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More Severe Outbreak
Is Possible Says
Surgeon General
®ther outbreak of influenza more
aevtre than tin disease now prevail
ing is regarded as a possibility lat
er in th» *>nter by Surgeon General
Cumni'H". He said that he viewed
the •.it’i.-ti'-n at present as serious,
but «l“cia;.'d that he present wave is
mild in character end that there is
an epp;:rrnt absence of complica
There i- little likelihood In the
opin>nn if the surgeon general that
the d"*a r wj|| spread over the
Atlantic states ar. it has the west
and parts of the south.
He aCr**d with the estimate by
public health officers that there
■were aprro .imately * million and a
quarter tie v ca^cs in the United
!Stat- dorirg *h» week reding De
cember fi.
De.itl f~on 5? rities for the week
ending Dm-mber 22 were 710 reports
to the census bureen showed, a
rorepered ” itli 4*.7 dej»h n >’2 ri*ie
for the previous week.
M V YDRR~One crying need of
the day to be * method of dis
posing of old automobiles. Fn many
| have be»n dumped secretly on ca
rml hot* in the Bren\ that the board
of trade n discussing the problem
Sometimes the purchater of realty
has to pay fjonto have battered ton
neau.i reniosed.
Dr. Amoretle Bledsoe
Osleopalhic Phy*:ci«n
| Del-Wr.lt Hotel
Phone 117. — Brownsville
I I Ride the
r I Yoo Are Insured
§ Lease* Hrown*«ille
1 and hct water flows
NO gas to light—no nait
uiK*, no fussing, no ef
fort, Just turn the faucet
and hot water flows in
s.antly— so hot that you will
have to temper it with cold.
Thia is the service of the
Pittsburg Automatic. Ard
ywr Viter is heated at the
cheapest possible rate per
There are eighteen differ
ent sizes ar.d types of Pic‘s
barg Water Heaters. One
for every home. The one
brlow, the Pittsburg Bunga
low Automatic, will give the
average home—one bath,
Wi.chcn and laundry — per
fect hot water service, clay
, in and day out. Come in
to-day and zee your Pitts
wiTg. We will gladly arrange
aasv terms.
Rio Grande Valley
13th Street — Across from
Western Union
New Chovrolets
To Be Exhibited
Here Saturday
All Valley dealer* will exhibit the
new 1929 six-cyifnder Chevrolets in
their showroom* Saturday, according
to an announcement made Friday by
Tom Stevenson, head of the Steven
son Motor Company, Inc., Browns
ville dealer*.
Preparations were being made at
j the Stevenson Motor Company. Inc.,
t Friday, to take rare of one of the
; largest crowds ever to attend an au*
j tomobile premier.
The new cars will arrive sometime
l Friday but will not be placed on dis
1 play until Saturday morning.
W. S. Harris, factory representa
tive. is here to aid in arranging the
**I have seen ths new ear,” Steven
son said, “and it is going to prove a
' sensation among automobile owners,
i !n my opinion, il is by far the finest
car ever produced in its price field.”
Stevenson stated that deliveries on
tb** new models would begin Jan. 1.
"There will be no delays in deliv
eries.” he said, "a* we e.;pect to re
ceive the new mode's as fast as the
1 demand for them warrants.”
Ferometric ore* Mire wa* relatively
high o er the southern state*, and
moderately low practically through
>ut tho northern half of the United
i States this tnornirg. Cloudy to tin
| settled and mild weather prevaled,
, ih»refore. throughout the northern
half of the cvuotrv. while fair to
I clear weather and *?asoncble tem
j peratnre* continued «•.er the south
! em half. Precipitation within the
| la&t 24 hours occurred in the far
I northeastern and far northwestern
and we't»*rn slr'e . ;.no at a few
other wide'* scattered places.
