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« V
Church Societies End
Program Set for Year
Missionary societies and auxiliaries of Brownsville churches, having
completed a successful year’s work and closed all unfinished business,
have postponed all 1929 sessions until the first week in January.
At Monday afternoon’s meetings, reports covering various activities
of the societies were made and approved by members, following which
■u necessary business details re-;
ceived attention and announce-'
ment was made of the cessation of
meetings until after the holidays.
The mission study book, “The
Crowded Way,*’, was completed by
the Presbyterian Auxiliary in ses
sion at the church with Mrs. Bas
com Cox leading the program. She
was assisted by Mrs. L. A. Boory,
Mrs. Gardner, and Mrs. G. W.
Moot hart who discussed lesson top
ics. Mrs. E. P. Day led devotlonals.
The Methodist Missionary so
ciety did not meet Monday and the
Baptist society postponed its regu
lar meeting in order to meet Tues
day and prepare the dinner which
they are serving tonight to the
lumbermen's meeting.
All unfinished business was
closed at a meeting of the Altar So
ciety of the Sacred Heart church
Monday afternoon at the home of
Mrs. Wiliam Richter. Sales pro
ceeds of the recently held bazaar
were presented to the members In
a complete report.
The next meeting of the society
will be held the first Monday in
Successful completion of the
Society Calendar
Business and Professional Club
luncheon, El Jardin.
Just-Sew Christmas party with
Mrs. A. W. Neck, Banker Addition.
Self Culture Club will meet with
the tourists, club in Chamber of
Commerce rooms.
Mrs. Robert Ernest, bridge -lub
Episcopal Guild Christmas bazaar
held the past week was reported at
a meeting of the guild Monday af
ternoon at the parish house. All
unfinished business of the year re
ceived attention, and It was found
that an appreciate sum was real
ised from sale of bazaar articles.
No more meetings of the guild
will be held until January.
• • •
Mrs. Gay District
Publicity Head
Mrs. D. P. Oay has been ap
pointed publicity chairman for the
Christmas Sale
Why not avail yourself of a
savings from 20 per cent to 26
per cent on fine quality dia
m o n d s, jewelry, silverplated
ware, luggage, china dinnerware,
glassware, and all sorts of appro
priate gift novelties?
20% OFF
Salom Mirror Trays
The Tray alone will make you want to own it.
A border of black releived by striping of gold
frames a charming floral background, and with
the inset silverware rack, combines convenience
with beauty. It contains 29 pieces of Community
Plate in a' choice of six patterns. We call especial
attention to the new Paul Revere design. Com
plete with tray, $36.50—Teaspoons, $4 set. ...,
The most complete line of high grade
watches in all the standard makes, scuh as
Bulova, Elgin, Howard, Hamilton, Gruen,
Waltham and Illinois.

Fifth District Texas Federation of
Women's clubs. Mrs. Volney Taylor,
district president, has announced.
She will compile and direct all
news budgets of the Fifth District,
and takes over the work with a
great deal of experience in the line.
Work of the Fifth District is ex
pected to progress appreciably un
der the publicity methods which
Mrs. Osy will employ during the
ft ft ft
Girl Reserves Ask
Toys For Children
Girl Reserves are giving a Christ
mas party Friday afternoon for
twenty Mexican children at the
Blalack school on the Los Fresnos
highway. They ask the contribution
of toys and any articles acceptable
as gifts for the children of the
• « •
Comings And Goings
Of Local People
Mrs. N. Champion of Luling ar
rived Sunday to spend the holidays
with her daughter, Mrs. C. L. Jack
• • •
Nannie Dean Harris, daughter of
Mrs. T. T. Harris, has been elected a
member of the Adelphope club of
the Pasadena Junior college, Pasa
dena. Calif. The club Is an exclu
sive restricted social organisation.
Miss Harris graduated from the lo
cal high school last year.
The Ladies Auxiliary of the Pres
byterian church was entertained at
the home of Mrs. Willard White
on Thursday afternoon with circle
number two as hostess. Mrs. Wil
liam Younkman presided. Mrs. W.
