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irs^n 25T 5U^a aaa.a^ T%% . Special Attention
I vB V\w llinsulllf jssfcis.
I wwm*rv/+~w~^w*w "T2fl5~;S,E12r*u
■ =»By CHARLES HALL ■==*>’
Ha result of the hail storm in
HiCAUen yesterday, citizens to
Hay ®re busy hunting glass to
■T damag<*d windows and wmd
■^s, while automobile top re
■ng and manufacturing com
■hs^have work piled up for days
■was a freak affair and if one
■mt is to be taken literally,
■K* measuring one to two feet
K lound around the edges ot
■* and gutters."
■nc awful tales have been told
■nag cyclones and the like, but
SL it comes to hail stones two
^whlck, we join tiie farmer at
Vircus and declare "there ain’t
Hch animal." Evidently refer
■ was made to the fact that indi
H1 stones were piled up two feet
■- It was said that McAllen
Kns were shoveling ice for many
■s. borne of the cars returning
■ there appeared as though thev
■been through German shrapnel
■ • • •
»IN America and Texas will
H°°n be joining hands in busi
(■*•**• Through airmail service
■ been established, which places
Be nations and this state in close
BmiUPpn. When the port is open
B®**BP Win be using it as a gate
11 for oil, ore and products too
■wrous to mention. It's a double
■ness handshake.
1 • • •
■E Brownsville airport manage
ment is on the qui vive, and as
timo goes on it is going to rank
■e and more as one of the de
ng business factors. S. W. Pap
of the Texas Daily Press League
Irl W. Brow-u with the same
ipany flew to Brownsville the
;r day on business. They in
led to visit Harlingen first, but
Id not land, so they came on to
wnsville then drove back to Har
arlingen's proposed airport wi’’
> such gs that along with many
sr civic benefits.
MEETING was planned by the
Brownsville Chamber of Com
merce for this morning, with
idea In mind of appointing a
sens committee of business men
lid the census takers,
hat is exactly what is going to
e to be done if Brownsville is
l to show full count. It has been
-fficially estimated that between
UO and 19.000 have been counted
i now doubted if that number has
n turned in. judging from the in
iplete district reports that are
ig returned. When The Browns
e Herald posted its offer of ten
ts a name for those that have
n missed in counted districts
iwnsville people suddenly got ln
jsted and chamber of commerce
:les now realize that some very
inite step must be taken to get
full count, which is so greatly
tred. The situation is no fault
;he enumerators. Some are prone
telephone The Herald in tones
ming the counters for missing
m . It is an enormous task and
enumerators are laboring at
not working, laboring . It is our
iiness to help them.
• • •
3e San Benito Light Thursday
editorially said that The Browns
ville Herald had prematurely an
imced that the Oklahoma capital
5 had “virtually decided to locate
th* county seat" and that such
^^^^Hfded “as decidedly prema
Editors should read closely before
nmenting- The Brownsville Her
said “possibility of a big pack
plant for Brownsville and the
iley tcdav took on a more definite
m, when a group of financiers
ited the Valley yesterday."
[*he Herald was premature corn
red to other newspapers when it
nounced the visit of one member
that party some two weeks ago
the Valley on the same mission,
ownsville "wants that plant, if it
i get it. but if not. it wants it
newhere in the Valley. Is there
v controversy to be found there?
• • •
HE only place The Brownsville
Herald erred was In not publish
ing their names — at the re
pst of the Brownsville Chamber of
nunerce — when at the very time
was writing the story. John T.
Wre secretary of the Harlingen
anibfr of Commerce was taking
rm fishing, or where to. please.
UT the San Benito Light is click
ing in to get all in San Benito
counted, and we are certainly
. th«. editor there.,
foisd on the wires
OSCOW — 11 has become more
difficult to get married and di
TiLpd m Russia. Hitherto.
her has been free Now there is
«imON — A barber in Brixton
to bob hair because he
the Bible forbids it. In his
« „ a sign from Corinthians:
woman have long hair it is a
SbRTON' Mass - Pianos are
4 ivme the volunteer fire depart
'7Wheaton college, led by
~«t»nre Campbell of Grand Rap
rtJgf is on the job. The town
* broke down and a bunch
* 1f3jKhowed no Initiative when
of Dr. Clarence Davis got
tL But th« girls removed a
ano s»*ely from th* 8econd story'
even Inmate* Take
French Leave of Jail
' firOGDOCHES. April 25-^/P>
^ACC^1 arate notes informing
rL«anng •** ^d -business to look
prisoners in the Nac
"*fr-Jf county jail. under peni
sentences ranging from two
utlary *** ^ French leave dur
. 25 year5- .
