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iAwakening of Spring’
School Fiesta Tonight
___ % , I
With more than 300 characters in the cast of the program to celebrate
National Wild Flower Day, Washington Park pupils will present an
elaborate fiesta tonight on the school lawn, beginning at 7:30. “Awaken
ing of Bpring” is the nature of the celebration, which will call forth the
many school children in gaily colored costumes, representing myriad
wild flowers. i
Dora Zlese will hold court as
Queen of Spring and the fiesta will
be presented before her throne.
The P.-T. A. of Washington Park
school is to have several booths for
the sale of refreshments.
A committee of teachers, Mrs.
Ed Sharp. Mrs. Calvin Surtees. Miss
Mary Curl and Miss Frances Marie
Oay, are directing the affair with
the assistance of other teachers of
the school.
Following Is the fiesta program a*
it will be presented tonight.
Herold—Casimere Galvan.
Jester—Oscar Castillo.
“Zephyr"—Delia Flores.
| “Father Time ’—Roberto Delgado.
“Spring Fairy"—Gertrude Gotke.
Harbingers of Spring—Robin Red
Breast, Bunny Cottontail.
“The Butterfly"—Elaine Caldwell.
| Parade—Spanish Dagger.
Song and Hop—Grasshoppers.
“Call of Spring”—Fishing Boys.
The Flower Girls—Browne-Eyed
Th£ Polliwags—The Frogs
,-MT^e Texas Star—Blue Bonnets.
^^’Feast of the Black Birds"—The
Gay Frolic—The Fire wheels.
“Spirit of the West”—'The Cow
The Water Sprites—Bathing
Frightened Gnomes—The Brown
W. P. 8. Song—Chorus.
. — "—-—-—-- •
Societv Calendar
*— _I
District conference of Presby
terian auxiliaries in Harlingen.
P--T. A. of Incarnate Word meet£
«fc schools, 3:30 p. m.
Self Culture Club
Hears Reports
The year's business of the Self
Culture club was completed at yes
terday's meeting at the home of
Mrs H. L. Yates, with officers giv
ing reports covering the accom
plishments of the club in the whole
of its program for the past session.
All reports indicated a satisfac
tory growth of the club in every
Next •week's meeting at the home
of Mrs. Volney Taylor will be the
last of the year. The afternoon will
be of social nature for installation
of new club officers.
m * m
Vocational G. R.
Meet Planned
A large attendance of Valley Girl
Reserves is expected at the spring
vocational conference which will
be held at Camp Rio Hondo begin
ning Friday at 6:30 p. m. and last
ing until Sunday at 1 p. m. An
especially instructive and enter
taining program has been arranged
for the meeting, under the direc
tion of Miss Lillian Hocking, Val
ley Girl Reserve secretary.
Saturday is to be a special day
for visitors, and as many Y. W. C
A. members of the Valley as can
possibly attend are urged to go to
Rio Hondo for the day’s program.
• • •
Auxiliary Members
To Attend Meet
Thirty members were present at
yesterday’s meeting of the Presby
terian auxiliary, which postponed
its regular session of Monday un
til Wednesday on account of the
San Jacinto holiday.
Mrs. A. J. Rose led the lesson
Costs 85 Cents A Month
to Lose Pounds of Ugly Fat
Thousands of Women
Know This Is True
How would you like to lose 15
pounds of fat in a month and at the
»ame time Increase your energy and
Improve your health?
How would you like to lose un
healthy fat that you don’t need and
don't want and at the ^amc time
feel better than you have for years?
How would you lUce to >ow
double chin and your too prominent
abdomen and at the *ame time
make your skin so clear that it will
compel admiration?
How would you like to get rour
weight down to normal and at the
same time develop that urge for ac
tivity that makes work a pleasaie
and also grain in ambition and keen- !
ness of mind?,
Oct on the scales to-day and see how ’
much you weigh—then get an 85 cent
bottle of Kruschen Salts which will ;
last you 4 weeks. Take one half tea- !
spoonful every morning In a glass of
hot water and when you have finished
the first bottle weigh yourself again.
Now you can laugh at the people
who pay hundreds of dollars to lose a
few pounds of fat—now you will know
the pleasant way to lose unsightly fat
and you'll also Know that the 6 vitaliz
ing salts of Kruschen (Salt* that your
blood, nerves and glands must have to
function properly)—have presented you
with glorious health.
