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(Ehr Snmmsufllr Herald |3s£'
_^_•__ _
*"■' ' m-n - - -- - - . - ..m.——— ii ■■ ■■■—■ -1 ' ■ ■ ■■■—■■■■ - — ■■ - —
Thirty-eighth year no. 201 Brownsville, texas. Wednesday", april 30,1930 twelve pages today bc a copy
==LJ- — '-= 5
! “The glider opens a new field
for aeronautical development. It
places flying within the reach of
—Colonel Charles A Lindbergh.
• • •
"Some are born great, some
achieve greatness, and seme have
greatness thrust upon 'em.”
.“The red menace is just a
form of bad manners.”
—Patrick Hurley
Secretary of War.
• • a
“Nothing at times is more ex
pressive than silence ”
—George Eliot.
APRIL, 193C. today passes into his
tory. Tomorrow it will be into
It with as much finality as the
first April ever recognized, so far
as ever living it over again is con
But it has certainly lived up to
Its name as the month of showers.
In fact in the Lower Rio Grande
Valley ii, has been more than show
ers Whatever ’■ainfall 1930 was
checked up shy on beinning of the
month has been made up and passed
Valley needed rain. Now
Is full and thirsty crops
d their fill of something
han dew.
uck crop is about the only
that is not all wrong when
all wet.
IP* McALLEN way. the truck grow
| ; ers and the town seem to have
had a little more than their
lhare. Another storm coming on
before good citi
zens could get
their breath back
from the last.
Judging from all
reports the town
will now exper
ience a little re
building boom.
There is always
one good result
coming out of a
storm-tarn town.
Better and new
Cool buildings take the
place of those that gave way in the
But if this ball of fire business
keeps up people in McAllen might
try going back to lightning rods.
They at least make one feel safer.
^ • • •
rW Mexico and the border coun
try seem to be taking away
from New York rid San Fran
usco a certain re gre table publicity
This Is tong warfare.
Over in Matamoros deaths of two
Jhinaraen have taken place in a
nanner mysterious as only a Chi
nese secret society knows how to
make it mysterious.
Matamoros police are busy on the
case. They have done much in a
short time. Maybe they will show
American officials of the cities in
juestion how to solve tong killing
# • *
ING back to late precipita
s of h2o, Point Isabel, not to
outdone by McAllen, regis
record rainfall.
iced the,
until they]
the safe-]
s hard sur
oad. Those
in the
ur of 5.05
e s found
ves i r.
a that
a well have
tidnight so
seeing any
was con- Foggy* »
T. Floore, secretary of the
tn Chamber of Commerce
caught a shark that lowered
*r in Laguna Madre three
rhen he took him out May
rain remedied your damages,
• • •
jieces of unfinished business
keeping Brownsville in aw
, of course, are the port bill
i through congress and the
is us progress. When we get
ro out of the way. about all
• left will be to get the Ro
oming pool dedicated.
• • •
ANY last year spent $1,075.
D00 on drink says a clipsheet
n the Board of Temperance,
hurch. which adds "The bill
#ve been greater but for the
,t drink is very cheap in Ger
True as can be. If the
bad been twice as high the
ild have been twice as much
| FOUND on the wires
9*KW YORK — Douglas Fairbanks.
WTZto Is fairly proficient with
B£er. mashie. niblick and the
m»v be expected to improve
Por the next Jew days
B?J5fwat,'h Bobby Jones and Wal
K «ni teammates hitting golf balls
IKL the Atlantic ocean and perhaps
IB'^tlher'* He's going abroad on
boat as the team. He
■ e .71 «n. voyage practice round
■ Von Elm and U'° L>:e'
Si- rW«|T NECK. N Y.—Until n
fm SzZ&e dav tempted her recent
■-“J5?Vsainter Winslow, writer,
■ ^ been on a bicycle since
IKUaTin Fort Smith. Ark. Now
up at home, her right
Hi aplaster cast She fell off
B* iLke her big toe.
