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Britain Threatens to
Lay Off Spinners;
| Grain Supply Short
Throughout Russia
1 Cable Editor, The Associated Press
Shadows are deeping over the in
dustrial workers of England and |
Russia, In the one case work for
the unemployed and continued jobs J
for those who have them, in the oth
er the problem of getting bread to |
the city workers, are engaging the
attention of state councils.
A report from a British govern
ment board said flatly that 200,000
coal miners must be moved from
their present abodes as they have
no chance to make a living where
they are now domiciled. Then rail
way workers and managers got to
gether and accepted salary and wage
cuts from the highest to the lowest
ranks in order to help their com
panies bridge the chasm of dwin
dling traffic.
Spinnera to Quit
A third great basic industry of
the home land of the British em
pire, the cotton spinning mills of
Manchester, faces a complete shut
down. Mill owners have seized upon
an individual's dispute with his
union as an excuse for threatening
a lockout of 800,000 mill hands, but
back of this is a condition of de
► pression in the whole industry that
has defied the best thought of the
mill owners. English mills must ex
port most of their product and new
factories in Japan, India and China,
where cotton goods are the regular
clothing of much of the population,
has reduced the English market by
a third.
If these half million mill workers
are locked out, the English unem
ployed total will jump to around
l,7.r>0,000. The situation got into
parliament when Ramsay Macdonald,
laborite and former prime minister,
moved a vote of censure against the
government because it had failed to
find an answer to the problem. But
the house defeated the motion. Mr.
Macdonald has started a vacation
trip to Canada.
Russia Short of Grain
Russia is struggling with a short
grain crop, the third in succession.
The peasants apparently are unwill
ing to let got of their product for
the benefit of city workers at
government prices. Increases :n
prices have been ordered and
the peoples’ trade commissariat has
been instructed to see that ‘‘a time
ly supply of industrial goods” is
sent to the country districts.
The Russian moujik seems disin
clined to worry about the state of
the cities so long as there is mut
ton. black bread and / ,i in the lard
ers of his own village.
The ‘‘town and country” feeling
showed from a different angle in
M cxico where the agrarians declar
ed a war of political extermination
against the labor party.
Light, widely scattered showers
occurred within the last 48 hours in
the cotton belt, the middle Mississip
pi valley, and in the Nortnwest. It
was rather cool throughout the re
gion of the Great Lakes .nd the
Ohio valley this morning, but else
where in the country temperatures
continoed near the seasonal aver
First fipurc lowest temperature
lest nisrht: second, hiphest tempera
ture yesterday: third, wind velocity
at 8 a. m.; fourth, rainfall past 24
Abilene • • • • • •#• • * 0 90 — .00
Amarillo . 00 84 — .00
Atlanta . 0k 88 — .00
Austin . "1 94 — .00
Boston . On 78 — .00
BROWNSVILLE . 77 90 — .00
Chicapo . 02 72 — .00
Cornua Christi .. 80 88 — .00
Dallas . 72 92 — .00
Del Rio . 71 K8 — .02
Denver ., 00 78 — .00
Detroit . 00 77 — .00
l Dodce Citv . 00 88 — .00
' F.l Paso . 70 90 _ ,O0
Fort Smith . 72 81 10 ,01
Galveston . 82 fi8 — .on
Helena •. W .00
Huron . Oi 78 10 .00
Jacksonville .... 78 94 — .on
1 Kansas City _ 02 08 — .2*
Louisville . 58 74 — .00
Memphis . 01 48 — .00 1
Miami .. ffl II
Montgomery .... 71 90 — .00
New Orleans _ 74 po — .00
New York . 02 70 — .00
North Platte _ 02 08 _ .02
Oklahoma City ..72 P0 — .00
Palestine . 72 90 — .0.1
Pensacola ...... 71 80 - .00
rhoenix . «« 108 — .0?
Pitt«hurph .. 58 74 — .00
St. Louis . 8t 74 — .00
St. Paul . . 00 78 — .no!
Snit Lake City .. « 892 — .00
Son Antonio .... 7* 01 — .on
| Santa Fe ...... 58 OR — .02
Sheridan . 51 88 — .on
I Therveport . 72 92 — .02
T" woa . 78 M - .01
VieVshurr ...... 72 88 — .08
Wa«hirtrton .... 58 70 — .00
Williston . 04 70 — .01
Wilminpton . 70 82 10 .00
HASTINGS. Okla.. July nn._ p _
The Oklahoma National Bark of
Hast’rps was robbed of approxi
mately $1,000 today by two unmask
ed men who held up J. R. Reynolds,
cashier, and eseared with a third
man in two ear*
Central Press telephoto showing Gene Tunney, champion, left, ducking a hard left to the jnw and deliver
ing a left smash to Tom Heeney's face in the first round of the world's heavyweight championship bout
at the Yankee stadium. New York. It was Tunney’s blows to Tom's face and head, such as this, that led
up to his victory by a technical knockout decision in the eleventh round.
