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Marines Ba
led Starts An
GTON, March 2.—<AV
of five more American ma
in Nicaragua precipitated an
row in the senate today over
administration policy in that
ral American republic,
nator Dill, democrat, Washing
began the issue by reading news
rcounts of the latest battle between
e Sandino forces and the marines,
at the same time firing a broadside
at the senate foreign affairs com
mittee for not reporting on any of
the resolutions concerning the Nica
raguan situation which were intro
duced early in the session.
Chairman Borah of that commit
tee rose immediately to aay that the
committee had been gathering “all
the information” possible and had
“exhausted the subject as far as the
facta of the military and naval aetion
are concerned.” He said that some
pronouncement on the subject would
be forthcoming within the next 48
hours, telling Dili, however, that so
aetion has been taken or contemplat
ed on any qf the resolutions sub
Borah said that he donbted the
effect on the administration policy of
senate action, end Dill took violent
exception to this view.
“Does that mean that the marines
will continue to wage war in Nica
ragua indefinitely, regardless of our
attitude?” Dill asked'
Senator Shortridge, republican,
California, asked Dill if he wanted
the marines withdrawn, and the
Washington senator returned an em
phatic “Ye;;.”
Shortridge said such withdrawal
would mean that American citizens
and property in Nicaragua would re
main at the “mercy of the bandit,
Dill denied that Americans or
American lives were endangered, and
ahonted that he did not believe that
the marines should he sent anywhere
to protect “large investments of a
few.” Hia declaration was greeted
with applause from both the floor
and galleries, while Vice President
Dawes pounded for order.
Senator Edge, republican. New
Jersey, then asked if the Washington
senator would “repudiate a solemn
contract with both political parties”
and leave Nicaragua to “bloodshed.”
“It will not be American blood
shed.” Dill said. “I am against
spending American lives to buy
profits for men who have invest
ments in Nicaragua.”
(Continued from page one.)
were the doctor and the nnrae who
■ '^|S£nded me at the supposed ‘birth’
oTtne \hjld. and myself. The doctor
has died. *1: i»rrse—it wss she who
told ray husband of the deception. It
was a question of money.”
Mrs. Boyer said she realizes her
son may losa everything in the world
“but my love. I live only for my
boy,” she said, and added that “I can
•lw*y* support him no matter what
Mrs. Boyer !« 86 years old. Be
fore her marriage she was Miss Lay.
ra Miller of Kansas City, Mo.
r Cobolini;
Ball Game
was named to draft
oring the memory of
t the regular week
Kiwanis club here
ions, which will be
r L. Faulk, George
,ty Judge 0. C.
i adopted at the
Urt." was the wh
ite address by Dr.
I Mr. Faluk spoke
f J. O. Prentiss of
ade a brief talk,
rfere made for a
game to be played
n from the Rotary
He and Robin Pate,
and Frank Markua
to n-.ar.aga the
reeds are to be di
clubs and to be
tnutee here, was
nt the local dub
Kiwanis convention
h-, next yesr.
furnished entertain
g on his guitar and atng
ber of tongs.
Baird, a new member, wu
into the elnb.
. ..—... ..
c*ch Tongue
Signs of Illness
Your tongue is nothing more
the upper end of your stomach
and intestines. It is the first thing
your doctor looks at. It tells at a
glance the condition of your diges
tive system — and phyrieians say
that 90 per cent of all sicknesses
start with stomach and bowel
~ A white or yellow
ish coating on your
tongue is a danger
signal of those diges
tive disorders. It tells
you why the least ex
ertion tires you out;
why you have pains in
the bowels, gas, sour
stomach, diny spells.
And it's a sign you need Tanlac.
