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Wednesday Bridge club with Mrs.
K. C. Morris.
Ya^t'1/ Cu,ture c,ub wi,h Mra. E- T.
Wednesday Tournament Bridge
club meets with Mrs. G. A. Cow den.
J»at.S«w at the home of Mrs.
W. L. 1‘endergraft.
®r°wri,,viHe Music club meets at
the baptist church. 9:30.
• • •
Luke Auxiliary
Study Topic
The Woman's Auxiliary of the
Prssbyterian church devoted the time
«>t their meeting Monday afternoon
to Bible study and a social hour. The
members met in circles. Circle num
ber one met at the home of Mr*. Rob
ert Ernst, and Mrs. L. A. Boory led
the devotional, while Mrs. J. H. Bat
rell conducted the Bible lesson.
There were eighteen present. Circle
number two were guests of Mrs. Ava
Prosser; Mr*. Sherwood Bishop led
the devotional and Mrs. E. E. Dodd
the Bible lesson, twelve women tak
ing part in the meeting. Mrs. H. D.
Feago was hostess to circle number
three. The devotional was led by
Mrs. E. V>. Taylor, and the lesson by
Mrs. Mullins. Twelve attended this
circle meeting also.
A uniform Bible lesson was studied
by all three circles, the subject being
Luke 10 and IT. After the lesson
the circles adjourned for a social
hour. Refreshments were served by
each hostess.
• * •
Methodist Circles
Hold Study Meets
Circle number one of the Meth
odist Missionary society was enter
tained by .Mrs. R. E. Isom. Mrs. Hen
rietta Signor is leader of this circle.
Fifteen members and one visitor took
part in the discussion of the Mis
sionary Voice topic, led by Mrs.
Nathan Moore. Circle number two,
of which Mrs. C. VS. Colgin is the
leader, met at the home of Mrs. E. A.
Sterling. Mrs. H. L. Fitch and Mrs.
H. G. II. Wejnert conducted th» les
son from the Voice, and Mrs. C. D.
Lay led the singing. Nine old mem
bers and two new ones were present.
Mrs. C. N. Hill, leader of circle num
ber three, was their hostess, and Mrs.
F. E. Morris had chatge of the lesson.
The Young Matrons’ circle held their
meeting with Mrs. Sam Hughston,
fourteen member . three new ones,
and three visitors attending. Mrs.
M. W. Ward, circle leader, conducted j
the lesson.
• * •
Miss George Has
Informal Dance
A group of intimate friends of the
high school set gathered at the home j
of Miss Mary Helen George Saturday I
evening, where they were welcomed
by Mary Helen and her mother, Mrs. |
Lula George. Two tables of bunco,
supplied diversion for the early part j
of the evening, Jane Hewitt of Ol
mito winning first prize among the !
g rl-, and Harvey Edward Knuckles]
high for the boys. Miller Fcanlati
was presented with the consolation.
Tiring of the bunco, the young people
spent the remainder of the evening i
dancing. Eight couples enjoyed this!
pleasant hospitality.
* • •
Reserve Advisor
Attends Conference
Mrs, Del S. Perkins represented the 1
Brownsville chapter at the meeting
of Girl Reserve advisors, and others j
interested ia girls’ work who gath
ered from all over the Valley for the
adult conference held at fampo Del
Arroyo Friday and Saturday. The j
practical, rather than the theoretical
aide of girls’ work was stressed j
• throughout the session, declared Mrs.
Miss Lillian Hocking. assistant j
secretary, who has taken a very j
prominent part in Girl Reserve work j
in the Valley, outlined the year's
program, and also discussed handi
craft project.', special Girl Reserve]
projects including the hobby scrap i
books which are to play a large part
in the year’s work, end wood block
printing. She also explained the new
Ring Standards, that is. the new re-]
quirements which must be met to
obtain a Girl Reserve or Gamp Fire,
ring. Mrs. Esther Hart. Valley secre
tary, talked on leadership.
* * •
Comings, Goings
()f Local People
Miss Manon Holloway, of Weslaco,
is a guest in the home of Mrs. J ,M. I
George, in Los Ebanos.
Mrs. F. E. Welling of Tampico has
just arrived to spend some time with ^
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert
Dalzell. Mrs. Welling was formerly
Miss L. C. Dalzell.
