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SJp Hnmmsufile Herald
_ Establuhed July 4, 1892
Entered as eecand-clase matter In the Poetofflce
Brownsville, Texas.
oSabscriptum Ratea-DaHT and Sunday (7 Dane*)
Six Month.*.. .
itee. Month.*:.::;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;.££
One Month. .
The Associated Press Is exclusively entitled to the use
f<* P^>Ucation *»«*■ dispatches credited to It or
not otherwise credited In this paper, and also the
local news published herein.
Harlingen Office, Reeae-Wll-Mand Hotel. Phone 1020.
National Advertising Representative*
Dallas, Texas, 512 Mercantile Bank Building.
Kama* City, Mo., 308 Coca CoIa Building.
Chicago, HL, Association Building.
New York, 350 Madison Avenue.
, St. Louis, 502 Star Building.
Los Angeles, Cal., Room 1015 New Orpheum Bldg.,
846 S. Broadway.
San Francisco, Cal., 318 Kohl Building.
J Wealth of Warren
Wyoming is one of the “backward states” on the
list of Joseph R. Grundy, the lobby king of the
East, the money raiser of the republican party and
one of the aces of America. Francis E. Warren, for
many years a senator from Wyoming, died last month
in Washington. His estate la conservatively estimated
at $7,000,000. He owned an empire in Wyoming of
which his holdings In Cheyenne were the center. *
His ranch and land holdings extended west to Al
bany county, Wyoming, east into Nebraska, south into
Colorado and north Into the Montana line. Among
his holdings were $4,000,000 In United States Rubber
company preferred shares and $1,875,000 In stock of
the Standard Oil company of Indiana. Both were be
queathed to his widow.
I His successor, Patrick J. Sullivan. Is a ranch king.
A sheep king, a cattle king and an oil king. Sen.
Sullivan is a conservative. He Is a protectionist of an
ultra type but having seen a great light he has let it
be known that In the making of the new tariff meas
ure he will vote “a tariff for everything that needs
protection.” This Is going all the way and not half
1 the way.
Jonn b. Kendrick u tne democratic senator rrom
this “backward state” In the Grundy files. He Is a
native Texan. He is a man of millions. In his youth
‘ he was a range rider. He drove herds from Texas
to Wyoming. Montana and Idaho. He is a mem
bo: of the progressive republican-democratic senate
coalition. He is for the producers of the west and the
south and the country over for that matter.
He is the only democrat in the history of Wyoming
to land a seat in the American senate and to hold
It. He is serving hie third term.
Now Mrs. Nellie Tayloe Ross, a former governor
and a democrat, may make the race for the senate
next year. Wyoming was the first Amerfcan com
monwealth to grant the ballot to woman. This away
back in territorial days. It would be most fitting
for Wyoming to win the distinction of having elect
ed first woman to a seat in the upper house of the
American congress.
Foreign crude is on the free list and the late
Francis E. Warren, a protectionist In everything else,
believed it should be kept on the free list.
Another Merger
Details of the $15,000,000 merger of the Southwest
Dally Products company, with J. C. Penny, chain
store operator and southern agriculturist, chairman
of the board, have been made public.
E. T. Laubscher will be the vice president of the
combination in charge of its properties in South
' Texas.
It is said the new company will be the largest of its
kind in the United States south of the Mason and
Dixon line, with properties in virtually every south
ern state, and gross sales in excess of $15,000,000
It is announced, furthermore, that activities di
rected toward the actual operation of dairy farms
• will be educational “and will not In any way be
1 competitive with local dairy fanners.”
Is there a new civilisation? Go read the star*—
or the dally newspapers of American and the world
for that matter. j
(Copyright, 1036. by The Associated Neswpapsrs.)
("Any one In the United State* who wishes to
telephone a friend aboard the liner Levlathian need
only lift the phone and ask the operator to con
nect him with the liner at sea; thanks to a perfect
ing of the *hip-to-shore telephone."—News item.