BL*S^r,TON. Del-A 125-foot
SBȴ*Tnip.sel-engined yacht is to
<55 for Edsel Ford. The pilot
be removable so the craft
iB®*1 Detroit from the Atlantic
#B* all the bridges m the
targe t*m
WITH 17,000

C. of C. Committees
Adding Many To
Official List
The city's census enumerators are
continuing their rapid recheck of
the local census, according to cham
ber of commerce officials here Wed
nesday .
No definite figures are ready for
publication today, but it is said that
by Thursday the volunteer enumer
ators would have turned in their
Practically all enumerators who
are working for the city .are turning
in names that have been missed at1
the rate of four of five per block
17,000 Name's
*t was estimated Wednesday that
; when the federal enumerators had ;
j turned in their totals complete, the
census for Brownsville would show
approximately 17,000 names. With!
the new names found by the vol- <
unteer census takers the final total
should be increased to well over
the 20,000 mark.
“The final date for the closing of
the census in this district has been
advanced from April 30 to May 10,”
L. E. Bennett, federal census chief,
The Incorporated town of Hidalgo,
in Hidalgo county, has been com
pleted and shows a total of 1,561
names, with 95 farms.
La Feria First
La Fena was the first incorporated
town in the Valley to be listed as
The chambers of commerce of
every town in the Valley were is
sued blanks to be used by them in
a recheck if they deemed it nec
essary. and full instructions were
given as to how to proceed. Several
towns in the Valley have signified
their intentions to take a second
Two Remain
“There are two large census dis
tricts beginning outside of Browns
ville along both sides of the highway
to San Benito some two miles from
town, one on the west side of the
highway being taken by Mr. Frazier
and Mr. Proffit, on the east side
by Mr. Frank Putegnat," Mr. Ben
nett said. He requested the citizens
living in these incompleted districts
to wait until the census had beers
finished there before they called
in to the local census bureau.
These districts will be finished in
between 5 to 12 days.
Legge Raps Chamber
WASHINGTON, April 30.—(>P>—
Members of the chamber of com
merce of the United States today
heard Chairman Legge of the fed
eral farm board sharply rebuke the
chamber for failure "to take any
constructive action to improve the
farm situation after voting over
whelmingly in 1928 in favor of the
principle of cooperative marketing."
For County Judge
(Special to The Herald.)
dore Moritz, former editor of The
Willacy County News, has announc
ed his candidacy for county judge
of Willacy county.
He is president of the RavmonJ
vllle Rotary club.
Menacing Seaweed Draws
Request for Federal Aid
Brownsville Chamber of Commerce Asks
Geodetic Department for Method
Of Clearing Beaches
Condition of the seaweed on the beach at Boca Chica and on the island
at Point Isabel has become so serious that the geodetic department at
Washington has been appealed to. it was disclosed Wednesday.
G. C. Richardson, secretary of the local chamber of commerce, has
requested information as to how the seaweed may be cleared from the
•'Weed seems to contain quantities of animal matter, which attracts
millions of flies and insects,” his letter read. He added that the odor
resulting from the seaweed and flies is decidedly disagreeable.
J. C. Woodward, above, deputy
warden at Ohio State Peniten
tiary. has been in charge inside
the walls since the disastrous fire
in which 320 convicts died. Con
victs clamoring for W'arden Pres
ton E. Thomas' removal, urged
appointment of Deputy Woodward
as his successor.
Brownsville Woman Shoota
In Texarkana Meet:
Vote Saturday
Brownsville may be named the
next host city 10 Texas women golf
This is the information received
from Mrs. B. O. Works, who is now
in Texarkana as an entry in the
meet, and who wires back that
Brownsville may be able to bring
the shooters here for the next meet.
Mrs. Works is in the second flight
of shooters. She tied with a 99 to
qualify in the first flight, and in the
play off was defeated.
The next match city will be voted
on Saturday. Meanwhile, Dr. Works,
as president of the Brownsville
Country club and Secretary Richard
son of the Brownsville Chamber of
Commerce are wiring invitations to
the ladies to select this city.
Jail Solution Offered
Cooperation With Federal Government Is
Stressed As Most Necessary
Following much discussion of the condition of Cameron county jail
and methods of improving it. County Judge O. C. Dancy has come for
ward with a proposed solution. Judge Dancy says:
"Just as soon as the commissioners’ court adjourned. County Auditor
Bishop and I got busy on our plans for financing the county jail. Mr.
