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Finish Moving Into
Building Saturday;
Completely Modern
In Every Detail
The Brownsville fire department's
central station company completed
moving into it* new quarter* in the
recently completed ST.ri,00<> ccntrjl
fire station Saturday afternoon.
This station is one of the most
modern in tho Rio Grande \ alley.
It is two stories is height and of
brick construction.
On the ground floor i« storage
ipace for two truck* and the aerial
with entrances on Adams streift. In
the center of the building is a room
which houses the telephones aijd will,
as soon as it is installed, house the
fire alarm ticker and recording sets.
A completely outfitted repair shop
is located in the rear of the building
with an automobile entrance on
Tenth street. There is also a storage
room located in the rear center of
the building.
Concrete steps between the storage
and telephone rooms leads to the
second floor.
The center part of the second flo>r
is the men's dormitory with a Frigid
Hire drinking fountain in one corner.
Jn the front section of this floor is
located the private bedroom of the
fire chief and one for the central
station fire captain. There is also
an office for the chief in this sec
tion and a prive bath opens from his
Along the west side of the second
floor is a long room contiining pri
vate lockers lor the men.
In the south section and to the
tear of the building is thp men's
lavatory and the automatic fire
alarm system rooms.
Four slide poles run to the ground
floor and men have hern assigned ao
these and will use the same one in
answering each alarm. The assign
ment was made in order to avoid con
fusion and congestion when alarms
arc turned in while the men are in
their dormitory
“In the old station we only had
one pole and there was always a con
gestion when ever a fire alarm was
turned in while the men were on the
second floor,” Chief Roy Weller said.
Weller announced that the formal
opening of the building would not be J
held until everything had been I
placed in order but that the building
would be open to inspection to any- ;
ore wishing to go through it.
Elks’ Memorial
Services To Be
Held on Sunday
Thr annual memorial service held]
hy Klk dubs over the entire world on j
the first Sunday in December, will be ]
staged bv the local lodge No. 1032
Sunday afternoon at 2:30 o’clock at j
the Klk* Hail.
This is a mandatory serv.ee with
Klks and local officers strongly urge
members to he present, It is held
in memory of Klks who have died.
The local lodge, going through a
neriod or reorganization anil enlarge
ment. has now reached a membership
of 130. Two hundred by April is the .
objective set in the campaign for
Among the lender* in the reorgani
r.ation were Harry' Richardson. Bruce
Hnnilett, K. S. Grider. J. J. Fox. and
Kdgar Hicks. When the 200 oh- j
jective is reached, the lodge plans to
construct a new hall.
Injured Football
Player Reported
Better Saturday
EDINBURG. Dec. J. Stanley
Schermerhorn. 18. of Dallas, Edin
burg college football star who was
seriously injured in the Thanks
giving day game with the South
Texas Teachers college of Kings
ville. was reported recovering Sat
urday night by attaches of the Medi
cal Arts Hospital.
An injury to his stomach caused
internal hemorrhaes which it was ;
feared for a time would re«ult in
his death.
Attending physician* Friday .per
formed an emerency operation on
the player in a last effort to save
his life and this operation ha* ap
parently proved successful.
It was not believed that Scher
merhorn was seriously injured at
th* time of the accident, although he
was taken from the game. Ho grew
suddenly worse, however, during the
night Thursday and groan* from hi*
room in the mens dormitory prompt
ed fellow students to call in medical
aid. He was immediately rushed to
the hospital where preparations
were made for the emergency opera
Mr. and Mr*. Ralph Schermerhorn
arrived in this city Saturday to be
at the bedside of their son.
Presbyterian Men
Give Women Duck
Supper on Friday
Lady members of the First Pres
byterian church were the guests at a
wild duck supper, hunted, shot,
cooked and served by male members |
of the congregation Friday evening
It at the church.
Over 125 were present and the
evening wa# adjudged such a .success
” that it planned to make suppers a
regular evifrnt. .
The ladles were kept very much in
the darf about the supper and were
kept wirtting up until the very last
minute Before being allowed in the
dining room. .
Hunter# had an excuse for a week,
pleading’off from home on a surefire
“its fur the church” alibi.
