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Officials of Cabinet See
Fruitful Continuance
Of Prosperity
Washington. Jan. 1—opj—
Continued “progress and prosperity
for 1930" was the official forecast
spoken over the young year today
by members of *'ie cabinet of fin
ance, commerce, and agriculture.
The official forecast, further
more. predicted a fruitful contin
uation of the intimate ties between
the national government and the
farces of business, industry and
farming—an association which the
year 1929 saw drawn closer than
In any previous peace-time era of
the nations history.
Secretary Mellon reported the
•sound condition'* of the govern
ments finances have placed it "in
a position to do its part in help
ing the country to meet and solve
the problems which are ahead.”
Secre’ary Lamont announced the
attainment of new "highs’’ by
American business during 1929. and
said that he could "confidently
predict" a continuance of this
Farina Sound
At the Department of Agricul
ture the condition of farming at
the year s end was reported in a
far more sound condition than at
the close of 1928, with the farm
ing outlook for the new year made
brighter through the existence of
a federal board, armed with $500.
000.000 of federal funds, ready to
over-see the whole of national farm
product marketing.
The Agriculture Department an
nounced also there were "no dep
ressing surplusses of food products
to be worked off" at the present
time, notwithstanding the fact
tba: 1929 crops exceeded those of
the previous year by $85 000.000 and
that livestock sales were $90.000.00C
Mellon Reports
Alter declaring he could "see
nothing in the present situation
that is either menacing or war
rants pessimism,” secretary Mellon
‘Tn the credit situation the trend
of money rates is downward. There
is plenty of credit available and
we have reason to expect that the
rate.-. f~r new capital in building
construction and expansion will 1*
such as to facilitate the promotion
and accomplishment of new under
takings The government’s finances
are in sound condition, w' ich war
rants the cut in taxes, and the
government itself, is in a position
to do its part in helping the coun
try to meet and solve the problems
which are ahead.”
Few Lag
Secretry Lamonf’s sttement sld
In part:
"Although some of our industries
lagged behind, there was on the
whole, during 1929 less disparity
between the slow and active branch
es of business than has been ap
parent in other recent years.
"Its very substantial character
helped greatly to alleviate the ef
fects of the marked break in prices
of stock exchange securities dur
ing October and .November.
"The most Important single In
dicator of economic activity is the
Index of the output of the manu
facturing industries. This showed
an increase of approximately 20 per
cent over 1925—a very active year."
Clarence M. Young, assistant sec
retary of commerce for aeronautics,
made an equally optimistic report
on the progress of aviation, adding
the new year should be favored by
the momentum established by the
accompllsments of the old He said
that approximately 16 000 000 miles
were ilown in scheduled operation
In 929 with 8.1.000 passengers and
8 ooo oon pounds of mail transport
ed tn !tie United States alone
[City Briefs!
To Our Intends and Customers;
We are grateful for the business
you have given us during the past
jear. Pica e accept our best wish
es for a Happy Ner- Year. Amava'sl
Millinery and Beauty Shop. 1235
Adams. Adv.
Ideal Beauty Parlor.—Under new
management, will give Nestle Cir-,
culine permanent wave with test
curl for $7.50. Ideal special per
manent wave, for $6 00. Expert fin
ger waving and manicuring. Mrs.
Matt ;e Younkman. Manager.—Adv.
We IVivh All our Friends a very
Happy and Prosperous New Year.
Dr. Anderson A- Anderson. Chiro
practors, 243 Elizabeth St. Adv.
Go-to-Church Sundav. .January
ith Adv 4
Make the start, then, get the
habit Co lo Church next Sunday.
Adv. 4.
If you need a good hat see Am
ayas MJllnery. 1235 Adn St.
Adv. 2
Haircut- 40c; Shampoos. 50c;
Permanent Wave*. $5 00 at Am..va«
Btautj Shop. 1235 Adams St Adv. 2
& Called Meeting. Rio Gran
M de Lodge No. 81. A. F. A*
vrj\. a. M Mrvsonic Temple, 9
o'clock Thursday morning
' for the purpose o, hold
ing the funeral services of our late
brother. J. C. George. All regular
Masons fraternally requested to at
tend. W Y Warier, W. IX. Ball
Secy. Adv.
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seem to work on the sail boat prin
The Loboes were given a slight
edge by critics who had seen both]
squads lr action The Valley grid
cters were held to be good individ
ually as the visitors, but it was
doubted whether they had achieved
the team play necessary to down
the Loboes.
Twelve monkeys and a baby bear
were recently taken by air from
^Amsterdam to London.