Bishop has interviewed some of our bankers and we have received every
encouragemnt that we would hope to receive and there is a possibility,
although not a great probability, that we will be able to finance this
Mrs. Marshall Field, 3rd
Seeks Divorce
NEW YORK, April 30—(/TV-Mrs
Evelyn Marshall Field is en route
to Reno. Nev., to obtain a divorce
from Marshall Field. 3d. grandson
of the Chicago merchant prince,
her attorney said today.
The attorney declined to com
ment on reports of a nre-trial
agreement settling upon Mr.. Field
an annual Income of more than
51.000.000 and giving her possession
of the Field town house at 4 East
70th street and custody of their
three children. Marshall. Jr., 14.
Barbara, 11, and Bernice 6.
The Fields were married In 1915
In addition to having vast inter
ests in Chicago. Mr. Field is a mem
ber ol a New York brokerage firm.
To Stage Play
(Special to The Herald.i
McALLEN. April 30— The Me- :
Allen high school faculty will pre
sent the play “Come Out of the
Kitchen” here Friday night for the
benefit of the Junior high school
athletic fund. Miss Alma Thrasher
Is director and Miss Elisabeth Alley
hnsinesa manager.
, absolutely necessary improvement
: without the issuance of time war
rants at all. We think we will have
no trouble in financing the matter
with our Cameron county bankers.
“The financial plans will be that
we go ahead and call for bids and
then get local bankers to handle
the current warrants on the treasur
er so that the contractor would get
his cash and the county gets the
benefit of the cash bids. We will pay
the bankers six per oent for carry
ing the current warrants and then,
along this fall after the work is
completed, we could refund these
current warrants into time warrants.
This is the way we handled our
road financing when we got in a
Jam on the sale of the fourth mil
lion: we borrowed all told >980 000
before the bonds were in fact sold
and lilted.
Three-Story Annex
“Tentative plans submitted by
architect Ben Proctor call for a
three-story annex at a cost estim
ated at about $40 000, but while we
are at it Mr. Bishop and I think we
should make the annex four stories
high, as a great saving of money
over having to tear off the roof and
put on another story in just a few
years. The extra story will cost some
where between fine and ten thou
sand dollars and all improvements
will likely only amount to around
"We will recommend that few. if
any cells be purchased at this time
Continued 90 P*g« Jll
i At places along the beacn, tnc
seaweed Is several feet high, and
makes bathing unpleasant.
Road Waste
It is pointed out that the build
ing of the Boca Chica road may be
a waste of money, if the seaweed
continues to ruin the beaches here.
Mr. Richardson described an air
plane view of the seaweed:
"Last week I went to Tampico
and noticed that the seaweed was
deposited on the beach in large
quantities all the way down to .with
in 25 miles of Tampico. The wa
ter in the Gulf was mottled with
acres and acres of seaweed floating
into shore.”
He stated that the weed extended
as far as 25 miles out into the Gulf.
L. M. Valdetero. justice of the
peace in San Benito, recently point
ed out that the weed contained a
high degree of iodine, and might be
utilized in the manufacture of this
Old-timers interviewed Wednes
day, said that this situation has
existed here several times In the
past, and that it was always fore
runner of a severe tropical storm.
No one has been able to satis
factorily- explain the phenomenon,
and the letter to Washington asked
this question.
"We are hard-surfacing our road
to Boca Chica.” the letter continued,
"and if the seaweed continues to ac
cumulate. it will make our beaches
utterly useless.”
It has been suggested that men
be hired to drag the beaches, but
if the weed extends 25 miles out in
to the Gulf, this would be a waste
of time and money, it is explained.
World Authorities
Watch May Day Reds
MOSCOW. April 30—OPi—Prep
arations for May Day celebrations
were in full swing throughout the
Soviet Union today. All work ceased
at three p. m., to give the workers
time to participate in the final
plans for international labor day.
ATHENS. April 30—'The pol
ice have prohibited all communist
meetings here tomorrow.