Must Get Court Order
For Place on Run
Off Ballot
The name of Thomas B. Love of!
Dallas, candidate for lieutenant gov
ernor, will not be printed on the run
off ballots in Cameron county unless
the decision of the fourth court of I
civil appeals is reversed by the su-j
preme court.
A statement to this effect was made
Monday by Judge Volney W. Taylor,
Cameron county democratic chairman,!
following the announcement that Bar-;
ry Miller was leading in the race for
the lieutenant governorship, with
Lovei n second place.
Cameron cor-*;* rr ifficial returns*
show that 516 voters wrote in the |
name of Love on the lallot in the i
Saturday primaries.
“The decision of the fourth court
of appeals still holds,” Mr. Taylor
said, “anud the name of Mr. Love will
not be printed cn the run-off primary ■
ballot uni ■ » ordered by the court." !
Mr. Taylor e-ipre sed the opinion
that similar action would be taken by
a number of other counties in the
event the state committee should
certify the name of Love to the coun
ty committees.
J. D. Parnell of Fort Worth is third
on the list, according to the unof
ficial returns, and it is understood
he will inaugurate a contest to elim
inate Love from the run-off. and in
the event this succeeds he will Is
Barry Miller's opponent.
W hile the legal phases are not
clear, it is probable that the state
committee will be called upon to take
action. It is believed that in view of
the decision in the Cameron county
rase, the state committee may refuse
to certify Love as a democrat. Re
ports prior to the election were to
the effect that a number of members
of the state committee would oppose
certification of Love in the event ho
received sufficient votes in the first
primary to place him in the run-off.
“Mr. Parnell has the right to con
test the placing of Love on the run
off primary ballot.” Judge Taylor
said, “and in view of decisions of the
supreme court in a case in which
virtually the same principe was in
volved, I feel assured the contest
would be successful.”
Colombia Orders
Red Deportation
BOGOTA. Colombia. July- 30.—i/Tb
Dispatches from Baranquilla today
said Alberto Castrillon, Colombian
workmen’s delegate to the last Mos
cow conference, had been ordered
deported to Mexico Iv the depart
mental go\ernor on instructions
from the ministers of state and war.
The action threatens to prolong
the hitter congressional debate on
the government's proposed anti-com
munist legislation.
- ——•
Today’s Radio Features
Monday, July 30
CCentral Standard Time)
JSQ-llxy and His Gang: Musical Mixture—WJZ KDKA KYW KWK
7 00—Riverside Program: Hits ot the Past Decade—WJZ KDKA WLW
7:00—United Opera Co.: 'TravJafa’*—WOK WADC WAIU W'KRC WGHP
7:50—Genera. Motors l'arty; Arthur Pryor s Hand —WEAF WRC WGY
9.06—Dane# Music—WEAF WMC WWJ WOW
KWWG—Valley Radio Station
(1080 kc—277.8 meters)
9:30 - 10:30 a. m.—Morning musical program.
11:00 - 12:00—Weather forecast with musical selections interspersed.
12 m.—Station's fatured Coathanger program. Tom Barber, the
Ranchero guitar strumnier and ballad singer, with Bob
and Jack, the Radio rhymsters.
1:30 1 3:30 p. m.—Associated Press dispatches and Valley news from
The Brownsville Herald; musical selections.
6:00 - 7:00—Dinner hour music.
7:30-8:30—Special request number; musical selections.
KRGV—Harlingen Music Co.
(1270 kc—236.1 meters!
7:00 - 8:00 a. m.—Dick and the Edinburg Review.
9:00 - 11:00—Special numbers.
1:00 p. m.—Weather forecast.
3:00 - 6:00—Baseshall results and radio dealers' program.
6:00 - 6:30—Associated Press dispatches and Valley new* from The
Brownsville Herald.
7:00-9:00—Special numbers.
9:0(1-10:00—Rio Hondo community program.
10:^0-10:30—Harlingen Chamber of Commerce program.
\ '
____ ___JJ11
l he Terrm—Cut flawers and de
signs for i.il occasions. Phone 65.
—Adv. tf.
