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HOUSTON, April SO—UP)—Louise
Derman, negro woman, one of three
co-defendants of Sheriff H. Wyatt
Collins of Fort Bend county, was
freed by an Instructed verdict grant
ed by Federal Judge J. C. Hutche
son shortly after the government
and defense rested finally today.
Lawyers for Collins and his co
defendants, three negresses, rested
yesterday on the sheriffs own
denial of all charges the prosecu
tion had brought.
<*25 Cents a Glass”
He denied the testimony of fed
eral prohibition agents that he had
drunk liquor at a “little white
S-,u2e’ In Mud Alley. Richmond,
allegedly operated by Carrie Nor
wood, one of those on trial with
him and denied all the prosecu
tor' testimony seeking to picture
him as an officer owning the
“little white house.’ where whiskey
was sold at 25 cents a glass.
Two of the other defendants
testified that they had sold no
liquor at the hou«e and that the
sheriff had neve- come there to
drink. The third. Louise Derman.
had not been brouvh' directly in
to the case, except through the
testimony of an officer who was
unable definitely to pick her out
of the three regresses sitting In
the dock.
Wife Testifies
Collins’ wife and daughter testi
fied for him. saying that on many
visits to the house ’.here the Nor
wood negress lived, which Collins
ov.ned, they never had seen any
thing smacking of bootlegging.
Their declarations were In con
tradiction to the testimony of pro
hibition agents as to certain dates
on which the Norwood woman was
claimed to have been seen at the
cottage selling contraband.
This trial was the first to grow
out of a raid at Richmond on the
night of Jan. 18 in which more
than 300 arrests were made. Three
separate indictments were return
ed and all named CP’Uns. Two
involved a number of his deputies
and some 20 other p^ons.
The case went to the ’ try in fed
eral court this afternoon.
bakkk nx
CLEVELAIT April 30—'f*V-For
secrecy of war Newton D
Bl v, wr su'fe-ir.g from bronchial
pneumonia today, but physicians
said there was no cause for alarm
so long as he continued to show the
Improvement noted last night.
Same Price
for over
38 years
25 ouncesf or 75 certU
Guaranteed Pure
and Healthful
Millions of pounds used
by the Government
One ‘Shoots It Out’ With 50
Police Keep Up Fusillade of Shots Until
Dallas Mln I* Dead
DALLAS, April 30.—(jp>—Choosing “shoot it out'* with 50 policemen j
who charged his home, rather thaP accept arrest. B. G. Perdichl, 35, I
was dead today.
He was killed last night ' ihe a#rtment where he had barricaded
himself, after shooting and serioucly founding John Techias, 35, cafe
operator, and wounding W. R. Greer®ee- policeman who sought to
arrest him.
Techlas was shot in the head as he safcwth his wife and child in a park. 1
When Officer Greenlee sought to —1
enter the Perdichi apartment, after
the shooting of Techias, he was
answered by shots, one bullet strik
ing him In the arm.
A general riot call wa* turned in.
and 50 detectives and uniformed!
policemen answered, bringing ma*
chine guns and surrounding the'
house. The machine guns Jammed*
so the policemen whipped out pia
tols and kept up a fusillade of shm
through the windows until Perdichi
was dead.
His wife, in a hospital with a
newborn baby, was not told of his
death. Police seized a quantity of
liquor at the Perdichi apartment.
He had lived here 25 years, coming
to Dallas from Greece.
‘Nativity Night’
At Revival Service
Tonight Is to be “Nativity night'
at the city-wide revival being con
ducted In the Cromack building by
evangelists Hawkins and Ramsay. It
is hoped that representatives from
many states of the union will be
present to stand up for their re
spective states when the roll is
called. Spanish shaking residents
of Brownsville and vicinity are also
especially invited to the meeting,
beginning at 7:45 p. m.
Rubio Following Old
Agrarian Procedure
MEXICO CITY. April 30—f/Pt—
Perez Trevino, secretary of agricul
ture. today announced that Mex
ico’s agrarian policy had been dis
cussed at a cabinet meeting and
that President Ortiz Rubio would
continue to carry it out along the
same lines as his predecessors.
Funeral for Negress
Funeral services are to be con
ducted at 5 o’clock this afternoon
at the Morris mortuary for Isabel
Bankston, negress, who died late
yesterday at Mercy hospital as the
result of gun wounds received earlier
in the week in an affray with an
other negro woman.
Interment will be in Buena Vista
Alardin Funeral
Lait rites for Dario Alardin, 26.
who died Monday in San Antonio,
are to be held this afternoon at Im
maculate Concept 16n church at 5
o’clock, with Garza's funeral home
In charge.
