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Absence of Secretary
Of Navy From Din
ner Seen As Rebuke
To Retiring Chief
NEW YORK. Feb. 16.—Ob—Failure
of Secretary of the Navy Curtis D.
Wilbur to attend a testimonial din
ner given Rear Admiral Charles P.
Plunkett is viewed as a public Re
buke by Col. E. A. Simmons, chair
man of the banquet committee. The
occasion for the dinner was the ad
miral’s retirement from active ser
vice on his 64th birthday.
Col. Simmons read a letter In
which Secretary Wilbur expressed re
gret at his inability to attend, but
the colonel later in a btatement to
reporters expressed the opinion that
the letter was "but a «%oke screen.”!
“The real reason why he did not
come and which he made known to
me over the telephone.” said the
statement, “was fear that his pres
ence at any dinner in honor of Ad
mirable Plunkett so soon after the
world-wide publicity in connection
with the admiral’s speech at tho na
tional republican club on Jan. 21
would be misunderstood.”
In his speech of Jan. 21, Admiral
Plunkett in urging a large and well
equipped navy said: "If I read his
tory correctly. ar.d what we are do
ing today, we are nearer war today
than we have ever been in our his
tory, because we are too damned
"I don't care whether it is with
Great Britain, or some otner nation,
you arc going to have war just as
surely as you are sitting in this
room with me, if you dare to contest
the control of the sea with your
goods, not with your guns.”
Illinois Chief
Drowns In River
Near His Sj^ffe
OTTAWA. 111., Feb. 16.—<M>>—Lee
O’Neil Browne, lawyer, legislator
and one of Illinois' democracy's most
forceful figures, drowned yesterday
in the swift waters of Fox river flow-,
ing past his estate.
Falling 50 feet from a stone em
bankment at the rear of his home,
his body was carried nearly half a
mile down streat^^efore it was re
covered 45 minuf^Wlater.
. A year ago Mr. Browne, who was
62 years old, slipped from the same
wall, but was saved when his sus
penders caught on an iron hook.
Friends often had warned him
against walking along the wall, be
cause he was subject to dizzy spells.
Only recently be agreed to construc
tion of a guard rail there.
Death came while a jury was de
bating the fate of voung Harry HiP
whom Browne bad defend°d against
charges of matricide. Browne had
just returned from the courthouse in
high soirits. believing that the long
deliberation* were favorable to his
Mrs. Coolidge, 111 At
White House, Better
WASHINGTON. Feb. 16 —^ -
Mrs. Coolidge. who is ill, was «aid
today at the White House to have
spent a good night.
The cold which ha« confined her to
her room for a week, however, has
no* yet entirely disappeared and she
Will be unable to be present tonight
w*hen the president receives officers
of the army and navy and several
other guests at the last the White
House receptions for this winter’s
social season.
People all about you can testify to that.
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91 box of Marmola.
Wood & Dodd
Spivey-Kowalski Building
Phone 10Q
__ J-u-|J-Lri ^ |-nrrr- - - -,n |_n_l—, ,
vcars the pants at our house -
she's the boss ainght.#
Don't Suffer with your feet. Dr.
E. Hillinger, Chiropodist, will be in
Brownsville every Thursday and Sat
urday at 10 a. m. at the Glenwood
Hotel, 933 Washington Street. For
appointments, phone 619. Other days
he will be in his home on Highway
between Harlingen and San Benito.
All kinds of foot ailments treated.
Eighteen years experience in Chi
cago. Examination free.—Adv. tf.
For Kent—Secont^^^or former
Herald building, c<^*r Washington
and Twelfth Sts. Four large well
lighted, well ventilated offices, new
ly renovated, modern. Piped for gas.
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suite for company, control of entire
floor. Mr*. Jesse O. Wheeler. Miller
Every Winter article at less than
cost in the big two-day complete
clearance sale at the Popular Store
Friday and Saturday.—Adv. 15.
Printer Expert Here—G. L. Luce,
“printer" expert of the Southwest
ern Bell Telephone company, with
headquarters in Dallas, vis a visitor,
in Biownsville Wednesday. He came
here to look over the automatic :
telegraph machines thougn which !
