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—_ _
327Attend 0. E. S.
i School at McAllen
V « ....—..
With a total attendance of 327 members, officers and visitors from
Various Valley chapters, an all-day School of Instruction for O. E. 8.
was held Saturday at McAllen. Ten grand officers were included in
registration and 172 visitors, representing fourteen states.
1 The day was principally taken up with secret work of the order, a
- large number of members ol,
Brownsville Hope chapter taking
examinations during the school.
Mrs. George Hillyer took the “A”
* examination, and the folowlng were
examined in "B'* work: Mesdames
W. W. Ball. Maude Cherry. Stella
*■ Dickason, Margaret Douglas. R. C.
Oraham. George Hamilton. E. G.
Holliday. Mary L. Lamberth. Daisy
Nichols. H. L. Thomas. W. J. Ver
Irees, and George Walker.
* Morning and afternoon sessions
„ were featured by several entertain
ing numbers in aditlon to routine
- work of the school program.
* Luncheon was served at noon by
4 the McAllen chapter, and an in
formal reception closed the eve
ning program.
* Among the guests of honor were
4 Mis. Beulah Rawlings. Worthy
. Grand Matron: Mrs. Bessie Garth,
associate grand matron; Win. G.
Vollus. associate grand patron: Mrs.
Fay Stevenson, secretary grand cx
* amining board; Mrs. Mora V.
Cochrane, district deputy grand
matron; Mrs. Annie E Joyner, dep
« uty grand matron; Mrs. Bessie
Decker, grand chaplain
* Mrs. Harris to
Give Parties
Mrs John R. Harris is entertain
ing Tuesday afternoon at 3 p. m.
with the first of a series of bridge
parties which she plans to continue
in the next few days. She will be
hostess at her home in Los Ebanos.;
• • •
Party Given For
Freshman Class
An enjoyable informal evening
fty for members of the high school'
shman class was given Satur-1
’ night by Coralea Neel at the
ne of her sister. Mrs R L. W’orks. |
Leve© street.
Dancing and games were pleasant
diversions for twenty friends of the
young hostess, and the evening was
climaxed by a late supper served
fit a late hour.
Coniine?. Goings
Mr. and Mrs. Chas A. Reil visit
ed Mrs. Red's sister. Mrs. A.
Hems* In Weslaco Sunday.
# Capt. and Mrs. John N. Merrill
*nd two children are leaving for
Monterrey. Calif., where the\ will
make their home in the future.
They will take the overland route
|>y automobile.
Mrs. Hayden Hays returned Sun
day from Houston where she had
been for the past two weeks under
the care of a specialist.
W B Sellers has returned from
* business trip to New York City.,
STIBBINGTON Eng —At the fu
tier&l of Sir Edwin 8herwin the
family servants by his final direc
tions were placed ahead of nil the
peers in the funeral procession.
ytfiftest, Easiest Way
\o End Bilious Spell
When you neglect those first
•ymotoms of constipetion — dm
breath, coated tongue, ilstlessness.
the whole system soon suffers. Ap
pet.tf lags. Digestion slows up.
^tru necome headachy, dizzy, bill
easy to correct sluggish bow
;| li action! Take a candy Cascaret
fo night. Sec how quickly—ar.d
K0r*sa:.tly—the bowels arc activat
I All the souring waste is gently
H tolled from the system. Hrgulai
ft complete bowel action is re
|j ecets are made from puie
ra. a substance whicn doctors j
■ tfhe 'tuallv strengthens bowel
I attack All dru;" stores have Cas
I oc _
Do You Catch
Cold Easily?
The least bit of cold air or damp
ness chills the body if the blood is
. not in good condition*
Rich, red blood is your best pro
>*:uoa against winter ills. If you
feel the lack of vigor and your appe
tite is poor, try taking Grove’s
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ing of vigor and strength. Get a 6oc
bottle, At all drug stores. ~~ '
Parish dinner for Episcopal
church at parish house 7 p. m.
Learners’ club with Mrs. Sher
wood Bishop.
