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Established July 4. 1893
Mru. Jesse O. Wheeler, editor and
Entered a* second class matter in the
Postoffice at Brownsville, Texas.
The Associated 1‘ress is exclusively
entitled to tb* >ne for republic at ion of
all new* diapai- ties credited to it or not
otherwise credited in tlii* puper, and
also the loeal news published herein.
Dally an* Sunday (7 l*sues)
One year (in advance* . $7.1*1
Six months tin advance) . $.7.7.7
Three mouths (in udvuucei .... $2.t*t
One month <m advance) . .7.7
fruteide 2nd /.one (in advance) ... 7. .70
Tha Sunday Herald
One year (in advance) . $225
?ix mouths (in advance) ... . $1»
hree months (in advance). .85
Any erroneous refle. don upon the
character, standing or reputation of any
person, firm or corporation whiel* may
appear iu the column* of The Herald
will be rfadly corrected upon its being
brought to the attention of the publixb
Subscriber* in the City of Brownsville
who fail to receive TIIH HERALD re gu
larly are request**d to notify the office
promptly. Telephone No. 7. New sub
scribers should receive their first paper
aot later than the second day nfter the
order is in the office of THE HERALD.
Every subscriber, even in the most dis
tant sections of the city should receive
bis daily paper not la er than 0 p. tn.
and his Sunday paper by 7 a. n..
((hecks should be made payable to The
Brownsville Herald Publishing Company, c
Business communications should be ad
dressed to the company, and items, let
ters. etc., intended for publication should
be addressed to the I'di or Tin lloruld,
Brownsville Texas. Letters Intended
for publication, must be signed with the
full name of the writer. The name will
not be printed if not desired, hut it will
be considered an evidence of good faith
on the part of the writer.
.. ..
Brownsville Needs
A Cotton Mill.
* * *
Modern Tourist Hotel.
• • •
Large Auditorium.
• • •
Natural (1»* Pipe Line
• • •
Canning Factories.
* * *
Crata and Hoi F iclorj
t • a •
Public l.lbrary.
• • a
Parka and Playground*.
• • 9
Better Truck Marketing Facllltlra.
• • •
| Bigger Light *nd Power Plant.
A - ■ ■'* --
The Brownsville Herald takes pride
today in prcsenitng to its readers the
latest likeness of Hon. John N. Garner,
representative in congress from this
district for the past twenty-one years,
who is its choice for the same high of
fice in the coming election. A look at
the picture of Mr. Garner, published
elsewhere in this is^uc. shows him to
he somewhat older than when he first
was sent to Congress to represent this
district. But the face shows, if any
thing, greater strength anti character.
It reflects the keen intelligence that
has made Mr. Garner one of the fore
most stah '■men of the nation, and a
power in the greatest legislative body
«>f the world.
As lender «t the minority pari),
holds one of the most responsive PH*
gitions in congress, on the ways and
means committee, «>f which he was
chairman for years when the democrat
ic party was in power. His knowledge
of the important business which falls
to this committee makes him easily
one of the foremost men in congress.
Mr. darner was the author of the
•lemoernite income tax schedule which
was chiefly instrumental in breaking
down the morale of the forces in the
House that were fighting for the fifty
per cent reduction in the surtaxes on
the big incomes. and. although his
amendment to the tax bill was replaced
by that of Representative Longwortli,
republican, the schedules in the Long
worth amendment were much nearer to
those proposed by darner than to Sec
retary M# lion’s figures. True, the Mel
lon schedule has been restored in the
senate committee, but it is considered
«iuitc possible that the darner or the
I.ongworth schedule will replace it be
fore final passage of the bill.
While we believe that the darner
schedule is the fairest and wisest pro
posed, it is not our purpose to discuss
the tax measure here, hut merely to
bring out the way in which our repre
sentative has made his mark in con
nection with this great piece of legis
lation. In the Saturday Kvening I’ost
of March 8, there appeared an inter
view with Mr. darner. in which he
gave a very aide explanation of his
stand, and which gave him nation-wide
prominence ns a student of finance and
n talented law-maker
John N. Garner is a man of whom
his constituents may well be proud.