The Herald gets all its tele raoh
news. William Button ana G. A.
Turner, both of Corpus Christi, ac
companied him on the ins^ction.
Misplaced several plan books. If
you run aeross any of them, please
phone 872.—Adv. ? .
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drinks you think of the Star Pharm
acy. opposite hospital, McAllen, Tex
as.—Adv. tf.
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Herald building, corner Washington
and Twelfth. Finest location. Busi
ness center. Mrs. Jesse O. Wheeler.

More Literature Planned-A new
booklet on Brownsville and the im
mediate vicinity will be issued with
in the near future, it was announced
at the chamber of commerce here
Thursday. Th^ booklet will be com
posed of the latest pictures and data
on the Valley as a whole and con
tain a volume of information tlfit
has not heretofore been published.
Complete Clearance sale Friday
and Saturday at the Popular Store.
Don’t miss this great opportunity.—
Adv. 15.
- - - -
Murray and Murray. Chiroprac
tors; first in the Valley. 600 Wash
ington Street, Brownsville.—Adv. 18.
Sports Looking Cp—Plans for the
annual Cameron county basket ball
tournament here Sunday are pro
gressing at a very satisfactory rate.
Frank Rubarth. coach of the local
senior high school team, has an
nounced. The meet, at which all the
high school teams of the county
will compete for the right to meet
the Hidalgo county teams for the
district title, was post ned frog>
last Saturday because of rain.
A Clean Sweep of winter merchan
dise st prices less than cost at the
Popular Store Friday and Saturday
only.—Adv. 15.
Ringworm.— One bottle of Imperial ;
Eczema Remedy is guaranteed to bej
enough for any case. All druggists
are authorized to refund your money
if it fails.—Adv. f41
Monthly Payment Loans to buv,
build, improve or refinance resi
dence or business property. Prompt
service. Todd A Underwood. Insur
ance and Loans. Spivey Building.
407 Eleventh St. Adv. tf.
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sale at the Popular Store Friday and
Saturday only. Record breaking
values.—Adv. 15.
Artist Visiting Here—Mrs. P. G.l
Aw-trey of La Grange, Ga.. is in
Brownsville visiting her brother and
sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. W. K.
Mendenhall and w-ill be here several
monhts. Mrs. Awterey spends a great
deal of her time painting portraits
and landscapes and will be engaged
in her favorite work while here.
Swift* Golden West fatted fowls, j
scientifically fed from babyhood.
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Adv. 17.
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cools and heals red eyes. Doesn’t
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gists.—Adv. (7;
bolt destroys bridal gifts
ST. PAUL, Minn. — Lightning
struck the residence of J. V. Spears
and wrecked 135,000 worth of wed
ding gifta received by bit daughter.
Britain Pays Tribute
To Leader During
World Conflict
Feb. 16.—<A*t—Great Britain today
continued to pay tribute to the Earl
of Oxford and Asquith as the body
of the statesman who guided the
British empire through the critical
first two years of the war lay in the
parish church here.
A simple service for the family of
the former premier will be held
there Saturday morning. In accord
ance with the wish expressed by
Lord Oxford some time ago his fam
ily announced that he would he
buried privately and not in West
minster Abbey.
A memorial service will be held at
the abbey, however, next Tuesday
GLASTONBURY, England. Feb. 16.
—Pi—The new Early of Oxford and
Asquith, aged 11, is a descendant on
his mother's side of Little Jack Hor
ner who sat in a corner eating j :e.
The corner is .Veils Manor, which
the monks of Glastonbury were
forced to abandon during the refor
The accepted explanation of the
nursery rhyme is that Jack If >r,ier
was steward of the abbot of Glas
tonbury and that he by subterfuge
gained possession of the deeds of
Molls Manor. The deeds were sent
to Henry \' 111 and concealed for
safety in a pie. Jack Horner was
the hearer and en route he tiftel
the crust and extracted this •’plum."
