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Loan Fund Important
Federation Activity
The Rio Grande Valley Federation of Women’s Clubs meets in con
tention semi-annually, but the work of the organization continues
throughout the whole of the twelve months each year. Of primary import
ance is the Educational Loan fund that was instituted by this organiza
tion in 1921 with a fund that first year of $270, which has grown from
. « 11 a 1 A — AA r ^ A At
*****v ciiuk** vcguuusi iw ai tin
present time. The loan fund ha
been raised by a yearly assetsmen
on all clubs affiliated with the fed
eration, no club being able to hole
membership in the federation with
out contributing to the fund, thu;
eliminating any club which exist
for itself alone. Self improvemen
clubs and service clubs all pay thi
same amount.
It is interesting to note that ix
the nine years of the existence o
the student loan fund that the com
mittee has been able to make 2i
loans to 22 girls, these loans total
irig $4,625. without the loss of t
penny and at an adminlstratioi
cost of 2 3-4 per cent. Every gir
who has been a beneficiary of th<
fund has become self supporting
through its use. Had the federa
tion no further excuse for its being
the work dene through the Educa
tional Loan Fund, would Justify its
The Federation ' -oan Fund is for
girls who reside in the territory
covered by the federation, the maxi
mum sum of the loans being $250
There is no Interest charged a girl
unless her note should not be paid
at maturity, but good security is
required. To date every girl has
met her obligation pro ptly. ofter
much in advance of the maturity ol
her note. To receive a loan tht
girl must make application indi
cating the amount desired and the
(bool she wishes to attend. The
(plication must be accompanied by
lealth cer if irate, a certificate
from an authorized person that she
has completed high school and is
capable of doing work in the school
of her choice, a character certifi
cate and a letter of endorsement
from a federated club in her com
Mrs. J. A. Card t! Mission is
chairman of the committee. Mrs.
J. C. Myrick. Harlinpen. treasurer,
end Mrs. Fred ». Wright, Mer
cedes, secretary. Other members of
the committee are: Mrs. E. J.
Blount, San Ber.ito. Mrs. Volr.ey
Taylor, Brownsville and Mrs. Har
der i Davenport. Brownsville, chair
man cf t lie Applied Education de
• • #
El Janlin Jiridge
Club Entertained
El Jartiia bridge club was delight
fully entertained at a prettily ap
pointed party at the home of Mrs.
Harper, a pink and white color
scheme being featured in decora
tions of the living room.
In the briegr games. Mrs. Aubrey
Perkins won hi?h score prize and
Mrs. Preston Butler, low. The
hocteso served a dainty salad course
at the close of the game?, also
showing the white color note.
Resents Convene
AUSTIN. Jan. 20-New step# to
secure a SI '00 000 group of eight
dormitories will head the heas.est
dcckrt in recent years when Uni
versity of Tc:cas regents meet, here
Decision on a possible land suit
Involving ever $12,030,000 is an
other major item in the regents'
New Read Okehed
Application of the Santa Fe system
for a 200-nile connecting link fnm
Amarillo, to la3 Animas. C*ilo.,
will not l^e cc tested by the Fort
Worth and Denver t y rc.ilv.-ay, It
tras said today.
Head colds
Melt in bailing water and inhale
vapors; also snuff up nose.
M ViSfiS
Relieves Colds
In 2 Minutes
To cut short a cold, cough due to
cold, and prevent complications;
nothing gives such quick and de
lightful relief ;ut Aspironal, a new
scientific, “Liquid Cold Remedy"
that clears the head; relieves con
gestion itj the nose and throat;
checks the excessive flow of mu
cus; banishes dull headaches and
tajs-*. chilly, achy feeling.
Aspironal is a complete, “Liquid
Cold Remedy,” acting gently on the
liver and bowels, and your druggist
la authorized to refund your money
wMle you wait at tho counter if
you do not feel relief coming in two
minutes. All druggists carry As
pironal. the largest selling liquid
cold remedy la tho world, (adv.)
< taiiero; Urug Snores, City
Drug Store, McKay's Phar
> | Society Calendar j
I Rebekahs meet at Odd Fellows
■ hall, evening.
> Mardi Bridge club with Mrs. Lynn
5 Kleckler hostess at the home of
i Mrs. Robert Ernst.
t Learners club meets with Mrs.
Russell McChesney.
