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Junior Boys Tournament Is Opened at San Benito
— «*- Jt tt U U V U U U U V U V U U It U V w •> _____
«Exes to Entertain Valley
All-Stars and Eagles
At Harlingen
HARLINGEN. Feb. 27-Ex-stU-l
dents of Texas A. & M. College
will be hosts to the Valley All-star;
baseball team, and to the Browns- j
ville Eagles of last year at a ban-|
quet here March 8. at which Coach
Matty Bell of the Aggies will be
Others expected at the meeting
are E. E. McQuillan, secretary of
Ex-Students association, James Sul
livan. business manager of athletics,
and possibly Capt. W. W. Sterlinc,
president of the Ex-Students asso
All Valley ex-students of A. & M.
are expected to be on hand.
A. B. Weaver and Henry Alsmeyer
are handling arangements.
"Coming events
cast their
shadows before"
By refraining from
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ness—eliminate abuses. Be moderate—be moderate in all
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your eyes arc bigger than your stomach, reach for a lucky
instead. Coming events cast their shadows before. Avoid
that future shadow by avoiding over-indulgence if you
w ould maintain that lithe, youthful figure.
Lucky Strike, the finest Cigarette a
man ever smoked, made of the fin
est tobacco—The Cream of the Crop—
"IT’S TOASTED." Everyone knows that
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"It’s toasted"
* Your Throat Protection—against irritation—against cough.
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ing Lucky Strike Cigarettes will bring modern figures or cause the reduction of flesh. We do declare that when ,
tempted to do yourself too well, if you will “Reach for a lucky" instead, you will thus avoid over-indulgence
in things that cause excess weight and, by avoiding over-indulgence, maintain a modern, graceful form.
TUNE IN—The Lucky Strike Dance Orchestra, every Saturday night, over a coast-to-coast network of the N. B. C.
© 1M0, The American Tobacco Co*. Mfra.
w - - - i.w. .w w y -r *• ^ ^ ^ '▼' -v -v *t- i
Saint Players Vote to Enter Valley Cage Round Robin
__________«L .• .t *
'Special to The Herald > I
HARLINGEN. Feb. 27-He wasn't
seven feet tall: the cane and spats i
were missing: his clothing was not
startling; he had no tin ears—in
fact. Art Shires looked very much
like an ordinary man. and Harlin
gen was slightly disappointed.
He was very much the same
scrappy belilgerant who plaved ball
in the Valley four years ago.
The Unmodulated Broadcaster
paraded down the Main Stem of
Harlingen Wednesday afternoon |
seated beside the mayor. Their!
ben mots were reserved to them
selves pretty well.
“It certainly pays to advertise.”
one disappointed customer said as
he craned his neck at the disap
pearing car, “to think that I came
20 miles for this.”
Wednesday evening. Shires was
truest of honor at a banquet held
at La Peria. A group of about
50 strained their ears to hear some
of Shires' far famed bashful
speeches, but they were not forth
Shires will remain in the Valley
several days, it is expected, before
reporting to the White Sox train
ing camp at San Antonio. Art is
now in a salary row with the Pale
Hose moguls.
WINNETKA. 111. —Striking an
automobile. George Homan was
thrown from his motorcycle into a
Cage Results
At Alpine: Sul Ross 32; McMur
ry 28.
At LaFayette: Purdue 29, North
western 16.
At Baltimore: Johns Hopkins
35: Catholic U. (Washington* 25.
At Princeton: Dartmouth 42. j
Princeton 23.
AVALON. Catalina Island, Calif..
Feb. 27.——Manager Joe Mc
Carthy of the Chicago Cubs has a
surprise for the members of the
second squad which will arrive to
morrow—they will go right to work
the same afternoon.
In announcing this—McCarthy
also said the first practice game,
scheduled with Jess Orendorff's
baseball school team, had been
postponed indefinitely.
Sanders, San Benito Chief,
Will Sound Out Club
Once More
San Benito, not the Brownsville
Junior college Scorpions, will play
In the Valley Amateur basketball
round robin as runner-up in the
lower bracket. This was decided at
a meeting of Saint players Wed
nesday evening.