S. Petch. Mrs. Nelson Jean and
Mrs. O. A. Matteson. members of
three circles resoonded to roll call
* h short readings.
Mrs. Herbert McDermott gave an
interesting reading entitled "The
Stranger”. Irs. C. B. Townsend had
charge of the devotional which was
a great Inspiration to those present
Refreshments were served to
about twenty.
• • •
Mrs. Harold Watts was a very
pleasant hostess to the Wednesday
bridge club at her home on Ninth
street. The home wa* attractively
decorated for the Holiday season.
“Grandma” Looks Ahead
Winifred Black’s Topic Today
Famous Writer Sets Jane (Who Is Bored and Dis
couraged at Twenty-five) Right On Her Ideas
About Old Folks.
JANE la discouraged and disheartened and disgusted.
Jane says she wishes she could shut her eyes tonight when
she is twenty-five and go to sleep, and sleep till she is
seventy, when everybody will bring her white shawls *nd^ bed
socks and pink carnations and books of re
ligious poems, and she d be all through nop
ing for anything—but rest. Poor Jane.
Where did she ever get the idea that people
seventy years old are all through hoping for
anything but rest?
I know a woman over seventy, and she
hopes her granddaughter will marry a certain
rich man. The certain rich man is ugly, and
Ill-natured and stupid, but Grandma is de
termined that Granddaughter shall marry him
and invite Grandma to go round the world
with them in their ytcht.
Grandma read “Mad Cap Violet," oh year*
and year* ago, and ever tinea sha road it*
she’s been dying to go on a yachting trip, and
now she is willing to see her nice, gay, uttle
i granddaughter tied up to a craw om cur*
TnlirornwarK mudgeon just on the chance of getting that
WINIFRED BLKX trip for herSelf.
I know a man who’s over seventy and he wants to go to
Borneo and study the folk songs of the Borneo tribesmen.
He thinks it is a great pity that none of his nch friends offer
to send him to Borneo.
“Why shouldn't they send me *
there ?” says the man over
seventy. “They send their
stupid sons to universities and
their dull daughters to colleges
and nothiiyt ever comes of it
"Now if they’d send me to
Borneo, I’d make some valu* 1
able discoveries about folk
Poor Jane, she does have
rather a dull time of it.
And that’s hard, because Jana
does so want to be happy.
She wants to he gay and pop
ular and admired.
She wants to have pretty
clothes and two or threo fur
coats and tho latest thing in gay
slippers, and she loves the
theatre, and she adores the
Opera, and she’s crazy about
dancing, and she doesn’t get so
very much of any of these
things, you can’t blame her
much, can you?
But do you know what I
would do if I were Jane?
' I'll tell you—I would try to
give up wishing 1 was happy and
gay and pretty, and popular, and
I’d begin to try to be good.
I'd try to be kind, and gener
ous, and unselfish—I’d try to do
some really hard work and do
it well.
And above all I’d keep busy.
Every minute I was awake I’d
be busy, I’d make over my old
hats, and I’d help other people
make over their old hats, I’d let
down my short dresses, and I’d
help the other girls let down
their dresses. I’d read the news
papers, and the magazints, and
I’d read a lot of books, and the
first thing I knew I’d come to
some day and discover that aO
at once I had forgotten to be
bored or envioua or jealous, or
unhappy. » ,
Just been too busy to remem
ber any of these things—that's
Work’s the thing, good hard,
determined work—try it, Jane,
—you’ll be surprised.
u» rwm e«rta» m
At the close of the games, Mrs. Sam
Crutcher held high and Mrs. O&vid
Wiedemann Jr. scored second, each
receiving attractive gifts.
The hostess served attractive re
freshments to the three tables of
• , • • •
Mrs. and Mrs. Carl Oerber en
tertained with miscellaneous show
er at their home Wednesday even
ing honoring Mr. and Mrs. Lucian
Burleaud who were recently mar
ried. A delicious barbecue dinner
was served to about fifty at the
close of tne evening.
efthe Day
Menu for Dinner
Broiled Lamb Chops
Creamed Potatoes Bread
Currant Jelly
Vegetable Salad in Gelatin
Salad Dressing
-^ocolate Pie T«
Pound Cake With Currants
2-3 cup butter, 1 cup sugar, 4
' -If yolks, 1 tablespoon milk, 1
.ablespoon lemon extract. 1-2 tea
spoon vanilla, l cup currants, 2
cups flour 1 teaspoon baking
oowder, 4 egg whites, stiffly beat-1
Cream the butter until soft. Add
he sugar and beat well. Add the
egg yolks, extract and currants
Beat for 2 minutes. Add the rest
of the ingredients, mixing lightly.
