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Birthday Celebrated By
Trust Company With
Novel Idea
A birthday party and Easter Egg
hunt is the plan which the Rio
3rande Valley Trust company has
[or celebrating Its first birthday
which occures during the month of
April, and in another section of The
Herald appears the invitation ex
tended by the trust company to all
the children of Brownsville to at
tend this party and enjoy the fun
of a prize Easter egg hunt which
will take place at Ringgold Park
Just a year ago the doors of the
Rio Grande Valley Trust company
were thrown open for business and
during the past twelve-months the
trust company, as Is the way with
all youngsters, has grown, taken on
Its responsibilities, and become a
lusty member of the financial Insti
tutional family of Brownsville and
the Valley.
"Now we want to celebrate our
birthday” said Gordon P. 8treet,
vice-president of the trust com
pany," and we want the other
youngsters of the city to join with
us In this celebration. For that rea
son we have selected a birthday
party and Easter egg hunt as the
Kper and fitting manner of cele
"It is the youth of today which
later develops Into the substantial
bulwark of the city’s tomorrow, and
we want them to join with us in
this celebration, which Is to be
held on the afternoon of Saturday,
April 19th.”
Plan* for the celebration have
been completed and the city offi
cial* have granted permission to
the trust cotnnany to hold the party
In Ringgold Park.
Cases of brightly colored eggs,
some containing birthday gifts, are
being prepared and these will be
hidden In out-of-the-way places
where one would expect to look for
Easter eggs. There will be gold and
silver Easter eggs, each containing
money presents, while In others will
be found toys and trinket* to make
the march really worth while and
the children of Brownsville are In
vited to attend as guests of the Rio
Orande Valley Turst company.
EDINBURG. April 4.—(ft—Mrs.
Doris Miller, widow of the late Paul
Miller, secretary-treasurer of the
Valley Building and Loan Associa
tion at McAllen, today was restrain
ed by an Injunction from Interfer
ing with P. W. Lemburg of McAllen,
appointed receiver of her husband's
estate. . .
The Injunction was Issued to
District court on a petition by the
Building and Loan Association,
which was particularly concerned
with the contents of a safety deposit
box to a McAllen bank. Miller left
property valued at $150,000.
A receiver was named for the
estate following the filing of a sen
Snonal petition by the Building
and Loan Association In the 79 Jv
District court at Edinburg Wednes
day In which Miller was
along with 8. A. Morris, founder of
the Building ar.d Loan Association
and who left «he Valiev a war ago
of Irregularities and “kat *
receiver be appointed. The petition
Charged Miller with embemling ap
\ - \ embezzlement.
upper Valley was astounded
*ie contents of the petition
known, as Miller was con
\one of the section’s out
standing business leaders and fi
nanciers. He was connected with a
number of Influential Valiev firms
ms an officer or director during the
six years he had been a resident of
the Valley._
(Associated Pw** Sport* Writer!
ATLANTA. April 4—<**>—For the
second consecutive year. Horton
Smith tops the field of money
winners among the winter go...r.g
troupe. , .
The wandering professional, wno
learned his golf in Missouri s Ozarks,
not only has pocketed the most
money, but also has y»
tournaments than any of h.s fel
low cash performers.
Victorious in five tournaments,
finishing second In six and placing
high up in a number of others.
Smith accumulated prizes of $15.
500. In addition he played in many
remunerative exhibition matches.
Gene Barazcn. stocky New Yorker,
who won golfs largest prize of
•in ooo at Agua Calient, ranks sec
Sdwith ^3-5o°for hi* "^si
labors, but the other pros are far
^Smlth enjoyed a successful Period
on the Pacific coast, winning toe
mSSna. Berkeley and PortlarKf
SrT opens. He was second to Craig
2£od in the Hawaiian open and
tXdfor second in the Agua Calient*
ond in the Lcs Angeles tournaments.
reaving the pros during their
J££Tthrousrh Texas. Smith jmn
Sthi nom.d jrmv astln ^ S^
ca . ft* where he took first
Sir nSn* out Bobby
national open champion. His
«Indant©ur brought him first place
rS?e ^central open at Orlando.
