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^hp ImumsuUle Herald
EaUbltahcd • July 4, 18ft2.
*ntered m second-class matter in the Poetofflce
_ Brownsville, Texas.
Subscript,,m Bates—Daily and Sunday (7 Issues)
5* *««..7777..$9 oo
six Months .. jo
TTiroo Months ,$3J5
on«Month....77!!!!!!!!!!! .75
The Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the use
for publication of all news dispatches credited to it or
not otherwise credited in this paper, and also the
local news published herein.
Harlingen Office. Reese-WU-Mond Hotel. Phone 1020.
National Advertising Representative*
Dallas, Texas, 513 Mercantile Bank Building.
Kansas City, Mo, 306 Coca Cola Building.
Chicago, 111, Association Building.
New York. 350 Madison Avenue.
St. Louis, 5C2 Star Building.
Lot Angeles, Cal, Room 1015 New Orpheum Bldg,
846 8. Broadway.
San Francisco, Cal, 318 Kohl Building.
A Definition of Casual Violations
A republican president, a republican secretary of
the treasury and a republican attorney general united
in an important change proiiosed In the laws relat
ing to federal pro enforcement. This is the recom
:n< ndation:
“Enlargement of the powers of United States
commissioners so they may try ‘casua’ and slight
offenders’ against the prohibition laws.
They had their definition ready. They asked the
federal lawmakers "to fix the penalty for casual and
slight violations at a fine of not more than $500 and
imprisonment of not more than six months In Jail, or
both, with authority for district attorneys to try ac
cused in such cases by complaint or information—
and not by indictment.''
If the casual violations recommendation is en
acted it would give federal commissioners the right
to try small oficndcrs—and it would take away the
constitutional right of trial by jury. This Is what
the recommendation made by Pres. Hoover with the
endorsement of Sec. Meilin and Atty, Gen. Mitchell
asks the congress to write into the prohibition stat
utes of the republic: “To fix the penalty at a fine
of not more than $500 and Imprisonment of not more
than six months in Jail, or both.”
Under the Fifth Amendment no one shall be held
to answer for a capital or other “Infamous crime,
unless on & presentment or indictment of a grand
iurv. I
As construed by the supreme court of toe uniiea
States, “Infamous crime” means one punishable by
imprisonment in a penitentiary or for more than one
year, or for any period, if at hard labor.
Hence, according to the Wickersham commission, j
“where imprisonment is to be in Jail, is not to ex- >
ceed six months and is not to be at hard labor, the
crime is not infamous. It is only where tnere is a
possibility of imprisonment in the penitentiary, or
for more than a year, or at hard labor that an in
dictment is required.”
In Texas al! persons convicted under the pro
visions of the Dean law are guilty of •'infamous
crimes" If arraigned in a federal court and found
guilty as charged and given a fine or jail sentence,
they are wholly innocent of the perpetration of an
Infamous crime.
Tills is a funny old world and the legal distinctions
are as queer as the lawmakers responsible for them.
There would be a uniformity of laws to say the
least There Is no fine or jail sentence to be found
In the Dean act. There is no suspended sentence
nhov«* a certain ace for the casual violator.
He goes over the road to the penitentiary for one
to five years. This Is the reason why the country
boys go to the penitentiary and the city boys are
given fines or jail sentences. If It isn't a mockerv of
Justice then name it and take it.
Organizing Co-operative Forces
Having launched programs for the organisation of
wheat farmers and cotton growers and sheep and mo
hair producers, the federal farm board had broken
greund for two additional national commodity mar
keting associations, one for fruits and one for vege
Texas is interested. Texans are interested
Texas is getting to be the greatest citrus producing
state and as for vegetable growing it is going to
lead all American states In coming years. First of
all organisation of the producers or growers in the
various fields of wealth making endeavor is necessary.
Without thorough organization the co-operative
idea will be a failure, the governmental marketing sys
tem will be a failure and the plana of the federal
farm relief board will be shattered to fragments on
(Copyright, 1930, by The Associated Newspapers.)
( The British ‘Who's Who’ for 1930 lists Colonel
Lindberg as married to Elizabeth, daughter of Dwight
Davis. Among the other amusing errors are the re
cording of Alfred E. Smith as present governor of
New York. "—News item.
