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Brownsville herald. [volume] (Brownsville, Tex.) 1910-current, June 08, 1912, Image 6

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> ■' / ^ 1
The above Roadster has 100 inch wheel base, 32x3 1-2 tires,
Standard Universal Rims, cone clutch, 30 horsepower long stroke
motor, four cylinder, Ssplildorf Dual System Ignition, selective type
transmission, three speeds forward and reverse, full floating rear axle.
Price F. O. B. Racine, Wis., $950 without top.
Equipment includes, tire irons, complete set of tools, horn, gen
erator, five lamps and Universal speedometer sprocket.
Choice of three colors; Gray B >dy with black trimmings, Red
Body with black trimmings and Dark Blue.
You get beauty or finish and design in all Mitchell cars, also
power flexibility, reliability and Mitchell seivice, which means constant
attention to your need<
You get the fruits of 77 years of making vehicles and studying
organization, owners of Mitchell cars now% or 77 year.' from now, will
profit by it and by the high standard of quality which the Mitchell
mime guarantees.
4 # *
Mitchell cars arc built f t ic man who caVt alford to make a mistake.
The Mitchell 60 H P 6 An OCn
cylinders 7 passengers JljLuU
The Mitchell 48 H P 6 1 ICO
cylinders 5 passengers Ijlull
The Mitchell 35 H P4
cylinder 5 passengers
I /
The Mitchell 30 H P 4
cylinder 4 passengers
I The Mitchell 30 H P 4 cylinders 2 passenger
Runabout without top .... - .
Above prices F. O. B. Racine, Wis.
Arrange for demonstration or write,
Brownsville, - Texas.
One-half Block North of Passenger Station.
See the Latest Things g
H IN g '
£ tlie Patent Hip ( .lip
( ' fur-lined bathing suits
i Latest Chicago Fad Due to Chilly
Northern Weather.
Chicago, 111.. Juno 7 Fur-lined
Iftid trimmed bathing suits are to in*
Woru in Chicago this summer, dress
makers a^e busy with costumes made
wi h skins of seals, otter, muskrat,
beaver and other aquatic animals,
hut it is uot believed that fact will
aid the owueis to awirn any better,
kb ©taction from the cold is the uue
Time was when certain costumes
appearing on he lake shore beaches
could not have been termed exactly
chilly, but they did not keep the
wearers as warm as might have been
supposed. This year the water is
particularly icy, and the new fur
lined affairs will maintain an even
temperature in the water, allowing
those most susceptible to cold to
venture into the breakers.
Lodge No. 1 Insists, Upon Further In
vestigation of Affairs of Grand
At an assembly of Lodge No. 1,
Caballeros de Honor held in its hall
Thursday nijit, a resolution was1
adopted declaring that the lodge was
still not satisfied with the results of
the investigation oT*the Grand Lodge
transactions, and urging that an ex
traordinary grand convention of the
order he held at Brownsville as soon
a*i possible. The grand officers of
the lodge were presen and consented
to call an extraordinary convention,
as soon as the constitutional require
ment that fourteen lodges of the or
der shall request that such a conven
tion he tailed. The grand officers,
in fact, had announced previously
hat they would call a grand extra
ordinary convention as soon as pos
Geo. P. Warner, state examiner of
insurance fraternities, was present
by request, and not in any official
capacity. He addressed a Tew words
i to the meeting, saying that, while
I tit' had found some {Regularities in
the methods by which the grand
lodge conducted business, yet hf
hoped, for the good of the order, that
the differences between the factions
Would be healed. \
Objected to Report.
f On Thursday ^ternoon, Jose i
Manzano, chancellor of Lodge Xo. 1,
and Francisco Gonzales, secretary of
the loge, called on The Herald, to
say that they strongly objected to
the report In Thursday's Herald, to
the effect that th? Grand Lodge had
been vindicated by the investi
gation made by the state examiner.
They insisted that a large number of
the members of the order were dis
satisfied with the administration of
the Grand l^odge and would demand
an extraordinary grand convention,
and that, unless there should be a
change, a number of lodges would
drop out of the order.
The Herald assured the committee
hat it had only published such re
port as had been furnished it by the
state examiner. Mr. Warner, and the
officers of the grand lodge, that it
had understood the differences were
healed and had been rejoiced to pub
lish the fact, hoping that peace was
restored and the prosperity of the
order assured.