IP in° the rich La Oorce open
2* a t* with Frank
SL££^5r second at St
WSmito With the majority of the
leading professionals, took
““51laldteSr Bobby Jonesln
but Horton topped the
MSd. »d took the «UN
first prize. _.
wires that have burned 66 years
anU’a gas pl«t were extln
JJlrtiefi with introduction ai natural
BENTONVILLE, Ark., April 4 —
f/P—Dr. A. J. Bass, wealthy retired
dentist of Columbia, Mo., waa un
der an indictment charging mur
der today, while authorities con
tinued their investigation of the
slaying of William Rober Pearman.
also of Columbia, in what they
termed a $200,000 Insurance swindle
Dr. Base was in Jail here, while
attorneys sought to arrange his
release on a $20,000 bond, set late
yesterday shortly after the indict
ment was returned.
Pistol Sought
A squad of officers was under or
ders today to search for a .38 cali
bre pistol in the arena near Gra
cette, Ark., where Pearman’s body
was found last week with three
bullet wounds in the head.
If the pistol can be found, prose- J
curing Attorney John 8 Comte
said, it may prove a valuable clue
in establishing identity of the per
son who shot Pearman. His theory
Is that a gunman was hired to
kill him.
Residents in that section also are
to be questioned as to whether they
heard shots the night before the
bodv was found The range of
bullets Combes said Indicated Pear
man never moved after the first
shot and that he possibly was bound
at the time.
The body was identified by his
confidante. Miss Pearl Powell, for- j
mer waitress of Columbia, who told
of his dual life.
Connection* Bared
She bared Pearman’s connection
with Bass in a big land deal, and !
said that at times Pearman as
sumed the name of William Folta,
missing for 17 years from his home
at Martlnsburg, Mo. Under that
name Fearman took out $200,000 in
insurance and assigned to Bass as
collateral notes given in purchase
of the land.
Combes announced in court yes
terday that the grand Jury today
probably would return two addi
tional indictments against Bass,
charging accessory before and after
the fact to murder.
Authorities said they believed two
or more persons besides Bass were
Involved in the plot.
Various leads were being fol
lowed in efforts to trace movements
of Pearman since he left Columbia
March 24 for Kansas City, and his
associations during the period of
negotiations in the supposed land
Place of Death Of
Mother Corrected
Manuel C. Morales of Houston
writes to The Herald to say that in
a recent account of the death of
his mother. Mrs. Maria de J. Mor
ales. she died at the home of her
daughter, Mrs. S. I. Benavides.
Seventh and Jefferson streets, and
not at her home in West Browns
ville as was stated at the time of
her death.
When doing the usual chores of
cleaning, dusting and mopping about
the house, turn on the radio, get in
-hythm and you will find it does
you as much good as any dally doz
en. It’s all in the spirit in which
you bend, turn, twist and step. It
may as well be pleasure as well as
A hot caramel sauce will dress up
stale sponge cake into a nice pud
ding or make a bread pudding into
a holiday dessert.
100-Hour Drive to Cover
Most of Brownsville
An accumulation of very black
whiskers and weary lines about
the eyes were the only noticeable
traces of trouble to be found on
John J. King, champion endurance
driver, who has been padlocked to
the steering wheel of a stock Pon
tiac sedan since 10 a. ra. Tuesday.,
and who has kept the motor of that
car continuously turning all that
time. However, the driver is an
xiously looking forward to two
o’clock tomorrow afternoon when
he will be released from the car and
permitted to get some exercise and
For at that hour King will have
completed 100 hours of driving
without sleep or rest. He will have
covered much of the Brownsville
trade territory and visited nearly
every every town within a radius
of 50 miles.
Last night and Wednesday night
were the long ones for King after
the'several companions who had
ridden with him throughout the
day became too tired and sleepy
to continue. So for several hours
the driver firmly locked to his
wheel, drove about the city alone.