Mr. Alar'.in succumbed to a leng
thy illness h a San Antonio hospital
where he ha* gone for treatment.
—W. L. Weber of Taft today was
elected president of the Texas Cot
ton seed crushers association at
the annual convention here.
“My wife used to piav the piano
a lot, but since the children came
: he doesn’t have time.’
“Children are a comfort aren't
they?”—Kentish Observed. Enpland.

t wear cut shoe leather 1
fe seeking a home when a
■ t>-"i minute perusal of
K the Classified Ads will
locate a home for you?
Success From War Lesson
ON Armistice Dav 1918, Mr.
William E. Higgins of 2118
—14th Avenue, Minneapolis, got
the injury which taught him the
most valuable lesson of his life. His
battalion doctor gave him the right
advice but he did not follow it at
that time. Three years later a
friend, noticing his run down con
dition, suggested tnat he try Nujol.
That reminded him of what his
army physician had told him, so he
finally decided to give Nujol a trial.
“Since that day” he says, “I’ve
been a different person.”
“Nujol,” he continues, “has been
responsible for what success I have
made of myself in the business
world, it has contributed to my
health, my happiness, to my very
joy of living. Without Nujol I should
have gone on grumbling and com
plaining, muttering at fancied in
justices, overlooking entirely that
this world is just what we make it.
Now I know* what it means to get
up jn the morning smiling and rested
—ready to do my daily work with
zest: what it means to eat with no
thought of the consequences; to live
withm the bound* of good health.”
Our bodies, like any other intri
cate machine, need lubrication.
Nujol is not a medicine; it contains
no drugs; it is tasteless and colorless
3* pure water; it cannot hurt you;
forms no habit. All it does is to
* :an out regularly as clockwork—
■ily, normally—those poisons (we
O Coaat. of Pub. Int
all have them) which make us feel
sick and generally out of sorts.
It is hard to believe that any
thing so simple can do so much for
you—but you can prove it yourself
in a very short time, aa millions of
other people have done: get a bottle
of Nujol at any drug store in its
waled package. It costs but a few
cents and it will make you feel like a
million dollars. Don’t expect results
over night from so simple and nat
ural a treatment; keep it up for a
couple of weeks, and you will have
the answer If you want to feel fine,
start tonight—and remem Ur to in
sist on Nujol!
Minority Leader Unable To
Lead Democrats In
Tariff Tiff
j WASHINGTON, April 30.—(JPv—
•fhe condition of Representative
Garncr- of Texas, the minority
lead?*-, will prevent him from lead
ing 1he democrats when the tariff
is brought before the house tomor
Mr. Gtrn*r, ranking democrat on
the ways And means committee, has
been confined to his bed since Fri
day with influenza.
It was expected that he would be
able to be pre^nt for house con
sideration of the complex report on
the tariff bill reached by conferees
of the senate and house.
Garner was the lit)tier of the
house democratic confutes.
In his absence, the democrats
probably will be under the leader
ship of Representatives Crisp of
Georgia, and Collier of Mississippi j
Pioneer of McAllen
In Grave Condition
(Special to The Herald)
McALLEN. April 30—The condi
tion of O. P. Archer, pioneer cit
izen, builder, and mayor when the
city was but a few years old. was
reported as serious following his
return here after spending some time
at Marlin, North Texas health re
Mr. Archer’s health has been
failing for some time. He recently I
disposed of the automobile business
which he has conducted here over
a decade.
City Briefs I
To Marfa. — Idel Mackles. farmer
post jarber at Fort Brown, will leave
Sunday for Marfa to be barber at
the post there.
Elks Meet. — A meeting of the
local Elks lodge will be held tonight
at 8 p. m. at the Elk's Hall. Several
candidates for initiation will be
present, and all members are urged
to attend.
Awnings. — Highest grade awn
ings. tents, tarpaulins, and beach
umbrellas. South Texas Tent and
Awning Co., phone 11T8. advtf
Son Born. — Mr. and Mrs. W. G
Willman, 214 Washington street, an
nounce the birth of a son Saturday
night. The baby weighed ten pounds
and has been named W. G. Jr.
Here. — E. Balluder of Mexico
City, returned there from Browns
ville Wednesday morning by plane
Mr. Ballruder is president of the
Me::: .m Aviation company airlines.
Excellent pig skin porch chairs
at The Basket Place. Northeast cor
ner, Pla;*, Matamoros, Mexico.
Adv. 3.
