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*"**'- - - - - - m
Brownsville Herald Publishing Co.
Mrs. Jesse O. Wheeler - Editor
Martin J. Slattery * - Manager
Offlical Organ of Cameron County
- _
Consolidated in 1893 with the Daily
Cosmopolitan, which was publish
ed In Brownsville for 16 years.
Terms or Subscription
f Dally *— Published every morning
except Sunday, by mail postpaid to
any point in the United States, Mex.
!co or Cuba, or delivered by carrier
to any part of the city, West
Brownsville, Texas, or Matamoros, j
Entered at the Postoffice at Browns
ville, Texas, as Second Class Mali
Good news was flashed from
Washington to Brownsville last
night in the telegram from Con
gressman Garner to Louis Cobolini,
announcing the fact that Mr. Garner
had secured an amendment to the
Rivers and Harbors bill providing
for a survey of (he harbor at Brazos
Santiago. After the roprt of the
United States engineers turning
down our request for an appropria
tion for this project, Mr. Garner's
feat in securing this amendment,
when even he at first feared it was
too late to do anything at this ses
sion of congress, is anoiner evidence
of the wonderful energy, persever
ance and influence of our represen
The new survey will place this
project under Major Brown's super
vision and gives hope of securing a
report which may offset that of Maj.
Howell, which, while admitting its
feasibility, yet recommended that
th|MBrazos Santiago project he not
mjHSrrtaken at present. This gives
us another opportunity to have the
subject revived and is most favorable
to^gur chances of securing an ap
propriation for a deep water harbor
at Brazos Santiago at the next ses
sion of congress.
f -
Still the sacrifice of shade trees
goes on, under the foolish impression
that no trees should be permitted
to remain in the edge of the pave
ments. When we remember how
mXny years it takes for a tree to
grow, and how greatly the shade and
verdure are needed during the long
summers in this sub-tropical 'town,
it seems a shame to cut down even
one. What if a tree happens to
stand a few inches, or even a foot
or so out of line? Can we afford
to lose a single one of these city
beautifiers, to save a little space on
our streets? Street sodawater stands,
dry goods boxes, or almost anything
else that people wish to leave on
our thoroughfares are permitted to
occupy as much space as they please.
The unlovely loafers are given
license to block the streets the live
long day. Ye; the beautiful forest
trees that were planted years ago
and coaxed to grow for the purpose
of giving us shade are being ruth
lessly slain, if they happen to en
croach a few inches upon the paved
space of street or sidewalk. Some
one should endeavor to protect the
There must be some real, awful
cause for the great unrest that
drives women to such actions as
those of which many have been
guilty in fighting for the suffragist
cause. Perhaps some effective re
form work In the right place might
remove the cause, and soothe the
ruffled feelinfcs of the women. Or,
perhaps a crusade for the purposfe
of proving to the suffragist that
lovely woman Is never so lovely1 as
when making a happy home, might
have the effect of cheeking the mad
career of the unhappy women who
appear to he struggling so desper
ately for the right to vote.
.W-~ -
It has doubtless escaped the at
tention of the Fire Marshal that
the workmen engaged in laying the
mains on Washington street have
piled the dirt from the excavations
around the fire hydrants in such a
manner as to cause a great deal of
delay In case it becomes necessary
to use the hydrant. The dirt has
beeii^ piled almost to the top of the
i'hat if a fire should break
_ -■■ *
Why bother about an occasional
frost, If you can maVe nine thousand
dollars—please observe that we
print i't In words, so that there may
be no chance for charging that there
has been a ipyographical error made
—we repeat, nine thousand dollars
in one season on three acres of let
tuce? This is the actual accom
plishments this spring of one of the
planters on the West Brownsville
canal, just three miles from Browns
‘‘I never saw a town improve so
rapidly as Brownsville has in the
past seven years,” is the expression
on the lips of every visitor who has
known Brownsville for 'the period
since the railroad reached the town.
Louis Cobolini.stands for progress
in city government. He also be
lieves in accounting to the tax
payers for every penny of their
money expended by the city.
-—-■ — I
Roosevelt’s Managers in North Da
kota Have Admitted La Follette's
Victory—Plurality Unknown.
Associated Press.
Chicago 111., March 19—“That’s
even better than I expected,’’ said
Senator Robert La Folletoe, wffo ar
rived here tonight and heard the
news in relation to the North Da
kota primaries. “My friends in that
state can not be fooled by rtfFre talk
and North Dakota can’t be shaken
from its progressive trend.’’
