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CD]? IBnmmsuflle Mcralfl
Established July 4, 1892
Entered as second-class matter in the Postoffice
Brownsville. Texas.
Subscription Rates—Dally and Sunday (7 Issues)
One Year .,..$9.00
Six Months .$4.50
Three Months. $2.25
One Month .. .75
The Associated Press Is exclusively entitled to the use
for publication of all news dispatches credited to It or
not otherwise credited in this paper, and also the
local news published herein.
Harlingen Office. Reese-Wll-Mond Hotel. Phone 1020.
National Advertising Representatives
Dallas. Texas. 512 Mercantile Bank Building
Kansas City. Mo.. 306 Coca Cola Building
Chicago. 111.. Association Building.
New York. 350 Madison Avenue.
St. Louis. 502 Star Building.
Los Angeles. Cal.. Room 1015 New Orpheum Bldg..
846 S Broadway.
San Francisco. Cal., 318 Kohl Building.
Lawmakers are Milling Around
Texas lawmakers are milling around. They accept
ed the invitation of the governor to get a cloee-up
of prison farms. They departed. They got their
close-up. They will return to Austin “many men of
many minds.”
Sen. J. R, McFarlane Is chairman of the senate
committee on penitentiaries. He called his commit
tee together and four bills were reported out by the
committee after a lengthy session. All four will be
thrashed out on the return of the lawmakers.
There Is a majority bill which has the backing
of Sen. Witt and Chmn. 'Wallace. This calls for a
new Industrial prison within 20 miles of Austin.
There is a bill to build a new prison at Huntsivlle.
It Is the child of Sen. Nat Patton and Rep. Harry N.
By the way. Graves Is the gentleman from Wil
liamson. He Is from the governor’s home county.
He Is the personal but not the political friend of the
governor—that is. when It comes to voting for the
location of the new prison plant.
Those who are close to him say that a penitentiary
a hundred mile? from Austin would not appeal to
him any more than a penitentiary 20 miles from
Austin. Williamson and Travis counties are neigh
A third measure calls for the location of a new
prison plant on the Imperial prison farm, in Fort
Bend county. It Is the child of Dewey Young of
Wellington, away out In the North Texas Panhandle
Rep. Leonard Tillotson of Sealy Is the author of
a fourth plan or measure. Rep. Tillotson is a states
man who dearlv loves to rour oil on troubled waters
and to make haste slowly.
He proposes to separate the agricultural and Indus
trial plant at a point to be decided by a new locating
This would be passing the buck from the 41st leg
islature to the 42nd legislature, a body of lawmakers
to be picked by the people of Texas In the month
of July and to be elected in the month of November
tn the fall of the year.
Yes. the lawmakers are milling around. They may
continue to mill around until the expiration of the
fourth special session.
Then no doubt another special session will follow
and the flowers of spring will be peeping their heads
r,bov« the surface of the earth and the feathered
warblers will be twittering in the treetops before fi
nal action has been taken on this problem as well as
the lawmakers of Texas.
Dry Work in Texas Last Year
Texas is known as the 17th prohibition district.
Carl Jackson, of Fort Worth, is the federal prohi
bition administrator for the year, or rather the en
forcement work carried out by 43 federal officers.
They were responsible for 3694 arrests, of which
3512 were recommended for prosecution In federal
courts. There were 2951 cases prepared and for
warded to the district attorney. One asent was killed
and one other in lured. Federal officers arrested
3253 violators, assisted state officers in making 345
arrests, and furnished information In 96 other ar
rests made by state officers.
A total of 952 stills were seized. This was the loot:
gallons of spirits or distilled whiskey, 37,712; gallons
of beer, 18,402; gallons of wine, 1676; gallons of
cider, 5; gallons of mash, 652,000.
In the war waged against rum runners 258 automo
biles valued at $98,000 and two boats valued at
$4350 were captured. The total appraised value of
property seized In raids was set at $247,579.12.
From ocean to ocean and from Canada to Mexi
co pro agents are on the trail of rum runners and
all violators of the pro law and in the city of Wash
ington, the capital of the republic, the real estate
agents have declared war on bootleggers and re
solved that all business houses and private residences
shall be occupied by law-abiding citizens, who re
spect the majesty of the law, Including the 18th
amendment and the Volstead act
If the real estate agents honor and uphold the
pledge they have given to the government, then the
city of Washington is going to be as dry as a bat’s
cave if the prophecies of the pro prophets are real
ized. All this reminds the American that there is
going to be lively times in political circles in the grand
old commonwealth this year, and that the man or
the woman wthout a poll tax receipt or an exemp
tion will be as lonely as a shipwrecked mariner
on a rocky reef far from shore.