* 9
As matters now stand, it appears
that the case of the grand lodge will
go before the extraordinary grand
convention, to be called at Browns
ville soon, for final settlement.
Texas's Big Onion Crop.
San Antonio. Texas. June 7—The
onion growers of South Texas will
realize approximately $1.5* 2,500
from this season’s crop. Upward of
ten thousand acres "were plan’ed in
this product in South Texas this
year, producing so far. 3. MO car
loads and 800 more cars will be ship
ped before th season ends.
These cars will represent 2.250,
000 frates. which will sell at an av
erage of $1.25 per crate, making a
gross income of $£.812,500. The
average cost of prclluclion *iH total
$1,250,000, therefore the profit will
reach 123 per t.ciff> *D *»*n*§s of
$150.25 per acrjp.;
- r f ~
". ...» r
• *A
4V + 4. 4. 4 + ♦♦ * *
t ^v: 0. A. Giit’eirt: Las gone to,
Kan BenLo ;cr a .noil ».~u.
T. A. Eernsten visited San Beni'o
lie iity V. S.. Mai shall W. B. Lin
ton and Customs inspector E. B.
Jtiierds were passengers yesterday
tor i uints up tne Branch.
B. L. Shaw, the popular salesman
at Walker Bros.-Hancock Co., ex.
pects to leave this morning on a
short pleasure visit to Houston.
E. D. Shell of Harlingen, who
has been in the city for a few days
on 'business, returned home on the
morning train yesterday.
J. T. Smith of Harlingen was a
passenger on the morning train yes
terday, returning home after a short
business visit here.
Father Anthony Couturier went to
San Benito on the morning train yes.
terday, to spend a few days visiting
in that city.
Dudley Laurie of St. Louis, the
noted "Candy Man of Texas", was
a passenger on the morning train
yesterday for points up the Branch.
P. H. Foster, -the modest, shy, re
tiring weather prophet, was a pass
enger on the morning train yester
day for La Feria.
D. Jacobs, traveling freight agent
for the Frisco, vras in the city the
past few days visiting the numerous
business men here. Mr. Jacobs left
on the morning train yesterday for
point* up t£e Branch.
Mr. and Mrs. .J. L. Landrum are
in the city fqr a brief visit. They
arrived yesterday and Will return
home tomorrow. Mrs. Landrum and
all of the girls are at the planta
tion for the summer.
VV. P. O’Connor, Btate organizer
of the South Texas Modern Macca
bees went to.San Bvnito on tbe morn
ing train yesterday on business con
ceit ing organizing a tent of Macca.
bees at that .place.
Mrs. Frank Rabb, accompanied by
her brorher-in-law1 and sister, Major
and Mrs. Arthur VV. Thayer, return
ed yesterday from frort Sam Houston,
where she spent several months with
! Major and Mrs, Thayer. The latter
will spend the summer here with
Mr. and Mrs. Rabb.
% -r—r
Miss Annie Craig arrived last
nighi from San Xntgelo, Texas, to join
her parents, Rev, *»nd Mrs. J. T.
Craig, who have been residing here
since last fall. Miss Craig has been
appointed as a teacher in the
Brownsville public school for the
^coming session. She holds a first
grade certificate and was employed
the past session in the San Angelo
schools. She spent a week en route,
; visiting old friends in Austin, where
the family formerly resided.
* - _ .—
Fine Game Between Two of the Val
ley'« Beit Teams Played at Ray
Raymodville, Texas, June 7—In a
1 well played and fast game between
the Harlingen nine and the Ray
mondville Sluggers at Raymondville,
Harlingen was defeated by a score of
8 to 2.
The feature of the games was the
fast Yielding of shortstop Malcolm
Cosset and the pitching of Hotch
I 1 i: • 1 » - 4 *
kiss for Raymondville.
Batteries—Harlingen: Richey and
Elmore^ Raymondville: Hotchkiss
and Mewes. • • . ,
Notice to Contractors.
Sealed bids will be received by the
City of Brownsville, Texas, until 3
p. m., June ITath, 1912, for the fur
nishing all the material and labor
necessary for the construction of
about 2100 feet of storm sewer mains
.for the'city of' Brownsville, includ
ing 5 manholes and 16 inlets with all
necessary connections in accordance
with plans and specifications on file
at the office of the City Engineer,
Room 209, Merchants* National
Bank Bldg.
