to go *
* & * over a list of our customers and pick from them as many + 9 ►
* 9 3 *
as you want, then refer you to them. You want to + 3*
*i* know what your getting when you buy. , g*
*3* Be sure your right then come to us. >• s- •*
jk _ '• «c 9
*§* ' o *
*“! » *
•;P«_► :
*a»# Plumbing Supplies Electrical Supplies *
*>«* c^uto Supplies Fisk Tires and Tubt® * +
* c^TVIill Supplies Garage and Mach., Shop * jL *
*1* ~ +5t
* « * * ...
*** *8*
* <9 4
* « m ^
*********** m * * * * * * * * * * *********** + ** * « * 9'm * * *
Dealer Id oew and second han l fur*
ailure, fine varnishing, ImLatlon
upholstering, and repairs of all
kinds. Havs your furniture cade
new at once. Work guaranteed
Next door to Electric Theatre.
The Hat Shop
Sanitary Plumbing I
Everything in Electrical and
Plumbing Oood*.
1412 Elisabeth Sst, Brownsville, Tex
Thompson, New Orleans; H.*r. Lip
pert, Concord, HI.; P. E Haller, H.
Zabjeek, John Heilman, Alvin Wild.
•Hobart, Ind ; W. D. Smith and wife.
Houston; Ben C# Lemmon and wife,
Ixw Angeles; Henry Casey, bf New
York; C. Thompson, of New Or
leans; W. B. Ash. KamtalTCity; J..
C. Pentland. Mercedes; Pink Willi,
ams, tfaddo, Oklahoma.
Seed Potatoes, Seed
Beans, Melon and
Cucumber Seed ^
McDavitt Bros.. Wholesale Brokers
Seed Dealers, Phone No. 7o Brownsville, Texas
Lighting System
_0. W. Tucker, Brownsville
* A
—. ... .
. . . ... -
T. CRIXEL, Sole Dealer, Brownsville
Prompt Efficient Reliab
Rio Grande Valley Abstract Co
Incorporated ,
Abstracts of Land Titles ILfiSl 11
. i : )

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