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Pm>«I Mackiaery
I'M to 16 h. p. Fairbanks Mono
and Kmgtr Atlas Oil Enginos
la lock. Contrilugal Pumps.
W. H. Potcgaat Ca „ „
___ Today’s News in Today’s Papei Fall leased wire Associated Press news service
-s. _
Chief Postal Inspector Sim
mons on Stand Today in
Probe of Alleged Land
]- Frauds
WASHINGTON. April 7.—The senate
committee investigating alleged land
fraud in the lower Rio Grande \ alley
resumed its hearings today with Rush
I). Simmons, chief postal inspector as
the first witness.
In answer to questions of Fames R.
Fage, attorney of Kansas C ity, who is
assisting in the prosecution, Simmons
said that he had received a petition
from a group of people claiming to have
been defrnudod. He said he had refer
red the petition to the postal inspectoi
in charge of the case.
-Did the postoffice department ever
send anybody to talk with these six
hundred people who claimed to have
L been defrauded?" asked Rage.
L "I do not know. I sent the petition
■ n the postal inspector in charge of the
jBaso to be handled in the regular chati
W'-" ........
rcinion* sain iv. ' rv.»nvi vt
rnsville, republican national cora
Ffman for Texas, had called on the
itaster general and claimed the
iil investigation was damaging do
(irande Valley. I
, ( reaper called (
knew nothing
toher 12. 1921. 1
Kansas ( ity, if
il inspector itt
nned to present
e grand jury at
ted Page,
o do some work I
.resent the cast
ied Simmons,
been injured in
was in a ho
■ developments.
rd Pi ess)
7.—The senate
p alleged lan«
. (irande Valley
oday to press its
•_ _i
\ i. • • *»> * t ■ :.t e * > * * * **■
HP<> adjournments Inst week.
^^BRush Simmons, chief of the divi
xmn of postoftice inspectors, who ha
^ occupied the witncs • -t tr.d through
<5V|t the hearing thu* far. w.- again .t.
ttrucTw4»'*o*»jppear James It. I’ag« of
Kansas City, \who i* -listing Senator
Heflin. dfmoCM??^tMt»nm. m pro-e.u
tion of the inquity, naf^rNmned for
some time to examine Simmons about
the alleged failure of tpe pototficc de
partment to proceed vigorously with an
.nve eigation into methods used in sell
ing Rio (Srandc Valley land hut wa*
not able to beg.n this questioning last
Senator lit ft in has alleged that R. B.
Crcagcr of Brownsville. Texas, repu !i
can national committeeman from tha'
state, attempted to use h's politic-I in
fluence with former I'ostma-tir tien
rnl Will Hay* and other government
officials to have the postal inve*tipa
tinn of the land sale dropped and p*<•*
rctitions quitted ns far a- compan e
with which he was connected were coti
c oncerned.
I’o-tal Inspector O. It Williamson.
”-h«> investigated the land sales situ,
tion, also was under ordc * to appear
today. A “conf identic.! ropy" of his
report hnr been available to each com
mittee member and opposing counsel.
W illiam on. accord ng to Senator
Heflin, was suhstitu' d foi Inspector -1
M Itonaldson. who start I the inv *t.
gat ion of the alleged I t.d * ra’Jil- be
cause of Crenger's "influence."
if -
(By The Assoc*:.ted Pres* )
ti.MNKSVIl.I.I Texas. April 7. '•
S l.oeke. 7i7. was killed late \e*terda
when a lighting plant in (be M»*t|ioi|i*t
• Iiiii* h neiti hi* farm home. 17 mil*
southwest of I vHllle* vitle. exploded vllib
e W.’l* prepaiog il fie operation. The
’ 1st w .1* hear •! * \ •" il I . !• *.
icial Weather Reports ;
.i - v i I i and viiinit\: I *.i r • 5 \
itid NHiiewlial nig
itnj : not hmm li baagr in li
\a«: I'arrl\ ilnnd> ii»n _■ •
,1 \ . H' -1 I ill Mtilth
liat K»rtm>r in n«>rtlif.-t-*
it. Light in gfntlf varia'di*
t *i»! !'<■ 'tmin^ • .'lif i >
her Conditions.
v!:iliic 'n :<inl :«11• 11»-r of;
H r»r•- :it!«*li<|fi| I.;.
jg^Wrii \M<j|t|o-r f l Ml
' i
1 •!'
