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___f Today’* New* in Today* Paper Full leased wire Associated Press news service
VOL. XXX, No. 277. ' BROWNSVILLE, TEXAS, Sl'XDAY MORNTXII, Al’RILL, 1924. Sixteen I’a^es Today ESTABLISHED 1893
jtr _
Forty-Four El Jardin Farm
ers and Land Owners Ob
/ j*ect to Sections of Com
f munity Council Resolutions
The following statement. signed by
forty-four farmers and land owners of
the HI Jardin tract was presented to the
Herald Sat unlay with the reipiesi that
it be published together with the flumes
of the signers:
~To Whom it .May Concern:
•• We, the undersigned farmers and
laud owners in the I I Jardin Traet, do, '
in all seriousness, eoiidemn those por
tions of the resolution passed by the hi
.* Jardin community c» imeil. in ww
Mni'h '_*H, dealing a- follows;
"Fir*! The paragraph loiituiued ill
the iiitrodiu-tioii dealing with the polii
ieal and partisan relation* and differ
ence* of Ft. It Creager anil Senator Hef
lin of Alabama, the same being irrei;*
VII nt to the progress of till miiiinuiiit \.
“Seeond Tho*e portions of ihe first,
third and fourth paragraph* of tic
resolution proper condemning all work
being done and having ee» done >y
piihlie organizations, rIi«• pie** anil pri
vate parties in gathering and submitting
truthful data as to the true eondit ion. !
|iros|*erity, growth and development of
I the Itio tirande India *eotioii The
same section i* now on truil hefore a
special cotuuiittee of the I nil cl Stale*
senate as to whether ii is a* represent
ed. one of the garden spot* of the world
or a semi-arid desert, an unprofitable
place to live, and all in all a pin un
desirable for an Anglo-Saxon to make
his home.
“-t Signed t—1». I*. Carpenter. .1 II.
T.nw fen. e. William Matthew *, 4'ha*,
f.ovillger, II. It Street. I. A. I »i i \ **r. |
It. <. Hanna. Mr*. I'mil |i e, Mr*. .1 F.,
w klcCliatoelu I.* •• Mart n. I.. tin w
BK Nash. J. A. Kelly, I*. It W Ison, J<
[ I*. I lay. I I lea Sib i,
| Iir^^^TTJTtrpd. Win. I*. \> d'*alek. Fred
1 .lunJes. I'auiT^Kw^C. F. St inner, i
I C. pttauner. W. A W aT^eiv Mr*. W . A
9 Walker. Walter II Keller If-I Unate
long, Itiehard Setliman. W A. Noland.
J. It. Coulter. II II Hanker. Win. A!
breeltl. It M. Hannah. Mr* I r«*d It . t*
berg. F. McMullen. J F. M I'liutoek.
M F. Swilley, T. \ Kent j, W i
Str«*et. tMaude Matey. N\ dmr Wright.
I>an Neil. Emil Itiat»«*k, Mrs. Ennl
(By The As. cciatcd I’r» --i
NEW YORK. April A 1 md o! men
in white roht s and hoods, hn- deputised
i*self to tun down rum-runner- near
Southampton. Long Island, it w dis
cl< sed today v hen (' r.ip Peter Suit van.
n sperial treasury agent in charge of
prohibition enfor ement n parted that
he and six of hi- deputies we e held UP
by twenty robed men last night.
The robed men d<n.; tided, at pi tol
point, that the treasury agents prove
their identity, Sulliv n said. It ing con
vinced that their credentials were gen
uine the lender of the hand. who. ac
cording to Sullivan -aid he w - "th<
chief klcaglc tf Long I-’arid then of
fered the gave. nment men assistance i
in detect.ng liquor law violators. 1 he
leader gave the agent the name- of two
men reputed to be bootlegger-.
Bootleggers have recently ' e«-n ac
tive in the neighherh :id >- Southamp
ton, where part of the long line of
ships constituting the rum low s an
BUFFALO. April 5.- Walter Zierni k
17. was electrocuted hi re tod y when a
fin* steel wire attached to the kite he
Ras flying came in contact with a
heavily charged feed wire of the Buf
falo General Electric Company.
| Official Weather Reports
East Texas: Sund y cloudy, probably
local sh'iwcr- in extreme so thcast por
tion. cooler in north fp( rt on‘. Monday
partly cloudy.