Why wait for your barber work
when you can get it done by first
class barbers without delay at “66
Br.rber Shop and Shine Parlor, 1103
Elizabeth, next to Harper’s Cafe.—
Adv. 8-4.
$100 a month average compensa
tion of our representatives. Perma
nent connection, with rapid promo
tion to executive positions assured.
Production only measure of worth.
Work pleasant; sales experience
helpful. Hoorn for three men in
Valley cities with exclusive terri
tory. J. A. Merva, district manager,
Del Walt Hotel.
Enjoying trip— G. C. Richardson,
in a letter to Miss Malvina Garibay, I
employe of the Brownsville Cham
ber of Commerce, stated that the j
trip to Fan Antonio, the first stop
in an overland trip to the Ozark
mountains, proved pleasant though!
uneventful. Richardson is manager
of the Brownsville ( hamber of Com
merce. He is Icing accompanied by
his wife and two daughters.
Returns—Mrs. lone Nolan of Wood
& Dodd, local insurance dealers, re
turned Sunday by rail after an ex
tended visit that carried her to St.
Louis, Washington, New York, Bos
ton and other eastern points. She
spent two weeks in Boston visiting ,
Captain ar.d Mrs. H. L. Milan. Cap
tain Milan is an instructor in Bos
ton Tech.
Dickey’s Old Reliable E» Water
cools, heals and strengthens sore,
week, tired eyes. All druggists 25c. ,
Adv, 4 6)
Library Open—After closing Sat- !
urday to make room for an election '
box at the grammar school, the !
Brownsville Public Library will be ;
open Monday as usual, according to
Librarian C. A. Manahan.
School Kid's Itch vanishes after a
few days b applying a piec. of cot
ten, saturated in Imperial Eczema
Remedy, to affectes parts at bed
time. All druggists are authorized
o refund our money it it fails.—
Adv. (7)
Poelal official due -F. .M Gaines,
superintendent of railway mail ser
vice for the 11th district, will arrive
in Rrowns\i!!e Tuesday on a tour
of inspection, according to G. W.
Dennett, Brownsville postmaster.
Commission meeting—The regular
meeting of the city commission wAU
he held Friday morning, according
to E. A. Munday. city manager.
WINNIPEG. July 30.—(AA—Five
men armed with revolvers . nd saw
ed off shot guns, held up two mes
sengers of the Canadian Bank of
Commerce here today. The robbers I
e«caped i" an automobile having
I'nited States license plates with 1
money satchels believed to have j
contained between $-5,000 and $30,
Railroads Win Award
Of 60 Million In
I. C. C. Decision
Railroads carrying mail for the post
office department were awarded an
ircrensed pay of approximately $13,
000.000 per yesr under terms of an
Interstate Commerce Commission or
der today, and in addition granted a
lump sum of approximately $45,000,
000 for underpayment which the
commission held the government had
made since July, 1925.
A majority of the commission held
that trunk line railroads were en
titled to increrses of 15 per cent over
the present compensation to become
effective August 1.
The petitions for the increase hav
ing been filed in July, 1925, the com
mission ruled that the carriers would
be entitled to collect the new rates
from that time. Independent short
lines operating over distances of un
der 100 miles were granted an in
crease of 80 per cent over their pres
ent compensation, but the commis
sion refused to allow n change in the
system of making mail rates and de
nied a railroad proposal to group
such charges by territory. Some
minor changes were made in the
present methods of calculating the
mail charges.
Commissioners Lewis. Porter, Mr
Manamy, Taj,lor and Eastman dis
sented in part or in whole from the
majority ruling, ror.-.missioner Lewis
objected particularly to the retro
active awerd while Commissioners
Eastman and McManamy declared
that the accounting methods by
which the increases were decided
upon were unsound.
Wilkins to Fly Old
Plane to South Pole
T.OS ANGELES, July 30.—<JP)—The
monoplane that carried Captain Si'
George H. Wilkins over the north
pole last April has been picked by
the famous explorer for his coming
flisrht in which he will explore the
region of the south pole.
Why try to cover up unsightly pim
ples. rashes and other embarrassing skin
blemishes when it is possible to get rid
of them completely?
The sensible and easy way to have
a clear, healthy skin is to go to vout
druggist, ask for Black and White
Ointment and use it according to direc
tions. It is pleasant to use. highly
beneficial and scientifically safe.
For best results use Black and White
Skin Soap with Black and White Oint
ment. All dealers sell them at small cost
Correctly fitted glasses en
able you . to have the
pleased expression which
comes from physical com
fort and clear eyesight.