Mardi Bridge club with Mrs. Fred
Rebckahs meet at hall, evening.
Barometric pressure was low' over
the Plains states and western Tex
as this morning (lowest reading
29 50 inches at North Platte, Nebr >,
and relatively high over the far
western and far eastern states.
Cloudy and unsettled weather pre
vailed practically throughout the
region between the Rocky and Ap
palachian Mountains at the morn
ing observation, and light to mod
erate precipitation was pretty gen
eral throughout the Rocky Moun
tain region and the far western
states within the last 24 hours,
while scattered rams were reported
from the Great Lakes, region and
very light rams from Texas and
Louisiana. Temperatures were sea
sonable to above normal through
out the eastern two-thirds of the
United States this morning, and
somewhat subnormal over the west
ern third of the country.
First figures, lowest temperatures
last night; second, highest tempera
tures yesterday; third, wind ve
locity at 8 a. m.; fourth, precipi
tation in last 24 hours:
Abilene . 62 86 14 .00
Amarillo . 46 73 10 .00
Atlanta . 58 70 .. .00
Austin . 66 78 10 .00
Boise . 30 42 .. .02
Boston . 48 62 .. .04
BROWNSVILLE.... 68 80 15 00
Calgary . 18.00
Chicago . 44 60 .. .06
Cleveland . 46 56 10 .14
Corpus Christ!. 66 74 14 .00
Dallas . 68 76 16 .00
Del RlO . 64 82 12 00
Denver . 36 60 .. .00
Dodge City . « 80 10 .00
El Paso . " 74 20
Fort Smith . 68 80 .. .00
Helena . 26 38 .. .00
Houston . M 74 12 .til
Huron . 33 56 .. .00
Jackson Vie . 60 78 .. .00
Kansas City . 60 66 16 .00
Louisville . 56 64 12 .00
Memphis . 64 72 .. .00
Miami . 70 76 .. .00
New Orleans . 66 80 .. .00
No:' h Platte . 42 64 .. .00
Oklahoma City .... 62 80 12 .00
Palestine . 6t; 74 .. oo
Pensacola . 60 68 .. .00
P Mnalx . 46 58 .. 18
Port Arthur . 66 70 .. .01
R unwell . 44 82 16 .00
S'. Louis . 56 00 14 00
St. Paul . 42 52 10 00
Salt Lake Cvy .... 24 36 .. .53
San Antonio . 66 76 .. OO
Santa Fe . 32 54 .. .23
Sheridan . 88 50 .. JC
Shreveport . 68 78 .. .00
Vicksburg . 64 80 .. 00
Wasl n . 42 60 .. .01
WllUston . 30 43 .. .00
Wilmington . 56 72 .. oo
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Many Valley Town* Enter
Representatives During
Musical Fete
(Special to The Herald.)
HARLINGEN. Feb. 24—When the
Cowboy Band appears in concert
at the Fair Park auditorium here
on the evening of March 4. a
portion, if not all. of the high school
bands and orchestras in the Val
ley will be there in mass for the
Reservation for four full bands,
totaling 180. had been ordered Sat
urday morning, with others expect
ed early next week. Bands which
will attend in a group are Donna.
Pharr, Edinburg and Weslaco.
Plans are to introduce these bands,
several of which have won in var
ious sectional and state contests
during the past year.
Possibilities of a complete sell
out for the concert grew stronger
Saturday when reservations passed
! the 325 - mark. The auditorium
capacity is 2.107 and ticket sales
j are not expected to reach full swung
until the middle of the week. The
number of reservations during the
first three days, with eight days
remaining, is regarded as being a
The Cowboy Rand will appear in
Harlingen in one of the last con
certs to be given on the present
tour. Upon completion of this the
band then will begin preparations
I for the tour of Europe, sailing on
the Leviathan from New York on
June 11.
Tickets are on sale at the Har
lingen Chamber of Commerce.
McAllen Enters Play
In School Contest
McALLEN. Feb. 24— McAllen high
school will enter a one - act play
In the University Inferscholastic
Leacue play contest this year, ac
cording to a decision reached by
McAllen school officials.