• • i • •
oiijim nori Itvi .-ml
[ittfs. ami liu'ai
#* <»r«':t» l.ak
. :t’:■ I i >• a!.
ah. I ‘.U>-w hi-•■i
C-'Mi-ralU la i
T-la | • • . ■
\ i-racr i• t I i
tr> this morn
■p last night n
• in l«J at Amur
_I -
I.Ik .. _ _ -J ...iii
(Rv The A#*' riatcd Prtrvt
JOHNSTOWN*. I* April 7. While
state trooper# and county d t.-dives
continued their invc ligation o; Sat
urday night's fight between residents I
of the mining vill^ ■ of Lilly and visit
ing Ku Kit x Klnn nun. .n which tw•> [
men o! the- town wtr killed. Di-t d |
Attorney D. I’. Woimnn of Cambria
county, today p-ep icd to enter charge- j
of rid and mutder ay in t t!P m<-:>
Twenty-five of tlu prisoners, said to l* • 1
Klansmen, were arm* ted here as th y
stepped from a special train whic'
h; ought them from Lilly a ter the
fight. Four risiilent- of L.lly were ar
rest d there by Iht* state polii-e. Ar- i
rangements were being made today fur
the funeral, of Philip Con-ad and Floyd
Paul . who wire shot to d*-ath. F.ttlc '
hope was entertained for Frank Mi. c<>. I
hot in the head, who was removed t * ;
an Altoona hospital. More than a score -
of others ware 1 ss seriouly wounded,
including foil' women who the police
reported were attacked when they j
thiercd the parading Klansmen.
In a statement made pu lie today. S'. I
1>. U.ch, an of'icial of the KLin sa d the
Klansmen were not respon ilde f<*r tin
fight. "They were forced to defend
thei• lives when assaulted.**
fTty The Associnted Pro c)
DALLAS. Texas. At ril 7. Fight fire
men wire injure!, two seriously, two
fire tru< ks wen* wiecked and five |»ei
si ns narrowly escnpiil death as rt uh
of an early morning fin* which destroy
ed the >■ ulrfiu' hett* of Sa^ji Ilium. I be
b; rking of a dog awakened Bono bare
ly in time to enable him to get his
wife and three children from the
blazing hou i*.
The firenun wore injured when two
trucks from different station.* collid
ed at i st • t*. t corner. A. S. I! ghc-, as
sistant f.r<* chief, w: > cut ahoul tF'.e j
head and face, will pro! ably lose a j
foot, and may have -uf'ered internal
injurie . Fix other firemen received
It* s si riou- hurts.
itono. win* id hi- loss was
declared the dog undoubtedly saved the
life of himself and family.
__ lt ___
(By Tiie Associated Pre=sV
WASHINGTON, Apt i! 7 Inve tiga
tinn of the shipping board by a special
house committee turned up ts first
live debate today when U<*p esentative
Davis, d inner# t, Tcnne-see, “p’c edi
tor.*’ Irought u|* reports <*: alleged in
fluence by Matthew Brush, pre id m of
th*- At.iericnu International eorpo at a.
in the foimulation <*f American mer
chant marine policii s.
(Ry The Associated I’rr )
AI>TI\. April 7. 'ippositiim to Hi ■
pplie.lt toll Ml .ill Cllll t n:i I I ..lie * !•*
pun liaise ihe sin k ' I the Irteriuiiimial
• ii * .il N"rthcrn i:• 11r• i::<I « nine before
die Ti railroad i-unmis-don today
w ith II st!«ili„* .If r;-\ of legal l.ilcli* iitid a
great \ nlllliie nf (In il'neiilary c\ a] •Hoe.
Tli,. initirl lieuring ilii- uioriiing drew ,
a wnie rati:«• of interest-, it.di tiling ih |
nmite: i> i tie of the must importalit to
ei.iui liefure tin* commission in n long
Iloustoii. S.m Antonio. Palestine.
Austin. Terrell. Tv h r uiid a large timci
er if east Texas towns and iiiiiividu ;1
firms sent representatives to protest the
proposed merger.
