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^uck-Yellow Jacket
Gate In Waco Will
Be Split 50-50
AUSTIN, Dec. 16.—(A*)—The play
off between Breckenridge and Port
Arthur high schools for the state
football championships will be held
Saturday' in the Cotton Palace sta
dium at Waco, after officials of the
schools and Roy B. Henderson, ath
letic director of the Interscholastic
League, had been in conference two
hours today.
The only olher point decided
was that the gate receipts should
be split 50-50.
Breckenridge was represented by
N. S. Holland, superintendent, and
P. E. Shotwell, coach, and Port Ar
thur by G. M. Sims, superintendent,
and Tom Dennis, coach.
Controversy Looms
On Senate’s Steps
What to do next was today’s prob
lem in the senate. It was a question
that in itself held promise of as
much controversy as some of the
legislative projects awaiting consid
Some democratic leaders and
spokesmen for the independent
republican group were insistent that
the senate return to the tariff bill.
Chairman Smoot of the finance
committee wanted the House bill
to ratify the French war debt set
tlement taken up next. In addition,
the Dill bill to continue the admin
istrative power of the Federal
Radio commission had to be dis
ried of before the end of the week,
it was to be effective.
Meanwhile, leaders of the House
sought unanimous consent for con
sideration of legislation of the same
purpose as the Dill measure and of
the $330,000,000 public buildings
bill. Under House rules, the objec- J
tion of a single member had the j
effect of postponing consideration
of either.
24 Pint# of Mescal
Carried By One Man
Imbibers who cannot keep one
hip flask concealed will probably
turn green with envy when they
read this.
Customs officers pounced upon a
man in the Ramirenia section Sat
W*nrday evening who had 24 pints of
w mescal variously distributed over
his person. He had sixteen bottles
above the waist line and the remain
der below—not under—his belt.
He might have gotten by at that,
except for the fact that he was busy
counting his bottles when the officer
arrived on the scene.
He hastily placed a cardboard over
the bottles and was squatting on
it hen-fashion when the seizure was
Charges will probably be made
Monday, officers state.
Sen. Heflin Pictures
Gloomy Christmas
A gloomy Christmas for many chil
dren of the South was predicted
today by Senator Heflin, democrat,
Alabama, at a hearing of a Senate
Agriculture sub-committee investi
gating causes of a depressed market
for cotton.
Addressing W. L. Clayton of An
derson, Clayton and Company.
Houston, cotton merchant who was
testifying, the Alabama senator said
there were hundreds «nd thousands
of farmers in the South who were
not only unhappy, but who were
In distress because of the ?ow and
unproiftable price of sotton.
Bill Asks Authority
For Red River Bridges
Bills providing authority for Texas
and Oklahoma to construct two
free highway bridges across Red
river have been introduced in the
One bridge would be located Just
wrest of the railroad bridge between
Denison and Durant. Okla.. and the
other about six miles north of
The bils were Introduced Satur
day by Representative Cartwright,
democrat, Oklahoma.
Life Term Asked For
Man Sentenced To Die
DALLAS, Dec. 16—i.-P)—Bearing a
petition signed by approximately
3,000 Dallas citizens, Eddie Roark,
attorney for Bennie Aldridge, con
demned to die after midnight next
Thursday, was in Austin today to
request Gov. Dan Moody to com
mute the sentence to life imprison
deputy U. S. Marshal P. E. Sef
fel of Mission and two guards left
Brownsville Sunday evening with
five prisoners for Atlanta. Ga., pen
(ttenttarv. Three of the convicts
were being sent up for the wound
ing of A. C. Graff, federal prohi
bition agent.
Monday evening. Deputy U. 8.
Marshal H. R. Jefferds will leave
for Leavenworth with 13 prisoners,
accompanied by four guards. The
major portion of the men were con
victed on liquor charges.
The men to accompany Jefferds
are Ralph Tucker. John Castleberry.
La Feria constable; R. G. Delaney,
deputy sheriff; and E. Cavazos, Jr.,
deputy sheriff.
Pola Negri, film ctar, who is re
ported reconciled with her hus
band, Prince Serge Mdivani.
