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j Sod
A •
Friday Bridge club will meet with
Hra. Russell McChesney, hostess, en
tertaining at the Country club at 3
p. a.
• a a
The membership of the Brownsville
Music club met at the Baptist
church at 9:30 o’clock Wednesday
morning to complete the final bus
ineaa of the club year before disband
ing for the summer. Under the lead
ership of Mrs. R. A. Warden the
club has accomplished several not
able things in the past year, the
largest of these being the annual
Concert held some weeks ago.
It is the object of the club each
frear to complete tome definite bit
of work toward furthering the crea
tion of interest in music in Browns
ville and this year presented two
cantatas at a recital, bringing in
three well known soloists from
Houston and San Antonio. Earlier
in the year a musical* was held in
The patio of El Jardin at which musi
cal numbers and readings were giv
The club will not meet until the
Tall months but has already made
tentative plans for the year’s work
Srhlch will follow the seme general
plan of production that was followed
thia year. The treasarer’a report
showed that tha club has a surplus
■with which to start the fall work
pwhlch will include practice on the
tiaxt annual spring concert.
, | Newly elected officers were In
stalled Wednesday. Mrs. Warden re
linquishing the chair to Mra. C. F.
Hurst. Others installed were Mrs.
Emmett Dodd, first vice president;
Mra. W. F. Moothart. second vice
'president; Mra. H. D. Seago, record
ing secretary and treasurer; Mrs.
'John G. Stark, corresponding secre
tary; Mrs. E. J. Tucker, librarian.
Mrs. Warden automatically, after
•club by-laws, becomes part of the
(•heard as delegate-at-large. Parlia
mentarian. appointed from the chair,
has not been named 50 far.
• • •
| Mrs. G. C. Richardson is visting
iln Corpus Christi this week. She was
I accompanied by Mr. Richardson, min
ager of the local chamber of com
merce. there where he is meeting
■ with the officials of the South Texas
land state chamber of commerce offi
• rials. They will return about Sat
• • .
Mrs. D. P. Gay, Jr., has returned
from a visit of several days with
bar son-in-law and daughter, Mr.
nnd Mrs. R. E. Smith, at Houston.
The high school auditorium wns
| turned into a Japanese bower of
purple wisteria vines, trooping Span
. iab moss, and colored lanterns here
and there Wednesdny evening when
the seniors gave their final eour
teay in the form of a dance to the
junior and sophomore classes of the
high school and the seriors of the
local junior college. Under the
planning and assistance of Miss
Beatrice Harrison, member of the
faculty, the auditorium was chang
ed from p school meeting place to
a large room of subdued colored
lirhts and soft music.
Trees upon which had heen fas
How to make
Strawberry Jam
keeping the berries
whole and plump
Your jam will taste enough like fresh
strawberries to use in strawberry short
cake this winter if you make it this
easy, short-boil way with Certo.
Select about 2 quarts ■mall
sized fully ripe berries. Large
berries may be used for
Crushed Berry Jam. (Recipe
In booklet which comae
underneath the label of each
bottle of Certo.) After Hull
ing, weigh out 2 Iba. berriea.
Measure, 7 level cups (3 lbs.)
•ugar into smell separate pan.
Spread about one quarter of
the bertiea on their aidtfs in
single layer on a platter and
gently press aach berry to a
thickness of inch with bot
tom of tumbler or small bot
tle. (This leaves aldns nearly
whole but breaks fruit inside
end allows boiling sugar to
•oak iritb berries quickly.) Put
layer of pressed berries into
large kettle and cover with
layar of augar. Do this with
all the,berries, placing layers
of pressed berries and augar
alternately in kettle, putting
balance of sugar on top. Add
juice bf one Idtnon. This addi
tion fives a Quicker set, keep
ing the fruit evenly distrib
uted in the jam.
