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■SPUDS ALMOST Mysterious Murders of Beheaded Victims
SURE WINNERS Baffle Little Town in New Mexico
Oilers Now Six Full Games
Ahead of Second Place
Houston Buffs
\wociatrd Press Sports Writer
Day by day, and in what might
be termed a big way. the Wichita
Pall* Spuckiers sweep closer to a
cinch on the first half of the Tex
as league flag race. Opening the
current week, Carl William's torrid
nine was six full games ahead of
tl> peck, and the splitting date
only 16 days days distant.
There appears little reason to
doubt the chase will be split, in
cidentally the magnates even have
dispensed with the merry little
game of hide-and-seek they usual
ly play with their public. Not one
of the eight owners has voioed op
position so far. and there might
not be an opposing vote when they
gather June 19 to settle the ques
Apparently not satisfied with jusv
romping away from their colleagues
the Spudders have taken to run
bing it in. They went the limit
yesterday in crushing the Waco
Cubs 18 to 1 and 11 to 2 in a double
bill making It unanimous for the
series. Larry Bettencourt, the for
mer all-American footballer, had
the largest day of his career, bust
ing two homers in each game and
driving in a grand total of 11 runs
during the afternoon.
Buffs Win
In the face of the Spudders phen
omenal streak, the second-plare
Hauston Buffs continued to do the
best they knew how by taking
their final from Shreveport, 4 to
3, but it proved inadequate. They
found themselves a half-game fur
ther behind the leaders. George
Payne made the victory possible
when he relieved young Allyn Stout
In the ninth and stopped the Sports
with the tying run on base.
Beaumont tightened its hold on
fourth place by whipping the
crippled Fort Worth Cats. 13 to 7,
in their final. The Exporters scored
all their runs in a rousing bomb
ardment off Walkup and Egan in
the ftrat three innings, featured by
Chick Shiver's homer with the
bases loaded.
More man 2.000 fans saw the
eight-place Dallas Steers salvage
.heir last game with the seven!h
’.Isee San Antonio Indians. 0 to l
x'.-k George Murray was in grea*
m m, holding the tribe to seven
hit- and blanking them after the
i/utial frame.
The Indians found themselves on
thj spot” today, opening a three
par^r with the Spudders at Vm
rhita Falls. Houston was at Fort
Worth. W>co at Dallas and Beau
mont at Shreveport.
The weather was generally lair
throughout the great central val
leys, and parily cloudy to unset
tled practically throughout the
balance of the country at me
morning observation. Numerous
showers and thunderstorms oc
c ired withm the last 24 hours from
New Mexico and western Texas
northward to the Canadian border,
and also along the south Atlantic
corV Temperatures were near the
soesjnal average practically
throughout the country this morn
ing. _
First figures, lowe&t temperature
last mglit; second highest yester
day: third, wind velocity at 8 a m.
fourth, precipitation it- last 24
hours. i
Abilene . 66 80 .. 00
Amarillo . j>8 3? '* 1 00
Atlanta . 54 .. »0
Austin . *8 *•
I Boise . 48 I® * * 21
Boston .. 29 I- " mi
BROWNSVILLE ... 73 8s .. .00
, Calgary . 40 .. .. .oo |
Chicago . 54 7* 10 25
Cleveland . 54 64 .. .00 (
Corpus Christi .... 76 82 10 .00 ,
TffeMoe . 64 84 • ■ ’22 I
Del Rio . 70 82 12 .06
Dodge City . 80 80 .. .00
I7i Paso . 88 9‘2 • • 2ft
Port Smith . 58 70 .. .00
Helena .. 48 74 .. 00 ,
Houston . 88 88 10 .00 ;
Huron . 52 74 10 .00,
JacksT-ivtlle . 84 *8 .• -00
Kansas City . 58 70 .. .00 |
Louisville . 52 70 .. .£0 t
Memphis . 56 72 .. .00 (
Miami . 72 82 ..2.62
New Orleans . 88 84 • • 00
Oklahoma City .... 64 82 12 .00 ,
Palestine ......... 84 84 .. .00
Pensacola ..
Phoenix .>*.. 72 108 .. .00
Port Arthur . 68 84 16 .00
Roswell ........a.. 64 82 .. .00
6t. Louis . 56 72 .. .00
(t. Paul . 56 76 .. .00
Salt Lake City .... 56 76 .. .oo
San Antonio . 68 86 .. .00
Santa Fe .. 54 80 .. .00
Sheridan 42 70 .. .00 j
Shreveport ....... 62 82 .. .00
Vicksburg . 56 78 .. .00
I Washington . 62 76 .. .00
n movie g
The perfect picture that we have
been waiting for is here. It 1*
“Journey's End,” seen yesterday at .
the Rivoli theater, San Benito and
playing today and tomorrow, with
drama so powerful that it takes
vour heart out. tears it to bits and
gives It bock to you with an under
standing of this human clay called
“man” that you never had before
and will never forget or regm
“Journey's End" without & womau
in it, yet fraught with the romance
cf adventure, daring, death: cram
med to overflowing with man’s love
fir man. for peace, for home—spec
tacular, not in the way of stupen
dous sets, but in splendid deeds
gone by splendid men!