W’ARSAW. Poland. Aprd 30— T
—The Polish authorities are plan
ning to concentratte strong forces
to avert trouble tomorrow when
members of the rhal socialist and
communist organizations hold May
Day celebrations.
LISBON. Portugal. April 30— 'P
—The Portuguese government gave
notice today that no May Day dem
onstrations would be permuted to
PARIS. April 30—The Prench
government Is holding a tight rein
on May Day demonstration plans.
Valley Towns Lead
In Teachers’ Homes
(Special to The Herald)
AUSTIN, April 30—McAllen and
Edinburg have the first and sec
ond most expensive teachers’ homes
built by school district, according
to State Supt. S. M N. Marrs. That
at McAllen cost $40,000 and the one
in Edinburg $20,000.
A total of 1.109 teachers’ homes
have been built by common school
districts, and 221 by independent
Marries Count
ROME. April 30—‘S>>—Miss Ur
sula FOrhan. daughter of C. J. For
han. dental manufacturer, and
Count Enzo Romagnoli D'Urbina of
Bologne, Italy, were married here
LONGVIEW. April 30—(fP)—Wil
liam Benson of Atlanta. Ga.. was
killed last night and Bob Brekville
of Wichita Falls was injured ser
iously when their truck was struck
by a train at a grade crossing in
the outskirts of Longview.
'Special to The Herald>
HARLINGEN. April 30—In cel
ebration of his renomlnation as
postmaster of Harlingen, J. F. Rog
ers. silver-haired pioneer of this
section, has announced plans for
extension of the city postal service.
Mr. Rogers’ renomination was made
yesterday bv President Hoover, with
out opposition.
Tentative plans for the postal ex
tension call for enlargement of
carriers’ territory and perhaps addi
tion to the office staff.
Mr. Rogers is now serving as
president of the Harlingen Cham
ber of Commerce, and is known
throughout the city as an active
worker in civic and municipal pro
Two Federal inspectors are in
Harlingen studying the needs of the
postal situation.
Charges Filed After
Negro Woman Dies
Of Wounds
Arruttce Price, 22-year-old neg
ress, was charged with murder In
the first degree Wednesday follow
ing the death of Isabel Bankston.
20-year-old negress, at the Mercy
hospital Tuesday afternoon. Charges
were filed by the sheriffs depart
ment through the county attorney’s
office in the absence of the assist
ant district attorney.
The Bankston woman died as the
result of wounds inflicted in the
groin and right hip in an alterca
tion Sunday evening.
Police had Just settled a quarrel
in the negro section and a crowd
had gathered around. The prin
cipals in the first quarrel had Just
been sent on their way when the
Bankston woman said something. j
At this point Arruttce Price drew .
a pistol and shot her twice before j
officers could reach her, they state, i
Police Lieutenant John T. Arm-1
strong and Deputy Sheriff R. G. '
Delaney witnessed the shooting.
Militia Rules Ohio
Pen After Revolt
COLUMBUS. O.. April 29— UP)—
\ The iron hand of the militia ruled
Ohio penitentiary today after more
than a week of tumult, climaxed
; yesterday when national guardsmen
entered the prison to put down a
; mutiny that followed the death of
, 32 convicts in the fire a week ago
i Monday.
With nearly 1,000 national guerds
men, led by Colonel Robert Hau
brlch, detailed to duty Inside and
outside the prison walls .the situa
1 tica has been quiet since prison
jgur.ds rained bullets into the pri
soners' rank* and ended an attack
: on the barred doors of 'White City,”
^ the idle house.
Blood Spots Clue In
Oklahoma Slaying
MUSKOGEE. Okla., April 30-(^i
—Alleged blood spots found on a
coat worn by John W. Wike. one
' of the two traveling cmpanions of
George and David Smith, Con
necticut capitalists, today added
; more mystery’ to the slaying of the
j Smiths here Saturday night in a
Wike, whose home is in Sharon.
Conn., and P. G. Seeley, of Wash
ington, Conn., the fourth member
] of the automobile party whose visit
to Oklahoma ended In tragedy
1 faced preliminary hearing today on
charges of murder.