Let stand overnight or at
least 5 hours, so that part of
the sugar will be dissolved
and mixture can be stirred
and coolnd without break
ing up the fruit. Use hottest
fire and etir constantly before
and while boiling. Bring to a
full rolling boil and boil hard
for 3 minutes, remove from
fire end stir In % COp Certo.
Skim and stir odtutantly for
just S minutes after taking
from ire to cod rlightly.
which prevents fruit Boating.
Then pour quickly and cover
hot jam at ones with hot
paraffin wax. Suggestion: Two
glasses of excellent jelly may
be ladled off from the dear
syrup, before filling the re
maining glaseae with tha solid
whole fruit.
with — .
flavor and . ..
used to ocaur g hoil.
It also five* yen a amount
of jam, since you Uve the targe quan
tityof juice which used to boil away.
Recommended by
Sarah Field Splint
SfoSK Meow. “uLUC.of
tbnse modem *kJs tt> houseg&tfnij
{25* do woman abodfd willingly do
without.** . , .
net Certo today front your grocer,
a book 6f “Btoer-fair’rtdpes ftr un
*****SZLieUie.and m*.
rTjacje« cornu undet the label of
aach bottle.
tened hundreds of artificial pink
cherry blossoms were placed here
and there about the floor while at
other places fancy frameworks cov
ered with wisteria vines in bloom
added to the color.
The stage and balcony were hank
ed with blossoms and gray Spanish
moss was hung from the ceiling and
balcony railing. Green shrubs made
a soft finish at the outer edge of
the dance floor.
One feature of the evening was
the firefly dance following the
grand march. Most of the lights
were turned out and couples danced
among the trees carrying “sparklers"
to light the way. For refreshment
girls in Japanese costume presided
over a punch bowl which was hidden
in an imitation well in one corner
of the room which had been covered
with moss and wisteria vines.
Part of the evening's pleasures
were the giving of presents to the
class sponsors. Mrs. Del Perkins
and J. H. Starling, senior class spon
sors, were presented a white gold
wrist watch and a fitted traveling
case, respectively. The juniors gave
their sponsors, Mrs. J. F. Harris, Jr.,
and Miss Ann Kendrick, pairs of
silk stockings each. In appreciation
of her interest in coaching the class
play and designing ard helping deco
rate the auditorium for the dance
the seniors gave Miss Harrison a
white Spanish shawl.
An estimate placed the number
present at the dance to be about
three hundred. They danced until
midnight to music by the Fire Crack
ers from San Benito.
• • •
Mrs. George Aziz. Mrs. H. G. H.
Weinert, and Mrs. Couch were guests
°f Mrs. George Bell at her home
on Elizabeth street Wednesday aft
ernoon when she entertained ths
members of the Just Sew club. Al
most all the club members were pres
ent. Mrs. Ben C. Clark will be the
next hostess at the usual time,
• • •
Out-of-club guests present at the
complimentary bridge given the
Wednesday Tournament club by Mrs.
Chauncey Reid yesterda> at her
home in the Colonial apartments
were Mesdames Robin Tate. Randolph
Wright and Ed Helms. Mrs. Pate
received high among the guests and
Mrs. Jack Martin received the club
Refreshments of marshmallow pud
dingr and angel food cake were serv
ed following the awarding of prizes.
• • •
Recent announcement has been
made of the marriage of Miss Jose
phine Blackwell of Mercedes to
Thomas Ray Stevens of Santa Rosa
which took place Saturday afternoon
at the Baptist parsonage in Browns
ville, Ilev. E. M. Marshall, pastor,
performing the ceremony.
The bride was reared in Mercedes
and is the daughter of Mrs. David
Blackwell of that city. For the past
two years she has been a member of
the Santa Rosa school faculty.
• • • *
Mrs. R. B. treager, local Y. W. C,
A. chairman. Mrs. Volney W. Taylor
finance chairman, and Mrs. Maurice
Brulay, Girl Reserve camp chair
man, are in Harlingen today at a
\aHey district Y. W. C. A. member
JJJ'P meeting and luncheon at the
women's club house.
