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Society Circles - - A Complete Page for Valley Women s*™
_ _ —;—- ■»■■■■ ■ ■■— ii 11 ■ ■ — - — i ii mi
Methodist Society in
Special Prayer Meets
Women °f the local Methodist missionary society arc joining this week
rhu vJUa wee* °* Prayer services conducted in all Southern Methodist
_“»rches throughout the country. Devotional programs are given, and
offerings made, to be used for the cause of retired deaconesses
o» the church and foreign missionaries.
—y uem* neia mi tne.
church each afternoon, with a circle
the society in charge of each
prop am. Mrs. Nathan Moore was
eL*t Thursdays meeting, with
Mrs. Fred Barton at the piano, and
Mtt. V. L. Conrad and Mrs. Peck
Won. all members of circle three,
Friday’s meeting is to be in charge
of the Young Matron's circle, and
a number of children will partici
pate in a special program.
Mrs. Sam Hughston. of circle one.
had charge of Tuesday s meeting,
with Mrs. McKinsey playing accom
paniment for the singing. Circle
two was director of Wednesday's
program, with Mrs. F. E. Morris
leading, assisted by Mrs. Fred Trim
ble, Mrs. J. E. Lovett and Mrs. w!
B. McBride.
• • •
Thursday Bridge
With Mrs. Pitt ....
Mrs. Arthur Pitt entertained the
Thursday Bridge club at her home,
members comprising players for two
tables. Mrs. Ben Hahn won first
score prize, and Mrs. Harry Hollo
well, second. The hostess served a
salad course.
Mrs. Hollowell will have the club
next Thursday.
Miss Edith Adams entertained
about forty young people at the
home of her mother firs. Otis
Adams, in the Palm Grove with a
Halloween party early last week.
Halloween games, contests and
other features were enjoyed. Later
refreshments were served.
Out-of-town guests included H.
E. Woods of Mercedes.
• • • ,
Thursday Mrs. Harry W. roehner
entertained members of the Silk
Stocking Club w.th a luncheon at
the Stonewall Jackson Hotel.
Following the luncheon the mem
bers assembled at the home of the
____ _.___ —
j —-—
■ Ill ■ I ■*«»
* «
Is the last day of
dress sale
Unusual Values In
Autumn Dresses at
Attend Saturday
Exclusive Ladier1
1244 Elizabeth
hostess in Valencia Park. Clusters
of brilliant zinnias were placed
about the rooms while tallies and
other accessories for the bridge
tables expressed a Hallowe'en motif.
For success in the games, Mrs.
Charles Bowie received the club
prize, a gift of silk hose Miss Maud
Harris was the only guest.
Mrs. Bernie Goolsby will enter
tain the club at the next meeting
Thursday November 7th.
• • •
I Wednesday evening Mabel Humble
celebrated her fourteenth birthday
anniversary when she entertained
sixteen of her friends with a din
ner party at the home of her par
ents. Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Humble.
Hallowe'en novelties were featured
in the appointments of the table
and in decoration of the rooms.
Games of bunco followed the
dinner, Kathryn PugsJey receiving
the trophy for high and Kate
Robertson receiving the low score
prize. Dancing was enjoyed in the
late evening.
The guests included Gertrude
Price, Lujane Glenn, Pearl Good
man. Marian Barg. Kathryn Jug
sley. Helen Worley, Milderd Shaf
er, Mary Elizabeth Phillips. Florence
Kellog, Lois Yost, Frances Orlm
sell, Mary Thomas. Kathryn Reese.
Kate Robertson and Barbara Bar
• • •
Noteworthy among the interest
ing events of the week was the
afternoon bridge honoring Mrs.
Charles Green of Houston which
was given Thursday of last week
by Mrs. N. D. Monger and Mrs. W.
F. Heath at the latter's home in
the country.
Yellow cosmos were lavishly dis
played about the rooms in bowls
and vases and ba.iked in the fire
place with charming effect. Score
pads and tally cards were imprint
ed in black and yellow design re
presentative of Hallowe’en season.
Eleven tables of players were group
ed in the attractive setting.
