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£hr Inramsufllr HernlD
Established July 4, 1892
Entered as second-class matter in the Postoffice
Brownsville, rexaa.
Subscription Rates—Daily and Sunday (7 Issues)
One Year .$9.00
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Three Months..
Dne Month. .75
The Associated Press Is exclusively entitled to the use
for publication of all news dispatches credited to it or
not otherwise credited in this paper, and also the
local news published herein.
Harlingen Office. Reese-Wil-Mond Hotel. Phone 1020.
National Advertising Representatives
Dallas. Texas, 512 Mercantile Bank Building.
Kansas City. Mo., 306 Coca Cola Building.
Chicago, 111- Association Building.
New York, 350 Madison Avenue.
St. Louis. 502 Star Building.
Los Angeles, Cal., Room 1015 New Orpheum Bldg.,
846 S. Broadway.
San Francisco, Cal., 318 Kohl Building.
———..I !■ ■■ I — -I ■ - ■—-■■■■ !!■■■ ■ ' .HI UNI.. —
Brownsville a Deep Water Port
Is Brownsville to be a deep water port? Is there
s channel for deep sea vessels for the floating of
deep water ships from the water of the gulf through
the waters of the river channel to the Brownsville
Lower Rio Grande Valley has been seeking i 25
foot harbor. Now the board of army engineers has
recommended a 25-foot project, and the channel will
be deepened through Brazos Santiago pass connect
ing with both the Brownsville and Point Isabel pro
Total cost is estimated at $4,700,000 and Lower
Valley capitalists and taxpayers will supply $2,175,000
and federal aid will supply the remainder. Texas
has the longest coast lme ol any American state.
Texas is very close to the Panama canal. Texas has
a string of Gulf harbors that are growing by leaps
and bounds. Texas has a future that is more ihaa
dazzling to men of vision who read and think.
And Texans in their senatorial and representative
districts this year should draft the very ablest and
constructive brained citizens as lawmakers in order
•ihat the 42nd legislature may enact economic laws
for the empire and its 6.000.000 population.
This should be the hour few constructive men in
the public service of the Lone Star common-?, ealth.
Wilcox Keeps Record Straight
Chmn. D. W. Wilcox ol the state democratic execu
tive committee has sent a clear-cut message to the
voters of Texas who call themselves democrats.
First, that it is untrue that the committee ruled
that candidates on the democratic ballot must be
limited to those who supported the democratic tick
et in 1928.
Second, it is untrue that the ruling of the com
mittee applied to candidates for district, count\ and
precinct offices.
Third, it is untrue that the democratic committee
made a bid for the negro vote.
Fourth and most imjiortant of all, It Is untrue
to say that tlie committee bars as candidates for
office those who voted for the republican elector in
Filth, and at the point the resolution adopted ap
plies only to candidates for slate office and does not
apply to candidate for the district, the county or
the precinct oilices.
This is true. The resoltion adopted is clear cut
and to the point. All Hoover democrats who \oted
lor Hoover and Curtis in 1928 are invited to return
to the party fold and participate in the primary
election in July.
They may become candidates for district and county
and precinct offices. They may become candidates
for the office of United States senator. They may
become candidates for congressional representatives.
Their leaders who voted for Pres. Hoover in 1928
are denied A place on the official ballot for gov
ernor or .he minor state places. As for Chmn. Wil
cox, m conclusion this is his attitude as to the fu
“As far as I am concerned, the question as to
whether or not the committee has the legal authority
to bar him and others in the same position from the
Fair enough. Courts are interpreters of the stat
utes of the commonwealth. It will be for the judges
to enter final judgment In a Judicial sense, and for
the voters at the polls to say the last word In the
selection of state officers who are the servants and
not the masters of the people.
This applies to the little fellows who get Into the
offices as well as the big fellows.
(Copyright, 1930, by The Associated Newspapers.)
