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Radio Bridge Analysis
Being a Report of Bidding and Play Over
the Air from KWWG
Follower* of thi* season's Radio
Hridge Games, the latest of which
was broadcast Tuesday, from Station
KWWG here, arc carrying away lrom
each presentation a definite Knowl
edge of how to recognize and handle
one or more Bridge situations which
are muffed hv the average player.
In this week’s game the demonstra
tion was given hv the play of Mrs.
A. R. Coffin, of Indianapolis, a cham
pionship player of the American
^ hist League. Her partner was E. J.
Tobin, of Chicago, also a league
The hands were: Wilbur C. White
head. dealer, south: Spades, Q, 10, 3;
* hearts, 0. 5, 2: diamond*. K. Q. 9;
flubs, K. Q. 10. fi, Mr. Tobin, west:
spade*. J. 8* heart*. J. 9: diamonds.
A, J. f>. A. 2: clubs. 5. 4. 3, 2; hearts.
A, K. Q, 10, 7, 4; diamonds, lrt, dubs.
A, J.
Mr. Whitehead dealer opened the
bidding (first hand of rubber i with
one club. Even though his club suit
consisted of but four cards his hand
"a* too strong to pass.
Mr. Tobin, west, passed. Although
his d imnml suit was of five card*, it
contained only on quick trick, which,
wthout any high-card support in side
suits, is not sufficient for even a fol
lowing or defensive hid. Mr. Work.
North, with a Yarborough, of course
ha dto pass.
Mrs. Coffin, east, with a magnifi
cent hand, hid one heart. There was
nothing to he a complished by a
‘higher hid. Mrs. Coffin did not fear
adverse bidding. In feet, she would
hove been glad to have the bidding
forced up to a point where she could
either make a profitable hu«ine«s
double of the adverse bid. or else
entice a double of her own bid by
gradually raising it.
However, Mr. Whitehead passed, as
he had shown the full treneth of his
hand by his initial hid. Mr. Tobin
also whs forced to pa ■*, although,
holding but two cards of his part
ner's suit, he would have denied her
suit had he been able to do so. The
weakness of his diamond suit made a
take-out hid impossible. Mr, Work
also passed. Therefore Mr*. Coffin
became the declarer, with her con
tract one heart.
Mr. Whitehead led out his king of
clubs, the correct lead from a king
queen --ait against a suit declaration:
and Mr. Tobin spread his hand for
Dummy. From it Mrs. Coffin played
the 2 of eluhs; Mr. Work played the
7; and declarer won the trick with
th« ace.
Pausing a moment *o plan the play
of her herd. Mrs. Coffin could see an
easy little slam, obtainable by ruff
ing her two «mnll spade* in dummy,
after taking her ree and king, unless
one of the adversaries held only ore
spade. Those four tricks, her six
solid trump tricks, dummy’s ace of
diamonds and her own ace of clubs
would leave her only one loser, the
jack of club*.
Rut Mrs. Coffin w « no? portent
with a small slam. She felt that a
grand slam was possible, because the
bidding hnd shown that the king
nueen of liamonds must lie in Mr.
Whitehead’s, south' , hand. The-e
two cards would form the only
possihle side quick trick which he
must have held in order to bid club*
Initially on a king-queen elub suit.
Mrs. *’offtn therefore saw the opnor
•tunity for a "squeeze" pi y that
would give her a rrand slam.
t'roeeeding on tb s hn*is. Mr* Cof
#in led her are o:id kind of snrdes to
trick* two and three Mr. Whitehead
played the ” and lb- dummy the
and inck: Mr. Work the 2 „pd 5. Mrs
Coffin continued with the 4 of
spade*; Mr. Whitehead dropped the
queen, dtimn"' trumped with th*
9 or hearts; Mr. Work played the
of spade*.
The fall of the f) men of Ppndo
ha 1 made Thee’arer** p of Spade*
good; therefore there was no need
to use Dummy's second trump for
rufltng. Accordingly Declarer led
Dummy's Jack of Hearts; Mr. Work
played the J; Mrs. Coffin overtook
the Jack with the Queen; and Mr.
Whitehead piayed the 2. Mrs. Coffin
then led five straight Heart tricks,
with the purpose of forcing embar
rassing discards from Mr. W hite
1 head.