frmeTlhd«n. awaiUng a 25-year
RgnSJ? term, was the first
"*»■ »*»*• -
1 4 0 Bodies Remain
Unclaimed Of
320 Victims
COLUMBUS, O., April 25 —<AV
Whether Preston E. Thomas would
be removed as warden of Ohio Peni
tentiary' remained uncertain today
as the state prepared to wind up its
investigation of last Monday’s pri
son fire that resulted In the death
of 320 men.
The board of inquiry transferred
its activities today from the Penni
tentiary to the office of Attorney
General Gilbert Bettman. A report
of the investigation will be placed
before Governor Myers Y. Cooper
tomorrow. Until then, the governor
wiU take no action regarding the
administrative personnel at the
No convicts were summoned to
appear at the final session of the
board. Several guards, including
Night Captain John Hall, Thomas
Atkinson. William Baldwin, and
Thomas F. Little, were recalled to
give further testimony as to their
efforts to rescue the ill-fated pns
I oners from the locked cells.
Confusion Blamed
Several witnesses liave testified
that confusion among the guards
was responsible for the delay in get
ting the doors of the burning and
smoke-filled cells unlocked. Two
persons, Albert Nice, chief of the
Columbus Fire Department, and
Deputy Warden J. C. Woodward,
told the investigators they believed
all of the men could have been
saved had the cells been opened
Apparently accepting restoration
of prison discipline, the convicts
went to breakfast in an orderly
manner today. Cat-calls and hoot
ing were absent, and for the first
time in four days the men marched
with a snappy step. Guards express
ed amazement at the demeanor of
the men who only yesterday were
a howling mob. refusing to abide
by the orders of their keepers and
refusing to heed orders until their
demands for removal of Warden
Thomas were met.
140 Vnclalmed
Of the 320 victims of the disaster.
140 bodies remained unclaimed to
day at the improvised morgue at
the State Fair grounds. For those
still unclaimed at 4 p. m. the state
had provided burial places in two
Columbus cemeteries. The caskets
will be placed side by side in one
huge grave after a single rite for
The death toll was Increased to
320 when Alvin Bartezko of Clark
county and James Andrews died of
pneumonia which resulted from ex
Hubert L. Richeson. day guard,
contradicted others when he de
clared the door to the ranges was
open all during the fire.
San Benito Business
Men Touring Valley
(Special to The Herald.)
SAN BENITO. April 25—A large
crowd of San Benito business men
left here at 10 o'clock Friday morn
ing for a tour of the surrounding
fanning country. The trip was the
second of the "Know Vour Valley”
tours, arranged by the chamber of
The professional and business men
of this city will first view the in
tensely developed section along the
bank of the river under the direc
tion of C. C. Woods and James D
Ward. They will be the guests of
Mr. Woods at luncheon.
Oklahoma Bank Robbed
Employes and Customers Made to Lie On
Floor While $15,000 Is Taken
TONKAWA. Okla . April 25.—<JP>—'The First National bank of Tonka
wa was robbed of approximately $15,000 and bonds of undetermined value
shortly after it opened today by twx> men, who escaped without being
seen by any one outside the bank.
Four employes of the bank and five customers were made to lie on
the floor while the men looted the cash drawers. Ralph Gummerson,
assistant cashier, was made to open the safe. The robbers escaped after
locking the employes and the customers in the vault
(Special to The Herald !
SAN BENITO, April 25 — The
boy mayor of San Benito who will
be boss of the city next Thursday
will be selected Friday. The choice
lies between Bennie Hinkly and
Fred Booth.
Since their nomination these lads
have been conducting vigortous
campaigns for office. They have
included personal solicitations as
well as speeches.
Other young city officials who
will assume the reins of San Benito
May 1 as part of the observance of
Boys Week are “Commissioners”
Scheer King, Jimmy Pace. Robert
Salters and Harwood Smith. Harry
Hollon will act as chief of police,
Otho Brown as Justice of the peace.
