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* ^ ■ ''he National Cash Regist
■*» s,°ps mistakcs and ,osses nand
increases trade and profit. *
Money and accounts, the most vital I
part of any business, are protected. $
B usiness is placedon the solid foun
dation of carefulness and accuracy. j
The proprietor’s time is saved. He (
is re ieved of a thousand worries. ?
The important things in his business
can be given more of his thought and
attention. He can afford more com
forts and pleasures for his family.
% _
The National Cash Register pre
vents carelessness and laziness and
removes temptation from employes.
It gives full credit to the employes
who do the best and the most work
and makes them more valuable to
> s their employers.
Disputes and arguments are preven
ted. Customers are satisfied. Buy
ing and selling are put on a just basis
for proprietor, clerks and customers.
Customers like to deal where Nation
al Cash Registers are used
W. D. SYERS, Sales Agent
For National Cash Registers
San Antonio, Texas
Lighting System
agents wanted
0. W. Tucker, Brownsville
r * . v
FORSALE.—Large house with
garden. In Matamoroa, one block
| from plaza. Apply N. Herald office
lk-30td 4tw
FOR SALE.—From 100 to 950
; acres of land, with sweet surface
! water, 1-4 mile from Sebastian Sta
| tion on main line of St. Louia Brown
sville and Mexico R. R. Irrigation
canal will reach It shortly. Address
1 P. O Box 154 or call at 81* Adams
|St, 12-30„tf.
FOR SALE—Two lots and small
bouse, centrally located; near pas
isenger depot. Inquire Everson Oar
age. || 1-27-30t
FOR RENT—Housekeeping rooms
—two and three room suits, newly
furnished; sii conveniences; three
'blocks business center. Inquire Ho
llotel Hoyt, 1111 Adams. 2-9-tf
WANTED — T« Exchange 4.000
acres improved Illinois land for Mex
ican ranch. Geo. W, Flthian, New
on, 111. 2-13-Ct
FOR SALE — About fifty acres
joining tract of city pump station,
: Brownsville. Will sell for half or all
cash. Make me an offer. Write W.
S. Baker. Shawnee, Oklahoma. I OS
North Broadway. 2-20-kt
YOU WANT Bookkeeping. Short
hand, Typewriting. Penmanship.etc.,
• at Draughon's Brownsville College, a
link of the world-famed schools 4
Three months' tuition, only 925.00.
Eight more 950.00 llfe-tliue scholar
ships, only 940.00. Individual in
struction. In other words, every fel
low at a desk to himself, with a
teacher at hls elbow when he needs
it. Day and night sessions.
GAIN'—60 acres, 3 room house.clear
ed, fenced and under irrigation, fine
land.will sell cheap for cas!» or pay
ments, or trade for clear Northern
property, which can be used as col
lateral, Look at It before buying—
■only 3 roUaa from Brownsville. Farm
ttiocii ;'Y und Soots half of Block
"8,” Chicago Gardens. Make offer.
G. Fooe Krummer, Salt Lake City,
Uath. 2-9-30td-4tw
FOR RENT—Office rooms In
Coinbc buildings, at very reduced
rentals. Apply at First National
Bank. 2-10-tf
. . . ^ I
- I
TOR SALE—At Bargain—Let of
rice bran ia sacks, damag'd. Quanti
ties to suif port baser*. Call on C.
L. Macmanus. 2-IJ-tf
ROOMS FOR LIGHT housekeplng.
furnished or unfurnished 14 23 Ma
dlson at.. opposite flay s Bakery.
By virtue of the power conferred
upon me by a deed of Trust Mort-1
gage dated December 16, 1909, and.
of record oil pages 4 63 to 465 of'
Volume "7" of the Mortgage Records
of Camron County, Texas, from Lon
r Hill to S. L. Dworman, Trustee,
for the use and benefit of Milton
Daily, Trustee, and being requested
hereto by the said beneficia’-y, Mil
ton Daily. Trustee, the undersigned
S L. Dworman, as trustee in said

Deed of Trust, will sell to the high
est bidder for cash at public auction
.11 be held In front of the Court
llou«e door of t'ameron County, Tex
as. in the City of Brownsville. Tex
as. on the first Tuesday in March,
1912, being March 5th, 1912, be
tween the hours of 10 o'clock A. M..
and 4 o’clock P. M., the following
described Real Estate mortgaged
and conveyed in trust in and by the
said Deed of Trust, to-wit:
Farm la»t Number One, contain
ing 69 98 acres of land.