Thus at the beginning of the elev
enth trick, Declarer, Last, was left
with the good 9 of Spades; the 10
j of Diamonds; and the Jack of Clubs.
Mr. Whitehead. South, had been
forced to discard down to his King,
Queen of Diamonds and the good
Queen of Clubs. Dummy retained the
j Ace, Jack of Diamonds and the 5 of
i lubs. Mr. Work held the 7 of
Spades and the 8, 7 of Diamonds.
Declarer then led her good 9 of
Spades which put Mr. Whitehead in
to difficulty. He was fairly certain
that the Declarer had the Jack of
Clubs, since his partner had played
the lowest of at least three Clubs
on the first trick, and had since dis
carded the H spot. Therefore, if he
discarded his Queen of Clubs, he
doubtless would present the Closed
Hand with a trick. On the other hand,
if he discarded a Diamond. Dummy’s
Act* and Jack of Diamonds would
take the last two tricks. His only
chance was the faint hope that his
partner, Mr. Work, might hold the
Jack of ( lubs. Therefore Mr. White
head discarded the Queen of Clubs.
Dummy discarded the 5 of (Tuba;
and Mr. Work played the 7 of Spades
Mrs. Coffin then led the Jack of
(Tubs, dashing Mr. Whitehead's
hopes of breaking her Grand Slam.
He was forced to discard his Queen
: of Diamonds; Dummy discarded the
.luck of Diamonds, and Mr. Work the
i •
Declarer then led her ]0 of Dia
monds, winning this last trick with
Dummy's Ace, and achieving a Grand
Siam with its bonus of 100 points.
She also scored 90 for honors—four
in her hand and fifth in partner’s—
and 6.T for tricks.
After the play of the hand at Auc
tion Hridgc was concluded. Mr. Work
devoted the rest of the broadcasting
period to a discussion of its bidding
at Contract. He considered it a
moderately close question as to
whether South, the Dealer, should
; bid one Club or pass.
Quoting Mr. Works own words:
! "Unquestionably more caution should
be exercised in bidding four-card
suits in Contract than in Auction;
but the South hand has what 1 might
call a 'likely look.’ King-Queen-Ton.
even at the head of four, is a worth
while combination; and with a King
Queen-Nine in one side suit, and
Queen-Ten with one small in an
other, I believe the hand is too
strong to pass even at Contract. I
would favor bidding one Club; but I
t would not criticise a pass.
"West and North would pass, re
gardless of whether South bids or
passes; and Last under either condi
tion would bid four Hearts. Last
would count upon six tricks in the
' Heart suit, the Ace and King of
Spades, and the Ace of Clubs—nine
i tricks; she also has a fair chance of
making another Spade. It takes much
less in the West hand to insure the
i *;tra trick than would justify West
in jumping to four if Last bid only
three Hearts. For example, a Jack
and Ten of Spades in the West hand
would insure three Spade tricks and
game; therefore, the soundness of
th<* four-Heart bid cannot be ques
"Some players with West's hand
would he tempted to overcall the
four Hearts with five Diamonds, with
the idea that it is proper to show an
Ace for slam purposes whenever the
partner bids for game. In this case
it would be most advantageous for
Last and West to go slamming, but
with no other high cards to support
the Ace. West would not be justified
:n doing so. It is absurd to contend
that it is possible to foresee and to
bid for a slam every time a hand
turns up with which one can be
Kiwanis Chiefs
Meet In Annual
Council Conclave
■ CHICAGO. Til.. Nov. 5.—Of)—L. A
McDonald of Denton. goxernnr
olect of the Texas-OkUhomr. Ki
wanis district, and 200 other offi
I rials. including all govcrnors-elect
from the United States and Canada,
convened here today for the annual
council meeting of the organization.
Dec. r»-R. Mr. McDonald will take
office on Jan. 1.
O. Sam Cummings, of Kansas
City, president of the Kiwanis In
| ternational. was in charge of the
sessions, which bring together the
largest gathering of officers nt any
time excepting an international con
vention. “The eocneil,” remarked
Mr. Cummings, in his opering ad
dress, is the legislative body em
powered to confer : nd advi«e with
the hoard of trustee* on all offi
cial matters of the 1.750 clubs with
102.000 embers of the North Ameri
can continent.”