Hoover Refuses
To I.take Race In
Wisconsin Vote
3 Z wblteM w"
1 consin. made on his be
Announeemert »» bad bMO
^^r^yesteJday at
i drawn. ,uncj by George
aA^STSSJT*-*-- o.
the Wisconsin ^^^thou" the
authorised Perso . . . j^is friends
knowledge of h.*”«"«*£ Htbat ,t.t.
have no organtsatK b„n made that
and the request has heen m
I the filing he withdrawn, mis
1 be done today. __
Idaho Delegates
To Support Smith
voted unanimously to s pp
I tional committeeman.
Mopac Men Visit
In Valley Friday
1 ../El™ TM.Srf-W. G.
SJ£ JKwJ. Jb. VJJW «£
»n* £!Et*with his arrival a croup
Coincident wun n th* com*
of nine t ef the Missomi
mercial department oi the soutta
Pacifi: from «•£*£, •"£„> day tour.
weal, reached here! or Valley
Th,*/t r». ■suMi ”>««•'
S5 b««»” *h'ir iour",T"
2? Sw^jt-MSMS
3*5. pSS «.***»*
places about tha city. I
2 Children Burned In |
Play House Fire Die
PONCA «rVuTV-<J£*3“
received in a play bouse f ™ tway
d.lm.d tb.««* •* 7r„.h« fc£d |
City girl a, Imogene Clotber, s>, •«
’"SST't.S'dted i» . **:
JSS-iaR cfsar!
*«■ §liKht
fcsra*. j __—
atewVbt indicted
B.k..* ■? evierart, chairman ox
bowl of thefStandard OH
^,55lX.b.rttb. C«tin.nv
Mrs. Cunningham Re
veals Platform I n
Talk at Huntsville
With Home Friends
HUNTSVILLE, Texas, March 2.—
—Opening her campaign, Mra.
Minnie Fisher Cunningham, candi
date for Earle B. Mayfield's place in
the United States senate on a demo
cratic ticket, told a home town
crowd at the courthouse here today
that she is for prohibition, tariff re
form, farm relief, reduction of tax
es, an adequate flood control pro
gram, a "courageous" water power
program, and a foreign policy “look
ing toward peace in the world."
"I am against the Ku Klux Rian,”
she said, “against the use of in
junctions in labor disputes, against
government by secrecy, and against
the 20-year big navy program."
Drafted supposedly as a revenue
measure, the republican tariff has
become a “sacred cow” of the party
for its real capacity as a protective
measure for ro-called “infant indus
tries,” Mrs. Cunningham said, and
“For the benefit of our infant in
dustry, the United States Steel cor
poration, the tariff on pig iron is
boosted skyward and you pay it in
cost of transportation and in manu
factured farm implements."
Even as a revenue measure, the
tariff is piling up a treasury sur
plus inviting government extrava
gance and political corruption, she
“It is also as a measure of farm
relief that I am for immediate tariff
reform,” she said. “Obviously, if the
American farmer is compelled by the
laws of his own country to buy
everything he needs in the way of
manufactured goods—clothing and
food in a highly 'protected' market
and then must go with his surplus
produce and compete, with no pro
tection at all, in the markets of the
world, the economic stage is all set
for his ruin.”
Mrs. Cunningham declared flood
control and water power to be en
gineering problems and not legiti
mate political issues. As long as
senators favored by public utility
interests are responsible for the
fate of government dam projects,
Boulder Dam will go unbuilt, Mus
cle Shoals will continue as a battle
ground, men will lose their tor
»««*•». *nd lives in avoid
able floods," she said.
Favoring the League of Nations
as a means of curbing war, Mru.
Cunningham insisted that war mak
ing power of this country is kept
I5».con*rM*» and wanted to know
Whose war is this that is being
waged against Nicaragua, and when
did congress vote to invade that
sovereign state ?”
»sSh* J*“fcked „ Secretary Wilbur’s
three billion dollar naval program as
I an extravagant idea born of a con
venient treasury surplus and the
chagrin caused by the failure of tho
republican administration to nego
tiate a naval disarmament program.