Mrs. John Cardwell was hostess
Wednesday afternoon, when she en
tertained a group of friends at her
home in Palm Heights with a bridge
_ After a number of games Mrs.
Mevenson was awarded the prize for
high score. The guest list included:
Mesdames Allen Kearby. R. C. Steven
son. r. w. Weston. J. H. Jewell. Ev
erett Moore. E. A. McDaniel, J. Moore
and Flora B. Shea.
• • a
Mrs. G. E. Langford was hostess
Friday afternoon at an enjoyable
meeting of the Priscilla club at her
home on South Tenth street.
The afternoon was spent in sewing
and chatting. Those present were
Mesdames A. B. Croclcrum. Gordon
Griffin. M. R. Nelson. E. D. Mathis.
Clay Zachhary, E. E. Phelps. Carl Nel
*on, J. B. Armstrong. George Alley,
Carey Smith. B. D. Kimbrough and
Miss Mary Thomas of Cresson. Pa.
• • •
Mrs. Robert Fenwick entertained
W ednesday evening with an informal
dinner party at her home honoring
Mr. and Mrs. Everett Moore, who left
Saturday for Chicago. The guest list
included Messrs, and Mesdames Bert
Blair, Dan Culver, Everett Moore and
the hostess.
• • •
Mr. and Mrs. P. M. Perkins were
hostess Thursday evening to
the Thursday Night Bridge club of
Pharr at their home on North Four
teenth street. The personnel includ
ed Messrs, and Mesdames John De
vine, B. L. Johnson. W. S. Murray. W.
B. Lane and E. C. White. Mrs. Mur
ray and B. F. Johnson were awarded
prizes for successful playing.
• • •
Members of the Amusu club of the
Daughters of America entertained
Thursday evening at the K. C. hall
with a bridge party. There were eight
tables of players to enjoy this hospi
tality. After a number of interest
ing games Miss Mamie Rome and
Herbert Melch of Missouri were
awarded prizes for high scores.
• • •
Mrs. J. E. Leslie was hostess Mon
day afternoon at a bridge party of
four tables to honor Miss MyrtW
Tram of Waco, who ia the guest of
v/*r **JL^*** Mrs. Horace Etchison, and
Mrs. Dan Culver, w-ho is moving to
t orpus Christi. and Mrs. Nellie Akard
of El Paso, who is the guest of her
daughter. Mrs. George Calder.
The rooms were most inviting, dee
critelvin ,PrinK *!<>*«* of all col
or*. The table accessories, score pads
and tallies were carried out in ‘yel
low. The guest list includde friend*
of the Altaraira addition.
Those present were: Mesdames Dan
Culver, Myrtia Crain, Nellia Akard,
Horace Etchison, M. H. Laycock. r!
Harris, George Calder, Robert Me
Murtry, John Hockaday. Robert Fen
wick. Miller Belding. Amy Belding. E.
D. Mathis, E. E. Cannon, Earl Suttle
and W. T. Shepard.
Mrs. George Calder received a prize
for high score. Mrs. Laycock the con
solation, and Mrs. Miller Belding the
cut prize.
• • a
Circle No, 1 of the Presbyterian
Woman’s Auxiliary with Mrs.' F. E.
Osborne as chairman, met Thursday
afternoon with Mrs. John Ewing as
Mrs. Elizabeth Ewing led tha de
votional service.
During the business session, plans
were made for the celebration of the
seventeenth birthday anniversary of
the Woman’s Auxiliary ef the Preshy*

■■ - -- ■ .
terian church, which will taka place
Thursday at the church. Mrs. A. L.
Nelson was appointed chairman of
the decoration committee, and Mrt.
Fred Knudson chairman of rafreah*
On tht fifth Thursday Circle No.
1 will entertain the women of the
church at the home of Mrs. F. £.
Osborn on South Tenth street.
