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— ' - ■ - —~^^I
- - “ ~ “ mmm ~~~ ”’■* .I‘“™"' "" *■ r,am ~ ~~ —I W — - — - — I. I . |«W| - ~*i*~ " *■ ' 1 ~ " ~
Artists’ Ball Is
Shot For 'Model
From Montmartre7
The Artist** Ball, conducted an
nually by art studcntc of . ari* is one
of the b,g cvtrjts in the life of ev
ery Farit-tan, and. to be *ure, many
» foreigners make the annual jilgrim*
«ge to the French capital city to
cajoy the famous carnival of joy.
In “Ihe Model from Montmartre,”
*hich coutes to the Queen theater
T ueidsy, it show* the carnival, as
the fjlm »»t made during the latest
ball held by the studeuts, and the
colorful background serve* in making
this picture tne of the molt inter
esting ever filmed.
The dance and carnival 13 Ihe
crowning event of artist*-, their mod
els, and art student* in laris. V.'or 1-J
w-jde publicity i„ given it. fceveral
thousand dollar* are spent yearly
to make the affair a. brilliant a.>
feasible. Costume* valued at uatij
thousand dollar* apiece, and which
have been worn by many generations
of student* and artists, arc uno of
the features of the bail.
It begin;, early in the evening and I
holds forth until late in the follow- |
inf day, with many entertaining f*a- !
tures serving a.» highlights. Several j
orchestras, for the most part Ameri
can jass orchestra*.. furnith the mu
sic in the recent affair*, held by tiit ]
student*. Prominent men and worn- |
*n in all walk.* of life make up the I
patrons' list.
The 15*28 affair was one of the j
most fanciful nnd biiarre entertain- !
nie.ots ever held, and Ihrector I.eonce
Ferret considered himself indeed
fortunate in capturing nany icenev I
of the ball and incorporating them
into the picture, “The Model frem
Montmartre.” A far as is known,
this marks the first tune that the I
affair rerved as a “set-’ for any mo- I
lien picture.
The cast of the film included j
Ivan Petrovltch, of “The Garetn ol I
Allah” lame; Louue LaG range,
charming French and American act
ress; Xiti \aldi, known t<» all Ameri
can film fans, and Maurice dc Con
onge, a famed 1 renth motion picture
TTfHANT, France, Jan. _
Distress signals seen by the light
hou-e keeper here caused him to ; • - j '
a government lug through storm ]
at serious risk to rescue the light |
house keeper at Heron, * nule off I
shore. Through bis g'a-:t, lie had I
seen the frantic waving of whit*
cloths which turned out to be shirt i
drying in the wind.
■**; - -—1 -—— j
Having treti the 'I*gn play, peo
ple of the Valley *n!l now hove an j
opp««ri unity t > fop dip film vraion j
©f Anne Nichols’ fatnou : t i.re sue-1
“Abie’s Irish R<-e.** and see If
von agree with the critics. The pic
ture is on at the Arcadia. Harlingen.
Sunday an*j Monday, and the Capitol.
Brownsville, Tuetday, Wednesday and |
«=rrrr.. ■-—» ^
U sin hard to find, and the »ind*rworld hard to bieak in? And how.
Colleen Moore pr< . it in ‘•Synthetic Sin.” when th» ?.»«;< - looking [or
the primrose path. Thee gunmen and their molls jnst won't let her be
bad. Opens at th* Palate for three clays’ run. beginning Tuesday.
play7N‘the sh opwor n an ge l7~
h a ney Carroll and (>ar* Ocop'r ore featured 10 “The Shop-worn
Angel,*’ playing at the Capitol Sunday and Monday. All about a gallant
young boy gcng to Fi nee i<* fight for democracy, who has time to »re
the bright light* <f New hi;!., and lus line for a pretty Broadway
butterfly. , I
Ml.. mil ■ iX'.tawa'
• N'i?ien it. fraturtd with
Charles !; rrell in new »tyI«
thick picture. “Faail,” v hich is
playing r t the l’nJacr, M< Alien,
Sunday and Monday.
»»#««< »*»#«* »***»< ##«#
Movie Calendar
< I
CAPITOL—"lbe Shopworn Ange!’*,
wnh Garry Cooper and Nancy Car
rot!. Will Rogers. “Winging Around
Europe," Pathe News, Topic* and
QUEEN—“Man, Woman and Wife”
with Norman Kerry and Pauline
Starke. Christie Comedy, MGM
News, and Aesops T ables.
TEXAS—"Drums of Love.,** I*. W.
Griffith production with all-star
cast. Also International News ami
DITTMANN—“The Rainbow” with.
Dorothy Sebastian. Educations!