Pour into a loaf pan which has
been fitted with waxed paper. I
Bake for 40 minutes In a slow oven
! <325 degrees).
This cake will fit Into a loaf pan
i ’0 Inches long and five Inches wide,
"he cake pans should never be fill
'd more than half full, so select the
vi accordingly.
Pfeffer Nueeee (Pepper Note)
(Popular Christmas Cookjes)
2 cups sugar. 4 cups flour. 1 table
->oon cinnamon. 1 teaspoon mace.
1i teaspoon clove*. I teaspoon nut
meg. 1-2 teaspoon salt. 2 teasDoons
baking powder. 1-2 cup ehonped cit
ron. 2 tablespoons grated lemon
*dnd. 3 tablespoons lemon Juice,
8 eggs. . J
Beat the eggs. Mix the rest of
the ingredient# and add the beaten
•ggt. Take up small portion* of
the dough and press Into ball* 1
■■ . ..
Wife Wai Fat
No Longer Attractive
Lost Husband’s Love
The above headlines appeared in
a New York newspaper of April 4 in
connection with a divorce trial that
has attracted wide attention.
"She was a beautiful woman," one
witness testified, "but she got fat
and is not attractive any more."
Thousands of women are getting
fat and losing their beauty just be
cause they do not know what to
If you are fat how would you
like to lose it and at the same time
gain In physical charm and acquire,
a clean, clear skin and eyes that
sparkle with buoyant health?
And gain in energy and activity?
Why. not do what thousands of
women have done to get rid of
pounds of unwanted fat? Take one
half a teaspoon of Kruschen Salts
in a glass of water every morning
before breakfast and keep it up for
SO days. Then weigh yourself and
see how many pounds you have lost
You’ll have the surprise of your
life and best of all a bottle of Kru
schen Salts that will last you for 4
weeks costs only 65 cents—you’ll
probably tay it’s worth one hun
dred dollars aft*r you take the first
Kruschen 8alts are a Mend of 6
natural revitalizing salts your body,
nerves and glands must have if you
are to enjoy good health. Ask Mc
Kay's Pharmacy or any druggist for
a bottle of Kruschen Salts and
start to ldfes fat today. Adv.
Inch In diameter. Bake 4 inches
apart on greased baking sheets lor
20 minutes in a moderate oven.
Grease the bands with butter to
prevent the dough from sticking to
German Crisps
(Crisp delicately flavored cookies)
1 cup butter, 1 cup sugar, 1 tea
spoon vanilla, 1-8 teaspoon salt, 1
teaspoon mace, 3 egg yolks, 3 1-2
cups flour, 1 egg white beaten,
213 cup shredded almonds, 1-4 tea
spoon cinnamon.
Cream the butter and sugar. Add
the vanilla, salt, mace egg yolks and
flour. Knead until mixed. Roll out
very thin on a floured board. Spread
with the egg white and sprinkle
with the almonds and cinnamon.
Cut out in squares (1 3-4 Inches).
Cut with a sharp knife. Place 4
Inches apart on greased baking
sheets and bake for 10 minutes in
a moderate oven.
Mrs. J. T. Thomason, Mrs. David
Wilson and Mrs. Cecil Verger were
point hostesses at a shower given
at the home ol Mrs. Thomason hon
oring Mrs. Thomas Boyce, a recent
bride. The home was attractively
decorated with colors of the Yule
tide season. The honoree was the
recipient ol many useful and at
tractive gifts. Refreshments were
The Methodist Missionary society
of Donna motored to Edcouch Fri
day where they had charge of the
program for an all day meeting.
Among those attending from here
were Mesdames A. J. Eparks, L. W.