Veils Manor is still owned by
Horner's direct descendants. Kath
erine Frances Horner, daughter of
Sir Jonn Horner, married Kaymono
Asquith in li«>7. He was killed in
action during the war.
Old Circus Man
Dies In Weslaco
^Special to The Herald.1
WESLACO, Feb. 16.—P a trick
Crane. 65, circus perfoimer in his
younger days and later a Valley real
estate dealer, died in Mercedes Mon
day and was buried in the Weslaco
cemetery Tuesday.
Crane left the Valley in 1925 for
Tennessee, but recently returned fol
lowing the death of his wife, seeking
to repair his broken health. H s
is reported to have spent a small
fortune in attempts to regain the
health of his wife and himself and
his last years are said to have been
unfortunate, being materially assist
ed by friends.
A brother, William, survives the
deceased. I
“I am so happy
that the last pimple is gone—”
WITHOUT this handicap,
there returns the very nat
ural confidence, joy and cher
ished pride of possessing a clear
Men and women both justly
covet admiration, and you can
expect auch satisfaction only if
you are happy in a clear, un
blemished akin.
The sure way to reach this
state is through the blood.
Red blood cells are Nature’s
elements for building and sus
taining the body.
Without plenty of rich, red
E3P their strength and charm by
*"• ^ • . %2SA for restori™
You know a clear skin comes the appetite—building strength
from within. Correct the cause —and clearing the body of so
—through the blood—and pirn- called skin troubles.
{>les, boils, eczema and that sal- A« . _ .__ . .
ow complexion will disappear. . ^ S.S.S. m
** two sizes. Get the larger sac.
Thousands have regained It is more economical.
a clear skin comes from within
German Combine Plan
Tcld at Meeting
In Washington
WASHINGTON, Feb. 16.—UP)— In- j
ternational combinations of pro
ducers in the chemical field, under
German leadership, were described
today by William A. Daugherty,
trade commissioner at Berlin, a.* j
likely to expand, but he said the Ger- j
man executives are anxious to avoid i
any appearance of fighting the Am
erican industry.
Daugherty gave his views to man
agers of leading American concerns
in the field, assembled here at the j
call of Secretary Hoover to consider j
the situation resulting from inter- i
national agreements looking to con
trol of prices and production of dye
stuff-, fertilizers and ther essential
raw materials.
The French and German agreement
over dyes and potash, Commissioner
Daugherty said, represented "a drift
toward an economic entente between
the two bitterest enemies of the late
"They set the stage for another
agreements with other countries." he
continued. “There are many of these
agreements already, though nothing
much has been said or printed about
“They refer to price fixing and j
production allocation agreements on j
specific chemicals. Even though
deadlocked for the time being, it can
be little doubted that eventually 1
agreement will be reached between |
.German Dye trust and Imperial
pCb**micals in England.
“I eading figures of the German J
Dye tru?t deny first that they are ;
out to fight the American chemical I
industry, and secondly, they deny |
that the trust has bought heavily j
into shares of American chemical ;
companies. They emphasize that it j
is their wish to frame agreements |
with elements in the American indus- i
try ns far as this is possible.”
Ccmeron County Courts
A. W. Cunningham, Judge.
J. W. Fillow vs. Emma G. Pillow.
Divorce granted.
Virginia A. Fitzgerald vs. Ray W.
Fitzgerald; Divorce granted and
maiden name restored.
John I. Kleiber, Judge
The State of Texas vs. L. S. Mur
phy. Vagrancy.
Francis Ernest Wellings and Louise
Constance Dalzell.
Augustin Laredo and Guadalupe
Rnmon Garcia and Ramona Mar
WASHINGTON. Feb. 16. -<P*—A
brsi.- of freight rates or, fresh meats
and packing house products for ap
plication in southwestern territory
was ordered today bv the Interstate
Tommerre Commission. Meat rates
prepared in 11*26 for the southwest
were declared to be unreasonable,
and the commission o'dcred oxistir"
te.tes maintained until n**w sched
ules are prepared under todays’ or
SAN A.T^DNIO. Texas. Feb. 16 —
If/P -Texas poultry products are su
perior to any in the country and all
that is neo«ssary for Texas pro
ducers to obtain premium prices is
I organization and co-operation in
I marketing. Dr. L. D. Legear of St.