Motion Picture Star Goes
To Country Home With
Royal Husband
PARIS. Dec. 16—<>P)—The Paris
edition of the Chicago Tribune to
day said that Pola Negri, motion
picture star, and Prince Serge
Mdirani, whom she married three
years ago. had become reconciled
and would leave together in Janu
ary for America. They were on the
verge of divorce.
It happened, the paper said. In
the chambers of the judge of a
French court. The judge summon
ed the two before him for the for
mal attempt at reconciliation which
is required under French divorce
procedure. The unusual happened
and the move Intended as a formal
ity actually worked.
The two went to their country
house. They will go later to St.
Maritz, before leaving for America.
CHICAGO. Dec. 16—\JFh~ Mary
McCormic today expressed herself
as not at all piqued to learn Prince
Serge Mdivanl and Pola Negri, his
wife, had affected a reconciliation
in Paris and had started on a se
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High School Football
Star Is Wounded
(Special to The Herald.)
EDINBURG. Dec. 16— Diarmuid
Nichelson, 16-year-old Weslaco high
school football star. Is In a much
improved condition in the Medical
Arts hospital here folowing an op
eration Saturday evening as the re
sult of wounds received in a hunt
ing acident nine miles west of Fal
The wounds were caused by the
accidental discharge of a gun In the
youth's stomach as he was attempt
ing to club a wounded quail with
the butt end of .22 calibre rifle.
He was taken to Falfurrias for
first aid treatment and was then
rushed to the hospital here for an
In company with Nichelson on
the hunt were I. E. Martin. Weslaco
football coach; Fred Turner and Y.
M. Pineda. They had camped Fri
day night in order to hunt deer
early Saturday morning, and meet
ing with no success, had gone to
hunt quail when the accident occur- ■
I red- _____
Corsicana Almost
Marooned By Rain
CORSICANA. Dec. 10.—(A1'
Rainfall of 3.10 Inches during the
past 24 hours left Corsicana prac
tically marooned by mud and high
water today. All creeks were rising
rapidly, and Chambers creek, north
of here, was almost over a railroad
Storm sewers and other drainage
structures were unable to carry
away the heavy load yesterday and
last night, and many sections of the
city were flooded for a time after
the rains. All roads were practical
ly impassable.
Waco Senator May Be
In Lieut. Gov. Race
(Special to The Herald.^
AUSTIN. Dec. 16.—Senator Edgar
Witt of Waco became a definite
factor in the lieutenant governor’s
race of next year when he this week
end disclosed he will decide about
the race after the January special
Indications were that he will have
a fully-matured campaign ready
to unfurl after the session.
Six Cardinals Created
Foreign Red Caps In Majority For First Time
Since Fourteenth Century
VATICAN CITY. Dec. 16.—WV-Six new cardinals were created by
Pope Pius XI today in a secret consistory. In his allocution read to the
College of Cardinals at the beginning of the ceremony of creation he
stressed the happy solution of the "Roman question."
He emphasized the latem pacts "recognized publicly the civil prince
ship of the Roman pontiff and safeguard our dignity and yours."
Three of the new cardinals are non-Italians and three Italians, bring
ing the sacred college to a strength of 63 out of a possible 70. After to
day’s ceremony the so-called “fore-*
ign Cardinals were in a majority,
their numbers being 33 against the
Italians’ 30. This is a disparity that
has not existed since the end of
the 14 century.
The Pope set forth the merits
and achievements of each of the
new cardinals. After each proposal
of a name, he paused and asked for
their elders’ approbation. The Car
dinals answered by lifting their
red caps in sign of assent.
The six thus elected where Arch
bishop Cerejeira of Lisbon, who has
the title of Patriarch, and the fol
lowing archbishops: Laviatrano of
Palermo, Sicily: Minoretti of Gen
oa; Macrory of Armagh, St. Pat
rick's original See in Ireland: Ver
dier, newly named to the See of
Paris, recently made vacant by the
death of Cardinal Dubois, and
Monsignor Eugenio Pacelli, Papal
Nuncio to Berlin.