Mrs. Volney W. Taylor has been
appointed chairman of the 1930 Bet
ter Homes in America campaign in
Brownsville. The Campaign is sche
duled to begin in April.
The object of the campaign is to
promote more attractive and com
fortable homes by demonstration
and education. Dr. Ray Lyman Wil
, bur, cabinet official, is president of
the association, and Herbert Hoover
and Miss Grace Abbott are on the
' board of directors.
"The thousands of local Better
I Homes committees,” says Dr. Wil
bur, command the best information
and aid that various national or
ganizations and government bureaus
can furnish. By practical local de- j
monstrations, :hey reach not onlv
families who are meeting problems
for the first time, but others who are
striving to improve their home en
! vironment and to bring up healthy
; happy children well fitted to carry
in the tasks that lie ahead in our
national life/*
Plans for the local campaign have
not yet been mapped ou. but are to
be announced at an early date, Mrs
Taylor says.
Barometric pressure was high
over the far Canadian Northwest
this morning and moderately high
to high throughout the United
States, except relatively low over
the Plateau region and Utah.
Cloudy and unsettled weather pre
vailed over the greater portion of
the country with many stations re
porting raining or snowing at the
morning observation. Light to
moderate precipitation occurred
withm the last 24 hours practically
throughout the western and south
ern states including the Rocky
Mountain and Plains states. Tem
peratures still continue unseason
ably low practically throughout the
United States and the Canadian
First figu. . low t temperatures
last night; second, highest tempera
tures yesterday: third, wind ve
Joclty at 8 a. m.: fourth, precipi
tation in last 24 hours:
Abilene .28 44 .. .02
Amarillo .14 28 .. .00
Atlanta .28 38 .. 00
Austin .28 32 .. .08
Base . 4 32 .. .52
Boston .16 24 .. .00
BROWNSVILLE ... 43 53 .. .1C
! Calgary .-.00
Chicago ....14 18 .. .04
Cleveland .14 18 .. .00
Cornus Christi .30 42 .. .02
Dallas ..30 30 .. .00
Denver .- 2 8 .. .00
Dod«?e City . 8 22 .. .02
El Pa'o .31 62 .. .01
Port Smith .26 26 .. .00
Helena .- - 2 12 .01
Houston .36 4? 14 no
i Huron .-14 0 .. .00
Tsek'TOvWe .46 54 .. .00
Hamas City .12 18 10 no
T-xilsrPle ..12 18 .. no
Memnhls .22 "6 6 no
Miami ..64 78 .. .00
New O-’eans.40 44 .. .no
North Plat*e .-2 8 .. .00
Oklahoma City .18 24 .. .02
Palestine .32 34 .. .00
Pensacola ..38 46 10 .no
Phoenix .44 62 .. .no
°ort Anhur .36 42 12 .00
^oswell .30 48 .. .1?
^t. Louis .18 24 .. .no
st. Paul .-13 2 .. on
Salt Lake City ....24 34 .. .14
Qan Antonio.38
Santa Fe .22 30 .. .00
^heridan .-1# 0 .. .18
^hreveoort......O'’ 34 .. .on
Vicksburg .30 36 .. .00
’V^'biTTrtan ....8 16 .. .00
Wilmington .52 44 .. .00
How would vou pronounce th*
-ord " Kibitzer." Adv. 20
■ - - - - — m .■■ ■■■ ■ ■ ■ i i »n -
Theatre for the bo’’
and his oarents with even
boys suit sold at ONE
THIRD OFF until Friday at
The Bollack Store.
Send us list of what you have
and we will quote price®
| 7 Ashburton Place Boston, Mass.
* «'
Find Korean Leader
Terming himself a "fugitive from
injustice,” Dr. Syngman Khee,
president of the provisional Ko
rean government, in 1919, ad
mitted his identity to reporters
who discovered him in Los An
geles as he was boarding a steam
er for Hawaii. He disappeared
when a price was set on his head
after his government fell. Dr.
Rhee expects the "Dong-Ji” move
ment, which he heads, to succeed
ultimately and he then plans to
resume the presidency.,
Reps. Box and Johnson Have
Ideas for Restriction
Of Quota
By Harry L. Sexton
bills designed to restrict immigra
tion from Mexico and other Latin
American countries have been in
troduced in the house, one by Rep
Johnson of Washington, chairman
of the house committee on im
migration and naturalization, and
the other by Representative Box
of Texas, ranking minority mem
ber of the committee.