“Number, please."
“I wish to talk to the Levlathian at set.'*
“What number, please?"
T say I wish to talk to the Levlathian at sea."
“The Lehigh A. C.?"
“Llssen—Levlathian—it’s a ship at tea"
“Viaduct slx-o-three, did you say?”
"Please central, get this right. It’* a ship—8 for
sea food—H for ham—I for Ignorant—and P for
potato. Understand?"
“You wanna restaurant?”
“No, I don't want a restaurant. Llssen. I'm try
ing to get the Levlathian—L for Loulslalan—E for
Emil—V for vanilla—I for Isaac—A for applesauce—
T for tickle."
“Fresh; I’U give you Information."
• • • •
“Hello. This Is Information."
“Information, I am trying to get the Levlathian
‘Tsnt he In the directory, sir?"
“No. and It Isn’t a he. It’s a boat"
"Abbott—yes. what are the Initials?"
“Not Abbott—Boat—you know—toot! toot!—All
aboard—B-O-A-T—Boat. Get it?"
"Oh, a vessel?”
“Yes, ma’am. It’s called the Levlathian. You
know—it runs between this country and Europe."
“I understand you now, sir. Hold the wire."
* * » •
“Hello. Is this the Leviathan?”
“Levi who?"
‘The Leviathan."
“There's nobody by that name here.”
“What name?"
“Levi Nathan."
“I didn’t say anything about Levi Nathan. Am I
connected with the big liner?”
"Who’s a big liar?”
“You misunderstand me, sir. Is this the steam
“No. If you want a cream ship call the ice cream
(Violent jiggling of the hook.)
“Am I connected with the steamship—”
“Steve who?"
“Aw, what’s the use?” *
- -......
Mexicans in Texas
Annual report of the federal immigration commis
sioner let it be kncrcvn that of the 479,327 immigrant
aliens admitted to the United States during the fis
cal year .ended June 30. a total of 24,930 signified
intention of making permanent homes in Texas. ,
This total of immigrant* entering Texas dur
ing the year was m decrease from the total of 35,446 1
the year before and the number of immigrant aliens
and non-immigrants leaving the state decreased from ,
5311 to 2252.
Almost the entire total of immigrant* to Texas
during the year was from Mexico which furnished
23,973. This total of Mexican immigration to Texas '
was more than half the total from that country to '
the United States. ‘
Thousands of Mexican* who gain admittance ,
through Texas port* are said to be shipped to the in- ,
dustrial centers of the North and Northwest where
they find employment as rail laborers and workers
in the beet sugar district.
—" i
Caught in the Sugar Net
A republican congressman from Maryland has been
indicted for alleged crooked practices and a close
friend of the president has been caught injthe drag- !
net of the senatorial investigators. Nothing crook- |
ed. but the aforesaid friend was retained as a lobbyist
for his alleged pull. Let it go at that.
Texas Oil and Gas Record
According to the record Text# completed 4717 oil
wells and 622 gassers in 11 months or up to Dec. 1.
And they are piping the gas to outside states. Why
should foreign crude remain on the free list?
THE OLD HOME TOWN - - - - - - Stanley |
60 TO *TH' *
, BUT BY ( )
\ <5oin' im.IJ
*v«» w TAMijy crnurmao- xm

■ . 1 1* . _
Aunt Bessie handed the Tribune
to Rosalie the next morning when
»he took a cup of coffee to the cell.
•‘Look here, dearie, that Mr. An
irews has been found alive”
Rosalie clutched the paper, and
ler hands trembled until she could
scarcely hold it.
Rowdy! Rowdy had found him!
rears of relief poured from Resa
le's eyes. Aunt Bessie looked at
ler in astonishment. Such relief
die had never seen. The old ma
;ron was so surprised she stood
(patching the girl.
The child must have been telling
the truth. Impossible as it had
iccmed, she was not afraid to have
loy Andrews come back and tell his
“You look happy, Rosalie," Aunt
Bessie smiled.