An examination w i 11
quickly reveal whether or
not you need glasses.
Dr. Olmsted
At Dorfman'a
Named by Region Head
To Greet* National

Henry M. Skelton, Jr., commander
of John Hanson I'ost of the Ameri
can Legion at Brownsville, has been
appointed by Walton D. Hood, com
mander of the Texas department of
the Legion, to the state reception
committee for the Legion national
convention in San Antonio, October
8 to 12. Commadcr Hhod announced
the appointment today.
First elected as commander of the
post in 1926. Mr. Skelton and his
associates have made it a power in
the affairs of the local community.
He aided in the organization of a I
fine drum corps which wi.l repre
sent Brownsville at the slate and
national Legion conventions. A 10
team baseball ‘league is being oper
ated by the Legion in the Valley.
Mr. Skelton personally . has done
much work for individual Legion
naires. on claims against the gov
ernment and in several cases of un
rightful legal action.
Under his leadership, the post has
made one of the most enviable rec
ords in the state. It will h*ve a
large part in the plans for the en
tertainment of the thousands of
Legionnaires who visit San Antonio
and the Lower Valley during their
The state reception committee will
take a lending part in greeting mem
bers of the American Legion and the
Auxiliary on their way to San An
tonio for their convention. A very
comnrehepsive pro"-nm f<-- th" ro
••er‘ion of the state’s guests is be
ing worked out.
Cities all over the s’ate ar* co
operating with the Legion in "rep
aration for receiving their guests.
R >bstown Resident
Dies In Harlingen
HARLINGEN. July 30.—John Da
vid. 60, of Robstown. died at the
Valley Baptist hospital here late
Sunday night from complications
which s.-t in following an opera
The body is being held at the
Thompson Mortuary pending arrival
of members of his family who are
all residents of Robstown.
Nobile Party Reaches
Germany Going Home
BERLIN, July 30.—General
Umberto Nobile and the survivors of
the Italia reached German soil this
morning at Warnemuendc by the
i train ferry from Denmark. The cur
tains of their car were tightly drawn
and none of the party showed him
The Italians* car was coupled to
the newly install* i direct tram from
Scandinavia to Italy. The train is
scheduled to reach Rome at i p. m.,
I -
England Is Succeeded
At Gas Co. By Bouis
P. H. Bouis. who has been onnect
ed with the R.o Grande Valley Gas
company here about eight months,
has been appointed to succeed J. K.
hncland as manager of the ap
pliance department of the local of
fice, it has been announced.
England has been appointed to the
managership of the Mercedes office
following the transfer of Paul Kidd,
former manager of the Mercedes
office, to the newly opened place a«
Boui« is known all over the Val
iev. He formerly was connected
with the Model Laundry and Eureka
Cleaning shop here.
I wish to thnnk my friends and
voters of Precinct No. 2 for the
lovn! support given me in Saturday’s
primary; I will do my duty in the
enforcement of the law in the fu
ture as I have done in the past.
John Martin.
Purifies and
Enriches the Blood
Chill Tonic
t ~frm m mmm ■—■■■ ■■ i «■ ■■ ■ i ■■■ ■ ■ n uw n ——
Bishop s Print
Job Printing Exclusively
Service and tjuality
Spivey Kowalski building
Brownsville Texas
W hat a waste
of money to pay .TO cent* for Half a pint
of any liquid inseet-Killep—when yon
can set Itlnrk Fla»—the deadliest made
—for only 25 cents.
(Hour) back If not absolutely satisfied)
Clark 1'lac comes in two forms — liquid and
Powder. Both are <*«re death to flies, mosqui.
©102H. «... ^
B.F.O. tors roaches anus be«l bu^t, tUm cuu
on the
rrS the man who changes the shock-ahsorhers on his car
to HOO-DYFS that shouts most enthusiastically for
HOO-DYT. comfort. The owner of a HOO-DY'E-equipped
car hasn't had any chance to feel the contrast between half
way comfort and the real comfort that comes of drowning
all road shocks in soft, yielding liquid cushions. He doesn’t
know what a jerky rebound is, or what “bottoming” means.
Car owners say. “Simply amazed"—“HOO-DYE comfort almost unbeliev
able"—“Never rode so easily." “Real ruling comfort and driving security at
last.” “Would not have them removed for many times the cost." Thou
sands of other motorists have had s.miiar revelations of unbelievable comfort.