? h*r- was an, inexcusable failure,
but the people should not have to
pay for it in the form of this out
rageous extravagance," she declar
I Me
Fox Murder Case !
Almost Finished
! LOS A^ELES, Mar. 2.-<AvJ
Prosecu.it n alienist* in the joint
tri®1 w " iUism Edward Hickman
and W elby Hunt for the murder of
C. Ivy Thoms, gave their lengthy
medical term* a last going over to
day in preparation tor a possible I
close of the defense case.
W ben court w»* adjourned yester
day testimony of Dr. A. L. Skogg,
Kansas City alienist, was being read
to the jury of six men and six wom
en, und Jerome Walsh, youthful at
torney for Hickman, announced the
defense would rest its case with the
completion of the reading today.
♦ k » 8rf®tl*Il *ttorn«y» announced
that after the defense closes they
Immediately would send five of their
own psychiatrists to the stand to
give rebuttal evidence.
Mother Throws !
Son Into Sewer j
LILLE. France, March 2.-—To
rum was attributed today the horri
ble act of a mother at the village of
Because he upset a bottle of liquor
was about to drink in company
with her mother-in-law, M miner’s
wife named Dhailande seised her
7rr**r;0,d !*" Abt,» him to !
the >ard and threw him down the
When the child was missed later,
she said composedly, “Don’t waste
time lookirg. He Is in the sewer.”
The body was found there. The
woman was arrested and police said
she readily admitted the crime, ex
mn!km* j ®,he h*d drunk too
much and failed to realise what she
was doing.
Worker* Try to Wall
Up Copper Mine Fire
BUTTE. Mont., March 2.—(jJV-Un
dfor]fr0°nd fighters from va
01 ^.rnd8 T01*1"** sent here
to fight the fire in the Badger State
copper mine of the Anaconda Copper
£ thniLCm«*nyJrhich C0,t th®
of three men yeaterday, were endeav
bJ eonr^r/ kt°ivk,°CJk o££ V*® b,*8e
bT_^oncr®te bulkheads and brattices
The men who lost their lives when
overcome by smoke and gas were
Jame. White, shift bos,; Edw"d
Bara#, >nd William Hasty. d
LONGVIEW, Texas, March 2.—
“lightly injured,
nrhl leaped to safety, 20
5”*? winnmg sheep were killed and
I G d?r8iI«d "haa two
VG- .freight trains met in a head -
™/°lllTn 8* *** according to
her® tod*y- The In
jured men a names were not learned.
vr,-™!F ministeer dibs
^VICTORIA, B. C, March <AV
ScS ttirW,t«r of Bines for
British Columbia, died here today a
wfe{7hh.°ar8 h8 stricken
with a hemorrhage. He was years
KANSAS CITY, March 2.-55
Black fever, contracted la Africa
three gear, ago, caused the death
here yestdlday of Adam Breede. big
gamo hum ter, author and publisher,
of Hastings, Neb.
Co ity Bar Body
Names Officers
(Special to The Herald)
HARLINGEN, Mar. 2.—Lloyd E.
Stetrnberg, of Harlingen has been
named president of the Cameron
County Bar association to succeed
Duval West, Jr„ also of Harlingen,
it was learned here Friday. The
meeting at which the officers were
elected was held Wednesday night.
R. A. Hightower, of Brownsville,
has been named secretary of the
Plans for more frequent meetings
than have been held in the past
were discussed at the meeting. These
meetings could be used for a discus
sion of various logal problems, it was
Governor to Continue
Fight to Block
Pipe Line
AUSTIN. Tex., Mar. 2.—(^-Re
quest of the mayor of Corpus Chris
ti, officials of its chamber of com
merce, and others, that the atate
cease efforts to enjoin the Humble
Oil company from laying an oil
loading pipe line into the Corpus
Christi bay will not be granted as
far as Governor Moody is concern
ed, it developed Friday.