Jtfe men wore cap* and aprons and
hJoaght in ducka on large platters,
somewhat as stretchers. Decoy
/facl* on the table lent atmosphere
f to the occMion
I Merrymaking and fun prevailed
/ throughout the evening. The snpper
( followed by a light program and
‘ popular *o«gU
IUI — *-r^* ' "i
■Bhfe'-y *
.-.. — ■—- —-—
Whoopee! Touchdown! But Who
Made It? Eagles or Bulldogs
Arcadia At Harlingen
To Open* New Ser
vice on Dec. 8
HARLINGEN', Dec. 1.—Talking
movies will begin to talk in Har
lingen on December 8. Saturday of
next week, if the plans announced
here Saturday afternoon by Jack
Pickens, manager of the Arcadia
theater in this city are fulfilled.
With two engineers from the fac
tory now working on the installa
tion, assisted by a number of local
men. and everything on hand. i,4e
installation of the talking movies
should be complete in time to
open, Mr. Pickets said.
L. Heaty and Mr. Dolan, engineers
of the Vitaphone-Movietone com
pany, are here handling the instal
lation work, while the N. R. Lack
land Electrical company of Harlin
gen has the electrical contract, usd
is doing the electrical work.
The theater here will be equip
ped with the Vitaphone-Movietone,
and with the Junior Vitaphone, mak
ing it possible to handle a wide
range of talking pictures and to re
produce music, Mr. Pickens said.
The Arcadia manager wa« not cer
tain what picture he would open
with at the premiere of his talking
movies, but said that he probably
would show- "The Singing Fool.”
"The Terror.” "Mother Knows Best,”
and “Noah's Ark,” soon after the in
stallation, and probably one of them
on the opening night.
SAN BENITO, Dec. 1.—The talk
irg movie equipment for the Rivoli
theater here will be shipped from
New York Monday or Tuesday of
next week, according to a tele
gram received here today by Ed
Brad., manager, from the Brt tot
phone company of that city.
The equipment is to be accom
panied h\- an engineer from the fac
tory. who will supervise the instal
lation. and this work is not expect
ed to require more than two days,
with probability that the talking
movies will stHrt here on Monday.
December 10. Mr. Brady said.
Mr. Bradv said that he is ar
ranging now- to book a picture for
the opening, and is also making ar
rangements for the booking of talk
ing movies and features for the
r.ext few months after the installa
The Bristolphone is similar to j
other talking movies, handling the
-tandard new:* and picture reels. I
Brady explained.
—- . - t
2 Fancy Displays
To Aid Soap Sale
At Jitney Jungle
(Special to The Herald'
SAN BENITO. Dec. 1.— With
elaborate displays of soap in the
windows of their stores in San Be
nito and McAllen, the Jitney Jungle
-tores of the Valley, including the
store at Harlingen, are preparing for
their first big soap sale.
Thousands of bars of soap were
used in arranging a display depict
ing the nation's rapitol at Washing
ton. The displays were arranged by
W. R. Burkhalter of the Royal Soap
company, a concern which is intro
ducing its product in Texas for the
first time.
The displays at the San Benito and
McAllen stores present a true rep
resentation of the national capitol at
Washington. It is eight feet high
and twenty feet long. Five thousand
cakes of soap were used in arrang
ing the displays.
I wish to express my sincere grati
tude to th»* members of the Browns
ville fire department for the prompt
response to the fire alarm and the
quick and effective work they did
in extinguishing the firo which
threatened my building on Jeffer
son street Friday.
Brownsville is to be congratulated
upon having such efficient firemen
and adequate equipment for the pro
tection of property from the fire
demon. MRS. A. S. PUTEGNAT.— j
Dickey’* Old Kel'abl* Eye W*»#r
cocl*. heils snd strengthens *or«.
we»k, tired •?•*. All druggist* 26c. |
Ad*. («) j
In the above photograph, taken with
our Future-Radiovision camera,
guardedly built in our secret labora
tory in an effort to determine who’ll
win that Eagle-Bulldog contest here
Friday, it’s plainly visible from the
cheer leader's position that somebody
scored. Hut who was it?
Did Newman spin through the
line? or was it one of Garza's rifle
shot passes? And again, perhaps Big
Dan Barnhart plunged through the
Eagle line and over th« Bulldogs.
The unfortunate thing about our
camera was that we were unable to
tune in the scoreboard at the end of
th«- game. Making only one shot,
shown above, the camera went up in
smoke. Taking this as a rap on the
wrist from the Gridiron gods to nas
, ty little meddlers who would re
! move the future’s veil, w« took the
machine out and put it very gingerly
j in the trash can.