Rehearsals are alreadv under
way and the play "Rosalind" will
be entered in the contest. The cast,
composed of William Blair. Mar
guerity Gibbs and Nolle Francis,
is being coached by Miss Bernice
Hufstutler. high school English
instructor The plav will be pres
ented in Weslaco on March 14
This is the second time McAllen
has entered a one-act play in this
department of the League’s con
tests. In 1929. the cast won bo’h
county and district play contests
and lost in the state finals to
3rackcnxidgc High of San Antonio.
Two Ft. Worth Men
Killed in Smash
Two men. killed Sundav when their
automobile collided with a Santa
Fe passenger train north of the city,
were identified today as J W. Stew
art. ’’S. and Joe R. Bieiman. both
cf Dallas.
Stewart was identified by a
brother. V* M Stewart, who resides
near Rhr « . Bieiman was identi
fied from tatto marks by friends
Force of the collision hurled their
bodies clear of the wreckage ar.tl
they were badly mangled
BARCELONA—Members of the
Caldera family have won shares in
three surresstvr Spanish lotteries.
Retting $61,000
" . * !
Houston Woman
Gives Argotane
Credit for Aid
* Because Argotane has helocd nr
so much when everything else had
failed I shall always recommend
it,'' Mrs. J. A. Barroso. of 3505
Clark Street. Houston. Texas, told
a HLnreaentVive of the Argotane
comifcny Mrs Barroso, for nine
teen jhfettrs a resident of Houston, is
well known in the city and its cn
' For \ho past five years I have
been suffering from stomach trou
ble." continued Mrs. Barroso. "I had
tried matv things in my efforts to
secure relief, but nothing seemed to
kelp me Oh tne contrary. I was
rapidly gi owing worse. I was in a .
general ri ndown condition and was J
afflicted frith sour stomach, indi- ■
gestion. gas formations, belchL.g
spells, and nervousness.
*'My apatite. under the circum
stances, was not of the best, and
what food I managed to eat did
not agree .with me. A tired and
worn-out feeling added to my gen
eral depression.
*T had heard so much about Ar
gotane. and as it had been highly
recommended. I decided to try it.
That was a wrv fortunate decision
on my part, as the results proved.
•T felt wonnerfully improved af
ter taking onl* one bottle of Argo
tane. I can eat anything I want
to now. without experiencing any
ill effects, and I go around feeling
just fine. Argotane alone is re
sponsible for this remarkable im
provement in my condition, and be
cause it has helped me so much.
I am more than glad to give this
statement and feel justified in rec
ommending it to anyone who is suf
fering as I did."
Genuine Argotane may be bought
in Brownsville at the Martinez Drug
Stores. No. 1. Market Plaza; No. 2.
Victoria Heights.. adv.
Call a physician. Than begin
w . “emargancy" treatment with
-<& visas
I i
The craftsmanship of Willard
Mack, rightly considered one ol the
greatest playwrights America has
produced, is abundantly demonstra
ted in ‘ The Voice of the City," his
first-all-talkmg picture, a Cosmo
politan production for Metro-Oold
wyn-Mayer which opened at the
Texas Theater last night.
• The Voice of the City," grimly
realistic, is a fast-moving melo
drama of a boy's break from Sing
Sing, the search for him by a ruth
less detective, the boy's breathless
romance and his eventual clearance
of the charge which jailed him. It
all takes place within the space of
twenty-four hours and because of
this contraction it moves with ex
press-tram speed, the dialogue tend
ing to speed up the action rather
than retard it.
Its setting is the underworld of
a great city, and shows in vivid
fashion the life of those people who
live in fear of the law. There is
deception, double-crossing, violence,
fear and hatred all Intermingled.
Yet through this plot of shadows
there runs a shining thread of ro
mance. In fact, the love story is un
, usually tender and appealing, con
trasted as it is with the grim terror
; of the man hunt.