To Mexico City. — W C. King,
of Wakefield, Mass., traveled to Mex
ico City by air Wednesday morning
for a brief visit. He will remain
in Mexico City several days.
Visitor. — H E. Gray, o! Browns
ville. lelt for the southern capital
Wednesday morning, leaving the
municipal airport.
■ -.
Great Sale of entire stock will
take place Wednesday. April 30th.
The International Shoe Company
will sell out their entire stock un
der cost in order to make room for
a complete new stock. The Inter
national Shoe Store.—Adv.
South American. — G R. Travis,
of Buenos Aires, passed through
Brownsville on his way to Mexico
City Wednesday. He was travelling
by air. /
Towns in Oklahoma
Show Census Losses
—Eighty per cent of the munici
palities in Oklahoma that *have
turned in complete figures for* the i
1930 censu- have showed a decrease
in population.
- -
Any woman who house-cleans
without rubber glows Just isn't
modern. They come very inexpen
sively and if you are color con
scious you can get them any shade
you desire.
Husband (at the theater): This
play makes me think.
Wife: Yes, It is a most extraor
dinary play.—Tit-Bits.
I you’ll find the best ra!- M
ues is in the the col- H
umns of the Want Ads ill
NEW YORK, April 30.—UP>—The ;
stock market turned heavy in late!
forenoon trading after an outburst
of buying at the opening. The in
itial strength was in the oil, amuse
ment and Utility shares, which ran
up two to four points in the first
hour of trading on purchases of;
large blocks.
U. S. Steel was freely offered,
despite favorable earnings report, i
sUpping from 184r«, the opening, to
171T*. Further realizing in%the Cop
per shares, notably Magma, Cerro
De Paso,, Magma, Granby and'
Green Cananea, as well as in the |
investment rails, tended to depress
the general list. Southern Railway,
Atchison, Norfolk & Western and
Canadian Pacific lost 1 to 3 points.

NEW ORLEANS. April 30——
Cotton opened steady despite earl
ier cables, and first trades showed
no change to 3 points advance. The
market eased off a little under
realizing soon after the start. May
dropping to 15.86, July to 15.77 and
October to 14.68, or 6 to 7 points
nuder opening prices. A good de
mand developed for July which
carried all the months up with It.
May soon showing an advance to
15.74. July to 15.87 and October to:
14 75, or 7 to 10 points above the
lows. At the end of the first hour
the market was steady with July
particularly firm.
The market ruled comparatively
quiet all morning. The weekly
weather and crop summary was,
hardly as favorable ns expected,
but had no direct elect on the mar- j
ket. Old crop months continued to
gain, but new crop positions mov
ed but little. The feature of the j
trading was the strength of July.;
which advanced 17 points to 15.91.
showing a premium over October of
131 points. May traded up to 15 SI.
U,)*t5‘points from the low', whereas
October traded only to 14.75. 7
points up from the lows. At noon
the market was steady with a little
more trading in progress.
NEW YORK. April 30—Cot
ton opened steady at an advance of
1 point on new October, but gen
erally 1 to 5 points lower. Active
months showed net losses of 3 to
6 points soon after the call. There
was some near month liquidation
on th" circulation of notices
amounting to about 5.000 bales, and
May eased to 16 03. New October
declined to 14 65 under realizing, or
local and commission house sell
ing. promoted by easy cables ar.<-'
a belief that rains had Improved
soil conditions in the louUived.
Offerings were not heavy, howeter
and were well enough taken to
steady the market un two or hr'*-*
points by the end of the first half
CHICAGO. Am a 30- T' - Fr-sh
breaks here took pla~e early today
as a result of new rain falls south
west and of Liverpool quotations
lower than expected.
Opening 518 to 1 1-2 off. Chicago
wheat later showed cnlv moderate
power to rally. Corn and oat5 were
easy, with corn starting 1-4 to 3-4
down, and afterward holding near
to the initial range Provisions tend
ed to advance.
CHICAGO. April 30—P—Poultry
easy; fowls 21-28: broilers 35-38;
roosters 15; turkeys 25-30; heavy
clucks 22-23; geece 15.
4 Face Liquor Count
As a result of brisk activities by
Brownsville customs inspectors over
the week-end. four men tvere bound
over to the grand jury before U. S.
Commissioner E. K Goodrich Tues
Simon Contreras and Esperldlon
Uvalle were bound over in $250
bonds after pleading guilty to liquor
charges. Damacio Gonzales of Point
Isabel was bound over in $250 bond
and Teodoro Gonzales of Point
Isabel was bound over in $500 bond.