But now if we could only recognize
j that gyrating cheer leader, we'd
know who scored that touchdown!
This department cannot quite make
out whether it’s Bernice Manry of
the Eagles’ Grand Amalgamated Un
ion of Beauty and Team Loyalty, or
whether it’s Maurine Stout who sics
the Bulldogs on. If he or she didn’t
have that arm across the face, it’d
be easy!
Here’s a little tip if you are try
ing to recognize the cheerleader -
there are others. For instance the
Brownsville Bobs. Puckett and Good
rich and Benson Krcanhrack. chief
aid to Miss Stout up around the Bull
dogs’ kennels. Brownsville has an
other. Johnny fabler. (Don’t be fool
ed by the name, he’s a girl.)
Well, whoever the cheerleader is.
he’s certainly oui selection for A11 -
When the first touchdown is scor
ed Friday, keep your eyes on the
cheer leaders and you might spot
who the above is.
AUSTIN*. Dec. I.-—t.P- The cases
of J. H. Dumas and tarl F. “Red”
Woods, charged with the murder at
Rankin of two supposed bank rob
bers. are on call for Monday in dis
trict court here.
Indictments against Dumas and
Woods were returned by an Upton
county grand jury, after ar. investi
gation by Hanger Captain Frank
Hamer, who charged a “ring" con
sniraev to collect rewards of $5,006
offered bv the Stute Bankers’ asso
ciation for “dead hank robbers.”
Good Light
or Poor
This Modern Kodak is in
dependent of bright light —it
sets good pictures early or
late in the day, indoors near
sunlit windows, outdoors
w hen skies are dull.
You'll want this able Kodak
for your Winter picture-mak
ing. Stop in today and are it,
l W V f/Irtt#-ho» Film
R. L. Lackner
Jeweler and Optometrist
1106 Elizabeth Street
Phone 644
■ ...
Commission Discusses
Plan For Site Now
Under Option
(Special to The Herald)
HARLINGEN. l>w. 1.—An elabo
rate program of improvement on the
229 acres of land owned by the city
of Harlingen in part, and held under
option in part, is to be worked out
in the near future by the city com
mission. it was announced here this
afternoon, following action of that
body Saturday morning in taking an
option on an additional 110 acres of
The tract of wli -h the city this
morning secured : t option is in the
center of the two tracts already own
ed by the city. «nu gives Harlingen a
total of 229 acres of land, near the
highway .and on the Arroyo Colora
do. to be used as an airport, for
parks, golf courses, and other im
Negotiations aie under way now
for the installation of a nine-hole
golf course, this having been recom
mended to the city commission by a
number of residents of Harlingen,
following meetings here recently.
Part of the tract will be improved
in the near future for a municipal
airport, it is planned, while another
section is to be set aside for use by
any boat users, and others desiring
to use the facilities of this land and
the arroyo. The tentative plan also
calls for moving the Harlingen soo
eventually to the new site, and for
removal of some other city institu
tions there.
Sam Botts, member of the city
commission, and unopposed candi
date for rnavor in the elections this
i .....— .■■■
month, expressed the belief that the
purchase of the tract would prove of
great value to the city. “It will en
able us to have a place for Harlin
gen to build parkn. airports, and
playgrounds when the city grow*
and when such sites in the city would
not be available,** he said
H. Y Hears Of
Own Election 1st
From Brownsville
New York state election returns on
November *». the night of the general
election, were heard first in New
York state from station KVWG of
This was the statement here of
J. M. Ford of central New York state
to Charles Hurst of Brownsville last
week while Ford was on a visit to in
spect his land holdings near here.
Ford said that he was turning the
dial of his radio in a search for elec
tion returns. He heard returns being
announced and remained tuned i»v
He found out later that the sending
station wa« KWWG. Brownsville,
which was broadcasting returns re
ceived by The Brownsville Herald.
“It was early in the evening and
the first New York returns we
heard.” Ford said.
DALLAS. Dec. 1.—(/P*—Vi. H. Pat
rick. president of the First National
Bank of Clarendon. Texas and A. S
( leveland. wholesale grocer and cot
ton factor have been elected di
rectors in Class A and B respect
ively of the Dallas Federal Reserve
Bank, it was announced here to
night. Mr. Patrick succeeds him
self and Mr. Cleveland succeeds J.