All men and women, regardless of political affilia
tion or cliques or clans, are reminded that the coun
ty tax collector is doing business at the old stand.
wr ^
The Once Over
-... . -...
(Copyright, 1930, by The Associated Newspapers.)
"Lester 1”
"Get up!"
“Go away. What's the matter?’1
"You've gotta get up."
"Its the middle ol the night. Don’t be silly."
"It's six o’clock.”
"What of it? Lemme sleep."
"You told me you wanted to be sure to get up and
hear him.’*
"The king."
"What king?"
"King George. He’s here now."
"Tell him to come back In a couple of hours.”
• • • •
"Lester, snap out of It! You'll miss him."
"Miss who? What’s this all about? What’s the
"His Royal Highness!”
"He’s coming over. You don’t want to miss him.
Get up!”
"Tell him I’m not In.Ask him If he wants to
leave a message.Heigh ho!"
"Lester Gilleykin, you told he last night not to let
you miss King George.He’s here now .
"Hugh.Oh!....King George.The English
King George.Why didnt you say so?”
"UKay, aear....wnat u i put on7....i can’t re
ceive him like this.”
"Of course you can.”
• Receive the King of England in a pair of blue
pajamas with white polka-dots!”
"Hurry....He’s nearly through!”
"Have you no regard for decent conventions, wo
man?... .Where's that robe?....Where’s my black
coat?....What's become of my shoes?....My slip
! pera?”
"You'll miss him entirely.”
"Where’s that damned electric button?_Look?
| _What a face?....I need a shave....Why didn’t
you get me up sooner?”
"Please. Lester—the King Is—*
“Have you ao little respect for him you would let
me receive him with a beard like this?....T look like
a bum!"
"There! He’s finished. I warned you ”
"That’s all right. What did he say?”
"He said he hoped the conference would be a big
> fufcess."
"Well, I could have to!d you so. Phew!”
“Are you going back to bed?”
"Naw. Boll me two eggs-four minutes-and
no more kings before seven. I don't care who they
I are.”
THE OLD HOME TOWN - - - ... Stanley
some body made
^3]off V/ITH her
^and six hens
i < BUST MY *
-3"meYRe \
Vv:' A
CCjrito ulw w-CT»j*ury awiui. ***** i -
In an attempt to frustrate a plot
to rob her and her twin brother.
Jimmy, of their Joint fortune, Pa
tracia Blair, Red Cross driver, has
summoned her family physician to
New York City to expose a fraud
being perpetrated by Herbert Max
well, their guardian, who plans the
introduction of a substitute for Jim
my at the settlement of the es
tate. Patricia, together with her war
time friends. Lieutenant Rex Oallard
Dr. Prank Gordon, and Nurse Mar
gery Lynne, wait in a doctor’s office
while the examination the family
physician announces that the man
in question is the real Jimmy, a
victim of aphasia induced by shell
shock, lias been held in seclusion by
Maxwell. The friends dumfounded
at the result of the examination,
ask that "Jimmy" be brought back
into the room for a more complete
“He goes all to pieces, sometimes,
and is Just like a baby!” said the
nurse, much as a mother might say
it, and then, also as a mother might
do, she patted his wrist in an ab
sent-minded. affectionate manner.
And Dallard, standing a little to
one side, but ever watchful, saw it
all, and said to himself: “She's
playing a part—and playing it well.
And so is he!”
At 6ight of the little act In Its
real life setting, Pat, for an instant,
seemed undecided. Then she cried
out stubbornly:
“Take him back again. Doctor!
Rex Dallard is right-^t here's some
thing strange going on here! I want
you to take this young man In the
other room and make another ex
amination! You wxmt need to use
the X-ray. I fancy! Just an exter
ior examination will be enough.
I’m sure. Will you doctor?”
For just a moment her old family
physician seemed inclined to be an
gry at her request. He looked at
her as if he thought she ought to
be spanked instead of sympathized
with. Before he could make up his
mind how to act, Maxwell settled
the matter for him.
“By all means, doctor!" he said, in
his sauve, smooth tones, the very
essence of good nature. "Give Jim
my another going over. She's evi
dently been living in Missouri, and
has to be shown twice!”
At his ready acquiescence to her
demand. Pat seemed for a moment
to be surprised. She flashed a quick,
inquiring look at him. appeared
about to make some retort, and
then changed her mind. The next
moment they were back in the re
ception room.
Again the nurse, with her still
weeping charge, and the doctors, re
paired to the X-ray room. The ex
amination, this time, was of brief
duration. In less than three min
utes the door again opened, and Dr.
Gardner came out into the recep
tion room. His face wore a frown
of vexation.