Pint figure lowest temperature
l<*i*t night; second. highest t^mpera
litre yest»r:!av; thirl. w5nd veloeitj
at s a. m.; fourth, rainfall past 21
Abilene . 72
Ama-illo . to BS -- .on
Atlanta . 31 48 II .00
Austin ......... It 71 — .00
Boston 12 47 _ j *0
BROWNSVILLE 54 73 — .00
Chicago.34 40 — .00
Corpus Christi .. 13 13 10 .00
Dallas . 43 70 — .00
Del Rio . 40 70 _ .oo
Denver . 42 70 — .00
Deireit . 32 40 23 ,nj
l*»edce City . 4 4 13 — .00
HI Pa»n . 4'» 1> — .00
Fort Smith ..'*.3 in — .on
Ualvo't -n . 52 *>1 - .00
Helena . — ff — M
Huron . f| ft .oo
Jacksonvil'e .... 40 «*t 12 .00
Kansrs < itv. 4t 51 — .no
Louisville . SO 40 — .00
Memphis .. _ 4« M jn .oo
Miami . 41 73 — .oo
'fontgomer**. 33 51 — .rt2
New Orleans ■... n — 01
New York.33 s 11 .I1
North Plst'** ..40 H — -*>3
Oklahoma City .. H
Palcctin* . 41 «3 — BO
Pensacola . 4t f2 — .00
Thoonix . 50 73 — .74
ritt«burrh . 3t 11 13 .01
St. f-oul* . 3.3 43 20 .10
St. Paul .. _ S'i '1 — 00
Salt Lake City .. «*
San Antonio ....43 77 — .oo
Santa Fe . 31 53 — .01
Sheridan . 28 12 — JH I
Shreverort . !* 11 •— -00
To Make Awards
To Brownsville
Seouis Friday
... -
Sixt.*-three merit badges, including
one life and one eagle, the latter
the highest award obtainable, will
be distributed to nine Brownsville
Roy Scout* at a court of honor to be
held at 7:30 p. m. Friday in the First
Presbyterian church.
The awards will be made by James
L. Abney, Brownsville attorney and
tpember of the court of honor. Clevc
Tandy is chairman of that body and
G. W. Gotke. superintendent of
Brownsville public schools, is ^hc
third member.
Awards are to go to members of
Brownsville Troop No. 1, C. A. King,
Vanre Wilson is to receive the
Fsgl- and Walter Washington, a
life badge.
Others to receive citations are
John Rowe, Uriah Stegnian, Harry
Stegman, Wilbur Warhington, Edgar
Browne, Homer Morrow and John
Tom Murray. Valley scout execu
tive, will attend the court.
NEW YORK. Dec. 28.—i/P*-Cotton
opened at declines of 1 to 4 points.
Trade interests bought the January
and the market worked back to or a
shade over yesterday’s closing quo
tation*. This advance seemed to
meet some western selling under
which prices eased again, and the
market at the end of the first half
hour was 2 to 1 point* net lower
with .Tanunrv *ellirg around 21.21
and May 20.27.
Trading remained quiet later, with
prices sagging of another point or
two. March sold down to 20.21 or
1 to s points net lower. Offering*
were light, however, and the dip
brought in enough covering and
trade buying to rati e rallies around
noon of 2 or 3 points from the low
Ford Motors of England
Capita!. 7.000,OOO shares; one pound sterling each. Only 2.800.000
open for public subscription. Remainder owned by Henry and
Easel Ford of Ford Motor Company of Detroit, and many Eng
lish noblemen, including director of Brnk of England.
The Ford Motor Company. Ltd., of England is not a new com
pany, but is a consolidation of Ford Motor Companies in practi
cally every major country in Europe.
We will accept orders for a limited amount of this stock in lots
of one to one hundred shares, subject to prior sale.
ING DAILY. Wire or write for number of shares desired.