Arguments against the purchase fol
low ( iliefl.V tin* Ip|i -ti >n of -I.fling eolll
petition and injury to Texas port'. Ii
was claimed lit* th** opponents that tie
Intern tt’n nal Creut Norlheru i> the
slipelief line, that its lull .11:' I interest i*
(In «|eveloj :flit of tin f"»rt nf IIot|s»o||
and tlie i y of San Antonio, whih tin*
i interest i.;' tile * •11!t lain'
j„ \i.w i irieans. ‘I lie opponents also j
strong1! pressed the issue of legality, j
• ■mending tin* proposed merge;* wmiil1
In* tin* absorption id *i I ev:.s load iiy
an out of stale interest, otitrary to tie
law S of Texas.
Tin* tJulf Lines are represented l.y I
Attorneys .1 !tn Mo'dey mid I rani; Aa
drew' of I iouston .ludgc Nel- *n j
liiillil is and .Murphy W . T iwineiid rt p
tfsent Palestitie and Aieler-oii county j
iithiests :i' well ti- a fitiinher "f la. i
iie-s i'i iu' along ili I •• N. Attorney
|*i. ul Kayer i epi esfiii' .|es*<* It .|oin*s. I
.Mm I . W'oribam. I Lewis Thompson
and other Houston Imisite >• men who|
are opp isii g tie* merger. t oloii. i
'. ' toll V. Hirkloid repn euls I lie San
Antonio chandler of i-otnuift't t* " i'*• ;
which tin* Austin inieiests are joint-!.
The hearing i- exieoted t<># las* ;
throiigii lie* wi'k.
Pyeatt Explains Merger Plan
I By The Associated Prc a)
AUSTIN. Texas, April 7. In-sire for
a " f.itegie toute" to Mexico is tine of i
th** chief re a oi j Tempting the Cult
( oast Litus to aeek control of the li
ter n. t «>na!-Grc*;t Northern a.Iron ).
Prc-idcnt J. B. Pyeatt «! the Gulf Una t
Lines testified ti day in the hearing be
fore the Ti XII- Railroad Commission on
the application for permit to make the
The p incipal g t *vv .y to eastern
• i tkto%gh Laredo. Pro sidt r t
I'vt att declared. The Gulf Line dc r<
the I G. N. line to thi city hec u it
owners have faith in the future Mexican
business will he important, he -aid.
It t the plan of the Gulf < oast Line
to continue <1«■veil pment of th" I G. X. |
should the tornu r to. ti gain c< * tml as I
the pi:rchrsi*d road would then hecome I
the in jor unit of the ystem, the wit
•tess said.
•* \\ e could not <!•» anything to injure
tht hit r: ntioral Gre.it Northern with
out inju'r.g the (iulf Coast Lines.
- aid President Pyeatt. “There would be
no profit t i us in .stripping the 1 G N.
nf traffic. VVe intend giving thi road
more iusines-."
Among other no ons as ignctl by
President Pye tt for th«* pro[ osed mer
ger were tk.at the romhir at ion wtnihl
;• ..vert •' • '• l t. ’ ' c*-<tn-**-i
tration of engines :-i <i ti ts where mo t
needed to meet cuirent shipt ing de
mands. provid • a mo*c inflvential sys
tem that ctiulti In tt-r serve the «ities
and the country, and a ford a shorter
route from South leva to St. Louis.
President Pyeatt point, d out that th
peak of cotton t*affic orj Iti line Im
been passed when that *-n the ! G. N. it*
pins. He said the m rgi r would enable
shifting of car from one road to the
ntbir to at sorb the heavy t raffic as
M: ny other crop p osent a mil r
•*rampl of saving in eoinbinctl control,
he aid.
Minister’s Revelation of Wild i
Party, Told in Pulpit Gets 1
Many Husbands in Trouble
City Officials Seek Cover
When Minister Launches
Tirade Against Bootleg
ging and Immorality
Rv T' «• A'snc:..t d Pro
ASRI P.Y PARK. N J. Apr 1 7- I•>
j cal officials and l.u'ino * men t»<i i>
I were busy explaining t > their wives, a
| a resu't «'f ermons whi b six c!c*gy
! m.n preached yesterday charging thr
'I yur Clarence E. I- He’ ‘'h. * nu
I and city officials and bus ne s men at
I tended a ham; et Thurs ! y p trPt r.t : '
' inn in Peal, where, it was stab d, th'
guests dr- r.k much li .uor and live wo
1 mm danced.