Circle No. 2 met with Mrs. Carl
Nelson. Mrs. J. Paxton had charge
of the program and as sha is per
sonally acquainted with so many of
the missionaries, the discussions were
brought very near to those present.
A summary of the birthday offerings
for the past six years, which have
been devoted to home and foreign
causes, was made.
Mrs. K. W. Jones, president of the
auxiliary, and Mrs. J. W. Davis, vice
president, ware special guests for the
Circle No. 3 met at the home of
Mrs. R. W. Abbott. The devotional
service was led by Mrs. Grace B.
• • •
Mrs. R. W. Gregory was hostess
Wednesday afternoon to the Fort
nightly Bridge club at her home aouth
of Pharr. Those present were Mes
dames P. M. Perkins. T. W. Mahone,
George Gaddy, H. H. Damme. John
Ewing, Gail Hart. P. E. Montgomery,
M. L. Kreidler, George Palmer. F, E.
McRee, E. E. Phelps and Fred N.
Mrs. P. M. Perkins received the club
prise end Mrs. E. E. Phelps the guest
• • •
Fourteen tables of players took
part in the games at the benefit card
party and dance at the Country club
Thursday evening. Mrs. Alec Wool
ridge and J. W. Davis received prises
for high scores and Mrs. C. D. Mar
tin and J. M. Orom received the con
The committee in charge of the
party included Mesdamsa O. P.
Archer, Charles D. Turner, Roy J.
Randolph, David H. Carson, C, C. Mc
Daniel and E. A. McDaniel.
• • a
The South Side circle of the Bap-,
tist Woman’s Auxiliary met Thursday
afternoon at the home of Mrs. J. P.
Miller on South Twelfth street. Mrt.
J. O. W’harton had charge of the mis
sion study, and Mrs. Miller conducted
the Bible study.
• as
Dr. and Mrs. Brooks I. Dickey and
Miss Rowena Dickey left Thursday to
attend the funeral Saturday of Dr.
Dickey's mother.
Mrs. J. M. Doss left Thursday for
Chicago to spend the summer with
her daughter, Mrs. A. Lemberg.
Mrs. F. B. Freeland has as her
guest her mother, Mrs. V. I. Strieb
inger of Springfield. Mo.
Mr. and Mrs. N. L. Moore return
ed Thursday from Oklahoma and Ar
Dr. and Mrs. W. H. Bauer and Mr.
and Mrs. R. H Msade of Fort
Scott. Kansas, who have been guests
of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Jewell, left
Thursday for their home.
Mayor F. B. Freeland and W. R.
McGarity, secretary of the chamber
of commerce, returned Saturday from
Dallas where they have attended the
City Planning convention.
Miss Mary Thomas of Creson, Pa.,
who has been the guest of her cou
sin, Mrs. G. E. Langford, left Sat
urday evening for her home.
Dr. and Mrs. M. P. Wilson and
little daughter, Mildred, spent the
week-end in San Benito.
Miss Julia Taylor, member of the
McAllen faculty, spent the week-snd
at San Marcos.
Louis Herman returned Saturday
from Miami, Florida, where he at
tended the Shriners convention. He
also made a trip to Havana, Cuba.
Mrs. R. L. Gregory has bean com
plimented by the Biennial committee
on arrangements for the meeting by
being asked to serve as one of the
official door keepers at the conven
tion hall.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Rapp, who have
been guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. J.
Rapp and family, left Thursday for
their home in Missouri.
Mr. and Mrs. John Ward and
daughter, Margaret, and Edna Bales
have returned from a visit in Corpus
Mrs. E. A. McDaniel and daughter,
Mary Ellen, will lsava this week for
a visit in Coleman and Abilsne.
Mr. S. Joe McKinsey returned Sun
day from Houston.
Mrs. Percy Hermann snd daugh
ters, Mi>« Louis* >nd Adelyn and
Mrs. Edward Oppenheimer and eon.
Edward, Jr., of Mission, will sail
May 20 from Galveston for Europe.
