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IC Co.
County !
i Daily
Dally — Published every morning!
except Sunday, by mall postpaid to
any point in the United State*, Mex.
leo or Cuba, or delivered by carrier
to any part of the city, Went
Brownsville, Texas, or Mmamoros,
One copy, one year.$8 00
One copy, six months.... 3 00
Entered at the Post of flee at Browns
ville, Texas, as Second ('lass Mail
“I will help John Garner 10 do
anything that he wlahes.''
Thia is the way that Hon. E. S.
Candler of Corinth, Min., congress
Van from the First Mississippi dis
trict, writes to his old friend, Dr. L.
K. Rurress, of Brownsville, In reply
to a letter from the latter requesting
Mr. Candler to use his efforts in be
half of an appropriation for deep
water at Brazos Santiago, when Con
4 / gressman Garner gets th« subject
befope congress The fact that our|
representative in congress has such
staunch friends as Mr. Candler and
other members who have" expressed
similar sentiments when speaking of
Mr. Garner, lends much encourage
Mont tn tl^) local advocates of our
ess’ success also suggests
ild be well fur og«
Don who has friends In j
r friends who are In touch
ers of congress, to follow (
ler himself has suggested
macut letters be sent to the
Texas senators by Valley citizens
The wider Influence that is brought
to bear In our ravor, the better. I
With Its population made up of peo
-N. pi# from such a widely diverse terri
tory. lhp Lower Rio Grande Valley
should be able to wield a greater in
fluence in this way than almost any
other section of the state. There is
hardly a state lit the Union that has
not contributed to the' population
that is now working for the devel
" cpment of thin rich Valley. Most of
these people probably have personal
scquainlance with on>' or more mem
bers or congress. Letters written to
such members by their old friends
m<w located in the Valley, urging tile
claims of the Brazos de Santiago pro
ject for an lipproprlation, no doubt
would greatly strengthen our cause
in congress. Every foot of land In
the Valley will enhance in value the
moment deep water Is assured at Bra
zos Santiago, and every person Inter
ested In the development of the Val
ley should do al| In his power to pro
mote the enterprise. It costs very
little to write a letter, and the let
ters as proposed will be of Immeasur
able benefit.
If you don’t send the Monitor""
to a friend, you are missing it.
— McAllen Monitor

No, the friend is missing it Every
one who is interested in McAllen
should subscribe to the Monitor. And
the same may be said of the papers of
every community In the Valley. The
papers published at the various towns
of the Valley are all live boosters and
a credit to their respective towns.
g ■ - - ■
The Cincinnati Housewives’ Coop
erative league has started a war on
the butter trust by declaring a boy
cott against butter until tbe price
comes down. Let the women ail over
the land follow suit, and butter will
soon drop. Better butterless bread,
than oleomargarine, which congress
threatens lo offer as a substitute by
removing the on the stale beef
fa* cheat
* wa.
I Only tlfree days more, including
today. In which to pay poll taxes, and
retain the right to vote. Considering
the important elections to be held in
Cameron County and Brownsville
this year, it does not seem possible
that any intelligent man who ts oth
erwise qualified to vot« would wil
lingly sacrifice his right of suffrage
by failing to pay his poll tax. For
county voters, the sum is only $1.0®.
Voters residing in the~city must pay
an additional 73 cents for the city
poll atx. Who would renounce the
sacred privilege of American cltixen
shlp to save such A paltry sum?
The Kansas City man who asks for
a divorce Vcause bis wife will not
permit him to smoke in his house. Is
not unreasonable. A woman wh>
makes home so uninviting for the
husband a« *o ref us* him such a lib
erty as smoking at home is paving
the way to the divorce court.
. a1
Unless you ran take things pretty!
much as they come, don’t go travel
ing for pleasure The tourist who
worries himself by finding fault con
stantly can hardly call his travel a
pleasure trip.
To The Herald.
The farmers are all smiles since
(he nice rain we had. We an* very
busy now hauling potatoes, and neat
week will be a busy one planting po
tatoes and beans.
There are a good many nice toma
to seed beds, and quit*, an acreage
will be set to tomatoes this spring
Cabbages are looking fine after the
recent freeze.
Radishes will be on the market
They are quoted 912 to 91 6 per
barrel in the northern markets.