Well, we may all have to make those high notes in
“The Star Spangled Banner” whether we want to or
not. The boys and girls ufho don't go In much for
vocal altitude and who try to get away with "My
Country *Tis Of Thee” at patriotic gatherings may
find themselves rounded up by the Government Song
Enforcement Squad and rushed off to the hoosegow.
• • • •
Believe it or not. Representative Llnthicum of
Maryland has introduced a bill at Washington to
make the “Oh Say Can You See” song the one and
only official national anthem.
• • • •
If the bill go-’s through you can’t open the loyal
citizens’ rally with “Three Cheers for the Red, White
and Blue” or anything like that and remain a good
citizen. You'll sing “The Sar Spangled Banner” and
like it.
• • • •
Can’t you see the newspaper stories even now?—
Providence, R. I.—Hilary P. Plunkett, well known
citizen, was shot by government agents here today as
he stood beside the piano in his home. Mrs, Plunk
ett was playing “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” and Mr.
Plunkett was singing it in a rather throaty baritone
when the front door was flung open by government
agents who fired four times at the couple. Mr.
Plunkett was slain but his wife escaped. The agents
announced that they would try again some other
• • • •
New York —Government Song Enforcement agents
descended on a suite in an apartment house in the
Sixties today with hatchets, destroying the premises
and arresting 42 citizens, all members of a singing
society who had gathered behind stuffed windows
and drawn curtains to sing “Yankee Doodle Came To
Town” and “The Battle Hymn of the Republic.”
“We’ve had cur eyes on this place for months,” said
Jabez B. Horan, chief of the Patriotic Song Enforce
ment division. “I am convinced that wre have round
ed up some of the biggest singers of Illegal songs in
the country. We Intend to make an example of
“CHARLES BURNS—Say If you have any objec
tion to my marriage: please answer. Mrs. Charles
Bums.”—Personal column. New York World.
• • • •
Really, Charles. It seems your turn to speak.
Pegpv Joyce has had her appendix removed. Few
of us thought there was a surgeon in the world who
could afford to do it.
Chicago Is clutching at a Strawn.
WANTED—Young Man. unmarried. Necessary
qualifications: personality, tact, tenacity, tireless.
A heart like Tunney! A punch like Dempsey! To
be developed as assistant to sales manager. Call
Friday morning. Markwcll Company. 200 Hudson
Street.”—New York Herald Tribune.
•‘SECRETARY-Stenographer — Accountant, college
graduate. Wall Street and diversified experience, of
fers her intelligent energy, loyalty, cooperation, love
and fidelity to those she can sene. Box P 93. Wall
Street Journal.’’—Wall Street Journal.
Now that King George has spoken over the radio
it would be no great surprise to hear of a program
in which the time-signals would be given by Premier
Mussolini, the weather forecast by Mustapha Kernel,
the stock tables by King Alfonso and a style talk by
Queen Marie of Rumania.
Herbert Maxwell, guardian of Pa
tricia and Jimmy Blair, twins and
heirs to a huge estate, makes away
with half of their fortune. He holds
Jimmy, an aphasia victim, captive.
Nurse Margery Lynne, Lieutenant
Rex Dallard and Dr. Gordon, both In
love with Pat, attempt to frustrate
the plot, but fail. Then Jimmy is
discovered, under care In a sani
tarium, where he has been placed by
Maxwell. He is returned to his sis
ter and Dallard and Oordon, who
have been conducting a separate
hunt are notified.
Rex Dallard was visibly affect
ed by the change he instantly noted
in the physical appearance of the
young man to whom he owed so
much. Jimmy was thirty pounds
lighter than on the morning he had
carried the half paralyzed lieutenant
almost a mile across No Man’s Land.
Margery, too. had suffered a shock
at her first sight that morning of
the young man on the sidewalk Just
before a blackjack had sent her In
to oblivion.
Pat. evidently, had noted Jimmy’s
shrunken limbs and thin wrists with
the eye of apprehension, for she
started questioning the doctor about
him the moment Margery's intro
duction of her “one other gir!
friend,” to the two men was over.