LONDON—A hobo of other days
Is prominently mentioned for poet
laureate. There are indications of
the possibility that John Masefield,
who has been a tramp, seaman, ships
•ook and farm hand, will succeed
the late Robert Bridges.
Hus Lady’s Husband Urged
Her To Take Cardui.—
Soon Benefited.
Troy. Ala.—"Cardui has done me
good, and it has done my 16-year
old daughter so much good" says
Mrs. J. W. Jinright, of this place,
“that I felt I wanted other women
to know the facts about It. so I
wrote to The Chattanooga Medi
cine Co, telling them about my
helpful experience with this medi
cine. Cardui.
"I have used it at Intervals for
sixteen years, when I suffered from
weakness, and it always helped mg.
“Mostly I was afflicted with bad
spells of backache. At times I
felt as if my back would break. I
would drag one foot after the
other. In a helpless sort of gray,
and once I got down in bed.
“My husband urged me to take
Cardui. and I soon found what a
fine medicine it really was.
“When my second child was
little, I was in very bad health.
I did not pick up as I should have.
I was weak and sickly. I do not
believe that I would have come
through, but for Cardui.”
A purely vegetable medicine. »-*«
I «jpBv • 1 «
While taking ' Cardui. a" good
laxative to use is Thcdforda
_ B lack - iJraughLas^aj^^age.
(Continued from page one.)
the way lay on the floor, its hands
having stopped at exactly one
o'clock. Dough was scattered all over
the place, utensils and other baking
paraphernalia was also strewn
No details were available concern
ing the child's body.
Police Holding Woman
A woman. Cruz Teran de Moran
was being held by the Matamoros
police this morning for questioning
A further search of the house
where Shong lived revealed a check
for $1,000 pesos, sixty four dollars
and fifteen Mexican pesos were also
found in Shongs belongings.
Chinamen Thank Police
A body of Chinamen residents in
Matamoros. went to the Police
Department and thanked Sr. Sali
nas. Police chief, for his work in
clearing the mystery. “The American
offcers have helped us In a wonder
ful way In many cases and we cer
tainly do appreciate the coopera
tion that they are showing us." Sr.
Salinas declared to a Herald re
Conviction Affirmed
In Young Death Case
AUSTIN, April 30—<,P)—1The con
viction of J. M. Reese, given 9?
years for the murder of Ed Lang
ford by a Young county jury, was
affirmed by the court of criminal
appeals today.
A reversal of the judgment was
ordered in the cace of Jim Taylor
Studdard. Panola county, given 10
years for the murder of Dock Wil
burn. and a new trial was granted
The court overruled a motion for
a writ of coram nobis in the case
of Joe Minor. Hopkins county,
given 99 years for murder in 1927,
and now confined in an asylum. He
was charged with the murder of
Jim Sickles. Attorneys alleged in
their motion that Minor w'as insane
et the time the crime was commit
Two Alleged Torch
Slayers, Boys, in Jail
WE WOK A, Ok la., April 30—<t>
Two alleged “torch” slayers of 2
I vear-old Ray Yadon of Cromwell.
Okla., were held in Jail here today
while officers considered filing mur
der charges against the prisoners,
eight and ten years old respect
The baby died yesterday. Invest:
j gators said death resulted from
b irns received when S. T. Tread
wel, 10. Ignited cbthing which pre
viously had been soaked with gaso
line by the boy and his brother.
Paul. 8 years old.
S A. Boyle, juvenile officer, said
the brothers would be given a hear
ing in juvenile court.
Quintaro Rites
Funeral services arp to be con
ducted this afternoon at 5:30 at
Immaculate Conception church for
Teodcro Quintero 48. who died yes
terdav at his home. Mexican Came
W. O. W. is to b? in charge of
ceremonies. Interment will be in
citv cemetery'.
Mr. Quintaro. who had resided in
Brownsville for many years. Is sur
vived by his wife. Mrs. Quintero
nnd a sister. Mrs. Paulino Ramos
Morris mortuary is conducting ar
Specialist'* calve, Carboil, I
■tops pain instant;;- Keaht*
worst boil overnight. Get |
Carboil from druggist. Ena ft
pain quick. Boils vanish -.n |
We Change Combination!
Rear ol Miller Hotel
Phone 722
On Improved city, residence and
business pro»«rty.
Todd & Underwood
Corner Eleventh a td Levee Sts..