There is no make-believe about him,
nothing pompous or ostentatious. He
is democratic in the truest sense of
the word. He has never made any ef
fort to shine as one of these flowery
orators, but his speeches are keen, in
cisive. and directly to the point. When
darner speaks the nation listens. He
is recognized as a power in the na
tional halls of legislation. He reflects
great credit on his district and state.
The Herald feels sure that the dis
trict will Return him triumphantly ns
its represcfctative once more. It would
be a very qrriat mistake to replace him
with some untried and inexperienced
member, who would require years to
attain anything near the eminence
which Congressman Garner holds to
day throughout the entire nation.
New York state is considering the
enactment of a law which would ex
empt from taxation until lib ,2 any
dwelling the construction of which is
begun befor** April, 1925. The object
is to encourage the erection of dwell
ings, in order to relieve the great need
for proper housing throughout tin*
state, and particularly in the larger
cities. Ever since the war. there has
been a deficiency in ilwi dings in New
York, owing to the .suspensions of
building during the war and subsequent
enormous increase in the cost of con
struction, which, has retarded building
to great extent.
The proposed law relieving new
dwellings from state taxes for six years
it is believed will encourage* building
on a scale* sufficiently extensive* to re
lieve the situation. It would not he a
bad idea for other states to adopt a
similar method of encouraging ne»vv
construction wherever needed. The*
cost of construction, with the* aeide*e| tax
burden which be-gins the* moment the*
house is built eloubtless has retarded
the erection of new buildings in many
places. The tax exemption would act
as a kinel of bonus to stimulate build
ing. The* result woulel he be neficinl in
more ways than one, for with a renew
ed e*ra eif construction of dwellings, the
building traeles would receive elirect
benefit, while* all interests would pro
fit by the* greater activity and new
money put into circulation.

It is a pleasure to present to Herald
rentiers in this issue the cut picturing
the substantial addition that is being
built to the Travelers Hotel in this
rity. With this completed. Browns
ville will have a hotel of which it may
well he proud. The new addition will
give this hotel one hundred rooms. It
will he modern and well equipped. It
will he a very handsome building, ami
add much to the attractions of Browns
ville. besides furnishing first class ac
commodations for visitors to the city.
The lady who i« building this new hotel
in Brownsville deserves great credit
for her business judgment and enter
prise. The improvement which she is
providing will always fill an import
ant place in the entertainment of visit
ors here. The construction of the
large tourist hotel which so many of
our leading citizens realize is needed
to make Brownsville the tourist resort
it is designed hy its location and many
natural advantages to he undoubtedly
will start an era of growth and expan
sion here. This will keep all of our
hotels filled with commercial travel< r ,
as well as pleasure seekers. Many
towns smaller than Brownsville boast
of several large hotels, which must l»e
a success, or capital would not con
tinue to seek investment in such en
Senator Hiram Johnson condemns
the appointment of Harlan Fisk*
Stone o' New York ns attorney general
on the grounds that h** is a “child of
the prosperous East," and hence could
not sympathize with the problems of
the west; On the Other hand, we pre
sume, following out the same line of
reasoning, the new secretary of the
Navv might he objectionable to the
eastern people, because he hails from
Mr. Johnson's own state on the west
coast. The Californian has shown
himself more puerile in this criticism
of President Coolidge’n acts, than in
anything el-e he has yet said during
his campaign.
Hats off to the enterprising little
town of I.yford. stepping into the lime
light shipping the first ear of Valley
onions to market for 1924. They aro
some onions, too. this \ alley soil pro
ducts. Lyford may well he proud of
her achievement.
The shocking storv of the sale of
narcotics in the Atlanta penitentiary
and of corrupt practices in connection
with it is no news to the reading pub
lic. Reports of these alleged evil con
dition in that federal prison were pub
lished in leading magazines and news
papers long ago. It has been surpris
ing that there was no investgiatlon of
these charges before now. If true, this
story assuredly constitutes a national
disgrace. If true, there are men walk
ing the streets today who ought to he
wearing the striped uniform of that
| institution.