"Oh.” Rosalie gasped as she re\1
>n. ''they say here it Is almost im
possible for him to live. We must
prav—he must live—he must!”
She grew hysterical, then, and
Hunt Bessie sat down and put her
srm around her. ..
"We will pray, dearie. Well both
pray. Just calm yourself now. Doc
tors are often wrong. Besides, the
paper says he has a chance. That
means he will live. Them doctors
sre just afraid to be too sure.”
•*I knew he couldn t die—when I
love him so—I Just knew it," Rosa
lie said.
Aut Bessie wiped her own eyes.
‘‘Maybe love has kept him alive,
too. dearie. It's a miracle—love is.
I thought I couldn't live when I
last mv Bill. We'd only been mar
ried a year. Three months after
I lost my two-months-old babv and
I been working here in the Jail ever
since. I been going on. That’s what
you have to do. child. You pray
and keep on and everything will
come out all right. You'll see."
She was so soothing that Rosalie
felt almost happy for the first time
In weeks. After all, Roy was alive.
And Peter Clarke would spend all
his millions to make him well. He
would have the greatest specialists
in the country, and the best nurses.
If it were possible for human hands
to save him he would be saved.
Her knees grew weak when she
remembered if he did get well he
would have to be told all the things
that had happened to her— and
how she had stolen the stockings.
What she feared most of all was
to have him know that she had kept
silent after he had been kidnaped
in the plane.
What could she say that would
make Roy understand that she had
really meant to help him and save
his life?
Aunt Bessie patted her tired head,
and told her not to do any more
worrying until Mr. Andrews could
•‘I'll bring you the afternoon pa
pers," she ffered nindly," and every
time I hear anything about how
your boy friend is getting along 1 11
come in and let you know."
Rosalie smiled at her gratefully.
"You are the only one here who
has believed me. aren't you? You
do believe I’ve told the truth now."
"You can’t expect these men that
been dealin' with criminals all their
lives to be any different, dearie. They
don’t like to have a prisoner keep
anything back. If you’d told them
everything in the first place they'd
have treated you lots different. But.
I understand."
“I didn’t know.” Rosalie said, sor
rowfully. "I thought these dreadful
people had taken Roy away for
money and they might kill him.
Everybody I have ever known has
been good and kind. This is all so
new to me.”
"Someday.’' Aunt Bessie told her.i
“you'll forget all about this and he
happy. You Just wait and see.
When your boy gets well he'll take
you under his wing and take care
of you "
“Maybe—he won’t understand. He
may believe other people.”
“Not If he loves you. dear. Hell
forgive all your mistakes, and you’ll
see the silver lining to all your
clouds. If he doesn’t it isn’t love,
and you mustn’t worry about him.
You must marry someboefc’ who does
IIMI —...—.. .. ■■■■■.—PM ....... _\
" 111 1 ■ -------
December 18, 1929
Who am I? What record did I
recently set out to break? Who was
my partner?
What musical Instrument re
sembles a goose egg or sweet potato?
Which is the “Palmeto State?”
“The disciple is not above his
master; for every one that is per
fect shall be as his master,” Where
Is this passage found In the Bible?
Today's Horoscope
Persons bom on this day are fond
of the mysterious and great read
Answers to Foregoing Questions
1. Bobbie Trout; world's refueling
endurance record; Eleanor Smith.
2. Ocarina.
3. South Carolina.
4. St. Luke, vi, 40,
Star lore
By Arthur DeV. Carpenter
To the average person ~ho has
never traveled south of the equa
tor. it is difficult to realize that
December in the southern hemis
phere is tantamount to June in the
northern. How out of place do Dec
ember brides and December roses
sound! But December is the charm
ing month of early summer in the
south temperate zone. Think of the
music of song birds, the fresh
growth of vegetation, and the fra
grance and beauty of the flowers
down where the sun’s rays ap
proach the vertical! December 21st
old Sol will turn back toward the
north, and long nights in the far
north, will begin to give way to
lengthening days.