After that vou‘11 want to walk around
and say to your friends.—"One 85 cent
bcttle of Kruschen Salts Is W'orth one
hundred dollars of any fat person's
Leading druggists America over sell
Kruschen Salts—you can always get tt
at McKay’s Pharmacy. adv.
Gypsy Fire Rules Violin
Of Girl Leader-Soloist
Edith Lorand. Hungarian young woman, who acts both as conductor
and soloist for her concert orchestra in Berlin.
on “Ministerial Relief Fund. An
nouncement was made of the dis
trict auxiliary meeting to be held
tomorrow In Harlingen and a large
number of local members signified
their intention of attending the
meeting, which is to include all
Presbyterian auxiliaries of the
m m •
'" 111 # 1
Comings. Goings
Mrs. W. T. Biggs. Mrs. W. T.
Vann, and Mrs. Willie A. George
were in McAllen yesterday attend
inf the conference of the Browns
ville district Methodist churches.
Mrs. Biggs and Mrs. Vann re
mained overnight for today's clos
ing session of the conference.
• • •
Mrs. R. C. Smith left Tuesday
for home in Houston after a visit
here with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. D. P. Gay Jr. Mr. Gay ac
companied her home for a stay in
High School Hazing
Banned in Laredo
LAREDO, April 24—(JP)— Hazing
of high school students, the pro
hibition of which is on the increase
the country over, has been stopped
in the Laredo high school.
Superintendent William P. Oalli
gan issued an edict which stated in
effect that although freshmen
usually were all wet. upperclassmen
had no right to put them “in the
Students were grieved, claiming
a custom of years had been abolish
Clearance Sale
To the womftn who is interested in summer clothes, who needs light, new*
Frocks-this will be of great interest....
and other summer
Exclusive Ladies’ Apparel
BERLIN UP)—If Johann Strauss.
the waltz king, wtre to come to
life again, he would find a female
rival in Edith Lorand, Hungarian
Edith Lorand has set the tongues
of the German musical world wag
ging by emulating Strauss in two
ways, acting both as conductor and
solo violinist for her orchestra, and
devoting her entire program to
classical and modern dance music.
It is unusual for Germany to see
a beautiful, slim young woman in
a richly embroidered white Hun
garian costume mount the conduc
tor's stand and face an orchestra
of men in somber black evening
There have been occasional wo
men conductors h«r? before—Ethel
Leginska of London five years ago
Antonia Brico of Berkeley. Cal.,
this winter. But they insisted on
wearing black dresses. Edith Lor
and believes in bright colors.
No female conductor, moreover,
has hitherto attempted to be both
conductor and soloist.
Edith Lorand mounts the stand
with her priceless Guarnerius del
Gesu violin, conducts with her bow
till the solo part sets in. and then
turns to the audience as Struss
used to do. the violin's rich, im
passioned tones soaring above those
of an orchestra which she has
drilled to subordinate itself abso
lutely to her leadership.
She reminds one not onlv of
Johann Strauss. Hers is also th’
manner of the “primas” of the
famous gypsy bands in which Buda
pest abounds. This Is especially ap
parent when she plays Hungarian
and other national dances.
There is a fire and a tempera
ment to her playing that recalls
the passionate musicianship of the
violinist-leader of a Hungarian
San Benito
Wednesday afternoon the Aztec
Building was converted Into a
Spanish garden when the Alpha
Dclhptans observed Guest Day and
'resented a program on Spanish
'rt. Handsome rugs and draperies
dded lowliness to the Spanish in
'rior while floor baskets filled
ith spring blossoms of many hues
lade a beautiful background for
he affair. Mrs. N. Craig, president,
ve loomed the guests.
Each member, in answering roll
'all led by Mrs. J. R. Harris, in
troduced her guest for the after
noon. Mrs, R. B. Goolsby, chair
man of the day. gave a brW resumf
Sea the Kissproof Lips of
Patsy Ruth Miller
— in Warner Bros., "Show of Shot,
“The Aviator;" "So Long Betty," “It ,
I cant be bothered
with a Lipstick...