Sometimes a crank ran get a foothold
even in the sanctuary of a church.
Sometimes the devil quotes scripture to
promote his own fell purposes. The
church of St. Mark’s of the Bowery in
New York City seems to have fallen in
to the hands of a crank or to have
been caught in the toils of the devil.
It is being used to serve either the
pleasure of fools or the evil designs of
his satanic majesty.
Brownsville was proud to he hostess
to the sweet singers of Baylor * ollege
Girls’ Glee Club last Friday. Here’s
hoping they may come and sing for us
i La Rochelle, France, has a landlord
who would have been admired no doubt
by the late Theodore Roosevelt. This
landlord is said to make a practice of
_ _
Changes in Various Minor
Items Result after Lengthy
Debate in Senate Saturday
( By The A oei .ted I’r. • )
\\ \SMIN«:ToN. April A A Iasi
hiimilt* iiftaH <»n tli” revenue hill iti mi
all «ln> Kfssiiiti of tli” senate finain ••
■ ummiitftt today brought ehanges in ti.”
laxt-s mi ratlin sets. ji welry ami e •tales,
and |misI mined a report <d the measure
In tli” senate until ni'xt week.
Tin it-ii per rent radio tax v. a- made
apidiia'd” to all ami part- without
exemption after tli” et’inmiili’e earlier .1:
tin day had V"l”d to ii. reuse from >1 »
l,, jjt:,u the miiiiiimm prii” ot a set on
whit h the tax would he levied.
Tli’m and ill” t”ii per e< nt lax on
Mali Jtinug seis routing nn re than $•>
are ih” only new taxes earned hy 1I1”
loll. Tli” taxes are h-vied on the maiiii
I ad 11 re. The radio lax. Chairman
Sinoot d”tlared. woiilti not resuli in 1:1
im Pease in 1I1” |>ri<” oC the sets and
parts to eoiiMimers.
Tax to Net Ten Million.
Just wliiili parts still he taxed, how
esi’t, will he lift In tin- juri -tlit-l inii oi
lh” iiitcrmil revenue hnreaii a> in tii”
ease of 11.” lax oh aiiloniohilt- ports. Mr.
Smoot said, lie figured ill” tax would
m-i aboin .?Iti.MNt.lNNi. pointing out, Imw
< VH‘, I L;it ltd ilcUlilM i*>liliritr
:«% aiLit•!«*.
|*ra-tintlly nil of th” rate solo dun -
noss have been agreed upon, Mr. Sumo,
said, and In* pritlietetl that ih” J”.x
odds ami • lid' of tli* bill yet l«l i>”
talst-n up would he agreed upon
.Monday so lli.it the hill may lepoinii
l0 the -enate hy Wednesday. I Ins.
however, will net essarily dela. aeiu.l
eonsiderulion of il by ih” st’iiaie uiitii
I I.,- t'l.iiovx ill’’ Week.
To Take up Soldier Bonus.
Meanwhile, t'liairman Smoot said, the
soldier I Minis hill passed by tin* In'list*
Wi.itld lie taken up by the i oii.inil tee.
1 .it11<- time would be tn*ei—ary for di.«
position of this measure. In* added, and
several republican members predicted
til,, bonus bill would be given precede!!'
over the tax bill <*n the fl.. of the
The bouse provision opening tax re
turns to inspc lion by eongressioti.il
'ommiltees was broadened today by
elimination ot a previous restriction
voted by the finance committer, milking
ii pos>ilib* lot the committees to make
,,uhli. • any relevant or useful inforuia
lion" obtained iii inspection of the tax
ret urns.
To Cut Out Estate Tax.