Robert Ames is splendid as the
boy. harried, innocent and confused,
i while Sylvia Field, iresh from her
triumphs on the Broadway stage, is
appealing and dramatic as Ins
I sweetheart But outstanding honors
I go to Willard Mack, who both wrote
' and directed the story, and who
! giv«. OM < : his best characte r in
terpretations as Biff the detective.
He makes th" detective thoroughly
human and sympathetic in spite of
his ruthlessness. Mack secured au
excellent cast for his production.
A: ide from the splendid work of the
principals, other excellent charac
terizations are offered by Alice Moe,
Beatrice Banyard. Duane Thompson
John Miljan. James Farley. Clark
1 Marshall and Tcm McGuire.
■ All. the hero enters on his cue!”
Thus Rod 1/a Roque, strumming
i his guitar with languid fingers, sets
; the tempo—and the satire— of "The
Delightful Rogue." a swashbuckling
yarn o la modern pirate in the
tropics, which opens tomorrow at
the Queen Theater.
Lest it be thought that "The De
lightful Rogue” is merely a high
hat full of subtleties, it should be
mentioned at the outset that there
i;, more old-time action and thrills
than anything reen to date on the
Red La Rocquc is Lastro. a Latin
vagabond. He seizes a millionaire's
yacht and turns r into a plretcer.
to plunder a group of tropical is
Remember the roles that estab
lished Gloria Swanson as the "best
dreseed woman in the world?"
Ever wonder how Gloria Swanson
was going to sound in talking pic
These and kindred queries are
answered at the Capitol theatre to
day when Miss Swanson makes her
—— 1 ' .. 1 — - '■
‘‘My little daughter Is about the
healthiest girl I know.” says Mrs.
Wm. L Pieper. 1043 Drexel Ave..
San Antonio. "And I want to give
credit where it is due.
"Elaine was constipated several
years ago and I gave her Cali
fornia Fig Syrup. It helped her so
wondorfullv that I have used it
ever since for all her upsets or colds.
It has kept her strong, energetic,
Children suffer when bowels aren’t
regular. Breath becomes fetid, ton
gue coated, eyes dull. When these
symptoms are neglected, biliousness,
feverishness, lack of appetite in
variably follow.
The first dose of California Fig
Syrup relieves these symptoms and
activates sluggish bowels. Succes
sive doses help tone and strengthen
weak bowels; improve appetite; en
courage digestion and assimilation.
Try it with a bilious, headachy, con
stipated child and see how it helps!
The pure vegetable product, en
dorsed by doctors for 50 years, al
ways bears the name California So
low for it when buying. adv.
debut from the audible screen in
“The Trespasser." her first all-talk
ing picture for United Artists, writ
ten and directed by Edmund Gould
And Miss Swanson speaks and
sings from the screen for the first
time! Her voice is rich and well mo
dulated. it is declared; she not only
talks in all the scenes in which she
appears, but in addition sings two
songs in tne United Artists picture.
One of them, ' Love." was composed
especially tor her by Edmund Gould
mg. author and director of “The
Muss Swanson's supporting cast
includes Robert Ames, the leading
man; Purnell Pratt. Henry B. Wal
I thall, Wally Albright. William Hol
den, Blanche Pndericl. Kay Ham
mond. Mary Forbes and Marcella
No stage on earth could put on
such a show as Metro-Goldwyn
Mayer has brought together in
“Chasing Rainbows." a new musi
cal romantic drama which opened
at the Rivoli theater. San Benito
last night, and continues today and
! tomorrow.
This gripping picturizaiion of
theatrical life takes you behind the
footlights as well as before them,
bringing before your eyes dazzling
spectacles of beauty.
Charles King and Bessie Love are
brought together again in the fea
' lure, which was directed by Charles
F. iChucki Rierner. who recently
; filmed the “Hollywood Revue of
1929 "
In the cast arc such favorites as
! Jack Benny. Marie Dressier. Polly
Moran. Gwen Lee, George K Arthur,
Nita Mar tan. Eddie Phillips and
Youcca Troubletskoy.