Lovely oil paintings and a water
color sketch, by Mrs. Heath -
were awarded as prize at the close
of playing. Mrs. Green, as guest
of honor, received a large blue
bonnet scene in oil. The high score
trophy, also a bluebonnet scene,
went to Mrs. Bennet Jones while
Mrs. John Prentiss received an oil
painting for cut prize. The interest
ing water color was presented to
Miss Helen Lee Brooks as a Con
solation gift for new score. Hold
ers of low score at each table re
ceived the lovely pumpkin center
pieces filled with bouquets of cos- j
mos. •
The delicious luncheon following
the games gave pretty emphasis
, of the golden hues favored through- |
out the affair.
• • •
Wednesday afternoon the Aloha
Delphian Society met at the home
economics building for the regular
study course. After a short busi
ness session, Mrs. N. Craig, pre
sident. read a letter from Mrs.
E. Owen Scott of Rio Grande City :
reminding the club of the Rio i
Grande Valley Federation of Wo
men’s Clubs at Lyford, December
It was also aonaauced that the
Valley assembly of Delphians will
be held November 8th at the Stone
wall Jackson Hotel when a lunch
eon wlli be arranged. Attention of
members was called to articles pub
lished in recent periodicals, point
ing to the progress made ty Del
phian Chapters in the last 20 years.
At the Wednesday meeting the
studv of art was continued with
Mrs. Craig giving the resume and
conducting the program. A general
survey of Masaccios life and work
* • f
You Made
Most Of It ?
Representing tie Eminent Beauty Scientist
Her visit has proved the means of bringing beauty to
the countless women who have consulted her.
you may receive the scientific solution of the problems
of regaining youthful contour, of restoring the fine
textured beauty of a skin that has been coarsened by
time or exposure. This knowledge you will cherish for
your home beauty treatment, long after this beauty ex
pert has left the city.
Hotel El Jardin
Phone 986
— —— - 1 «■' I II wiK ■■bl im II.filial
Living with His Mother '
Winifred Black’s Topic Today
_ ■■ —«——■————— — —- _ .
Famous Writer Tells of a Pretty Young Wife Who/
in Mother-in-Law’s Estimation, Doesn’t Quite
Come Up to the Standard SON Deserves,
NOW, now, Mrs. H. . . .— Benvenuto Cellini Isn’t the same per
son as Benito Mussolini. Maybe he belongs to the same
lodge and ha^ the same grip and password, or will have when
they both get into the same world together, after being separated
lor a lew hundred years—but they’re not even
brothers or cousins. They aren’t, really and
truly, they aren’t.
And you disgradid yourself when you
mixed 'em up, didn’t you?
And your mother-in-law, was she shocked
at your mistake or was she rather pleased do
you suppose?
Poor little Mrs. H.-, she is pretty and
she is young and she is affectionate, and she
thought the world of her young husband, but
when he took her to live with his mother, it
was just too bad.
Mother-in-law says, that daughter-in-law
has a pronunciation and a vocabulary worse
than those of a radio announcer.
As if that wasn’t bad enough, mother-in
umjtrDrnWLtf’K law prayed aloud, and when she prayed, she
WINIFRCDSIA^ ..praycd at’* daughter-in-law, and asked the
Lord to deliver her son from the snares and machinations of evil,
and by these snares and machinations mother-in-law meant daughter
in-law, and made no bones about it.
Now, ladies and gentlemen, Jet us all unite in singing that well
known song: t “ ““
“Tell me the old, old story.”
We all love to read the
pretty tale of the king who
stepped down from his throne
ana married the beggar maid
and took her to live in his
golden palace with him, and sit
beside him on his golden throne.
But, oh—I would love to hear
the beggar maid’s side of the
story, wouldn’t you?
i wonaer u sne didn t ever
trip over her royal robes some
times, and how ever did she
learn to carry a scepter so that
it wouldn’t remind l.er of a
broomstick or a feather duster?
And the ladles of the court—
did they laugh at the poor beg
gar maid?—very secretly, of
course, but not too secretly for
the beggar maid to know it.
And did she sometimes wish she
could run away from the palace
and be with the people who
spoke and ate the things she
liked, and either used a fork,
•r a knife, or their fingers, just
ss they felt inclined?