* 1S24 Allen Bldg. Phone 7-ls;i Dalits, Texas
Paraguay Charge*
Bolivia Has Taken
Fort Second Time
In Di*puted Area
\ WASHINGTON, Per. 28.-<A*V—The
plac.dity with which the Pan-Amer
ican conference has been awaiting
replies from Bolivia and Paraguay
on a protocol for conciliation has
been disturbed. Disquieting news
has come w;th Paraguayan charges
that Bolivian troops have again oc
cupied Fort Vanguardia and have ad
\anced 12 miles farther into the ter
ritory over which the dispute arose.
Paraguay in it* communication to
its legation here said that ”a very
grave situation has again been ere- j
ated. because Paraguay alone cannot
avoid new fighting.”
In making public the dispatch from 1
his government. Dr. Juan V'. Ramirez,
charge d'affaires of the Paraguayan ;
legation, in a statement declared:
"This happening confirms the Para- ;
guayan contention, which has always
been held, that Bolivia never re
spects territory rights as agreed up- |
on in pacts.”
K. C. Hogs Lower
As Cattle, Sheep
Averages Steady
■ Hog : 7,000; 10c iower; top $8.55 on!
I 210-240 lbs; butchers, medium to!
I choice. 250-350 lbs.. $8.1fi<&8.50; 200
! 250 lbs. $8.15 48.55; 160-200 lbs. $8.10
| n *.5<); 130-160 lb«. $7.753x®.45; pack
ing 'ows $6.75(47.85.
Cattle; fon, calves 100; steady;
daughter steers, good and choice
1.300-1500 ISs. $12.O0(£15.5; 1100-1300
lbs. $11.75(416.00; 060-1100 lb*
J11.7.''Slb-’O; fed yearlings, good
choice, 60-950 lbs. $11.75(416.25;
i heifers, good and choice, 850 lbs.
I down $ll£l4; cows, good and choice
$--5 2.10.5^; vealers < milk-fed), me
dium to choice $9(414.
Sheep: 2,000; steady; lambs, good;
and choice <92 Ihs. down) SlI.OO'o j
14*5: ewer, medium to choice (150
I lbs. dowm), $5.75(4 8 00.
FORT WORTH, Dec. 28—(A*)—
i Fuel: ng sow s 750 to 775; fat pigs
651* to 725.
Cattle and calves '.50; steady; !
grars <teers 990; «hort feds 10 46;
cows 7.50 to 7.65; calves g<v>d to
chofco hes-i's tip 1 19*0. *
Sheep 460; fat lambs and wethers j
strong to IS eonti higher; fet limb*
126*»; fat wethers 525.
< HICAOO. Dec. 28.— (.7* — Butter
lower; creamery c::tras 46 l-2c;
‘■tandards 46 l-2c; extra firsts 45
1-2 16c; firsts 14 1-2% 15c; scconr.s
43'a 4 *c.
Kggs unchanged.
Decline General
Throughout List
In Chicago Grain
CHICAGO. Dec. 2*.—(/Fi—Enlarged
estimate* of the Argentine export
able surplus of wheat carried wheat
price* down early today to the low
est level in more than n month. Corn
was also weaker, owing a good deal
to increased dtliveries on December
(contracts here. Opening unchanged
to 3-8e off, wheat afterward showed
a material seffiark all around. Corn
started unchanged to t»-8c down, and
subsequently underwent general de
clines. Oat* were easy. Provisions
held steady.
KANSAS CITY. Dec. 28.—Upi - ,
Wheat No. 2 dark hard nominally
110 1-2^129; No. 2 hard 109 l-2<j
111: No. 2 red 123; December 107;
Mav 113 3-3; Julv 114.
Corn No. 3 white 78 2; No. 2 yel
low nominally 80^81; No. 2 mixed
nominally 79&80; December 80 5-8;
May Sfi; July 88 1-8.
Oat* No. 2 white r >minally 47"o
CHICAGO. Dee. 28.-/PV—Wheat
No. S hard 118; No. 2 northern
spring 112 3-4.