■ The sermons con.-tituted ti step in
| joint campaign igainst boetleg ;ir.g an
> immorality launched Saturday : t
joint meet rg of the civic church lei
gue ntui the Xu ulux Kb n.
Al ogatinn r- : '1 nr the ' enqu
were based on an rffidavit made •
. Walt r t . Tind. II, a merchant, wh
! charged that fou yoliceinen guardc
j the inn. that there w:.s drinking an
that five women brought from Net
' Y rk. gave an improper exhibition. II
| was sai»l to have taken to dinner wit
I him n private deteetiv supplied by the
Anti-Saloon League.
The churchr ; we'c crowded as a re- i
suit of an advertisement in which the
church civic li ague announced the rev
elations woidd be made. Tindall •> affi
d-i Tit was ubmitted to Prosecutor
Mayor Hetrick admitted ho had at
tended th'< dinner. 1 1.1 d<nied anything
improprr had taken place in h s | es
rnre. lie siid there v “no lewdrrss.
no vulgarity, no drunkinness and no
■ : nude women*’ ;.n i that the women in
’ 1 th et a and were properly clothed.
Other officials supported his denial,
i w hile Henty L. L< ihing. who at ranged
’ the dinner. ai l he h d been accused of
having “too tr.rn • a party.”
(By The As ociated Press*
ASBl’RY PARK. N. J. April 7.—
Th ee war ants charging perjury were
t issued for th-' arre t of Walter ft. Tyn
! dall, local printer and c.ct’ve church
t VuiMfl i by city magi-trate Borden t‘
f | d.'.v. The warrants wire i: • tied on com
i j rdaint of three local busine s nteti. who
1 t were allegt d in an affidavit written by
1 I Tyndall to have attende ! a dinner at a
v Jio.il n last Tltur lav at which city
i* of. icir.l* indulged in drinking and wit
fw nessed nude d.incinr.
Successor !
Lord NorthclifTo’a successor as
the owner of the l: "r<. t string of
Itriti h newspapers is his brother.
Viscount rtothermere (above), lie
is in this country tor a visit.

(Ity Tl * Associat d Press ) . I
SAN ! llAN* IS* •». A til 7. Wire
f-.ti t i t> \ t oilet'' I *>•■: .vecn
jitid $1 .*>0.0(11 friuri S a hranci-co ■ m>k 1
imiki't by wild nr i.imbets of the,
actual winner* at Tia Jtmr.ri t*< tho-v
of h>»r: oil which me:.lie of their
Hi nif had i»et. the San Franc..sen K\atu- 1
iner said thi* morning.
According to the Kxamincr. m tubers ,
r • • i: . Hu ■
to u;ii the t■ < i.d r: i o and Wait -WiI-j
low^to take the third «vent, playing j
tht at nel\ and coo.bin iti< ’ .Mor
ri> t tie «• d Sw i‘t anti Low won.
The wire tapper* had “cut in" on j
the leased w re i; which the Tii Juans
return- w re In .ng -t r.t t<> Sui Finnsi *
co liookniKkc». however, and intercept
ed tl <* new of the winner*. In relaying
it t • Fun IT nci*co. th y uh*titut**d
the ti signuti* n of the horses <>n which
they had liet. Irish Huzze*- would have
pud fifteen to one cud Water Willow
five to one to win. Tins a bet of Slit
bet on the two in comb nation nett <1
liie trick wn not discovered un
til long after tl race we:e over :.nd
the lets paid, the Kxamin* r said.
ROME. 7. The overwhelming
Majority in which the Fascisti swept
Italy in -terday’s preliminary «lec
tion. is indicated in the latest compila
tion of • etuM.s which n-'Urt ‘ the Fa
cisti i art;. * the deputies. I* if *
t. > n of the *’*• province* gave the Fa
ci-ti :g*f».| b» against it* .ill l for ail the
open ition parties.