Lindbergh Lands In
Panama City Today
BOSTON. April 30— Mb—?The
Tropical Radio Telegraph company
today received a radio message from
its operator at Panama City at
3:30 p. m. E. D. T., saying that Col.
Charles A. Lindbergh had just land
ed there safely. There had been
widespread rumors that he had met
with an accident.
The Panama City operator report
ed that after a brief stop there,
Lindbergh intended to take off for
Cristobal. Canal Zone.
| mrceetaoin etaoi etaoi etao.etaoiET
Road Overseers Are
Named by Commission
The following road overseers have
been appointed by the Cameron
county commissioners court:
A-18. H. Ulrick; B-19. Francis
Walker: C-20. B. F. Bulllff: D-20,
O. R. Daniels; E-22. Pete Lawton
G-24. R L. Wasson: H-25. Robert
Damanski; 1-26. Morgan Shirrlr:
G-27, D. Hance; K-28. Harry Clark:
L-29, D. F. Parkhurst: M-30. Char
les Glidewell; N-30. C. G. Person
ious; 0-32. A. L. Barr.
Parker Opposition
Blamed on Liberals
Opposition to Judge Parker of
North Carolina as a member of the
supreme court was said in the sen
ate today by Senator Hastings, re
publican, Delaware, to have been
“stirred up by the liberals as an
opening wedge to their plans."
Two Year* Given Man
In Collision Case
COLEMAN, April 30—John
Norman was convicted by a jury
today of a charge of murder grow
ing out of the death of Mrs, Fan
nie Casey of Belton in an auto
mobile collision near here June 13.
1929 His punishment was fixed at
two years imprisonment.
Camera Suspended
WASHINGTON, April 30.—<&h
President Hoover today nominated
Robert B. Morris of Houston, Tex.,
to be collector of customs for Dis
trict No. 22 at Galveston, succeed
ing Robert W. Humphreys, whose
term has expired.
Liquor Charges
Frederico Cortes was bound over
to the federal grand jury on liquor
charges Wednesday following a
preliminary hearing before U. S.
Commissioner E. K. Goodrich.
His bond was mi at 1220.
Monterrey Men to Leave'
Thursday For
The names of the Monterrey
golfers coming to Brownsville fcr
the return match to be played here
Saturday and Sunday have been
practically completed, H. O With
off. Monterrey, said in a letter to
the local chamber of commerce
Wednesday A total of 15 men have
signified their intentions to come
to date.
Those coming are Messers. Har
bodt, Hayward, D.\ Thomas. Wuef
gel. Eldredge, Mackay, Bispham.
Mauro. Uribe. Dr. White. Andres
Sada. Carhart. Derby, Virgilia Gar
za. Jr.. Adolfo Zamboro, and Hob
Some of the golfers contemplate
bringing their families here on the
trip. Mr. Withoff’s letter said.
It is planned that the men come
both by train and automobile, those
coming by car leaving Monterrey
Thursday. Others, coming by train,
will leave there Friday.
The matches start Saturday on
the local country club links.
The first match, played in the
southern city, was won by the Mon
terrey golfers, although J. M.
George, Brownsville, was the win
ner of first place.
The chamber of commerce is
completing arrangements for an
elaborate entertainment program.
Unofficial Record
Set in Glider Hop
SAN DIEGO. Calif, April 30.—(A")
—Jack Barstow. sail plane pilot,
landed at Point Loma at 3:56
o'clock this morning, ending a flight
of 15 hours and 12 minutes dura
tion that unofficially established a
new world's record for motorless
sustained flight.
Barstow took off at 12 44 p. m,
yesterday and had the advantage of
a favorable breeze to circle San Di
ego and Point Loma until he passed
the American glider mark of 9
hours. 5 minutes and 32 2-5 seconds,
established several months ago by
Hawley Bowlus. glider manufactur
The official glider record is 14
hours and 45 minutes, and was es
tablished in Germany. As his
flight was unofficial and he carried
no barograph. Barstow cannot
claim a new official mark.
Are You There? Asks
MacDonald, Far Away
LONDON. April 30— T— Prime
‘Minister MacDonald lifted a tele
phone in the cabiret room at No.
1C Downing Street today and talk
ed to Prime Minister Scullen of
the Australian commonwealth at
Canberra. 12,000 miles away.
