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_ i
Johnson Immigration Bill Ex
pected to Come to Vote by
Latter Part of Week, Lead
ers Announce
i -
(By Th " A*m luted Pre s)
M ASilI.\*jTO\. April 'l'l,•• hou~
Rot <*ff t«, n flying stast toil.iv itt it* .
Hire with tin- senate in j I** immigration
leg islat ion.
1 he Johnson hill, which would fix ini
migration quotas at tv. . per reiil. hnsed '
<111 tile ISJHI relisljs. xva* taken up litider j
an agreement to • on. lade d> a*e Tin
day night. A vote . n passage late in x!
Xx« i’k xx as pi dieted 11 \ leader*.
For more than fix. hour* the men*
lire, xx lxi« h al-o provide* |or ox'r: ea.. e\
animation of prospective imiui rants
and would praetiealiy l*ar .lnjnne*e fi. ,
the I niteil State*, xxas rlternafelv com j
mended and <riii i*ei| >■-. m •••■ than i 1
score of reiire*cutaiive-. xxitliout *tn> x i
of partisanship. /
Meaiixx Idle the senate which had ph.< I
i’d the Imuse nmler a liamlirrrp to. i< I
ginning cousiderati'in several days ago i
of another iuunigraii<*n mejsuro. xvns hi
recess. *
Would Supplant Present Law.
Hath the Johnson dill and the men* ire I
pending in the senate, xxhi h would re
dure quotas of i\\o j . r ee. t, m \\<i 'Id 1
base them on iIn* pi|ti remits, arc i|c
signed to sapplaiit the pre en: restim-l
live immigration law xxlii*li expires*
June ::ii. next. Tiie e\ *;ing I = xx pro j
vides three per cent . •• - !e. . u on th** •
11*H* census. In th house t’hauuiian
John-on of thi* iiiuii<gialion cominiipe!
and author of the dll. \\:t!i It ;! - j
lix> ICaker. ib*n>o ; . < .*l:.orn a. |ei| the
light for it. while txxo ilenio. . i. mem-1
Imts of the iiumigiat>oti > . Nab j
bath of Ii.iiioi*, atnl I> h . i t \. ,x
York, directed a spirited assault oil it - !
quota provision*, wtiiili. they drrlnn |, {
would he diserii . nat i i lutln .u
✓ 1 airopean* in favor iuc northern and
northwestern co.mti •
Several member* nig I i V Ill'll II a
Jijnuh No one attacker! this fea
lure ot tIn* bill, and Mr. nlli. while1
pointing out that he disapproved of tin
measure on ii* quota grounds, auiiouiu • d •
that there xva* no division over thi* *e. i
f ion of the commit in .
Pi.m Patral On Br.riic-.
Mr. .I»! ■ sou
the iiiieiiioii otf'he i -mtu. ■ * »«• pr*
sent a i'iil ini | lie «■ sTaldis'lllli'llt uf a
bonier putrid with tint hm it\ t.> enfori
immigration, iiistota . I alih, 1 pa r.
liar otii- ami all i.'Ih r 1: W !i ;| -
nut of tin wav. lie >.* w \\ II ia
U pnsitinu io r< u sl.lti illUn graia.a freui
Mexico Mild < 'a nail.t. both 'I wit ii eo
tries are a.xims dial Wf |> Mt!d
In ■
ure. Mr.*J >ii s»»i| it | i.» - .ill
the treat if» ‘it ilie l S. .r . - .. !ij. 1 .,
that with l.ipyn." and -1 ..t i .nmti . . j
fare i> not *«tvi 4. .*> ~h » not giv. .1 a j
•iMnta, ami. in 11 n n ai ' ii. io givi J ip.m
si ipiota wmid result in a great dial
more trotiUf tii.ai will In mere al»rn
gatinn <>f thr "gentle>:ifn s ;gicrm'ii '
whi ll !*«*« nmeX quite net esx.-il'J it this
bill Sei nines a law."*
Kepti si nia v“ 1'latp' :i. democrat.
Texas, de 1 lan d that •• w • might tn i\
elude all immigrant- fop fi»e years in il
v.,. ran a>'iiiiiln:e all wh* are Imre.**
Isfpr* -<•: •• At ew. Ma a* h::
setts. m»]M*srd tli * 1 s!Hi iia-is wliieli. h"
said. Wiix tint "based ..a rrtwu; itt >n
prejmli e,” mid pi. * *d hini'elr * n reenr*l
as nppi i*! t. nn\ 1 111"• • that "lend
to divide tli** A in **r i an people it: •> bet
ter nr worse * as-* -. de 1. •• or itu
desirable, d • 1 e. 1 •» on the part ieul.ir
part of the old world their imeestor*
entile from."