Chinese Halt Train
Carrying Consuls
TOKYO. Dec. 16.—(VP)—Reports
that the international train carry
ing foreign consuls into northwest
ern Manchuria to investigate con
ditions on the Sino-Russian front
had been halted by Chinese mili
tary when it attempted to leave
Mientuho on the Chinese Eastern
railway were received here today
by Rengo, Janpanese news agency.
The consuls, representing Japan,
the United States. Great Britain.
Germany and France, vigorously
protested against detention of the
train, but the Chinese authorities
refused to permit it to proceed
Funeral Rites Held
For Edinburg Woman
(Special to The Herald)
EDINBURG. Dec. 16—Funeral ser
vices for Mrs. Waite* W. White.
Edinburg, were held here at 2:15 p.
m. Sunday, wlih the Rev. Z. V. Liles
officiating. Interment was in the
Hillcrest memorial Dark.
Mrs. White, who was 25 years of
age. died at the Medical Arts hospi
tal Tuesday morn mg.
Convicts Sent Up For
Wounding Agent
John W. Ratlan, carnival negro,
will go on trial In the county court
at law Monday afternoon charged
with slashing Will King, another
carnival negTO.
Ratlan made his escape after the
i altercation, but was later taken into
ctfstody by Deputy Constable W. W.
Miller as he lurked on the outskirts
of the carnival.
The fight took place in the stage
wings o! a darkle revue shortly be
fore the curtain was to go up..Rat
lan was a comedian in the revue.
Holdup Man Flees
Without Robbing
HOUSTON, Dec. 16—OF)—A hold
up man who shot and c
wounded J. H. Harris, 51. and then
fled without robbing the wounded
man was sought by police today.
Harris, who operates a refresh
ment stand, had Just put his car
into the garage at his home, he
told police, when the robber order
ed him to stand and deliver. Har
ris had $160 In his pocket, he said,
and rather than give it up, he re
sisted the robber. In the scuffle
the holdup man pulled a gun and
fired several shots. Harris was hit
twice. He will recover, hospital at
taches said.
District Court Opens
Eight-Week Term
The civil district court formally
opened here Monday morning for
an eight-week term with Judge A.
M. Kent on the bench. Well over
300 cases, most of them brought
over from the previous term, con
front the court.
Tuesday the docket will be called
for settings and orders.
The court recently completed a
term at Raymond villa.
r v,t if
Thrifty Cadets
Get Holiday
WEST POINT. N. Y., Dec. 18—
(JP)—Uncle Sam teaches his fu
! ture generals thrift by making
them save in order to go home
for Christmas. Those who have
been unable to save $7.50 for each
day of Yuletlde leave out of their
$730 yearly allowance must stay
at the Point.
Dredging of Resaca and
Street Opening Will
Make Beauty Spot
With dredging of the city resaca
practically completed, and the op
ening of Ringgold street from the
entrance of the park at Fifth
through to Palm Boulevard well
underway, plans which will make
the municipal park near Los Eban
os one of the prized beauty spots
of Brownsville are steadily going
Opening of Ringgold through the
park to Palm Boulevard gives a
thoroughfare directly from the en
trance of the park to one of the
1-ading paved streets of the city,
and makes it much more accessible.
By this means, those wishing to
visit the park can drive out Palm
boulevard to Ringgold, cross the
resaca and enter from this point.
Grading on Ringgold is now In
progress, and a bridge is to be put
over the city resaca near the park
The resaca, which curves around
the park, has been dredged from
the Southern Pacific track to the
point of intersection with Ringgold,
increasing the width to 100 to 120
feet, and the depth to 5 feet. Earth
removed from the resaca has been
dumped along the water edge next
to the park.
Plans are at some time In the
future to make a drive along the
water’s edge on the bank thus
A concrete lined wadin* ; ool has
recently been completed at the
park, a gift to the city from the
Rotary club. This pool Is to be of
ficially presented and dedicated
some time during the holidays, this
season being particularly appro
priate, as the pool was constructed
in place of the Christmas tree
usually given by the Rotarians for
children of the city.
The municipal park was acquir
ed by the city during the term of
Buyt E. Hinkley as park commis
sioner, and beautification work has
been done under his direction.