“That dog of a Maxwell must have
been starving him!” she declared,
with indignation. “Margery says he
is much thinner than he was that
day she tried to get him away from
the brute that blackjacked her! Or
do you think. Frank, that It's the
shell shock disorder that has so
pulled him down?”
“That, very likely, is the cause,”
replied the doctor. “It is the fre
quent result in shell shock cases, as
I've been informed for the victim
to fall away in flesh. I met a doctor
today at one of the institutions Rex
and I visited in our hunt for Jimmy
out in Mt. Vernon, who told me of
a case he is taking care of at the
government hospital here on Long
Island. This case, I gathered, is al
most identical with Jimmy's. And
this man s name, too, is Jim. The
last name is Elwell. He hails frem
Indiana, and was hurt at Sedan, the
last battle of the war. His mother
and father came on from their home
in Indiana to be with their boy
while the specialists are trying to
decide whether an operation is ad- j
visable or not!”
“Dr. Pine told me today,” said
Pat, “that I ought to have Jimmy
examined by specialists in brain dis
orders. You thmk, don’t you. Frank?
she went on, quickly, “that an oper
j Grab Bag j

February 11, 1930
Who am I? What state do I rep
resent in the senate? Who is the
other senator from my state?
How many men escaped the
Custer massacre?
Who is called “The Father of
the Circulating Library?”
“But unto every one of us Is
given grace according to the meas
ure of the gift of Christ.” Where
is this passage found in the Bible?
Correctly Speaking—
“There is” requires a singular
noun and “there are” a plural noun
or nouns.
Today's Anniversary
On this day, in 1847, Thomas A.
Edison was bom.
Today’s Horoscope
Persons born on this day are
fond of their homes and dislike
travel. They have brilliant minds.
Answers to Foregoing Questions
1. William B Pine; Oklahoma:
Elmer Thomas.
2. None.
3. Benjamin Franklin.
4. Ephesians, iv, 7.
1 Star Lore
By Arthur DeV. Carpenter
Christian Doppler. Austrian ma
thematician and physicist, an
nounced the principle in 1843 that
if the source from which light is
coming is approaching the observer,
the apparent wavelength of the
light appears to be shortened, thus
causing the like shift in the spec
trum toward the shorter wave
length (violet) end. But if the
source of light is receding from
the observer, the apparent wave
length of light appears to be
lengthened, thus causing the like
shift in the spectrum toward the
longer wavelength (red) end. As
Doppler was the first to announce
the principle, the above shifts are
known as the Doppler effect. It
is very important in the field of
(More Tomorrow)
atlon Is about the only means of
restoring him to normal?''
•I haven't said anything that I
can recall.*' he replied guardedly,
"that might give you reason to be
lieve I favor an operation. As a
matter of fact," he added. "I am
not at all keen on the subject, as a
rule. But a case like this of Jimmy's
caused, as his was. by a great con
cussion. is exceptionally puzzling. It
may adjust itself, I’ve been told. But
such adjustment—If it comes at all—
usually comes within a few days, or
weeks at the most. When they go as
long as Jimmy’s has gone, without
any marked change, then the oper
ation seems to be the only recourse.
But that isn't saying, you under
stand," he qualified quickly, "that I
suggest on operation. But I do ad
vise an examination by specialists.
And it's quite likely they will advise
an operation!"
While Pat was asking her ques
tions and during the doctor's ratlier
lengthy replies the subject being
discussed stood quietly at Margery’s
side. This position he had attained
some time before the arrival of Rex
and the doctor, by the simple ex
pedient on her part of slipping her
arm under his, grasping his wrist
firmly, and then gently Impelling,
or urging him in the way he should
go. Since she had not released her
hold on his wrist, he had gone only
as far as she had gone.