GEORGE, David Lloyd —Born Naples. May 5.
1903; son of Mussolini and the Seven Sutherland
Sisters; married at Lincoln, Nebraska, July 4, 1920,
to Mle. Lletsel, daughter of Senator Heflin and the
only woman to make 235 revolutions suspended in
midair by her left wrist; author of "Kiss Me Again,”
“In the Baggage Coach Ahead,” "Hello Central Give
Me Heaven'* and “Boop-oop-adoop”! residence,
Pennsylvania Station CL. I. side) New York.
• • • •
LILLIE. Beatrice.—Born Moscow. June 4. 1900;
educated Harvard college; married Oct. 21, 1918, to
Rev. S. Parkes Cadman of Brooklyn, N. Y.; first wo
man to swim the English channel playing a violin;
largest breeder of thoroughbred artichokes in the
United Kingdom; hobbies; orchid culture under
glass, charades, card tricks and kelly pool.
• • • •
KIPLING. Rudyard; —Born West Philadelphia. Pa.,
June 6, 1876; educated Harvard, Oxford and Penn
Dental; married Oct. 5, 1898. to Minnie, daughter of
Lord Roberts, founder of the White Star Line; first
Englishman to go over Niagra Falls in a barrel; made
first appearance in Niblo's Gardens. N. Y., as pan
tomime actor; later became best known Scotch co
median in the world; composes own songs; author of
“I Love a Lassie", “Roamin' In the Gleamin'", etc.;
recreations: golf, salmon fishing and hitch-hiking;
Address. Dunoon.
LODGE. Sir Oliver Joseph:—Professional golfer;
son of Masonic and Elks Lodge, born Dublin, Jan. 6,
1888; married Nov. 27. 1910, to Gertrude Lawrence,
younger daughter of Lawrence of India: began life
as trick roller-skater; inventor of pneumatic bicycle
tire, electric cigar-lighter and non-snapping banjo
string; wrote all of Harry Tate’s music hall skits
1899 to 1910; nw skipper of the Berengaria; recrea
tions: playing musical saw and trying to catch
thumbs; address: Buckingham Palace and ask for
GALSWORTHY. John:—Famous tea merchant and
yachtsman: owner of Shamrock I. to 17: owns rich
rubber and tea estates Ceylon: born in Glasgow May
10. 1850. the son of Admiral Jellicoe and Mrs. Fisk:
began life with a pound of tea and became foremost
tea mogul and challenger for America's cun: will race
American defender again this year off Newport: re
creations: dice and kelly pool: residence: Sandy
• • • •
TOLLEY. Cyril. Edward. Albert. Christian. Oeorgp.
Patrick David: Prince of Wales: born Mar. 8. 1891:
fell off first horse Jan. 7, 1902: educated Oxford. Dub
lin. Princeton. Dartmouth and Columbia Law School:
noted lion and elephant hunter; member house com
mittee Brooklyn Lodge of Elks; recreations: mush
room raising at home: residence: Hempstead Heath
The Turtle Islands must be |h»* place from which
those golfers who take three minutes over every putt
Mr. Edward S Harknes*. the Santa Claus of Yale,
has just given about *12.000 000 more to the univer
sity for the building nf a quadrangle system of dor
mitories. Wonder what a Yale president thinks about
when he gets up in the morning and finds no letter
from a member of the Harkness family giving the
college a few new buildings or something?
"In the Gift Shop. 25 collapsible English Ladies’
Hat Boxes.’’—Department store advertisement.
J. A. McMahon writes in to ask if there is any truth
in the rumor that members of the Woolworth family
always get the automobile license number 5N-10?