I^»cal W other Pat a
Barometer 7 p.m, yesterday .... 30.01
Tenipetature highest yesterday ..
Tentpetj ture 2 p.m. yesterday .. .4.
Tmperature 4 p.m. yesterday .. 7*.
Temperature 7 p.m. yesterday- .. 72.
Humidity 7 p.m. yesterday i pc* l 81.
I’recipitation 7 p.m. yesterday .... T.
Total rainfall this month . T.
Wind (direc. and v.l.i 7 p.m.SE-S
Weather 7 p.m. yesteid- y . cloud’
Sun sets today .
Sun rises tomorrow .. 6:U*
Prohibition Agents Make
Many Seizures of Liquor
in New York and Vicinity
Three Vessels, Four Motor
Trucks, 18 Men and 2,635
Cases of Liquor Secured
in Various Raids
(By The An < ciatcd Pre - *
NEW YORK. April 5. Prohibition
agent in this district \v • king on I »<i
and sea, today at rested IS men c >tur- I
etl a team y u ht, a -chooner, ;» motor
boat and four t uck - and i z.d j
cases of liquor.
The authorities indulged in race off
Monta k Po tit between one of their
new high powered rum cl - rs end a \
fast little bottle ship fr< m the turn
f’eet. Tif motor boat Mickey ws c-,i- j
tured, with her crew ot four men and i
ht r cargo of 500 case .
The piir of the Fahre Line Syria, wa- ;
use<l as a I use by federal agents who •
fired volley after voile y of pistol but- I
lets in : va n attempt t< h:iIt -r bl: "k
speed boat «>f low vigil ility which, ac
cording to the authorities, wa. sur
prised in the act of taking a cargo of
liquor trom the deck of the Svtia.
Whin the motor b< at e aped the
agents raided the Syria. Two firemen
we e : rrested.
Radio messages from the revenue '
cutter Victory ‘obi of the seizure off
dinner’s Point. Long I land, of th
team yacht Theod< re and th sloop .
Sadie E. Nickerson, and tie c p* r e >f
their crews with liquor r rgoes. The j
yacht, valued - t $H5 000, h d VI5 case
of wh’sk y and th«> sloop hailing from
Nantucket Mas- . Ton ras.
Four moving van with WOO cases of
whiskey that had been dumped from a
motorboat upon the dock of *he I "
Cluggcnkeim • state, on th II ; ■!
-hore, were seized en route to N:*w ,
—... ♦ • -.—.■—
Terrell Expresses
Views on Progress
Throughout Valley
fBy The Associat'd I*re s)
At STIN. \pr'l 5.—Possibility that
the I nited State- senate committee
investigation of alleged fraud- in
sale of l(io drande A alley land- max
injure I i t»nt«i «* land companies
there was expressed hy deorge B.
Terrell, slat, eomnii*#,orer of agri
culture who has just returned from
the A alley.
“I trust tin- investigation will clear
up the situation in such manner as
not to hurt the honest land 'com
panies that are doing a legitimate
bu-iri ss.” said Mr. Terr dl. ” I hope
the wonderful progress of this sec
tion will not 1*4- retarded. The rich
ness of thi soil and the production
of fruit and vegetables <an not be
duplicated in any other state.”
-« • . —
(By The A- cciated Pres-)
ROSKLI.E. N. J. April 5. duthrie, i
Oklahoma, tonight clinched the na
tion:! high school g!r”s I, kethall
championship hy def 'ting AA'estfield,
Itt to 17. in the second of a thre gam"
sc ios. The first game on Thursday 1
night, resulted in a •’<•'! to 22 score in
favor of the girls f:o mthc Western i
school. A third game wi I he played her*
Monday night.
A. ,V M. DEFEATS S. M. I*.
(By The A < ciated Pre- \
DALI.AS, Texas, April 5. Texas A. <V
Af. in\ ded AiniMroi'g I • '• I today nd
ib ci' vely defeat" } Southern M tfo di t
University’s track team. The farmer
piled up « core of 105 to 12 for South
ern Methodist University.