(More tomorrow)
love you then, no matter what you
have gone through."
"There'll never be anyone but Roy.
I wouldn't even care to live if he
thought I was guilty of all these
terrible things. He is the only man
in the world I could care for.”
Aunt Bessie smiled over her
‘ There's that nice, tali dark man
that's been to see you so much.
Maybe he's in love with you."
Rosalie thought with a start of
Rowdy, and how she had kissed
him, like a sister, and how good he
had been to her. Maybe he was in
love with her. Everything in the
world she owed to him. He had
found Roy and saved his life.
She did love him. There was no
doubt that he was the best friend
she had in the world. But, she
couldn’t love him like she did Roy.
It was different. Rowdy was like a
big brother. Like Tim grown up.
But she could not put the thought
from her mind. Had Rowdy done
so much for her because he loved
Life had taken on a new light.
Roy was alive—and there was still
hope for them both. When several
reporters waited in a room off de
tective headquarters to interview
her in the afternoon she seemed to
them a changed girl.
With the greatest surprise they
saw a trace of her dimples as she
smiled at them. They had expected
to find her on a verge of collapse
at the return of the man she had
lured to the airport for his “death
ride.” _
Flashes of Life
.■'■"in '■ ■■ —“
(Bv The Associated Press.)
NEW YORK—J. P. Morgan, it is
understood by the New York World,
has bought his first notable painting,
“Apollo and Marsyas.” by Tintoret
to. paying a dealer more than $100,
000. His father expended millions on
the works or art.
ROME—Young Fascist! must learn
to sing well in chorus Instead of
merely excelling solo. Professor Olu
liano Balbino, minister of national
education, says Italians long have
been noted for good solo singing, but
must sacrifice their individuality for
the beauty of the collective effort.
PARIS—Wanted: A drinking song,
something to go with the clink of
wine glasses. The society of the fri
ends of the wines of France is of
fering a prise for it. The winner will
have glory principally. The prise is
LONDON—Members of the natio
nal union of students have voted on
what are the most Important factors
that make a happy life. Most votes
went for a sound constitution, but
there were quite a few ballots for a
Samples Now Ready
417 Eleventh—Phone 438
Picture Framing
Valley Office Supply Co.
Corner Elizabeth and Thirteenth
^_— n
Health and Right Living I
U. S. Senator from New York.
Oau*lud>««iOr itat tnMmm --** l‘*rZT^1
There la probably no other "below par" eowBtJo* m pretulent
among every type of the dviliaed race ao thie owa.
TIM ernei nangw ^ - .. _ "
ft so often Mo to r* pwto «*■”* *”
more serious #mm> H offerto mngr ®®‘aain .
of poisons in ewr State and country. We mn**
flndameana to check this common tendency to
than its weakest link!* A m an toari^J* I
oeif on his robust, good health. fl
least expects it, along comes a 1
depresses htm, he has a wight ws^poww^, m
aSSialvSs *
ss ’tfeMsrirf2: rtSLS®
these functions, wnen »e «then you
is inflamed, when «ny had feehngs in th fi*,
may look for trouble fa the <hpestive function®* «« ocaj.
Over-feeding, under-feeding, over-tiredneoo end .nsemiT
cerclse are among tne enter rscrora
lor lowered vitality. Thsy_are_the
foundation for the eoML Sore throat. 3
Indigestion. constipation and a cold
may pave the way for aNM****! i
worse. They lead to lnflueima.
pneumonia and the dread tufcxvcu
losls. If they are not corrected 1
promptly further trouble must be ex
pected. _ .. . ,
Overcrowded eondltlon* of living
or working inevitably lead to a
lowered bodily resistance. Tbe cokl
Is merely a symptom of run-down 1
health. Aa I have said, it Is a com
mon forerunner of ether wore* con- t
ditiono of health.