The governor in a letter to the
petitioning officials said MYou are
not to consider that I am obstinate
about this matter or that I have set
myself up as a better judge of what
is good for the welfare of the port
(Corpus Christi) but I \ ant you to
know that my position in the matter
is determined by what I believe to
be my duty by the public interest
Various persons and interests in
Corpus Christi opposed the line when
it first was started, and asked the
state to intervene.
Attorney General Claude Pollard
obtained a restraining order in
Travis county district court, but the
third court of civil appeal here dis
solved it and denied the state re
hearing. An appeal tor writ of
error to the supreme court is being
Reciting that conferences with the
Humble company “unfortunately”
have failed to result In nn adjust
ment, the governor in his letter said
in part: "I do not undertake to
speak for Mr. Pollard, but I believe
that 1 express his sentiments, ms
well as my own, when I say that I
have no desire in the matter other
than to discharge what I conceive
to be a public duty. 1 regard the
port at Corpus Christi as an import
ant public enterprise which will ma
terially benefit our state if its pos
sibilities are thoroughly developed.”
Rockefeller May
Request Stewart
To Resign Post
NEW YORK, March 2.*—(AV-Job#
D. Rockefeller, Jr., who declined to
vote for, or against, the election of
Colonel Robert Stewart, as direc
tor of the Standard Oil company of
Indiana, at yesterday's meeting of
stockholders, is still seeking the
facts, and is now taking, and will
take, such steps in the matter as he
thinks proper, one of his associates
declared in a prepared statement
The statement was given out at
Mr. Rockefeller’s office at 2€ Broad
way, but the identity of “one of his
associates” was not divulged.
“The published correspondence
which Mr. Rockefeller has had with
Senator Walsh,” the statement said,
“showed that Col. Stewart had of
fered to resign from the Indiana
company on request. In view of this
offer and of the fact that his res
ignation is available at any time, it
is clear that nothing would have
been gained by opposing Col. Stew
art s re-election yesterday.”
North Dakota Man
To Oppose Smith
B1S.MARK. N. D., March 2.—</f)—
The name of Huston Thompson, for
mer federal trade commissioner, hss
been entered against that of Gov.
Alfred E. Smith of New York for a
place on the democratic presidential
preference ballot in the North Da
kota primaries March 29.
Filing of the Thompson candidacy
was by petition, and became known
today after the lists for nomination
had been closed.
It had been generally understood
that a petition was to be filed in be
half of United States Senator Reed
of Missouri, but the secretary of
state said today that it had not been
received. •
[■ are toon “nipped in the bud"
without “doting" by use of—
Coolidge Fails to Aid
In Teapot Inquiry,
Candidate Says
S ANGELES, March l.-UPh
1 ing loose a bitter attack on the
repaoliran administration after
formally entering the California
presidential primary, Senator Reed
of Missouri yesterday charged Pres
ident Coolidge with misfeasance in
office for failure to aasist the aen
ate in its investigation of the naval
oil reserve-leases.
Before a large and enthusiastic
crowd at Long Beach, adjoining
Shore City, the militant Missourian
stopped in the midst of his speech,
raised his hand and declared:
“I charge President Coolidge with
misfeasance in office.”
The audience, which frequently
had interrupted him with applause,
sat silent and tense as the senator
went on to declare that the presi
dent in keeping “the arch criminal,
Harry Daugherty” as attorney gen
eral during the oil inquiry, and in
failing to turn over the facilities of
the secret service and grand jury for
assistance, had neglected to do his
The crowd cheered him as he went
on to assail the president and sec
retaries Hoover and Mellon and
when he had concluded his listeners
J milled about him to grasp his hand.