The King—how did he feel
about it all, when he had grown
quite used to the beggar maid’s
big blue eyes and shining golden
hair? And when the blue eyes
had lost their lustre, and the
yellow hair began to fade, did
the King wish the Queen would
use a little better grammar when
she was excited? —and did he
sometimes feel it in his heart to
wonder how he came to overlook
the terrible way the pronounced
some of her words?
Oh, yes, it’s been done. Kings
have married beggar maids and
made them very happy, no
doubt, but after all, beggar
maids have rather a different
viewpoint from kings, haven’t
they?—or they ought to have.
And viewpoints do make a
difference—especially when the
eyes and beauty begin to fade.
I know a clever woman whVs
married to rather a dull man,
•he was awfully in love with him
when she married him.
I saw them at a dinner to
gether the other night, and there
was something in the wife’s ex
pression when her husband be
gan to yawn at the wTong mo
ment, that made me wonder
which of the brilliant young
lawyers at the table she would
choose for her attorney when
she sued for a divorce.
And when there’s a mother-in
law in the bargain, too—well,
well, or as our dear cousins,
the so delightful French, are
fond of saying, oo-oo-la-la!
OtPTTlCht. l»2S. Nmpvu rithui StrTlc*. Imt
was interestingly discuseed by Mrs.
C. E. Hudson.
In the study of the pictures. Mrs.
C. R. Edwards spoke of the expul
sion from Eden. The Tribute Mon
ey and The Head of Christ as re
presenting vividly the ability of
Mrs. M. A. Thompson described
The Coronation by Fra Lippo Lip
pi. The Madonna and the Child,
she said, very truly depict the
Florentine middle class from which
he selected his subjects.
During the business session Mrs.
J. L. Schmidt was welccened as a
new club member.
• • •
After spending two weeks vaca
tion in Dallas Mrs. Lily Slayton
has returned and has resumed her
duties at the Blue Bonnet Salon.
Mrs. L. M. Valdestero. Mrs. E.
J. Blount and Mrs. James A.
Baumgartener and daughter re
turned houe Monday after a week’s
stay in San Benito.
The marriage ceremony, beautiful
in every detail, of Dr. Lola Marie
Beller and Dr. A. G. Anderson, was
performed at the home of the
groom's parents, at Harlingen, just
at sunrise on Sunday morning, with
Reverend Nathaniel Scheffer. Pas
tor of the Grace Lutheran Church
reading the vows.
In the room where the wedding
took place shaded lights and a pro
fusion of huge chrysanthemums
created a bower of loveliness.
The bride wore an exquisite gown
of satin, carrying Valley lilies. Miss
Emily Anderson, sister of the groom,
was bridesmaid, and Miss Martha
Anderson, another sister, was maid
of-honor. Their flowers were yel
low chysanthemums.
The attendants to the groom
were Mr. Victor Bellar. brother of
the bride and Mr. Ossian Anderson,
brother of the groom.
Immediately after the wedding
the bridal party went to the Hotel
Reese-Wil-Mond where they were
served a wedding breakfast, at
tables beautifully decorated in keep
in* with the occasion.
The bride Is the daughter of Dr.
and Mrs. Simon Beller of Weslaco
and the groom is a son of Mr. and
Mrs. Oeorgp Anderson of this city.
They left Sunday afternoon on a
honeymoon trip bv automobile which
will take them to manv points of
Interest, after which they will be at
home at Harlingen.
Miss Verna Pearce, a bride elect
of the month was complimented
with a surprise shower on Monday
evening given bv Mrs. E. E Fulg
ham. The manv beautiful gifts for
the prospective bride were assembl
ed on the table In the elaborately
decorated dining room, where a
color scheme of oink and green had
been cleverly planned In the de
' tails of the flowers, roses and cor
ona with fern, and the graceful
taiiers used to shed a soft glow over
this charming scene.
Bridge was the diversion of the
evening, three tables having been
arranged for the game. Misses
Dorothy Truex and Grace Hart in
were the successful acrers.