Claims Farmers are Being
Forced From Homes at
Rate of Hundred Thous
and Per Month. Says Ac
tion Necessary
fB\ Tin* \ atr-d I’tc s)
WASHINGTON. April .*■. Continu a
lion of pre-etit unf.ivorh: le condition:
on American farms will r. >u't in h
general "deportation" of American far
mers. representatives of several farm
organizations de C d -;. in a
open letter addressed to "tin pre ident.
the congre s and the people of th»
I’nited Stat< s."
Farmers were forced from their
homes during at the rate of
Kio.ihm) per month, the letter id. "ami i
the process still is und< r way in till its
The McNarv H tugtn hill w: er.dor -
ed as an emergency relit f measure.
The letter was signed by T. At
keson Washington of the national
grange: Gray Silva r, for the American
farm bureau federation; James R. -
Itipg . national livestock pre.dueeri’ as
sociation, nr.d George J. Wet;, gene-j
eral manager of the America. Wheat 1
Growers* A-‘ oeiation.
“Country conditions r n r >t he told
in words.** the lrtt--r said, "Th" hun
dreds of broken hank r-* r ••!. hut
the suffering which followed thtn*. is,
hidden in the haze of distance. I n
ceasing toil of millions of pcoidc, fu
• le attempts to protect family and pro
perty. i- l» s without r cognition.
••The cause is c ide"i. A disordered
world emerging from war and handi
capped by man-made I- .rrier aeon
charnels if int*r national trades prov*
unable t<> absorb the surplus produc
t on of our farms a* d o ir indtistri' -
at prices commensurate with American
standards. An elaborate ‘r -- tuie of
economic protection i- provided for in-!
dustrv and labor but dot • <<t reach the
“The remedy is a ohv on a- the
raus-. It rests in the appliciit on of ef
fective protection to tin- products of
the farm emtally with those of other
industries, the i stahli hmen* of «lorr.
■ c markets for fan cro» on an Am-j
prican basis, apart from world condi
lions to conform wi'h I• k« markets i-.l
ready provided far among manufacture
and American labor.'*
■ - e ♦ — — i—
(Bj The As i eiated l’r> l
BK.Ar.MONT. Te:;a-. \pril R. I
Carnahan, age abon* Ifwas shot and
instantly kilted and W. U. <i ■ rett wa
:e ioi'tl) hurt I t- tonight about 1 •
miles southwest of Me .uniont when an ,
automobile in which they* were driving
went into the ditch. Carnahan leaped j
when he saw the crash wa coming,
suffered a crushed ki II when he h.t i
the hard urfam d road. Hath men re (
: i sident of Beaumont, l ut Carnahan
recent I j came here from Kingsville.
-•• —..
ItONNA. Te\a . April .*> A number of
Donn; people attended the mi’ -trel put
on by the high s.-hoi 1 students «t Wes
laco la t night.
The home t.hnt attraction drew a
good crowd from Weslaco.
Brownsville Should be Made
Center For Tourist Traffic
"Brownsville could he mad- the center of touri t traffic in the South, |
and it could he if we had hotel accommodations." was the tatement made
i last, night by VV. K. MePavitt of MePavitt Bros. I
“The growth of tin- city and the volume of improvements made in the 1
past three or four year.- have been heavy, hut they are only a -.tart on the
development which would follow if we can attract the tourist traffic to this
city. The stream of tourist travel h;«v already turned this way, l.nt we 1
cannot expect it to attain f ill volume unless we supply he accommodations
i tin touri-ts demand.
"’Ihe most important proposition- before the city today is the erection
of a tourist hotel one that would be a credit to the city; that would sup
ply ample accommodations for all comers, and ! believe' that it would be
merely th> forerunner for additional hotels which would be necessary to
care for the* touri-ts. home-seekers and investors Mich a hotel would attract
to this city.
" Brownsville has made wonderful progress ir recent years, but we
have reached the point where we moot ex-pert to progress much further
unless this important essential to cit" development is taken care of."