Senator Reed referred to the com
merce secretary as "Hoover, late of
England,” and declared that as food
administrator during the war, he
I had “arbitrarily, illegally and al
most feloniously” fixed the price of
pain. He said the farmers had
been forced to "sell at the Hoover
level” and to buy at the "world
He scored Secretary Mellon for
his support of William S. Vare In
the "corrupt Pennsylvania senatorial
‘Block Booking’
Inquiry Fails To
Call Will Hays
WASHINGTON, Mar. 2.—<AV-Will
H. Hays, chairman of the motion
picture producers and distributors of
America, has left Washington with
out testifying at the senate hearings
on “block booking" of films.
The senate interstate commerce
committee concluded hearings today
on the Srookhart bill to restrict dis
tribution methods by which it has
been charged exhibitors were forced
to accept inferior products along
with those of better grade, or get
none at all.
Hays has been assailed by some
independents for enforcing a system
whiejj they claimed took away their
liberty of action and placed them at
the mercy of the large distributing
At the final hearing today, two
amendments to the Brookhart bill
were recommended by William S.
Chase, general secretary of the fed
eral motion picture council, the first
to recognise “the production and dis
tribution of motion pictures as a
public utility, and the second to
specify that it must not be “in
terpreted to prevent block booking."
Kidnap Robbers Get
$4000 In S. Carolina
KINGSTREE, S. C., Mar. 2.—<JPh
Four men who held the cashier and
his wife captive until after the time
locks on the vault of the Planters
Bank of Hemmingway had released
the doors of the safe this morning,
robbed the institution of $4,000 and
escaped, H. F. Sample, sheriff, was
informed here today.
D. L. Taylor, cashier, and his wife,
were kidnaped from their home last
night and held in the woods near
Hemmingws.y until after time for
the vault to open, the sheriff said.
Gene Stratton
5,000,000 have read
the novel!
Now you can see the
— Also —
— Coming Sunday —
— In —
“The Big City”
A Week-End
Ireland's Hj
Chocolate Coated
A Beautiful
1-lb. Box for
^ Pharmacy,!
1136 Elizabeth
'• Phone 693
t36; gm BE ml ■ ■ M M fl a Ir
Lost In Sea
on the outskirts of Detroit?' There
other last rites were timed to coin
cide with those on the beach here.
A proclamation by Mayor M. G.
n^r0 arsLitts 5 1st
12 in the morning while the cere
monies went on, and to display half
masted flags. School children, boy
scoots, civic clubs, fraternal organi
sations, labor groups and al%
churches were joined in the plans to
honor the young chief test pilot of
the Ford Motor company.
Rev. Alfred Evendcn, pastor of the
First Methodist Episcopal church,
was chosen to officiate at the ser
vices on the beach. Following his
reading of a scripture text, a com
bined choir of all creeds sang the
hymn, “Nearer My God to Thee,” fol
lowed by a solo “Some Day Well
Seaplanes which have coursed for
days above the beach and off shore
in search of the pilot's body were in
cluded in the rites, to strew flowers
on the water «t the spot where the
Brooks* plane was seen to dive.
G. C. Llanan of Brownsville under
went an appendectomy at the Mercy
hospital Friday morning and is re
ported to be resting well.
Fired Superintendent
Asks $250,000 of
Chicago Mayor
CHICAGO, March 2.—(iP>~Mayor
William Hal« Thompson was sued
for $250,000 on charges of libel to
day by William MeAndrew, former
superintendent of schools suspend
ed five mouths ago on charges of
insubordination and anti-American
Mr. MeAndrew** trial before the
board of education ended this .week
after the board had held more than
a score of meetings extending over
five months during whicu time Mc
Andrew’s term as superintendent ex
Mr. MeAndrew refused to attend
the latter part of the trial, and his
attorneys also walked out at the
last sesion. Yesterday Mr. McAn
drew made public a letter written to
Tour Tkntn>
pancincr master, fighter, I’" ——
Grauel taxi driver, .heik- you'll Capital 19
_ -I_ love this new Denny boy,
on the dashing and daring in Theatre
Organ the picture of his ea- Orchestra
reer! II
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