McMurray Richey as city clerk and
James Glenn fire chief. Police
lieutenants will be Bobbie Carter
and Jack Sloan.
Members of the cimmittee which
supervised the election of the vouth
fnl “city officials” were: W. W.
Housewright. Henry Alsmeyer, A. L.
Price and James Ward.
N Tne rooDery was accomplished
with little demonstration, and the
only clew to the vehicle used for
the escape was the observation by a
passerby of a large blue car of the
coupe type parked by the bank and
missing after the robbery.
One of the robbers was attired in
overalls and wore a large hat of the
cowboy type. He was tall and un
shaven. The other man was dress
ed in a blue serge suit and cap.
He was described as being short and
heavy set.
The Imprisoned persons called the
police over a telephone in the vault.
Officers in surrounding towns were
notified, and all roads leading out
of Tonkawa were placed under sur
Lutheran Elected
PORT ARTHUR. April 25—
Selection of the 1931 convention re
mained today for consideration by
the south Texas Lutheran churches
of the Missouri synod before ad
journment of their annual meeting.
Rev. . Moebus of La Grange yester
day was elvted president.
Meeting Is Held to Check
Census Situation in City
Chamber of Commerce May Offer Corps
To Fine Comb Brownsville to Obtain
Correct Count of All
Finding that the Brownsville census enumeration has not reached the
figures estimated. Brownsville Chamber of Commerce and city circles
got busy, and tcxJry at noon were In a meeting to decide how best to go
about getting a full count of the city.
It was said that every assistance will be given L- E. Bennett in the
work of counting every man, woman and child in the city. Based on
estimates of the returns of the enumerators at the rate of 100 per day
It was thought that some 18.000 had been counted, but this Is found
GRANVILLE. O.. April 25. —
Daniel Van Voorhis, Brownsville.
Texas, has been initiated into
Beta Theta Bi fraternity at Deni
son university, Granville, Ohio,
where he is a freshman.
i —.....
The first of a series of Boy Scout
leader training courses will be held
at the junior high school building
at 7:30 p. m. Friday, it has been an
nounced by W. O. Washington,
scout leader.
All parties interested in scout
work are invited to attend.
• The chief lack in Boy Scout
circles Is not boys, but competent
officials,” Washington states. “This
is good work and training for the
The subject for tonight’s meeting
will be ’ The nature of the boy”. ‘‘A
| Scout program which meets the
bovs- needs.” also will be taken up.
Certificates will be Issued men
taking the course at its completion.
Similar meetings are being held
in the Harlingen. Ravmondville.
Weslaco and McAllen districts. The
Brownsville District includes
Brownsville. Olmito. Los Fresnos,
El Jardin and Point Isabel.
Texan Honored
AUSTIN. April 25.—1^—Appoint
ment of C P Oliver of Mt Pleas
ant as adjunct professor of zool
ogy at Washington University. 8t
Louis, has been announced here.
Oliver will receive a master of arts
degree from the University of Texas
in June and a doctor of philosophy
degree in 1931. He is now engaged
in research work in the depart
ment of zoology.
I to be in error.
Out of the meeting today in
which R B. Rentfro, O. C. Rich
ardson, Z. A. Rosenthal and R. B.
Creager attended, it was planned to
work out a system whereby the city
can be counted, with probably a
large force of citizens assisting the
Based on erroneous estimates of
the count today, it Is seriously
doubted, if the total count will
reach 25.000, but every effort will
be made to count every one in the
city. Present indications are that
it will reach 20,000.
If after a conference with Census
Supervisor L. E. Bennett, it is con
sidered advisable a complete re
check of the city will be made.
The 1920 census showed the city
with approximately 12.000. •
Figures given by Herald reporters
concerning the count taken were
arrived at by talking to census tak
ers, but these today are found to be
in error as to those actually count
Laws of averages based on 1920
census as figured by many experts,
point toward the city showing over
20.000 if all are counted. It is now
the purpose of the Brownsville
Chamber of Commerce and city au
thorities to see that they are count
Mr. Bennett has said he will ex
tend the time of the count for cor
rections and additions.
Following the meeting held Fri
day morning, another meeting was
held in the chamber of commerce
Rio Grande Auto Club
Is Organized hi Valley
'Special to The Herald.)