, Loui ■. nationally known poultry au
thority. declared today in a lecture
: t th<* southwest national egg laying
i cor.te;,*.
Mothers Prepare
fir Babi/s Cziiig
BooKs rRtt
*Yl comfort to expectant
mothers. Externally applied,
it relieve* prenatal distress by relax
ing tight tissue* and muscles. And it
is so soothing. Its diily use makes
the skin soft and pliable.
Three generat\<mt r>t mothers have
praitod Mother’# Friend. “I think
it is worth ite weight t* gold,” Writes
Mrs. Lelab Mabe, Lawsonville, N. C.
"My baby was born without hardly
eny pain end it was all due to
Mother's Friend.”
Mother! start using Mother's
Friend tonight! All drug stores sell
it Meanwhile send for valuable
Booklet on Thing, to A not.- Before
Babg Comet. One eopy is yours
fret. Write for it NOW.
Brurtleld Regu'itor Co., Dept 10. Atlanta, Ga.
1 TBnrr t 11
C. W. Brown, a salvage engineer
in a dockyard at Hong Kong,
China, has set a record for sal
vage engineers of the world to
shoot at. When the 10,000-ton
steamer. Tjileboet. Javo-Japan
liner, went aground 20 miles
from Hong Kong, he took the job
of saving her, cutting away 150
feet of the vessel and towing the
remainder to drydock where the
ship was rebuilt. He’s shown in
San Francisco en route to Eng
land, on leave, a reward for his
Change in ‘Dulcy’
Play Cast Made
One change has been made in the
cast of the play, "Dulcy,” which is in
its fourth week of rehearsal at the
high school auditorium to be given
by the members of the high school
senior class. Frank Kibbe is taking
the part assigned to Walter Under
wood, Miss Mary Emma Vivier has
been given the duties of prompter
during rehearsals which have begun
on act two.
The director. Miss Beatrice Har
rison. reports that ths first act has
been mastered and all that is needed
now is the final polishing to make
ready for presentation.
Kiwanis District Ses
sion Convenes at
Edinburg Today
A full program waited members of
the Brownsville Kiwanis club, when
that delegation, headed by Harry
Faulk, pulled into Edinburg Thurs
day morning to attend the annual
conference of the Texas-Oklahoma
district No. 1 of the Kiwanis Inter
The meeting, which was attended
by upward of 100 Kiwamans, was be
ing held in the auditorium of the
Edinburg high school. District Gov
ernor H. Glen Hatfield, of Oklahoma
City and Lieut. Gov. Max C. Smith,
of San Marcos presided. The district
is made up of that territory extend
ing from Austin south to Corpus
Christi and west from there to the
Rio Grande.
A parade through the downtown
streets, headed by the Edinburg Mu
nicipal band, preceded the opening
of the meeting. Governor Hatfield
and his party were met at the station
by a group of Edinburg Kiwanians
and escorted first 'to the hotel and
then to the meeting place.
Talks on various topics pertaining
to district business featured the
morning session. Included among the
speakers were John C. McWhorter,
president of the Edinburg club; J. L.
Polk, of Pharr; Mr. Smith; Governor
Hatfield; Charles Wunderman. Har
lingen: Walter Heiermann. Austin;
H. E. Suggs, Mercedes; and A. J.
Rebel, Harlingen.
Mr. Faulk was scheduled to deliv
er a talk on “Public Relations’’ dur
ing the afternoon session.
New Treatment
Stops Fits
Brooklyn. N. Y.—Wonderful re
sults are reported by Epilepsy Col
onies using a new remedy that stops
the most stubborn cases of Epileptic
fits or spasms and is not habit form
ing. Any reader who sends name to
Phenoleptol Co., Dept. 379, Box 71,
St. Johns Place Station, Brooklyn,
N\ Y.. will receive a free booklet ex
plaining this new guaranteed treat
ment. Write them today.—Adv.