The Johnson bill proposes to set
up a quota system under which for
every American citizen who emi
grates to reside permanently in
another country of the Western
hemisphere, three immigrants from
that country would be admitted to
the United States.
The Box bill proposes that all
countries on the Western hemi
sphere be placed under a quota not
to exceed 3 per cent of the average
number of immigrants legally ad
mitted annually from each of rald
areas during the five fiscal year.,
next preceding Jttiy 1 1929. and
limits ‘he total number annually
from all countries to 50,000. Pro
visions are made to make the re
strictions less onerous on the car.e
of English-speaking citizens o:
“I am presenting a bill.” said
Mr. Johnson in a written state
ment, "which embodies what I be
lieve to be the fir really sound,
understandable, workable plan un
der which the quota system can
be applied uniformly, fairly, and
Justly to all nationalities of North,
Central and South American coun
In a statement on his bill. Mr.
Box said:
"The bill I am Introducing, if en
acted. would place Canada. Mex
ico. Central, and South American
and adjacent islar. countries, such
as Haiti and Sar.’o Doin'rK'o. un
der quota immigration restriction;
The new measure will accomplish
much the same end propo ed b'
the bill on th-s subject whi~h 7
have had pending f~r several Con
gresses. Iven
a new form because the national
origins pr<v\;.icr. > winch went into
effect in 1923 require that any
amendment to the quota lavs be
in different termr."
NEW YORK, Jan. 20.—</T)—Cot
ton opened steady at a decline of
6 to 10 points under local and for
eign selling in response to lower
cables than liad been expected
Some of the selling of the distant
oppositions was attributed to be
lief the recent cold weather would
reduce the weevil menace durint
tlie coming season. On the de
cline buying by trade interests and
New Orleans gave the market a
certain amount of support and of
ferings were not large as trace rs
were awaiting action on the part
of the farm board.
CHICAGO. Jan. 20 .—oPi—Influ
enced by upturns at Liverpool and
by enlarged export business from
North America, the wheat market
here scored early advances today.
Opening unchanged to 1C higher.
Chicago wheat steadied later n.
around Saturday’s finish. Corn,
oats and provisions were firm with
corn starting 1-4C to 1-2C up. but
subsequently reacting a little.
CHICAGO. Jan. 20—-Pi—Butter
firm; creamery extras 36; stand
ards 36: extra firsts 34 1-2 to 3j
1-2: firsts 32 1-2 to 33 1-2: seconds
30 1-2 to 31 1-2.
Eggs firm; unchanged.
CHICAt O, Jan. 20—OP'—Poul
try firmer; fowls 261-2; springs
22: broilers 30 to 32; roosters 1<;
turkeys 23: duck 17: geese 15.
Pulqueros Organize
MEXICO CITY. Jan. 20—A union
has been organized in Mexico City
by the ‘pulqueros.'* owners of
suloons where "pulque.' a cheap
native liquor, is disposed. The ob
ject of the union, it is explained,
is to defend themselves against the
action of governmen* officials who
have been closing pulquerias.
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itol Theatre? Read about how you
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Do You Catch
Cold Easily?
The least bit of cold air or damp
ness chills the body if the blood is
not in good conditi-n.
Rich, red blood is your best pre
tc.tion rgainst winter ills. If you
feel the lack of vigor ar.J your appe
tite is poor, try taking Crov.'s
Tasiux-j Chill Toms for a fevt
days and watch the result. You v.ill
ioea notice the beneficial effect of
this splendid tonic. Enjoy the feel
ing of vIgor and strength. Get a tic
bottle. At all drug stores.
The next time a headache makes
you stay at home—
Or some other ache or pain pre
vents your keeping an engagement—
Remember Bayer Aspirin! For
there is scarcely any pain it cannot
relieve, and - elieve promptly.
These tablets give real relief, or
millions would not continue to take
them. They are quite harmless, or
the medical profession would not
constantly prescribe them.
Don’t be s martyr to unnecessary
pain. To colds that might so
easily be checked; to neuritis, neu
ralgia; to those puns peculiar to
women; or any suffering for which
Bayer Aspirin is such an effective
For your own protection, buy tnc
genuine. Bayer la $afe. It’a always
the same. It never depresses the
heart, so use it as often as needed,
but the cause of any pain can be
treated only by a doctor.
