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In Society Circles - - A Complete Page for Valley Women Sne
Lawn Bridge and500
Party Honors Visitor
Mr and Mrs J. L Friedman entertained last night at their home In
Los Fresnoe with a bridge and 500 party on the lawn honoring their son.
Emory, who Is here for a visit from Tampico The lawn was lighted, and
tables were arranged there for the games. The interior of the house
was prettily decorated with bouquets of pink and red roses.
in rne aw games men 5 n:gn auu
low prizes were won by R Kay
and C. K Nietert; womens awards
went to Mrs S E. Yauter and Mrs
H Ray.
Mrs. Gene Richards w on women s
high prize in bridge game, with Mrs.
H. Smith, low; Mr. Smith won
men s high prize, and F. Gilmore.
Punch, sandwiches, and cake were
served as refreshments. Guests
were Messrs, and Mesdames S. E.
^ Vauter, R. Kay, C. K Nietert, H
▼ Ray. Wilson. Harry Hollow ell.
Ralph Friedman, Arthur Pitt. Gene
Richards. Louis Bauer. H. Smith.
Jewell Richards; Misses Amy and
Louise Bauer. Marjorie Reil. Beatrice
Friedman, and Messrs. John White
and Emory Friedman
• • *
Brownsville Group
Visits San Benito
Informal parties are making the
visit of Miss Martha Guin of Cot
ulla with Miss Marjorie Harris of
San Benito, a junior college student
of Brownsville. Miss Harris was
hostess at bridge Thursday after
noon at her home. Brownsville
guests included Misses Anni- Lee
Berryhlll. Margaret Anderson. Mar
caret Hughston, Catherine Morton.
Elizabeth and Mary Margaret Rowe
• • •
Country Club Dance
Saturday Niqlit
An informal dance will be given
members of the Brownsville Coun
try club Saturday. June 28. the
house committee announced today.
The dance will commence at 9 p
m , lasting until 1 o'clock, according
to plans. Each member is allowed to
bring two guests. The announce
ment was made by Dr B O Works
president of the club- J. K Wells
vice-president; and Benito Longoria.
s**cret arv-t rea surer
Big 7-Oz. Bottle 25c. |
i I Society Calendar j
Miss Lawrence, daughter cf Dr.
and Mr? O V. Lawrence, and Miss
j Nancy Sorrell, left this morning by
I plane for Monterrey. N. M. where
\ they will spend the remainder of
• the summer.
• • •
Miss Annie Lee Berrvhill will
leave next week for Syracuse. N. Y.,
i where she will be a university stu
, den* next year
• • •
Mr. and Mrs. W J. Vertrees were
in Donna this week visiting rela
• • •
Mrs. Hunter Hostess
To El Jar din Club
Mrs. C. L. Hunter was hostess to
members of E! Jardm Friendly club
at her home Wednesday afternoon,
a few quests also bom? present.
The house was prettily decorated in
bouquets of red zinnias and fern.
Several interesting games and
contes*s were enjoyed, in which Mrs
George French. Mrs. Derling. Mrs
Char'ie Crow, and Mrs. John Mart
in won prizes.
An attractive ice course was »« v
ed late in the afternoon.
The club wilt hold no more meet
| mgs during the summer, until next
i Complimentary to Miss Viola
Landry, a bride-to-be. Mr. and Mr
John Osborn entertained with a
dinner on Tuesday evening Guests
; were Mr and Mr: Fred Landry, Mr
and Mrs Ray Landry M Pearl.:. -
ter of Mrs. Landry and also her
brother Arthur and Mrs D. F
Many gift: were ;>rr - nted Miss
Miss Landry will leave in a veiy
few days, and will sail from Gal
veston for Vt ra Crur. where she
will be married immediate!; upon
arrival to Mr Allan Bourgeois.
• • •
Mrs Albert McHenry wa> hod*,
assisted by Mr T. R. Card and
Mrs Hanna as co-hostesse> on Tu -
day afternoon at her home on
Francisco Avenue, at a meeting of
the Bluebonnet bridge club.
The high score winner for tha
Mrs E W Gray beinc high .«rorer
I out of club guests was Mrs McLoud.