H. Nail, deceased. The ballot w-as
taken by mail.
Greenville Wins
In Sherman Tilt
GREENVILLE. Tex.. Dec. 1—<**»
—Greenville eliminated Sherman
from the state interscholastic league
race here today and won the chanip
! ionship of district five by beating
the Sherman eleven 12 to 6 in an
uphill battle.
Both teams put up a terrific fight
| to remain in the race and it was
| not until the last few minutes of
play that Greenville scored the win
ning touchdown. To make the game
more spectacular every one of the
touchduwns was scored on a long
i rur. following a break in the "nine.
Sherman scored first when Pierce.
| left tackle, snatched up u bad punt
and ran 50 yards for a touchdown.
The Greenville team ap >arently
thought that the hall had Ailed out
of bounds and made no attempt to
cover it. The try for goal failed.
Are to Celebrate
50th Anniversary
A program and ceremony fitted •«>
1 the celebration of the 50th anniver
1 sary of the Sociadad Juarez of
Brownsville, believed to be the old
est Mexican society in Texas, arc be
ing planned by lodge officials fir
Sunday, Nov. 9.
The body embraces a memberhsip
of 350. including both women and
men, and the program and enter
tainment will be furnished by talent
picked from this body.
The celebration will be staged at
the organization's hall, located on
Jefferson street between Fourth and
Fifth. Preparations have been un
der way for some time.
The body was organized here Dec.
t 8. 1874.
Redonia Shelton Gets
Most Prizes For
Her Exhibits
(Special to The H«ral«l)
HARLINGEN. Dec. L—Girls of
the 4H clubs of the Valley con- !
tributed one of the most interest
ing features of the Home Demon- I
stration department at the Valley !
Mid-Winter Fair this year with a I
display of their work and as a re- :
suit several of them are receiving j
prize checks from the management. I
Redonia Shelton, who lives on
route No. 1 out of Harlingen, took !
six first prizse, two second and two ;
third prizes to score best among the
young exhibitors. She will receive
a total of $12 in prize money.
Following is a list of the awards: !
Emma Moses. San Benito R K. D.
No. 3—Gown, 3rd. 50c.
Beatrice Queruasa, Los imlios, !
cap and apron. 2nd, $1.00.
Katharine Schultis, Harlingen, I
guest towel, 2nd, $1.00.
Evelyn Jones, Rangerville. school
dress. 2nd. $1.00.
Ethel May Day, Harlingen, R. F.
D. No. 1. cap and apron. 1st. $1.50.
Redonia Shelton, Harlingen. R. F. I
D. No. 1—Fig preserves, 1st, $1.50;
Watermelon rind preserves. 3rd.
50c; Chili sauce, 1st, $1.50; Canned
tomatoes in tin, -2nd, $1.00; Canned
fruit, 1st. $1.50; Dixie relish, 2nd,
$1.00; Salad tomatoes. 1st, $1.50;
Soup mixture. 3rd, 50c; Canned
beans 1st. $1.50; green tomato pic
kles. st., $1.50: total .$12.00.
Jane Alice Wright, San Benito—
canned fruit. 2nd.. $1.00; canned
fruit. 3rd., 50c; total $1.50.
Mildred Young. Harlingen. R. F. D.
r — —" 1
No. 1—cotton school dress, 1st.. •flJJ#
night gown, 1st, $1.50; total $3.00. t
Elido Trevino, Los Indio.—cspj
and apron. 3rd., 50c. M
Maria Guerra, Lo> Indio*, true, *
WlAf. **c: t»*n. 2nd. $1.00 I
wCJnA 1 5 1 >•)' , J&g
Margaret Arrington. Lo« Indio.*
guest towel, 1st. $1.60.
- bott,« °f »-nperia*
Frzema Remedy is guaranteed to Pel
enough for any man. All drurristi*
are aothorixed to refund your money *
if it fails.—Adv. (4» S
! i
; Engrared
\ Greeting Cards |
THE Holidays are just round Jf
the comer. Have you or* “
)1 dried your engraved G«eetinp
< > Cards as yet? Don’t wait until
| ’ the last minute. Ourassortmen
;; of beautiful and artistic Christ
< * mas and New Year’s cards is
! ! now complete, and there is ample
J ’ time for us to give you our most
< • careful attenuon and service.
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