As Dr. Gordon completed his an
swer to Pat's question about special
ists, Aunt Lottie opened the door
dividing the living room from the
spacious hall and announced that
dinner was ready. Margery laughed
at her Aunt's use of the old-fashion
ed expression, whereupon the worthy
lady appealed to Pat to settle the
longstanding argument between her
niece and herself. Said Aunt Lottie:
"I claim the term, dinner is ser
ved,’ is a form that was orginated
by the English butler in Victoria's
generation, and should be used only
when a butler, or at any rate, a man
waiter, makes the announcement.
When, as in the present case, the
hostess does the announcing. I con
tend that she should say, Dinner is
ready.’ Which, in your opinion, is
proper, Pat?”
in repjy u> wnicn L'e young girl
laughed, and said, with fine diplo
"Caesars wife, they say. could
do no wrong, because—she was
Caesar's wife! I would say that my
hostess, be she right or wrong, is
right because—she is my hostess!”
Pat's answer, given as it was, on
the spur of the moment, without
time fer any thought or prepara
tion. elicited a laugh from every
one of her small audience. To Rex
Dallard and the doctor it was ju t
another evidence of the tact and
cleverness that went into the mak
ing of Pot's engaging personality.
She never purposely said anythin?
that might hurt another's feelings.
Both the Lieutenant and the doc
tor, as they seated themselves at
the dining table, were possessed of
a thought similar to that which
had worried the minds of Margery
and Pat upon their return home
with Jimmy that day, and Aunt
Lottie had announced that lunch
eon was ready. The natural query
in the mind of each girl wait
"How will Jimmy act at the dining
table? Will he eat like a rational
human being, or will he glom' his
food, as persons in advanced stages
of paresis do?”
just as Margery ana ra: naa arm
at luncheon. Rex and Prank were
—very pleasantly surprised at what
they observed in the deportment
of Jimmy Blair after Margery had
deftly seated him next to herself
at the dining table that evening.
It has long been the contention
among some persons that under no
other conditions will a person so
quickly delineate his or her breed
ing as at the dining table. But the
best bred man in the world, if he
had been deprived suddenly of his
thinking faculties, would hardly be
j expected to conduct himself in the
I rame manner that had been his
when normal.
And yet that, in a large part, was
the way Jimmy Blair carried on at
the. dining table—just about as he
had been accustomed all his life,
with perfect manners. It might
even be said that he excelled in one
respect, in that he spoke no word
throughout hs meal. He simply ate
in a calm, decorous manner, using
knife and fork prooerly and with
out awkwardness, that which was
placed directly in front of him.
How it could be that he was able
to do these things was beyond even
the doctor's understanding. It
simply remains a fact that he did
do thc£t as described. The best
explanation the doctor could give
was that it was all sub-conscious
on Jimmy’s part—the off-put of
"The secret lies, of course, in
some strange psychology of the
mind," averred Gordon. "The
power of mind—even sub-conscious
mind—over matter, is admitted by
all students of auto-hypnotism
nowadays. Myself. I am very ignor
ant on the subject. But I am sure
there is a logical explanation for
Jimmy’s actions. And yet," add<*d
the doctor, as Margery gave the
signal for adjournment to the liv
ing room, "with all the knowledge
that science has acquired, it knows
very little, in reality, about the in
tricate workings of the brain. The
How They
Grew Thin
You will be surprised, if you look
around, at how many people have grown
thin in late years. It is evident that some
new method has come into very wide use
It ha3 been found that a weak gland
is a great cause of obesity. So modern
physicians have been fighting that cause
without starvation diets.
This right method is embodied in
Marmola prescription tablets. People
have used them for 22 years—millions
of boxes of them. Now in almost every
circle the delightful results are apparent
A book in each box of Marmola tells
you how and why it acts. The formula
is given. Go try this remarkable, this
natural means. Ask your druggist today
for a $1 box of Marmola. You owe that
to yourself,
, ofacieac
) SKV too; I
great experts will expound their I
theories, elucidate on this or that,
talk large and fluently—and look
wise! That, in fact, is about the
best thing they can do—looking
wise! When it comes to performance
—well, that's something else again!”