Texas has 51 Kiwanis clubs with
a member-hip of 2.950, McDonald,
who was elected this fall at Dallas,
told the council.
"The average Kiwrnian who fails
to attend his cluh's weekly r.ieet
l ir:gs contributes little to his com
munity and adds rnthing to th*
good fellowship.” McDonald declar
ed. "Kiwanis has accomplished
thousand* of social and <ivir activi
ties in Texas in 1928. and the work
will he continued in 1929.
An increase in selective member
ship for nil cluhs will probably be
urged bv the council.
Free Health Show
Draw? Big Crowd
At Point Isabel
POINT ISABEL. Dec. 5._Anproxi
matclv 200 persons attended the
free six reel health movie *how
herc Tuesdnv everipe under the dl
| reetio- cf Dr A. R Leech and P. L.
Ptnvall. Mmer’ntrpdcnt of school*.
A '•'ecial Mexican string orrh"*
tra alterre.ted with a pianist in the
rre'epfetion nt * mn«'ca! program ir
J con function with the show.
I Pimilar heatxh novb «how« have
been arranged for R:*> Ho-de on
i R'cdresd'iv evenin'*: Til ,T;ril:s
dav e-enlng' Lo« "rs'-i-' next Mon
dav; Po«a . Wednesday,
npd TT’ghTard next Thnrsd.v
Dr. Ernest TV Prothro. director
, fan e-no co-intv health tin’4, give*
a address on health earb
showing of Ui« picture, ^
Be Ready
L ^ m
When if our
Children Ciy
for It
Baby i« likely to wake you any
Bight, * with that sharp cry which
mean* just one thing—colie! Be
ready. Keep a bottle of Fletcher §
t'astoria in the house. A few drops
of this pure vegetable, pleasant tast
ing preparation comfort* a colicky,
fretful or feverish baby in a jiffy. In
a few moments your anxiety is over
nnd baby’s sleeping soundly again.
And vou've only done what your
doctor would advise. He'll tell you
Fletcher's t'astoria doesn't contain
nnr harmful drug—that it s safe for
the voungest infant and effective for
children of all ages in cases of con
ptipation. colic, gas, diarrhea and
those upsets when you don’t know
just what is the matter, Avoid imi
tations. Genuine t’astoria bears the
Fletcher signature.
A Real Estate
Made now—small or la.ge—
means steadily increasing vaN
uos and sound short-time
Lomax & Henson and
Houston & Brownsville
Development Co.
Maltby Building—Brownsvilia
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AN evening dress for the holiday
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Gifts for Her
HOSE—The universal gift for her.
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t little girl; ready wrapped, 75c. Gas
. Appliance Co., 855 Elizabeth.
. TRICYCLES—The small tot will have
• lot* of fun with one of the** muscle
builders. W. H. Putegnat Co.
Gifts for Children fl
chased for the < hristnia* trade thHi
very modern toy. priced from ju.-.^B
up. W. H. Putegnat Co.
VIOLINS—Beginnincrs outfit w>t^B
case $15.00 up. McCIcary Music
WHITMAN'S variety box packed r*^B
penally for children. McKay's Pharfi
macy, Hotel El Jardin.
YOUR CHRISTMAS will he -r-r 7B
if you save money. Wert piavm^B
Santa Claus to the wh.de farndy u
our cut prices. Gas Appli*,,,'.. , ,/■
K35 Elizabeth.
Gifts for the Home I
during December on -our - PUJH
chases. ^B
A FEW choice antique and r!^B
imported lamps. Ur.rital |; ,s ,
ALL WHITE (.as Range \;<1M.
holiday baking easy w • t, . . tu,.■/'.!
wonderful stoves. U. H. j
AQCARIAMS and lamps . t
unique designs arc sure r . ,
her and help make .he . ^^B
beautiful. Dorfman*. HH
BRIDGE Novelties tb . 4 TtJ^B
ent portray individual
holiday part.es, I rr | r. • . b
BOUDOIR ( H \!b’S. < t BH
Many to choose tr . „ -J iHB
land Furniture Store. ^^B
CHINA —In beautiful
pattern. Start a set |
Christmas. Dorfman*. Hi
in rich color design*. •». .n!a| *;U^H
Co. i H
THE CHILDREN .-an jjTrk~~~o~7\B
ent* they want Santa < !au ,,r dH
them in the "Gifts for the t h,^H
dren" column of tbo Shop '
It makes it much easier for h H
CLOSING Ol'T Andiron* at a .<<.^B
count of 25 per cent. Select v ou-^H
while the stock is complete. \\ . h^|
I’utegnat Co.