^ I i -■—■Hi—i milli I mi ----
% __
V NOT'.:
After the signing of the armistice
Lieutenant Rex Dall&rd, Dr. Frank
Gordon, Nurse Margery Lynne and
Patricia Blair sail for New York,
bent on thwarting the plans of Her
bert Maxwell, guardian of Patricia
and her twin brother, who seeks to
do them out of their fortune. Max
well has taken Jimmy to New York
with him. the boy suffering from
aphasia due to shell shock. Another
man. posing as Jimmy, is to be used
by Maxwell in obtaining half the
Blair fortune. Nurse Margery Lynne
after seeing Jimmy no a New York
street, is slugged, coming to later
in a hospital. The friends prepare
Patricia for her ordeal when she
must face the fake brother and deny
him In order to keep Jimmy’s half
of the fortune until he is discover
The brown eyes looking Into Mar
gery s smiled through a mist of
1 ^ars that veiled them. Then, all at
I once, an odd expression began to
glimmer In heir humid depths. The
1 pretty mouth straightened. Pat sat
*T Just thought of something.”
•she announced, with vast solemnity,
glancing around as if bidding every
one to pay close attention. ' Rex said
I must prove this sub isnt my
brother—that to do so I must first
produce the real Jimmy Blair. Well,
Just listen, please:
‘‘When I was fifteen I was stricken
with apijendicitis and was operated
upon. At the time it was discovered
that my heart was on the right side
—that I was dextra hearted—that
is. my heart wasn’t on the left side,
where hearts usually are located
Six months afterwards Jimmy had
his appendix removed and strangely
enough, the doctors discovered his
heart to be on the right side too—
that is. the same as mine, not on the
I left Side. The two cases were con
sidered quite remarkable at the
time, we being twins. The doctor
who operated on us both was our
family physician. Dr. Gardner.
“Now, supposing that Dr. Gard
ner were to come here, examine this
sub of Maxwell's—that is. subject
him to an X-ray examinaion—and
find that he still possesses his ap
pendix and that his heart is not on
the right side, but on the left, where
the normal person's heart is located?
Wouldn't that prove he w-asn't James
K. Blair?”
She urned to Dr. Gordon.
‘ You ought to be able to answer
that question, Doctor Frank.” she
added, smiling at him. ‘Wouldn't it
prove my case for me?”
' I'll say it would, Pat." replied the
young doctor, with a warmth of en
thusiasm unusual to him, and the
look he gave her held a new ad
Who am I? Where is my home?
Whom did I recently marry?
What is the real name of Famon
What president was the first to
be buried from the White House?
“For the Father judgeth no man.
but hath committed all Judgment
unto the Son. "Where is this pas
sage found in the Bible?
Correctly Speaking—
Of course we never say. “There
isn’t no such thing." Remember
that two negatives make a positive.
Today's Anniversary
On this date, in 1919, 27 nations
were participating in the peace con
ference at Versailles.
Today's Horoscope
Persons born on this day are
clear headed and ready for any
emergency. They do not betray
Answers to Forrgoi g Questions
1. Julios Rosenwald; Chicago;
Mrs. Adcle Goodkind.
2. Ramon Gil Samoniegos.
3. William Henry Harrison.
4. St. John. v. 22.
Star Lore
By Arthur DcV. Carpet-ter
Einstein predicted t c curving
; of light rays passing near the sun.
His formula for the path of light
grazing the sun. set forth that
such ray would mov; in an orbital
path the .^amc as a planet docs,
with a difference involving the
square ratio of the velocity of a
moving body to the velocity of
light. In ther * -ds. if a PLAN IT
moved with a velocity equal to that
of light, its orbital path would be
that of light. The satisfactory test
of predicted curvature of light ve
locity grazing the sun was made at
total eclipses c ♦* ' sun in 1919
and in 19 J.
I (Mor. Tomorrow)
miration. "I don’t think there would
be any question about it. Those two
operation's, your brother’s and yours
are on record doubtless, in the hos
pial where they were performed
and a copy of them could be ob
tained and brought here by your
family doctor. He would come,
wouldn't he, if you asked him?”
"I’m sure he would!” answered the
girl, the light of a new determina
tion shining in her brown eyes. She
turned to the lieutenant. He, too,
was smiling his admiration of her in
genuous idea.
"What do you think. Hex?" she
asked. "And you, Marge?" she add
ed, smiling at the two in turn.
"I think the same as Prank!" re
plied the lieutenant, with quick
' So do I!” chimed in Margery, a
loyal enthusiasm In voice and man
ner. “How did you come to think of
such a clever tiling, dear?"