Chuck Roast, Per Pound .. 20c
Roll Roast, Per Pound ... 25c
Hamburger, Per Pound ... 20c
Short Ribs, Per Pound ... 15c
Bacon Squares, Per Pound 19c
Sliced Bacon, Armour’s
Dexter, 1 Lb. Carton .... 30c
Phone 346
Stations and dealers throughout the southwest
for the members while the low' score
halder was Mrs. Sam Yates.
Out of club guests included Mes
dames W. W. Bennett, M. T. Me- |
Loud. C. V. Van Aerman, O. V
Bridges and J W. Hoit.
• • •
The North Sharyland community
1; lends and long neighbors of Mr
and Mrs. A L. Potter, gave a sur- j
prise affair Friday honoring them
Mr and Mrs Potter are plannnig,
to leave this section for the sum
mer and possibly for a year or more.!
A delightful time was enjoyed,
the friends of the honorees present,
mg good wishes. There were about
fifty in the party.
• • •
Several affairs have been given
by the younger set. complimentary
to young women visiting in Mission
homes the past week.
On Friday morning Mrs. Roy P
Conway and Mrs. B. M. Strong en-,
tertained with a bridge luncheon
at the Conway home, honoring Miss
Theo Merwin, a niec« ~id house
guest of Mrs. Florence Hayes.
The tally cards, instead of being
numbered, represented flowers.
Miss Mary Ferguson was high
scorer, with Miss Merwin being made
the recipient of the guest prize.
The personnel was composed of
Misses Merwin. Margaret May. Mar- .
garet Cannon. Mary Ferguson. Eu
genia Eppright, Mrs. Raymond
Brooks, Mrs. Clelland Harris and
Miss Helen Glasscock of Mercedes. .
• • •
A slumber party with Misses Mary
Ferguson and Eugenia Eppright us !
hostesses at the Ferguson home was
the attraction for Saturday night,
with Miss Merwin as honoree. An
enjoyable evening was spent and
breakfa t was served to Misses Mer
win. Margaret Cannon, Margaret
May. Aileen and Irma Gideon. Arah
Gray. Beatrice Curtiss, Louise Lock
hart and the two young hostesses.
m m 9
Mi Margaret Cannon was also
hostess complimentary to out of j
isi •: : hen on v: iday after
:. i •• ne« with four '
tabu's of bridge, honoring her friend
and houi-e guest. Miss Helen Glass
cock of Mercedes. The decorations
consisted of the beautiful crepe
my rtle combined w ith roses
Miss Helen Duncan was high
scorer, the two guests of honor also
beiiu awarded tokens of remem
Those present included besides the I
Ms • • s Merwin end Glasscock and
the young ho.vL.ss. the following:;
Mrs. Ra; mond Brooks. Mrs. Ted
Lemburg. the M: ses Helen Duncan. •
Louise Lockhart. Mary Ferguson, j
Geraldine Tides. Arah Gray. Irma
Gideon. Esticia Ross. Margaret May, I
Eugenia Eppright Kita Sammons,
Vivien Card
• • •
row. us hosts
Mr. and Mrs Rop P Conway en
tertained the members of the Fri
day night bridge club at their home
just north of town last week, with
a two-table pen mnel
Mrs. Herbert C. Jeffries was an
out of dub guest.
1*1 KSO\ \LS
Mrs. Robert Gregg. Jr left last
: : ■ mm n ilay in Cna"a
nn )td Term , alter spending the
winter here with her husband and
her father-in-law.
J :hp. Brannan and Sam Yates
were in Hailiugen on business Tues
Mr? R W Milliken has returned
.■ i a visit and vacation in Kings
Mr? Georga Rhodes, who is in
*he employ of Strickland <fc Ewers.
:-n - r<' urned from her regular vaca
tion. which she spent in Houston
and Kingsville.
Charley Langston is the new
manager for the Edelstein furniture
store in Mission.
Ralph G Bray returned Tuesday
from a trip to Central America, yia
Mrs S Splawn has returned to
her home here after a visit of sever
al months in Roby.
Chas. Langston was in Harlingen
Thursday attending a general meet
ing of the Edelstein managers.
Miss Florence Burk is here from
Dallas, where she is employed as
nurse in the city schools, to spend
her vacation here with her parents.
Mr and Mrs. C. H. Burk.
Ehvood Moore is here from Hous
ton. visiting relatives and friends
during the vacation period.