H. Peter Oshman has gone to
Dallas on a business trip. He will be
away until the latter part of the
The Twentieth Century club held
their regular October meeting on
Thursday afternoon at the home of
Mrs. E. E. Brumley with Mrs. J. H.
Sinclair as co-hostess.
Fifteen members responded to roll
call with one minute talks on “Scien
tific Discoveries Pertaining to Infant
The president, Mrs. M. E. Mitchell,
presided over the business meeting
at which time Miss Margaret Oliver
was appointed parliamentarian to fill
the vacancy caused by Mrs. Nall’s
resignation. Plans for entertaining
the Valley Federation in December
were discussed.
The meeting was then turned over
to Mrs. Leon Hargrove, program lead
er for the afternoon, who conducted
a most interesting study on “The De
clining Birthrate.” After a few well
chosen remarks on the subject under
discussion, Mrs. Hargrove read a pa
per on “The Importance of Birth
Registration.” Mrs. J. H. Mitchell
brought some helpful suggestions on
infent mortality and its causes. Miss
Margaret Oliver discussed “The
Ethics of Small Families.” and Mrs.
T. Y. Flynt read a paper on "The De
clining Birthrate.” Mrs. Utley of
Harlinger. who was a guest of the
club, brought a message on her work
in Cameron county which is to help
locally in getting Texas rut on the
birth registration area of the United
Following Mrs. Utley’s talk, Mrs.
C. C. Buck most delightfully enter
tained the. club with two piano num
The hostesses served deliciaus ice
cream and cake.
• • •
Mrs. D. H. Forbes was the delight
ful hostess on Wednesday afternoon
at a bridge party honoring Mrs. Lutz,
a bride of the past month.
Four tables of bridge were in prog
ress during the afternoon and when
scores were counted Mrs. S. D. Kief
fer held high and Mrs. Bobbie U at
son, low. Each were presented with
dainty gifts as was also the honor
At the close of the games delicious
refreshments were sewed to the fol
lowing guests: Mesdames Lutz, Buck.
Stephenson. Flynt, Kieffer, J. R.
Adams, Raleigh Watson, Bobbie Wat
son, Bernard and Deyo of Mercedes
and Miss Mildred Adams.
• • *
A group of players from "The
Little Theatre of the Last Frontier”
have been creating interest in the
drama by giving a scene from one of
the plays to be given later. On Fri
day evening they appeared in the
M. E. church at the annual M. E.
On Monday noon they appeared be
fore the Rotarians. Tuesday evening
Mrs. McCoy, the director, will meet
with a group of San Benito people at
the home of Mrs. Ludden for the pus
pose of organizin a Little Theater
unit and the same group of players
will also present the scene from thier
On Monday night at the home of
Dr. Letzerich in Harlingen the Little
Theater unitl for Harlingen wa* or
ganized under Director Mrs. McCoy.
This was one of the most enthusi
astic groups in the Valley.
• • •
Mrs. Herman Wessels and Mrs.
H. T. Anderson spent Wednesday in
Dr. Clem D. McCoy returned Mon
day from his old home in Kenton,
Ohio, where he spent the past two
months on business. He will resume
his practice as a child-specialist at
his office here.
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Wemple of Sin
ton. Tex., spent the week-end at their
home here.
Mrs. Lynn \Vright entertained Mon
day evening with a slumber party.
Enjoying the night were Misses
Margaret Smith, Texie Nail, Mary
Beth Daily. Norma Mauldin. Gladys
Shepherd Catherine Clark, Elizabeth
Nevil and Iva Anderson.
• • •
guests of walkers
Mr. and Mrs. L. O. Garrett and
-ons. Dean and Rex; Mr. and Mrs.
Monte Walker and daughter, Elaine
were Sunday afternoon visitors at
the M. L. Walker home in San Be
nito. Miss Myrtle Hemza of Ebony
Heights, Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Reil and
daughters of Brownsville and Mr. and
Mrs. J. Scott Robertson of Kerrville
were also there.
• • •
Among those from the Milton Giles
Fort Post attending the American
Legion convention this week in San
Antonio are: Dr. D. W. Iford. W. R.
Bishop, E. U. Muckleroy. Ben T. Sand
ers, V. C. Clark, W. S. Ray, Harry
Crawford, Joe Daney. Lynn Wright,
Carl Hale, G. McDougal. D. R. Hale.