Corn: iio. 3 mixed 84 1-2; No. 4
white 83,
Oat*: No. 2 white 49'&l-2; shmple
grade 43 1-2.
NEW YORK. Dec. 28.—<JP\-Liberty
3 1-2* 99.18; Liberty 1st 4 1-4* 100.4:
Liberty 4th 4 l-4s 100.1. Treasury
4 l-4« 111.2; Treasury 4* 106.2;
Treasury 3 3-4s 103.22.
fContinued from page «ne.>
question will depend upon Tresi
dent-elec* Hoover’s position in the
It is believed that considerable
pressure will be brought by the Mis
sissippi Waterways Association and
others interested in waterways and
port development to secure action
during the special session on the bill
upon which a favorable report was
rendered by the river and harbor
committee of the house at the rlo*e
of the last session. The special ses- I
sion will be devoted principally to
farm relief, and proponents of wa- 1
terways and harbor development as- (
sert that water transportation is a
necessary adjunct to farm relief and
that an effort will be made to have
the measure presented upon that
basis during the special session.
Report* from Washington indicate
that proponents of the majority of
projects included in the pending bill
are opposed to action during the
present short session, as they be
lieve that a veto by President Cool
idge would have considerable effect
in determining the policies of the
incoming administration.
Judge William Pierson. of the
Texas supreme court, left Browns
ville Fridav for Austin after spend
ing several days in the rity a* the
ruest of County Eng*n»er W. O.
‘*1 have found something of in
terest here at every turn,” Judge
Pie-*on declared. "You hr— so
many things here to see.”
■ ■
Phone Mies Biggs at 1328-W for
heme baked fruit cakes. Angel food
or pies baked to order.—adv. tf.
Big Savings on shoe purchases at
The Model Shoe Shop Friday, Satur
day and Monday. If you really be
lieve in saving money on footwear
rotne to this sale.—Adv. 27.
School Kid’s Itch vanishes after a
ftw days b applying a piec-. of cot
ton, saturated in Imperial Eczema
Remedy, to affected parts at bed
time. All druggists are authorized
to refund .our money it it fails.—
Adv. (7)
Dickey** Old Reliable Eye Water
cools and heals red ayes. Doesn’t
hurt. Red folding box. All drug
juts.—Adv. (7)
Unexpected Drop In
Loans Is Credited
With Advance
NEW YORK. Dec. 28.—<AV~The
unexpected reduction of $19,000,000
in federal reserve brokers’ loans pro
vided the background for another ad
vance in prices at the opening of to
day s stock market. St. Joseph’s
lead and General American Tank
opened with new high records at 62
and 94 7-8 repsectively. Wright
Aeronautical showed an initial gain
of 2 points end Montgomery-W ard
and Erie advanced a point each.
Operators for the advance appar
ently showed little concern over to
day’s expected ’‘money squeeze.”
Some apprehension was lelt in bank
ing quarters over the continued firm
ness of time money,
New merger reports continue to
arouse bullish enthusiasm. An
nouncement of the acquisition of
Kinnear Stores by the National
Bellas Hess company explains the!
recent strength in the letter stock.
Early trading was quite heavy in
volume. New high recti us for tht
year or longer \*ere established by
Burroughs Adding Machine, Llectrn
Auto Lite, Mohawk Carpet, Goodrich
Lubber, Montgomery Ward (newt
and General E.ectrir, the last named j
rising 4 points to 213 1-2.
Radio stepped into the lead in the
early trading by rising 5 points
above yesterday's final quotation, j
Wright Acro.iauticil extended its'
gain to 4 points und Murray Corpor
ation, Hears Roebuck, *'o!umbia Car
bon and National Biscuit sold 2 to 3
points higher.
Foreign exchanges opened f*rm.
with cables unchanged at $4.85 5-S.