“Oh. I—'* She hesitated flushing
at the very apparent tribute that she
knew was absolutely honest. "It
really wasn't clever you know. The
thought just came to me, that's all!”
"Of course," said Dallard, reflect
ively, "we’ve got to wait until we
know just what Maxwell's game
really is before we can do anything
toward checkmating him. Tomor
row ought to give us a pretty ial*
line on the situation. I'll see the
lawyer the first thing in the morn
ing. Pat. and put your idea up to
him. And I think you’d better wire
this family doctor of yours—send
him a night message and find out
for 6ure if he'll come to New York
at once. Instruct him to get a rec
ord of the two operations and bring
them with him. If Maxwell pulls the
stunt we re looking lor tommorrow.
then our lawyer can get a stay ol
proceedings in the legacy transfer
until your doctor arrives."
He considered the group individu
ally, then collectively.
The old year had rung out and the
New Year rung in when the two
1 men donned their overcoats in pre
' par at ion for departure. Pat bade
them a final "Happy New Year” at
the foot of the stairs leading up to
her room, but Margery accompanied
them as far as the vestibule.
"I just wanted to remark in a
casual way." she told them laugh
ingly, "that the man who Is instru
mental in giving Jimmy Lack to
Pat will earn lire undying gratitude
—and love—of at least two girls—I
won't say who they are' And you
may play that," she added, in the
vernacular of the race track, as
they passed through the door, ‘as
it lies—straight across the board!"
Margery had been in love, as she
toid Pat one day. "more times than
j I’ve f ;.; :•.< But shi
had laughed when she said it. She
■ knew now, and had known it al
most from the hour that Jimmy was
' brought, white and unconscious, in
to the field hospital at C—, in
Franc?, that until then, she never
had tern in love
Jimmy's handsome, boyish face
haa captured her romantic, fancy th*:
instart her gaze had fallen on it.
When he regained consciousness
only to remain dumb, unthinking,
and the doctor had pronounced him
a victim of aphasia, a great pity had
singed up in her heart for him. And
pity, as the old sayirg informs us.
“is ever akin to love.”
Then had come the story oi Jim
my's heroic action to which his in
jury was directly attributable, as
told her by Lieutenant Dallard. him
self. She had found the boy ot her
adolescent dreams, her own heart’s
choice. There remained for her the
task, the work of her heart and
hand.to rescue and bring him bad;
i to life, and—perhaps—love. Perhaps
t too. in that process of his mind's
' regeneration.
And so, donning her pajamas and
leaving on her stockings, she went
into Pat s room to talk. The young
heiress was engaged in polishing
her blue-black hair with a pair of
military brushes.
“There's no use in try ing to evade
the momentous issue, darling.” an
J nounced Margery, without any pre
' face, as she placed her young body
comfortably among a heap of pil
lows In the comer of a huge divan.
“It's as plain as the bridge on the
face of your nose!”
“I know it—I’m helpless." Pat re
turned. “so go ^heari—shoot, if you
must, but—spare this peer bobbed
. head!’
*’To begin with, my roeebud,” be
gan Margery, pursing up her pretty
lips to acquire a serious air, “and m
spite of all the evidence in plain
sight—when either one or both of
J you have in sight—you act always
as If such a no sibilit v had never
! A. AadKB
Miserable With
Backache ?
Too Often It Warns of
Disordered Kidneys,
A CONSTANT backache, with
kidney irregularities, and a stiff,
achy, worn-out feeling all too often
warn of disordered kidneys. Don t
take rhancea! Help your kidney*
with Doan's Pills. Recommended
the world over. Sold by dealers
50,000Users Endorse Doans:
Mrs. Frsncss Witt man, til Miami
An., Kansas City, Kansas, says: "'My
back hurt so bad that mornings I could
hardly get out of bed. The sec radons burned
and broke my rest at nighty Doan's Pills
made me feel as well as ever.’*
occurred to you! Do I make myself
perfectly clear?’’ i
“Oh. perfectly, Peggy dear.” said ;
Pat. "but, please tell me—what are
you talking about?”
The young person in sky-blue pa
jamas emitted a doleful sigh. Then: i!