W. R. Owen. A. L. Johnston. Guy
Bradford, C. M. Addkins, Brooks
Buckalew. W. D. Hoge, C. E. Kelly
and S. N. McWhorter. About half
of these Legionnaires will be quar
tered in the Crockett hotel.
• • •
Thomas S. Ednngton and Fields
Hampton who are attending the
State University spent Sunday with
their parents in Weslaco.
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Webber left
Tuesday for their home in Thomas
ville, Alabama after a month’s visit
W. L. Duncan of El Paso, a former
resident, is here on business.
Mr. and Mrs. D. S. Gable of Den
ison are visiting their daughter,
Mrs. C. W. Diggs.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Forbes of Dallas
are stopping at the H. W. Gudmanson
Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Snodgrass re
turned Saturday after an extensive
tour of western states.
Mrs. M. Winograd and children of
Houston are visiting this week at the
Samuel Rabenovitz home.
Dr. and Mrs. J. E. Montgomery
were Sunday visitors in Mission and
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Baldwin and
Mrs. Baldwin’s brother, D. N. McGee
of Edcouch were Monday shoppers
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Streeter left
Sunday morning after a ten day visit
Miss Kate Payne Owens of Missis
sippi is visiting this week at the ,
Frank Wortham home.
Mrs. J. W. Carr and Mrs. Stanley J
Carter surprised Mrs. J. A. Emery
with a birthday dinner Sunday.
Mrs. R. O. Burt was called to Wil
liamson county this week because of
illness in the family.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Levin and family
were Sunday guests at the S. Feld
man home in Harlingen.
Miss Dorothy Whitson who is in
training at the Baptist hospital i.i
Harlingen and Miss Lucile Whitson
who teaches near Mission were home
Sunday for the birthday of their
mother, Mrs. J. E. Pennick.
J. H. Head left Saturday for a
week’s stay in Dallas where he will
attend business and visit his son. J.
H. He will stop in Houston upon his
return and visit his daughter, Mrs.
P. D. Marshman.
Mrs. Dee Clark and Mrs. Marion
Buck left Monday morning for Dal
las where they will attend the fair.
Mrs. Clark’s mother, Mrs. G. W.
Greenway, who has been there for
several months, will return with
Mrs. Douglas Mauldin entertained
Saturday honoring the birthday of
Mrs. Oliver Swinnea. Dinner guests
were Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Swinnea
and daughter, Ollie Mae, and Mr.
and Mrs. Bert Streeter.
Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Symonds and
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Stebbins left
Sunday on a business trip to San An
tonio. They expect to return Wed
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Coultas were
Saturday visitors in McAllen.
Wednesday evening at the home of
Mrs. Charles Shelander half a hun
dred young girls of the First Meth
odist church of San Benito were en
tertained with a 6 o’clock dinner.
Members of the Methodist Women's
Missionary Society arranged the
event. Shades of pir.k were used in
table adornment and other appoint
ments for the affair. The young
guests were greeted by Mrs. Henry
Alsmeyer, president of the Mission
ary society, preceding the elaborate
j four-course dinner, which was serv
! ed at small tables. Mrs. Victor
Mertx sar.g a group of pleasing vo
cal selections. An interesting fea
ture of the program was an after
dinner speech by Mrs. W. S. Fairey.
A reading by Lorraine Siderius was
enjoyed and a brief talk followed
by Mrs. Shelander ended the formal
program. There followed a delight
ful period of music, furnished by
the young guests who sang pep
sorgs. popular numbers, and some
old melodies.
* * -
On Wednesday evening, October 3,
the Neighborhood club was pleas
antly entertained at the home of
Mrs. Geo. Gamble. Mrs. Kate Sha
fer served as secretary pro tern
since the secretary was ill and un
able to attend. A short business
session was held and election of of
ficers held. Mrs. C. E. Dodson was
elected president, succeeding Mrs.
B. F. Darby. Mrs. N. C. Harwell was
re-elected vice president end Mrs.
R- 0. dark was re-elected secretary
treasurer. Plans were made for a
Hallowe'n party after which re
freshments of iced tea. cake and
jello were enjoyed. After the club
meting the secretary rocived a lovelv
gift of flowers. Mrs. N. C. Harwell
w'ill be hostess at the next meeting
to be held at her home on October
• • •
•lrs. W. M. Driskell of Harlingen
wa> a Sari Benito visitor Wednesday.