Todd, Mar .n Armour. O. E. Davis.
Lois Fleuriet, J. B. Donaldson, and
F. O. Fleuriet.
• • •
The Donna Womans club met
Friday afternoon at the home of
Mrs. Walter Weaver with Mlis
Jane Redfield and Mrs. C. B. Mc
Cormick as Joint hostesses. Mias
Redfield presided as chairman. The
program opened with the singing of
Christmas carols. Roll call was an
swered with th name of a favor
ite Madonna.
A short business session was held.
Mrs. W. L. Spradllng gave a des
criptive talk on the art galleries of
the Donna achoeis. Mrs. * Walter
Weaver gave a very interesting talk
on the history and origin of the
Madonnas. Refreshments were serv
ed to about thirty.
m m m
Jesse Harbin has returned from
Kerrville where he spent the past
week visiting Mrs. Harbin who is
there convalescing from a recent
illness. He was accompanied home
* 1
IN til aJi
These lovely gifts were
made for gifts and
every woman would be
pleased to wear one.
Robes to match pa
jamas and gowns In the
newest vogue.
Exclusive Ladles
1344 Elisabeth
by J. H. Betts, father of Mrs. Har
bin. Mr. Harbin reports Mrs. Har
bin much improved and she is ex
pected to return home soon.
Miss Eugenia Shepherd who Is
an instructor in theD rake Univ
ersity in Des Moines, Iowa, Is ex
pected to arrive during the next
week to spend the holidays at the
home of her parents here, Mr. and
Mrs. B. E. Shepherd.
Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Bonham of
Oalveston are expected to arrive i
this week to spend the holidays
with Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Shepherd.
Mrs. Bonham is a daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Shepherd.
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Thomason
were visitors in Brownsville on Fri
day afternoon.
Saturday afternoon, Mrs. Buck
Evans entertained with eight tables
of bridge at her home on South
First street.
The house was beautifully decor
ated with miniature Christmas
trees and red and green candle
sticks and holders which later were
used as table prises. The favors
were little polnsettlas made out of
candy and Christmas seals.
Mrs. H. a. White received the
high score honors, a foot stool,
and Mrs. Wise received the second
high score prise, a set of “What
not shelves” Mrs. Burton took the
consolation prise, a miniature
Christmas tree. Table prises, the
candles and holders used In decor
ations were awarded to Mrs. How
ard Campbell. Mrs. Joe Keepers,
Mrs. Wm. J. Oerron, Mrs. Fawkes,
Mrs. Jenkins, and Mrs. Lochrie. Re
freshments were served at the close
of the afternoon.
Thoee attending were, Mesdames
E. L. Bull, Hays Sclsson. Charles
Kenedy, Robert H. Packelman,
George Lochrie, A. J. Schubert,
Howard Campbell. Ben 8. Duffteld,
Roger Robinson, H. E. Tommie, E.
H. James. Bond Carroll, Holly
Bostick, Abe Wise, Ed Larkin of
Laredo. J. K. Smith, J. W. Johnson,
E. B. Burton. C. J. Scott, Lamar
GUI, M. H. Dryer, Bill McCharen, j
Joe Keepers. Mary Fox, William J. I
Oerron, F. O. Fawkes, J. P. Bren
ner, B. L. Jeakina, Jo* Lochrt*. w.
W. Orayaoo, BL A. Whit* and Claui
Ur. and Mrs. Floyd Page enter
talned a group of young people at
their home Tuesday evening with
an informal dance.
Those enjoying this delightful oc
casion were Mr. and Mrs. Allrg*
Pennington. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Dui*
rant, Messrs. Byron Moore anlT
Wllle Moore. Miss Dora Moore and
the host and hostess.
• • *
Mr. a— Mrs. C. I. Beldon were
visitors in San Perllta Monday
E. O. C. Barnhill and daugh
ters were in Raymondvtlle Wed
Rev. and Mrs. John H. Davis
were visitors In Harlingen last week.
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would be incomplete with
out a visit to our shop.
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from the shop
of a thousand de
lightful impor
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Any woman will find this ex
quisite array of soft, sheer lin
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