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(Continu’d from Inge !.»
of citrus fruits and vegetables movinn
In less than carload lots.
These shipments ere continuing ut thi
average rate of 150 nr per day, and
will continue in • tinilar volume through
April, May. and early June, dur.ng which
month1, new potatoes, tomatoes, sttinp
beans, green corn, canteloupcs, and
e ily melons e marketed. Much <f thi
land from which thw Vi get a I in.; are hi
verted wi I he at once planted in cotton
which w.ll be harvested and market, d
in Ai’gu t, leaving the I nd ready lot
another crop of winter vegetables. It
Julv a considerable act cage of broom
corn will be harvested. Broomcorn is re
garded as a minor crop, but during thi
fivr year period 1919 1923, inclusive
this distiict has maiketed 1.575 cars ol
broomcorn. it an avirage price to th<
grower for the five-year period of neat
|y $200 per ton, the most important and
piofitable crop.- of troomcorn having
been those of 1919, when this district
moved 843 cais, at an average price o'
$240 per ton, more than $3,00 1,000 in all
and 1923, when 44ft carloads were moved
at an average pr oe to the grower "1
$160 per ton, or $1 100,000 in all. tlorn
is grown principally for home cor. -umj
tion, and only 7 cars wi re marketed by
rail during 1923, but for several years
prior to 1922 the Rio (i.amlc Delta
marketed an aver >ge of 800 cars of corn
each reason.
Irrigation Facilities
The law authorizing the creation of
water im movement districts requires
that the districts in each county shall
be designated numerically in the order
of thi r erection. For convenience, how
ever. the 10 distiict- of thi character
in tie Rio Grande Delta, along with the
two important > stems operated by pri
vate corporations, are individualized ly
identifying thi ni with the lucidities to
which they petti in lather than in thcii
corporate appcl'ations. The 12 large
systems, located from west to east
along the Rio Grande, are a- follows:
l»calit> and (orporate Name
Mia-ion-Sha yland: L:iit»«l Irt igation
r.utnourg: iiwtntgn (.runty Water Ini
prove-nent District No. 4.
McAden: Hidalgo ( minty Water Im
prover* ent District No. 3.
Alamo-Phnrr-S m Juan: Hid. Igo
•‘ounty Water luifiovemcnt Di t ict No.
Donna: Hidalgo County Water Im
provement D strict No. 1.
Mercedes-Weslaco: Amircan Uio
(irandc l.and and Irrigation Co.
Santa Maria: ■' ameion County W tc
Impiover.ient District No. 4.
I.a Fciia: Cameton County Water Im
provement District N’o. 3.
Harlingen: Cameron County Water
Imp-oveine.it District No. 1.
Srn Benito Rio Hondo: Cameron
Cointy Water Improvement District No.
Broun villc-I.os Frcsn»s: ( cmoron
County Water Improvement District
No 0.
Brownsville FI Jatdin: ' anteron
County Water Improvemcrt District
No. 5.
With the exception of the Kdinhurg
system, now in the process ■ f recon
struction, each of the : bove mentioned
irrigation systems ha ample p.ntping
capacity and canal facil.ties to supply
water for iriigation to the land which
it is intended to serve es follow :
55 3 < Z
Mission-Sha’ yland . 30.0011 25.000
Kdinhurg . 40,000 20.000
McAHen . 7.700 7,300
Alamo, Pharr San Joan 03.0 to 50,000
Donna . 31.000 .25,00 1
Met cedes-Weslaco . K 5,000 51,000
La Fcria . ... 2*0 10 IX.OOO
Harlingen . 43,000 22,000
Santa Marin . 5.000 3,000
S*n Benito Rio lloniio . . (ix.ooo 3*i.onit
Brown ville -El .lardin 21.000 11,500
Btownsville-Los Fresno: ix.ooo y.ooo
Totals . 4II,*00 272,*00
V. Partirnlar Districts
I. >1is*ion-Shary land
The Mt sion irrigation system, pri
vately owned, cost exceeding $2,000,000.
Beside* ample pumping capacity, it h s
20.50 miles of main canals, 22.57
miles of suhmain canals, and 120.*
miles of li teral: Cpon I anting of the
Senate re olut.on, 50 • rnie; of this
it l igation sy tent signed voluntary af
fidavits stating facts as to land <•«> ts
and crop yields, and that the company
which sup; !n- water to their lands has
rend red satisfactory -ervice.