EDINBURG. April 25—The Rio
Grande Auto Club, headed by some
of the Valley's most Influential citi
zens, has been organized and mem
berships will be offered to the public
Monday according to Lloyd P. Blood
1 worth, Edinburg man, and former
; secretary' of the chamber of com
‘ merce here.
The object of the club, Mr. Blood
worth explained, is to give a wider
sendee to automobile owners and
tourists in this section, and to aid
in safeguarding lives of school child
ren in crossing streets.
Directors include L. R Bell. Edin
burg; F. W. Lemburg, McAllen;
Judge J. C. Epperson. Edinburg;
Tom Murray, Mercedes; John T.
Floore. Harlingen; J. E. Bell, San
Benito; Ed Mockbee. Brownsville:
Lloyd P. Bloodworth. Edinburg: and
James P. Ryan. Harlingen.

Brownsville Women
Hurt in Accident
'Special to The Herald.)
SAN BENITO. April 25—Mrs. A.
V. Appleton of Brownsville and her
sister. Mrs. Kate Morgan of Kings
ville were slightly injured in a high
way accident last night when their
roadster and a truck collided near
the San Benito resaca.
The two women were returning
to Brownsville when the accident
occurred. Mrs. Appleton was cut
by glass from the windshield, but
Mrs Morgan escaped with no in
juries other than being shaken up
and bruised. They were taken to
Mrs. Appleton's home in Belvedere
addition after first aid treatment
and confinement in the hospital
was not necessary. Mrs. Morgan is
visiting her sister in Brownsville.
Identity of the driver of the truck
, in the collision was not determined,
i but he also escaped without injury.

Jury Unable to Agree
In Klan Libel Suit
DALLAS. April 25—</Pb-Prospects
of a mistrial in the $150,000 damage
suit of Dr. Hiram W Evans, imper
ial wizard of the Ku Klux Klan.
against The Austin American loom
ed here today when the jury report
ed it was unable to agree- The Jury
was ordered to continue its deliber
ations by Judge Claude McCallum,
in whose charge the case was left
by Judge Towne Young, reported
out of the city.
WASHINGTON, April 25.—«P,
The senate today returned to com
mittee the Harris bill proposing im
migration quota restrictions on
i Central and South African coun
! tries.
The vote was 34 to 30.
The decision was believed by
some of the senators to have killed
any hopes for legislation at this
All countries of this hemisphere
will continue to be allowed unre
I stricter migration to the United
WINDSOR. England. April 25—
| cP)—The Prince of Wales, home
from his African hunting trip, land
ed chi Smith’s lawn in the Windsor
great park today, making a perfect
[ landing.
: Will Roger* Find*
Mr*. Morrow Copy
JERSEY CITY. April 25—iff}—
Mrs. Dwight W. Morrow Is
pleased that Will Rogers found
! something she said funny enough ;
to copy. She told at a meeting of
republican women that she and
Will were seated together at a
function In London. She re
marked that If she continued to
eat the abundant food provided
at affairs in connection with the
naval conference she would re
turn home representing global
tonnage. Will used the quip in
his writings.
Preachers, Business Men
Shocked by Report
Of Conditions
HARLINGEN. April 25— Shocked
by disclosure of conditions In the
Cameron county jail by The Browns
ville Herald, business men. preach
ers. and other citizens of Harlin
gen and San Benito stand ready
to come to the aid of Brownsville
when a way out of the situation
has been devised.
Right now the general opinion
is that Brownsville officials and
others most familiar with condi
tions should not be lnterferred with
in their efforts to solve the prob
lem. But the resident* of the up
per end of the county stand ready
to back a program which would do
away with overcrowding and lack
of proper sanitary safeguards.
Publication of the investigation
by the Herald provoked widespread
discussion in both Harlingen and
San Benito where the hope gen
erally was expressed that some
manner of dealing with the crisis
can be found other than by voting
a bond Issue to build a new Jail.
One prominent man. who de
clined to be quoted dtrectlv be
cause of the fear that he might he
considered intruding, suggested
that one means of relief would be
to demand of the federal authori
ties that they establish a separate
Jail for federal prisoners.
McAllen Mends Roofs
After Hail Pelting
McALLEN. April 25—'TV-McAllen
set to work today mending its roofs
and otherwise repairing damage
caused by a hail storm which pelt
ed holes in the roofs of buildings,
gaining egress for the heavy rain
which followed. The storm struck
late yesterday, and Mayor F. E.