* |
|......... 1
Detailed Statement of Soil
and Irrigation Conditions
in Valley Read Into the
Senate Record
Th- following fact* concerning con
ilit.ns in the Lower Ilio (irande Val
ley were pr ented to the senate Mon
day by Sen t• i Sheppard, who prefaced
h • remark with thi* following:
"Mr. |*r kk-nt, in further refcence
to the lower K <> (irande V.*11 y and the
investigation theteof n«»v in progre
ndei Senate Resolution l.***. 1 do ire to
state that I have I* on fu rushed by
Hon. A It. t ole, mayor of Brownsville,
Tex., who r-; rt-ent ti e vnriou chain
. (.|. of cum" t ree in tile \ alley with a
dor ill <i statement a to soil condition*
and irrigation lacii.tics in that sertion.
The statement Is ba * <1 on affidavits
and statement* by tin* enginoeis and
mi lingers <f the 12 nmji r irrigation
projict .n the V lloy and t v more tir* i
:;»•() represent live :.nd respon-ible
I: ndownc* s lire ted < n tiit -e projects.
A matter of ju tic- to all concerned.
a-s that this dat mint be pul-1; hed
in tlu* rocc- ti."
There being no ol jectit n, the state
inert wa nt*! -red t•- he printed in the
II cord, : folio, s:
I Geogr phit al Situation
Although commonly called the Lower
llio (irande Valley, the trig;.ted dis
tent in l*!f count.es mentioned con ti
triti-s, in fact, the delta of the Rio
<; : nde, and i-■ hide , roughly, the
. ..uthtii-t- rn quarter of llitialgo co .nt;.
and tin- western h If of » ameron c*-un
ty, V* ml.n- •-!< g t Rio (irari.lt- at
nbou**^ -ni*r '■ ■ r., M:*-h»n eu-tw.-rd
t'i on irregular line about H miles east
of Brownsville, with a width vary ng
2 r iK 12 mile- .-1 Mission t*» 25 i.iiles <*i
more ne -r Brown*■ v ille. About IHW.O'Ki
i.cit In th ■ f-.rtil*' i»e!t are nvailn4 le
f r cultivat..on, but of this trait about
4:i,OnO acre in Cameion county are as
. : will out irrigation facilities. \ •
tr. ct- ndj: ct ? t to the river, aggregatin'*
about Idlin'* ac c-. ate irrigated direct
|y f out the Rio Grande through tnnil
private irrig-it.on yrtenis; while the
ii'ins ininr 45<t,000 acres me irrigat' d
by, «.r entitled t > irrigation fr in, 12 in
dependent ir.i>. it ion systems, *> in Hi
daliro eounty and 6 in < amcron county.
All <' the air cron < ount; system- and
! <«;r of t • • in iI e" i’ ' art
owned and operated by water improve
au nt d strict*, which are defined dis
tticts organ ix <1 under the lav. of
Texas a- pu lie municipal corporations
for th purjo-e of supplying w. ter f*1 r
irrigation t«» the hinds within the r
houndnrir . These districts p«»--c.-- thi
power of taxation to support bond i
for construction purpost and of
asse.- mg thi Ian !? benefited for opera
turn and maintenance purposes. They ; n
m r.age 1 by a boatd of <Ii ectors chn *'ti
i > i; ■■ .1: .• d \ f • * t ding wi» • i
the p:i titular district. Tie two r •
m ining Hidalgo county irrigation s>
ten ar ' tint'll and opev t• i by solvent
and r* pon-iblc p:i\;.te corporat ttns.
II. Soil.
The s .il in thi ir rented di trict i
it mji :*oI eiitir ly of the alluvial de
no .t of the n.o Grande, itnd experts
it agreed that it is of unsurpassed
fertility. It is in fact f r m*e produc
live than equally fertil land- else
where, because seasonal and climate
eor.iii! or. pctri." the growing' of three
crop' in two years or. with er.re ami
good judgment in th selection and ro
tinn t ‘ crops, two crops may be grown
on the same land in a single year, Dur
ing the year 192.'! this irrigated distri- l.
having about 220.0**0 acres in actual cul
Ovation, marketed cottan, cottonseed
and cot ton sc. '1 product- of the gr r <
value to the grower- of more then $10.