LAREDO. Dec. 16.—Official
intervention by the Uniter States
government has assured Plutarco
Ellas Calles. former president of
Mexico, Immunity from arrest on a
charge of conspiracy to murder
when he passes through Laredo to
morrow or Wednesday.
This was certain today after a
week of uncertainty during which
District Attorney John A. Vails was
undecided whether he should serve
the warrant for Calles’ arrest with
out regard to the diplomatic status
of the visitor.
Stlmson Wires
Uncertainty prevailed until a late
hour yesterday when last minute
preparations to arrest Calles be
tween San Antonio and Laredo
were countermanded as Vails re
ceived definite and specific infor
matloa in a telegram signed by
; Secretary of State Henry L. Stlm
] son.
The secretary expressed his dis
belief that any officer would be
willing to take action which would
militate against the diplomatic
status of the distinguished visitor,
and asserted the government would
take whatever steps were necessary
to protect Calles.
Officers Picked
Vails had instructed the sherifi
to send picked officers to intercept
Calles’ train at a point between
San Antonio and Laredo, and bring
him here by automobile to stand
trial for conspiracy in the murdei
of General Lucio Blanco, whose
body, handcuffed to that of anothei
Mexican officer, was found in th«
Rio Grande river July 7, 1922,
Forced to abandon his planned
arrest. Vails made it clear his re
cession was only temporary. An
other day. he said, might bring an
other result, and he warned not
only Calles. but other high official!
of Mexico who. he said, are wanted
in Webb county, to avail them
selves of diplomatic immunity when
traveling in Texas.
Others Wanted
In addition to Calles. he said
Webb county wants J. M. Pulg
Causeranc, governor of the federal
district *of Mexico, former secre
tary of education and prospective
member of the Ortiz Rubio cabinet.
Causeranc. he said, was once ar
rested in Cameron county on a ca
pias from Webb and forfeited giis
$500 bond when he failed to appear
for trial.
Another “member of the present
cabinet," whose name he refused to
disclose, is also "wanted" in Webb
county, the district attorney as
Vails made public today his re
ply to secretary SUmson, which he
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Eighteen Are Not On
Criminal Docket
For Present
Of the 28 men charged with
various offenses when the criminal
docket was called in the Cameron
county court at law Monday morn
ing, ten will face trial Monday af
ternoon and Tuesday. The remain
der of the cases were either con
tinued, dismissed, or demanded to
Justice of the p.-ce courts.
Matlas Ortega and Alfredo Leal,
charged with aggravated assault, I
were to be tried 2 p. m. Monday.!
John W. Rattan will face a similar
charge the same afternoon. Rattan
is alleged to have cut another car
nival negro last week.
Guadalupe Estrada, Jesus Mar
tinez, Baldomero Martinez, Juan
Enriquez and Edward Valente will
be given hearings on charges of ag
gravated assault Tuesday. Jose An
gel Leal and Epifanio Perez will
face the Judge the same day. They
r* charged of carrying pistols il
Spanish Methodist
Church Dedicated
Members of the congregation and
visitors packed the auditorium of
the new Methodist church for
Spanish-speaking people at the
special dedication service Sunday
evening. The Rev. F. 8. Onderdonk,
of San Antonio, preached the ser
Special music was given by the
choir and a quartet composed of
the Rev. de la Garza, Benjamin
Trevino, Miss Carlota Villareal and
Miss Belen Gutierrez sang. D. L.
Parker and Miss S. Martinez ren- j
dered a duet. The church was bank-!
ed with floral offerings.
Services are to continue through
out the week. The Rev. Rodolfo
Jones of the Presbyterian church of
Mercedes will speak Monday eve
ning. while the American Method
ist choir is to render special music.
The Epworth league from this!
church will visit the new church in I
a body.
McCloskey Election
Probed Third Time
SAN ANTONIO, Dec. 16.—(A*)—A
federal grand Jury today began an
investigation into the 1928 congres
sional election in this district in
which Augustus J. McCloskey,
democrat, apparently defeated Har
ry M. Wurzbach, republican, but
became involved in a bitter fight
for his seat.
The investigation w.\ the third
a congressional committee having
previously held a hearing and a
district court of inquiry and a
grand jury also having studied
Wurzbach's charges that election
returns were altered and votes
were illegally canvassed by the
county commissioners.