Osborne estimated the damage at
The storm was accompanied by
a high wind. Three hundred auto
mobiles with ruined tops were
counted on street* of the town
Hailstones were piled two feet deep
in drift heaps. Utility wires were
blown down and communication
Path of the storm was scarcely
more than six miles long, but in
that distance it smashed windows,
took shingle roofs off houses, and
stripped young corn and citrus
Edinburg, nearby, reported an
inch of rainfall, and rain also was
reported from Pharr and Browns
New Postoffice Is
Sought by Harlingen
HARLINGEN. April 25—Spurred on
by the announcement In Washing
ton that the government plans to
construct a federal building at
Brownsville at a cost of nearly half
a mil Hon dollars, a campaign Is
brewing among Harlingen business
men to obtain action on a new post
office for this city.
A valuable and convenient site
for the building has been bought
by the city and offered the gov
ernment, It was pointed out. It
is hoped that agitation can bring
about an Immediate resurvey of
Harlingen's need for a new post
The volume of mail being re
ceived and dispatched from here
is mounting rapidly and when the
proposed airport is established, it
is held, tha further increase will
make the need for more adequate
postal facilities more pressing.
Lindbergh Hops For *
Miami From Capital
Charles A. Lindbergh took off from
Bolling field for Miami. Fla., today
at 9:45 a. m. He said he expected
to make the flight in one hop, ar
riving in Miami late today.
Officials at the flying field said
conditions were good for a fast
flight. The distance on an air line
is 923 miles. Lindbergh’s monoplane
has a cruising speed of 160 miles
per hour.
Lindbergh will leave Miami to
morrow, arriving in Havana tomor
row night with the first batch of
mall to be taken southward on the
inauguration of the new seven-day
air mail schedule of the Pan Am
erican Airways. Inc., between New
York and Montevideo. Uruguay.
From Havana he will fly to Cris
tobal. Panama, and remain there to
fly back with the mall at an unde
termined date.
British Netmen Win
LONDON. April 25—UPy— Waging
an uphill battle against elimination
in its first round Davis Cup con
test with Germany, Great Britain
captured the doubles match this
afternoon to stay in the running.
J. C. Oregork and I. G. Collins
easily defeated Walter Dcssart and
Heinrich Klemschtpth of Germany,
Five Miles of Steel
Laid for Project
At Boca Chica
Construction of about five mile*
of railroad to aid in building the
Boca Chica Highway has been be
gun by Dodds & Wedegartner, hold
er of contract on the roadway.
Crossings are being prepared and
grading made ready for the laying
of tracks.
The line will Join the Point Isa
bel railway near Loma Alta, ex
tending toward the second large
This line will materially lessen
the haul an road-building materials.
It will be of standard gauge cap
able of carrying heavy loads.
This railroad is an explanation j
of the extremely low bid entered j
by the San Benito firm. Northern i
firms bidding on the construction
were amazed at the bid entered by
the Valley company. The long haul
of materials figured in made the j
northern companies many thou
sands of dollars above the success
ful bid. *
Other preparations looking toward
early work on the beach highway
are going ahead rapidly. The run
way at Boca Chica has been closed
but will likely be re-opened for use
Saturday. It is being moved to the
top of the fill In order to allow
the place now occupied by the run
way to be built up.
The county engineering depart
ment says the runway will be back
in operation in time to take care
of the Saturday night and Sun
day beach goers.
- I
Two Ford Policemen
Stabbed by Jobless
DETROIT. April 25—<&>— Two
officers of the Ford Motor compa
ny’s private police force were stab
bed today when a disturbance broke
out among several thousand men
lined up at the River Rouge plant
In quest of Jobs.
The wounded men were George
H. Bowers, stabbed twice in the left
side, and John Tinner, stabbed twice
in the back. George Wilson was
held by police In connection with
the stabbing.
The stabbing resulted from efforts
of the Ford policemen to restore
order among the Job hunters.
Prohi Enforcement
Transfer Approved
WASHINGTON. April 25—</F)—
The house bill transferring pro
hibition enforcement from the
treasury to the Justice department
was favorably reported to the sen
ate today by the unanimous vote
of the judiciary committee.