2. Kdinhurg
Nine-tenths of tli«- complaints which
formed the lasis for the charges con
tained in the Senate resolution r« suit
ed front the trouble- of the private ir
rigate n corporations chattered to irri
gate th * I; nds of the p esent Kdinburg
district. With the organization o! the
water improvement district, wh th now
owns them, the existing canals and
pumping plants have been put into con
dition to irrigate all the lands now un
der cultivation, anti plans have been
carefully prepared by a competent en
gineer, and adequately financed, to en
able thi district to supply the addition
al arnage it i' intended to w ter. As
a municipal corporation its financial
troubles are ended, since the lands it
rerves arc among the lest and most fer
tile in the dc’ta.
.1. MrAII n
The McAllen district i the smallest of
the grei.t Hidalgo County iriigating sys
tems. but its physical and financial con
dition is sound and it is backed by a
prosperou and contented farming com
munity and by the thriving city of
Me A!! en, a» exceptionally handsome
town of 0.50O people.
4. Alamo, Pharr and San Juan
The largest water-improvement dis
trict in the deita - r rounds the grow
ing towns of Pharr, San Juan and A'a
mo. The Pharr San Juan-A!:.mo territo
ry was developed in li*ll by Louisi n'
interests incorporated as the Louisiana
Rio Grande Canal Co., and its land’
have always revived proper irrigation
The Alamo section o* th.s district h: ■
been developed since 1P17, by Alnnn
Land A Sugar Co., and is noted for ?h<
high grade of it- citizenship. 11 dale
County water improvement district No
2, which has cqulred the former Louis
iana- Rio Gtandc canal system, possess
es f:cil.tl/s which are entirely ade
quate tq pimp and deliver nil the wat
er needed to irrigate the full 03,000
acres entitled to receive it. and for the
past two years it has, in fact, iri igat d
approximately 50.000 acres in actual cul
tivation without receiving a s.ngle com
plaint ns to ervice rendered.
5 Donna
The district which centers a* Donna, a
growing city of 4,00!) inhat Hants, is the
old. st of the water impiovement dis
tricts in the Valley, haring been incor !
[or: ted in 1914 to take over a small !
inigat.ng plant open ted by a privat-•
corporation. Since 11)15 the growth of
this section and the imp nvem nt in it
irrigation facilit'es li. ve been steady
an«l continuous. This water improvement j
district is now prepared to lumish wat
or upon any lands under its canal -
34,t)00 acr. s in all upon five days no
tice or less, and for three years p • t has
j supplied efficient irrignti n to all up
j plica nts without icceiving :» ingle
I complaint. Twentv-fivc thousand acres
are in cultivation for 1024.
ti. .M rcclies-We*lari*.
The largest and most expensive irri
g tion system in tlu* Rio Grande Delta
| is operated by American Rio Grande
I.ard & Irrigation Co. in the di trief
which includes the important *' wns of
Weslaco and Mi rcedes. Weslaco, the
youngest town in the dele, is probab
ly the bu iest farming center in the |
1'nitid Stafes, while Mercedes i a
thriving city of more than 5.000 inhab
itants. This system rep'esrnt- art out
lay of more than $3,04)0,000. and is not
only | tepayed to irrigate adequately and I
efficiently : 11 <f the XT. 000 acre. or I
more now under its canal ystenr but
up to 100,000 acres of lard ,n actual
7. Santa Maria
The smallest water improvement dis- |
trict irt the delta is operated ;t Santa
Maria for the irrigation of about 5.000
j acres of especially ft rt i 1 •* soil. The cost '
<f irrigating th s mall and compact dis j
trict is very low. nd the di tribution of
its water ,s directly in the hands of the
relatively few fainter, who receive it. j
S. I.a Feria
The La Feria water improvement d.s
ttict ahsnrl ed u badly designed private
irrigation s> t.m in 11)1X, since which
dale it has entirely replaced the former
! ieadi quote c: mils and [ limping plants
and is now in about the best physical |
; nd f.nancial situation of any of the
| public districts. It has at pro ent ex- j
ceding 2X.000 acres > f land under can- t
nl. with half that acreage in actual cul
tivation, and will take over the irriga j
I tion of several thn sand additional acres 1
whenever satisfactory f.nunri:il arrange- i
j nit nts shall have been n.de by the own
; cr of th<' land. The La Feria lands are
j «f utisurp:i. sed fertility.