Phone 183 Brownsville
Alexander Tire Company
Shows Huge Goodyear
This afternoon the largest tire in
the world will be on exhibit.on in
Brownsville, being brought here by
Alexander Tire Co.. Goodyear deal
er. who will have the giant easing
at his place of business, 1121-23
Levee street, from 3:45 to 6:00 o'
The tire was built by the Good
year Tire and Rubber company of
Okron, Ohio and is on a tour of
several states in this section of the
country. It has been in many sec
tions of the United States, and has
been exhibited in Canada, causing
no end of amazement at the Tor
onto Exposition last fall.
The rubber giant, which is 12
feet high and four feet wide, was
built under the combined supervi
sion of the chemical, tire de ;n and
research divisions of the Goodyear's
development department. It takes
about three-quarters of an hour to
inflate the mammoth casing to a
pressure of only three pounds. Its
value is placed conservatively at
$5000 00.
Will there ever be occasion for
the use of a tire the size of the
giant to be seen in our city this
afternoon? A prominent manufac
turer of airplanes, when he saw the
tire on exhibition in his city, stated
that the day was coming when
huge airplanes would require tires
of such dimensions.
The tire is mounted as a trailer ■
to a bus of special design and has a
lead carrying capacity of approx
imately 50.000 pounds. Three
months’ time was required in build
ing it.
Nazarenes Lead In
Revival Attendance
The Nazarene church had the i
lr rgesr attendance for “Church
%i*mt“ Monday at the Hawkins
Ramsay revival. Dr. Fox is pastor1
| of the Nazarene church.
Tuesday night has been designa
ted "Church Officer’s Night" by Dr
J. L. H. Hawkins. His subject lait
night was “The Abounding Life.” i
Everyone is invited to attend the
• services. '
Mrs. Martinez Dies
At Home Wednesday
Mrs. Adela Martinez. 50. died this
morning at 5 o’clock at the family
home, Fourteenth and Jefferson
streets. Garza's will conduct funer
al services this afternoon at 5:30 at
Immaculate Conception church,
with burial in city cemetery.
Surviving Mrs. Martinez are her
husband, Miguel Martinez, a son.
Alfonso, and a daughter. Miss So
corro Martinez.
An old golf professional was in
vited to play in an exhibition match
at Httchin, England. On hearing i
his caddie call It Itchin, he said: j
"I suppose this is where the scratch
golfers come from.’—Tit-Bits.
75 Per Cent Loss In 1
San Patricio Rami
HOUSTON, April |S*-<4P>—Bmi
era at Sinton and Taft today tin
mated that 75 per cent of the fro]
tag crops in San Patricio coin]
had been wiped out by torrent]
rains and hail of Monday 1
The rain in sections of the coud
was estimated at around 12 ir.clfl
Travel over country road , will ■
be possible for several days ■
• He told me he could
bread and cheese nnd ki flLaftil
What then?" HH
I found out that he S
hither to famish the hrriHBH
cheese.’’—Pele Vtele. Paris.
77 Stars.
^ By actual count! All of them lnromparahi
^ entertainers in the world of song, dann and
^ rollicking comedv!
▲ All Talking - Singing - Dancing
Photographed entirely in
—With— I
Winnie TJghtner Douglas Fair bar..
^ Richard Barthelmc v Betty COirpso™ , * ,«
♦ John Barrymore Louise F:
Irene Borrionl Chester C >:
♦ Nick Lucas Marian N.xfl
♦ Ted Lewis Dolores C
Oeorges Carpenter H B V. trn^H^^H
♦ Jack Mulhall Alice Whitt^HfiSIIS
and 61 o:her great stars! B
T” — Added — Hnn
i 5 Movietone News VH
♦ tl®:
♦ j
♦ 1 Mm
^ "Coo! as the Mountain Breezes'*
Reaches the
(heights in
thrills and
romance never
before attained!
Charles (Buddy) Rcr
I \ Added: \
\ Christie Comedy \
\ “Don’t \
\ Believe It** \
\ All Thrillins \
\ Paramount Art \
\ “On the High \<—
m c’‘” 1
lag: Paramount
m Sound News W
A Paramount New Show World A
All Talking Picture! I
At Your
*** and today we announce the NEW_
5 typer of refrigeration, in one cahintf
Fnm Desserts and Racipr BaaJ
Th^’» no other refrfgeraf like!
° rs moist cold, dry Gold, no-aflD
freezing, zero freezing, an.) c< Id 7*
322 ^:inK~an 'Vithin tlir o«
cabinet. Come in and sec u-to^v.
C-114 J
STRAUS-FRANK CO., Distributors
Friffic!&ire Dealer '

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