San Benito finished second in
the league with a standing of
eleven won and three lost. The
Junior college was second with
ten won and four lost. Geo. Sand
ers, Saint manager, however, de
cided that his club was too crip
pled and stepped aside to let the
third place Scorpions enter the
championship round robin.
Wednesday night the Saint
players held the meeting and voted
to go ahead and play In the round
robin. Sanders was not present at
the meeting and knew nothing of
the gathering Thursday morning.
If the action of the Saint players
is confirmed, they will play the
Firemen at Edinburg Friday night.
On the same night Harlingen Meth
odists take on Donna at Harlin
Saturday these reverse with Edin
burg at San Benito and Harlingen
at Donna.
Baseball Up Friday Night
At Session In
/Special to Tire Herald >
DONNA. Feb. 27—A meeting of
Valiev coaches for the purpose of
mapping out the coming baseball
season will be held at the Donna
high school 7:30 p. m. Friday.
All coaches planning to have a
high school team are urged to at
tend the gathering as much Import
ant preliminary ground is expect
ed to be covered.
Indications are at present that
the Valley will enjoy one of its best
high school baseball years during
the coming season. Preliminary
skirmishes will likely begin next
A schedule is expected to be ar
ranged Friday night und an execu
tive committee appointed to take
care of eligibility as in football.
Yanks Attempt To
Outdo One Another
ST. PETERSBURG. Fla . Feb. 27
j —/p,—The New York Yankees evi
dently are trying to outdo one an
other in training camp stunts. The
atchers failed in their attempts to
snare balls tossed from an airplane,
so yesterday some of the other play
ers called in a Blimp plane and
caught a fewr balks thrown from
heights up to 380 feet.
The appearance of Robert Walsh,
second pitching son of Big Ed
Walsh of Chicago White Sox fame,
aroused most of the interest in
the regular workout. Rob took a
ten minute turn on the mound and
showed about as much ‘•stuff” ns
any of the hurlers at this stage.
Young Rookie Is
0. K.’d by Honus
SAN ANTONIO. Feb. 27.—'/P>—
Bill Powley, young Pittsburgh seml
i pro pitcher, comes well recommend
ed to the New York Giants. It
was Honus Wagner, famous ‘ Fly
ing Dutchman,” who told Manager
John McGraw Powley had the
>akings of a major leaguer.
But Powley got only a small part
of McGraw’s attention in the first
workout directed by the Giant man
ager. The team went through two
long hard workouts yesterday with
a five inning game in the morning
and six in the afternoon And. a.;
usual in the early training con
tests. the Rookie team beat the
, regulars.
Pipkin to Dallas
J. T. Pipkin of the Hicks Rubber
1 company of Brownsville, Inc., left
, Thursday for Dallas on a business
Mr. Pipkin said he expected to be
gone over the week-end.
OF CUSTOMS. Port of Brownsville
Texas, Feb. 19, 1930. Notice is here
by given that on February 17, 1930
there was seized at San Benito, Tex
5s, from Marcos Quintero, et als., foj
violation of Sect. 593 Tariff Act
1922 ar.T Sect. 3062 R. S.. One Ford
Coupe, motor No. 14312879. Anyone
claiming the within described auto
mobile will file claim with me with
in twenty <20> days from the date
of this notice; otherwise I will sell
: the automobile at public auction al
the U. 8. Customhouse, Brownsville
Texas, on Wednesday. March 12
1930, at 10 o’clock a. m.-Wm. Neale
Dy. Collector.
1 2-20-27-4-31-367;
Tunney Speaks of Fighting Days At
Miami; Recovering From Operation
i ' _
Associated Press Sports Writer
MIAMI. Fla.. Feb. 27—<;p>—Gene
Tunney. retired undefeated heavy
weight boxing champion of ths
world, plans to "get well" he said
I today, and then go into “some bus
l iness." Convalescing from a recent
operation in New York the man
who left the rmg and the cham
pionship behind 18 months ago
looked forward with keen anticipa
Greenwade Throws Down
Glove for 300 Yard
Dash at Austin
<Special to The Herald.)