Mrs. R. C. Lowry has been in Mis
sion the past several davs from San
Antonio. Mrs. Lowry is taking a
course in aviation in the Alamo
Misses Helen Eppright and Mel
rose Stoops spent Sunday here with
their parents. Dr. and Mrs. Epp
rieht and Mr and Mrs Stoops The
young ladies are assisting in affairs
at the Campo del Arroyo.
Mr. and Mrs Conan Wood and
afternoon from a trip to Houston,
where they visited Mrs. Wood's par
ents, also visiting at Chapel Hill.1
They came via Junction.
Mrs. Edward Oppenheimer is leav
ing the last of the week for Kerr
ville to visit her son. Bupp. who is
in Stewart Camp, a few miles be
yond that city. Mrs. Percy Her
man of McAllen accompanied Mrs
Oppenheimer, Mrs Herman leaving
her daughter at Camp W'aldemar.
Edward Oppenheimer. head of the
local Valley Mercantile, is planning
to leave for his semi-annual pur
chasing trip in New York. He will
sail from Galveston on the 7th.
ueison uugat leit Monaav for a
few weeks stay at Camp Martin.
Mrs. A. H Strahle. accompanied
by Mrs. Alois Dondlinger and son.
Eugene, and her own small son.
Jackie, left Sunday morning for the
central section of the state, where 1
Mrs. Strahle and Jackie will visit j
her daughter. Mrs. Harley Wallace,
in Dallas. Mrs. Dondlinger and son
to visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. 1
Paul Spikes in Dalworth.
Mrs. R. A. Dimmick returned Sun
day from an extended visit.
Mrs. Florence M. Hayes and Miss
Theo Mermn were guests at the
home of Mrs. E. Owen Scott in Rio
Grande City Sunday.
Miss Cornelia Harris is In the
city spending some time visiting her
brother Clelland and wife.
Mrs. C. D. Peake and Miss Vivien
Card leit Monday for an overland
trip to Central Texs, combining
business with pleasure. i
Mr. and Mrs. William Copeland
entertained with a delightful even
ing bridge party at their home in
Afton Place, naming Mr and Mrs.
Alan Hvistendf hl, who are moving
to Houston, as guests of honor
Garden flowers of pastel shades,
filled baskets and vases.
Mrs Arthur Newkirk scored high
in the games of bridge and Mrs. H.
E. Bennett scored low. Guest fa
vors were given the guests of honor.
Those enjoying the evening in
the Copeland home were Messers
and mesdames Rudolph Maierhofer,
H E Sugg. H E Bennett. Art
Tolson. Alan Hvistendahl. Mrs Shel
by Collier and Jack Trollmger.
• • •
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hal!, who
spend the greater portion of each
vear in Mercedes, where Mr. Hall
is connected with the California
Fruit Growers and who left for
their home in Los Angeles. Sunday
morn‘np. were honor guests at a
farewell party Saturday night, with
Mrs. Florence Kelbfleisch hostess
at her home.
A delightful buffaf supper was
'erved. after which bridee was en
pyed. Mrs Myrtle Lee scoring for
high score prize.
A beautiful traveling bag wa*
prevented Mr. and Mrs. Hall, each
one prerent contributing an appro
priate gift for traveling.
Those present to bid Mr. and Mrs
Hall farewell were Mr. and Mrs
Harry Rouse. Mrs Bess Roberts
Mr Myrtle Lee. Bill Hilton and
Court Conrad of Mercedes. Mr. and
Mrs Pat Cartwell of La Feria ar.c!
Albert Lynch of Progreso.
Mrs Albert Stevens of Coushat
ta. La. formerly Miss Mary Ellen
Silver of Mercedes, who is a guest
here in the home of her parents.
Judge and Mrs. S. P. Silver, and
Mrs Frank HaM and Mrs. Allan
Ilvistenriahl were named hcno:
guests at a prcttv morning br'tlce
party bv Mrs. R E Kirkpatrick at
her home on Virginia Avenue. Sa*
u-dav morning.