Sammy Lee. who staged the spec
tacular dancing ensembles, filmed
in technicolor, has created living
pictures of pulchritude and color
that supply a contrasting background
for the drabness of the scenes back
stage where joys, sorrows, tragedies
and romance are intertwined.
“Street c.f Chance," William Pow
ell's first starring picture for Para
Get poisons out of iho system with
Feen-a-mir.l. the < hewing t.um Laxa
tive. Smaiier doses effective when
taken in this form. A modern, scien
tific, family laxative. Safe and mild.
s im\(i
Pour milk or cream in a
brimming bowl of these
toasted rice bubbles—then
listen while they sing a
song of crispness! Snap!
Crackle! Pop! This great
newr cereal is telling you
how filled with wonder
flavor every mouthful is!
Children love it — for
breakfast, lunch or supper.
At your grocer’s. Made by
Kellogg in Battle Creek.
\yOUphf Iff in Cf>!ds nay Ifad to sc- elements __ .1 . , - .
nous trouble. You car stop them infill!? H£ *oothe ■»«* heal tbs
now with Croomulaion. an emulsified ritation whihMh^rrJ^t St°P thf> **'
creosote that is pleasant to take iho l ,he cfeo»°le goes on to
Crrnmuliion is a medical H.vovrrr ".h*Ci’ 'l a v,rb^ into the
»ilh .wcrfold action; i, *2 and c'he LT^ "*,! 1 \h" «~U*
heals the inflamed membranes and in- Crromil ,he.Rrowth of *he germ*
kbits germ growth. •°m,B>on " K“«a»teed satisfao
Of all known drugs creosote is reo. K *r.eatm<rnt °f coughs from
©gnized by high m -dical autborit^S brtmrhhl’tariM?’ !"* “?*?* form» ol
as one of the greatest healing agencies f - h„” ]• ,rri‘J,l?n*' an<£ ,s excellent
for cncgha from cold. anArSSiS or l K'Sd f«cold.
tstwirzsjsir jp** £? ** <.tr
mount, and one of the moat excit
ing and highly dramatic pictures of
the year, will be presented at the
Harlingen, Arcadia Theater. Wed
nesday and Thursday,
In Street of Chance." Powell, who
undoubtedly creates the most fas
cinating role of his career, is cast
as a notorious gambler, a cold cyni
cal man, feared and respected by
all who know’ him. With keen in
sight and understanding Powell
makes Natural" Davis, the pic
ture's dominant figure, a charac
ter of moods; a man torn between
his uncontrollable desire to gamble
and the better judgement that tells
him that it is impossible for him
in rnntinn#* hi* cramblinff life for
"Street of Chance” is literally
packed with suspense-filled situa
tions that build up in logical and
convincing fashion to a breath-tak
ing. powerful climax.
Kay Francis, who gave a fine per
formance with Clara Bow in * Dan
gerous Curves;' creates her first
sympathetic role as the faithful wifi
of ‘Natural’ Davis. Regis Toomc?
of "Alibi" fame Is caat as Natural s'
brother, and Jean Arthur play
Toomey's wife. All three players an
well caat and give restrained, am
pathetic performance!.
& ri &
• Y^r ^Bj III i - r * l * I BM _ ^B*
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to buy a car
at a Real Saving
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Used Cars now being dis
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dealer — all offered at reduced
2 The spring selling season
will soon be at its height and
seasonal demands will quickly
dispose of the choicest of these
3 These cars cover a wide
range in price, from $100
to $3,000. There is a car avail
able for practically any need.
4 Remember, CaailUc-La Salle
merchants have built a repu
tation for dependability — honest
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nence. They are among the
soundly established business men
of every community’.
5 The used cars they offer
will give you many thou
sands of miles of excellent serv
ice, in keeping with your needs,
at a price that will mean a con
siderable saving.
Many of tnese used cars are
on a guaranteed basis — a
guarantee backed by a reliable
merchant who has earned the
good will of his clientele by
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ing in all departments of his
business — used cars, new cars
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7 The used cars now being
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on new cars during the winter
months. There has been ample
time for their conditioning.
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Cadillac-L*z Salle
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