Sen. Reed Summoned
On Contempt Count
(jP)—Former Senator James A. Reed
: of Missouri was summoned to ap
i pear today with six of his legal as
sociates in the courtroom of district
Judge W. H. McCamish to answer
a citation for contempt of court.
The seven barristers were cited
by Judge McCamish after they had
obtained a federal court restraining
order against receivers appointed by
Judge McCamish for the Federal
Reserve Life Insurance company.
The court of Judge McCamish Is a
state court, and he argued a fed
eral district court could not as
sume Jurisdiction after the state
had acted In a case.
Peace Disturbers
Feel Lash of Law
Two disturbers of the peace felt
the lash of the law as applied by
by Justice of the Peace B. L. Cain
to the extent of $14.30 each Mon
day morning. Another, charged
with fighting, was fined $18.30.
The three were alleged to have
participated in an altercation ot
the carnival.
The arrests were made by con
stable John Martin and Deputy W.
W. Miller.
SYDNEY. N. S. W.. Dec. 18—<>ip)—
One miner was killed, and 54 were
wounded, nine seriously, today In
rioting and fighting with police
guards at Rothbury mine. Six pol
icemen were injured.
Four hundred miners. Idle through
closing of the shaft, attacked the
guards and attempted to rush pre
mises. Police were stoned and retal
iated with their revolvers. A Mr.
Badeley. member of Parliament,
tried to pacify the rioters, but was
struck with a stone and wounded.
Later a special train with police
and volunteers arrived on the scene
but there was no further demon
stration. The miners for the most
part withdrew to Greta.
| *
Happy Princess
I Is Magnanimous ^
BRUSSELS. Dec. l«—(jv-Prin
cess Marie Jose. will marrv
Crown Prinoe Humbert of Italy
and live In Turin, will make a
farewell gift of 50.000 francs to
the poor of this city.
Plane Roaring from Seville
On Long Hop to Uruguay
Speed of 100 Miles an Hour Will Put Fliers in
Montevideo Sometime Tuesday
Afternoon, Without Mishap
SEVILLE, Spain, Dec. 18.—(Jp)—Two aviators today headed southwest
across the Atlantic on a Journey of 6,000 miles from Tableda Airdrome
here to Montevideo, capital of Urguay, South America.
Major Tadeo Larre-Borges. Urguayan, and Lieutenant Challes, French,
left here in their French Breguet plane at 12:40 p. m., Sunday (7:40 A.
M. E. s. T.)
They radioed shortly after midnight, Greenwich time, they expected
to strike out for the Cape Verde Islands and the open sea after pasting
Assorted Press Pi.
Marten Ford of Fort Sm::u. Ark.,
was chosen by the students of the
University of Arkansas as the most
representative co-ed and given the
title of “Miss Arkansas.”
Defense Attorneys Say
Boy Is From State
MOUNTAIN VIEW, Ark.. Dec. 18
(AV-Attorneys lor live men who
laced trial here today on charges
ol murdering Connie Franklin, larm
hand, announced today a youth who
claims he is Franklin has admitted
he Is M. Franklin, former inmate
of the State hospital for nervous
Defense counsel Indicated they
expected this to be an important
factor during the trial.
They announced also his mother
had been found near Clarendon.
Ark. The woman, Mrs. Lily Baker,
was said to be on her way here with
the sheriff ol Monroe county.
Daughter Bom
WESLACO, Dec. 18— Mr.
and Mrs. W. E. Waite anno
unce the arrival of a eleven and
one-hall pound daughter, Saturday
noon, December 14. The baby has
been named Betsie Anne; mother
and baby are doing nicely.
• cape Blanco, furthermost extremity
of the African Coast, probably
about 1:30 a. m., today, heading for
Pernambuco. Brazil.
Passing over Cape Juby, Rio De
Oro. shortly before that the filers
radioed their trip thus far had
been without Incident and under
favorable conditions. They sent
their greetings to the officials of
Rio De Oro, Spanish province.
Good Time Made
Rate of speed established by the
plane over the first part of its
Brazil, Dec. 16.—<AV- Major
! Borges and his companion sent
a wireless message this after
noon asking for the weather
conditions at Natal, where they
expect to reach land.
course was about 100 miles an hour.