Bids must be accompanied by a
certified check for the sum of $250,
payable *to the Treasurer of the City
'of Brownaville, as a guarantee that
should contract be let the successful
bidder will enter into a contract and
bond within ten days from the sign
ing of the contract. Bid^ must be
endorsed “Bids for Syrm Sewer
Construction*' and a<Rw>ssed to B.
L. Cain, Charlatan, 3trf/t and Bridge
Committee. City of Brtjwnsville.
Dated this 21st day ft May, 1012.
L J $-4-41—wit
! *■#»♦ ' * *• # '* *
!| f! ^ •■rrni^ » » m
I I r
They do say the bee chat hangs around the hive,
; don’t get the honey.
» f
} 1 i
But for the bee who must hang around the hive—
for the man who must sit long hours at his desk
| and take things as they come, there is much solid
comfort and restfulness in our office chairs, I
- Different pieces and all mighty good values. g
Sectional Book Cases. New sections can be had as the size
of your library receives.
“All Steel” Vertical Filing Cabinets.
; Dust proof, Vermin Proof and Fireproof.
Sectional Wire Letter Trays. !
I Brass Cuspidors in all sizes.
National Blank Books. All kinds, sizes and prices. Best
Binding and Paper in all.
Prompt attention given to all out of town orders. Nibble a1
our bait and we ll land you as a customer.
, * *
Phone 381.
Exposes Fake Reports on Bolivian
Mines Sent Out to Boom Lands in
That Republic.
Washington, D. C., June 7—A fake
•letter, signed by an American min
ing prospector named Ferguson, tell
ing of rich deposits of gold along
the Tipuani river, in Bolivia, has
drawn a large number of Amerlcmu
/• . « '
prospectors to tha: country, accord
ing to a warning issued from the
department of state. The letter has
been circulated widely among the
mining communities of the Western
States and Alaska.
An investigation by American
Minister Knowles in Bolivia has
shown that the Ferguson letter was
circulated by a German fugitive
-from justice, now resident in Bolivia,
who is the owner of large tracts of
land along the Tipuani river. The
reports of gold were circulated to
.boom the land.
Despite the discouraging informa
tion given to some of the Aorrrjcan
prospectors upon arriving in La Paz,
Bolivia, several of them decided to
visit the Tipuani district and see for ,
themselces whether deposits existed
there. Certain of the«e prospectors I
have reported that there fe uo gold ^
to be obtained by the ordinary meih- ,
ods of placer mining and that the
Tipuani is not worth one-half the
poorest river in Alaska.
The Bolivian government has done
everything in its power to help out
the American prospectors who have
already arrived in Bolivia, 6aya the
state department. There are gold
deposits in certain sections of Bolivia
and at the suggestion of Minister
Knowles the Bolivian government,
when made aware of the plight of the
urospeetors lured to he Titu'ni dis
trict, opened a bureau of mines and
placed at the service of the prospec
tors engineers and guides to take
them to those regions where It/Is be
Ueved gold in paying quantities may
be found.
t\ 9
' It is still possible that these efforts
of the BoMvtan government may re
turn to the prospectors a reward for
their long journey, and at the same
time prove of grfat benefit to tha Bo
f *
ftvian government by opening up
mining fields which have heretofore
remained unexplored for want of
proapactora. *
£ .. 1 i •. / '* .
frontier construction company
General Contractors
309 Merchants* National Bank Building.
Phone 150.
T ItlJSS ES. GIRDERS, fCT. _ \ ~j
* *► *
■■—■■"■Jl’Jl1111 .■.'■■jy - -- J J«|' ■1-,'UH.JLi — 'L JLUII! .
I 01
T. Crixell, Sole Dealer, Brownsville
PROVED tracts of LAND, on which we can save you $50 to $75 per ^
acre. I * »
Good reasons for the sacrifice too. Before you buy see us. Let it
SHOW YOU that we tell the TRUTH.
The FOX is the BEST of ALL WRITING MACHINES. It it told in
dera GUARANTEE that no other macliien will give, for the REASON
that it it the only machine that will itand up and do all that it it
GUARANTEED to do. Onr Mr. W C. Allen will gladly give yon a free
demonstration if you will call Phone 341 and aak it.
Fire Insurance
Joyce R. Wood
Pkaat 198 Combe Building, Over ttowse Furniture Compel?
V,i h

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