Oh, what a masterpiece is “Jour
ney’s End”—masterly on the part of
Its author, R. C. Sheriff; on the
part of its adaptor. Joseph Moncure
March, who has kept it faithful;
rn the part of James Whale, the
director, and George Pearson, who
r?jpervtsed; and on the part of the ;
WEt Tiffany-Gainsborough produ
Sed it bv arrangement with Maurice
iriwne, and RCA Photophone rec
BHM. . ^
%■ mm « *• '
Ug \x&0
COtJUt<XDOt? '
i j V300Y—
Arthur R. Manby. most recent victim in the “headless murders" of
Taoa. is shown here with the queer stone house—a veritable fortress
in which he lived and in whif h he was slain. Below Is Tcrecita Fergu
son. known as one of Manby's admirers.
TAOS. N. M. June 4.—For nine
months the secluded art colony in
this little New Mexican city has
been the puzzled possessor of one
of the strangest murder mysteries
•ver recorded—a mystery bizzare
enough to come straight from the
pages of Edgar Allan Poe.
Unfortunately, however, the
mystery shows no signs of being
cleared up, and the art colony has
had about all it wants of it. In
fact, many artists are threatening
to clear out altogether if the au
thorities do not find some way of
solving this case and several other
mysterious murders in which the
victims were beheaded.
The victim in this mystery is
Arthur Rockfort Manbv, who was
quite mysterious enougti to suit
Taos in the flesh, even before his
decapitated body was found on a
cot in his rambling hacienda here.
The murderer, or murderers, is—
or are—nobody knows who. The
motive, judging from the tangled
threads that Manbv wove into his
extended and devious career, might
have been almost anything
In the background is a myste
rious organization known as the
“United States Civil Secret Ser
vice.” and officials are unable to
decide whether it was a gigantic
hoax or a far-flung bunco game
Whichever it was, Maoby was at
the center of it.
Became Gold 'liner
Man by was born in England 62
years ago. He came to New Mex
ico in 1883 and became interested
in mining properties in the Red
River regon. For about a decade
nothing much was heard of him:
then, in 1895, he became associated
with John C. Ferguson and James
Wilkinson in the Mystic Gold
Mine, which was close to the proper,
tr of the famous and wealthy .Aztec
Mine, then one of the richest gold
mines in the world.
The Mystic Mine already had a
history, chiefly of violence. Sev
eral men in its employ had been
killed; one having been found at
the bottom of the mine shaft, de
capitated. But the Mystic had never
made any money until Manby took
hold. Then it began to show a big
profit. It was reported here io„
y*ars that Manby had a system of
stealing nuggets from the Aztec
Mine, tlirough employes, and plant
ling them In the Mystic; at any
rate. Manby grew rich, and in
1900 built a huge, rambling house
1 here
Lived in Queer House
This house—the one where he
met his death—is surrounded b>
20 acres of ground, enclosed by a
formidable wall. It he i 20 rooms,
ar.d for years Manby had it filed
with expensive furniture and art
[objects. He always seemed to fear
[ intrusion, however, and the wind
ows w ere always heavily barred
delicious just
Try a handful of Rice
Krispies right out of the red
and-green package. Golden
hubbies of flavor that melt
in your mouth! Serve for
breakfast with milk or cream.
Rice Krispies arc deli
cious in a dozen different
ways. Children are wild
about them. At your gro
cer’s. Oven-fresh. Made by
Kellogg in Battle Creek.
First National Bank
Established in 1891
Firms and individuals who do their
banking here know that prompt, in- <
telligent sendee and cordial rela
tions with our cusomeri are two of
the main reasons why this bank'.
deposits have been steadily mount
ing through the yrars. We are glad
to serve you in every way possible.
<—v »
4% Compounded semi-annually paid
on Savings Accounts
Insurance — Surety Bonds
Spivey:Kowalski Bid. Phone H*>
while the door leading In from the
street bore six heavy locks.
As Manby grew older his fears
increased. He obtained a huge
police dog to keep him comrany.
He believed that someone was try
ing to poison him. and during the
last years of his life he cooked all
of his food himself, dismissing his
cook and servant girl and living
absolutely alone in his big. silent
Then his mysterious fears grew.
He talked constantly of secret un
derground passages connecting
with liis house. Often he was seen
on the roof, wig-wagging incom
prehensible signals to someone with
colored flags. His place fell into
disrepair. Many of his paintings
and prised bits of furniture vanish
ed. Tac* residents looked on him
as a queer, very mysterious person,
and had little to do with him.
On the last day of June. 1929, a
deputy sheriff called to serve a
judgement on Manby in a $12,000
damage suit a woman had filed
against him for breach of promise.
He was unable to get In.. Return
ing three days later, he called local
authorities and broke in the door.
On a cot in a bedroom lay a
man's body. Beside it, on the floor,
lay Manby's big police dog. eyeing
the officers suspiciously. The of
fleer went to the cot to examine the
body, and found that the head was
missing. A search disclosed the
head lying on the floor In an ad
joining. room.
The front door to the house had
been locked from the Inside.