(By The As 'dated I*r* )
AUSTIN Tex.s, April a. A sheriffs
error saved three wt ■■ Tex. tar.eh
niiii from losing f on ;.n alleged
bootlegger** bonds wh; n the rrimin::!
district court h* re tod: y dee! .red the
bond- void. Don Gray and L. II. Callo
way of Llano county and T. E. 1 >.-ter .
of Mason county, sinned eleven bone
for $5<M) e:u h a- stir* ties for Dave Witn
berley, charged with loot!. . ' itv. Wim- t
berlev failed to r.pj • i- for tri 1. Wh t
the bondsmen were called upon they
made the plea, t : .-ugh t h• • i: at’o r.ey. j
Samuel B. Diekens of An tin. tint tin
bonds c .lied for the np:n a ran. e of t'o'
defendant it an iron sible tin. and in
a court wh ch did not « \ist in 1 «•.
The bonds wire r turn:, le to the
couit “at its next reguar t rm to c
gin and held instantcr.” The date of
t’.c court'* term i> fixed by law th at
torney argu .d : nd coin ^ticntly the next
regular term c uld hei begin “instan
tcr." The j Jg< upheld this view. Th>'
bonds were in printed ‘ort'i do ii.ned f
use in another co irt and th • sheriff had
failed t« c o- out the umcrc-s ry
f Ry The A* < C’rted Press)
LAHOBE. It'd Ap :1 .Approxi
mately 25.000 dej-hs from pla-ie or
curred in the Pitttjr.' during th. nr r.th
of Match and the epid tr.ic is expet ted
to continue for :ifin?’'cr six week . The
virulence is so gre. t 'that 1* njab uni
versity has postponed it annual exami
nation for one month. The g vernment
has made a large grant for medical a»
■■■ M - -
MEXICO CITY April f. Eugcr. T.
Bailey, a British -ubjecl ter a prelim
inary examination todev was ounally
indicted and remitted to prison pend
Ing trial on a charge of const.iring
with revolutionary agent- to ntrn
duee nrnts and munitions into Mexico
for the revolutionists. The date for his
trial was not set. j
Travelers Hotel as If Will
Appear When Addition Under
Construction is Completed
' I
Completion <>i the .$ltni,0:i») addition to
he Travelers hot'-l work <>,i which i
11 ogre .is ing rapidly, will nt bast par
daily solve the Brownsville hotel | roh
cm, and give this city ore of the fin
•nd most midern
-an Ant'.nio and Houston. When . »r.
deled, the Tp voters Hotel wdl contain
ton rooms, with ..I modern convenience s
rid hotel appurtenances. The contract
•alls f'r completion of the tuilding ly
lunc 1.
The new structure is being built of
reinforced toner*.to, and oil! lie fire
)ic> • throughout. Tit" addition will con
pin a large lobby, heating and power
ih.nt, : nd storage rooms, n of garden,
Hid g! sod in dining room on tii roof
nd :t.‘i bedrooms, ail with connecting
aths. In addition to the new structure
ihe p esent h* ?. 1 luildim. is to be re
nodded, teaminating and elevators in
stalled. The building will have twi
i'gl -pco'd p .ssengs-r dew tors ami one
bright elevator. Telephone connections
Ail! be installed in every roon and all
.ither conveniences of a fir. t class ho
ld provided.
Mrs. C. ii. j|i<: e, owner of the Trav
i ile.s Iliit.l, is iimvv in Chicago, buying
: furnishings for tlic building, and it s
« ; i cit'd t!. it the addition will be com- ‘
j* < tcd :.d the hotel 1 jcnitl for u.-e ly
m Idle of 'Ii.- uiitiner. Mi . More 1
. h s in eu in : tive charge o tli • Trav- j
tiers iiisv ltds. the present stiueturo ,
; v.. s t uiit in 1 li 11.