Aaplrta ia tka tnda aiark of B*j»r MaauXactura of Moooacattcacidaaiar «*r Sau» i
Political Bubble Blowing
Contest Foreseen
Of Session
(Associated ~ ..a Staff Writer!
AUSTIN. Jan. 20—-P—With the
Democratic primary only a few i
months removed and State officials.
Including 15 senators and the en
tire House of Representatives of
160 members, to be elected next
fall, some have ,’redicted that the
special session of the legislature,
convening today, will be a political
bubble blowing conic t.
Gov. Moody is unbendingly ser
ious In lib effort to hare the leg
islature reorganize the penitentiary
system of the more thin 5,000 men
doing penal servitude.
He has pointed out that the old
antiquated facilitels, with the wails
of the prison bulging with the over
crowded load, must be replaced im
mediately. or else dire consequences
may be expected.
He believes that Texas taxpayers
are behind him and thi majority
report of t: Prison Cen alization
Commission, created by the legis
late to make rcecL.-.iendations
for corroctia. the present peniten
tiary evils, and If the lawmakers do
not come thro: i with rone p?nn
to his liking, he Is apt to veto
any makeshift and doubtful ar
rangements :.i the way of a com
Mr. and Mrs. John Bailey, who
have lived in their native town of
Cheritcn. England, for 90 yegrs. will'
relebratc *hrir .seventieth wedding
anniversary there on September 12.
Did you ever hear of a Kib
itzer ?'• Adv. 21.
Coughs from colds may read to se
lions trouble. You can stop them
now with Creomulaion. an emulsified
1 creosote that is pleasant to take.
Crcomuleion is a medical discovery
Vith two-fold action; it soothes and
heals the inflamed membranes and in
Lib its germ growth.
Of all know n drugs creosote is rec
ognized by lugh medical authorities
as one of the greatest healing agencies
for coughs from cold* and bronchial
irritations. CrcormJ.-ion contain*, in
addition to creosote, other healine
dements which soothe and heal tbs
inflamed membranes and atop the ir
ritation, while the creosote goes on to
the stomach, is absorbed into the
blood, attacks the rest of the trouble
and check* the growth of the germs.
Crcomulsinn is guaranteed satisfac
torv in the treatment of coughs from
colds, bronchitis and minor forms of
bronchial irritations, and is excellent
for building up the system after colds
or flu. Money refunded if not re
lieved after taking according to direc
tions. Ask Your drniTBi&t (nriv t
Mellon Recommends Coast
Guard United With t
Border Troops
WASHINGTON, Jan. 20— A uni
fied border patrol, as a part of the
Coasf Guard, with entry into the
United States only at designated
but more numerous points, was
recommended by the Secretary of
the Treasury, Andrew W. Mellon, in
a lettej transmitted to congress by
President Hoover.
The Mellon letter accompanied
the special message transmitted by
the president in connection with
the report of the National Commis
sion on Law Observance and En
A number of the smaller crossing
points on the Mexican border west
of E! Paso will be affected by the
program proposed by the Treasury
Department, but it is understood
that no port of entry cast of that
city will be included ament the
■ t |KTn>« INI1M Wl*l<
■r cotact coaotaa* it
r occtacv coactcc it
^ Hc^tt H
... the war against Spitting is a
crusade of decency... join it.
The man who spits in public places is no worse
an offender against public decency than the
workman who rolls cigars with dirty lingers aud
tips the ends with spit.
Why punish the one and yet tolerate the filthy
practice of the other? Smoke a cigar made in
the most modern, spotless clean manner . . •
Certified Cremo. Ever)' tobacco leaf euteriug the
clcau, sunny Certified Cremo factories is scientific.
call) treated by methods developed by the United
States Government during the war. And its purity
is safeguarded along every step ol the way by
amazing inventions that foil, wrap and tip the
Clears without the possibility of spit!
Try a Certified Cremo—see howr wonderfully good
it is! Made of the choicest, tenderest leaves that
the crop affords, we claim Certified Cremo’s quality'
is tastier thau that of any other cigar. Don't let
its 5c price stand in your way. Certified Cremo is
the kiud of cigar your physician has in mind
when he recommends a mild !*moke in place of
heavy brands.
Crush-proof . . . immaculate . . . foil-wrapped
.. . Certified Cremo is the kind of cigar the *atc
Vice-President Marshall
undoubtedly had iu miud
when lie* said, rhat this
country needs is a good
5c cigar.
L. ~ ^

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