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I Well; you have seen my Duroc Jersey
Hogs at the “Midwinter” or you haven’t.
If you have you saw something, if you
haven’t you missedsomething.
Now What is the Answer?
D*» you want some? or Don’t you want some? If
you do—how many, what age; what delivery; < present
or future | male or female; bred or unbred; black cr
ginger bread; thoroughbred or catch as catch can?
I hive anv kind you want; any quality you want;
any quantity you want, at any piice you want; and
will have hundreds more ”iu a few minutes” for
Pigs is Pigs
and I cau’t help it.
Now is the time to buy or place your order for
future delivery. If you don’t want to pay the price
J for Pcdjarred Stork, let me sell you some whose fath
er was a "thoroughbred" gentleman, aud whose
mother, (according to scandal) was a “Scrub-Lady.*’
In other words, one-half Duroc Jersey and the other
i| half "just dear pig." I have a mini tier of such aud
I want to get them out of mv system, and the ladies
: of the Royal family of the "House of Duroc” object to
further assvn ation witli them.
Ilf von just want cme or two to raise for private
consumption, these will do aud are cheap
A lxm hog is half the herd” (the better half) why
imt get a line thoroughbred halt herd and improve
your scrub stock.
Anv wav in me wav "get in the game" of
hogs raising.
( With apologies to Sam Robert sou)
It grinds, day and night, I
It gets perfect extraction, I
It rejoices over a free/.ef( more *mll stuff ) |
It makes no deductions for “sour cane” I
(everything goes) I
It spits out ihe bagasse and It's plowed under Instead of being B
Ini rued. [
I MORAL—Every "r ! ' •*• •• »■>- «»wn Duroc Jersey Sugar I
T- e only l »%d ■'lirj-.vus' In this b.tslnecwa ar.^ t :e ort> «*.:
Tlioiouxhbrd- from fio.nti ip
Scrub* fr m % I «• u« DOWN
(Age and slaw governing i
I-Ik*- every one els*1 thvjr have “l*»*en to Ih# Fair’* l.ik** wve
• rv II , .1-. T *».-> .»r*• -lad .. g.-t ..o k to San Henito- ‘’*»e Field*.
» nil Stuff and “Home Street Horn** ’*
I h>' Hoged all the blue ribbons ***d Sweep Stake Banners
and every doMar °f 1 h»* Prize Money and would have honed
•nor* If th**v could. for “Pigi i* Pij*,' and mine proved especially
i kkIkIi at prize time. ■ **"• Jack, Sug* udjr, l-ady Cliff and
Queen Ora best herd tSwe-p Stake* Manner t Col. Jack, best In tar
•"»> ax** Sug* l.adv. I**--«* now any age. Superb Chief, l»e*t boar
under !»■* year* Hr. Hu roe, hem boar under on. year M i** Tip
T l» Colonel, !**• t sow under two year* Mt*a San Meitlto. beaf sow
under one teat Two little red l» itith -t, only two month* old (too
Min* to namei took fir** prize* a* best male and female under ti
n. n:h*. again*! other* four and five mouth* old.
'I he ladle* .c said, • o’*, ain't they dear,’’ the men said. “Oh
ain't th«*y cheap.” <>"•* tony, well dressed lady wanted to buy
'h.-nt to raise as pet*, forgetting that ‘-If you feed a pig cull stuff
it will make l.og of Itself.
Mut prize* “don t saw much froze" water.” Hie po'nt isxthu:
V'e eon11m-ed the p<-op|e of th,. Valiev that they d n't have to go
I o n of th. Valley to get just as good hog* a* anybody** hog*; that
i nil 'tuff when properly treated pa** the pure food law In.
t • tloii a* Bacon. They don't have to g » to great initial expense i
i > -lart in tin busln. *s t‘ it the l*or*ahie hog wire fence I* JT
A well known llrowasvtile attorney asked, "Heywood, what t* to *
prevent a" unruly bog jumping that iiortable fence?” l replied, J
1 he Hu roe Jersey H 4s are n0( ’unruly;* they are quiet, docile, f
■ domestic hog*, e«*>* to handle and then, as an attorney, you know* j
. ■‘-ary In convicting a criminal to 'prove g motive for the
■ ' "ie We 11.. .• the criminal 11 he hogt and the motive *' tcull
'tint and pb-ntv f was r i on th- ,n#,ap ,>f the portable fence *
The Judge rreplied: *1 SKK. XOT fH’II-TV **
So write or wire ■
'That you desire, jg
A Ham and Sire, [
A* red as fire.
Hr ma y he more,
say one good hoar.