CANDLE STICKS: Glass potter* .vfl
brass. Visit our Gift Shop. pnrfM
A few choice imported tea set-. fh<^|
French Shoppe. ^B
DINNERW A RE—Conventional ar>d^|
floral designs, open stock. W
Putegnat Co. ^
tapestries in softest shade*. Or.entail
Hug Co. II
JUST 1 HFf thirg for "Her”
found nt once in the "Gifts for IiciH|
column of the Shop-O-Seope. HI
K1 LVINATOR for th- home" " ’hK
« hnstmas and always. Maintain mnH
Mant temperature. W. H. I’utecnaH
Co. ■
EINF.NS—French hand-made. emhroi^B
dered and plain. The French Sh..pp<fl
LINENS make useful gift* for th^B
home and are sure to plea.*e "Her^l
Boilack's. '■
"MF.KF. MF.N” can choose inti ma^Bl
vifts for women without any ei^H
I'.rrassing ignorance on the suhtei^H
through the “Gift* for Her" eolui^H
of the Classified “Christmas Gi^H
Suggestions.” ^H
NORTH STAR finest quality wo^B
blankets nt up to $37.50 pair Sol^H
colors ond fancy noveltv design^H
Ike Bollack._' ■
MMMiMi BUT pleasure attache
the thought of tho approach ®||
Christmas when you know t^®
Shop-O-Scope will help you ’ ma^®
nil your preparations.
NOVELTY imported French lam^B
and European gifts of all kiHs. H-^fl
French Shoppe. ^B
ORIENTAL RtTGS in your home a*^|
marks of Individuality and r>:>tin*^H
tion. Oriental Rug Co. jfl
ORTHOPHONIC Victrolas from
up. Give yourself and family or^B
this Christmas. McCleary Music cflB
OCCASIONAL chairs and table* !n^|
ported "needle point.” Only a
in this country. Oriental Rug ( o ^B
POTTERY and hand-painted va*u^|
from Japan. The French Shoppe ^B
PERSIAN and Chinese rugs in
large range of patterns. Orient
Rug Co. ■
f’l T A NEW, delirious flaTnr""m"~tl^B
* hristmas dinner with a Rope- \o-^H
tilated Oven Gas Range Priced w ’l^B
in reach of all. Gas Appliance Ci^B
835 Elizabeth. ^B
PIANOS—Have a Piano »n your 1- .■®E
this Christmas. Kimball. Gultra^|
sen players. Uprights and Grand^B
McCleary Music Co. ^E
SOMETHING new under the »un~flf
Ray-Glo Porcelain radiant heatersH
absolutely new and different, a<H
very powerful. Look them over
Gas Appliance Co.. 835 Elizabeth. ®
SPIN ST and Secretary’s desk majH
life time gifts Rorderland Furmtu^B
STEM WARE in the~newest~coIo^B
and etehirgs; all open stock pi^B
i terns. Dorfman’s. ^B
TRAYS make .I ml mil n I B
gifts. The French Shoppe. ®
i TAPESTRIES from Turkey in hciu®
tiful shades and designs. The Krcm®
; Shoppe. ®
| THE SARA Fireplace Heater is til
1 most practical and beautiful add*
tion that any living room can havfl
On demonstration at our atore noi®
Priced right. Gas Appliance Co.. 8$*
Elizabeth. ■
----... ___^®
! TIME SPENT ia money lavTidul
vou spend it in reading the "Chris®
mas Gift Suggestions’’ in our Clat^B
fied Section. ®
| THE MODERN Note is in Color®
and for the living room whv not fl
cleverly colored radiant heater f®
$19.50—reduced from $30.00. Gas A®
piiance Co. 835 Elizabeth. *
\VEAR-E\ER Aluminum Roistel
Three sizes, $3.95, $4.95 and $5.®
W. H. Putegnat Co. *
\ 01 R HOME should come F^rstB
Christmas is an ideal time to a<®
that much needed suite of furnituifl
Borderland Furniture Store. fl
^OL WILL find tha most ind~iv~flfl
and complete line of gifts at t*
| Oriental Rug Co. ■
He's smiling You can smile
because every too—and for the
present in his very same reason
sack is exactly if you shop thru
right the Shop-O-Scope
Gifts for Her
SATIN mules and bedroom slippers
always appreciated. Libby’s.