Persons living ths out-of-door life,
working in the fields or engaged in \
other work in the fresh air and sun
shine. do not know ©olds. They are
likely to be free from them. The
reason Is because ouch people have
strong, vigorous bodies. They get
ths necessary exercise. They are
hungry for plain and nourishing
food. In consequence, they build np
bodily resistance to colds and to dis
ease In general.
It le the anaemic, flabby person,
the person prone to obesity, and the
chronically constipated person who
is most liable to colda All of these
conditions of health should be cor
Freeh air and mraahtn* are Nw
fare's tonics, disinfectants and cur*.
There is no substitute to compare
with them. All these, together with
plenty of bodily exercise and good
nourishing food, are aboslutely se
sential ft we are to have good health.
| Answers to Health Queries |
BABSL Q.—Will hot-oil treatment
help dandruff? Will this treatment
harm a permanent wave?
2—What will reduce a large
stomach? r -p, „
A.—It may. Have the halrdreser
advice you along these lines.
2—Proper diet end regular exer
cise should be generally helpful.
• • •
A. O. F. Q —Is there a remedy for
distended ears other than operation?
. Is such operation dangerous or ex*
pensive? »
: A —No, An operation is the only
remedy. Bueh operation is not
liDfBrotif, but »h<ruld be done by
a competent plastic surgeon who is
familiar with this kind of work.
Doctors' fees vary to such an extent
>oa along these lines.
mhL,AfJLii ■aif—tT la * b*nafnl
» have bran flake* and A tmU
tolled egg every moratagT
S—What are tb* eymytmn* «f
irthrltis? What treatment 1e ad*
need? la the diet a factor?
Jl—Thla is entirely * mattsr at
>ersonal choice. No. ...
2—Painful and awoken Joint* stiff
teas, difficulty In moving ate among
ho outstanding symptom* Tba
xeatraent depends upon the source
rf infection. Ye* the diet to an to
mrtant factor in many caaaa
• * •
A PJJADER. Q —What osnaaa
broken veto on the side of Ike aoest
mused by poor _
the general health and
P • •
WORRIED. Q.—'What do you
raggest for bleaching superfluous
A.—Try using peroxide at hydro
gen. This win make the hair loan
conspicuous and may retard the hair
M. A. W. Q.—What should* girt
weigh who Is mteen yeare eld wad
five feet two Inches tall?
I. —What can be don* for pimple#
that appear on my back and upper
Immt mnd btwfcjjrSsi Mbs
should weigh about 111 ponnd*
2—Correct the diet by cutting
down on eugar. starches and coffee.
Bat only simple foods sod avoid oon*
Mpatioa. f # .
J. M. O. Q —What do ywn advtss
for catarrhal deafness?
A.—Special treatment to dear m|
the nasal catarrh la advisable. Fes
full particulars send a aelf-addrsnssd,
stamped envelop* and repeat yo«f
question. « * #
• l* D. N. 1 <3 —Arm bananas and
milk wholesome?
A.—Tm; this oomhl nation la whda«
anw^and juutirtthms. %****. na
sense of humor, a blameless reputa
tion. an assured future, a good cook,
a poker face and a thick skin.
NEW YORK—Edward Roche Har
dy. Jr., who was a child prodigy. Is
to be an Episcopalian minister. He
spoke four language* at the age of
five and received the degree A. B,
from Columbia at the age of 15*
When In college he never attended ^
the theatre. He ha* never smoked v
Pe Is to be ordained a deacon r
week from tomorrow.
General Welding
Rear of Miller Hotel. Phone T22
When you borrow money on realestate, many loan companies re
quire the title to be Insured. The best test of whether a title lb
insurable, is to hare it insured. Require a title insurance policy
when yon buy.
Prompt Title Service
Brownsville * Edinhurr
Opposite Coart House E. Hmrrtman Blvd.
Phone 1184 Phone 93

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