Lat^r in the night Frank Talcott,
chairman of the republican state
committee and John F. Bass man
ager of the Roosevelt campaign, ad
mitted that "La Follerte had won,
but neither would make a prediction
as to plurality.
Celebrate Bryan’s Birthday.
Associated Press.
Lincoln, Neb., March lO-^-^Repre
sentative democrats of the progres
sive wing of the party conferred
here today on questions oT party pol
icy and tonight paid a tribute if)
William Jennings Bryan--at a ban
quet in honor of his fifty-second
birthday. 4
Congressman Robert LT Henry of
Texas, was among the speakers.
Former senator Pettigrew of South
Dakota was outspoken in his oj>
posirDn to the presidential can
didacy of Woodrow Wilson, but
Senator (lore of Oklahoma and"Con
gressman Gaines of Kentucky and
Congressman llenry heartily cham
pioned him.
With her decks covered with
flowers the old battleship Maine
was towed out of Havan harbor,
Monday, and consigned to her final
resting place a little beyond the
three mile limit from the coast of
Cuba. She was escorted frdm the
harbor by several Cuban gunboats
and by the American cruisers North
Carolina and Birmingham. The ac
count of the closing scene as given
in the press dispatches is graphic:
“The wrecking crew went aboard
the hulk and made ready to carry
out the arrangements for the sink
ing, which consisted of opening
numerous valves in the bottom,
operated from the deck, the large
sluiceways in the bulkhead, and the
doors in the permanent bulkheads
remaining in the ship.
“At 5 o’clock another whistle
sounded from the North Carolina
and another gun was fired. The
crew Immediately threw open the
valves, and with Captain O’Brien
jumped aboard a tug alongside,
which steamed a little distance
away. Then all eyes in the great
fleet were fixed on the wreck, (he
crews of the warships lining the
rails. All was silence but the wash
of the heavy seas.
For ten minutes no change was
visable in the trim of the great,
rusty, battered hulk, which pitched
heavily as the huge rollers struck
her. Then she began sinking at j
the bulkhead end. Soon the waves
began to wash over her deck. As j
she remained, pitching each mo
ment, seltling deeper and deeper, |
the stern rose.
In a few seconds the hulk was al
most vertical, showing first the
propellers and then the full keel.
The next moment there was a flash
of blue and white as the great en
sign flying from the mast struck
the waves and disappeared. Simul
taneously the decks were blown up
by the air pressure, and with in
credible velocity the Maine plunged
downward, leaving no trace save the
flowers tossing on the surface of the
The silence was broken by whis
rte from the whole fleet,
W^fich was, the only salute. Ten
late.r the Cuban flagship
fratuev fired a farewell national sa
a] is y
lute to the squadron, to whleh both
cruisers replied, then shaped their
course for Norfolk.
Twenty minutes elapse*! from the
opening of the valves until the ves
sel rdisappeared. This was exactly
a& planned. The depth where thej
>foinQ, pluuged is estimated to bej
n?t ies sthan six hundred fathoms,
“ •*»! •••
and on account of this and the ve
locity of the gulf stream it is he-j
Moved that she did not reach the
bottom until "carried miles to thej
north and eastward.
Superintendent’s Report Shows Profit for the Month of February of Over
Six Hundred Dollars.
Following is the cash statement of the city water and light plant for
the month of February, which was made to the city council Monday by
Superintendent Stobart:
Cash received from water bills... $ 956.61
Cash received from light hills. 1,592.35
Cash received from cart sales. 8 2.39
Cash received from water connections . 25.00
Cash received from light connections . 4.00
DISBURSEMENTS: New Acc’ts Old Acc'ts Imp'nts
Oil and waste .. $ 32.47 $ 61.67
Fuel account . 972.87 10.On
General expenses . 51.78 25.63
Office salaries . 221.10 135.00
Power house wages . . . .. 41 4.87 50 00
Powerhouse improvements. $86.50
Power house supplies. 50.04
Electric light line supplies. 4.50
Office supplies . 1.10
Teams and hauling. 58.15
Electric light meters . 1.98
I^amps and carbons. 74.74
Filter plant .’. 1.50
Water-works supplies. 6 75
Electric light line employes . 231.03 150.00
2,057.96 $497.20 $86.50
Total operating expenses ordinary. $2,057.98
Total old operating expenses . 497.20
Total improvement expense . 86.50
Total cash received . $2,660.35
Total vouchers drawn . 2,641.68
Balance . $18.67
Balance in bank. Februry 1, 1912. $142.90
Balance in bank March 1, 1912. $161.57
Total cash received . $2,660.35
Expenses ordinary . $2,057.98
Profit for February . $602.37
m f
x Respectfully submitted,
Signed) R A. STOBART, Supt.