AUSTIN. Feb. 27— Possibility
that the flying feet of the great
Charlie Paddock may again burn
the cinders of the Texas Memorial
Stadium was seen here today In
the challenge of Bob Greenwade. i
famous sprinter, who challenged
Paddock for a special 300 yard race
at. the Sixth Annual Texas Relays.
March 28. Greenwade is formerly of
the Emporia Kansas Teachers Col- i
lege and the San Francisco Olym
pic club, and is now Athletic coach
a* the San Antonio Junior college.
He Is assisting coaching at
Brnckenridge Hicjh School there. I
Greenwade claims the record of
the 300 yard dash, his favorite
distance. He also has been very
close to world marks at several!
other distances, Including the quar-1
icr mue.
Paddock and Greenwade toured
together for some time. In 1926 and
1927. he and John Kuck, the Shot
Putter, toured Europe.
Paddock has returned to competi
tion arid Greenwade learns that he
Is p’anrdne to attend the Texas1
Relays. Thus he has hurled his
In his training at San Antonio
this year. Greenwade is using the
first starting blocks to appear in
this section. The starting block,
against which tht sprinter rests his
feet to aid in getting a fast start,
was subject of a terrific row at the
recent National Convention of the
A. A. U. They were approved by
that organization and the National
i Federation. Most sprinters use them
General foundations for forma
tion of a Brownsville amateur ball
club were laid at a meeting of
plavcrs and fans held at the Bat
, sell-Wells sporting goods house
Wednesday night.
It was estimated that approx
i imately $800 would be needed to
outfit a team of 16 men and get
a diamond into shape.
Ben Proctor and Bob Wells, well
known baseball boosters, went over
the financial requirements. They
declared they believed the money
could be raised easily.
They were to get in behind oth
er baseball fans and start the mov -
Some 15 players were preafent.
The majority of them were num
bers of the Brownsville Tigers, a
fast amateur nine organized /here
each year. /
Practice will be begun jufct as
soon asjnoney is raised, it wap said.
Ferrell Lauded B;y
Manager of BrcSwns
27.—<4*1—Dick Ferrell, rookie
cr last season, was told ht
1 backstop with the S|J Louis
Browns this year by Manager Billy
the Red" Kinder, as he st*ppcU to
the plate to dust the cobwebs from
his batting eye on the secfcnd day
of the spring training jaiint.
”1 told you last spring acu were
the best young catcher I'd seen
come up in years.” KUlefeif told the
lad. "That still goes ”
Fifteen players were \tJ uniform
Eight were absent, but tilt waa ex
plained by the fact transportation
had not reached some or the group
<By The Assoctatied Press)
San Francisco. stoppeC Alex Rowe
Honolulu. P. I.. t5); flenny Gallup
St. Paul, outpointed Jilfcnny O'Don
nell. Denver, <6).
DETROIT. George ffrafton. Chi
cago, knocked out i;Iarvcy Starr
Detroit. < 3 >.
PHOENIX, Ariz.—'Battling Slki
Phoenix, outpointed ^Leonard Ben
nett, Detroit. (1). /
DULUTH. Minn.-fOn his way t<
church for the first tune in sevei
years. James C. Apes slipped oi
ice and suffered a^fcroken leg.
tion to seeing the heavyweights,
who seek the honor he has discard
ed, do battle tonight, he has not
seen a ring since he climbed be
tween the ropes at the Yankee
stadium in July 1928 after his fare
well bout with the rugged Tom
Heeney at the Yankee stadium In
July 1928.
After a man has been knocked
down, said Tunney. the most im
portant thing (or him to do is to
get up. A(ter a man has an opera
tion his most important considera
tion should be to get well. He is
now making satisfactory progress
toward recovery o( his strength,
and when that is accomplished he
will turn his mind to thoughts of
There was no sign of the invalid
about the former champion as he
his oldest friends at Miami Beach
where he did much of winter con
ditioning when he was the ruling
king of the heavyweight group.