9. Ilarlinuen
The Harlingen irrig tion system has I
supplied efficient irrigation t< nil lan N
ent tltd to receive it coipt.nuously since I
1917, s.nd the city of Harlingen and j
surrounding territory, have during the j
pat seven years ex pier i< need the most .
rapid and continuous growth of any ;
| community in the d* lta. A notary pub- I
lie c< mtnissioned to take depositions of
; witnesses at Stt rrt Place, west of liar- j
lingen, in thi district, on March 1 >. ,
1921, hi ard the sworn testimony of nu
tnerous farmers who have r - ided in i
that community for the past several
I years as to the market value of an av- j
‘ erago tract of 20 ne es of land in that ,
I community, ar.d none of them fixed its
| value at les• than ffioO per acre.
10. San Itcnito-it io Hondo
With the exception of brief interrup- |
| tions, due to market condition;, the
| prospirity if the land now irrigated by
Cameron 'ounty Water Improvement
Pistriet No. 2 has I ecu continuous
since 1911. This <|i triit surrounds San
Benito. . progressive city o. fi.000 in
h ibitnnts and Bio Hondo, a growing
town flanked by beautiful farms. It i
srrvi 'I al o by the San Benito Ui"
(irande railroad, which lias loading s* r |
tions in in; ny portions (f the il• *-1rict. j
Th>* water' improvement district is in
j splendid physical condit on to supply
water for irr gation to nil land In the
district, l or many years San Benito has
| originated the hugest tonnage if any
railw; y station in the delta.
II. BrownsvIlle-Los I'rosnos
Cameron County Water Improvement j
Pistriet No. is an enlargement and
continuation of the oldi■ t cooperative
irrigation systems in the delt;.. It was ^
origin lly designed for rice irrigation,
and portions of its lands have been un
der continuous cultivatim unde: irriga- (
tion for the past 20 years. Practically ,
all it- farmers who have firmed con
tinuously during the period are now
we lthy, or at least independently well (
to do. The northern > r Los Fresnoa por 1
tion of this district has been in profit
abb cultivation since 11*17. Most of the I
potatoes marketed from the delta arc
grown in thi and in the adjacent Ui,J ,
Hondo and El .lardin districts.
IZ. |>r«M* n** mr-rji •mrum
Camemn County Water Improvement
| District No. 5 illustrates th- absolute,
i necessity for the vigorous development !
if irrigated di tricts in the d'dta by .
sales to actual farmers by the expcn
sive and intensive method* of “coloni
•/a*-on” by “land companies." The dis
trict east of Brownsville has long been
known as one o* the most fertile pos
ition- of the Rio C.rande Delta, besides
' posses ing certain climnt.c advantages
even j.s tompnred with other Delta dis
tricts. Sued ssful and profitable farm- |
ing on 1. nds there, so situated that |
they may he irrigated directly from the |
Rio (ir. ndc I y individual enterprise. !
has be. n pi act iced for more than l'»
years. Relying «n these special advan
tages su.ce- ive attempts were made in
11)07 and 1915 to iriigato portions of
this district on a cooperative basis.
| Both attempts failed because the land
wu not developed :.r.l placed in cul
- tivation rapidly enough to supp rt the
overhead cost of cooperative irrigation.
a:i.l th-' irrigation companies became
bankrupt t:nm lack of adequate support.
Much of the land in this district wn
acquired by James-Dickinson Farm '
Mortg: ge Co. and allied interests in
l!*lK; Cameron County Water Imjrove
nient District No. 5 was organized with
adequate financial support, and in five -
y^ats this distri*-' has been transformed
fr- m a wilderr.ea* into a garden, culti- ,
v: ted ly nume rous families of prosper- J
ous and contented people, scores of
whom, since t ie introduction of the
Iletlin resoluti n. have made voluntary
affidavit- that th v hive found their
bind fertile r.nd productive; iriiga
Getting Ready (
I _ ■" .
Republican women arc sharpening their tongues for the coming
C?m|iaign. Photo shows group at National Women’# Republican Club.
N<wr York City, where trained speakers instnot tookies. <>n speaker#
t latform. left to right are: Mrs. Arthur L. Livermore. Mrs. Netty Suuler.
Mrs. Ilauiet Taylor Upton and Mrs. Rosalie Loaw Whitney.
tion prompt and abundant, and tlicir re
1 ' on1 satisfactory " 'h the con; panic
fn m which th y bought their land.