SURPRISE tho wife on ^hristmas
morning with a new dress; they are
very pretty and don't cost much
when you buy from Universal Dress
SILK SCARFS for sport. Libby’s.
SCHAEFFER'S Pens and pencils in
sets or separate make life tune gifts.
McKay's Pharmacy, Hotel El Jardin.
SALA Cabinet Heater—a beautifully
finished cabinet, containing a heater
of wonderful performance. A perfect
Christmas gift. Gas Appliance Co.,
835 Elizabeth.
STEP-INS and hrassiers, best qual
ity silk, lace trimmed, sets $3.50. The
French Shoppe.
SPANISH shawls—both hand-made
and machine made. Oriental Rug Co.
SOMETHING handy for quick break
fast: An A-lt Hot Plate cooks your
coffee at your bedside, $5.50. Gas
Appliance Co., 835 Elizabeth.
SHEET music and records make rea
sonable and always appreciated gifts.
McCleary Music Co.
SPECIAL—hand tooled and Turkish
tinsel embroidered bags. Oriental
Rug Co.
balls. P.atscll-Weils.
THE FS.MOND Blanket Robe for
ladies, satin aid silk braid trim, no
prettier line of colors anywhere
than at the Universal Dress Shop.
you when you plan your shopping
with the help of the “< hristmas Gift
Suggestions'* in today's Classified
TOILET SETS—containing many ar
ticles. See our selection. McKay's
Pharmacy, Hotel El Jardin.
TOILET SETS, containing many ar
ticles in beautiful cases. Visit our
Gift Shop. Dorfman's.
THERE'S not much gift thrill in a
water heater, but it lightens work
and is a practical resolution for the
New Year. Gas Appliance Co., 835
UKULELES—We have them in va
ried sizes, rolors and woods. Instruc
tion book free. McCleary Music Co.
VANITIES, comparts, mesh ba s in
white gold; a! o enameled in many
color combinations are most appro
priate gifts for her. Dorfman's.
WHY not give a hat? Libby’s.
WHITMAN’S caady—packed in pret
ty 1 to 5 pound Christmas boxes. Mc
Kay’s Pharmacy, Hotel El Jardin.
WHAT woman wouldn't like a new
high shade crepe dress from Libby's.
WE have stocked for the Christmas
trade the most beautiful line of hand
made linens and laces. Oriental
Rug Co.
WRIST WATCHES, Rulova, Elgin.
Gruen, Hamilton. Triced from
$24.50 up. Dorfman's.
Gifts for Him
ALL kinds of Mexican curios and
Jewelry for Christmas gifts. Orien
tal Rug Co.
ASH TRAYS and smoking sets and
cigar lighters make mo«t acceptable
gifts for the smoker. Lorfman’s.
ATTRACTIVE GIFTS at prices that
are moderate may he found every day
in the Shop-O-Scope—the “Christ
mas Gift Suggestions” columns of
our Classified Section.
ANTIQUE and modern gifts import
ed from 28 different countries. Ori
ental Rug Co.
A ROYAL Easy ( hair is the very
thing for Dad. Borderland Furni
ture Store.
AMERICA’S most beautiful tie pack
ed in attractive Xmas boxes at $1.00.
The Fashion.
BILLFOLDS—genuine leather in
many styles. $1.50 up. McKay s
Pharmacy, Hotel El Jardin.
CIGARETTE cases, boxes, holders
and trays in most unique designs.
The French Shoppe.
COTS. BED-ROLLS, tents. Thermos
jugs, stoves. Batswell-Wells.
CIGARS—the smoker will appreciate
a box of good cigars or cigarettes.