The trip will be made on the “Derf
flinger,” over the North German
Lloyd line. Stops will be made is
Havana, Cuba, and two ports in
Spain. While in Europe the party
will visit Mra. Herman's and Mrs.
Oppenhaimer's sister who is an art
student in Paris. The return trip
will be made over the “The Niagara"
of the French line.
Dr. S. Joe McKinsey bad as hit
fuest last week Dr. Grigsby, of tha
outhwest Clinic of Dallas.
Henry Bowe and family will leave
next Monday for Alice, for several
weeks’ stay.
L. E. Weber and family have ar
rived in McAllen from Calvert, Tex.,
to make their home and are located
on North Eleventh street.
Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Folsom left
Tuesday for San Antonio.
Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Abbott and
son will leave the first of June for
Fort Worth, Tex., Oklahoma and
Miss Jessie Blanks who has been
teaching school at Penitas left the
last of the week for her home In
Miss Elizabeth Ellis who has been
teaching school at Penitas left the
last of the week for her home n»
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Culver and fam
ily and Mr. and Mrs. Roy J. Ran
dolph and little daughter spent tha
week-end in Corpus Christi.
Mrs. V. B. Richey who has been
the guest of her sister. Mrs. W. L.
Bates left Sunday for her home in
Corpus Christi.
Mrs. Jim Shearer and little son
and Misa Eileen Burger of Harlin
gen were guests for the week-end
in the home of Mrs. Shearer’s par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Free! an a.
C. N. McAllister who has been a
f-.est of hia daughter, Mrs. W. L.
ates, has returned to his home in
Corpus Christi.
News has bean received of the
marriage of Miss Clarice Mullens and
Ted Carfiel which took place on Wed
nesday, May 19, at Weslaco. Mr.
and Mrs. Carfiel left immediately for
New Orleans for several weeks’ visit
They will then go to Salt Lake City,
Kansas City, and Chicago where Mr.
Carfiel will remain on business for
several months. They will return
to San Benito about Christmas.
• • •
J. T. Farquha of San Benito left
this week after receiving word of the
death of an uncle, Di. J. N. John
ston, of Tuscon, Aris.
A. D. Peoples and daughter of
Houston, Tex., are now in San Benito
for a few days visit Thay are mak
ing a tour of the Valley.
Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Van Ness and
son, Frank, returned to Sen Benito
Monday after leaving a few days ago
for Colorado to attend the funeral of
their daughter, Mrs. Lola Hortsman,
who died at Fort Logan recently.
They were making the trip by auto
mobile and were forced to turn back
in Arizona on account of the heavy
Mrs. S. H. Collier was hostess at
a beautifully appointed luncheon on
Tuesday, given for Mrs. K. M. Winn
who is leaving within a few days for
her new home in Nashville, Tenn.
The majority of the guests in
cluded members of the Woman's
Study club of Mercedas of which
Mrs. Winn has been a member for the
past ten years, and of which she is a
past president.
Following the luncheon, Mrs. John
Bruce, in behalf of the Study club,
presented Mrs. Winn a traveling bag
with an original poem. Mrs. J. M.
Dowler contributed an illuatrated
Four tables were arenged for auc
tion bridge with high scores going to
Mrs. E. H. Poteet and Henry Lauder
Those present at this courtesy in
cluded Mesdames Margaret Ragland,
William Copeland. John Jones, John
Bruce, G. C. Fittz, O. fc. Van Berg,
Grant Morrison, J. W. Dowler, I. S.
Chaddick, E. E. Evans. Albert Kalb
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1205 Washington
fleisch, J. L. Vining, Fr 1 Wright.
R. H. Smith. G. C. Commons, H. E.
Hager, R. E. Lee. R. M Winn, Ray
mond Mills and R. A. Roland.
Mrs. B. F. Ainsworth of Wsco, who
is a guest here of ocr^sister Mr*.