Every stop of the rolling car
draws a large collection of curious
people anxious to note the weary
ing efects of more than 78 hours
continuous sitting in a motor car
with the engine purring relentlessly
ahead of one.
Thursday, King made a record
run between Corpus Christ! and
Brownsville, leaving Corpus Christl
at 2:37 and arriving at Brownsville
i»t 5:57 p. dl, a total of 213 miles
In three hours and twenty min
He feels more confident that he
will make the test, which will end
Saturday at 2 p. m. at the sales
room of the Isom Motor company
on Elisabeth street. _
The most sensible economic precaution that
man can take is the assurance of personal inde
pendence in time of unexpected need.
This is accomplished by the ownership of a
cash reserve; and the easiest way that such a
reserve can be built up is by systematic saving—
plus compound interest.
By paying four per cent interest compounded
semi-annually we will help you to accomplish
this wise purpose—an achievement that will
benefit you and yours.
Why not open an account today?
Capital Stock:
Originally paid in.$100,000.00
Increased from Earnings 150,000.00 $250,000.00
Surplus Fund, all earned.$275,000.00
difference in oil!
Magnolia Radio Programs
WFAA — 800 Kilocycles *-a
Dallas, every Thursday at
9 p. m., C. S. T.
KFDM — 560 Kilocycles —
Beaumont, daily from 6
to 10 p. m, C. S. T.
To merely ask for “oil” when you
mean constant, unfailing lubrica
tion, is to court the expensive
disaster of motor trouble. Unless
you specifically state the KIND of
oil you want, you invite friction
and his whole family of trouble,
worry and expense to come along
as your traveling companions.
There really isn’t very much that
you have to do to be sure that the
oil you get is the long lived, fric
tion fighting kind. Just drive into
any Magnolia Station or Dealer
and say “Magnolia Socony Motor
Oil” to the attendant. He’ll add a
quart or fill your crankcase full
of the finest motor oil that money
can buy ... a double duty, extra
purpose oil that never lets down.
In Magnolia Socony Motor Oil
(Paraffine Base) you get the ex
tra protective feature of AD
SORPTION* which is Magnolia’s
NATURAL ability to cling to
metal surfaces and stay on the
job . . . doesn’t drain dry when
your motor stands idle.
There IS a real difference In mo
tor oils and the thousands of Mag
nolia enthusiasts know IL Be
sure you say Magnolia Socony
Motor Oil (Paraffine Base) when
you want thorough and constant
motor lubrication.
"Adsorption" means the natnraf affinity
Magnolia Soeony Motor Oil has for metal
• . . the fusing of one with the other.
This complete blending of oil with the
metal surfaces of pistons, cylinder walla
and bearings is essential to economical and
perfect motor performance, because it
gives constant protection against friction
and subsequent repair costs.
Magnolia Petroleum Company
Agencies Throughout the Southwest
socony I
| at your dealers
m %
I A*
Special for Saturday, April 5th
Vinegar SS.'SS <,l4KI 22c
Wesson Oil V5 28c
Relish Spread >-»''§«* 21c
Sweet Potatoes 16c
Golden Sweet
Pineapple iSi cV 26c
CORN argo 2 *&§* 24c
Easter Candy »* 28c
Cocanut pREsmM 2 pro* 21c
Cakes & CrackersPKO 4c
Extract BOTTLE lOc
Grape-Nuts PM 16c
Sani Flush 19c
Apricots IO'4 Tan1"* 31c
Blackberries 2 NO * 29c
Easter Egg Dyes
Per pkg. 4c
Tfam Fottm Kctos l
$50,000 BANK ROBBER) L
r IAFFUM CWMISTIM TWK wna ,**> ■<-*.■ cast ttatiena, day
INTHltHOSHUlfUHOSTOIW •'V? Ko- -*<■ and knar a( Bread.
I 0 NfU HMTHWW Tlf-Off" 7—^*--- ^ V< | <••• <• tu*
> ftayuOMd? of h(r»uUG*<n\~
CnCitil Oajx tV^AAj Ut&fa f
Sliced or Halved
No. 2Va can 29C

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