Vi. Overflow Condition:*
W ith regard t" damage or pos-inie j
damage from ovc-flow, the Kio Grand"
delta must l-e «on.si b red in three di.
tinct .ections; (a) Cameron County, j
which is a true delta, where possible j
damaging 11 feet.* from overflow ate re!
itivcly iiirotisei]. ential; (I t the “sec
ond lift” land- in Hidalgo county, winch
f>rm a sin If or bench lib mile long ‘v
10 miles wide, extending f om M tort
to Wt-laco, wliieh ar • entirely above
any conceivable overflow; <ej the “first
lift” land.-i in ilidal-ro cunty, a p"r- j
tion *tf which ire subject to overflow
in c i-< o: extierne rises in thu Rio
I or a correct untie: standing of this i
ennditit n, it i nee* ..ry to explain
that the true Vail y of the Km Grande
ends at the w-e.U' in extremity of the
Irrigated di-tiict nt ar M i<*n; and the
irrigated di'rct eomiiiaii v t .11 d the
“Valley” t in fact a scmidelta from
Mas-ion to Merced*- and a true delta
from Mercede to Itiown.-ville an<l U"
Hondo. Tile “second lift lands, i’l Hi
dalgo County, slope gently t«• th" noith
or northeast but are bounded on the
south I y an a! rupt desc* nt, o. bluff,
railed the “ ejo." At tee toot <•! tli *
“ t-jo" there is . chain of lak* s an.l
depressions ealletl “r a> s.” which *1 i
verg ■ from *lu- lt.o Grande n ar Mis*
si* n and form a natural wa towny for
the flood waters of tin- Itio G ande.
These flood water begin t-» bre. k over
into the ; rio of r* .ea approximately
at the point where the Valley ends and
the de.ta begins. A : iisi,.il in delta
formations, the banks o the riv. r in
low Mission are higher than the adjac
ent countiy, which slopes gently to tin
north* U.st to the foot of I' *-r“ ejo,'
where the land rise abruptly before
ugain si* ping toward the not t beast, re
((uiring th. use of “second lift pump
ing plants for watei for uligation 1 he
chain of 1 k<- sand «i«-p«<*- .on above
mentioned i.» this inclosed in a eini
valley hetwe n the “sej i’’ on the north
and the b'gh river banks n tin* outh.
VV i t *•: M< r ••*• !*• th “ .j"' cm! .
thu permitting th* bulk of the flood
waters t<» e-cape to the north and
northeast, following the slope of the
countiy, and th «• waterway- eventually
find thei way thr- ugh a series of nat
ural depress oris to Laguna M 'Ire m
\\ Him > i ..nt,’ . and t ** no*thein •
of Cameron County, lift to in mil*"*
north of the mouth of the K o Grande,
l-i the true drP tigton brl* w Merced
cs. a series of natural drain*, culled
“arroyo ,” and *>• ancient river bed -,
called “ies.cn «in both sid" of the
Rio Grande r erive and «li.-tribute th"
surplus lood waters wliieh follow the
rive- <-h i.to l I clow Vl« .rod'-s. and s *
overflow conditions a are to I - dial!
with in Cameron * ounty .-re enu. ' d by
some artific al interference with one or
more of these nitmal out It lr <*r dinin .
Thes« are generally unimportant, nd
opinions d’.ffn a t<> wether th<- n*-t *!
toil <f this*- sporadic minor overflow
is not more beneficial th n othciwi.c to
the relatively small tracts «>f land af
Since th* immense canal nicer try to
carrv water for the irrigation of the Ili
daig-t ' ounty “second life lands n-e*
tarilv cro. s the depre i m- vvluch otve
a spillway.* for the flood water of the ^
Itio tir rule. thus acting as protective j
levies for some tracts of land which]
would otherwise overflow, while forcing
water upon other t acts which are oth-|
erwise above the flood level, it is dif
ficult to estimate the proportion t f the J
|lid:.l"o “first lift” land which are ini
fait liable to overflow. Mach of thi
territory, in tin- case of extreme tis'-Rj
in the Itio Grande, does, in fact over |
flow to a dtp'll varying front several!