Aicordiii ' ;• pres, lit plans, the roof
garden, dancing pav.ilion ai d dining
hall will be leu id t.nd will not he op- i
oi..ted iiy the hofel management. The (
■ n.w ; diiit ion will also include two
j; rue . • r,. rooms in the f,rst floor, j
who h will also he leased. The lev lob
by will lie on the fi -t floor, and will i
be furni hed in the most approved man
ner. II. t rooms, writing r mins, and ,
1 similar convenience, aie included in the
plan. Klevatorv will connect the lobby
with aT floors and the roof.
Tin ii * t uibf ng w. de igntd by
II nett S. ii eeii, well-known S n An
j toniw architect, and i being tuilt by
j the b C. Dii lman ' onstructioii Company I
* of S n Antonie.
t'ltv The Associated T’resO
Tlie house began debate on th
Johnson inn: t.rat • n til!.
Ti e l!ur uni pension bill w s repeated
f i o^ii the comm it tee to the house us
pc i ll I y th cii te.
The bouse merchant marine rom
tr’:t*ee continued it- hearing* on Sec
tion 2S of the merchant maiine act.
The *enc*.» finance co m mil tee was
unable to complete cenaideration of the
revenue hill and put over fin::! ret ion
until next week.
E. I !>ohcny wa grant-, d an indefin
ite delay in h:* requested appearanc
before the senate oil committee tor
qu« tioning on campaign contributions.'
Th.■ ,1> ugherty comm .ttee \v:.s in ••
Ccs-s Put plan wen* n ade to go into the
que t on of ant i-tru t law enforcement I
by the tb pertinent of ju tice next week.
I’n sident t'oolidge a-k'-d tlie nericul
tern I credit corf < rat ion to undertake
with the war in: nee corporation the ex
1 "t ion of credits to northwestern
wl.i t grower*.
The h< use rivers and harbors commit
tee adopted a re oluticn to transfer
control of improvement woik on the
T! -.}*t- rivi r from the Mi- i -ippi
River c mini- ion to the secretary of i
wa r.
Hep re entatives of several firm or
ganisations lied:-red in an open letter
th t continuation ef«unf voral lc con-l
• Ii iiv - o \- rV n f ri w. ild re
suit in a general deport-tion of Ameri
can farmers.
*T!c The Associated I
AI Si IN Texas. April -T l-'ifty-ono
l ap year balder were* I in in Texas on,
'triinrv "tt i! i*-ir. n iiird'ng («•!
the stat,. vital statist!. - <1 ix -ion. Itexar
i '' illiy lead' file s’ui,. Wllil eleven of
i hi Id cell who will cave a .rl Inlay on|\
nine in four yea i' llo.i. fur outnumber
ed file girls oil 11: i - day. the l-e.tird-,
showing :K! boy- ml 1 *» git-' who will
be s!,m i ,ti; birthdays.
(By The A. cciateil Press >
PAN A, 111. April 3. A b: ief case!
c ntaining ?16rt.(MtO in bonds was taken i
fti in tin- Pullman i n' h of attorney A.
F. Romleg of » hicago, at Taylor villi ,
Hi., c.rl.t today according t > a til«
gi it reee.ved here by Sheiilf And ew
IT. hei.
The Chicago lawyer wired that be no
t c<- 1 two pa singers leave the train a
T:\lorville t.nd believed they git his
( — AND —
» PHONE 103
jit Rear 1st National Bank
» jw——■aanwo
You get full-weight ice
the blocks cannot lie cut smaller
than the Cccred dividing lines

That’s the story in brief of ice scored at our
factory, whereby the consumer is guaranteed
full weight. Note that the size, determining
the full weight of each 25 and 50-lb. cake of
ice, is cut into—scored—on the large clock.
You are etui tied to the economy ci
MasMia'S Scored Zco
Peoples Ice & Manufacturing
Effort Made by Immigration
Officials to Secure Penal
ty for illegal Entry of U.
S. by Aliens
A «;•*« w liif-li riinj 1 ;.vt* u fnr-reiii-liing
i f.» t ill eoiii;o<-tio!i villi 111■ *ti • nHigg'iug !
i i"'- ilf Itiu Hr-.ml.' ■ find 1***f«»r<- )
I i.;: i! Stall-- t*«>uitm -inner < •.• 1 ri<-ii to
10 al imniigrati in »*fI'i-•• . - llti \vnl.
ili.iging two I(iili..it nationals. roTirh
■ aptnn .| near It; owii-villo, wi li \ i«>1
linti of tiic pas-port ii>i 11nl ai l < J .May
J. li»1S. •-lii* of 1 In* i,in-i d;;.-ti ii. »:• i |
p• ittit:u iiii a-iin*- n'i'i in n poi-utct! in;<» j
tin* lav. s of lli, 1 Hi* I Stall*'.