The Nopolita farmers are well up
with this work, having about all
their land prepared and ready for
planting. Corn is coming up. and
some are thinking of planting cotton
the coming week, they say Han iten
Ito will have to hustle this year to
get the first bale.
Clyde Tandy is progressing nicely
with our new roads. We will soon be
able to drive to town without having
the old gates to open.
Mrs. N. T. Hughes and father were
business visitors in town Friday.
The International Dredging Co.,
have been testing their maehinerq on
the big dredge this week, prwparat
ory to begin digging on the big
drain ditch.
Hob N'ayfit !d was seen Thu ’std.iy
trailing a new cultivator behind his
wagon heeded lor .ic, e
One of Mr. Smith s horses got tang
led up with one of the engines of the
n. U B. * M. R. K. and ^^stde
jsacked. f
Mr. Greer from Albany. Texas. Mr.
Hiatt rronu Iowa Mr. Theodpre Hol
loway from Post City. Texas', and K.
J. Cole from east of town Are our
latest new neighbors.
Capt- Fox Notified o3 Reduction of
Force on the Bordet •
Captain Munroe Vam, of Ranger
company C, was notified Saturday
morning In a letter from State Ad
jutant General Hutchings that the
ranger force stationed along the bor
der is to be cut in half. Captain Mun
roe Fox’s company numbers fourteen
men, who are scattered along the bor
der from Brownsville to Ami Fordfee
and Rio Grande City. In conserva
tion with a Herald reporter Satur
day. Captain Fox said that he had not
decided which of the men he would
part with, but that he regretted to
have to lose any of the boys.
Will Move to ,lrowu*ville — Th*
old friends In Brownsville of Mrs.
Juana C. de Fernandez of Vera Cruz
are much pleased to learn that she
expects to move to this place some
time during the coming summer, to
make her home here. Mrs. Fernan
dez, who is the mother of Mrs. Jose
Celaya of this city, resided here pre
vious to her marriage She was a
Misa Champion, being a cousin of
Mrs. Francisea Fernandez and Messrs
Frank and Geo. Champion of this
city She has many old friends here,
who will be happy to welcome her In
her oid home agafn. Mrs. Fernandez
will erect a handsome residence on
Washington street, near that of MrJ
and Mrs. J. Celaya.
Armistice Expired.
Nanking, Jan. 28.—The arnttaltc*
l>etween the Imperial and revolution
ary troops which has been in effeci
for several weeks, expired today but
no definite steps were taken to rei»ew
it. Resumption serious fighting not
l>r. Wu Ting Fang said today,
-Thert, is no one to fight All our
friends believed here, that the im-;
pedal family will ahdb ate when
Yuan Shi Kai is satisfied that the
t'hinese troops in P-king are in suffi
cient number to lioUl the Manchus
in check. * j \
■■ .m
May Abandon Strike
imwrence, Mass , Jan 28—The la
• m
bor lead--rs are active today to prev
ent the striking operatives of textile
inllls from retuning to work tonmr
I row. Twenty thousand have been out
for two weeks. Many beginning to!
feel the pinch of hunger deserted
the ranks »f he strikers at the cl «*e
of last w««ek. In anticipation of trou
ble, the poller- and militia are order
ed to report for duty at oclock t >-|
morrow morning.*
__ I
cTWeans saving and saving means accumulating.
i *
i I
> (
Systematic accumulating will put you on ]
the road to prosperity. Then you get the «
' habit and the rest comes easy. Start the
New Year with a bank account—we don’t ,
1 care how small—Si will start you here for <
we eater to small depositers and welcome !
> their accounts. *
, <
Brownsville Bank & Trust Co. :
4 Per Cent Interest on Savings
Mr -- :
iller Hotel 2
* *
* The Largest and Most Modern Hotel *
* in South-West Texas 2
* *
2 ON TO THfi (itLl: 2
* — . *
Headquarters *
* Brownsville, Texas
) . * \
, On Adams Street near 12th Street. European Plan |
Fifty Outside Rooms
’ All Thoroughly Renovated and Absolutely Clean. AsNcar '
, Modern as Any Hotel in the City. Rates Per Day
50c, 75c and $1.00
t om»thSr save that the M»#lal family
•tea decided to leave Fokin#
^ The .all# Telegraph's Peking corre
tpondent notes n temarkable change In
the attitude of the semi-official press,
foreshadowing the establishment of n re
public. end adds that Tang 8h*o-Tl
resigned and seceded to the Republic'
| Another remarkable dm!
tare is that the provincial g
have berm to order b^ V ♦
rtei.opoiu.'n ofli lait «
Ktnn il Minnri t,. their
This alone, save the
It Is understood _
s the relletoua htu,
thlsts, mss proclaim?