A tempting refreshment course
was served the guests at the close
o ft he games. Those enjoying the
hospitality were: Misses Dorothy
Truex. Thelma Pearce. Kathleen
Dubbis. Lois Reynolds. Grace Hart
in. Mabel and Elsie Wiglngton. of
Brownsville. Svbil Hartin. Pat Rey
nolds. Julia Thomson. Mesdames:
Joe Chaudoin. H E. Butt, Liston
Smith, of Brownsville. H. F Looney.
Ocie Fristoc and A. M. Hassel of
The Tuesday Night Bridge club
met with Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Jack
son as host and hostess at the Jack
son home. An unusual color note
was expressed in the arrangement
of white chrysanthemums and
marigolds and carried out in the
table appointments and the wrap
pings of the prizes.
At the conclusion of the even
ing's games Mrs. H. H. Schander
was awarded a gift for high and
Mrs. K T. Daeue low for the women.
Among the men Mr. H H Schran
der was successful and Mr. A. V.
Brown held low score. High and
low score nrizes for the guests went
to Mtss Elizabeth Wodehouse and
Mrs. W. W. Galloway.
A tempting refreshment course
was served the members and the
five guests: Mr. and Mrs. W. W.
Galloway, Mr and Mrs. W. C Mc
Clintoek and Miss Elizabeth Wode
i house.
P. H. Levy, accompanied by W.
J. Granger, arrived in the Valley
from Houston to spend a few days.
Captain L. W. Monk, of the Sal
vation Army, left Tuesday to at
tend a Council Meeting for Salva
tion Armv officers to be held at
New Orleans.
Mrs. F. S Moore entertained
Wedensday afternoon In honor of
her sistcr-in-law, Mrs. Bruce Stll
Ham of Tillisco. Iowa, who is her
house guest.
Bridge was the diversion and
I following a series of games Mrs.
■ A. L. Hart was presented a beauti
ful picture for success. Mrs. J. E.
Blythe received *he low score prize,
and Mrs. Stillams was also the
recipient of a pretty gift.
Guests fdr tne afternoon Includ
ed Mesdames Stillians, E. A. Mc
Daniel, Stephen Jones. Henry Grif
fin. J. E. Leslie. Harry and Jack
Young, J. E. Blvthe, Leo Ttber
gheim. H. V. Dismukes, Oeorge
Gaddy. Whit i gers, A. L. Hart.

W. H. Duncan. N. E. Bcuocher,
Kirk Mallory. Niles Esrey, N. V.
Sidener, M. L. Kreedier. Frank
Elliot, Earl Suttle, E. D. Kennedy,
M. R. Nelson and C. C. McDaniel.
• • '
The Delta Bridge Club met this
week with Mrs. John Beckenhoidt
Jr. as hostess. A delightful meet
ing was enjoyed by the members
and visitors.
Mrs. Horalson received the high
socre prize and Mrs. B. D. Kim
brough the low. Mrs. Gibson was
presented the guest souvenir.
• • •
Mary Alice McDaniel was given
a surp-^o Hallowe en party Wed
nesday evening at Tepehaje Club
house by her mother, Mrs C. C.
McDaniel. The guests came costum
ed and various means of entertain
ment were provided.
In a treasure hunt, Willie Allen
succeeded in finding the treasure,
a box of candy. Several other
awards were given in contests,
these going t Nina Glasscock.
Duane Perkins and Jack Ross.
Halloween favors were distribut
ed, and fortunes were told by an
old witch. Refreshments were serv
ed to 36 guests.
The hostess was assisted during
the evening by Mrs. Henry J. Grif
• • •
The Sharyland Home Demon
stration club met Thursday at the
home of Mrs. O. S. Davidson with
18 members and eight visitors pre
' sent.
Contest prizes on “making : 'me
thing for nothing,” were awarded
Mesdames Oscar Parks. I. G. Bush
ey, Galen Bushey. Ben Oschner
and Chamberlain. The contest was
under the direction of Mrs. Etta
Ringgold, county home demonstra
tion agent. Discussion of the Mis
sion Fair booth was taken up.
• • •
The Womens Benefit associa
tion entertained Thursday after
noon at the Odd Fellows hall with
a benefit bridge party.