Tuo'day • Wednesday
CAPITOL—“Abie's Irish Rose,” Bud
dy Rogers. Nancy Carroll, Jean
Hersholt, MGM comedy and Pathe
QUEEN—“Model From Montmartre."
Nlta Xaldi and Ivan Petrovitch.
“Newly wed% Lose fcnookums” and
Paramount New..
Ti XAS—“Warming Up” with Richard
Dis. Comedy. "Campus Cuties,"
and “Payroll Round Up.”
DITTMANN—Tuesday. “The Rein
bow.” Dorothy Sebastian. Wed
nesday. “The Albnnv Night Boat.”
with Olive Borden. Educational
CA PITOL—"Abie’s Irish Rose” Thurs
day, with Jean HcrshoU, Buddy
Rogers and Nancy Carroll. Friday.
"The Spirler” with Jacqueline Lu
can and Alan Hale, rise Vaudeville
Hawaiian Serenade rs present “A
Night in Havaii.”
QUEEN—“Dancing Vienna” featuring
Lyon and Ly# Pe Putti. < otnedy,
“Dough Boy,” and Paramount New*.
TEXAS -“The Fatsy,” Marion Davie*
end Nils Asthcr. Comedy, “Hats
Off” and International New,.
DITTMANN—“The Albany Night
Boat” with Olive Borden. Educa
tional Comedy.
CAPITOL -“The Sp.tler” with Jac
ouelinc Logan and Alan H?!e. also
Vaudeville. Hawaiian Serenaders
present “A Night in Hawaii."
Pathe News. Sport light, auj feen
nett Comedy.
QUEEN—“Honeymoon” vvith PoHy
Morgan. Harry Gribbon and Flash,
the wonder dog. Cemedy and Kraxy
Kat cartoon.
TFXAK—"Thn bu.-hranger” with Tan
McCoy. “Turxan the Mighty.”
DITTMANN—“The Broken Mask"
with Barbara Bedford. Education
al Comedy.
Colleen and Tony
Again United In
| ‘Synthetic Sin’l
F«>r the firrt time in several years,
i'ol!»en Moor# and Antonu Moreno
are to be seen ir the sane picture.
“Synthetic Fin.” which comes to
the Palace Theater for 5 days on
Tuesday, v a the occasion of a re
union of these popular player*, their
loft fcrern appearance in the Kamo
rait having been in “Look v«ur
Bert,” one of Rupert Hughe** stories.
Moreno heads Mis* Moore* support
ing cs&t in ths character ef a play
wright. and participates in humor
ously exciting adventures that cli
max in » dc*pera!<- gang vi- that
i clc'-erly combined with a laugh
<b1e situation. ,
“Fv nthetic Fin.” an adaptation of
th»“ Ri’-adway stage success by Fred
erick and Fanny Hatton, was direct
ed at the First Notional studios by
William A. Feiter.
Shy Smile Wins
Break For Star
Of Capitol Film
It takes more than a smile to re
tain a starring position in moving
pictures but a smile is often im
portant in making the first step. At
least Gary Cooper, who. with > ancy
CarreII. stars in “The Shopworn An
gel,” the Capitol theater feature for
today, made the grade with a smile.
Cooper didn't need a screen test
when ho got tho big “break.” He
was projected into a conference of
screen executives so t,udder ly that
he stammered arid smiled. That
j>mile won. It landed him a contract
ami sent him »e!l along the way to
a career.
In the court* of two jeer s, he his
reached a posit on on the Paramount
"lot,” where all feminine .tars are
d manurng his services as leading
man. Hii first w’ork for Paramount
was as a newspaper reporter In "It,”
(Ura Bow’s lirst starring vehicle.
Then he was cast as the harum
scarum hero of "Children of Di
vorce,” in which Esther Ralston and
Clara Bow were co-starred. He also
pla.ved in “Wings.’
As a result of his work iu these
productions, the studio official* de
cided to star tooper in Westerns and
he made hi.- stellar debut in “Arizona
Boynd.” His next Paramount star
ring vehicle was “Navada” and then
he was given the title role ru “Beau I
baht ear’’ and. later, in “Jhc Legion
of the Condemned.” Since then he j
ha* bad many important parts.
In “Tho Shopworn Angel,” he
plays the part of an honcst-thmki:ig !
buy from the country on hi* way to
Prance to fight tor Democracy, lie
meets a pretty Broadway butterfly,
plajed by Nancy Carroll, and falls
in love with her, refusing to see the
sordid i ide of tii5 life she is leading,
bhe returns his aitection but has
some difficulty getting free of her.1
brigbtlight associations and there I
the drama turns.
Paul Lukas L in the cast of “The
Shopworn Angel,” which Richard
Wallace directed for Paramount.