•KI0.0*mi, at.d since November 1, 192;f. it
h: s j 11eadv marketed more than O.orrlt
carloads of winter vegetal Its of th<
minimum value to the gr xr of nut
It -than |'-"0 pet c . r. . ■1 i me
. $1,000, b* It ,'■■■• ■ •
(t'otilinned on page six. I
- — -——
NEW YORK, April 5.—Victor David
Brenner, sculptor and medalist, design
er of th" Lincoln c. nt. died tod iv in a
B*ronx ho-pital after a long illnc
He was 52 years ago. His initial “ V.
D. B.“ appeared on the adverse of the
fir-t Lincoln boins, but later were
withd raw n.
Be rn in Russia. Brenner came to N* w
York in H'JO and rose from a humble
die tutor to an internationally famous
DONNA. Tex s. April 5.- A switch
engine moving slowly ; t etc of the
crossing- here in town Friday afternoon
collided with a Ford touring car, dc
ntolishing it considetably, while \V. F
Hudson. a local g ocerytn: n jumped t<
.ifety. frt the jump Mr. Hudson •imtain
ed a sprained ankle. ”o other damage
was done.
(By The A o au-d Press)
LILLY, Pa.. April ,r». Four me.i w« r« F >H• <i and Ft injur' d when »)«<►* wer*
’ fired into a crowd of townspeople her.- tonight ju-t before hundnd member
' of the Kj Klux Klan hoarded a special train for Johnstown after holding rere
j inoriie* in a field neat- town and a demonstration in the treet. The dead,
j all n -idem of ! ||y, ar« : Philtip • onrad. lia; Frank M« a ko, Floyd Paul,
j i's-; Fnid* ntifi< d mil' .
The injured seme of whom are expected to die, ware taken to hospital- at
! Johnstown and Altoona.
Th train hearing the K Inns men arrived in Lilly from Johnstown about Oj
c*clo;-k this ev ning and immediately upon detraining the Klansm* n marched to J
| i field wh.-r** rit« s of ♦ :»*• order were gone through. Then they marched through
the street- making a demonstration. At a field, cro -i wer* hurt.* !.
When nearing th- railroad station preparatory to departing to Johr town.
. according to the pel several resident:* of the town turned a sir*am of wal-r
i HANDLER, Ari/.. April —John
U illi.n - ot Phoenix, playing in the
t«nth annual south** stern golf ii‘
Kclatlon tournament here today,
ten! *>f! from th« 1 ih hole hooker!
Iris frail and sent it over th«- fence
of an ostrich farm. An ostrich
strolled *•* < r a oil ate the h: II.
| |
It; I h • As < tinted Pr>.; i
FRANKFORT. K; ... April 5—Two
rompuni* s of Kentucky National
(tuardsinen were order d to the min
ing r amp *>f the I.ih rt.v *'1 ;.r d • •
company on Straight trwk in H* 1!
county by Governor W. .1 Fields* late
today. An outbreak of labor trouble
was marked by the killing of one man
and wounding of another Thursday.
The order was issued Friday night,
hut wa kept secret until late today to
facilitate mo.einrr.t of the troops.
The troop;- were moved in motor
trucks and it is expect' d they would
In* on duty by early Sunday*.
"The situation i- very tense and rom*
t icated by inroad- of unknown par
i in* • ” Adjutant Kehoc tidal the A.- "
eiatcil Pr«‘s before leaving for Straight
fBy The A s *riated Prtf»>
IMNKVII.f.K, Kv . April ft.— Arrival of j
the nat or nl guarilsnien at the mining!
<■ e.p of th*' I.ih»*r •• Coal *v * o'- •• com
puny, on Sr.iight Creek, resulted in an
* ..- nr today of tension apparent since
hidden riflemen fired on non-union min
er Thursday, killing one man and
wound ng another.
The outbreak Thursday followed -nor
aftrr the mi.ies had been placed on n
not "Union b mis and eviction notices
posted against former employes, living
in company houses, hut refusing to re
sume work.