After visiting several weeks in In
diana. her former home, Mrs. Fran
cis M. Davis returned Wednesday
morning. Mrs. Davis also visited
friends in Indianapolis.
Mrs. E. H. Downs has returned
from St. Augustine, accompanied by
her mother. Mrs R. C. Burke, who
will visit here a few days.
Mrs. T. K. Kyscr had as her guest
Wednesday Mrs. P. L. Fairless of
After spending the summer at
Earlville. III., and visiting in Michi
gan, Robert G. Schmidt returned
Tuesday. Mrs. Schmidt stopped in
Houston for a visit with relatives
before continuing to San Benito.
Austin Goode returned this morn
ing from Kansas City, where he
transacted business for the Port
Isabel Development Co.
Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Boone of
San Antonio are in the city.
Mrs. Cora Lee Huling of Birm
————— i-i» ———m
ingbam, Ala., is visiting her broth
er, George McCain, and family.
Being caled by the serious illness
of Mrs. McMillan's sister, Mrs.
Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur McMil
lian and little son. Earl, left Tues
day night for Ballinger, Texas.
Jack Ogdee left Tuesday night for
New York to transact business and
see the world series games.
Misses Helen and Esther Johnson
arrived this week from their home
in North Dakota. They will remain
for a few months looking after bus
Miss Mary Anderson and mother.
Mrs. W. E. Anderson, left Wednes
day night for a month’s stay in El
Roy E. Daniels, who formerly liv
ed here but who is now at Laredo,
is in the city.
Mrs. G. W. Dennett and Mrs.
Jack T. Golden were visitors in Pan
Benito Wednesday.
Earl Thompson of Chicago has
joined hit wife in San Benito. Mrs.
Thompson has been here the past
few weeks and is residing in Valen
cia Park.
Geo. A. Espev and daughters,
Katherine. Mrs. G. B. Dodds of Cor
pus Christi, and Mrs. William Gunn,
roent Thursday morning shopping In
Miss Celeste Long left. Thursday
night to visit a sister at Dallas.
Mr. and Mrs. C. B Richey of Har
lingen were in San Benito Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. M. R. Johnson of
Brownsville were in the city Thurs
Mr. and Mrs. l^ike A. Barher left
Saturday afternoon by automobile
for Pan Antonio, where they will at
tend the American Legion conven
Mrs. H. P. Moyer and daughter.
Miss Vera Moyer, arrived Friday
from New Jersey and will again
make their home on their farm north
of San Benito. They vi«it»d friends
at many points during their journey
southward by automobile.
Claude Atkins and family have re
turned to their home in Valencia
Park after spending the summer in
northern Wisconsin.
Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Emery and lit
tle daughter of Pharr spent the
week-end with Mrs. Emery’s mother,
Mrs. Joanna A. Pursley.
Mrs. Arthur Anderson and Mrs.
Alvin Kostlan left Sunday morning
for Omaha. Neb. Mrs. Anderson will
go from Omaha into Iowa where her
father is seriously ill. Mrs. Kostlan.
whose home is at Omaha, has been
visiting Mrs. Anderson for several
weeks. They will mike the trip by
The Martha, Ruth and Mary cir
cles of the Presbyterian Auxiliary
held a business session at the Pres
byterian church. The president. Mrs.
H. E. Bennett, conducted the meal
ing. with Mrs. J. Schniitter caring
for the duties of the secretary.
• » •
The members of the Methodist
Auxiliary enjoyed a business and so
cial meeting at the home of Mrs.
Paul West. Mrs. J. E. Haynes, the
president, conductrd the business
meeting, after w-hich a social ses
sion was held. About ■twenty ladies
were present.
0 0 0
The Christian Auxiliary held an
evening session at the church. Mr*.
Ray Crosswhite led the devotional,
after which Mrs. L. J. Schmidt took
charge of the program. D. W. Sco-,
gin, E. B. Rheitis, Tom Massie and
Donald Schmidt contributed a vocal '
quartet. Mrs. J. O. Ward and* Mrs.
L. J. Schmidt gave a number of read
• • •
A pretty hospitality was the one
of Friday evening when .Mrs. C. B.