LIVERPOOL. Dec. 28.—(A*)—Cotton
snot limited demand; steady; Amer- |
Scan strict good middling 11.44; good
middling 11.04; strict middling 10.84;
middling 19.64; strict low middling
19.39; low middling 10.14; strict
good ordinary 9.94; good ordinary
6.94. Sales 3.000 bales, 1709 Ameri- j
can, receipts 43,090, American 23,600.
Futures closed barely steady.
December 10.34; January 10.34; .
March 10.40; May 10 44; July 19.41;
October 10.IB.
(Continued from nrg* one.l
Leave it to the Valley to do the
unusual when it is a matter of
somethin? out of the ground.
• • •
HARLINGEN’S city government,
after levying a tax cf 51 on the city’s
nsier«ible valuations of $3,400,000,
finds that tho revenues, approxi
mately $81,000, will carry the city
through the year.
And tj further lighten the burden
on the taxpayer follows the lead of
Brownsville In making possible two
payments a year.
If the first half is not paid on or
befose January 31. then the entire
rmount become- delinquent.
The Brownsville city government
instituted this tv.ice a year payin'*
system about two years ago to re
lieve the taxpayer’s burden sjme
Those who have “enjoyed” paying
federal income taxes quarterly are
strong for the installment method
of tax payments.
* • •
THE HOUSTON-New Orleans-New
York air mail line will begin opera
tions January 23.
Will reduce air mail distance from
Houston to New York about 500
miles as compared with the Chicago
News dispatches say that the line
will be extended from Houston to
the Mexican border “at a point to be
announced later”
Maybe Brownsville will be that
po::it. Then again, maybe it won’t.
But information from variaus
sources indicates that this city
stands a ••mighty good chance.”
Wood & Dodd jj
J ► ]»I
«; Bonds and Loans i|
<! <>
i; Spivey-Kowalski Bldg, ill
Brownsville, Texas
it i
A Real Estate
Made now—small or la:go—
means steadily increasing val
ues and sound short-time
Lomax & Henson and
Houston & Brov/nsville
Development Co.
Malthy Building— Brownsville j
Many Thrilled By
Flights in Large
Plane at Airport
Soaring through the ski** ia e
ship equipped with ell the luxuries |
known to the modern traveller is a
thrill that awaits Brownsville's air
minded who choose to visit the muni
cipal airport and sign up for a ride
in the Ford all-metal tri-mjtored
transport monoplane temporarily
stationed there.
This big ship is owned by the
Kenyon Air Transport company of
Morris, Minn., J. M. Kenyon, presi
dent. and was flown here from that
northern city to remain for at least
a week.
Anyone whi has not ridden in this
ship has a real treat coming to them.
In fact they have not flown until
they take off surrounded by the
travelling luxuries that this * ig ship
Stepping through the door into the
cabin, the traveller has his choice of
heavily upholstered wicker chairs
with high backs and head-rests,
slowing one to recline in perfect
The pilot’s djmpartment ia en
closed in glass and separated from
the passenger’s quarters. Heavy
windows shut out the force of the
wind and the deafening roar of the
three motors are muffled to n mere
drone thnt is even soothing to the
nerves. These windows afford pas
sengers an excellent view of the
oountry over which they are flying,
Just a bit for the specifications of
this g;ant passenger plan*1: Dimen
sions—span. 74 feet; length, 49
feet. 10 inches; wirg area, 785 square
feet; height. 12 feet. 8 inches; wheel
tread. 16 feet. 9 inches. Perform
ancs—High speed, 114 M. P. H.;
cruising speed, 96 M. P. H; stalling
speed. 65 M. P. H.: radius of action
(cruising), 570 miles (6 hours) ceil;
ing. 14,000 feet. Data—Weight,
empty, 6,100 pounds; useful load. S,
900 pounds; total weight loaded, 10,*
000 pounds; gasoline capacity, 235
The standard equipment power
plant consists of three Wright ?20
If. P. Whirlwind engines. Propellers
are Standard Steel company's steel
propellers, and the entire plane is
built of duralumin, a non-rusting,
non-corroding, copper-aluminum al
loy as strong as steel but only one
third as heavy.