‘Man, Woman and
Wife’ Drama of
Crime, at Queen
Due of the screen’s most dramatic
pictures of underworld life i* to be
seen here at the Queen tinier v-liere
it will open today, 'the picture i*
“Man. ttoman end Wife,” a Infveraal
production, starring Norman Kerry
and featuring Pauline Starke.
Psiug the battle front and tb»
underworld cf New York a back
grounds, tho film narrate* a tremen
dous romance centering around five
persons. Ihc happiness of each is
{•• wound up in the fate of th-j others
that gret-t dramatic interest and
urpense rc-ult.-. 1 he ending a hows
fearlessness cf mo' >•> custom on the
o'rt of Director Edward Laewml*.
when the picture close* in a realistic
climax that i* said to be one of th*
most unusual ever screened.
“Man, Woman and Wife,” is not an
ordinary type of picture, according
to Lae in rule. “I attempted to depict
truthfully the story of « man who**
every buffet by life reacted on *
number of other person*.” s**d the
director. “The *itu*t on« arc d'f i
ferent from tho«e generally enroun- i
tcred in a motion picture. I tried to’
make th» players respond to them j
in a way that was suitable to the I
' -^ra— ...
st'iry. Kerry and Mias Starke both
gave me unusual portrayals. As a
matter of fact the entire cast did ex
ceptional work."
In the supporting cart are Marian
Nixea, Kenneth Harlan, Crauford
Kent and Byron Douglas. The pic
ture is from an original screen story
l*y Charles A. Lojruc who also wrote
the adaptation and continuity. The
theme deals with the lack of per
sons! courage of the hero and h»w
ho overcomes his fear, a subject w ith
almost universal appeal.
(Sreefal to The HlttMl
FAVMONDVILLF. Jan. 12.— At *
! *>peeial election held Tut.*day *t tfc«
j Delta City Poultry Farm. ju*t west
I of the city limits of Fa aiondviln,
1 W. A. Hardin*. W. T. Holder. Ceorri
i R. Lorhrie. Got man Fox and A. A* <
j Lindahl ■nrrc re-elected directors 'f
the Willacy County Water Control
and Improvement Diatrid No* l*
1 . i
s n • 1 El Vibra System Used
\ I Why t e fat when >ou can reduce to J
2 M> i vl-:PJ norai'l without the u e of injurious
«i»et. drug*, sweat baths or tire.oioe 2
2 W r - erase. The El Vibra system nat- J
|wOllPP . urally takes away fat. reduces high *
% Hood pressure, corrects th* circuls- $
>r iLf tton. and impro-.es the entire system. *
111 leaving no wrinkles or flabby eV*n.
' PI inj I f' Positively reduces 1-U to 1 peurd *
I k'lfLIV daily. Treatments for bc»h men and »
women. Malt appointments early. >
M. COOK, D. C., Chiropractor
tiarv*0*)I«ter Service 2
2 State National BanE^ Bldg.. ^Kooci^40j.^r hen e ^70^^ nrttja ,j|
* — NOW —
‘The Rainbow’
A Reginald Baker
special production
— With — |
Dorothy Sebastian
And a Big Supporting
* •
Educational Comedy
‘'Simple Sap'
Admission 30c, 25c, 10c
k11 1 ' "
3 ' ' '
2 : .
— Now Showing —
The Gripping Drama of
a Fated Triangle!
I Jr
Thrilling, Spectacular, Unusual!
“Man, Woman
and Wife”
I Norman Kerry — Marion Nixon
'■ -——— .. _.... :
3 — D»y* — 3 Showing lor the
- 1 he Supreme Motion Picture Offering!
Now on the Screen! Its Now! It* in motion pic
powerful appeal drew f
18,000,000 people to the tura*.
stage play. Enhanced and
increased a hundredfold. By all means see the mo
grt&JTiS3 — »f *•
! \rr WliUen!** Enacted play that has made thea>
by a master cast, includ- trical history. See “ABIE’S
»ng actors from the origi- -Drtcr„
nal play. Jean Hersholt. IRISH ROSE then you
Chnriee (Buddy) Rogers will know why it was so
and Nancy Clltoll. t*-imendcus^y successful.
Now Showing
I Rivoli Theater I
P j F |%T
$5P M Wj * "I? \s
The Greatest
of cul
' South Sea ,
T 1
I A novel sensation, now a wonder film. I
A paradise of romance; A South Sea pas
, aion flower! And filmed in this real trop
ical setting, the amazing drama of the pearl
market. !
■ —i ^ ^ ^ ^ l I J
Extra Added Attraction
The Famous Hawaiian Sercnadera
- In _
I! _:_1 j
Also News — Fables — Review — Comedy
■! m phi1 i i^j»uiuiBjiifBarwn»ir<aRmr'<
nnnMMBn—mm—m—■■ 1 1 ■ . ■ 1 ■«— —

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