II. K. Heed, representative of union
miners at the Straight Crefk canto,
said tonight h<* had investIgated the
shooting Thur day and determined
men her of the organization were not
implicated. He declared he had cau
tioned the men a'gamst violence.
f’TYv The A eriated Prc• -)
\F\V <»?{!.’* \N\ \uril 5.—Mexican
rebels have disabled the eunhoat
lira'o at Tampiro and th< pride of
. the Ohrejron nnv' niav be °'J* of com
mission several months, arrnrdlng to
a rebel official r. port brought h-re
todav for trnnsn i« ion to revolution
ary headquarter*.
It chela ir the crew according to
the report, rut down the feed water
*;ipp|v to th l>oili -s afirr the ship
arrived in th- I’anu'O River from
\n» Orleans and one boiler »j< *o
h.idlv burned it must be replaced or
r. built. One sailor has hem exSeuted
as n rr«u't and forlv othf* members !
of the crew are under arre>t awaiting
court martial.
The report was m^de hv Gilbert I
Rosques, agent for the in«urrcrtion
ists in the Tampiro region.
irorn a town im nust! un wit.* •. *
Shooting immediately followed. The
KIan*men hoarded the train and depart
ed before any action could be taken to
stop them.
The wounded were all young men and
boys. Police have conflicting reports
as to their returning the fire.
Hundred* of person i were gathere d at
the ration to wit-:‘«s the departure of
the visitors and as the train left the
station all was turmoil.
State poll re men v no wepe said to
have been in the town in plain clothe*
to prevent disorder* were- powerlco - te.
art. A far ; - could be learned none
e»f the lumber e.f the- K an we re re
elent • c»f this town.
Conrad and Paul died te r minutes :.f
ter being • he't, and M« a->a an<l the
unide nt ifie el 'uan about an heiur Inte r.
As the Klan«meti wen- i ar h i g
hae-k to the -tat »1 ■ ■ <>f t■ -’•
p.-«epli* crowded them on both *:<i -
N'e/bnig but j*b* and jeer, could be
he .ird e-iaar.ating from tli*• town-people
and it wii: when the- feeding had rear a
i <1 th<* highest t- teh that the water v.a
turned on.
Klanr.ten Arrested.
.14 »IINS*I' >\V X. I' l . A " I ■* "’hen.
die Me«-< ial train ••ariug me mb* r> e.f the
K . K K
<e le.-re- four men were- bid-el ai d 1-’. ' -
jiiroel in n *hnoilng jn-i t»* tie
lxiat11 ■ la* a < nt ra a* d a’ ■ ’ h" • -
demons’rati hi in that town. nriavid in
.lohustow :> Inertly before- midnight i*
was met lev l - l <• " i»:iti I ’"> !“ *" "
1 I, ,-T- Ill b\ S ie riff i •• ’tl V l\
1.1 r. Twenty five K lll'laell ' **t — (
rest i'll mul almst lift y gnus vve-re- i on*. •• ^
Tl.e *?.e-i iii 1 train ••:i*i~t'd <*f »*n *'ti
;; lie- t J e 1 { V • e'eea • - s ii Till b : * * * * I •
l.illy. which 17 tl; frestu be 1 ■
s.:*,M •>< !.>- k l.e't night.
'Hire, ft tie , -|- oils wounded in the
sbooiing at l.illv were brought t>* 'i
hospital lil*r I rhe-V :.' - 1 • : * 1
sheet thri'iigh tlx- left *>•!<•. II t'*‘> -f*»•*•»
•oil. sheet I lirol. ;t!" the* I • « *S. an.l Samue l
Hv.ni'. All ar.- jn serious c*hmI lion.
A fee! elitljr tee J.eli •' a la I g*‘ tHIUI >r of
Klatmuien wont to I 1 ■
;ntt.»ll.eel.ib‘ in Jlelelie "HI tee those vv.iee
tlave Ibd on !' *■ sp«- ial train.