Farm Lot Number Fourteen, con
taining 65.08 acres of land.
Farm laot Number Fifteen, con
taining 66.25 acres of land.
All of said Farm Lots situated
near the town of Harlingen in Cam
eron County. Texas, snd being por
ition* of survey Number Three Hun
dred f3001 of ssid County, patented
i to Lon C. Hill, assignee of L. G..
Brewer, as platted and subdivided
j by the Harlingen l^and ft Water
Company, in and as a part of Its
subdivision “CY* according to the
plat of said subdivision recorded in
map or plat record Volume **1.”
page 24. of the records of Cameron
County, Texas.
Witness my hand at Brownsville,
Texas, this 1st day of February, A.
f>. 1912.
(Signed) 8. L. DOORMAN.
1 •
Th« San Carlo*
L McKissick. Dallas; H. D. Teed.
Springfield. Mo.; MrSchofWld. city; I
J. C. McCoy, Houston; R. B, Crock-,
elk and family. San Antonio; J. T.
Harrslon, Houston; J. D. Childs of
San Antonio; T. W. Logan. Calves-'
ton; Joe Herpel. Chicago; P. Cassidy]
] and wife. New York; C. B. Comings,!
j city! J E. Foster. Minion; J. Eu
Nelson, Chicago; P. A. Horan. Kings
ville; L. T. Cone. Houston.
The Miller
C. B. Taylor. Crbaua, 111.; F. W.
| Rid enough. South Bend, lud ; Mr*.
L. A. Lewis. New Madrid; Mrs. VV
W. Bird. Kaukak >«. Ill,; H. F Slope.
Houston; P S. Brlttt, Pharr; W. H.
McCratb, Pharr; John Porter. San
j Benito; Cordon HD1. Harlingen: A
Franke, fky; A. Wayne Wood, city
_ .r -
Up-to-Dat* Brick Structure, Com
prising Three Complete Suites*
W>th Various Modern Features.
Work was begun yesterday on the
first up-to-date apartment house to
be built lu Brownsville. This will
be a three-story brick structure, lo
cated at the corner of Levoe and
First* streets. The Frontier Con
struction Company is the builder.
The building, including porches,
will measure 30x90 feet. It will
comprise one complete suite of
apartments on each floor, each In
cluding living room, two bed rooms,
j dining* room, kitchen, pantry, two
linen and two coat closets, two bath
rooms—one for servants’ use—and
bed room for servant, besides a pri
vate hall. There will ► j porches on
front and rear and ■* .eeping porch
| on one side. In tt», lasement there
will be rooms for fate janitor, the
laundry, and three storage rooms—
one for each floor. The exterior fin
ish will be stucco. The interior will
be plaster, finished in oil and water
colors.wlth white enamel woodwork,
except in the living room, which will
be of mahogany.
1 The house will be In the renter of
two lota, will s*t thirty feet back
from the front and will have a spa
cious lawn all about tt. The plans
include two garages at the real) and
a 7-foot cement drive to the garages.
The company estimates the cost at
approximately 11 2.*►*»«. It is ex
pected that the building will be com
pleted w whin three months. an4 pro
bably It frill he ready for use by May
Its construction will add to the
city dwelling places for three moder
ate sized families.
Brow navi lie, Tex., Feb. 17. 1912
ceived at this building until two
o’clock p. m.. March lath. 1912, for
furnishing fuel, lights water ice*,
miscellaneous supplies, washing tow
els. and sprinkling streest for this
building during the fiscal year end
ing June 30. 1913, or such portion of
the year as may be deemed advisa
ble. The right to reject any and ail
bids is reserved by the Treasury l>e
partment. R B, < READER.
"Uncle Joe** Cannon, at a dinner ta
Washington. said of a piece of tariff
revision that he oppoeed:
“It Is useless for the foreigner and
86 good at all for the American pro
ducer. The whole thing ta a costly
error, like the case of Blank's hired
“Blank, for a June treat, eat before
his hired mao a nice mees of fried
eoft-shell crabe. The crabs were to |
do for the cook and stable boy as
well, but Blank happened In on tbe i
hired man In tbe middle of the meal,
and found the cook's and boy's proa*
pacta looking very dark.