There isn’t another shock-absorber fort, once installed only on twenty of
like the HOO-DYE. hirst used to the finest foreign cars, and on Lincoln,
absorb the enormous recoil of the I Vice-Arrow, Steams-Knight. Cun
75 Millimeter gun. firing 36 shots a nin?ham1 and McFarlan. The cost.
are very low and thev will give a liie
ttunute. vxmtrols spnng-actior m . . “
both directions, up and down. Liquid ° u, jr
cushions smooth the sharp u.row of *ny o{ our
, _ , , , will insull a set on your car for 30
the spnng to a long, gentle, gliding davV tml j( you aot Wafitd
with HOO-DYE comfort after this
Now any type of car. including trial, your money will be cheerfully
Fords, can have this wonderful com- refunded.
The Houde Engineering Corporation, Buffalo, N. Y.
Dennett Motor Sales Co.
Levee Street Brownsville, Texas
CThe "World-Famous HOUDAILLE
!; Manufacturers of Hard Burned Clay
Building Tile, Drain Tile and Brick
P. O. Box 128 Olfica and Plant at Brownsville
i x
' i i
Vacationists Returning
Home In Panic As
Fire Starts
NEW YORK, July 80.—Fifty
persona were injured, three proba
bly fatally, when a heavily loaded
seven-car elevated train crashed into
a stalled train on the Sixth avenue
line at Columbus avenue and Sixty
ninth street last night. More than
1,000 passengers on the two trains
were thrown into a panic. Fire ac
companied the collision.
Trains carrying home excursion
ists from seaside resorts were run
ning in close succession shortly be
fore 10 p. m, when a fire started in
the wheel box of a car two trains
ahead of those that crashed.
The passengers of the train in
trouble were ordered out. The fol
lowing train attempted to push the
stalled train into the yards near the
Polo grounds. The heavy burden
was too much and a short circuit
resulted, throwing out the power on
the whole line.
A following train also was stalled
and then the fourth train, traveling
under its momentum after the cur
rent went off, crashed into the
stalled train just ahead. The rear
vestibule of one train and the front
vestibule of the other were tele
Already excited when the lights
1 ~ .. 1 -...—....
went off the passengers v-«r* thrown
into a panic. Cries of two men im
prisoned in the wreckage rote high
over the screams of other passen
gers, many of whom were women
and children. *
The telescoped ears caught fire,
hut the flames were extinguished
uqickiy. The firemen extricated pas
sengers and assisted them down
ladders to the street.
Way Found To
Banish Mosquitoes
Science Developed Fly-Tox
Giving Humanity Ef
fective Weapon
Moquitoea ac
tually inject the
germ of dreed di
sease into the blood
stream. Their bite
is burning tor
ment. FLY-TOX
is your safeguard.
This remarkable
■pray for flies,
mosquitoes and
other insects was
developed at Mellon
Institute of Indus
trial Research by
Rex Research Fellowship. FLY-TOX
is a pure, clean, clear liquid that kills
insects quickly and easily. It will not
stain. Harmless to mankind and
animals. Leaves a fleeting odor that
is pleasant and eleanly. This is ths
insecticide for your home.
Many imitations are seeking to taka
advantage of the world wide popular
ity of FLY-TOX. Do not be mislead.
Demand the genuine. Every bottlo
guaranteed. Your dealer sells FLY
TOX. Try itl—Adv.•
Tires Tribes
VTOU can now buy th«
best tires, Michclins,
on easy terms—the same
T ,
sensible plan on which
people buy furniture,/^
y radios and automobiles. ^
iy It costs less in the long run ■
IiallilN to use Michelins; our plan
^ wji muI makes it cost less to buy
M Tbur! them, too. Why not enjoy
<Ut Evntogi the freedom from trouble
and the satisfaction which
comes with using the best
— when It actually costs
you less?
M. Garcia Gomez & Champion
Brownsville, Texas f
tx-ti.* ■’""""■'■I -r ~»ir ~r i'm i Titrl
ii In Case of
! i Accident —
i; ii
While we have not had a serious ae
!; cident in the history of our lines, ev
ery passenger is insured while riding
jj the Black Diamond Buses.
ii ii
. . ...— ; I
jj It Pay* to Ride the Black Diamond Buses
“The Valley’s First Bus Line’* |
! j Black Diamond Transportation i
I ! Company l
--■r-r-------i-r---------------rr,rf V
Dependable Prompt
Complete abstracts of title to lands in Cameron
County, Texas
80-day Special
Eugene Permanent Wave — $7.50
French Marcel or Mae Murray
8 Miles North of San Benito on Hiway
l--- _ -- - __
r ft

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