Scirclary Mellon's proposal to cut out
the bon e amendment in reusing the
c-iatc tux in hiviii of the present rater
was agreed t" definitely today. Ilf
■ otnmiltee bad planned to keep tlo* pre
••ut rat*' but apply them to diftere.it
brackets so that JM2.IMMMHKI additional
i ev' i,if would be raised, the same a *
would have been gained under tlo* house
It als" was ileeided to limit articles
exempt from the five per cent* jewelrx
tax to those -< llilig for less than *-•'
rather than those selling f«r •<(" "<
less. as voted by the li"tlse. Mu i< al
itist runt'iil • y •• glasses and speiia
. |i s. which were exempted by the
house front any tax tinder this sc lion
were again made sitbjc t to the levy
and art idea used in religion* services
wen* exempted entirely.
t'liang's today in the bill "ill ti"t al
ter materially tin* estimate that it "•'!
fail by about #7..i*iiUit»» "f raising
Silffi' fill re venue to meet estimated ex
peiidittires of the government next year,
t'liairmnii Smoot 'aid. lie has prmlicted.
howevr. stlell a deficit would be wip
ed out by an inert ase in revenue o\<*r
thai e.'tiuiate»l by the treasury.
T' make a busine-a of sleep is a bad
habit. Th:.t is what persons do who
woiry because they cant sleep. I he
chief harmful e-fects from not le. |
;ng are caused not by sleeplessness
but by wony over not sleeping. >l«ep
should and will come naturally. It on.,
will only rtaliac lhaOjt is rest and n<d
sleep that is needed.
Of course it is important to pay at
tention to the < rdmary rules of hy
giene, with regard to exercise, fresh
air and reasonable diet. Hut above
all, it is important to fill one’s lif ■
, with satisfactory work and play. The
lest incentive to sleep is still the feel
ing of “something attempted, some
thing done,” particularly omething t<>
help others. As to the amount <>
sleep needed by different prisons, that
varies within the wide limits and in uch
modified by habit. Many energetic
, active individuals get along quite well
with four or five hours of sleep. The
pioper amount for the average adult,
however is usually between even and
eight hours.
(By The A:; eciated Press)
EL PASO, Titos, Ap’il 5.—Candidates
backed by the Ku Klux Klan w« re do
cisively beaten in today’s school ho: rd
election. Out of 4123 votes cast Boh
Page, high man on the anti-Klan ticket,
ieci ived and Boyd Ryan, leader o'
the Klan slate received 1755.
presenting a bonus of three months'
rent to tenants upon the birth of their
first child, and a bonus of six months*
rent upon the birth of their second
! child. As the author of a real anti
I race suicide plan, the La Rochelle land;
I lord deserves a medal.
_ _ _
The tornado in North Texas the oth
er day is credited with having plucked
the feathers off the chickens. Which
. suggests the idea that even a tornado
j might be made to serve a useful pur
pose. if it would just call around on
Saturday afternoons and pick the
feathers off the chickens destined for
Sunday dinner.
• • •
Sure, Bring Him!
I— » ■ ..
|) s’"— —
Hero is Qunitin Romero, Chilea:
havywc brltt. wi.om Tex Rickard
wants to bar.-: to New York.
Romero i* C l --L 1 ii.ch, inU Weighs
193 pounds.
( tty T1t< As. t.. iatod !'i -)
ATLANTA. April A. Hronl I'm
:tin triumphed over I!••• I nit*.I State
in an offiria! golf mill li for the world’
i|iampioii*hip here today when Av
tliur Hr: ver -. Itl'ili-ll o|» tl t IllllllpcUl
fe:it**| I’.nhliv Jolies. youthful Aim ri
■ iti open till*' holder, two up and 'ni«
to pliiy, mi the link- of the L.istiake
t 'h.m,' ry t li|h.
.|oin*s. plating <»n hi- home cmir-e,
foight valiantly for the match lup in
ih' fils.ll hole- ilf ill,, g lllll' Wit- llll!!lb"
l.i ••let' ini' tiro iimtualiilil.g had
w1 ■ h II. via' titled up to Ito ■ 11 y * - er
tart I ; t
ihiongh.il, although -lightly ou'diyv
mi hy hi- opponent. Haver- never at' ••
was liea<h<i after |o had taken the
i Inly nin e dll. tig tin* entire hole
■ lit Jotie- show a f la - It "f hi- aeeitstoni
nl i rilliuti'-e. That wa- on the Jsth
| when hy uia-trrftil approach and put
ting In* won the hole with a liirdie
three ami <at down Haver-* lead to I
up. lie took ttj tli a neat par three,
held his opponent to halve- on th*'
hex' three hole- and then made all
j - tl*';* i ride toward victory In wilt
i tiing the Il.'Iril, A .ml 7.