Teel in the beds of the natural spill
ivaj j mentioned to a few inches in the
ca c of lands near the Itio Grande. |
This fact mdoubtidly affect, to some
extent the v.lue of the land in ques
tion, but, except in the actual beds of
th- rcsaca- and deprey ions which s -rve
a wa lev ays, by no means renders the'
overflowed land unsuitable for profita ,
ble farming pur| *> ses; in fact, nearly
12.000 acres of thi- possible “over- 1
flow land is in actual cultivation in the '
Alamo l’harr San Juan d'st'ict alone,
and similar acreages in the other «fi -
Iricts, for the year 11*21, and this land 1
is cultivated ly in n who are familiar
with tlood conditions, know cxn, tl> i
what to expect from possible overflows, j
and have delibctately chosen to farm
this overflow land. Such tract as ov- *
c rflow to a depth <f a f< w inches only,
aie bent fited rather than harmed since
they receive a free irrigation and a
• ich depo-it n! soil f onr the sill laden ,
water*. '1 .ior florals in the Rio Grande
occur between May and October and ,
there is no known instance of winter |
crop being harmed h> flood-, while the,
ch nee for : cotton, coin, or br'omcorn j
crop to he <! strayed in any given season :
i too remote to influence the choice of 1
• uch lands by f rmet -, especially those ,
who prefer to arm on n large scale, in
vi w of the urp >-i'!g fertility of the
-oil. For certain crops, espe< lally can
to!. upes, true overflow 1 rids are pre
ferred I y the growers.
\ If. < it rus Fruits
Kxperinrenta! orchards of c.trus
fruit. wi re planted a decade ago by j
:>i.mcrou far -■•eing delta residents hut
the majority of the tarmets were con
tint to await the results from these ex
pe imentul orchards before investing
heavily in eitrtis production. The old
er i rehatd i.ave now yielded their own
er- on an average of $JMH» per acre an
num for the past five years. and 20.00"
ncres of delta land are now set in citrus
fiu.t- in the variou: districts. The ma
jor portion of this n< reagr- i in grape
fruit. Hi Grande grapefruit having al
ready earned a nation wide reputation
for superior quality, juiciness, and fla
DONNA Toxic, April ,r». Three him I
dred and twenty cals of I liage were j
sh pped from Donna during the month
of March, and during th- ame time 47
ca: of mixed ve-it.blc, went forth t«
market with 3 cars of eat rots, one of
lettuce rnd one of grapefruit, making
a total of 372 cars.
Shipment- are still holding up and
have just now rcach-d their peak.
During th month of .Kebrua'y Donna
shipped HKI tars of c hbage and 2t
,--.t of other ve-otab|t \ Donna has led |
the Valley all the season in the number,
of ■ 11 of ■ .i • hIpped.


: ->




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CHEAT IIKMt. Kansas. April .1
John \V. Waldron of Oklahoma City. |
former minister here, found guilry on n
statutory charge of three i mints by n
jury in di-triit court tbi- week, was to-,
day denied a new trial by Judge (Juininn
and sentenced to a term of five to 21
year- in the -fate penitentiary on ea'-ii
count. The sentences are to run con-j
■ urrently.
Waldron filed notice of appeal and
gave bond demanded by lie*
Arizona is called the cactu« state, but j
shouldn't get stuck up over that. The ,
state tf matrimony i« called the same.j
FOR SALE Hood rlenti screen xrav U
cl. immediate delivery. Address Heatin' If;
.May nr I rank t». Arredondo, Mission. Is
Texas. ' (I2| Jli
For SALE Solid ouk high chair I
with ht»-cl enameled tray. Excellent ||j
londition. price five dollar*. tjuarters |:
X>. I-on Drown. IV
I ult sTl.E K'-gi-t'-i• d America.
I tot nr pigs, hred in the south. Write
F. t;. t'ohh. Plesslllg, Texas, • l-’O
ME III Y all da^e* of used furni- H
ture. People's Furniture Store. W'n-h- 11
inxton and Eleventh. Phone Jlf.t. (.»-’! ;j|
FOR SAI.K Twenty five Valencia I
orana'e trees that I did not have romn 1
to plant. ('. 1- Jessup. |
CITRUS Fill IT trees, every variety
on sour orange pad. A No sour oruOJfe
* .King*. All size*. Pri es very rea
sonalde. A. K. Nicbol*. He Land
Florida. <«*_> j
CITRUS TREKS—We now have some j
fine <-itrua tree , sour ro«its. Pric.-s
$1 10.041 per hundred trees. Horton Nor
aerie*, Harlingen.
CUT FLOWERS— Funeral Designs.
Itowyer Nursery Cm. Drownaville office I
Met Henry Music Co Phone K'C. San :
lienito office. Concreta Highway, j
Phone 263 <371
HAVE US SPRAY your citrus trees.il
tomatoes, a ml other farm crops. Wyatt
and Webber, Harlingen. Texas. Phouc
j**.-, t J i
FOR SALE tb-im| bargain tine hruk j
htisiuess house and two frame buinlmg .
I,oi at■■*! near passenger station and
freight depot. Apply ln-x ,"».»7. Drowns
ville. 11*71
house near El Jardin •< iu-nl. Cost
|i«-r acre for. ipuck sale S_*tMi p«-r a< r*-.