Texas Couple Slugged
Walnut Springs Pair on First Date Abused
By Highwaymen and Left for Dead
FORT WORTH, Tex., April 25.—(.•?>—-A young man and a young wo
man having their “first date” together last night were held up by two
men south of the Baptist Seminary, kidnaped, put out of their car near
Walnut Springs. 40 miles southwest of here in Bosque county, and beaten
into unconsciousness with rocks.
Miss Audrey Cavlness, stenographer, was believed to be in a serious
condition. Arthur L. Patillo, bookkeeper, was not badly hurt. Both were
in a hospital here, where they were brought from Walnut Springs in an
Boys’ Week Program Is
Planned for City
Boy's Week will open officially
Saturday afternoon at 4 o'clock
when the wading pool in Washing
ton Park will be dedicated and pre
sented to the city by the Browns
ville Rotary club. Appropriate cer
emonies will be held, according to
Charles Burton.
The wading pool was given to the
city by the civic club in lieu of the
annual Christmas tree.
Sunday will be designated boy’s
day at all churches, Mr. Burton
continued, and special programs will
be featured at all local churches.
Boy’s day in all public schools
will be recognized Monday, present
plans disclose.
Further plans are being worked
out by the Rotary club, and the
complete week will be devoted to
activities for boys.
National Boy’s Week begins on
April 26, and closes May 3.
Many Deported
Two women confessed to Illegally
returning to the United States
Thursday before U. S. Commission
er E. K. Goodrich and were bound
over to the grand jury iA $500 bonds
each. They were Isobel Caballero
and Amelia Jauregui.
Six confessed first offenders also
were heard. Thirty days and depor
tation were recommended for them.
They were Benjamin Rojas. Manuel
Balderos. Mamerto Vera, Florencio
Ledesma. Ladi&lao Garza and Pedro
Garza. k
[■ambulance summoned by Sheriff
Lewis of Bosque county.
Patillo said he and Miss Caviness
were seated in their car about 11
p. m., when two men. with drawn
guns, got into the rear seat and or
dered them to “drive on."
They passed through Cleburne,
he related, and a short distance
southwest of the town the holdup
men instructed him to stop Then,
while one stood guard over the
couple, tl.e other drove back to
ward Cleburne. On his return, the
men talked of robbing a “station.”
Couple Slugged
The men then ordered the couple
back into the automobile, and Pa
tillo said he was Instructed to drive
through ’Valnut Springs several
miles on a side road, where the men
again ordered a halt.
Once more they got out of the
car. The robbers searched his
pockets, said Patillo, taking about
$1.50. One of the men threatened
to kill him because he did not have
Then they discussed means of
“getting rid” of the couple, first
deciding to shoot them. Patillo and
Miss Caviness were forced to lie
side by side in the road while one
of the robbers cocked his gun. In
stead of firing, Patillo related, the
other robber picked up some stones,
and the couple was slugged.
Left By Roadside
Patillo said some time later he
regained consciousness- The car
was gene, and Miss Caviness still
was unconscious. Dazed, he picked
up the girl and attempted to carry
her. The burden proved too great
he said, so he laid the girl by the
side of the road and walked six
miles to the highway until he came
to a pumping station. The attend
ant called Sheriff Lewis and ar
ambulance went in search of the
girl. She had regained conscious
ness and was found staggering along
the road.
More Valley Towns
May Get Patrols
__ • %
Border Forces May Be Unified Under Coast
Guard; Boca Chica, Los Indios, Vacasos,
Los Ebanos, La Pena Are Slated
WASHINGTON, April 25.—(/pi—Approval of the administration'* plan
for unification of border patrol forces under the coast guard was given
today before a house commerce sub-committee by Rear Admiral Frederick
C. Bullard, commandant of the coast guard and Assistant Secretary
White of the labor department.
At the same time Representative Pittenger, republican, Minnesota,
whose district borders on Canada, protested vigorously against legisla
tion that would require citizens crossing the border on legitimate bust
Mrs. John David Allen, presi
dent of the Kentucky women's
league, is a candidate for the re
publican nomination for congress
from the seventh Kentucky dis
PROVIDENCE, R.I., April 28—m
—Captain Robert Sherman and
eight members of the crew of the
burned freighter Thames were
brought here this morning aboard
the steamship Lexington, which res
cued them last night off Captain s
Island in Long Island sound.
Members of the crew said about
ten men were unaccounted for.