E. H. Potest, was the honor guest at
a bridge party on Tuesday evening
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. H.
Hupp in Pslm Heights drive.
After the games a rsfresnment
course was servad. covers being laid
for Mesdamts Ainsworth, S. W.
Herndon. Messrs, and Mesdames
J. W. Chambers. W. E. Coe. H. J.
Menton, E. H. Poteet, John Herndon,
and N. W. Gay, and Henry Lauder
The membars of the Home Dem
onstration club have been invited to
attend the reception for the former
home demonstration agent. Miss
Juanita Spralt of College Station in
the band room at McAllen Saturday,
Mav 19. Miss Spralt is the district
judge for the living room contest.
• • •
The Southern Star club held Us
regular meeting with Mrs. Jim
Puckett in Ebony Heights Tuesday
afternoon. The time was spent in a
dress demonstration and planning
for the encampment to be held in
June at the new city hall if it is
completed by that time. In case it
is not they will hold the meetings in
the high school. Mrs. J. C. Barber
received the prise for the best made
dress. The next meeting will be
with Mrs. J. Slime. Angel food
cake, sandwiches and iced tea were
served to twenty-five guests and
• • •
Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Reeves, Mrs.
R- E. Clark and daughter, Donna,
and Mrs. George Bradford left Tues
day for San Antonio, where they
will attend the realtors' convention.
Miss Mary Hale of Donna was a
Weslaco visitor W'ednasday.
Mrs. O. E. Boeyce of Donna and
Mrs. F. B. Waters motored to Mc
Allen Tuesday.
Mrs. Henry Martin and daughter,
Juanita, and Mrs. Frank Koester
spent Tuesday in Harlingen with
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Martin.
Mrs. Julius Frosch returned from
Houston and Sehulenberg Tuesday
morning. Mrs. Frosch had visited
friends in these cities for twj
Mrs. A. C. La Duke and daughters,
Golda, Frances and Naomi, and son.
Leo, and Misa Lucille Hardberger
will leave for Knox City and Saa
Angelo Friday.
Mesdames R. L. Reeves. Y. P. Yar
brough and F. E. Smith were guests
of a club meeting held at the home
of Mr*. N. M. Ragland in Mercedes
Monday aftrenoon.
The W'omen’s auxiliary of the
First Presbyterian church held thair
annual birthday party on Tuesday
afternoon at the home of Mrs. Sin
clair Shearer with Mrs. Roi Steph
ens as assistant hostess. Miss Mar
garet Oliver opened the meeting
with a devotional period. A play en
titled “The Auxiliary Has Another
Birthday.” was put on by several of
the young women of the society
and some of the school girls.
Several saertd selections were sung
by a quartette of girls from the
colored school. A birthday offering
goes this year toward building a
nurses school at the Stillman Insti
tute for colored girls at Tuscaloosa,
Following tbe program, delicious
refreshments of sherbat, cake and
mints were served the guests.
• • •
The juniors of the high school en
tertained the seniors to a banquet
Friday night at 8 o’clock at tha
Forbes club house with the Presby
terian women serving. Members of
the high school faculty and juniors
and seniors to the number of fifty
four sat down at tables, gay with
gold and silvar butterflies and pur
ple streamers. Great basket* of pur
ple larkspur decorated the dining
Many humorous toasts by raam
bers of faculty and students, inter
spersed with the good cats, made
the occasion a memorable one.
• • •
Mrs. Ben Shaw and son. Ben, Jr„
left Tuesday night for Missouri to
spend several months with relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Amos Todd were
guest* of Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Ham
montse on a fishing party to Point
Isabel Wednesday.
Bob Anderson returned Fridsy
from a business trip to San An
Miss Kate Payne Owens who has
been conducting a school of instruc
tion in Sunday school work in the 1
Presbyterian church left Saturday
morning to conduct the same service
its other Valley towns.
Miss Irma Watson was the de
lightful hostess to the Twin Sis
Bridge club on Thursday.
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