All fine land adjoinitig t* smii. Would
sell half interest t., • u.nol*-;.. improve {
incuts. P.ox tis Drowiisvill*-. (Jl>
ond Street, Louisville hy., best mag
; zinc pullishtd regarding feeding lin
ing canaries. Samp> c -py -ent upon
renuest forty pages, full information.
WANTED Hemstitching ami dress
making. Mrs. C. it .lolluiisop. llih mnl
Washington street, at peoples Furtii
tur*- Co., Building. ITione 2H5. • (lit
Political Announcements
The Herald ia authorized to announce
the candidacy of
For re-election aa state senator ftrd
Senatorial District, auhjert to July
Democratic primaries
* Your support is solicited
The Herald is authorized to announce
the candidacy of
For re-election as sheriff of Cameron
county subject to the action of the vot-v
ers in the July primary.
I hereby solicit your vote and aupport
for the office of County Clerk. Sub
ject to Democratic Primary in July
R. T. (Riggs) ROBERTS
The Herald is authorized to announce
the candidacy of
forrr-election to the of I ice of county
auperintendent of school*, subject to
July primaries.
I hereby announce my candidacy
for the office of Sheriff of Cameron
County, subject to the artinn of the
Democratic Primaries.
Respectfully submitted.
R. |». BROWN
The Herald is authorized to announce
the candidacy of
for election to the office of Sheriff of
Cameron County suMert to the July
The Herald is authorized to announce
the candidacy of
for election to the office of county
commissioner of District No. 2 Hrown*
| The Board of Directors of Cameron |
County Water Improvement District | I
Number Six, in Cameron Co nty. Texas, ||
will receive bids for a Depository of the : j
District for the period from the de-ig
nation of such Depository to the Second
Tuesday in January, A. D. 192*. Bids ||
will be received at the office of the
Board of Directors at Brownsville, Texas,
and I>< po itory designated at 2 o'clock
P. M . April 2H. 1921.
President. Board of Directors, Cameron
County Water Improvement District.
Nuber Six.
Secretary of said board.
3-2*. 4-1*. 20t.—1294.
This is to notify the public in general
that I have sold my entire interest in
the business known as the Matamoros
Hotel at Matamoro . Temps.. Mexico,
and will not he responsible for any bills
contracted after April 1, 1924.
Matt Sepich, Brownsville, Texas.
-—-- |
_ _ m
Ban Benito. Texan
The Attorney* and l.aw Flrnu
Hated In thi* column arc member*
of tha Cameron County Ba^
A an**-tat ion. J
Attorney* at Law j
206-204 Merchants National lianl
Building 1
Brownsville, Teiaa I
Attorneya at Law 1
Rooms 307 H 'J Merchants Natiam
al Bank Building 1
Brownsville, Teiaa 1
J. K. Wells H. B. Galt.rail
Attorneya at Law 1
Rooms 402 411 Men Hants nJ
tional Hank Buildi'ig 1
Brownsville, Tesaa I
Attorneya at Law I
First National Bank Building
Brownsville, Texas I
W m. S. West Harry L. Fiji
Law offices of "jfl
Rooms 20 to 24 Vivier iljildl
Brownsville, Texas jfl
K. B. C RE AG EH ■
Attorney at Law H
First National Bank liuildinHf
Brownaville, Texas H
Basinets Directorj|
Dr. Mary S. McK'y
Modern equipped office E:|
and light theropy appli'J
Normalising table operate*!
electric motor, etc I
Office 1205’* Washington I
Telrphone ITS I
Eyes Examined — Glasses ■
No. 9 Malthy Kids. I
Open Until 2:00 A. M.l
House Wiring—Motor K«pi
ing ami installing. — Isolati
plant installing.
909 Adams S*.—Phoae 74
General Contractors and
Home Building in Brick,
Stucco or Frame
We specialise in brick mu
concrete construction
Brownsville, Tex. Phoae (
let door north First Nat'l Bn
Member State and Nat'l A as
Hidalgo Guarantee Abstract (
Edinburg State Bank Bldg.
Edinburg—Co Seot Hidalgo C
Justice of the Peat# Notao P»b
Land Soiling—Hoasa Rnntial
1221 Elisabeth 8i. I’hoa# it
Brownsville, Taxes
No- t. First. Notional Bonk
Mason Transfer & Gr *
Light and Heavy H
We move Anything
Phono ISt 1220 Loans

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