He carried a cane to bolster a
side weakened by the surgeon's
knife, but the supporting stick
seemed to apologize for its pres
ence. there was no semblance of
excess poundage, and. in fact. Gene
reported his wreight 192 pounds, the
figure at which he boxed at his
A really game boxer never hears
the count of ten.' he said. “If he
can hear, he will get up." and
again "the boxer who knows his
business, after he has been knock
ed down, remains down until the
count of nine. That nine seconds
belong to him, not to his opponent.
It is his and his alone, and he has
the right to it to clear his head.
Only a foolish person. per
haps some false pride, comes bound
ing to his feet before he has his
nine seconds res.t Probabiy he will
be knocked down again, and then
he may not be able to get up ”
The former champion talked free
ly and authoritatively on his only
knock down in the seventh round
of the second fight with Dempsey.
"I had often thought, of course
that I might be knocked down
somatime, and I had considered
how to offset this moment when,
and if It came. I could do Uttlt.
Dempsey kept his chin against his
chest, and I could not hope to land
a blow there. In 20 rounds I never
struck him on the chin. So I adopt
ed a third resolution. I circled end
cot in two terrific punches on * of
them the hardest I landed in eith
er fight with Dempsey.”
"What were your thoughts when
you found yourself on the floor?"
“How pleasant and how comfort
able it was there, and this, mind
you with one leg twisted up un
der my back.”
Championship Game to Bo
Played Saturday
(Special to The Herald.)
SAN BENITO. Feb. 27—The Cam
eron county basketball tournament
lor Junior boys will get under way
here 2 p. m. Thursday with Santa
Rosa meeting La Feria.
All of the games In the three
day tournament will be played on
the court In the patio of the Stone
wall Jackson hotel. Eleven small
teams have entered the tourney so
Other games scheduled for today
include: Brownsville vs. Olmito, 3
p. m.: San Benito vs. Rio Hondo,
* P- m * and Los Fresnos vs. Har
lingen 5 p. m. In todav's rounds.
Stuart Place. Wilson Tract, El
Jardin and Rangerville drew byes.
Six games are to be played Fri
day afternoon and night. The
championship tilt will be run off
7:45 Saturday. The county cham
pion will meet McAllen. Hidalgo
junior champion, lor the Valley
t it :e.
The tournament is being conduct
ed by O. V. Brown of the San
Bonito school system.
Following are the rules of eligibil
The player shall not be 17 years
of age on Sept. 1. 1929.
The players shall not have had
more than 21-2 high school credit*
Sept. 1, 1929.
That the pupil has passed in
three-fourths of his work since
entering school. If the player was
in school last semester, he must
: have passed in three fourths of
his worl: for the entire semester.
That the player must be passing
in 3-4th of his work at the time
of the tournament. Any boy who
has reoresented a high school shall
not represent a junior high
Dazzy Vance Turns
Up in Robin Camp
CLEARWATER. Fla.. Feb. 27 —
UP«—Brooklyn's Robins aren’t the
Robins until Dazzy Vance is on the
iob, so real practice starts today.
The Dazzler turned up in camp
last night ready to don his uni
form and pet down to work.
Vance's appearance helped the
I team a lot. but there are a few
holdouts. Bill Clark’s salary de
mands have been met. but disputes
are going on with Babe Herman.
Ray Moss. Jim Faulkner and Har
vey Hendrick. Manager Robinson
said yesterday he had telegraphed
each a personal request to accept
the latest terms offered by the
Brooklyn management.
BERLIN—The police are ex
perimenting with an electric bat
| tcry to be carried to subdue re
1 fractory prisoners.
We have Hats—Hats for Spring
—in pastel shades of tan, gray, plain
colors—for sport and more formal
wear. Hats made by such well-known
makers as Dobbs—Huckcl of Czecho
slovakia—and Berg—Absolutely the
last word in Quality and Style—Come
in and see them.
$10 $5 $10
t ..-»

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