The head was horribly mutilated,
and at first the coroner believed
that Manby had died from some
natural cause and that his dog
locked In and starved to despera
tion, had attacked the body and torn
the head off. That explanation
sufficed for a time.
Later, however, people who had
viewed the body recalled that the
had been cleanly severed from
the neck. The body was exhumed
and a new examination was made.
Bullet wounds were found in the
head and che6t. and the dog—
which, by the way, had been shot—
was officially absolved of guilt. It
was realised that Manby had been
Others Victims Beheaded
Investigators have learned of
half a dozen other men, associated
with Manby at one time or ano
ther in the last couple of decades,
who were murdered; and star
tlingly enough, several of them
were decapitated by their slayers.
But no way of linking these kil
lings with Manby's has been found.
Then the “United States Civil
Secret Service" came to light. This
was a secret bunco organization of
ignorant Mexican farmers and
laborers in this vicinity in its
membership. Officials believe that
It was simply a swindle, saying that
members were enrolled, impressed
by high-sounding titles and grand- j
iloquent letters sent out by Manby
and his associates, and then mulct
ed of small sums of money.
Had Love Affairs
Manby had a number of love af
fairs. The strongest was with one
Terecita Ferguson, daughter of his
former partner in the Mystic
Mine For years she and Manby
were devoted to one another. A
[ short time before his death she
left him to become the wife of a
Mexican. Carmen Duran. Terecita.
incidentally, is said to have been
mixed up with Manby in the
promotion of the Secret Service
is something that you make, rather than take.
Saying money is one of the surest ways of
creating opportunity.
We pay four per cent, interest compounded
semi-annually on Savings Accounts.
Start an account now and add to it regularly.
Capital Stock:
Originally paid in . .. .$100,000.00
Increased from earnings 150,000.00 $250,000.00
Surplus Fund, earned.. . 275,000.00
I 1 1 " ~~ ~ ■———1 ■■ - - — ■ —
I *
I •
Serving Many Businesses
reliability and economy of the new Ford
of the new Ford is found in its
increasing use by Federal, state and city
governments and by large industrial
companies which keep careful day-by
day cost records. In most instances, the
Ford has been chosen only after ex
haustive tests of every factor that con
tributes to good performance—speed,

power, safety, comfort, low cost of
operation and up-keep, reliability and
long life.
Prominent among the companies
using the Ford are the Associated Com
panies of the Beil System, Armour and
Company, The Borden Company, Con
tinental Baking Corporation, Firestone
Tire and Rubber Company, General
Electric Company, Goodyear Tire and
Rubber Company, Kellogg Company,
Knickerbocker Ice Company, Morton
Salt Company, Pillsbury Flour Mills
Company, The Procter & Gamble
Company, and Swift & Company.
Each of these companies uses a
large number of Ford cars and trucks.
The Associated Companies of the Bell
System use more than eight thousand.
Modern business moves at a fast
pace and it needs the Ford. Daily, in
countless ways and places, it helps to
speed the production and delivery of
the world's goods and extend the useful
service of men and companies.
Constant, steady operation over many
thousands of miles emphasizes the ad
vantages of the sound design of the Ford
car, its high quality of materials, and
accuracy in manufacturing. Beneath
its graceful lines and beautiful colors
there is a high degree of mechanical
An example of the value built into
the Ford is the use of more than twenty
ball and roller bearings. They are
hidden within the car and you may
never see them. Yet they play an Im
portant part in satisfactory, economical
performance. Their function ia similar
to the jewels of a fine watch.
Throughout the Ford chassis, a ball
or roller bearing is used at every place
where it is needed to reduce friction
and wear and give smooth, reliable
mechanical operation.
At many points, as on the transmis
sion counter-shaft, dutch release, fan
and pump shaft, and front drive shaft,
these ball and roller bearings are used
where less costly types of bearings might
be considered adequate.
Additional instances of the high qual
ity built into the Ford are the extensive
use of steel forgings, fully endosed
four-wheel brakes, Rustless Steel, four
Hondaille double-acting hydraulic
shock absorbers, aluminum pistons,
chrome silicon alloy valves, torque-tube
drive, three-quarter floating rear axle,
and the Triplex shatter-proof glass
The Ford policy has always been to
use the best possible material for each
part and then, through large produc
tion, give it to the public at low cost.
Standard Coupe • •••••••• #495
Sport Coupe • ••••••••• #525
De Luc Coupe .••••••••• #545
Tudor Sedan • •••••*••• #495
Three-window Fordor Sedan • • • • • #600
De Luxe Sedan .••••••••• #640
Town Sedan .#•••••*••• #660
Cabriolet.. . * . #62;*
Roadster. #435
Phaeton • ••••••••«»• #440
Pick-up Closed Cab • ••••••• #455
Model A Chassis.#345
Model AA Truck Chassis, 13Hj-inch wheel
base .. #510
Model AA Truck Chassis, 157-inch wheel base #535
Model AA Panel Delivery.#750
4It prieet f. 0. 4. Detroit, plat freight end delivery. Bam pm \
and tpara lira eMira at law ran |
L nit trial Credit Company plan of time pay ments
Ford Motor Company

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