Owl Cigar Store.
• CIGARS and Cigarettes packed in
Christmas boxes are always appreci
ated by the smoker. McKay’s Phar
macy, Hotel El Jardin.
CORNETS. Violins Saxaphone* and
all kind* of musi'-al instrument * for
! Christmas gilts. McCleary Music Co.
Gifts for Him
CHRISTMAS egg nog—better if
made on an urn burner—$1.20. Gas
Appliance Co., 835 Elizabeth.
DESK SETS—Very complete in ham
mered brat-s, bronze, silver and gold,
add distinction to th© home or of
fice. Dorfman’s.
DON’T FORGET that vou can find
real value as well ns the utmost con
venience in shopping the Classifier!
way by means of the “Christmas Gift
Suggestions’’ columns which appear
every day.
DRESSING gowns and bath robes;
many beautiful ones to choose from.
The Fashion.
DORFMAN’S Christmas sale ends
Christmas eve. Take advantage of
the savings offered.
EVERYTHING for the golfer in
splendid varieties to choose from.
The Fashion.
ELECTRICAL appliances of all kinds
make useful and very acceptable
gifts. W. H. Putegnat Co.
EVERYTHING in East India enam
eled brass and Chinese brass. Ori
ental Rug Co.
FOR THE MEN folks, shirts, under
wear, sox, handkerchiefs, ties, pa
jamas. shoes and hats. Buy them
i for Christmas gifts at Universal
Dre -1
FISHING RODS, reels, boats and
motors. Batscll-Wclls.
FLASHLIGHTS —give him a depend
I able ••Ecvereadv.' V.. li. Putegnat
1 Co.
FATHERS—Give your sons six
! months scholarships in Valley Busi
! ness College, Brownsville.
| J
GAUTNER sport sweaters. An al
ways appreciated gift. The Fashion.
tourist sets, military sets, belt
. buckle sets, suggestions for him.
! Dorfman’s.
GOLF CLUBS, bags and balls. Bat
GLOVES in a great assortment, ev
ery kind for every occasion. The
i GIFT BOXES made up to suit you.
l»o not depend on the ready made
sets, let us make them at special
prices for you. Universal Dress Shop.
GLOVES for the well dressed man.
Kid and suade suitable for driving,
street or dress wear. Bollack’s.
' GIVE his feet a treat—buy him
Florsheims. The Fashion.
HUNTING COATS and jackets.
>4.00 up. Batscll-Wclls.
HATS by “Dobbs” are sure to please
h;m. The Fashion.
HANDKERCHIEFS—pure linen and
silk, some hand made and packed in
| gift boxes. Bollack’s.
HUBIGANT Shaving Sets. You are
sure to please him with one of these
useful set*. McKay’s Pharmacy, Ho
tel El Jardin.
HICKOK Belt sets, genuine leather,
initialed buckles, $1.00 to $5.00.
HANDKERCHIEFS of silk or linen,
in plain or colored borders. The
HOLEPROOF hosiery for men in
large assortments, very suitable for
gifts. The Fashion.
HOT Waffles: Get a waffle iron and
make the New Year happy—$1.75.
Gas Appliance Co., 835 Elizabeth.
HICKOK Belts with initialed buckles
make gifts that are sure to please
j him. The Fa-h.on.
IMPORTED SWISS boxed handker
I chiefs. Ladies’, men's and children's
Ike Boilack.
LESS EXPENSE and more pleasurt
results from the regular use of the
“Christmas Gift Suggestions” in oui
Classified Section.
LUGGAGE of genuine leather by
Belbcr is appreciated. The Fashion
MEN’S IRISH linen handkerchiefs
full line, initialed at 25c and 50<
each. Ike Boilack.
MEN’S BLANKET robes with shoe!
to match, makes a beautiful gift foi
the men folks. Universal Dress Shop
MANHATTAN and Universal paja
mas in a price range from $1.95 t<
$12.00. The Fashion.
MAUER’S all knit wear for Christ
| mas gifts.
MUFFLERS—silk and wools, in i
large array of colors. The Fashion
NF.CKWEAR—'Thousands of heauti
ful tie*' in attracti'e boxe- Th‘
( 1 •ilium.

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