They said they saw Pilot Leonard
Hancourt of Bridgeport, go over the
side with them in the port liftboat,
but he was not picked up by the
Lexington. Another who went over
the side, but did not arrive here, was
a man named O'Brien of Newfound
land. a deck hand.
Kiiea* w go eo oniy designated
points of entry.
Point* in Texas for establish
ment of stations, in addition to
those now maintained, which con
tinue. are;
Boca Chica. near the mouth of
the Rio Grande; Los Indloa, 30
miles from Brownsville; Rancho
Viejo, 15 miles from Thayer; Va
easos. 15 mles from Hidalgo; Los
Ebanos, 20 miles from Cavasoe; La
Pena, 30 miles from Roma; 8an
Ygnaclo. 18 miles from Zapata; Do
lores, 28 miles from Laredo; Pala
fox, 15 miles from Dolores; Indio
Ranch, 75 miles from Palafox; Te
quesquite. 35 miles from Eagle Pass;
Comstock, 30 miles from Dei Rio;
Langtry; Boquillas, 100 miles from
Langtry; Santa Helana, 66 miles
from Boquillas, Ruidoso. 47 miles
from Presidio; Candelaria, 16 miles
from Ruidoso. Bosquebotiito. 50
miles from Candelaria; Port Han
cock. 50 miles from Bosquebonlto.
Topperwein to Hold
Exhibition Shoot
“Ad" Topperwein. one of the out
standing pistol and rifle shots of
the world, will come here Saturday
in preparation for his exhibition
Monday under the auspices of the
Hausman Hardware company of this
Topperwein. a San Antonian, is
touring this section demonstrating
Winchester arms and ammunition.
He will be at the local hardware
store all day Saturday.
The exhibition shoot will be held
on the old American legion turkey
shoot grounds on the highway at 3
p. m. Monday. There will be no ad
mission charge.
The San Antonian is generally
regarded as the champion fancy
shot with a rifle or pistol. He has
evolved a bag of tricks such as shoot
ing backwards with the aid of mir
rors, shooting while on his back,
etc. He will go through his complete
line Monday, it has been announc
i Tompkins Freed Of
Homicide Charge
A Jury in the Cameron county
court at law declared Henry Tomp
kins of Harlingen not guilty of
negligent homicide Thursday when
he was tried in connection with
the wreck which resulted In the
deaths of R. B. Hill and W. W.
Tompkins was driving a truck
east on the highway toward Harlin
gen when the crash occurred. In a
rain he approached a car parked
on the side of the road. He applied
the brakes and skidded, at which
time the crash occurred, the testi
mony went.
John Cheshire, owner of the park
ed car, was tried on a similar
charge Thursday afternoon and
night. Cheshire's attorney argued
that his client's car was entirely
off the highway except for about a
foot. The jury went out about 10 a.
m and had not returned at noon.
Christian Church
First Meet Sunday
(Special to The Herald)
MISSION. April 25—The con
I gregation of the First Christian
church expects to hold services in
the basement of the new church
edifice next Sunday.
Dedication of the new building
has been planned for Sunday. June
8. Pentecost Day. the 1900th an
niversary of the church, and elab
orate preparations are under wav
for the program, according to Rev.
LeGrande Pace, pastor and general
missionary for this district.
For Brownsville and the Valley:
Mostly cloudy and somewhat un
settled tonight and Saturday with
scattered showers; not much change
in temperature.
For East Texas; Cloudy tonight
with scattered showers; Saturday
cloudy; scattered showers in south
and east portions.
Moderate to fresh southerly winds
on the coast.
The river will continue to fall
slowly from Mission down and re
main stationary from Rio Grande
City up during the next few days.
Flood Present 24-Hr 24-tir
_ . _ S'.ags Stage Chng Rasn
Eagle Pass 18 15 0.0 .00
Laredo 27 -1.2 ^0.1 .00
Rio Grande 21 2.8 -0.3 .01
Mission 22 3.6 -0.1 .00
San Benito 23 7.0 -0.8 .00
Brownsville 18 2.6 -0.4 .00
TiTiir T im r
High and low tide at Point Isabel
tomorrow, under normal meteoro
logical conditions:
High.. 2:23 a. m: 1:58 p. m.
Low 8.33 a. m., 8.27 p. in.
S iset today ... 6:58
Sunrise tomorrow . 5 57

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