*hats always coming off"
-declares dainty Patsy Ruth Miller
famed in the filma for the personality
of her lips. ‘‘When I make up my lips
in the morninp. they must remain that
way all day. ThereN onlv one lipstick
that doesn’t come off— Kissproof:”
Over 5,000,000 daily users of Kiss*
oroof share Miss Miller’s satisfaction.
5ee for yourself how lasting—how nat
jral—this waterproof lipstick is. Get it
it any toilet counter—Bloc* and Gold
M»e, 50c; Suited Case, 75c.
of the year's study of art. Mrs.
Goolsby's manner of presentation
was both delightful and helpful.
Mrs. W. 8. Fairey described the
treasurers that the walls of the
Delphian hold. ^
Discussing ‘The 8panlsh School,"
Mrs. C. E. Hudson related the clas
sification of the three principal
schools, Valencia, Madrid and Se
ville. Mrs. Fred Thomas' interpre
tation of pictures by El Greco.
Velazquez and Murillo was an en
joyable feature. Mrs. James D. Ward
favored the club with two lovely
selections of Spanish music with
Mrs. C. B. Chase giving the piano
A violin trio played by Mrs. O.
T. Roots, Mrs. W. W. Housewrlght.
and Mrs. A. L. Harris with Mrs.
Eddie Roots at the piano was an
other pleasurable program number.
Mrs. Volney W. Taylor, Browns
ville. president of the Fifth District
of Federated Women's clubs, in an
inspiring address encouraged her
hearers to use the quiet hours ad
An ice course was served.
* m m,
Roses and larkspur formed a col
orful background when Mrs. T. E.
Marchbanks entertained members
of the Thursday Morning bridge
club at her home. Mrs. 8. H. Crews
was the successful player of the
morning and received the high
score award.
Attractive guest prises were pre
sented to Mrs. Virgil Clayton of
Honey Grove, Miss Marjorie Bell
of Oklahoma City and Mrs. Charles
Wallace of Llano. Especially pleas
ing appointments featured the
luncheon course which was enjoyed
at one o’clock.
At an interesting event given
Wednesday evening of last week
Mrs. Fred Lawrence and Mrs. Wm.
Elliff were Joint hostesses in honor
of Mrs. Ed Yarrow at her home on
South McCullough Avenue. The
evening was pleasantly spent in
games and contests.
Mrs. Yarrow was winner in a
novel Easter contest and for a prize
received a basket filled with many
useful gifts for her new home. Mrs.
Brown and Mrs. Ralph Sanders as
sisted the hostesses in serving re
freshments of ice cream and cake
to 25 guests.
• • •»
At the quarterly luncheon of the
Fast Matrons Club which was ar
Check That Cold With
This Overnight Treatment
Any doctor will tell you
that the quickest way to
check a cold is to take a good
laxative, go to bed and keep
warm. Not everyone can
take time from their work to
stay in bed, but anyone can
take Lax-ana before going to
bed at night and get relief by
Lax-ana gives overnight
results because it is Double
Strength. It is a guaranteed
treatment for colds, grippe,
biliousness and malarial
| . .. - . .... . . - -.
Chilis and fever.
Every prescription drug
store i3 authorized to sell the
35c bottle of Lax-ana on a
guarantee of satisfaction or
money refunded. Don’t wait
for a cold to start; get Lax
ana today and keep it handy.
Look for the word3 “Double
Strength” which appear in
red on every bottle.
(Doable Strength)
ranged Thursday at the Sobre las
Olas on the San Benito Harlingen
highway a number of guests were
present. A color theme of red and
yellow was strikingly featured in
appointments tor the tables. In
answering roll call, officers and
members gave toasts.
During the luncheon an Interest
lug report was made by Mrs. Bell
Porter who recently visited the O.
E. S. Home for children at Arling
Guests for the oooaslon were
Mrs. O. N. Joyner, Harlingen, grand
officer, Mrs. W, E. Chenoweth,
worthy matron of the local chapter,
(Continued on page 7)
Another new mode!
of Visca Straw
The thing for sport or street
New Arrivals
’A new shipment of the smartest modes in voile
summer dresses are expected here tomorrow.
Make your selection early!
e„:,;i,gimble’s r
$15,000 Merchandise Stock
Of Zeferino Perez
Nationally Known Lines of Standard Mens\
Womens’ and Childrens'
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J. & M. Sales System

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