The conversation was in inau
guration of telephone service be
tween England and Australia which
will be available to the public at
a price of £6 or about $29 for three
Two Burned Alive In
Chicago Oil Plant
CHICAGO. April 30—{/F—'Two
men were burned alive in oil today
in an explosion at the refinery of
the Dabros Products corporation.
Four others escaped unhurt, drag
j ging with them a fifth, so severely
burned he was not expected to live.
Tong Flag Found
0 Baker's ody
Mutilated Body of Missing Chinaman Opens
Search for Murderers: Tong Idea
May Be Only Ruse
A two-day search for Samuel Shong, Matamoros baker, believed to
i have been a victim of Chinese tong warfare, ended yesterday afternoon,
when Matamoros police found his body, buried under an outhouse near
his baker shop on Fourteenth and Bravo streets.
And over the Chinamans heart was found a fiery dragon, evidently
an emblem of some secret society. His feet and hands were bound ar.J
his mouth was gagged, while a weight was hanging from his body to
indicate the fu-st intention of his assailants to have been to throw his
| H£A w_l
. They call her "professor" now.
I Margery Ludlow became so pro
1 ficient while a student at a Los
( Angeles glider school that her
teacher placed her on the faculty
immediately after graduation
I She's believed to be the fir:t wo
man gilder instructor.
Rotary Hears of Progress
Of Volunteer City
Census Takers
8chools of Brownsville, the pro
gress of the census supplementary
body, and the convention of Corpus
Christi. were the chief subjects of
the Rotary’ club Wednesday noon.
Five representatives from Browns
ville will attend the district conven
tion, It was shown in the hands
raised of those intending to go.
Sid Lamberton explained the pro
gress of the work of assisting in the
census count and asked for volun
teers to help in the campaign.
He said that from some quarters
it had been rumored that the civil
ian workers had the attitude of cri
ticising the work done by the fed
eral census takers, but that this is
in no manner true, and he asked
the press to correct it. From the
way the matter was inadvertently
put. some Rotarv members erron
eously gained the impression that
the report came from the press, hut
Mr. Lamberton after the meeting
said he wished that Idea also cor
The meeting was in charge of Dr.
Oscar Lawrence, with Supt. G. W.
Gotke as chief speaker of the day.
Mr. Gotke in a most interesting talk
gave a history of the school system
of Brownsville today and explained
how it ranks with the best systems
in the United States today. There
are over 5.000 students in all the
schools of the city today, and he
praised the general work being
done by the Spanish speaking
American children in the public
A delightful kid band program
was rendered bv children from the
East Brownsillle school.
121 Deported Wednesday

Federal Prisoners Discharged to Relieve
Congested Jail Condition
Relieving congested conditions in the Cameron and Hidalgo county
jails. 121 federal prisoners were to be deported Wednesday.
They are all confessed fimt offenders against immigration laws. Those
in the Cameron county jail were to he put across the river at Browns
ville and the Hidalgo county prisoners were to, be put across the river
at Brownsville and the Hidalgo county prisoners were to be put across
at the city of Hidalgo.
Their written pleas of guilty were acted* upon by Federal Judge J C
BUCHAREST. Rumania. April 30
—(iJp>—Dashing Prince Carol, who
sold the throne whioh was his birth
right for life with a titian-haired
inamorata on the Parisian Boule
vards. may come back home and
ask forgiveness of his wife, prin
cess Helen of Greece, who is moth
er of his son. King Michael.
The newspaper Cuventul says it
has confirmation of rumors that
the former crown prince is attempt
ing a reconciliation with his wife
and that he has broken off with
Mine, tuescu. Th® prince is sup
posed ti have written a letter eon
s idea the princess at
. • •
K Hutcheson. Jr., ana were rusnea
through In order to relieve conges
tion of the jails. Few of the pris
oners have served the 30 day jail
sentences recommended at prelimi
nary hearings.
25 Witnesses Called
For Court on Monday
In preparation for the term of
federal district court to open here
Monday 25 witnesses have been
summoned to court from Browns
ville and vicinity. A huge number
of witnesses are expected to be
summoned from Hidalgo county In
connection with the R. B. Creager
Colliers $1,000,000 libel suit.