“It is about as I feared. My dar- i
ling, dearest girl friend, all unknow-1
ingly, and without malice or intent,
in breaking the hearts of two of the
finest men in the world. And I’ll
bet a million dollars— *f T h-’-* “ -
that slie never lias given the mat
ter a single thougnu. j--.
Pat turned slowly on her rcvol- j
ving chair and looked at the girl on
the divan. There was nothmg of dis- j
pleasure nor of reproof in the look.
It was simply an inquiring look, a
look that asked as plainly ,*s words
m:?ht mk: “Are you actually in,
earnest—do you really mean what
you say—or are you Just kidding
The blue eyes into which she
loked filmed suddenly with tears,
the salt, stinging tears of deep con
trition. The pa Jama-garbed figure
straightened slightly and leaned I
“What—what is it, Pat, dear?” i
came the hesitant, low-spoken
query, “are you—you angry at what
I—I said?”
A quick, musical chuckle rippled
over Pat Blair’s red lips, the ex
pression of a spontaneous mirth j
which was one of her most endear
ing possessions.
1 Flashes of Life j
<By The Associated Presri
NEW YORK-The queen of the,
links is looking for new worlds to I
conquer. Glenna Collett, golf star,
who lias had a trifle of experience
in court tournaments, is taking les
ons in tennis. Mary K. Browne,
once queen of the courts, will be
eligible to compete for Glenna’s golf
title this year. She once beat Glen
na in a national golf championship.
TARRYTON. N. Y. — Business
ethics of parents must meet the
standards of Highland Manor
school, a private school for girls,
before their daughters will be ac
cepted as pupils. Dr. Eugene H.
Lehman announced to an assembly
of the* 50 students that one girl
Uaeaafe M u^emle— uaualiy efiertiv
in M application — bettrr
applied once every hour f o? 5 hour
American Management
Blue Printing and
Harlingen, Texas
Good Pecan Waffle*
Anthony’* Waffle Shop
517 Twelfth Street
tad been refused admittance be
cause her parents were engaged in
mproper business practices. He said
atcr the couple were wealthy and
of some prominence. He believes
it is the duty of schools to raise the
ousincss and social ethics of parents.
NEW YORK—Filmdom is looking
forward to a big week-end party at
Lhc Long Island home of iGlda Gray
m celebration of her marital free
dom and is expecting a rcvelattion
as to a many-caratcd diamond it
lias noted. A decree of divorce from
Gil Boag, of Port Washington. Wis..
has just become effective insofar as
permission to remarry is concerned
NEW YORK—There lias been
much ado about noise here and a
special municipal commission Is
studying things. Among the results
so far nave been apologies. A bank
erecting a skyscraper In Wall
street wrote neighbors regretting the
unnecessary dm. The framework oi
an apartment building in Gram
! crcy Park bears a sign: "Our sin
! cere apologies to our neighbors for
(the unavoidable annoyance this
hammering must occasion."
IStop kin 0r>« Minute
With One Swa I low
Night cough defle* tn >*l
remedies hut ■ tingle ewel«
low of Mentodene etope if.
A Specie tre e presertption.
No **dopo.” Get Mentod-re
from dmggitt. Sleep eoundly
tonight K.thout coughing.
1911 1930
Skelton Abstract Co.
Abstracts of Title Title Insurance
Merchants Rank Ruildinp Brownsville
Dependable Phone 3S3 Prompt
Abstracts of Title Title Insurance
We cover ail lands in Cameron County
Certified Public Accountants
Income Tax Service
State National Bank Smith-Young Tower Nixon Building
-c- -—————
We Do Not Ask—
We Give
to your business
The combined assets of the directors of
this bank arc more than 3 million dollars.
\r/0 Compounded semi-annually paid
on Savings Accounts
First National Bank
Established in 1891
When you borrow money on real estate, many loan companies re
quire the title tn be insured. Ibe best test of whether a title is
incurable, is to have it insured. Require a title Insurance policy
when you buy.
Prompt Title Service
Rrownsvill r Edin bur g
Opposite Court House , i Harriman Blui.
Phone 1181 . fhane 93 J
,- -^ —1 7

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