I'.reailili the gallery of more thtri
ltui per .on watch* d him halve tile
next hole, only to see him h*-e the
.'•.Ath. A and I, wlit'li victory would
have made liie matt li all -ipinre and giv
en liiin a chance for international
f tr AtiO Ai il a.- K’lVi hoy- from
\\ ird'iir. t'ohitado, n little town of
I.dim pets'ns with (*.H hoys and AS hoy
in their high chool tonight won the
nation: I int*" >i ola.-’tir basket! a!'
chant} ion-hip tournann nt held under
| the auspices of the t'n.versity of t hi
! • ago, decisively defeating Yankton,
champions < f South Dakota, HA to tl.
Thi Yankton ipiinti' outweighed and
ntitgoncr cd hy th.- hradn five, tir d
out ly five day* of tournament font
jvetii ion a* >1 un.fbl* t« c- • *v11h \Y'ni*
| oi*s defense t..cti'S, w..s run: j let el;,•
j outclassed.
Manche-ter. N. II. tank third pi re in
the tournament.
South American Knocks Out
Reich in Less Than Two
Minutes After Sounding of
First Gong
< By The As oeiated I'renO
HIT.NMS' AII!K.‘:. A| ril .V l.ui Firpo.
vl. ■ South Amerie:)! heavyweight
champion, tonight added another victory
to h- re. n d hy knocking out A1 Reich,
th American heavy weight wh< came to
Buenos Aire with champion'hip a pi
Firpo's powerful right^ turned the
trI< k. in ... than two minute fter the
souii'i <• the gong in th*- first round,
Fit io ) mil (I on Reich' jaw, and
Reich •• ashed to th, Io* r. N'otwith
s' and ng devterate efforts, I-e w::; un
1,1s* to rise within the alloted time
ami ttfter the count of tr*n wa carriid
to his corner.
Firpo w ded no time in gnirg after
hi- nan. lie landed l couple of heav •
r'ght - t« th*- i odv. and Reich succeed, d
f putting a ight left on th" South
A erii .n. They clinched sove .1 t ine .
and Firpo mini hed the Ameriean ••
veedy l i tween the clinches. Suddenly
hi- let loose a t-riiri of rights to the
he. <t and 1. d\ which left Reich help
le . K« i<-h tried to block thi blows,
hut without s cress. The knockout was
tin third if three heavy rights to the
Firpo received a g:eut ovation a- he
wi nt over to Reich's corner to a er
iiiin n‘ he had seriously injured hi
oj ponent.
I Ilf ♦ 'in i tilin' in uiic minin' « ■ » «
onds. Fir|M> landing a terrific riv-ht to
the jaw. Reich dopped to the canv.it
with a cta-h and remained there, lie
rolled over on his fee*.
After the eount of ten he rolled ov
| er i pain in an attempt to rite, hut fell
flat on hi< buck, lie picked up and
! carried to his corner.
The weights of the men as announc
ed w-re !•'i i»«» 22'i pounds, Reich 21!
!-2 pounds. Reich was the first to en
•er the ii^ :• few minuti :f*rr 11
i oVock. Hr- w s ollowed a half minute
| later I y the South American champion.
Fi pc fulfill* d his prr.mi e to win
what he called his last fight quickly.
; Me ru h*'d furiously at Reich when the
gong -ounded. landing j, heavy right to
i the body.
Reich clinched, but a moment later
Fi’po landed anothi r right and Reich
replied w.th n deft to the face.
The men clinched. When they broke
away Firjo ctr e hack with anothe*- f.t
r;ou~ attack. lie s nt his terrific right
tc tlie jaw. which terminated Reich’s
ho;** ■ for a «h nipion hip.