“Well, I hope, as Mr. Maxwell
said, that you're satisfied now, Pa
tricia!” he rapped out impatiently.
"I’d know that scar, as I told you,
under any kind of conditions. The
young man is your brother, Jimmy!
You may rest assured on that point!
The pitiful outcome of her second
attempt to prove her claim seemed
to leave Patricia Blair without the
will to fight any longer. That it
had been a big surprise and disap
pointment was clearly manifest in
her face and manner. Her eyes now
wore something of a dazed look.
During the brief exchange of
words between Dr. Gardner and
Pat, the nurse, with her charge, who
was now whimpering aoftly, came
out into the reception room, where
the others all stood waiting, every
face wearing a question mark.
At the conclusion of the doctor’s
pronouncement Pat turned and
looked steadily for a moment at the
young man whom, 6he had been
ured in no uncertain terms, was
her brother. Then she stepped up
close to him and put her hand on
his arm.
“Do you remember me—Jin„ny?”
she asked, softly, with just a faint
hesitation before speaking his name.
He raised his eyes and looked at
her for just a fleeting second, shook
his head and looked down again.
“Can’t you talk—Jimmy?” Again
the scarcely dlscernable hesitation
before pronouncing the name.
“He’s always nervous after these
spells of weeping,” explained the
nurse, when her charge failed to
make any response to Pat’s inquiry.
"Nervous and a little stubborn,” she
added, quickly. “His memory is only
a frail thing at best. We have to
just keep at him to induce him to
speak sometimes.”
Pat stood for a moment longer,
looking steadily, meditatively, at the
young man before her. Just once
he had raised his eyes, and then
only for an instant. Finally, with a
little sigh, she, turned away.
“We’ve be/h fools!” she said, in
a swiftly whispered aside to Dailard
and Maxgery. “Just plain dumb-bell
fools, and I the biggest fool for not
insisting the second time on the
X-ray. Now it's too late. I saw
Jimmy—Jimmy Blair—when that
nurse slipped him out of the room
by that hall exit. It was Jimmy
that Dr. Gardner examined, all
right 1 Old Maxwell, out in the
hall, must have grabbed him and
put this fellow In his place. Then
Jimmy was rushed down stairs by
someone working for MaxweU! It's
all plain now. We’re just left,
that’s alt-left holding the sack!
They’ve painted this fellow up, and
nothing would convince Old Doc
Gardner now that he isn’t Jimmy.
Oh. well!” She sighed and turned
If Maxwell or Dr. Gardner had
looked for any demonstration of
affection or tenderness on her part,
they were doomed to disappoint
ment. Nor did she offer any com
ment atoud on the outcome of the
last examination. It was Maxwell
who asked the question that de
cided the day s issue.
“Well, where do we go from here?”
was the form of his jovial query.
It was answered by Pat.
“Back to the trust company of
fice." she said, her eyes again
glittering strangely. “We might as
well finish the day’s work!”
The the lawyers, Marks, spoke
for the first time since entering
the building.
“It seems to me,” he said, choos
ing his words carefully, “that this
young man i; scarcely in a fit state
of mind to assume personal control
of a gigantic fortune, as it appears
to be Mr. Maxwell’s intention of
turning over to him!”
For the fraction of a second the '■
look in Maxwell’s eyes, turned full
on the lawyer, was a look that
spelled murder. Then it vanished, to
be replaced by the usual urbane
expression. This urbanity increased
ten-fold with the assimilation of
Pat’s answer to the lawyer s remark.
’ Mr. Maxwell, no doubt, will be
willing to continue in the office of
manager and advisor of his protege.”
she said, with a sweetness and per
fect composure no person could
question. The others. Dailard, Gor
don and Margery, looked auprised
ai ner siaiemeni, out mey s>aia
nothing. A moment later Maxwell
was escorting his companions out
to the elevator on their way back
to where Grierson awaited the out
come of the X-ray episode. The
doctor who had aided in the ex
amination left with them on his
way to his own office. Pat and her
party followed close on the heels of
Maxwell and his, without another
word on the part of the former, nor
j by her friends, until they were in
side the car. Then Margery gave
vent to her disgust.
"It’s just as Rex says.” she avow
ed. her pretty nose all a-wrinkle.
"there's something most awfully
rotten In Denmark!”
Dr. Gardner turned in his seat
to eye the young rebel sternly.
"Do you mean to imply. Miss
Lynne?” he inquired, his ruddy face
like a new-blown pink, “that I made
a mistake or gave false testimony
in my statement regarding the
young man I examined?”
"Oh. dear, no, Doctor!” replied
Margery’, impatiently emphatic. "By
no means! Your X-ray showed Jim
my Blair—no Question of that!