•ordln* to the La
u Is ths terrestrial lm„
Jodhead. and never dies. _
, tto apparent decease. In’,
Mas newly born boy, show
ifterward according to the %
ncattous or the Dalai LaanS
; rho Independence movement t7
'•llaiAua Tl,. ___a.
roltan people ha* been jong standtno^^l
Vusslan* My. owing to Chine** IncapaSK
; Th*? rhln*»* Atnbtna. 91
*ovtn»r,-». have always pHgtdered the
I J!°?£ .»J* *nrtch*d themselves, while I
‘drrUni.tri7lo“m* C"Ty1** w M «nju*t
X hA *. **•*" •nnoylng Huasl*.
tM lutvt bvtu Irsalirm h«rcautuma*,
I alt* hill to* rmu
wan afire *--verat
■parka, and the
a delightful mildness wins your
lasting loyalty.
Under that simple cover 10 extra
are stowed away.
l Attorney or anybody
II try thin <mum, tn tha
Vmpa i
_tlroa to
RIm in Omnibus Shares Contlnuaa
Owing to Margar Plan.
npertel Cable to TUB New Tome Timas.
LONDON’. Dec 2&-The stock ot tlw
(don General Omnibus Company to
:llmbcd another 31 po.ntn u
month nso It stood at 118*4
aatl rise fa generally at- j
_is anSaayors of a SsNUfc
■» to Obtain cc-ntro
by aomt repra
r, rut us Company j
•r.tativos of tht
at tht hoa * I
yer. to brim j
batarcan th< |
compete |
ie n el
that bo
•let. Ho
ttona cf
Sliit'u rto
. la at
iidtta Of
on tilCiit
ffur nts
d d!aap
occurr u
oat aav
1 to tht
jrltnlum la ont of tht m*w
r^la, dlaoovtrtd by Hmc,
| Drop* with 30 Fathoms of Chain from
tho Ohio Into NarraganaoH Bay.
Sfireto! to Tho Vow York Timui.
NEWPORT. R L. Dm. 2V-Tho fraal
d«grth af water la .HarrifOMRU Day baa
I „ JBlliyliV;
Devoe Paint
of Brownsville, Texas
i! I
:: United States Depository j:
L > f f ^
; Capital $100,000.00
O il
Surplus and Undivided i!
j Profits $115,000.00
Capital and Surplus. $209,000.00
* * ' *
« *
; ' . * * a :
t V "■ L :
t Things that ha vent increased in price1
-ff ■$£
f Brownsville during the last seven years *
t Postage Stamps and Ice, The Unit<d
•* m
« States Government makes the former. »
: The People's Ice Company j
the latter. Both are reliable Firms.
a *
■a *
* *
** #
+ *
* *
* *
■a *
* *
X ft***************** & ***?**&.+ »«*««*
odors Miowindows M CHEOSOTIHB CO.
E. F. Johnson Lumber Co
BL Cnarlee and Balt Una Railroad Phoaa Conaaetloaa
If yc'ir home, fence, or outbuildings need « few pieces of
LUMBER for repairs telephone us, you will find that how*
. ever small your order may be you will get prompt delivery
and lowest market price for good material. We wish to
impress on the public that
No Order is to Small for Our Best Attention
and Appreciation.
Fire Insurance
Joyce R. Wood
Phone 100 Combe Building, Over Howse Furniture Company 1
Isauro Moya.—Prop.
Mexican Cigars. POST CARDS. Opals. Straw Hata. Drawn. Feather. Onyx V
Filigree Work. Sandals and all Kinds of Mexican curiosities V French Perfumss.
When in Matamoro don't fail to call on me. Soutb-weat Cor.Main | J„
I niflflC k'/Wm/olelr 5BB0KERA0E AHD C0MMIS8I0W
LUUIa MjWalSKlbrtler in Oorn, Oxlx. Clip*. Bran
and Hap. rea»»ot. Lime, Plra Brick, etc. Box 135; Phone 45. Broaaa
*11 la. Texan.
• • -w «•*»•*» m. m ■» -MU — .» . mm
I \

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