I'.elie e dr, land that a large niimber |
eef e'ltt'ef > shell* were fotlleli e>!e tile- floor
ed the I-.H, tef tlif* train and tin
had rv tele lie e tl •! a great many gun* had
been thrown from the train be tore n
!*( ;»* li«*«l J '*W I*.
w \( o m \% k• 11 n>
WAt (I. Tl : . . A; I ‘;‘ru V. by an
automobile • n d knocked v -on >
against a p> .»t as he vvi * ntte*mptitig to
cross the sttect late Friday afternoon,
resulted in the death id noon today of
A A Yai i ’>
Reparations Committee Tak
ing Every Precaution to
Avoid Errors of interpre
(By The A ceiatrd PressI
PARIS. April ii. **Po- ibly Monday,
nr> 1 !. 1 v. ir. ary c»-c W'tdnts
day at the Ian f." i the revised fore*
cast for the mj mi ion to the re pa (in
tion c< mmh ion of the long awaited
report of the reparation expert’* com
The combined difficulties of editing
the French and English texts so that
they w II i ran the same thing and not
oral th ti - !v> - to contrary interpreta
tion , and the natural difficulty fac
ing the French national printing bu
rr u in turning out letter-perfect,
f I proof English texts, again ha a »et
< t i >" . • .'tie drafting c%iu^
mitt who j»re arxiou to get away
from Paris am! se k a well earned re
spite <n the Riviera and It; ly, Corsi
ca and even Elba.
The expert. ; re d tc: mined that no
. uch confusion shall arise over their
report ; a* < in the case of the
Treaty of Vet ailles, in which th r
French rr.d Ergli-h texts varied in sev
t tal no* tide it t tut . : » tt to permit
v. ti) d iferent iMerp r tat ions. As an
instance o t i divergency it will 1 e
recalled the far .ou provision regard
ing the Mum I)i* trini which was em
inently at fact1 iy to *'nc United
Str.t' - in the English version, but in
11..- French lent it-eff to practically an
oppo erl thesis. *\
FI.. . the |. • authorities in repar- ’
ation and diplomatic cirtles it is
learned that the rep ration commission
will not 11.* likely to hurry in dIncut
ir.g the report o fr ning r. enmmen
dati> ;; to . . bmit t*t ihe allied gov
r”'>>i*i' • because it is desirous above
i ll th.! *g» of leaving plenty of time
for t S i net: n of wt . Id opinion, par
ticularly tht opin.on of Berlin, to
'1 MU
after ; ie del I .era tion. refer the
text t - th ;.i i - f.r an at tern 11 at fin
| .
tk* t. :.i. of the fori/
TI Ft r h foreign office ha reiter
it willingness to accept the r«
p i t wholt henrtedly as far as it has
h *1 <*r’o become known in its general
. tints, | articular y in view of the
f ; tr • it v II be an unanimous con
c!u ion and bear the signatures of im
partial American expert*.
The B ti h read V admit that they
d . ant con ider the ripott. so far i.s its
I • iv -;ic r have become known, to be
perfect. I v th’*y concede that it is the
bt i th tn be done in the way of a
compromisc agreem» nt.
AMARII.I.". T< x., April The Ama
’ In gob ■ .. rm I t cball team
r a c ! va, t. of the cru
■ I iramoN
|f» to 2. A second game was called in
ti >t i und i;: r.g to allow the Wichita
Falls team to catch u train.
- - ♦ 1 ""—
TVI.FR. T< ... April ft.—Lewis Kirk
married, was stubbed to death I
lii night near 1.indate. Ernest Hughes,
17, and Willie Rouse. Its, surrendered
to officer*.
--- -—
Last Free Vote Coupon
In order that <onteMants and their friend, mr have the opportunity to
devote everv po-:ble motaent of time to the gathering of subscription*
which urt:! 9 o’clock next Saturday night have . u« h a tremendous vote
value under the provt-ions of the HKMMtO offer, this is the last free vote
coupon that will he publish, d until further notice. It must be voted
or mailed by fi p. m. '1 ueaday.
$5,0011 Aulo Prize FREE VOTES
Campaign --
Must be toted on. Mailed on or before *> p. m. April H, 1924.
Name . Di-Htrkt .
This ( oupon will count .‘»0 vote* when property filled out and went
to the Campaign Manager of The I»aiI> Herald before expiration. Coupon
must he neatly trimmed and put in flat patkaKrw with the number of
xotei- written on top.

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