IIOMF. At*ri* 7. R tnrr- from Italy's
pnrliiimnnt; rv (lections today indicated
an overwhelming victory fo; the I
cisti. The government candidates ny
per.red to he I ading in nearly every re
F'.nHl returns fr m Ccnon gave the
Fascistt tl.57fi vote-; Unitarian Social
i-: . n.til't; ' atholics. t.7L'J; I.iitials
:I7H*.*; r»i.;ruunists, The Indep n
,!,••. he Id y I *cp.;t •, Ciuffrida we e
rum rr second to the Fascisti in ( .•
t •(ia with 1 ii« ( 'her paM es trailing.
It was e ti:nat d that the Fa*cisti
would poll fully one ii.tru < f the »■ tire
___ I
(?!v The Associated Pre s)
KL, PASO. An il 7. Dances, a stag!
dinner and a hull light in Juarez, golf
and military maneuvers :.t Fo; * It!, s
will form a part of the er tertainment
feature of the thirty-eighth annual
corn ation of the Tcxa- Lumbermen*’
A -ociation, -rheduled to begin here to
morrow and continue fo thre • d ys.
Delegate were arriving today for th*‘
convention, the hu-mess e-sions of
which will include an array of address
es rid <li u ; ion* hy men high in the
rank* <■ the It ml i r indusfy. according
I to the prog Mini.
Arizon and New Mexico lumbermen
and their famiiie have b. i n inv.tcd to
take iri th Texs- meeting.

• t It- T*i« A soHafed Pr*«0
NEW Yt IRK. Aj r 1 7. f’-alten prwn -
II..*; fully a i cot from the recent oilvatli e
•at the opening of the market today on
j report- of more favorable weather for
■ rop preparation* in the -outli and low r
t Liver pool f;ilil>*. There w;i* uetive
realizing by re«t Imvci *. July delivery
-•■Id ,»ff at a decline of 117 poin -
frotc the high level of N-t Saturday and
•_’* point- lower Ilian Saturday'* clo-irt
j price.
<|tv The AonriilM Predict
W VSHINtiTON. April 7.—A joint
resolution proposing a world peace
eonfrrence was irT rewtiie*e*e! todax by
S* natnr I’epper, republican, Penn*
sy I* anin
The* senate would advise the pres
ide rt und* r the* reseilution. that the*
time is suitable leer .*is«.e*mbli:ig e»f a
e*onfi re nee similar to the* two held
ir tb»* past at The* Hague*.
r*jrlh‘*r reduction of all arma
ments; me ans of e irplnsirinr the*
importance and infloen *< eif inter
nal ieinal law, and plans feir estah
li“hir*' and strengthening “a world
ceitirt alog the lines of the Hague
pt ae-e tribunal.”
I:» a brief explanation. Senator
Pepper said the economic f ature* had
he Do dc-lihcratel) left out because it
was iiivirul in a similar resolution
tie Se*nator He.rah. re*puhlican. lelaho.
'I hi* proposal for discussion eif a
worlet e-e-urt, h<* sa:d. was intended to
obviate the* necessity “for attempt
ing t»i satisfy the widely diverse ,
views upon the* league- eif nations."
(flv The A -oeinteel Pro -)
|l»\|HtN. April 7 The* M i* el'itiaid
geivl iiinp i.: xv:i* defeated in tin* housei
df e*iiiiii|io||S foeiav h*. tl V'itt* of I to .
I'll1 oil t!:e* retd evictions 11**11.
t By The* A sociated Per - )
LONDON. Ap- .1 7. Wh t the labor- j
it•* p:** - el«*-"i I.«■ a u “political cri*
i of fir~t cl * impottanr " ha* ari.v
• n out of the* governaientelett rmina- '
t ion to protect un mployed tenants I
* * .m evict ion.
A special cabine* n. eting whs con- |
v »ie*d !*'* night to eiiscus.- the* evic
tions hill, and Premie '1 cdonald
sh!irt**n«*el hi* we*e*i. en I vacation at
t keejuers ‘ «> rt to attenel.
The* political repoiter- agree that
th ■ government ha* already t. solved 1
that si,me* me- n* must he adopted to cit
able unemployeei pe. sot's to retain pos
ion of their homes whether tiny pay *
rent e»r not. ! at in elec i ion and even eii*
a..r'-i-ment is s.-iid to e**;..*t e*n how this I
i to be man grtj.