The cool morning hours were
spent in bridge games and at th?
noon hour a tempting luncheon wa*
Lovely favors were pr* >entnd fhe
honor guests and Mrs. E. E. John
son for scoring l.igh in the gam.-'*
and Mrs. Carrie M. Stuart fot
scoring low
The personnel including the
,ruc ts of honor named Mesdame
Henrv Landerdale Charles Hupn. J
F Havnes Art Tolson, r>. \V G’ass
cock. Harold Stuart H. J Mer.
ton. P W Perkin- W E Copeland
Myrtle Lee and George Breeding
• % 9
Mrs P W Perkins was hostess at
an eniovable social session of the
two Circles of the Ladies Auxiliary
nf the Met! >dist church on Tues
day afternoon at her home on
South Missouri Avenue, with sev
enteen members in attendance
Mrs. Nix Harrington had charg"
of the nrogram. thn thrme of which
was Returnng Good for Evil"
Mrs Paul Ruckel read an interest
ing paper on Korea, fo1 lowed by a
round table discussion bv all pres
• • •
Mrs George Breeding and Mrs
F E Johnson entertained a num
ber of friends Saturday night at
auction bridge at the home of Mrs J
After a five-course dinner, bridge [
was played with Mr. and Mrs. J. E
Hog scoring high and Mr. and Mrs.
Henry Lauderdale scoring low.
Others making up the guest list
were Messrs and Mesdames Frank
Lee honor guests. J E Haynes, and
R. E. Kirkpatrick.
• • •
Mrs. William Lick was hostess to
the Mary circle of the Ladies Aux
iliary of the Presbyterian church,
with nine members in attendance
Miss Ella Hesse of San Antonio, who
is conducting a Bible training
school here, was a guest at this
Mrs. J. N Pace led the Bible
study on “Romans" as outlined by
Grace Sax. and which is being
studied in the several circles of the
The Martha circle was entertain
ed by Mrs Kathryn Chadick, the
hostess conducting -the Bible les
son The mee'ing was held at the
church and eight ladies were pres
Mrs J S McNiel was hostess to
the Ruth circle Eight members
were present for the Bible study
which was held by Mrs McNeil.
A' the age of 81 J. F Ledbetter is
seeking the post of sheriff of Mus
kogee county. Oklahoma.
Utmost in Matchless Flavor
Nothing else coois and invigorate* so swiftly, even on
the hofteit day . . . c* o tall giass of iced teo.
Us* lipton's . . . awarded First Prix* and GOLD
MEDAL for the finest tea grown.
Guaranteed by a^fc^wVH Tea PUnter, Ceylon
\et\der/y guarded'
_S r.A‘''.^\_
■■■■■ Ml ■ ■■ / " - ' - ---
. .irom our ovens to
your home !
Brown Bakers skilfully defend the delicious
taste and oven*crispness of Brown’s Saltme
Flakes by putting a sturdy wax-wrapper ail
around this big family caddy.
Here, madam, are just the right crackers
to serve with soups, salads and cheese .. .
And here are just the right v/ords to say to
\our grocer, Brown s Saltme Flakes.
L "c-, ' rnsp*
Made 4n Texas by the
The New Number
Long Distance
Telephone Service
June 28th, 1930 " *
Pork & Beans 21C
Sandwich Spread ’31 8c
Mayonnaise svr'i;,v YSf 1 8c
Deviled Ham 2’-f27c
Cakes and Crackers
5c PKUS.
Mustard .£*5 lOc
Peaches '°«v2 23c
Pickles 26c
Insect Powder JE^Z 3Sc
(Ginger Ale Sf 43c
Apricots gb
Fruit for Salad N°cJln ' 36c I
I-G-A—A Combination of Luscious Fruit*
Plums "°«v* 26c
DEL MONTE DeLUX—Packet! in Hemw ivmp
Corn 2 sw 23c
ARGO SUGAR—A Tempting Vegetable
Olives 2 BOTTLES I
QUEEN ISABELLA—Staffed; Most Distinctive Flavor
Baking Powder VS 26c
Dri-Pak Prunes ;^ 29c
c %x
Peanut Butter ‘i£f 23c
I-G-A—For a Wholesome Lunch
Crisco • “ 61c
Here Are Your IGA Store*
A DOl DLINGER. Mission
W. I. COLE A SONS. Oonna
CER Y, 1‘uarr
R R C'l'MMIN’S, McAllen.
L SHORT A SON, Edinburg
A J. WITTENBACH, Harlingen
I’M'IIR & DEVER, Lot Fr tnoa
R. L. FRANKl ’N, La Fena
H. L. O’NEAL. Santa Kota
H. H. GERST, San Benito
F. P. MOORE, Ravniondvllle
AND MARKET, La rerta

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