Don’t you think so. Rex?” she
queried, turning to the lieutenant.
"No doubt about It at all. at all!”
he said, in quick agreement.
“What do you think. Patricia?
questioned the old doctor, persist
ently. "Do you think I made any
mistake? Don’t you understand now
that you’ve been all wrong about
this young man?”
The girl he had known from
1 . ” ~ --
v ■ .. ■■■■ — .. ... ii ii ■ i i i<—————i———— ■■ n .. ■ ' y ..
Who am I? What L ite did I foi •
merlv represent in the senate? Who
are the present senators from my
How many pennies can a creditor
be f ced to accept in payment of
a debt?
Where is the Taiga, one of the
greatest forest areas in the world?
"Verily, verily, I say unto you.
That ye shall weep and lament, but
the world shjtll rejoice: and ye shall
be sorrowful, but your sorrow shall
be turned into Joy." Where Is this
passage found in the Bible?
Correctly Speaking—
There is a decided distinction ba
tween “wages” and “salary." Sal
ary is a periodic allowance for serv
ices and “wages” are payment for
services rendered.
Today's Anniversary
On t* is daj. in 1801, John Mar
shall was appointed chief justice
of the United States Supreme court.
Today's Horoscope
Persons bom on this <' .y are am
bitious. but waste their effort:
worrying about trivial matters.
Answers to Foregoing Questions
1. James W. Wadsworth; New
York; Royal S. Copeland, Robert
F. Wagner.
2. Twenty-five.
3. Siberia.
4. St. John, xvi, 20.
Star Lore
By Arthur DeV. Carpenter
Bright sunshine passed through
any prism will cast bright rainbow
colors on the wall. But not so with
starshlne, for starlight is too dim.
And here is where the telescope
serves a supreme purpose: The tele
scope gathers up a vast amount of
light from a star, focalizing it at
a given point, that point being
known as the focal plane. The
spectroscope is set in that focal
plane, and thus by the great mag
nifying power of the telescope, a
colorhand or spectrum is produced
by the spectroscope. A spectroscope
built in combination w;*h a cam
era. is known as a spectrograph.
(Mora Tomorrow;
birth looked into his eyes and smiled
a cryptic little smile before she)
made answer to his question.
‘•You should worry, old dear.” she
said softly. “You made n > mistake
in the man you examined under
the X-ray! It was. unquestionably,
my brother, Jimmy Blair! Because
Maxwel! -lipped a joker into the
cards he dealt us today doesn't
alter the facts In the matter. You
saw Jimmy on th; * X-ray table!
As Margery and Rex have Just
said, there's not the shadow of a
doubt rbout that!"
Her friend offered no further
comment on the subject Just then,
nor did he ask any more questions.
But he wasn’t satisfied.
Mercedes Girl Wins
$25 Prize for Talk
(Special to The Herald)
MERCEDES, Jan. 27—Word has
been received that Miss Jewell
- —
rni D prompt etten
bon. Children'• Muv- ,
terole applied every hour for 5 hour*
•Hould brin« relief. All druggieta.
-r n i ~ *r gl
_ j __ J
PtlONE 100
Blue Printing and
Harlingen, Texas
— - -- —
Anthony’s Waffle Shop
517 Twelfth Street
Dunson of this city, representing Miss Dunson's subject was “Elec
the Valley at the inter-companv trie Utilities Contribution to thi
meet of power companies in San Community, State and Nation." Shi
Antonio, was voted second place eceived a prize of $25.
Prolonged coughing places'
g terrific strain upon the enure system.
That’s why it is dangerous to let a cough
"bang on.” Take the m/m means avail
able to check your cough. Doctors for
29 rears have prescribed Perrussin for
coughs because it is safe and dependable.
It relieves the cough by getting at tha
immtdiait cause. Ask your Druggist for
1911 1930
Skelton Abstract Co.
Abstracts of Title Title Insurance
Merchants Bank Building Brownsville
Dependable Phone 353 Prompt
Abstracts of Title Title Insurance
We cover all Lands In Camemu County
Certified Public Accountant*
, Income Tax Service
State National Bank Smith-Young Tower Nixon Building
We Do Not Ask—
We Give
to your business
The combined assets of the directors of
this bank are more than 5 million dollars.
4To Compounded semi-annually paid**
on Sayings Accounts
First National Bank
Established in 1891
When vou borrow money on real estate, many loan companies re
quire the title to he insured. The best teet of whether a title tt
insurable. Is to have it Insured. Require a title insurance policy
when you buy. "*
Prompt Title Service
Brownsville Edinbur*
Opposite Court House E. Harriman Bt?d.
Phone 11S4 Phone 93

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