Wh n delate on the bill w: at!
jotitped I.*t week, it was understock
that the governr .e*nt proposed to put [
the o*iii- of finding th • rent money !
upon the poor law authorities, who in I
turn look te. the* government for re
imbur em* rt. If thl prove* te> be the
minister’s plan it stems certain they
will It* elefcated in the commons al- ’
thovgh .t i got uppo-eel they would
regard this ns a tea-on for resigning. j
J!y The A-. feinted I’re«s'.
•!•• la Huerta. loader •*t" the Mexita'i
! t i volitt' >nist... has fled from 1 *r«»n' «*t.
. n : <>!;■•• »#i I’.abia Honda. 1'ub.:. ami N--.v
>m b ..tul ha •ail: muni. tied with I't • it- 1
' ter.I !:• wireles .. ueenrdiltg tn till* cap- J
till’ if the Mix i> an I'.agle • til output '
\ tiiglei.it ii-rtiii-. low. whi< li was capture I
I 11y t i■ rebels- nt I-*. apeil frottl I follter.
| i t..I lias relumed here.
(By The As-rdated Pros*'
OALVKSTON. T*\ s April 7.—Th<
f (I r:il -runboat Bravo t.t Tampico wa j
put out of com miss ion by rebel synija- j
thi’/e ni ton-' the . rew, . cconlinj' *>»
j■;:vi—?• r-reive.I ' err by Addfo Jimcn- ^
er. n i el ip-nt. One of the crew vv;.s |
‘Utnmarily executed and court martial |
of fottv o*he'- orde ed. The Bravo
boiler were burned out. She was re
port id at the Ti-tr.pico d irks.
__ »
(R; TI • Am lib d Prm )
WASlMXt JT» »N. April 7 VVl.en I gi
I <*r railroad rales are charged <>n a short .
j iban a long haul the shipper front .ui|
! intermediate p tint is only entitled mi
J roll*'* t mi. b damages a- lie is able tuj
shov, lie siist: in d. it was announ ed to
day by the stipret'te court.
The •piestion mi he<| the e'Mirt in f-■ *’,
s. involv.tig rat* in Minnesota. Ne
j Mr Jti o, M" "' anil, Ml egon. ami \N a -. t :
j ton.
. -— ■ “ "
! VASIIIX* !T< *X. April 7 The <oi
I roller of the eurr* n y tmhn issued a
jcall for the i..million <>f all National
batiks at the • In.f business ori Mon
i day. March III.
Senate Committee Hears
Testimony on Land Fraud
and Pro Law Violations
f By The A s ceiated I*r< >
WASHINGTON. April 7. The prohi
bition enforcement -ituat on if the ' hi* .
earn district occupied the sen tc Iiaugh
i-rty eomrnittee today for two hour*,
alter it had devoted .*«n equal period to
the detail of th Miller brother* land
fr ud case in Oklahoma.
Brice F. Armstrong, a Chicago prohi
bit ion agent, testified that his i fforts
to enforce the law had been handicap
p'd loth by local and federal official .j
Action in one impo t nt ca e w
b’orked ly the d. paitment o! justice in,
W -Kington. he said, while < hicago
•he office of the Illinoi attorney)
irenera! had inlercedtd to protect vio
la fors of the law.
The wit net declared eight brewerb
ure now tunning in Chicago "under pro
tection*' and told of one in-tan e in >
nrhich he had been of ft red $a a barrel 1

(Rv Thi* A*s ciated I’mss)
WASHINGTON. April 7. I’nidue -
nd merchandise brokers to. Id be el
.'opted from the $50 broker-" tax un
ier an an iiilnirnt voted ;•> th- evenue
ill today by the sen it** finance com- |
in it tee.
t le r.ne the way for f nal a< • ion *>•
the bill the cornmitte disposed of sev
ral proposal- imtd to clear up t**ch:ii
sal details. Ciiairman Smoot predicted
:vt. mea ure would be completed y the
ronunittee r.t th*- night session.
Requ -t tif senators for changes it
some of the admini t rtiv. provi-.ons of
the revenue b 11 were h*-ard today by
the senate finance eomniitt e as it pre- j
pared to conclude work on the measure.1
Chairman Smoot -aid the 1 ill probably
would be rt jotted to the *mt * Wed-j
nesVhtv nr Thursday and taken up ly
that body next week.