— . *♦ ■ - -*
(Special to tne II* raid)
BONNA, Tex , April 5. The Bonn*
high school l>: s. hall team defeated
R ivmondville in the opening Inter
la ti*‘ g: me for ear h **f the team*
h* rt* Friday afternom by the score of fi
to :t.
'1 hi* game was re| lete with errors on
both sides hut the visitors took advant
age of the to run in their three
scores. The local term outhit am! < ut
pliycd trie visitor . Kr.ch *»f the teams
1 ad p’a;. *1 two practice games be'ore
t ic off: -iwi game h*re.
Batteries for the winning team were
M. Rowland ml S. Wray. Empire* we e
Moore ami I.aYail.
I McCleary Music Co. I
We know from experience it is unequaled
in Musical, <duality, Beauty, Utility and
(mod Value. Come in and look over our
complete line.
McCleary Music Co.
Brownsville, Texas i
(By The As cciated Press)
SKATTI.K. Wash. A| ril 6. Raff .d
yesterday l>y tad weather ml today j
t .th dil iculties -vith m .chiuer>, .the
United St..tcs army aviators who ; re
attempting to fiy ; ound t •• world
were till at Sand Point aviition field !
near here* tonight.
Major Fiedtrit-k L. Martin, com
m: nder of the flight roup said late
today he h< ped to he able to decide ,
that night is over when another ef- I
fort to hop off for Prince Rupert, B
l . w II be made tomorrow or postpon
ed until Monday.
An e'foit was made to resume the j
flight this motn.rig at 7 o’clock but
wa< delayed because of engine trnu b.
When the fi ur planes h d been nr: nned
preparatory to r'-ing fro. Like Wash
int'n, a metal tip w.i broken from the 1
propeller of Major M rtin’s place. the
flagship Seattle. Thi* ccm pel led post- 1
ponement of the hop-o-f.
Major Martin wo'ked all day tod y
on his plant- in an effort to have it in .
shape for d^raiture if weather end |
other conditions permit.
■■. ■■ ... .
fRy the Associated P'e«s)
I'ANA, III.. April Arraign'd in
Shelby icirint.i court this morning.
• hatged with |H's*e*>in» five gall.'* of
" tnoon*|itiie,“ ('baric* N<-i!l. prominenr
Findlay fnriitc-r. explained that Ire used
the li<|Uor. for rheumatism baths.
Hundred and <<•*-.. for Imtlis then."
Judge Frank liti I lover ruled.

( \
208 Merchants Nalioatl
Baak *- . *
y j
PITNEY, England, April ft ~_M
their oar* in splendid unman,I
bridge’s crew of youngster* won
liant victory on the anni.al boil
.. me i hsrnei this afternoon gj
Oxford shi II filled w,tli more I
ienccd und heavier men. ■
.,T7 ANTA. Aj il ft - Arthur «
British open champion day d'fl
P !,hy .June-. American open chafl
I Protect Your Crops I
; With Insecticides I
• Bordeaux Mixture ra
Paris Green I
Barber's Pest (onll
London Purple I
> Sodium Cyanide Kjfli
Black Leaf 10 9
Try o Drink at Our FouB;
i Ir _ mL *
( i In the hankin? business!
J I mu«t he present. Siren!
I | that will give absolute!
lo tion to money. I
, i This Is a strnnr I
^ | > m p I e resources, rarefufl
1 1 jrcemfnt, rinse sup<rH
make it absolutely
>our man* ). B
rFirSt Natio|
A Superior Line of Toilet Requisites put il
by Parke Davis & Co., Detroit, Mich. 1
Bov any In packages J Ute lm» at iOc mcA pad vt UK* va, mm I
parkas fr++ ■
Brownsville, Texas d 1
Capital $100,000.00 Surplus $40,00&cJ
— THE— «J
Brownsville, Texas
Paid in .$100,000.90
From Earnings 100,000.90 $200,000.00
SURPLUS FUND (earned) .. 190,000.001
1 I
. I

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