Ili-t oli.foil* it tins lieeii < ir ton; ii.
whenever an niion w. < aptnroil. h<>lil
I.iin a fow wool; i, and after «Jt |. nation
pro i . ding- lo* i- • out biok lo hi- native
land, tin- depot tin i>*u losting Ihe-go.
oininiTit fr ini >"_*ihi to ;K|Jl:ft in e:u h
inn;.ignition off|| i: ni.leud lli.
if ih< pas-port ' out ml a«i, wlihh wa- a
war measure. fiin In* onfor. nl, it will
olinilH.iti this In i\ i xpftiT* lo : In f<*«»
oral gov fmini tit lo a gi< .t extern. a
tin* pi ual: io- at i nli 'ii |,i,- viol i'f ii of
this law nro inipii-.ni’iiont no; to exeeeii *
iwfi.iv )c.;r . or .i >If.Him fun*, or both 1
Tii** pa—ioiit lontnl i,. t ..f May "Jt2.
1JM\ w; * ropi il< I in a piim resolution
i t rutig", on M-in li :i. IM'Jl. ox'-fpi
a- to it- privi-ion roip, ring ah tilieii
fi> t-ring i|;j- oiiniiy io ho in possession !
of a proper pa-sport, or dofiinioiit in i.o- !
nature . hereof. i--uoi| lo them hy t!i>*
govorttnsout t" vv hi h if .v our nliegia; r
am! hearing tin vi a of an Anteri an
11 a 'ilar oflienr. It i* thi- provi>iou
v*. I ifh hord r immigration otfi< ors nr*
now bringing to hour to stem th** tide
n| 'liegai entry of iiml'*-iral!,e alien-, and
a- prai ih-ally tiiilf* of tin* smuggled
alien- have pn-'jioit-. anil none fie
v i-.i d hv Aiiiim n i •>i‘-ular offu-er-.
the provi-iou of the old vv;.;- liie.i-nre
e»pi" lid to -ervo a go* d ptirpo-i ai tlii
latf date.
Ca*c. arc Typhat.
"The t v o i n- - in w liieh ilie j*: ovision !
of ile* pe -sp >i t < ontrol m i i- lo-ing in
voked are typieii! liundr<d- *>1 ease on
the border. 'I'i.. two Italians filtered
M*’\ii o fveral in lit It- ago and proinp;!
I.i • i >| lo | lie burlier at Matanioi " '.
[it:»l an-ortting to their own statement► '•
was their original intent ion to smuggle
,iiio*.. the liio tirn'itle. In fail, when
sltey left Itaiy they intended to enter
ibnugb the ~underground” route. with i
Mi'xiian smugglers have mlverti.-eU in j
Mediterranean i-oiittlries (<ta "a
oluie'y safe."
Itotli admin* i they li.nl railed U(«»n |
iiiti iilar repr*' efitntiv*' - of tl.i* ***••! (
their o\. n country. ;• *:<l were welt »y|att
that they ■ ouhl no; legally enter th*
I lliteil Slates. I’.ii, the glowing ■
omits o*' Aunt it.in prii'pi t it.v. sent
hem t.y relatives. proved too .-irotig a
They admitted that they had hired
ei tain Matauioros residents to |*ilo
■ hem a> ress 11 ,«• id > l<ra tide, paying til*'
smugglers y."* no li. The rrossing of Ho
rivet wa ea 11y effei ted in ll • darkn*'*
,:t;d evi'ty ihmg went glorious until Ihev
;(■ tenipi.l to I ave tin- \ alley. through
llie a live operation of peuee officer
at .1 patiiotie Aineriean eitiznis of tin
i •'■.ji. th • iiaiiiigration oi'fi al have
virtually r* .isti ti* i* <| a net work a round
the \ !'< v that i* almost imp**"ilde for
the .iit-ns to break through. I io
It .hait were •« mi aoprised of this faet.
at.d they are l;o \ held ill ti e t UltO'loll
county jail.
First Ca’.cs ca Pc.ord.