A panel for a federal grand jury
also has been ordered. Thirty men
have been summoned from the
Brownsville division for this body
body in the river.
When the baker’s abop _wai
searched Monday tor clues as to his
whereabouts, it presented disorder -
ed signs of a struggle. Police cam-;
upon a dragon in the middle of the
'orr. room, and turned their atten
tion to the posebility of his death
at the 1 lands of members of some
Chinese tong. Mjsteiy was added
when the lust dragon found sud
denly disappeared. With the fma
mg of the set-oud dragon on the
body, of the same fiery hue of the
lust, police scouted the idea that
it is tne same as the emblem which
disappeared, and today are begin
ning to believe that because it has
been so prominently displayed that
it may be being used as a blind to
mislead the searching officers.
Another Body Found?
Matamoros has been thrown into
a high state of excitement over the
idea ol tongs operating in blooey
wariare, and this was added to in
no small manner yesterday alter -
noon, when It was reported that
the body of a two-year-old boy was
found jammed in the chimney of
a house near that where the baker s
body was found.
It is not held, however, that the
death of the boy has any connec
tion with the death of the Chinese
baker, and Matamoros police are
giving first attention to apprehend
ing the murderer or murderers, of
the baker, cruelly choked to death
as he was kneading dough In his
little shop about I o'clock Monday
Suspects held in connection with
the mysterious disappearance of the
well known man, were Gerorumo
Wing, an employe, a boy helper and
a man and woman living next to
the bakery, and through whose back
yard tracks of three men led to the
adjoining bakery and then on
towards the Rio Grande.
The suspects were released yester
day morning at ten o'clock after
being grilled all night by the Mata
moros police. Police chief Sr. Li
rado Salinas conducted a special in
vestigation of his own apart of the
one being carried out by the Mata
moros police department and by
Sr. Licencidao Legorreta. Matamo
ros special investigator. Sr. Salinas
questioned the suspects throughout
tiie night, and managed to get
meager details that enabled him to
discover the body. The suspects were
released for lack of evidence.
Salinas Finds Body
Shortly after the suspects wrere
released. Sr. Salinas personally
opened investigations of the prem
ises where the murder was com
mitted. He noticed that swarms at
flies gathered about the outhouse.
He ordered his men, who had been
posted at strategic points near the
bakery, to search there. With a rake
and a spade, they discovered a
mound of dirt, brush and old news
papers inside the little building.
Digging further a clutched hand
appeared. Shong's body horribly
mutilated was soon brought to the
surface His hands were tied behind
his back, his feet bound with wire
rope, and his neck nearly severed
from his body by another wire, his
mouth stuffed with rags and one
eye w as missing. The maiks on the
victims body bore mute evidence
to the struggle he put up agalust
his attackers.
That Shong put ud a terrific fight
was evidenced by dough knives
found lying around the shop. Some
of these had been stuck in the wal
as If they had been hurled. Indian
fashion, at assailants. A clock on
(Continued on page twelve)
For Brownsville and the Valley:
Mostly cloudy and unsettled tonigha
and Thursday; not much change in
For East Ter*-: Mostly cloudy
and unsettled tonight and Thruiday;
probably showers on the coast.
Light to fresh southerly winds on
the coast.
The river will remain stationary
about half bankful at Mission and
nearly two-thirds bankful at San
Benito and Brownsville) during the
next two or three days. At and
near Rio Grande City it will fall
slowly unless there are additional
rains in the upper watershed.
Flood Present 24-Hr. 24-Rr.
Stage Stage Cbng. Rain
Eagle Pass 16 2 9 -0.5 .00
Laredo 27 08 -0.6 .00
Rio Grande 21 95 -01 .12
Mission 22 118 +2.9 185
San Benito 23 16 5 -0 1 156
Brownsville 18 10.7 -0.3 .58
High and low tide at Point Isabel
tomorrow, under normal meteoro
logical conditions:
High . « 47 I
Low .................. 1121 p
Sunset today.emttifff*
Sunrise tomorrow.*•*<*«*

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