"*Why.' said Blank reproachfully,
•you are eating your aoft-sheU crabe
without bread!*
, “ Well, boat.' replied tbe hired
maa. as ha thrust half a crab into his
mouth, 'them wot can't eat good rich
erabs Ilka these without bread do
aarvae to mo q unary. -
Tha Ntw Station Master—I’m
glad to find you such a willing work
er. I was warned that I would find
jou the raos) ill-tempered and laiy
man on the station.”
Porter (anxious to ingratiate him*
self)—**An’ so I was till von corned,
i aii.”—Black and White. *
The Visitor—High Olympus, but
there’s a beautiful monument! What
here could have inspired so costly #
structure ?
The Native—That’s a tribute to |
the germ of appendicitis, air. Come
up and read the inscription. You'll
see it’s a token of grateful appradfr*
ban from 11,397 surguta*
j_4 I • #. » ;..
'i|ui 1| |1',‘|1;
Call and sec samples
Burt E. Hinkley
Funeral Director and
vivmt Building Elisabeth Street
Brownsvil le, Texan
; i -ii, tf§
i.Liu1!...*. . 1 ■ 1 .a ....- '»■" ..ewa—1
You ran pay mur< for a leu ring ete, but you r«tfi»»t get a better dp* p1'5 i
at .tbr price. We offer here every re it Lenient, of equipment and fin fab
found oil the highest priced ear. If you Intend to pay wore, see this car
first—it may change your mind and save you money,. '■ 1
Whew base IIS Inches; body 3-passenger fore-.I -»r touringr horse*
power 4.'.; transmission. selective, tltrw speeds and re versa, i^pirb. ton. ;
ignifion. dual. Ho*, h magnctto and luitteries; rear axle, full floating.
Timken bearings; tires, 3 4x1 Inch Q. I>.; finish, Brewster green. Ivory
strip**, all bright parts nickel plated; price, tl44ii.lt) delivered; e*|u1p*
ment, three black and nickel oil lamps, two Mark and nickel gaa ianu
with gas tank aud horn, top speedometer au.l Indshicld; tools, com
plete set.
VVe will have the above car In stock after February 20th. »n(K shall
lie glad to demonstrate same to you. Call or write.
Whittlesey Garage & Machine Co, *■“ Be“il
. ■ '. I'.... .. ....a; .1!.,,,! Mt'JUL" l!,".li:ill.ll» S
\ ,
Land at Mission For Sale by Owner
480 Acres of Irrigated Land, one mile fom Mission. No better
land in the Valley. Will »dl any size tract ejihrr improved or wilj.J
to suit purchaser. Absolutely perfect well water for drinking p»
poaea. I live on the land. Comm and m*e ** and I wall kHfrtr you
real bargain. EVAN REES. Mission, Texas, Kesiduiup uno axis
south and ons half milt east of dsoot . ,
’ ■ * /| *
« -r
■. • ... *
The Old Reliable Jewelry Firm of the Valley
» i
1 • *■ ;t
». .1' *fl«* • '*% _
i ■
► ______ _____ . __ .. .. ... .. . . 1
-: * ‘ •
The Man’s Jewelry

may nut be so costly or so varied as that of my
\; lady's, but he is—or ought to be particular
about having it of the best quality, exclusive in
!! design and neat in appearance. We cater to
\\ the dressy man's jewelry needs and can please
<; him in variety, quality and prices,
i in - —.. —— |
< ►
* >
To The Second
< ►
j; and always on time, because it was repaired by
Rutledge Jewelry Company. Watch inspector lor
0 St. L. B. and M. K. K. Co.f if good enough for
! | them, why not for you?
< >
1 > •
O '
FYLS! You Need Glasses
\ ► DONT if you are tired easily while looking at a small tb
; i A'^nn jr Jcct You necda pair of glasses, don't fool with the
!; GLASSES eyes, come and see us at once and have them ex- j;
! ! ‘ Until amined. No better optician anywhere, our Mr. ! 1
; fv mrH Albright is a graduate of one of the best schools in
Rmwd the country and fils y°ur correctly at rcason
-« "j. a-u able prices.
1-I .

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