Hallowe'en decorations were used,
giving a festive air to the large
hall where tables were arranged
for the games of bridge and “42’.’
At the conclusion of the games
Mrs. H. F. Schiffbauer was pre
sented a beautiful hand embroider
ed luncheon set for holding high
acore. Mrs. W. S. Goldberg von the
cut prize and Mrs. A. C. Taylor
received the gift for low. Mrs. R.
H. Watkins received the prize In
the games of ’’42.”
There were 44 present.
<y[tL Pay
Breakfast .
Stewed Prunes, Chilled
Cornmeal Cereal and Milk
Poached Egg* Toast
Tuna a la King on Toast
Bread Currant Jelly
Caramel Bars Tea
Baked Fish Escalloped Potatoes
Bread Butter
m Head Lettuce
and Chow Chow Dressing
Chocolate Cottage Pudding
Hard Sauce Coffee
Tuna a la King, Serving Four
(Other fish or leftover meat may
be substituted for the tuna)
2-3 cup tuna, 4 tablespoons but
ter. 4 tablespoons flour 2. cups milk,
1-2 teaspoon salt, 1-4 teaspoon pa
prika. 2 tablespoons chopped pi
mlentos. 1 egg. well beaten.
Melt the butter and add the flour.
Blend and add the milk, salt and
paprika. Cook until a creamy
sauce forms. Add the tuna
and pimientos and cook for 2 min
utes. Add the egg. mix well and
cook for 1 minute. Serve at once.
Caramel Bars
(A chewy, waxy confection)
1-4 cup fat. 1 cup dark brown
sugar, 2 eggs, 1 teaspoon vanilla,
1-4 teaspoon salt, 1 cup flour, 1-2
cup nuts. 2-3 cup chopped dates.
Cream the fat and sugar Add
I the rest of the Ingredients and pour
into a shallow pan which has been
fitted with waxed paper. Bake for
25 minutes In a moderate oven.
While warm cut into bars 1 inch
wide and 2 inches long. Roll in
powdered sugar and store in a
I cookie Jar. These bars will retail,
their freshness for some time.
Chow-Chow Dressing
<Serving four)
1-3 cup French dressing. 1 table
spoon celery seed. 2 tablespoons
chopped chow-chow.
Mix the Ingredient* Beat fot
2 minutes. Serve on lettuce. All
ingredients should be chilled be
fore they are combined.
The L. M. Gilbert family moved
to Rangervllle
Mrs. H. C. Vlncen* was a McAllen
shooper Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Harpster
of Raymondville visited with Mr.
and Mrs. B. O. Harpster a few
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Tucker. Mrs
R. N. Hargrave and daughter Tom
mie Lou. Mrs. Turner and E. G.
Villero were Harlingen shoppers
Mrs. B. A. Harpster. Mrs. H. C.
Harvey. Mrs. Bertha Lawrence went
with Mrs. Floyd Walton to Har
lingen Thursday to attend a Bap
tist Workers meetings.
Mrs. Ella Thompson of Kansas
City. Mo. arrived Sundav to visit
her sister Mrs. H. T. Kaiser.
Mr. and Mrs R. H. Hargrave.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Tucker attended
a Hallowe’en party.
■ib t - m
your children test this de
licious blending of crunchy
flakes of whole durum
wheat with selected Cali
fornia raisins. When they
vote it ‘The best of all”
cereals, try it yourself. 15c
at your grocer's.
your guide Co pure cane
Sugar of highest quality!
Buy IMPERlALrMARKED PacJuget—Convcoicat Size.
what you save
r a
Shop from l.G*A. open shelves »«v< know
what you save. Everything it plainly
priced and within easy reach. Shop and
save this easy I.G.A. way—every day*
Special for Saturday
Shredded Wheat
s 10c
Preserves s-™ 27c
Blackberries - 2^ 29c
Brooms is-r 76c
Corn 2- 25c
Comet Rice 2-^ 19c
SOUP XT' 3 ■■■" 24c
Old Dutch Cleanser” 7c
w _
OWNED 11 lTHi and BLUB

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