Associated Press Photo
Walter E. Edge of New Jersey, new United States ambassador
to France, arriving in Paris to take up his post. Left to right: Becq
de Fouquiere, chief of French protocol division; Ambassador Edgs
and Mrs. Edge.
"Glorifying the American Girl"
Parmount’s all-talking singing and
dancing picture, will be presented
at the Harlingen Arcadia Theater
Thursday. Friday and Saturday with
a cast of Broadway, luminaries head
ed by Mary Eaton. Eddie Cantor.
Helen Morgan, Rudy Vallee and Dan
In the role of Gloria Hughes, de
partment store salesgirl who dreams
of the day when she will be the
star of a Ziegfeld show, Mary Eat
on is charmingly gay and always
believable. It Is a role made to or
der for Miss Eaton who. it might be
well to remember, once was one of
Mr. Ziegfelds "glorified" girls. In
this picture Miss Eaton sings “There
Must Be Somebody Waiting For
Me.-’ which promises to be one of
the hits of the season. Possessing a
fine singing voice. Miss Eaton is a '
delight to listen to.
Helen Morgan also sings a new
song. It Is called "What Wouldn’t I
Do For That Man?” and as the title
infers suits the personality of this
famous star of the original "Show
Boat” to perfection. As usual with
her Miss Morgan sings from her
favorite vantage point—the top of I
a piano.
Eddie Cantor at present the star
of Mr. Ziegfelds great success.
"Whoopee.’’ is featured in a riot
ous comedy sequence. And Rudy
Vailee and his Connecticut Yankees
play their popular radio number,
"Vagabond Lover.”
Capt. .Flagg now strides a quarter
deck. But the character remains un
changed even though the puttees
have given way to sea boots. Which
is to say that. Vic McLaslen’s back
again in a boisterous, rowdy come
dy. mak.ng a bigger hit than ever,
if that's possible.
The picture a Fox Movietone all
talker, is Hot For Pans.” It open
ed at the Rivoli Theater last night,
and. we assure you, it's all its name
implies and then some. Fifi Dorsay is
the hot mama of the picture and she
possesses not only a comely figure,
a pretty wit but a devastating Gallic
charm w hich proves to be irresistible I
Then there's El Brcndel the Olsen oi
"The Cock Eyed World"—could more
be asked for?
Raoul W’alsh the director again
shows his robust sense of humor anil
all ’round ability. In fact he also
wrote the story.
The story revolves about the ex-'
hilirating adventures of McLaglen
r.nd Brcndel on shore leave. The
former having won the Calcutta
Sweepstakes spends most of his time;
eluding those whom he mistakes to
be cops. There are several songs in
the film all tuneful and pleasantly
Even since the youthful Charles;
< Buddy» Rogers entered moving pic
ttires, h has kept himself In perfect'
physical condition. And the advan
tage of this rigorous training was
never more marked than m his roll
in "Half Way to Heaven,” his la tea.
ail-talking picture, which Is now
running at the Capitol Theater.
"Half Way to Heaven ‘ is a story
of romance and thrills in carniva
life Rogers, as a newcomer to th.»
carnival. Is teamed with Jean Arthur ’
and Paul Lukas, performers on the
flying trapeze. Miss Arthur shows a
marked favoritism for Rogers and he
responds to her affection. Lukas
however, :.s jealous of Miss Arthur.
attentions and plans a diabolical re
venge which Roger s skill and daring
alone thwart. The climax cotnes
swiftly and, in three sensationally
stirring scenes. Rogers defeats Lu
kas' plans and drives him away.
Miss Arthur, as Rogers' leading
woman displays a charming femi
ninity and gracefulness. In this diffi
cult role she makes a delightful
heroine for Rogers' youthful almost
boyish, 'romancing. Lukas, a power
ful and popular character actor, re
cently seen in ' The Wolf of Wall
Street," is at his best in this picture.
Tired business men and wide- j
awake business men will be equally
entertained with "The Kiss." Greta
Garbo's new starring vehicle which
opens today at the Queen Theater.
Every effort was made by Metro
Goldwyn-Mayer to furnish Miss
Garbo with a story, director and
supporting cast equal to her posi-i
tion as one of the foremost screen j
actresses in America, and the re
Greta Garbo and Conrad Nagel
in “The Kiss” now showinj at
the Queen theatre.
suits have been more than satis
Jacques Feyder. noted French
director who produced Raquel Mell
er's “Carmen" and other artistic
successes, was brought from France
to write and direct a story’ for Miss
Garbo. He wrote a Continental
drama which gives the celebrated
actress every opportunity to dis
play her talent as a tragedienne.