Should it maintain that speed the
plane might be expected to reach
Montevideo sometime Tuesday af
ternoon, Montlvideo time.
The fliers’ course might be given
three subdivisions: First, down the
Spanish coast to Cape Blanco,
about 1.600 miles; second, across
the Atlantic to Pernambuco. Brazil,
about 3.000 miles; third and long
est. down the coast to the La Plata
Estuary and Montevideo, of about
2.400 miles.
Friends Are tresem
Friends assembled her® to witness
their take-off shortly after noma
yesterday. Many signed their names
on the wings of the plane, which
has a dual control and is equipped
with a 450-horsepower motor. The
French flag is painted on the rud
der and the Urguayan flag on the
fuselage. Their plane is white.
The fliers took about 1.400 gal
lons of gasoline and carried a ra
dio set with two antennae. Both
of them are skilled pilots.
Five successful expeditions have
preceded the two across the Atlan
tic on the Cape Verde Islands route.
Several have failed. The last to
make the flight were Captain Ar
turo Ferrarln and Major B. Del
Prete, In July. 1928. when they set
their new world’s flight distance
record, recently broken by Captain
Dieudonne Coste. Frenchman.
The flight represents Major
Larre-Borges’ second attempt to fly
to South America from Europe.
Big Ship Launched
H0WDEN. Eng. Dec. K^-GSV
The new British airship R-1Q0
which, with its sister ship, the
R-101, is the largest aircraft in the
world, was launched successfully to
day. It maneuvered around the dis
trict for half an hour, watched by
a small group. _
Valley Aid Expected
Foreign Quarantine Division Will Guard
Against Mexican Plant Diseases
WASHINGTON. Dec. 16.—Additional safeguard* for South Texas
growers of fruits, vegetables and staple crops against possible Introduction
of pests and plant diseases from Mexico are expected to be established by
the foreign quarantine division of the Plant Quarantine and Control
Administration when appropriations carried in the new budget are made
The house appropriations committee recently reported favorably on
an item of $700,000 for the foreign quarantine division, an increase of
$150,000 over the appropriations xor*
the previous year. Following the re
port on the budget a supplemental
appropriation of $30,000 was approv
ed by the committee, giving the di
vision a total increase of $180,000
for the fiscal year, the major part
of which Is expected to be expended
on the Mexican border.
The increase was approved by the
committee after Congressman John
N. Garner filed a statement outlin
ing conditions on the Mexican bor
der and the necessity which existed
for adequate inspection to prevent
introduction of dangerous fruit and
plant pests and diseases. The Texas
congressman pointed out that there
were six ports of entry between
Brownsville and El Paso where no
Inspectors were stationed, due to
the lack of sufficient funds, and that
at practically all ports of ec*ry the
number of inspectors is inadequate
to handle the heavy traffic and as
sure efficient inspection.
Increase Expected
No definite announcement has
been made by the Plant Quarantine
and Control Administration rela
tive to its plans, but it is understood
that in addition to Increasing the
force of inspectors at practically all
points a new fumigation plant and
incinerator will be erected immedi
ately at Presidio and plants at Lare
do and other border points supplied
with necessary equipment to assure
high efficiency. Plana for these im
provements were completed by the
division several months ago, but lack
of funds prevented carrying them In
to effect.
The effort to secure adequate in
spection at all border points was
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Driver Surprised To See
Officers Find Hootch
-What! Liquor on my running
board? Don’t know a thing about it.’
It's an old gag, but they continue
to pull it at the bridge on American
customs officers. The last presenta
tion of this little tableaux was en
acted Sunday evening.
A car glided up to the customs of
fice and came to a stop. The offi
cers were flashed an over-friendly
smile. Straight away they walked
around to the opposite side of the
automobile. There they lay. Two bot
tles of hootch.
’’Somebody most have put them
there on the other side of the river
I don’t know a thing about It,” the
driver protested.
The officers smiled, took the hoot
ch and the drivers name, and the
car drove off.