I'lte i a si agaiti't t In1 two Italians ate
the first to In- Idl'd on the border wilder
th«. provision <>t the passport rout ml net.
and imiiiigralion i-fli ials slate they will
lie vigorously pressed. Ill the event
it i rliv let ioll is scented. other aliens of
the ' line ela.ss, will he prosec tiled llllder
the war provision, they state, and the.
aie loiifid'til it will prove an important
fin lor in deterring other al *"iis from a-•
tempting illegal entry.
The inuiiigsalimi li.vv of this eouiitry.
while denying admission to certain
i |. of hi.desii id le aliens .ml placing
tunnel i al re'trillion* on all • lasses,
fail to provide any penalties lor the
violation of lhe»e law-, except for tim
depot ■ el ioii of the violators. I .uropea i
alien', inaii itiss; h|e to this lo’intry. Ilo t.
into Miviio. and then to the I nited
St.-ti . I y way of the largely unguarded
holder. Itefore they I-ave their nati e
land they are i ir r sniiill slim directed
to whom th y shall ~e« m a M< \ieaa
seaport, mid then tor a small 'tint are
diie ted on a well organized route to
Monterrey, mid theme to til* Mexican
• dies adj.. ent to the Lord* r. where they
are pul in touch with th*1 profession;-1
alien smugglers. The smuggler' have ii.
difficulty in phteitig them on ^Vtneriran
oil. the smuggler reuniting to tin
Mi\i.;t|| side illHiedil'el. and avoid ail
pus- ibility of their own nppreheii'ion
ai d p o'A mivuv. The snmgg’.ers hnv
po * •mpiitietions against an mansions*!
highway robin-ry, mnl many * f the aliens
liav*. leeti diiiiiji- «i **n tii* Amerii a
jir;i< t. ally |m :kiiI» -
S* «*®« Gel Oni of Vatloy.
h ' . .. «*•»« Ihe xtiiUKKlMi ali.m
»" *•*» '*'H ... die \ allev. I II.
•eeMkiiii. ..f Valiev are ini. ,
•• led in |-i. r. niin* rI.- a.ln.i «i»n „f tin
•*ie|. .,n,l.|..fi ami „j,I4 im„ti
-1 » "»I. .tab in Iirowii'villr> .-4 imv
mi. rniuiioii fn.iu vin i.ai* Valley ,M.int
*! "'Innif.'i'" nilli f.,r.i;n
l a." an.| no krion I. .!"#• ,,f Kii|;'ii u
ItuhiiiiiK the*#. tJin.il* .»r inf..ri.iaii..t
' '* * • *'•*I: - in die u|i|>relifii 'ion
'a mm alien* w!in odii'mi -e w.«ni.l ii,j
• •«. i ll...|„jve v..ill..*! ;heir wa\
{'"■ r ami finally fmiml a -af.
d'n aiiiui'R die |)",iji|f ,,f dieir tmn
I'ii! a Malay. Iim.ii|crati<>ii off., ini* >«tale
diat die i nm'ier ..f arre*tv i> ii*t.|f ul. n
1 “n-iitnti die jo.. I.ai for the >,«••.of
ll* | i(,,| Si lie-, ;; > the ••«>• I ,»f ije|, ,rl
il’" llii'.y alien'. I*,rne by die feil.-ral
"... .*rnii; ent, i* 'ten.lilt iin.iitit i njs. an.l
m I. - '..me in.tlra*li.' |» ii.illy du.a
a I...at rii|,. ha. k l.» their native la:,.I
is imt-.i-e I. thi* .,>i v.ill eventual1..: h.
‘••in,, an nuhearuble hurtle,i.
CKy The A* < elated I're*'>
AMAKII.I.O. Tex: s, April 5.—Paul
(il;.ir s rn sled in Memphis Tenn. to
ll. on request of local officer* is
,vnud ite;c to an *cr an indictment
-h nr.«r “ P" ,f moitgaged
■ rty and face* forgery charges in Ok
l | i m» ' ity. 1‘" ! ® f'eer* »*y- **r *
,I t.. have fo ; *d .» check for **•»
,n ;.}jfriff I.e*.s vVhit .k* r of thin coun
... .. ft.w d ; s after }«* had been re
leased from the local jai! m "had
[he. k" complaint*.
lit ir told Shcrsf Whitaker he was
„ brother of M l». Hl.i of Au-un. *>
oci te justi* e «>f the third court of
civil appeal . __
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