And crubs a mare,
I've hog* gal re.
If you ar** milking «• w*. raising the cream by the old gravity method of
n tug pan* of piik I»> ttui making *ay, fit*. pound* of butter a day, you
e.,n akc a Hk !.A\ * 1. i r«*am S» para tor and make neven pound* of butter
**‘r 'lai. with lea* *ork and worry. Two p und* of butter a day wived
make* eightv cent*, or twenty-lour dollar* a mouth # THE BCTTER
i \ l I MAI Hll IKK THROW INtl AW',ay every day *av *d with a HE
LAV AL Cream Separator, in lea* titan three inoiiHt* will pay for the m »
t hine Write m. to.lav for t catalogue of HE LAVAL Separator* I *e!J
machines on easy i rm*. •<» they pay their >wn a ay the extra butter
wanted paying ter the machine
F T. PHILLIPS. San Benito. Texas
G'lmton Leave* the Texa* League
and App'ies to South Te'as League
for Membership
A telegram received in this city
‘yesterday from President Dickinson
of the Southwest Texas League
bring- the interesting ityf rma'iou
that Galveston, which has dropp'd
out of the Texas Ras-ba!' Lea:,u«,
has filed application for member
ship In x*Southw* s: Teras League,
and that the territory has been flint
on The ch'ef object of the tele
gram was to notify the Brownsville
Club that a meeting of the Southwest
j Texas Baseball lie-ague baW beer*
called for Saturday and Sunday. Jan.
27 and 2*. at Corpus Christ I. at
whk-h time many Important matters
will be brought up
It 1* understood that Victoria and
Corpus Christl may attempt to make
a proper settlement with the league
and return into baseball circles.
The following from the Houston
Chronicle explains the situation in
Austin. Texas. Jan. 24. — Although
J -«ph Gardner, owner of the Dallas
hall club, declined to vote when ask
**d to do so over the long distance
telephone yesterday, President Wil
bur Allen of the Texas league secur
ed the assent of five clubs to trails
j fer the Galveston franchise to Be*u-i
molt. Mr. Allen ask*-d fur this tele
phone vote after consulting with
Wye he Greer, a Beaumont business
;man wh here in the Interest of a
! syndicate ‘ha thas raised enough
money to finance the dub Greer
-aid yesterday that Frank Dever
would probably be retained as ftusi-j
ness manager of the club.
A check covering all of Galves
ton's indebtedness to the league
was given to President Allen. When
. it— talked with the Dallas magnate |
; over the long distance phone, he
said the money had been paid Gard-j
tier did not vote anti gave his rea
sons for assuming that position by,
declaring that a meeting should he
held. It is understood that the
league directors are to gat iter in
| Houston next week, at which time
the Oalveeton-Beanmont transfer
will be duly -atiffed.
Interesting Entert*mme"t Was Gi
ven at Lylbrd
| To The Herald.
Lyfoni* Texas. Jan. 24.—An in
teresting event occurring here on
Jan. 17 at the home of Mr and Mr*.
M\ K Craig wa* a rnusi> ale given by
the division of the I.'Allegro Club,
which wa* also repeated the foil w- I
; ing night at Kaymondviile. Quite a
i number enjoyed the very delightful
program which wa* rendered bv 'he
club, with the ami at a nee or William
II New hall, tenor. Following I* the
Part I
1. Piano “Whispering Wind” Op SK
..Hazel Alma Millard
2 Vocal ia| ”Indication”
illl “The Aim ml Tree'*
--William It New hall
t. Piano Nocturne. Op !♦ No. 2
Chopin... Mabel Claire Stanford
4 Vocal “To Be Sung on the Wa
ter*" .. Schubert
.William ft New hall
Accompanist. Grace Pixley Craig
Part Jl
i. Piano. Nocturne, Op 27 No. 2
Chopin .Grace Ptxley Craig
j 2, Vocal tat “Faith in Spring”
tbl “Calm A* the Night** I
;ll hm William B Newbsll
■i Piano Quartette from Higoletto
Verdi .Mattel Claire Stanford
4 Vocal tat “Lullaby*....Ilrabm
tbl ** Serenade*
Neidllnger ..
_William r Newhallj
> j Plano *• A la Bien Aimee.' Op
No 2 .Schutt
Hazel Alma Millard
„ —-- .
Associated Press.
Kansas City. Jan 24 — ft. A l<ong
of Kansas City, a wealthy lumberman
In an address to 'be Southwestern
Lumberman s Alaoclation «©nv-ntl«n
today said .hat Governor Harmon of
Ohio is the only man ***** as Presi
dent. r. uid bring about a *ettie Con
dition of financial affairs in tbts
country and urged 'he delegates to
use their influence toward* his nom
Want Roosevelt.