In addition to *ini ring with the rev-:
enue niea-ur- the committee also pin" 1 i
to complete before thi **t d of th’ week
its eons id ration of the olditr I otiu
bill passed by the house.
Revise*! *■ tininte on the pro?.aide
i* si ef tl ill have t-.-cti pre; at i for!
the rommitte.. I>\ government ;ictu..rie> j
Lead* - of both parti* w« r- lining
ep their f trees tod y for the floor con- |
ter; on the revenue bill. 1? mocrat have
announced they would propose changes;
ot several other rhedule* in addit on t-.
< ff< rir •* a -tiv -titut • f *r the i- ■ ..ino t x
plan ef Sec etary Mellon, which h i*
been voted 1- ck into the bill i*i commit
tee 'n pi c of the la gworth compro-j
it. i - e ad<» | ted I; the liousi.
.■■*■***—i • ♦ —
FAUIS Ap- 1 7. Th** report of tin
reparation i Xpert?, w ill be submitted a
1«i o*elo* k AV’-dn**»da\ iiiorniriK. it w.i
d* tenniueil thi* afternoon. The rej***r*
will it.iiio diai ’•!*. be turned over to th.*
mutilation e uiims-iou f*>r 11 * it I •***!> t*>
li.a I: e public.
(By The A sic :it< d I*te-s)
t II |t • \t ;i i Apr l 7 I m> ligiti ins
tinie goi-s into effect in Fhi* is** at -
a. j . Autil _*7. ti* eoutinti** until tli.* la-t
Sundav lit S**ptenilo-r. !' also will a**
e ffe live oil ill*' :! li • «!0t** if. N*’W A 'IK.
on the output of seven brewing plants
as a “protection" inducement.
“Have you evi r been charged with
dope selling, dope u- rig, or convicted of
crime?" Senator Wheeler «-kcd.
“I have not.”
“Well, you will be wh«n you leave
the stand,” said the committee pro edi
tor. “I.j Daugherty or "nit of his
'f’■lend-. Are you still working for the
gov e rnment V"
“I am. or I was until Saturday
night.” ‘
r “You won't be by Monday night,”
aid Wheeler.
(By The As related Press)
WASHINGTON. April 7. Senator
James W. Harrtld, rep-blican. Oklaho
ma. made a voluntary statement to the
>c : ate department of justice investiga
tion committee relative to hi* uctivi
ti in connection with prosecution of
the Miller lother, Indira land fraud
Th- senator had been mentioned in
thi connection with the testimony of
former I'. S. Attorney Pack of Oklaho
ma. who worked up the cases.
He vc-.it to Attorney General Daugh
erty. the senator continued, when he
h< ard that Mr. Todd. Mr. Daugherty**
f•.rr * law partner, had been retained
b the Miller Broth r*. He urged that
Peck be retained to prosecute the e cas
c and thi- was done. His chief in
c t. the- enator said, was to avo.d
any “scandal.”
Si'Pjito HarteM said he had heard
"rumors" that Peck was to be replaced
bee;.use the Miller brother wanted
“to g«t him out of the prosecution “
efore th*- ca-c* came to trial.
Mr. II. rreld said he was “surprised"
to he: r that pleas «»f ruiltv had been
r. -epted in the* c is by direction e
elep rtment of ju tree. I.ater when
be card that no civil suits had been
* i,cu <> recover the lands involved, be
reported th;.t fact to the Indian bu
Fr:< r ils of the Miller brothers had
. -ked him to “intercede" in their be
half n Washington, Senator llarreld
- d. tut added that he did not care to
“go into that” unless the committee
d sired to pres it.
Attorney General Daugherty bad
“very readily" asserted to his sugges
tion that th* pending change in the
I'r.itci S’;.: - at! rney’s office in Ok
lahoma should be deferred so that Perk
- ould handle the Mille r ca e . Senator
il rreld said Mr. Daigherty did not
kn w at that time that Tc ■)»! had be«n
retained bv the* Millers.
Senator llarreld explained that h“
thought the e was “* ed for sc.indal”
>a th f ct that Todd was to defend
Georg- L. Miller and his n- sociates.