Smooth^ Sf/'crnc/e/zs
money is Secure
in our, * Bank
.4 hanker in Dhitt is responsible lor the state
ment, that if all the mtmev taken out ttf his
eommunit y hv smooth st rangers .uni **(iet - It ieh
(Juiek" sehemes hat! remained at home, it would
pike every road in t he etmji t ry.
Why tlo you not put your mtmey safely in
your home hank, where it will help ytm anti
every hot! y else in your eoummunity, anti where
you can get it when you want it'.J
Do Yr DU If hanking with US.
l\rc pay 1 per eont interest on savings.
Brownsville Bank & Trust Co.
J ’ * W * * « | ; • | m 4
.- - ■ -■ — - - ■— ■ ^ —
+^1 j
/) eaA CLmy*
3he other clay, 3 went over to call on ouA
old sch ohtiate, XauAa. She didn't seem very
c omfoAtable even when df, an oid friend, came
in; because df could plainly see that she was
• 3?
ashamed of heA shabby parlor. She confided
to me that although heA husband would yivc
heA plenty lo buy clothes with, so she could
make a pood appearance in public, he would
not let her have money to even fix up the
pa rlo r.
dfsn'i it dAeaclful foA a nice y.irl like
Jtaura to have to stand a thiny. like ihlis.
3a, 3a, as aIwa y s,
* k r
JLo u.
n,( <
(P. S.-fSriny. any friend with you when you
come. df'm not ashamed foA anybody to see
my paAlor. df've justfixed it up with fur~
niiuAe df bought fr0m
Brownsville, Texas
mmsmmmrnmmmmmmmmmmKmmmmma mmmmmmmmmammmm *
Capital and Surplus, $209,000-00
Fire Insurance
Joyce R. Wood
Phone 100 Combe Building, Over Howse Furniture Company
Maspn Grain C .
Rice Brfcn, cTWolasscs and Feed of All Kinds
' \ : A: > - - *■ j > % * }' ‘ -y ■
I J L 7 1
* » ,
£ .?• ...
* '< #i % *
Metal Shingles
—. ... ..........I...I, i ... M I....-.. ...■
► i >
► i *
: of Brownsville, Texas
► < >
United States Depository ;j
Capital $100,000.00
To send your soiled and wrinkled
clothing here to be Cleaned and
Pressed. You will And the results
satisfactory beyond your expecta
tions. Our system is superior to
many and we are careful of every
garment entrusted to our care. (»o da
called for and delivered, and charges
are very reasonable.
Pho.ie No. 1
B rowns ville
Street tar line under contraction to Country Club.
J. B. Scott, Gen. Mgr.
Brownsville, Texas
ip.VV) - t,
. . 1 11 "" ...- a . ■
*************** ************* A *
i The Pharr Hotel:
* . * ♦
i * *
■i . . . *
* . cTVline Host~Mr. Linesetter *
; ■* *
* *
* *
1 * *
I. *
.{ JK -f f. 4 •{ f | I- F + -4 F ■+■ F F •■? I ft F F F F F F> 4 f
When contempdiatinK to build your Residence, Dullness or Bank
Building, specify our brick.
Our plant Is up to date. Dally capacity twenty thousand, located
three miles north of Brownsville on the main lino of the Saint Louie,
Brownsville & Mexico lailroad. <>ur facilities for laodlns from our
private spurs insures prompt shipments.
Samples of brick will be sent prepaid upon request.
Office Suite 14 New Combe Bldg. Telephone 100. Brownsville, Texas
Gulf Coast Brick and Tile - ompanj
lElOTlKSIl E- F. JOHNSON, Manager
....—ii -,j mm :—-—— —~
F;F::FFF:;FFF::F:4: + F-F:F-;hFF;:FF:;*rF;F:F-:F-f + + F-F + 4 kFi 4
iller Hotel ;
i *
+ *
* The Largest and Most Modern Hotel t
* in South-West Texas *
* * 4,^
* Street Car Tracks Pass the Door.
* 1 *
* ♦
$ Headquarters 4 if
* Brownsville, Texas + *
******ii* ********* ***************** r
i MX 1

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