Associated Press.
* t»e\enne, Wyoming. Jan 21.—
The pr gressive republicans of Wy
oming who organised todhy, declar
ed for Theodore Roosevelt for presl*
i dent.
Mi*»es Fernandes CompUme" Miss
Saunders of Washington.
The most brilllnai social event of
the season was the card party given
Thursday afternoon hy the Mimes
Fernandez in honor of Miss Frances
Siutid-rs of Washington. D. <\ A very
elective color scheme was carried <mt
torthe afternoon, red and gold pre
dominating in the decorations, re
freshments, tally cards, and even
score pads. Red and yellow carna
tions. and ferns decorated the recep
tion hall, and tne large doable partore
and dining room, in which were plac
ed the eleven tables at which the
guest* enjoyed ten games CtT •'.loo.
During the games champagne
punch and delicious homemade red
and yellow bon bon* were served
The score pads were of red and yel
low, while the tally card* were fea
ther-emb ssed cards on which were
lgay-feathered birds. Pretty polafcetta
"sticker*” were used instead of pun
Th- refreshment* consisted of a
delicious naiad course. Spanish chic
kenpattie placed on liny red bear’s
or diamond shaped doilies, olive and
nut sandwiches t'ed with red and
gold baby ribbon, roasted chestnut*
and champagne c* ’* served in glass
es also showing the colors of sunny
Spain. Needles* to sav the refresh
ment* were a* enjoyable as pictures-(
At the table Ip
where the huge puurh-oowl surra, nd
ed by mortses and fruit *t od, Mrs
Hornet presided, assisted by little
Misses Maria Gomez and Rosita Fer
The prizes were In keeping with
other feature* of the entertain mem
and made the winners tfie envy of
all the other guests. Th»* first a mar
vellously beautiful Mexican blanke.
in richly h'emling rainltow hues, won
by Miss Sara Young: the second, a
net of exquisite band-made Spanish
lace, was awarded t • Mr*. R R
freager. Particularly fortunate Wa*
the lovely honor guest, whose prize'
was a beautiful pink silk Mexican
rehota Scarcely less desirable was
the consolation prize a leather hand
bag. which went to Mrs Jno, Gregg
Those who enj yed the hospitality
of the Miaaca Fernandez, beside* Miss|
Saunders, the guest of honor, sere:
Mesdante* R |l Creager, A Olaya.
I*h*w. Cain. Sizelan, Grider, Brulay.
Clint, Yznaga. Jno. Gregg, Wagner.
J. G. Ferandez, West, Jno. K. Rut
ledge, IN* Coster, Ash he ini, Walker, j
More. Mr*. J hnson of %u*tin. Mrs j
Terell front TerrHl. Mlaaesa Cham-1
pion, l-ueile Champion. Grant. Marie!
Grant, Hell, Brulay, Ktta Kowalski.
Young. Cna Young,, Armstrong. Jea
n«*tt*» Armstrong. Ta!#». tVlava. Atl**
lai«l«> Olaya, Martha Ijin lrgui. Ilia*
\l*f* Wiii’Nrt 'w»» K V .gjad Mb
Praief* Siunlyn -Ymn VVaahltijit m.
D. €*.
It is evident that the voters of
Brownsville are in eres-ed in the
com in* ’eetkms Xenrljr twelve
hnudred poll receipt* and over two
hundred exemptions have been is
sued :
The receipts and exemptions in
the wards are:
First Want. .121! receipts and 7**
exempt kins.
Second Ward. 2:*7 receipt* and SI
exempt ions
Third Ward. 1 receipt* and IS
Fourth Ward. 212 receipt* and II
nipt loss
Men«gitis in Mexico
Associated Pres*.
Mexico city, HtT" Because.Of
the development <4 several case* of
* menegitls In hospital* here the Vlex
I i* an authorities on the recommenda
tion of the health Iward ordered the
entry of travelers into the republic
from the north prohibited, except
though the larger (torts, Nogales.
El Paso. Pied a* Negras. Ursdo and
i -
DfUnev Dead.
Asian lau d Press
Oakland California. Jan. 2.1.—Wil
liam < Hilly» Delaney the noted train*
|er of pugilist* died here early today
after an illness of aev* ral tu »tith*.
IManey is years old,
“What** ;he matter wit It »»e f,|.
!<•» up on the ladder who is twid
dling his fingers?”
"Why. he went craiy over bun u
ing his wife's waists.’