Still Raider Shot
As Trio Holds Him
LUMBERTON. N. C, Jan. 1.—
Four unidentified men last night
called Hoke B. Smith. Columbus
county deputy sheriff, from his
home here, and while three of them
held him the fourth fired four shots
into his body. The officer is in a
hospital here and physicians said
he had but a slight chance to re
Smith conducted a raid yesterday
on a liquor distillery, seizing a 500
gallon still and several hundred
gallons of whiskey and destroying
several thousand gallons of mash
Columbus county officers expressed
belief attack was In retaliation for
Smith s prohibition enforcement ac
Borger Man Faces
Trial for Murder
CANADIAN, Tex., Jan. 1.—(i$>>—
A Jury in district court here today
expected to begin consideration of
the fate of Earl C. Scott of Borger.
charged with murder m connection
with the slaying of Mr . Bonnie
Turner at Borger last April 15.
The trial began yesterday. Simi
lar charges against Mrs. Scott were
dismissed on a state motion of in
sufficient evidence. Mrs. Scott, on
the stand, said Mrs. Turner in
sulted her by saying Mrs Scott was
keeping company" with Mr. Tur
Auto enthusiasts in the Nether
land East Indies refuse to buy any
thing but the latest models of 1
high-priced cars this season.
(Continued from page one.)
can Bar Association, the Elks lodge,
the Brownsville country club, the
Yacht club, and several Masonic
organizations, including the Rio
Grande Council No. 253, R. & S.
M., Brownsville commander?-, No.
62, Knights Templar, A1 z a f a r
James Collins George was born
in Chatfield. Navarro county, Tex
as, July 21. 1864, and spent most
of his youth in Bell county. He
was admitted to the bar .n 1887.
On April 16. 1889. he married Miss
Willie Akers at Hamilton. One
son. S~wn!\ was born to them, in
1800. He died in Tampa. Ka.. in
October, 1918, leaving a widow,
Mrs. Lula George and two children
Mary Helen and J. C., who came
here In the December following to
make their home with Judge George.
Known Over State
Shortly after becoming district
attorney cu tne 29 Judicial district,
the Georges moved to Stephenville.
the center of the district. He serv
ed in this capacity for four years,
before resuming his private prac
tice as & member of the firm of
Martin and ' e ~ge, widely known
throughout Texas as one of the
leading law firms. He remained in
this firm for 25 years.
An outstanding achievement oi
his career was the founding of John
Tarleton agricultural college. Ste
phenville, recently taken over by
the state.
His favorite hobby was orchards.
While in north Texas he owned the
largest apple orchard in the state,
and since coming to the Valley has
owned several orchard tracts which
he gave his personal attention.
Immediate family surviving him
are his daughter-in-law. Mrs. Lula
Ceorge; two grandchildren. Mary
Helen and J. C.:. three sisters, and
several nephews. One of these, Dr.
Robert H MUlwee, of Dallas, has
been here for the past week, and
was ’.t his bedside to within a few
Hours or ms aeaui.
Active pallbearer; will be:
R. E. Holland. Brownsville.
Gib Fenson. San Benito,
Robert B. Schwartz. Brownsville,
John P. Scanlan, Brownsville.
Chas F. Perry, Harlingen.
Fritz Schmidt, Brownsville,
R. C. Morris. Brownsville,
F. W. Seabury Brownsville.
Honorary pallbearers are:
Volney W Taylor. Brownsville.
J. A. Johnson. Mineral Wells, Tex.
D. P. Gay. Brownsville,
John Gregg. Brownsville.
John E. Rutledge, Edinburg,
Dave Templeton, Combes,
Dr. B. O. Works, Brownsville.
Chas. Reid. Brownsville.
Jesse Dennett. Brownsville.
R. J. Bingham. Brownsville.
J. G. Fernandez. Brownsville,
J. H. Tallichet. Houston.
A. Roger Mielly. Harlingen.
W. B Clint, Brownsville,
E. J. Tucker. Brownsville.
E. D. Box. Olmito,
Judge A. M. Kent. Brownsville.
Judge O. C. Dancy. Brown .ille
Judge John I. Kleiber. Browns
Judge A. W. Cunningham. Har
Mr. H D. Seago. Brownsville.
Judge Jas. A. Graham, Browns
Milton West. Brownsville.