‘ Dr. Pine agreed with me.” said
Pat, when they were again seated
in the big, pleasantly appointed
living rocm. "that it was best to
keep entirely mum. not to let Max
well know I've found and got Jim
my away from his clutches. For
it's just as Margery says." she went
1 on, earnestly, “Old Maxwell k;d
| naped Jimmy in Paris—or had him
kidnaped—and will probably do it
agf.n, if he gets a chance! When
he had Jimmy he had me In his
power! Now. when he discovers
that he no longer holds Jimmy,
he will realize his danger and be
desperate. And I am perfectly will
ing to admit that I'm afraid of
Herbert Maxwell!”
Sheriffs to Convene
SAN ANGELO. Peb. 11—(<P>—At
least twenty sherilfs have made res
ervations for the annual convention
here Feb. 13-14 of the West Texas
Sheriff's association.
learn value
Because It is so
helpful i n keeping
babies and chUdren
happy, every mother
should Know about
Phillips Milk of
This harmless, al
most tasteless prepa
effectlve in relieving
those symptoms of babies and chil
dren generally caused by souring
food in the little digestive tract,
such as sour-belchlng. frequent
vomiting, feverishness, colic. As a
mild laxative, it acts gently, but
certainly, to open the little oowcis
in constipation, colds, childrens
A teaspoonful of Phillips Milk of
Magnesia does the work of half a
pint of lime water in neutrahring
cows milk for infant feeding, and
preventing hard curds. Its many
uses for mother and child are fully
explainsd in the interesting book
"Useful Information." It will be
sent you. FREE Write The Phil
lips Co., 117 Hudson St., New York.
N. Y.
In buying, be sure to get genuine
Phillips Milk of Magnesia. Doctors
have prescribed it for over SO
"Milk of Magnesia" has been the
U. S. Registered Trade Mats of the
Chas. If. Phillips Chemical Co., and
its predecessor, Chas. H. Phillips,
since 1875.___^
We have added a
*' Rental Library to our
store! Come in and look I
Iit over. All of the best ♦
sellers of all publishers. X
Keep abreast of the ^
most popular new books ■
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small cost! $
I Stationary & Book Store |
Z Brownsville, Texas
Jones Surprised at
Valley Development
Melvin Jones of Chicago, secre
tary general of the Liens club, is
surprised at the development of the
Valley during the last four years
He was shown the places of inter
est over this section by Bascom Cox.
president of the local Lions club.
The high ranking Lion was in the
Valley four years ago. He had in
tended to bring the Lion president.
Ray L. Riley, here but was unable
to do so as he was busy in a cam
paign for the governorship of Cal
The natural palm grove and the
ducks on Olmito lake attracted
especial attention from Jones.
" .. ~ """"" ~~ — — -- - -
Eat At
Anthony’s Waffle
517 12 St Phone 983
Blue Printing and
Harlingen, Texas
1011 1930
Skelton Abstract Co.
Abstracts of Title Title Insurance
Merchants Bank Building Brownsville
Dependable Phone 353 Prompt
Abstracts of Title Title Insuraace
We cover ail lands In CamrrAn County
1 ..-"—»■■ i ...- ..—.. 1 1 1 ~ .. '——■■■■ i " ■■
-- - -- ■ ■ -
Certified Public Accountants
Income Tax Service
State National Bonk Smith-Young Tower Nixon Building
It’s Your Bank
We want you to feel at home here.
Every service we offer—saving, check
ing, commercial, trust, safety deposit—
is yours to command.
First National Bank
Established in 1891
When you borrow money on realestate, manjaloan companies re- |
quire the title to be insured. Ibe best test of whether a title u
Insurable, is to have it insured. Require a title Insurance policy
when you buy.
Prompt Title Service
Brownsville Fd»nfcarc
Opposite Court House B. Harriman Blvd.
Phone 1184 Phone 93

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