Let the Young Folks Cook
But be sure they use Rumford and their
cookies, cakes and biscuits will be as
wholesome, appetizing and digestible as
yours, Rumford assures success to young
cocks as well as to experienced ones
The Wholesome Spo,ls
not injure human beings, "Never saw anything work like u did We
livestock, dogs, cats, poultry. ■'* ordering trim our Whoteaater in our
w* ;■ In rata and time re*t order It is not necessary to aay that
pet is deadly to rats and mice every time. w >r* pu,hmg k-rO" Hueyr Pharmacy.
Poisons arc too dangcrons Sardinia, ohm.
K-R-O does not contain arsenic, phosphorus. 75c at your druggist; large aixe (four times
barium carbonate or any deadly poison. as much) $’.00. Sent postpaid direct from
Made of powdered squill as recommended us if dealer cannot supply you IOLO ON
by the V 8. Dept, of Agriculture in their MONIT-IACK CUAMNTU, XbC
latest bulletin on "Rat Control.” K-R-O Company. Spnngbdd. OfaiCs
' ... nil—
THERE are two other people
who don’t think it’s so funny
either. His mother who has to
stay home with him and take
* care of a cross and disappointed
young son. And his teacher who
has to help him catch up with
the lessons he is going to miss.
The worst part of it is, HeV
one of mavbe half a million
children who are right now
staying indoors for the very
same reason. And a whole lot of
them could avoid most of these
colds if only their resistance'
was built up ahead of time. If
your children seem to “catch
everything that goes around’*,!
try giving them Nujol. ^A
For Nujol not only prevents any
excess of the bodv poisons (we*
all have them) from forming,*
but also aids in their removal. Ft
certainly would do no KarmJ
anyway, to try Nujol, would it?
Try Nujol for, say the next three
months. Then compare their re
port cards with those they had i
last year. Sec how the absences ^
from school have dropped—-how*
the school marks have junp4Bf*^
Nujol was perfected by the
Nujol Laboratories of the
Standard Oil Co. (New Jersey).]
See for yourself if Nujol
doesn’t heip build up healthy
resistance to colds and resulting
ills—as thousandsofothrr moth
ers have discovered. Keep a
bottle of Nujol handy and give
it to them regularly. Contains
absolutely no drugs or medicine
Be sure you get the genuine.
I Hotel Moore Coffee Shop |
Our coffee is exclusively I
We specialize in blended for us from the
50C75cUDinnerSand highest grade, ofimported I
Mocha and Java
Harlingen, Texas
Made now—small or large—means steadily increasing values and
sound short-time profits.
Maltby Building <— Brownsville
1911 Phone 902 1928
Capital $25,000
Brownsville, Texas Abstractors of Land Titles
Dependable Prompt
Complete abstracts of title to lands in Cameron
County, Texas
G. B. Simpson. C.P.A. L. R. Chenault, C.P.A. M. S. Carneiro. C.PJL (lad.) ^
Simpson-Chenault-Carneiro & Co.
Specialising in INCOME TAX PROBLEMS (
State Natl. Bank Bldg., i Representative In | Texas Theatre Baildinr.
BROWNSVILLE. Ph. MO | Washington, D. C I SAN ANTONIO. C*. 7«7I
.— ....■—1
1 pERRYTTlcmG^cor™"”
INCOME TAX SERVICE Systems, Organisation and
Statistical Report* Business Coot rat
Travis Building Baxter Bldg. Nixon Building
San Antonio. Texas Harlingen. Texas Corpns Christ t. Texas
Investigate Before Building
The Herald new* home—The Episcopal
Church and others are “Fitchbuilt”
Valley Builder Since 1908
Phone 1168 Browaeville
The Turner Roofing Co.
Tile Roof — Buil tup Roof — Re-roof inf
The Pioneer Concrete Pipe Manufacturers
of Texas
Gulf Concrete Pipe Co.
Valley plant location on Address Inquiries to
Highway at Sugar Mill P. O. Box 1051
Spur near Brownsville Brownsville

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