“He thinks he has the contract tor
buttoning the waist of the <ta:to- o*
l.lherty.”—4'leveland Plain iValer
f oridescending Chappie I w^th
can t wentember your name, but I* r *
an idea i*re ntet you before.
Nervous Host —Oh. yes; very l'ki*
ly_ It's my house. — London Sketch.
c>4. GARZA
Dealer In new and n*ennd h*"d fur
alture, fine varnishing. Imitation
upholstering, and repairs or at*
kinds Have your furniture mad*
new at on re Work guaranteed
Next door to Klee If ie Thvatm.
..... «.. ■1,11 .
Kt.l IIIu. hrt with
rnt Til* §4,
Do Your Feet Ever hurt?
If you could look inside of your shoe with your foot
in it, you would see trhv. The sole of your foot lieiuls,
the sole of your shtk> bcuds scarcely at all.
Ninety-five out of every 100 cases of foot suffering
can be traced directly to stiff soles. Their constant fric
tion is what brings hard, callous placet, what irritates the
delicate nerves and tendons and makes your feet draw,
bum, ache/
The Tenderest Feet Are Comfortable in
the Red Cross Shoe
Its sole is flexible. Though of regular thickness, it
fiends with the font. Not a move
ment is hampered, not a muscle re
stricted. The moment you slip it
on, you notice its wonderful ease
and suppleness. Come ill. Beud
it. Walk in it.
It doesn’t cramp, bind or ‘‘draw ”
the foot—it fits like a glove. Try
it ouce and nothing could induce
you to go back to stiff sole shoes!
\Ye have it in all styles. Let us
fit you. High Shoes, #4.00 and
$5.00. Oxfords, #3.50 and #4.00,
For Men, Women and Children
• ;
Prompt Efficient Reliable
Rio Grande Valley Abstract Co.
Abstractors of band Titles
T. CRIXEL, Sole Dealer, Brownsville 4
m.. ___ . . „ . .... ...i ..... _
I Lighting System
I 0. W. Tucker, Brownsville
__ __
list it with n». \V«* ad verti%. it hy lot winiWni - private)
here and N»*r*h. Km*. *h«*wr it, mui make «uJ> Regular
Charge when Give fttil |:*nn:ieitlarw t II the whole
truth, make voiir lowest price and best terms.
Oet i*»tr Lis1, see our Bargains. We ean suit you and lA
save you moBev.
SENTATION. We show you around FREE
ING LANDS. Improved nr Not; Colonization tracts: City
and SUBURBAN PROPERTY Nothing too small or too
large Non resident owners business a specially. Lind and
Vendors* Lien Loans.
Send your list ot once, we want it for Land Show it I
Houston. We will be there
Special Bargains at or near
MONTE CHRISTO, in Resale and Native Lauds.
Correspondence Solicited ^
Rio Grande Realty and Invest- 1
ment Company.
W f:. HKliWhR. Manager
New Besteiro Bldg.
. 12th and Adams sts.
IMan# and specif (ration# are mi
fit* at the office of the City Secre
• ary. ale > at the office of ih»- Archi
tect*, s. it Btliolt 4 C"o,, it row n*
trill*. Teia#. for the erection and
completion of addition# to the flt>
Mali and Market Mon#**, for the City
of Brownsville. > a in or on 4*.maty.
Sealed hid# will l*e received for
Ibis work by tin* uttdors!ftied up Iti
1 It o'clock a. m„. Thursday, Peh. IS,
A. D. n*lJ.
Ea< h bid must he areompanl «i by
a certified check to the a toon fit of f
1 pre cent of bid. mad** pay aide to I. II
Puente, city Sec ret ary. a# a guaraa
?«U that bidder will make an appro*>
led bond to the amount of onc*tlilrii
of contract price, within ten days af
ter contract is awarded
Contractor* wishing plans may
have same by applying at either of
I the aove mention, d place# and de
positing 11h.#0 to guarantee the
safe return * -ame within five day*
after the elpt of mine.
L i-M J. HOW AJ«SKI. M ay or.
Is. B Pt'EXTE. City .Secy.
Sanitary Plumbing
Everything in Electrical and
Plumbing liiHHl*.
(1412 Eluabeth Sat., Brownsville Tri
( J
The Mat Shop
Help Hake the city beautiful
Plan* jour meant lota with Ever
green Shade Trees- Ornamental Palms
and Fluttering Shrub*, Hedge* aad
a Variety of Fruit* Mow it the time
to book jrMr order* for fall* waiter a
and spring platting. Consult an Ex
perienced Horticulturist- Suictas
fnaianteed vpltr my direction- /
Furratry- Ijrre Surgery- Plant Dia

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