Rufus Ransome
Maj. H. B. Galbraith "
J. L. Abney
C. X Richards
J. T. Canales
Osce Fristo. Harlingen.
W. Frank Brown. Brownsville,
T. J, Yoe. San Benito.
W. D. Bennett, Brownsville
C. S. Morton, Brownsville
Judeg J. E. Leslie, McAllen,
Judge Hood Boone. Edinburg.
A. Y. Baker. Edinburg
L. E Stiernberg, Harlingen.
Claude V. Clark, San Benito,
E K. Goodrich. Brownsville,
Hon. Jas. C. Hutcheson, Jr,
Ben Procter. Brownsville
Ike Dudley, Brownsville.
, --■ ---
i Aged Minister
| Dies in Pulpit
Thirty five years ago when the
Rev. S. C. Carnes was Just a
young minister, he preached his
first New Year's sermon in South- i
em California.
Last night the 69-year-old
rieryman stood before the altar
in university Methodist church
jnd reviewed his years of service,
•xpressing thanks that once again
le could talk to his people as an
jld year gave way to a new one.
With his head bowed, he began j
! t prayer.
• Our Father, we thank...the
Rev. Mr. Carnes crumpled to the
Heart attack, physicians said.
I i
With the beginning of the new year. 1930. we have resolved to
give the Brownsville and Valley public the best service and
shoe value ever before known in the Valley. Let us prove it 5
to you. $
El Brendel In “Hot For Paris."
all-talking Fox picture now
showing at the Rivoli theatre in
San Benito.
Detroit to Greet
Rubio on Visit
DETROIT. Jan. 1.—VP)—Piesl
' elect Pascual Ortiz Rubio of Mexi
co will arrive in Detroit for a two
day visit at 8 p. m. today. The
, president-elect will be greeted by
officials of the Mexican consulate
here and members of the city’s
Mexican colony.
Th program of entertainment
| has not been definitely arranged
He is expected to meet Mayor John
C. Lodge tomorrow and possibly
may make a tour throueh some of
the city's automobile factories.
Italian Dictator May Quit
Leadership of Spanish
PARIS. Jsn. 1—UP>—Lieutenant
General Primo de Rivera, marquis
de Estella and dictator of Spain, was
said today in a report from Hen
daye, Spanish frontier, to have ten
dered resignations of the cabinet to
King Alfonso.
The king was said to have re
served decision but to have prom
ised to communicate his answer to
the dictator within three days. Gen
eral Primo de Rivera has been pre
mier and dictator since his mili
tary coup d'etat in 1923.
There were various interpretations
of the slgnifcance of the resigna
tion. It was not taken to mean
necessarily that General Primo de
Rivera would relinquish his leader
ship In the government, but merely
might seek a modified form of the
military dictatorship.
MADRID. Jan Political
circles today seethed with rumors
^ ..*&c,^
pjflfn a glowing
j|W festival of song
§■ and romance the
S' screen brings to
W you
The 4
't:>. VAGABOND *
with r
Sally Blane i
Marie Dressier
Eddie Nugent
I At those who saw this thrilling picture last night at
Thru Saturday
“Go Easy Doctor"
“Terrible Torredor"
Movietone News
of various imports, chief among
which waa that General Primo de
Rivera. Spanish dictator, had pre
sented his own and his cabinet's
resignation to King Alfonso.
It was said he would peri/jt, the
king to name a man to form a new
govemmet. Persons close to the
premier, however, denied this was
the case and said he had only sub
mitted a plan for gradual political
transformation of the government.
This, it was said, would not be com
pleted for some time.
King Afonso himself presided
over a cabinet meeting yesterday.
Ministers would not say what took
Anti-Fascist Plot
Leads to 3 Arrests
PARIS. Jan. 1—(,F—Three Ital
ians. described as newspapermen,
were In prison cells here todav sus
pected by the surete general, thi
French Scotland Yard, of Anti
Fascist plotting against the Italian
naval conft once delegation and
with possession of bomba and bomb
making materials.
The finest
role of the
beauty of
the screen!
M. G. M. Comedy
Admission — 25c - 15c - 10c
The management of the Brownsville Amuse
ment Co. and entire personnel wish all a
1 The Valley’s Perfect Talking Picture
3 Days 3 I
First Valley Showing |
IHe'ft In again!
And the star of
,*The Cork Eyed
World” is still
catting comical
capers with the
roties—this time
in gay Parer!
I All Talking Comedy
Paramount Sound News
Vitaphone Vaud. Act.
‘Sunny Side Up”
All-Talking. Singing.
Iteming Musical Comedy

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