Dunson entertained with' a surprise
party for her daughter. Miss Jewell,
in honor of her birthday.
Various games contests and music
formed a diversion until a late hour
when refreshments were served. The
guests included Miss Fern Alfrey,
Miss Mildred Schubert, Miss Ophelia
Byars, Miss Margaret Pierce, Miss
Hortense Dunson and Miss Loii
Belle Scott.
• • •
The Jewish women held their first
meeting of the year at the Harriet
Claycomb school auditorium. Mrs. A.
Hausman, the president, presided,
and M rs. A. Axelrod acted as secre
tary. Plans were discussed and
made for the membership drive
which is to be put on.
• • •
Mrs. Mike Betels left this week for
| Corsicana, where she joined a party
I of friends. From there they went
to Dallas and joined the large group
! of people going to New York for the
! S. M. U.-Army game.
Mrs. Walter Fricke left during the
' week for San Antonio for a ten days’
visit with relatives.
Mrs. Wilbur Lewis of Emporia, is
in Mercedes, a guest in the home of
her parents. Rev. and Mrs. R. S.
Mrs. Florence Kalbfleisch has re
turned from a vacation spent in Al
pine and surrounding country.
Mrs. Cecil Robinson returned Sun
day from a week’s visit in San An
Mrs. A. W. Shouse and Mr. and
Mrs. Henry Carlisle and children
spent several days during the past
week with Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Ba!
thorpe in Mission.
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Wilson and ch 1- '
dren of Harlingen were guests of j
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Roman of this
city, during the past w«4k.
Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Hooks of Edin- 1
burg were entertained here in the!
home of Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Murray j
during the past week.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hawkins left
Friday for San Antonio to attend the
American Legion convention. After
the convention Mr. Hawkins will go
to Chicago to attend the A. E. A.
automobile show. Mrs. Hawkins wl|
visit in San Antonio for the ten
Mrs. J. R. Brothers left last week
for Corsicana, where she joined her
sister, Mrs. A. L. Alexander, and Mrs.
Harry Ezelle, from there going to
New York to attend the S. M_ U. and
Army football game.
Word has been received of the
marriage of Prosper Streckfus. son*
of H. A. Streckfus of this place, and
Miss Katherine Jecker. both of Vic
toria. on Thursday, at St. Mary’s
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hadden left
at the week-end for San Antonio to
attend the American Legion conven- ■
church in Victoria.
Marie Gibson, Mother
Of Cowgirls, Is Hurt
SAN ANTONIO, Oct. 9._//Fi—Ma
rie Gibson, known widely as “the
mother of the cowgirls” and winner
of Madison Square Carden and Lon
don rodeo prizes, was injured se
verely at the Legion rodeo when
“Silver City,” known as one of the
meanest horses in the rodeo lot, fell
and pinned her last night.
At the hospital it was thought that
she had a fractured jaw. The horse
was barred from further competition.
- -
La Feria Citizen
Is Good Athlete
Despite 63 Years
LA FERIA, Oct. 9.—Ths city today
boasts of one of the best all-around
athletes in the state measured by
number of years of service.
Ed Cable, 63. member of the La
Feria Rotary club, aside from win
ning in six baseball games played by
the club, is playing a heavy game of
golf, managing the Rio Hondo Valley
Hardware company store, and main
taining an enviable reputation
among the trained singers of Texas.
Cable sang a solo at the First
Presbyterian church in Corpus Chris
ti Sunday morning.
He is a member of the Rotary club
baseball team here and with fellow
team mates of the organization de
feated the Lions club and the La
Feria fire department teams in a se
ries of games.
Cable says he knows one "is onlj
as old as he thinks he i«“ and that
he has spent his life anticipating the
time “when he will get grown-up.”
Goldthwaite Youlh Is
Given Venue Change
OOLDTHWAfTK. Tex . Oct. 9.— (Jp)
—A defense motion charging pre
judice existed here because of pub
licity given after the death of Miss
Ruby Osborne has resulted in a
change of venue to Coleman county
for Bert Mayfield, charged with mur
der in connection with the woman's
death near here on July 19.
Miss Osborne was found beside a
road unconscious, and died in a local
hospital. Physicians said a five-inch
fracture of the skull had been caused
either by a blow with a blunt instru
ment or by a fall.
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( 1

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