Aside from the plane’s cabin which
seats 16 persons, there is a special
compartment for baggage and a com
pletely equipped lavaBjry.
This plane is considered one of
the safest in service today, its
three motors affording tremendous
reserve power. It ia aaid that the
ship will cruise on any two motors
and land safely on one.
The personnel of the Brownsville
Herald’s editorial department' were
taken on a cruise Thursday after
noon over Brownsville. Matamoros
and immediate surrounding territory.
The ride was arranged by J. M. Ken
yon, president of the Kenyon Air
Transport company, and Le* Maul
din. manager of the municipal air
Crowds of people have visited the
municipal field since the plane
larded Wednesday afternoon and
hundreds have availed themselves of
the opportunity to take a ride in the
big ship.
New Officials
To Take Office
Tuesday, Jan. 1
A meeting of the commissioner!
court will be held Monday, for the
purpose of approving bonds of coun
ty officers who will begin their
terms Tuesday, January 1. Practic
ally all county and district official*
elected November fi, have filed their
bonds with the county clerk.
New officials r.t tho court house
*who will assume their respective
duties Tuesday will include Frank
Brown, who will succeed Mrs. Pinkie
Vann a* sheriff; Mrs. W. R. Jones,
who will succeed T. P. Kennamer in
the office of county snperintendent;
end F L. Cain, who will succeed Jo
seph Webb as justice of the peace in
precinct 2, place 2. H. M. Pattee will
succeed Constant I-a Roche as com
m • sinner for the Point Isabel-Los
Fresnos precinct.
Heldman Held As
Slayer of Wife,
Coal-Man Killer
CANTON. O . Dee! W.-f/Pb-An af
f'davit charging Wilbur O. Heldman,
Lorain furnace salesman, with the
murder of his wife, Margaret. 21. on
the nirht of Pec. 13, was filed by
Coroner T. C. McQuate. today.
Heldman told authorities his wife
•hot herself to death the night of
Pec. 13 with the same gun she had
used just a week previously to end
th*> life of Vernard F. Fearn, 35. Can
ton coal dealer. Heldman obtained
a confession to the Fearn slaying
from his wife at their home at Lo
rain earlier in the day and he was
bringing her to Canton to turn her
over to authorities, he said.
Mr*. HeMman’s death occurred in
their automobile just as they reached
the outskirts of Canton.
Polo Players of
Mexico Defeat
Fort Brown 7-6
Showing marked improvement in
their game, the 17th Cavalry polo
team of the Matamoros garrison de
fected tha 12th Cavalry group at
Fort Brown Thursday afternoon, 7-6.
This is the second time this year
that the poloists from across the Rio
Grande have been able to down the
Fort Brown horsemen.
Their riding and stroking stood
Col Koch, playing second position
for Fort Brown, made a large por
tion of the locals’ goals.
The two teums are to play again
Sunday on the aviation, field and an
interesting game is expected as the
12th Cavalry aggregation will essay
a comeback. Col. Koch, though he
he has played little polo in recent
years, svas able to do good work
through his riding. He is rated as
one of the best army horsemen in
the U. S. service.
Sunday the locals will probably
line up Lt. Garver. No. 1, Col. Koch
No. 2. Sgt. Cornde No. 3 and Sgt.
McGhee No. 4.
M. A. Baird, representative In
Brownsville for W. D. Cleveland &
Sons, wholesale grocers of Houston
and San Benito, has returned from
Houston where ho attended the an
nual meeting of the company's em
ployes. More than one hundred
j persons were present at the gather
ing. Entertainment was included In
the program.