Mexican Army To Be
Reduced By Third
ST LOUIS. De*\ 18—(/P)—Th<
Mexican army is to be reduced b;
one third. General Athuro Bernal
chief of staff of the Mexican Wai
Department and a member of ;
party escorting former President
Calles of Mexico back to Mexici
City, announced here yesterdaj
during a brief stopover.
Former President Calles refuse*
to be Interviewed.
Victim Is Believed
Witness To Old
A new Investigation Into the death
of Mrs. Aurelia Fisher Dreyfus,
killed In a fall from a porch at
the Potomac Boat dub, may even
tually cross with the mysterious
murder of Dot King, Broadway
dancer, some years ago.
District Attorney Rover, who Is
directing the Inquiry into Mrs.
Dreyfus’ death, said today he had
heard Mrs. Dreyfus was a witness
whose testimony helped in freeing
Albert E. Gumiares, night club hab
itue held for questioning in regard
to the dancer’s murder.
Mrs. Dreyfus was the divorced
wife of Herbert Dreyfus, promi
nent New York broker, and Ed
mund McBrian, also a New Yoric
broker and named as a co-respond
ent tn Dreyfus’ suit for divorce, was
with her on the night she was
killed at the boat club.
NEW YORK. Dec. 16.—</?V-The
slaying of Dot King, whose real
nome was Ann Keenan, artists'
model, six years ago remains one
of New York’s major murder mys
Miss King’s body was found in
her fashionable apartment March
15, 1923, an empty poison phial
near by. The apartment had been
Various theories were advanced
byc police and the district attor
ney’s office for the killing-that
she had been slain by Jewel thieves,
that she had been killed to hide
a secret marriage to a rich young
man and that she had been killed
because she refused to aid In a
blackmail plot against me of her
many wealthy admirers.
The latter theory was the most
generally accepted, but never prov
Edmund J. McBrlan. who waa
with Mrs. Dreyfus the night she
was killed In a fall, was questioned
In the King case because of his
friendship with Albert Oumlares,
who was held for some time In
connection with the killing. It was
said Mrs. Dreyfus aided In supply
mg an alibi for Oumlares, who was
discharged from court custody two
months after Dot King was killed.
Battle Linfts Drawn
In World Court Fight
Battle lines are being drawn for
the Impending senate fight over
adherence to the world court.
Although a year may elapse be
fore Hoover submits the revised
protocol, designed to meet objec
tions of the senate as expressed In
Its famouse fifth reservation, there
Is already much discussion of the
new plan, and the opposition, re
gardless of Its size numerically,
promises to be extremely determin
Chinese “Ironside”
Leader Is Suicide
NANKING. China. Dec. 18.—<#V—
Official dispatches from Canton to
day said that the noted General
Chang Pal-Wel. leader of the re
bellious "Ironsides" division, had
committed suicide December II af
ter falling to capture Canton from
the Nationalists.
Por BrownsviHa and tht VaDw:
Mostly cloudy and unsettled tonight
and Tuesday, probably with early
morning fogs; not much change in
temperature. Light variable winds
on the west coast.
Tor East Texas: Cloudy tonight
and Tuesday; occasional rains in
east portion. Light to moderate
southerly winds on the coast.
There will be a slight to moderate
rise in the river from Mission down
during the next 12 to 24 hours.
flood Present 24-Hr. 24-Hr.
Stas* Stage Chug. Rain
8unday, December 15th:
Eagle Pass 16 4.4 +1.4 41
Laredo .27 4.5 +5.2 10
Rio Grande ..21 4.4 +04 42
Mission .22 4.4 OO .19
San Benito ..23 94 +0.2 43
Brownsville ..18 3.8 +04 -22
Monday. December 16th:
Eagle Pass ..16 3.1 -14 00
Laredo .27 2.3 -24 .10
Rio Grande ..21 8.1 +3.7 .00
Mission .22 4.5 +0.1 .00
San Benito ..23 9.4 +04 .13
Brownsville ..18 4.0 *04 03
High and low tide at Point Isabel
tomorrow, under normal meterblo*
rieal conditions:
High . 5:23 p.m.
Low . 8:57 a. m.
Sunset today.5:41
Sunrise tomorrow .T-U
79hoppi rpr Days
to Christmas/

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