■ Kdwin S. Booth, who was detailed
:rom the department of ju ticc as so
lie.* r -f the interior department un
<1 r A. H. Fail, followed Senator Mar
ch! ::n-i also was questioned in re
ar-1 t > thi Ok! horns Indian land case
» .lie identified letters from the in
t r dipartrmt t transmitting the Mil
!• r cue ti the department of justice
They were dated in April. 11)20.
Senate- Wheeler said he would show
that “Fall tried to get the cn e back"
from the «**•• artment of justice later.
A letter from Secretary Fall, elated
April, 11*21. was read suggesting that
th Miiler c • be continued to the
fall term «! ci virt chiefly because of
tire ab--nee from Washington of the
new Indian commissioner, who. the let
ter indie.-ted. wished to make further
c'ar .ina on. P• - k had te ttfied that the
I - |- a! con * i ance would have taken ^
the* M Her cases out of his hands as
prosecutor. A personal : nd confidential
liter from Perk to Daugherty oppo*
ing the continuance and pointing out
“rumors" of political influence also
was read by Booth.
Brownsville Should Become
Great Tourist City States
President Glacier to Gulf
Big Tourist Hotel First Neces
sity for Making Browns
ville Tourist City, Says
Austin North
That Brownsville has tourist advan
tage- hj few liiirw in tin*
l niiiil s .t; . i- In* i*cni *n of Austin
\"ilii. |*i* ' * I * : i • f t In* t !]:* t ir i !** ' • m
Motorway. " Im* tui* in Brownsyite Sir
and made a tii;* v*f in pt * lion i >
v.ir ui- * in.- if ort -j »•- in the
Brow n-viTI,.* i* ii. lMirit • his wars
f *-\jm ; • i'i ** v .'h to y travel. «•
head of tin* t*l:ni**r !•■ «;;11f. on** of
An: *ti *' greatest •n*irs*t avenues. Mr.
Nor'h has - • ••. ur* • 1 a thorn ;gh k:t**w
ledge i f thing that interest tourists and
the way to Ituild tip a tourist '.iii-iiicss
Browns* oh* should havi a I g totiri-t
ln*l I fir-t **f all. slates Mr. Nor'h.
-Wliil** a ''is hotel v. ill rot haild evei>
city, Brownsville has so many advait
tgges to off**r to the tolltist lilul to tin*
traveling' pi li * generally, that I have
v • liesitaiK-v in waving tiiat a first class
tourist hot**l vv II tm.k<* a great i it \ of
I trow n sv :!!»*.
•Jio not »*it anti wail for oil's id**
capital I** htiihl sneh a hotel.** advises
Mr. North. “1: is ea-y to fii .m «• sm i
a j*r»»jeet locally. then you will own th
hotel j ur-dves. anil ran keep its profits
at I know ninny of the finest
I hotels in the miilille west, that are open
I only tmi «|i!\s ;i u'nr. ltrownsville has
j something to offer ail the time.**
Mr. North was enthusiastic over the
'lea of a tourist loop, connecting Point
1-ai.i-l. Itina Chi. a hea h. and the month
"f H liver, and IJ..nil's Calm Hrove and
ltrownsville. "Then, with Mexico on
on. side, and the upper Valley on th**
*• lif . Crown-vile- has become the cen
ter of a five spoke wheel of tourist at*
f actions. With fiir less natural advan
•agcs tha# these. | know of many re
| -urt- that have heroine famous.'*
Mr. .North was enthusiastic over the
j development si.id possibilities of the
Valov. and declared hr <ould see great
< hatigcs dining the past year.
Mr. North catne to the Valley pr:
iiiurilv to atetid the good roads rally held
at Karinondville Saturday niglit. in the
interest of the proposed direct route to
Sen Antonio and Houston from the
Why. II" • pent Sunday in Ifrownsville.
h n*. ever, and with County Judge Oscar
C Haney. visited the month of tin* Hi*
tii amh* and Coint lsahel. t hi previous
trip- he has visited the palm grove ami
other points of interest. Mr. North'*
home i- in Hillings. Montana, where he
js pre-ident of fin* North Heal iii*liUfl
Investment <'ompeny.

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