Pee Bine Star Romp, then ■prdf
nine Star Rcmodt for E«em»c itch,
tetter, ringworm poison oak dandruff,
children*■ sores cracked handa aor»
feet and most forms «f Itching ''Vft
diseases. Ft kill* rerm* rior* Itching
usnsTlr regtnriug the «Wn to hesltfk
?oan. Tllnc Star Remedy, fl.OO.
*ak vonr druggist.—Adg. _
Coughs from colds may lead to se
rious trouble. You can stop them
now with Creomulsion, an emulsified
creosote that ia pleasant to take.
Creomulsion is a medical discovery
with two-fold action; it soothes and
heals the inflamed membrane* and in
hibit* germ growth.
Of all known drugs creosote ia rec
ognized by high medical authorities
■s one of the greatest healing agencies
for coughs from colds and bronchial
irritations. Creomulsion contains, in
addition to creosote, other healing;
element# which soothe and heal the
inflamed membranes and stop the ir
ritation, while the creosote goes on to
the stomach, is absorbed into tho
blood, attacks the seat of the trouble
and checks the growih of the germsu
Creomulsion is guaranteed satisfac
tory in the treatment of coughs from
colds, bronchitis and minor forms of
bronchial irritations, and is excellent
for building up the system after colds
or flu. Money refunded if not re
lieved after taking according to direc
tions. Ask your druggist, (adv.)
Dividend Check
to holders of
1% -
to be mailed December 20th
will prove a most acceptable
Christmas Qift
An institution a/Tms and ft Texas that has never
failed to pay a dividend. A growing, thriving Texas
Industry. Quarterly dividends. Stock 1100.00 the share.
Cumulative and participating. Plan now to share in this
prosperin' during the coming yean. Write foe complete
Sugar Land, Texas
Texas Industries are building Texas
Bid* were called for Friday by the
U. 8. Weather Bateau for a messen
ger service between the Naval radio
•tation at Fort Brown and the local
weather bureau. The messenger
make* two trip* oer day carrying
weather report* received over the
•tation from tho largo Arlington ela
tion near Washington.
Mr. and Mr*. John A. Flanagan
have baan canfinad to ttaair bona by
an attack of Inflnanaa far tha t
"" *
81 tn* moMrt rp* at
I Weller’s I. G. A. \
I Eli*. & Hi way — 2 STORES — 12th Street
j] FloW 24?PoundSaek .94c S
I Potatoes Tounds .2L 1 J
Fancy Rice Pounds ..., .!8c
I Beans 3 Pounds . .27c 1
| Dry Peackes Pounds ... .27c i
| Catsup. 8-olera'.!2c j,
V 1 Jack & Jill Home IC
rickJes style, n^-oz..... *oc
! Quaker Cats .2k
i Cranberry Sauce For1”*.25c j
Suyar Pounds ..28c
1 Peaches “n.21c \
j Also Regular I. G. A. Specials Advertised Bo low j
store is home owned. Our *
profits stay here to work for
this town and pay taxes. *y We
are completely free of out-of-town
management. * Our first interest
is to please you individually. For
that purpose we are allied with
thousands oj other l.G.A. Grocers
to bring you better food values.
,y Special for Saturday at all I. G. A. Stores
jj Mother China Oats.31c
Q Apple Butter ^‘“can'.T.16c ^
Pi Macaroni, Spaghetti and Noodles,
Af'- 1. G. A. Brand, 3 pkgs. for ... 19c *
2 Soup PermCan1,8TOmat°:. 8c^,
S" Sardines 8^ !"*e..13c I
Jersey Rice Flakes u
11c »
315c package Jersey Jems freg ^rith each
package Rice Flake>
Delmonte O R*
I I CaS Early Garden L C»*
Palm Olive Soap elk.
(Oysters km 2
D..K Thistle, n No. 2
OeetS Fancy Cut L Cans
Matches Crescent 3 Fof
TItallIGB stoke
'with the Ivory and Slue Fronts

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